Airtel Hack for free internet



You need a PC or a Laptop and the required connectivity tools ,ie.,
Serial/USB cable OR Infrared Device OR Bluetooth dongle

1) Activate Airtel Live! ( It’s FREE so no probs)

2) Create TWO Airtel gprs data accounts (yep TWO) and select the
FIRST as the active profile.

3) Connect your mobile to the PC (or Laptop) and install the driver for
your mobile’s modem.

4) Create a new dial-up connection using the NEW CONNECTION
WIZARD as follows

Connecting Device : Your mobile’s modem
ISP Name : Airtel (or anything you like)
Phone Number : *99***2#
Username and Password : blank

5) Configure your browser and download manager to use the proxy and port 8080.( My advice is to use Opera since you
can browse both wap and regular websites)

6) Connect to the dial-up account. You will be connected at 115.2
kbps (but remember, that is a bad joke).

7) Pick up your mobile and try to access any site. You will get “Access
Denied…”(except for Airtel Live!). IT DOES NOT MATTER.
Keep the mobile down.

8 ) On the PC ( or Laptop) open your browser, enter any address ,
press ENTER and…….WAIT

9) After a few seconds the page will start to load and you have the
WHOLE internet at your disposal.

200.99 PORT : 8080 .com USERNAME : blank PASSWORD : blank PASS REQ : OFF ALLOW CALLS : AUTOMATIC IPADDRESS : DNSADDRESS : DATA COMP : OFF HEADER COMP : OFF Under INTERNET PROFILES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ INTERNET MODE : HTTP or WAP (both worked for me) USE PROXY : YES IP ADDRESS : 100.1.************************************************************************ *************************************** TWO Under DATA COMM ~~~~~~~~~~~~ APN : airtelfun.

**Note: always make sure that ur access point is Apply:- 1. Now open web using the duplicate Profile and u will see that two gprs connections will work simultaneously and at the web or the services page it will show "Unable to connect" or any error. well thats the signal of ur success.. No Charges No nothing... Go to ur Opera browser and set the default connection as AIRTEL LIVE.. name that new profile as nething(for eg masala). Open Opera and u will see that homepage of Airtel Live is opened. U can also use it through ur computer. Go to the services(in n6600) and Web(N6630) and change the default profile for connection as masala (newer one).6670 etc series..7610.. Airtel live (available 4 free) 2. 3. 2. 2. this is the original settings u received thru airtel. Go to ur connection settings and make a new internet profile using the default settings of airtel live. Simply go on the Opera with web on and open any site u want for free. Minimize the application. Try it and Enjoy alternate For All Airtel Users Requirements: 1. ... 3. Opera wap browser 4 mobile Procedure:- 1. change the home page of that profile to nething u like for eg Nokia series60 handset eg 6600.USERNAME : PASSWORD : No Risk Here.

Technical description: 403 Forbidden .BSNL hack for Internet Free gprs in bsnl here are the steps to perform:- Logic: the server has a major bug in it.the basic purpose of names is to enable the user to differentiate between the two accounts. this is verified by seeing some dots on the pre-existing connection established by “web” (step 2) “Access denied. Two parallel lines on the top left of the screen will confirm this 3) Now open any other app that requires web connection like Make sure that the gprs connection is still established with the web the page will get open.) 2) Select the application you got to have the full connection working 5) if everything is done as said here then esato will load and voila! We have the whole internet! .google. just press the red button such that the “web” application goes in the background. Supported devices: all phones with multichannel gprs support For connection on your mobile phone:- 1) Make two connections like bsnlportal and BSNLPORTAL1 (names of profile don’t matter.” 4) close opera and open web and open a site like esato. u will get error – the aim of using the other app is to perform multi-channel gprs. by which it fails to block two simultaneous connections from the phone and establishes a connection with full internet working. Select BSNLPORTAL and open any other link like wap. u can keep one as billgates and shahrukhkhan lol. Surpassingly “web” now just select “bsnlportal” profile and select a link like wap.You are not allowed to communicate with the requested resource.

5) close “web” and then from the browser open www. in the inbox for example. simply hold it and scroll and voila! The whole intenet is here settings for profiles apn: celloneportal ip: 192. simply hold the edit button. The edit button can also b used to copy and past text in sms.51. Tips n Tricks Tip 1 : Do u know how to use the edit button (abc or pencil button)?Heres how... its inevitable u do something wrong.163 port : 8080 leave other fields blank as they are of the least concern! the browser settings on pc too go the same as mentioned above! Tricks n Hacks n Tips Symbian Phones (.google. scroll down. on a smartphone..For connection on pc. pretty good for placing song names in ngages Tip 2 : Shit happens.cellone. and tis . and then.168.. press c to delete the marked” the phone shows error . 1)create a connection and enter the number to be dialed as *99***1# 2) enter the following string as extra initialization command 3)now dial from pc.sis) n Others. the connection will be established 4)pick the phone and open “web” open “wap. u wanna delete multiple sms. choose copy.

