On Site English Sufficiency Program

Questions 1 – 5
Look at the text in each question.
What does it say?
Mark the correct letter A – B or C on your answer sheet.

A Someone will open the door when you ring the bell.
0 Please ring bell once an
B The door will open after you ring the bell. wait for door to open
C You can open the door after ringing the bell. automatically
0 A B C

1 Claire
A Tom wants Claire to get a concert ticket for him.
B Tom can’t go to the concert and wants Claire to use his ticket. Tom needs to get the
C Tom will get Claire a ticket unless she tells him not to. concert tickets. If you don’t
want to go, can you tell
him? If he doesn’t hear
from you, he’ll buy you

A You can get the money you paid for Thursday’s trip from
the office.
THURSDAY. GO TO THE B If you haven’t paid for Thursday’s trip, you should go to
OFFICE FOR REFUND. the office.

C The trip which was cancelled will now take place on

Compiled by J M L Page 1

30 today. It’s a bit 2 like 3 yours so maybe picked it A She has found Stefan’s hat.3 Mum A Luke is offering to collect the computer from the shop for his mother. C Use the side entrance if the front entrance is closed. C Stefan has lost his homework. Bella Compiled by J M L Page 2 . 5 Stefan 0 1 I can’t find my hat. them which you prefer. side entrance of shop.30 today. Front entrance for sales B Use the side entrance if your bicycle needs mending. Luke 4 Take bicycles for repair to A Use either entrance if you want to buy a bicycle. up by mistake when we were doing our homework B Stefan has taken her hat. They close at C Luke’s mother should decide today if she can fetch her 5. only. collect it. so you can tell computer from the shop. The computer store can deliver your new computer B Luke’s mother needs to collect her computer from the tomorrow or you can shop by 5. together last night.

She specially enjoys programs which show animal and birds. (D) Grace is interested in travelling and she likes watching documentaries about different parts of the world. (C) Fatima likes watching comedy programs which last about half an hour.(B) Compiled by J M L Page 3 . For questions 6 to 10. mark the correct letter (A-H) on your answer sheet. Decide which program would be the most suitable for the following people. She enjoys watching a series where she can follow what the characters are doing from one episode to another. They prefer to watch programs which last about 30 minutes. (G) Rosa enjoys pop music and films and wants to watch interviews with popular celebrities. Ivan and Anna like to keep up to date with what’s happening in the world and enjoy seeing interviews with politicians and other people. On the next page there are descriptions of eight TV programs. PET EXAM Part 2 Questions 6 – 10 The people below all want to watch a TV program. (F) William is keen on general knowledge and likes watching quizzes to see how many questions he can answer. She likes programs which are a mixture of interviews and live music. He prefers those which have questions on lots of different subjects.

30 in the evening. both On the Way is a short comedy film made 30 international and local. They soon become a problem. with Aaron G years ago. As usual in things seem to go wrong every day. The actors were unknown at the Willis every day between 6. The 6. half hour asking the two teams the Now he returns with a series about the Amazon questions. them performs their latest song live. always the journey. to animals to international news. Find out about the latest news. the new series. travelled all around the world showing us amazing As usual Billie Flannagan spends a scenery. moved into her flat and all Cathy’s things have disappeared. Zak. There’s lots going on this performing live concerts during his life. His interviews main character.30.hour episodes of Bert Randall.00 and time but they have since become famous. Since then. They need to be experts and we see again the amazing wildlife of this in a wide range of topics from music beautiful area. with chat with well – known stars from the a new manager in the shop and some world of film. music or comedy. week when Cathy returns from her trip There are interviews with members of around the world to find Felicity has his family and people who worked with . She is not pleased and shows her feelings This is the weekly chance to try to get a better score than the Robert Burroughs first visited the Amazon celebrities in the studio. There are three half . Kevin Connery presents an H The Shop. PET EXAM Compiled by J M L Page 4 . in this hour-long A E the popular soap South Street on our TVs documentary which shows him every week.30 Joel and Charlie return for another series of and 9. whether they but he takes a variety of animals with him on are politicians or journalists. Each unexpected events in each 30-minute guest is interviewed and the one of program. get to the point of a story Every Saturday evening between 8. TV PROGRAMS A A Find out about the life of jazz musician. there is music and This series should be as funny as the last. decides to travel to India with those in the news. who range F rainforest 40 years ago. They work in a supermarket where hour and entertainment. he has from pop musicians to politicians.

