Corrina R.

Stoker (914) 443-0119


To obtain a position as a science educator in a district that will allow me to share my knowledge, skills,
and passion for biology in an environment of lifelong learners.


New York State Professional Certification, Biology 7-12 (12/2012)
New York State Certificate, General Science 12-2012
New York Middle school extension certificate 5/2017
New Jersey 2210 Teacher of Biological Science 11/2016
New Jersey Substitute Certificate 9/2015


A.S. JTWROS Adolescence Education Biology
SUNY Orange 2008-2010
B.S., Secondary Biology Education
Marist College 2010-2013
M.S., Educational Psychology
Marist College Current Spring 2017

Academic Honors – Suma Cum Laude; Dean’s List (Fall 2008-Spring 2017; Recipient of SUNY Chancellor’s Award:
Honored in resolution from Senator Bonacic ; Commencement Speaker at Graduation 2011

Educational Experience
Teacher of Biological Science, Forensics & Marine Biology
Union County Education Services Commission September 2015- current
Alternative High School Westfield, NJ
Worked to develop dynamic daily lessons plans for all sciences; middle school science, physical science, biology,
chemistry, environmental science, AP Biology, Physics, and forensics. Taught Hiset preparedness for students who
were deficient in credits to graduate traditionally. Chaired the PLC committee on building an incentive based work
system for disengaged urban youth to effectively inspire motivation. Worked with students on college applications,
work applications, program applications, resumes, and cover letters. Developed a portfolio system to manage work
for various levels of work in the sciences of the program. Worked with ESL paraprofessional to develop Spanish
science curriculum for Hiset prep. Worked closely with custody, and social workers to maintain both academic and
mental health of all students in the facility. Was successful in showing student growth in academic skills of finding
evidence form scientific text, making inferences, and developing hypothesis as part of the scientific method.
Developed credit retrieval programs for both forensics and biology. Developed and implemented a growth mindset
and mindfulness program that was successfully run in fall 2017.

Advanced 8th grade science & 7th grade science February 2015- June 2015
Monroe Woodbury Middle School
Taught advanced 8th grade science to middle school students in preparation for them to take the cumulative
assessment NYS Regents exam in June. Taught 7th grade students in a co-taught inclusive setting. Implemented
RTI strategies to reach students who are struggling to be engaged in their education. Expanded knowledge of 7 th
grade curriculum and experienced preparation for state assessments. Expanded curriculum to include an approach
of authentic, real world application and took the breadth of curriculum beyond the test. Expanded literacy strategies
and evidence based readings. Worked with middle school core team of teachers to adjust curriculum as needed by
individual students: modified methods of differentiated instruction and worked closely with special education
teachers to prepare students for the rigors of 8th grade.

Living Environment Teacher & AP Biology September 2014-December 2014
Mamaroneck High school Mamaroneck, NY
Taught AP Biology and Living environment to a diverse student population implementing scaffolded lessons to
reach the varied students in this extremely diverse community. Taught the TASK classified students; students with
various emotional needs beyond the average needs of most 9th graders including severe ADHD, spectrum
disorders and OCD, These students needed additional supports in mainstream instructional settings. Implemented
Social Emotional Learning (SEL) strategies and went through additional SEL trainings as professional development.

Living Environment Teacher September 2013-June 2014
Fox Lane High School Bedford, NY
Taught Regents level Living Environment to a diverse student population, implementing differentiated curriculum,
and learning the value of instructional relationships as motivation for work with the students of Bedford. Created a
climate and culture of student learning where my classroom was a safe learning environment and where being
“wrong” was seen as growing and learning together. Reflected on past practices and remodeled lesson to better
reach every student. Adapted lecture time to bench mark style shorter lessons with reinforcing activities. Worked
with ESL students and parents on multiple pathways for success. Developed and implemented RTI strategies for
“at risk” students. Created a RTI strategies binder compiling successful strategies for use within the department.
Motivated students by bringing field study experience to life in the classroom including video clips and models.
Worked with science department on professional development opportunities to expand knowledge of pedagogy and
develop understanding of IDEA, and problem based learning implementation. Maintained a high level of contact
with parents and counselors to ensure academic support and success.

AP Biology Science Research & Living Environment January 2013- June 2013
Horace Greeley High School Chappaqua, NY
Worked with cooperative teacher in a co taught Regents Living Environment class, implemented differentiated
instruction and diverse scaffolding of lessons to accommodate varied skill levels. Administered APPR assessments
for both Living environment and Advanced Placement Biology, and graded to state standards. Redesigned AP
Biology curriculum to fit new Advanced placement test for 2013 with a reduced focus on breadth of content in order
to promote the complex reasoning and thinking skills required for college level course work. Applied inquiry based
standards and administered the updated AP Investigative Labs. Adapted a Post APocalyptic final project in which
students applied mathematical ecological modeling to an apocalyptic scenario. Mentored participants and winners
of JFSH and WESEF science research competitions. Taught students how to showcase their multi-year research
science projects in a competitive venue featuring individual and team poster presentations. Students were judged
by local experts in the fields of life science, physical science, environmental studies, psychology and engineering.
Majority of our students placed in competitions and brought home prestigious awards. Fostered connections in the
medical and professional science field for mentoring opportunities for summer research for juniors in research
program. Taught analytical skills for primary research review. Organized and led field trip for students to the Bronx
Zoo. Designed project in which students collected data, and explored evolutionary relationships between varied
species of animals through an interactive scavenger hunt that explored many of the diverse exhibits.

