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Important values

Edukans is an organisation inspired by the biblical values and christian-social traditions, but open
to anybody taking a stand against oppression and injustice.

The following values act as our guiding principles:


We have faith in people who dare take responsibility for each other. People who are solid as a
rock, people whom you can trust. We do know many such people in developing countries: reliable
partners, who put their hearts and souls into improvement of the lives of underprivileged children.
We identify with these partners, support them heartfully where and whenever possible. Taking
responsibility also means being accountable: If your partners trust you, you should also be reliable
to yourself. That is why adequate information to our donors, both about the results of their support
to underprivileged children, as about our partners’ movitivation, is crucial.


We dedicate ourselves to offer underprivileged children in developing countries hope for a better
future. Because education plays a key role in achieving this, we hope that eventually all children
will be able to go to school. As an organisation we strive towards true involvement and sometimes
we are surprised that the results surpass what we had hoped for. We hope that children will
become the bearers and shapers of the future ahead of them. We trust that which is small,
unimportant, insignificant and poor, sets the course for a just world in which no longer the interests
of the strongest prevail.

We think it is important to communicate commitment as an act opposed to indifference,
insensitivity and a noncommittal attitude. This is of course true in both developing countries and in
The Netherlands. Commitment does not only show itself in donating money, but also in giving
attention, time and energy. Therefore we want to achieve more than financing development
projects only. Deprived children in the target countries should realise that committed students in
The Netherlands do their very best for them, with a view to a just society.

About Edukans ( )
Edukans is a development organisation with a unique focus on basic education. Every child is
entitled to have access to good quality basic education. Yet, world-wide, 72 million children do not
attend school. For Edukans this is an unacceptable situation. Action has to be taken. Every child
should have the opportunity to get relevant education. Edukans facilitates this in close cooperation
with local partner organisations in developing countries. Edukans also involves students in the
Netherlands in the field of quality improvement of basic education and awareness raising on the



Education for underprivileged children

Edukans supports underprivileged children in developing countries in
getting quality education without any discrimination on ethnicity, caste,
creed or political conviction. World-wide eighty million children in the age
bracket of 6 up and till 12 years old, do not attend school. Poverty, war,
physical handicaps, discrimination or HIV/aids prevent children in
attending school. Edukans supports small-scale educational projects of
reliable private local organisations, in situations where local authorities fail
to deliver education. Edukans focuses on all kinds of general primary education up and till the age
of 14 years, and vocational training up and till the age of 20 years. Edukans chooses for projects
which improve the accessibility, the flexibility and the relevance of education in general for
underprivileged children.
Dutch students in action

Edukans recruits students in the Netherlands to take part in development work. These students
gain more in-depth knowledge about the lives of their peers in developing countries and about
longer-lasting, sustainable developments both in the Netherlands and the South. Basic principles
and values for this so-called ‘global education’ are: ‘sharing’ and ‘living together’. Sharing means
having a commitment with people who are in a vulnerable position, for the poor and the sick, for
people who feel excluded. Sharing also means caring for them. This process starts in one’s own
environment, but it also outreaches it: taking a stand for children in developing countries.

The Netherlands and the world form a ‘global village’ with people from various cultures and beliefs.

Living together essentially means: respecting each other and trying to understand people from
other cultures and religions and starting to communicate about shared ideals, values and

Organisation and staff-members

Edukans itself is part of UnieNZV. Read more (in Dutch) about UnieNZV by clicking on the logo
Edukans is a development organisation with a unique focus on basic education. For its work
Edukans is dependent on donations and subsidies. Edukans is primarily supported by donations of
private persons and campaigns of involved schools. Edukans was given the so called CBF
hallmark for the formation of a sound fund and for spending it by the Central Bureau for
Fundraising . Edukans is also ISO-certificated. Edukans was founded on 1 July 2002 by the
Foundation for Christian Education.

Organisation Chart

Edukans employs 36 staff-members. The office is located in Amersfoort. A number of staff-
members is often in the field. Outreaching they help secondary schools in organising campaigns
benefitting the projects funded by Edukans. There are also some 800 volunteers who
enthousiastically devote their spare time and energy to Edukans.

More info on our website:

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Travel home

Team Lt173 Malawi 2010 (Aart
Manders,Vincent Antonius, Rob luijten)
Robs father has uploaded many from our picture`s and video`s mainly for friends in New Zealand,
but anyone is free to look.

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