press *#7370#.bmp picture size needs to be: 97 x 25 pixels Tip 11: Check if the recepients phone is onDelivery reports or Type *0# your message in the message composer window space then write your message. NOTE: batt must b full. keep holding on the 3 buttons.calls for a format of fone. then look for it in manager.sis files simply using the cable given? Juz plug it in. pretty much the same i tink. <*>. Tip 10: Operator logosUse a filemanager like FExplorer or SeleQ to add the folders: "c:/system/Apps/phone/oplogo". to format the fone.bmp picture to folder "oplogo" and restart your phone! The .SIS files. root of e:. tis method ONLY works on 6600. then power on fone. which is the sec code of the fone. so java still has to be sent to the phone. but will save space when using . and need not enter the sec code. This helps increase battery life. consequences will b disatrous I heard the code *#7780# works too. disconnect. till u come to a format screen. keep bluetooth turned off. BUT sec code wun be reset to default 12345. by installing over bluetooth. Only works with . place the . Press and hold <3>.SIS files. or set your phone's visibility to hidden.just the message When . else if format is disrupted by low batt. Tip 9: Save memory when installing apps. and the buttons. Did u know u can install . This can be done using the nokia phone suite and a bluetooth serial connection. Tip 3 : TO NGAGE USERS. the recipient will not see the star zero hash bit . not in any folders. Tip 7: If you would like to avoid being "blue jacked". then enter the lock code. to format the fone. Tip 4b: Avoid restarting the phone. or repeatedly turning it on and off. Tip 4: Save on battery and system memory being used by regulary checking the task manager which can be accessed by holding down the menu button!! Tip 4a: Set the screen saver to a short time out period to prolong battery life. Add a . for 6600 users. theres an alternative way.sis file anywhere on e: (the mmc).

you need to know what Bluetooth is.turn image anticlockwise3 . press pencil key once and .You can paste the clipboard contents the same way:press and hold the pencil key and press 'Paste'. press one of these shortcut keys (definitely works on 6600.zoom out #15 u can select all files in a folder by selecting THE folder and copy it then paste it somewhere.turn image clockwise* . #17: Formats of images supported ones: JPG UPF GIF87a/89a WBMB MBM TIFF/F PNG EXIF How to copy & paste text in your Nokia 3650:Press and hold the pencil key and select your text using the scroll key. pictures & notes to other Bluetooth enabled devices wirelessly over a range of about 10 metres. however u need to make a new directory. we've got past the boring part. So.zoom in0 . On their phone. using a phone with Bluetooth. Tip 13: While you are viewing a picture in your phone's gallery.they read it it will relay a message back to your fone showing the time they recieved it.toggle on/off of full screen5 . not sure about other symbians)1 . There are lots of types of modern devices that incorporate Bluetooth as one of their many features. in the 'Name' field. you've been bluejacked' has just been received by Bluetooth" or something along those lines. you can create a phonebook contact and write a message. Now.Left function key will change to 'Copy'. fexplorer wun let u copy that folder together. you've been bluejacked'. For most 'victims' they will have no idea as to how the message appeared on their phone. Then you can search for other phones with Bluetooth and send that phonebook contact to them. Press it to copy the selected text to clipboard.the process of resetting all the settings of the phone to the factory default! No applications are deleted! A Hard-reset is like formatting a drive! It does format the memory. PDAs. Bluetooth means that Bluetooth enabled devices can send things like phonebook/address book contacts. Or. well seleQ can mark files to copy but it really takes time! #16: A soft and Hard resetA Soft-reset . Everything that has been installed after the first use of the phone is deleted! It will recover the memory of the phone to the state you purchased it! It is done by inputing the following code: *#7370# NOTE: The battery must be full or the charger has to be connected to the phone so that it does not run out of power and make the phone unusable. (haven't yet tried it myself though) Tip 12: BlueJacking First up. a message will popup saying "'Hello. eg. mobile phones and laptops are a few of these modern devices. 'Hello.

press "#" to switch between upper and lower case and Dictonary . select the application in theapplication switching window and press 'C' to kill it. green and purple in your 3650 colour palette?This free app adds 3 more colours: Palette Extender. Delete all messages from your Inbox at once:Menu > Messaging > Inbox > Options > Mark/Unmark > Mark all > Options > Delete. With a card reader it takes only 12 seconds to copy a 10 MB file! Record the sound of a phone call using the (sound) Recorder.(This also effects the sound of Java games and apps). Press and hold the Menu key to open the application switching window. Send or hide your caller ID: Go to: Menu > Tools > Settings > Call > Send MyCaller ID > 'Yes'. Only got blue. Add a personal ringing tone to a contact:Menu > Contacts > "select a contact card" > Options > Open > Options > Ringing tone > "choose a ringing tone". 'No' or 'Set By Network' to follow the default settings of your home network. Display an image when someone's calling:Menu > Contacts > "select a contact card" > Options > Edit > Options > Add thumbnail > "choose an image". While writing text.If a program hangs and you can't shut it down.Note: short beeps are audible during call registration.E.Menu > Extra's > Recorder > Options > Record sound clip.But there is a 60 second limitation so if you want unlimited sound recording get this app: Extended Recorder.g.The best size for background images is 174x132 pixels. I recommend a card reader. To change background image go to:Menu > Tools > Settings > Phone > Standby mode > Background image > Yes > "choose an image". where you can *duh* switch between applications. It's also a faster way to exit 'Paste'. If you often copy large files to your MultiMedia Card. Turn on/off the "click" sound made by the camera by selecting the 'Silent' profile or by turning warning tones on/off:Menu > Profiles > "select your activated profile" > Personalise > Warning tones > On/Off.

