Common themes between the ISU topics The Legalization of Marijuana and The Misconduct of
International Ocean Treaties and Fishing Practices are the sense of being trapped by the
restrictions placed by the government; along with their impact on laws and legislations. These
two themes are demonstrated within this shaman. Trapping is portrayed by the net surrounding
the figure. The fishing net surrounding the figure is to represent the effects that the government
has on the groups that are impacted in both of the ISU topics. Inside of the net is money,
redacted legislation papers, fishing hooks, and fake marijuana. The legislation papers that are
within the fishing net are redacted; because in each topic there are laws that the government has
control over yet is not doing an effective or clear job of either implementing or eliminating. All
of these items showcase what the government is collecting and using in relation to each ISU
topic. The figure is dressed in an orange jail uniform to show the improper incarceration of
marijuana users. There are scales placed in different locations around the figure's body, to
symbolize that many types of aquatic animal are being affected by the misconduct of fishing
practices. In this shaman the fishing net that is outlining the figure showcases the evil in each
ISU topic, the protest sign, constructed of a fishing net to represent the organizations who are
working to combat each issue. The main figure is to demonstrate the species who are victims of
each ISU topic. The figures face is blank to showcase that the issue of the misuse of fishing
practices is not well known to the media. Our Shaman is holding a cup full of live fish. This is to
symbolize the unethical trapping of aquatic species. Solutions are shown within this shaman
through the use of the protest sign.
Isabeau Caneira
Mallory Duprey