(A) 19 You can make tea or coffee in your room in all the hotels. (A) 17 You pay 60. (B) 18 If you want to stay in a room on your own. (B) 13 Dinner is never included in a Weekend Break. (A) PET EXAM Compiled by J M L Page 5 . Example answer: Part 3 0 A B 11 Weekend Breaks are available all year round. If it is correct. mark A on your answer sheet. Read the text on the opposite page to decide if each statement is correct or incorrect. you pay half the normal price. mark B on your answer sheet. you have to pay extra. If it is not correct. (A) 15 You can’t stay at a reduced price on every Sunday in the year. (B) 14 If you arrive on Sunday.Part 3 Questions 11 – 20 Look at the statements below about weekend holidays in a hotel.00 pounds or more for two people on a one-night Weekend Break. (B) 16 One-night Weekend Breaks are not available on a Saturday. (B) 20 Every hotel has single rooms. (A) 12 You can only stay for two nights on a Weekend Break.

Price is based on double occupancy. Simply select your location. per night.5% and service charge (*single rooms are only available at . WEEKEND BREAKS A Weekend Break is the way to get away from it all any weekend of the year. A selection of hotels offer the choice of bed and breakfast or dinner. (*per person. ONE-NIGHT WEEKEND BREAKSFROM 30 POUNDS PPPN BB* One-night Weekend Breaks are also available at selected hotels for one night between Friday and Sunday and are perfect for visiting friends or relatives or attending a theater or concert performance.) All Weekend Breaks include:  Accommodation sharing a twin or double room or in a single room* with private bathroom (a supplement is charged for single rooms)  Full traditional breakfast each morning  Tea. Please contact our Reservation Center for details. bed and breakfast. choose your hotel and check the price in the brochure. Children under two can stay free. bed and breakfast. This offer is not available on Bank Holiday weekends. 50% OFF SUNDAY NIGHTS Book a Weekend Break for Friday and Saturday nights and you can stay on Sunday night at 50% the Weekend Break price. A Weekend Break is for two or more consecutive nights between Friday and Sunday. making it easier than ever to choose the break to suit your timetable and your pocket.and coffee-making facilities (except where indicated)  Color TV PET EXAM  Telephones in all rooms Compiled by J M L  Hairdryers in all rooms Page 6  VAT at 17.

28 April. Spain was Ralph’s favorite country and I fell in love with it. 1996) 21 What is the writer trying to do in the text? A give her opinion about Gerald Brenan B give her opinion about traveling by plane C describe how she fell in love D describe travelling in Spain in the 1920’s 22 Where would you find this text? A in a holiday brochure B in a newspaper advertisement C in a book D in a tourist guide PET EXAM Compiled by J M L Page 7 .25 Read the text and questions below. who lived in mountain village south of Granada. Part 4 Questions 21 . mark the letter next to the correct answer – A. C. We returned in 1929 to stay with Gerald Brenan. We spent a day getting to Paris and then took the night train to Madrid. and even by the discomfort of the rattling buses we travelled on next. It seemed that half the world lay spread out below me. B. (adapted from Sunday Times. We sat up all night in a third-class carriage with black. the village where Gerald lived. on the fourth day – by mule up the slopes of the Sierra Nevada to Yegen. We arrived in darkness and the next morning I woke to the most magical view. shiny horsehair seats. and with him. but I was wildly excited by a sense of adventure. For each question. It took us four days to get there. The final part of the journey was made at dusk. when I first went there in the autumn of 1925. or D – on your answer sheet PART 4 Example answer: 0 A B C D Memories of my early journeys are of rucksacks and discomfort.

23 How did the writer find travelling third-class on a night train? A tiring B exciting C boring D uncomfortable 24 What time of day did they reach Yegen? A in the morning B at lunchtime C in the early afternoon D at night 25 Which title suits this piece of writing best? A a memorable journey b the night train c journey to paris d the sierra nevada PET EXAM Compiled by J M L Page 8 .

For each question mark the correct letter A. PET EXAM Compiled by J M L Page 9 .special covers over your shoes to (34)………………………….walls and floor are built of glass (30)………………………. It is a platform (29)…………………………. Example: 0 A was B had C did D has Answer: 0 A B C D The Skywalk The grand Canyon in the United States (0)…………………….that you can see the beautiful rocks and canyon. You have to (33)……………………….. Walking onto the Skywalk makes you (35)…………………………like a bird floating high up in the air.better by the Skywalk. People visit the Grand Canyon Park to go walking and running but (26)…………………………to look at the view..thousands of people have used it.the Skywalk to the bottom of the Grand Canyon is 1219 meters. The distance (28)……………………. B.scratching the glass beneath your feet. Up to 120 people are allowed to stand on it at the same (31)…………………………It opened in 2007 and since (32)………………………. It is a wonderful view made (27)………………………. C or D on your answer sheet.created by River Colorado. Part 5 Questions 26 – 35 Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space...

26 A hugely B mainly C greatly D completely 27 A already B such C more D even 28 A from B through C by D for 29 A who B where C whose D which 30 A therefore B although C so D because 31 A day B period C hour D time 32 A then B there C that D this 33 A take B wear C dress D change 34 A avoid B keep C hold D let 35 A believe B wish C consider D feel PET EXAM Compiled by J M L Page 10 .

