Benchtop Water Quality Meter


Easy-to-read display Flat panel. Large Touch Screen Large. easy maintenance Vertical display Horizontal display Wall-mounted New Line-up pH Meter HM-40X For international sales only Operated by LCD Display Dry battery (Up to 2500 hours) 1 .

Various Display Functions Vertical/Horizontal screen switch 2ch Display Graphic Display Touch panel input Easy-to-read menu Maintenance information New sensors and electrodes Soft lead wire RED:pH YELLOW:ORP Easy-to-move WHITE:Conductivity BLUE:DO Easy distinction of electordes by different coloring Lead-free RoHS compliant DO electrode 2 .

86 500mL 143F192 Standerd solution pH 6. stopper) (without HM-40X) 7430860K  Electrode stand (Stand.01 500mL 143F191 AC adapter 7430880K Poly beaker (150mL )×3 0DE00001 Inner Solution for Reference Electrode 50mL 50mL Power cord 118C229 AC adapter 7430880K Poly beaker (150mL)×3 0DE00001 Power cord 118C229 AC adapter 7430880K Power cord 118C229 〔Common accessories for all the above model〕 Electrode holder 7430850K   Electrode stand(w/column and stopper) 7430860K   Electrode attachment G(2 sets for MM-43X) 0IB00004 Tilt stand 7430870K    Ground wire X0979500    Manual ※ Acccessories are included only when purchased in 1 set. HM-41X HM-40X CM-41X Strong pH composite electrode ※ GST-5821C Strong pH composite electrode ※ GST-5821C Electrical conductivity cell CT-58101B Standerd solution pH 6. strut.01 500mL 143F191 AA betteries (For testing) Inner Solution for Reference Electrode 50mL Inner Solution for Reference Electrode 50mL Poly beaker (150mL)×3 0DE00001 Poly beaker (150mL)×3 0DE00001 AA betteries (For testing) AA betteries (For testing) 〔Common accessories for all the above model〕 Electrode holder 7430850K  Electrode holder (for HM-40X) 0IB00001  Electrode stand (Stand. strut.01 500mL 143F191 Standerd solution pH 4. 3 .86 500mL 143F192 Poly beaker (150mL) 0DE00001 Electrode attachment (ION) 0IB00006 Standerd solution pH 4.86 500mL 143F192 Poly beaker (150mL) 0DE00001 Standerd solution pH 4. stopper) (for HM-40X) 6948810K Electrode attachment (G) 0IB00004  Tilt stand 7430870K (without HM-40X)  Ground wire X0979500  Instruction manual ※ Acccessories are included only when purchased in 1 set. Xseries Line-up Touch Screen Multi-function Water pH pH/Ion Meter pH Conductivity Meter Conductivity Quality Meter HM-42X CM-42X 0RP 0RP Resistivity MM-43X ION ION Salinity Conductivity Including pH combined electrode Including conductivity cell Concentration USB sensors are sold Resistivity GST-5841C USB memory/ CT-58101B TDS PC connectable separately Salinity External printer USB Concentration USB memory/ Turntable PC connectable TDS 2ch DO External printer Turntable USB USP645 USB memory/ PC connectable External printer Turntable USP645 Customized LCD Basic Type pH Meter pH pH Meter pH Conductivity Meter Conductivity HM-41X HM-40X CM-41X ORP Resistivity Dry battery Salinity USB Including pH combined electrode PC connectable Including pH combined electrode Including conductivity cell TDS GST-5821C External printer GST-5821C CT-58101B USB Dry battery PC connectable External printer Dry battery For international sales only Accessories MM-43X HM-42X CM-42X Electrode attachmentb(J) 0IB00005 Strong pH composite electrode GST-5841C Electrical conductivity cell CT-58101B Electrode attachment (DP) 0IB00007 Standerd solution pH 6.

Stirrer Cnect to PC by UBS cable. HM-42X、CM-42X、MM-43X Print to plain paper. Measurement data can be export to PC. For PC connection. External conection:3mm Y terminal Analog Output Cable 7433020K (3mmY Terminal) HM-42X. Exterminal printer paper. CM-42X. MM‐43X Electrode Adapter (pH/ORP/ion) 0JD00001 Single function electrode connectable.60mm External Printer EPS-P30 Include connecting cable. Max. 5 electrodes of DO connectable. USB cable should be A type(male)-Micro B type(male). For HM-42X. USB cable should be A type(male)-Micro B type(male). Electrode Holder/Stand Turntable with thermostatic tank is 100 samples. CM-41X. Electrode Attachment(DP) 0IB00007 For P30series electrodes. Check Plug TC-1G HM-42X/41X/40X. Measurement data can be export to PC. MM-43X(For ch-1 only) Max. Data transfer by USB memory is also possible. *commercial cable is available. also available(optional) . Chart Width Approx. Electrode Attachment(N) 0IB00008 For Temp. Cell Selector ES-1GC CM-42X. CM-42X. Data Collection Software X-LOG RS-232C cable should be our specified one. Stirrer ST-7 For sample stirring. 5 conductivity electrodes connectable. OS:Windows 10/8/7 For HM-42X. Chemical cleaning. MM-43X. Maker Option For HM-42X. Turntable TTT-710 60 samples. Electrode Attachment(G) 0IB00004 For Xseries electrodes. Electrode Attachment(J) 0IB00005 For Jseries electrodes. bubble cleaning. Data Collection Software GP-LOG *commercial cable is available. USB serial converter cable RS-232C Connecting Cable 118N062 is necessary. 12 or 18 samples. Electrode Attachment(ION) 0IB00006 For single function ion electrodes. Ribon for external printer External printer paper P000119 20rolls. Electrode Selector ES-1GDP MM-43X(For ch-1 only) Cable length: 1. Cnection to PC by UBS cable or RS-232C cable is possible. sensor etc. MM-43X. non-thermal paper Turntable Ribon for external printer 0RD00001 If you already have external printer(EPS-G/EPS-R). Max. Shower cleaning by purified water is standard equipped. CM‐42X/41X. stopper. Connection Cable for Turntable 7433040K Cable length: 2m.5m. CM-42X. 2m For conncting to USB port. MM-43X. CM-42X. MM-43X Temp. 4 . MM-43X External printer Conductivity Check Plug EC-1G CM-42X/41X. Accessories and Options Product P/N Remarks Electrode Holder Electrode Holder 7430850K Electrode Attachment Electrode Stand 7430860K With support. OS:Windows 10/8/7/Vista For HM-41X. 200mL beaker. Externl Printer Cable 118N061 it is possible to use the printer by purchasing this cable. MM-43X pH Checker PC-1G HM-42X/41X/40X. Electrode Stand 36 samples. air blow are possible(optional) .