Summer program Educator With Marist Upward Bound Program- Summer programs 2012 - 2014
Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY
Taught RS Living Environment to repeat students from Newburgh Free Academy, and Poughkeepsie High Schools.
Prepared for Regents reattempt with a 95% pass rate. Implemented common core practices into diversified lessons
covering every unit from the academic year. Worked closely with students of diverse backgrounds to overcome
economic and environmental challenges on their academic success. Designed curriculum for advanced science
students in preparation for Advanced Placement courses, assured the integrity of the pre-analytic processes,
scientific design, aided in performing analysis, maintenance and quality assurance, coordinated test results and
interpretive reports. Additionally, led students in setting up
first annual scientific poster presentation of experiments to students’ parents and Marist Faculty

Student teaching and Substitute teaching Wallkill Senior High 2011-2013
Regents Living Environment to mixed classrooms ranging from first-time freshman to struggling Juniors;
appropriately used differentiation and accommodation techniques with the success academy students: began
research for a new marine biology course and possible scientific grants; interacted with parents through phone,
email, and one on one conferences; volunteered on senior celebration committee; Stayed after school to work with
students who required additional academic attention; wrote and coordinated a professional development session
on implementing the Common Core Standards into differentiated Science Curriculum: actively participated in an
Advisory program through the success team.
Additional Experience

Group Leader, Boy Scouts of America- Troop 2510 2000- current
Positions held: Event coordination staff, Adult advisor, Public relations staff, Membership Licensing
As a committed leader in Boy Scouts I have had the honor of running many Boy Scout Seasonal events (typically
on weekends, school breaks, and summer) for amazing boys from around New Jersey. Wrote grants for equipment
and additional funds for program; Coordinated fundraisers and Oversaw a group of up to 30 eight-fifteen year old
boys, three 16-18 year old assistant leaders; maintained open communication with parents and administrators;
provided entertaining activities and games for otherwise unscheduled time.
Elected Board of Trustee Member, SUNY Orange- 2009-2010 academic year
Gave monthly report to the board and was liaison between board and student body; Lobbied in Albany at SUNY
Day and ran Support Students Post Card lobbying for all students; Attended the Association of Community College
Trustees Conference and lobbied in Washington DC; Attended the NYS Community College Trustees Conference
2010; Guest Speaker at Chancellor Nancy Zimpher launch of the SUNY Strategic Plan ; Speaker at Sojourner
Truth Awards.
Elected President of Student Senate, SUNY Orange- 2008-2010 academic years
Held positions on various boards; Student seat on Sustainability Committee, Executive committee of Governance,
Curriculum Committee, Steering Committee for Cultural Affairs, Institutional Equity & Diversity Committee, Design
Committee for Kaplan Hall, Academic Policy, Campus Safety & Security, Planning & Budgeting for Institutional
Advancement, Developmental Education.
Revised the Senate Constitution; Held budget hearings; Chair of officer's club; Organized a SUNY "Many Voices
One SUNY" Tuition Rally; Allocated student activities funds to clubs on campus; Assisted in planning Advisor
Honor Night; Attended Student Assemblies and was a voting delegate for SUNY Orange; Community College
Representative to the SUNY Student Assembly
Organized Haitian relief efforts on campus; Revised the Student Club Handbook and designed budget guidelines;
Organized Board of Activities and Student Senate Annual Retreat; Organized and re-instituted the Excellence in
Teaching Awards
Ran senate meetings in accordance with Robert's Rules; Allocated funds and distributed gifts for Adopt a Family;
Worked with Sustainability Committee to make Kaplan Building Green; New Student Orientation Leader; Served on
5 Judicial Hearings
Client Relations, First Investors, ADM NY, NY- 2005-2007
Provide general client support and respond to client inquiries; Process initial client applications and set up
Handle and reconcile client automated clearinghouse (ACH) transactions, payments, and associated paperwork;
Prepared for Series 6 Financial Certification Exam and Professional Education; Verify customer identification and
business profile to determine business relationship eligibility, pursuant to KYC and AML laws, rules, regulations and
internal policies and procedures; Liaise with insurance companies, sales representatives, and outside broker dealers
to coordinate and ensure submission of compliant documentation and required client information; Regularly
participate in Continuing Professional Development courses; Participated in the review and creation of the ADM
procedural manual.
Technology - Fluent in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; comfortable with website building, Skool tool,
ProWeb, IEP Direct, and SmartBoard technologies, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft
Outlook, Microsoft One Note, Minitab, Camtasia studios, ESpeak,Text2Speech, Paraflow; familiar with web based
software Sequencher DNA Sequence Analysis Software, Firefox, Googlechrome, Skype, Squid, Tux Paint, Chamilo
CAST UDL, Black Board, Engrade, AESOP, Prezi, Dragon, multiple iPad apps including Khan and brain pop.
Skills – Fluent in Roberts Rules, Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, limited Spanish


Reference Letter furnished upon request