2 This skirt is too small for me. Write only the missing words on your answer sheet. PET EXAM Compiled by J M L Page 11 .5 Here are some sentences about going to a clothes shop. She told the shop assistant SHE WAS just looking. She asked the shop assistant if she had the sweater in a bigger size. Example : “I am just looking”. 5 She saw nothing she really liked. “Can I see some more skirts?” 4 The black skirt cost less than the red one. For each question. using no more than three words. She didn’t find anything she really liked. 1 “Have you got this sweater in a bigger size?” she asked the shop assistant. The red skirt wasn’t cheaper than the black one.Writing Part 1 Question 1 . she said to the shop assistant. 3 She asked the shop assistant to show her some more skirts She asked. complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. The skirt isn’t big enough for me.

Compiled by J M L Page 12 . Send an e-mail to the company. Greetings. Hello!!! Sorry I couldn’t reply to your letters. Please send it to Ms. 6 de Diciembre. I would like to buy the Black leather jacket. the classes are very complicated but I think I will get good grades. I am having a great time and I would say I am in love with the city. Part 3 Question 7 You are studying in England this summer. Give your full name and address and credit card details. size XL.Part 2 Question 6 You have seen a leather jacket you would like to buy on the internet. Only on Mondays. from 1 PM to 6 PM. there are so many wonderful people around here.  Write your letter in about 100 words on your answer sheet. As soon I finish college I promise I will go visit you and probably stay with you a few weeks. in your e-mail. WE ALL MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!! HURRY UP AND WRITE AND TELL US WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Cecilia Chillagana. you should state what size and color you require. I have been really busy here in England. Av. Write 35 – 45 words on your answer sheet. ECUADOR. WHAT ARE THE CLASSES LIKE?  Now you are replying to this letter. This is part of your friend’s letter. Quito. very polite and fun to talk with. Say when you are at home. Fridays and Sundays. I need some relaxing time.

For each question. Question 8  Your English teacher has asked you to write a story. there are three pictures and a short recording. Cecy.Promise me you will wait for me and do not go partying without me! Yours dearly.  Write your story in about 100 words on your answer sheet. Example: What is first prize in the competition? 1 Which are Emily's cousins? Compiled by J M L Page 13 . Choose the correct picture and put a tick (/) in the box below it. PET EXAM LISTENING Part 1 Questions 1 – 7 There are seven questions in this part.  Your story must begin with this sentence: IT WAS THE WORST HOLIDAY I’D EVER HAD.

2 What can Maria see from her window? PET EXAM 3 What can't the boy find? 4 What does the woman buy? 5 What must the children bring? 6 What time will the woman meet her son? Compiled by J M L Page 14 .

( ) 10 What did he find difficult on his last flight? A He couldn't eat the food. put a tick ( / ) in the correct box. ( ) 11 What will he leave behind this time? A maps ( ) B books ( ) C his sleeping bag ( ) 12 What does he enjoy most on his trips? Compiled by J M L Page 15 . ( ) B His radio didn't work properly. For each question. ( ) C It can carry more fuel. 8 When is the balloon flight most likely to begin? A January ( ) B August ( ) C December ( ) 9 What is different about his new balloon? A It is easier to land.7 Which hotel did the man stay in? PET EXAM Part 2 Questions 8-13 You will hear a man called Martin Carter talking on the radio about a trip he is going to make in a balloon. ( ) B It is lighter. ( ) C He got too little sleep.

not far from the (14) ………………………………………………………………. Has a new (15 )……………………………………………………………………… Canvey Hostel 1 Km from town centre has view across the (16)……………………………………… Compiled by J M L Page 16 (17)………………………………………………………… provided at the hostel . A the views ( ) B being alone ( ) C the silence ( ) 13 What else does he want to do? A sail around the world ( ) B climb the seven highest mountains ( ) C fly alone in a small plane ( ) PET EXAM Part 3 Questions 14-19 You will hear a woman talking on the radio about hostels in the Easton area. fill in the missing information in the numbered space. For each question. Recommended hostels In the Easton area Hostel nova In town centre.

and her friend. ( ) ( ) 21 Dan's father will drive to Cathy’s flat. put a tick ( / ) in the box under B for NO. Cathy. PET EXAM Part 4 Questions 20-25 Look at the six sentences for this part. Dan about a swimming competition. You will hear a conversation between a girl. If it is not correct. If it is correct. ( ) ( ) Compiled by J M L Page 17 . ( ) ( ) 23 Dan wishes his mother had a different job ( ) ( ) 24 Dan is more like his mother than his father. ( ) ( ) 22 Cathy is disappointed her father is unable to come to the competition. Decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect. A B YES NO 20 Dan is worried about his level of fitness. put a tick ( / ) in the box under A for YES.

25 Cathy is keen to be in the girls' football team. ( ) ( ) Compiled by J M L Page 18 .