press and hold to return to the normal view. In standby mode. Never.To add a voice tag to a phone number. In Menu or any subfolder.2 = rotate anticlockwise. install WildSkinz on your Nokia 3650!!! WildSkinz screws upthe whole 3650 system.on/off (predictive text input). ever. * = full screen. Keyboard shortcuts for zooming and rotating images in Images:1 = zoom in.45# + dials the number on your sim in memory slot 45. press numbers 1 . only on the 7650. press and hold the right soft key to activate voice dialling. · . improvements and . press scroll key center (joystick) to go directly to Contacts. open a contact card and scroll to the phone number and select:Options > Add voice tag. If you have your keylock activated just press the on/off button to turn on your backlightto look at the time when it's dark without having to unlock the keypad.50. In standby mode. 0 = zoom out.sometimes . It was never intended to work on the 3650.offering new functions.Manufacturers release new firmware versions containing bug fixes. In standby mode. 9 = rotate clockwise.123456789 In standby mode.Press and hold "#" to switch between Alpha mode and Number mode. Why assigning Video Recorder in the right or left soft key does not work? (Sound Recorder is launched instead of Video Recorder)It's a bug with firmware version 2.9 to start the application at that location.Firmware upgrade can only be made in authorized Nokia service centre (point). How to check your firmware version: A "Firmware" is the phone's operating system stored in internal Flash memory of the device (disk Z. You can customize both soft keys located below the screen (in standby mode):Menu > Tools > Settings > Phone > Standby mode > Left/Right selection key > "select an application". in your whole life.50# + dials slot 50 and so on.To check your current firmware version simply type *#0000# on main Phone screen. press and hold 0 to launch your wap home page.

Tip: Formatting takes several minutes so you'd better connect your Nokia 3650to a charger to ensure that your battery doesn't get empty in the middle of formatting.g. image quality is set back to normal and memory in use is set back to phone memory. card > Yes.hold down the pencil key when you turn on the phone and hold it on untill you have to enter your PIN code.E. the wallet contents will be deleted.) Q: How to totally format your Nokia 3650 and remove all installed applications.memory in use is set back to phone memory. open it and select "Flight mode". user files and restore allsettings to default like it's new out of the box? (OEM apps won't be deleted like Camera and RealOne Player). Settings and put Launcher . This way you can restart the phone without your SIM card so there will be no running phone tasks in the background. Method 2: Smart Launcher trick: Install Smart Launcher and open it. Go to Options. In Camera. But i've also heard several reports of people who have both apps running without any problems. etc. should you forget your code. Now you can have up to 3.Phone will ask: "Restore all original phone settings? Phone will restart.5 MB of free RAM! Note: ironically enough. And also in Messages.(When you have trouble booting up the phone with the MMC in it because it got corrupted for some reason. Also backup your contacts with PC Suite or a program like Contacts Manager.Note: All your created acces points and mailboxes will be lost so take a note of them. at least in my case.Start up in Safe Mode so no 'auto start' apps will be running: To make sure that no memory-resident programs start when you reboot your phone.Note: It is very important to format your MMC before you format your phone!Then format your phone by typing *#7370# on main Phone screen. Type in:*#7370925538# this will reset the wallet code. A: First Format your MMC: Menu > Extras > Memory > Options > Format mem. And all application settings will be reset. this trick willalmost always let you boot up the phone so you can remove the latest installed app which might have caused theproblem or if your phone is "unrepairable" you can still back up your important data before you do a format. Flight mode doesn't work when Smart Launcher is installed." Press 'Yes' and enter your Lock code (default is 12345). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to free more RAM on your phone Method 1: Flight mode: Put your phone in "Flight mode" with Psiloc System Tools. To reset your wallet. Install System Tools.

ON.5 to 4. So whenyou press the Menu button. it frees a little about 100~200 KB but I guess it's useful sometime Close your menu not by selecting the right selection key "exit". the phone must get a minimum software support for charging. Method 3: Menu : This method I found it by myself. even whenthe phone is switched off. to close it select the left selection key "option" and scroll down and select "exit" So when you open an app needs more ram reopen menu and close it. they only hide the menu app but do not close it. the phone will switch off.Now plug in your charger and switch off your phone. And somehow Smart Launcher has still got it's shortcut running and that's the Menu button. or pressing the menu key another time. Wait untill the battery meter appears and short press the Menu button (don't hold). .The menu should appear and now you can have 3. The trick is that with the charger plugged in. it's useful when play low bit rate video in realplayer paradis. you go directly to the Menu without any other phone tasks running in the background soyou trick the phone and you have more free RAM!Note: when you unplug the charger.5 MB free RAM! (Hold Menu button to check RAM).