Celine Fernandez

Elisa Stone
ENG 2100- Technical Writing
Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper

I learned to write cover letters and memos, create brochures, and design

PowerPoint presentations in this class. Before this class, English 2100, I had little

experience with technical writing, as teachers in my previous English classes have

focused on creative writing and research writing. Both were fun, but I wanted to take a

class that taught me skills that I can apply in my future-nursing career. The ability to

write a cover letter or a resume, for example, will come in very handy when applying for


I also enjoyed creating flyers and brochures that were categorized in the visual

design-based section. Being able to use colors and visuals allowed me to target my

audience and raise awareness of issues that I believed were important to put on the table.

I also receive feedback from my classmates to improve my work and make it look better.

I improved my writing skills in this class because I learned to write various technical

documents that I may use in the future.