calibration data Range Silver ion Electrode Application Strong*1 Float*2 pH、ORP Temp. GST-5841C GST-5821C GST-5841S GST-5842S GST-5823S GST-5824C GST-5845C GST-5846C GST-5847C GST-5848C GST-5820C GST-5851C PST-5821C PS-5011C 5 .01 500mL 143F191 (Phthalate Standard Solution pH 4.02 500mL 143F195 Float is built-in whose exchange span of internal solution *2 Float can be checked in a glimpse Inner Solution for Reference Electrode RE-4 50mL×3 0BG00011 Measurement performance of solution with shock absorbing *3 Silver Ion Trap characteristics such as tap water and alkaline solution is improved.01 500mL+Quinhydrone powder) Abrasive Solution for ORP Electrode 10mL AO-001 Phosphate pH6. The strength of its tip is improved. Electrodes Cal-Memo sensor pH/ORP The sensor memorizes Model. Hard to break.86 Standard Solution 500mL 143F192 Borate Standard Solution pH 9. serial number.68 500mL 143F194 ORP Standard Solution 143F196 Phthalate Standard Solution pH 4. trap*3 GST-5841C For general use pH0~14 0~100℃ ○ ○ ○ GST-5821C For general use pH0~14 0~100℃ ― ○ ○ GST-5841S For organic solvent pH0~14 0~100℃ ○ ○ ― GST-5842S For precise measurement pH0~14 0~60℃ ○ ○ ― GST-5823S For precise trace amount pH0~11 0~60℃ ― ○ ― GST-5824C For insertion pH0~12 0~60℃ ― ○ ― GST-5845C For trace amount pH0~13 0~100℃ ○ ― ― pH combined electrode GST-5846C For extreme trace amount pH0~13 0~60℃ ○ ― ― GST-5847C For test tube pH0~13 0~100℃ ○ ― ― GST-5848C For narrow test tube pH0~13 0~60℃ ○ ― ― GST-5820C For flow-through type pH0~12 0~60℃ ― ○ ― GST-5851C For high alkaline sample pH0~14 0~100℃ ― ○ ○ ELP-040 For hydrofluoric acid bath pH2~12 0~50℃ ― ○ ― 5082L Glass electrode chip (For ELP-040) Range of ORP combined electrode PST-5821C For general use 0~100℃ ― ○ ○ indication ORP combined electrode Range of PS-5011C For general use ― ― ○ ○ Cal-Memo incompatible indication Oxalate pH Standard Solution pH 1.18 500mL 143F193 *1 Strong Glass electrode. Carbonate pH Standard Solution pH 10.

auxiliary equipment such as incubator Membrane Set OE-473AA(3 sets) 0CC00003      bottle and incubator is necessary. Membrane Cartridge OE-473AA(5 sets) 0CT-2502 Recommended incubator bottle Membrane Set OE-473BA(3 sets) 0CC00022 JIS standard Medium Size TS19/22(Large-diameter 18. Length 22mm) Electrolyte R-12 50mL(3 sets) 143H008 Sodium Sulfite 50g 143A030 OE-273AA OE-573BA OE-473AA OE-473BA 6 .8mm.05μS/cm~10mS/cm} 0~100℃ 10m -1 Conductivity cell CT-58101A For high electrical conductivity use 1mS/m~100S/m{10μS/cm~1S/cm} 0~100℃ 1000m -1 CT-88101B For general use 100μS/m~10S/m{1μS/cm~100mS/cm} 0~100℃ 100m -1 Flow-through type CT-88101C For low electrical conductivity use 5μS/m~1S/m{0.05μS/cm~10mS/cm} 0~100℃ 10m -1 Conductivity Cell CT-88102A For high electrical conductivity use 10mS/m~100S/m{100μS/cm~1S/cm} 0~100℃ 2000m -1 CT-27111D For Pure Water 5μS/m~20mS/m{0. Reduced-diameter 16. 470AA/470BA Membrane Set OE-573BA(3 sets) 0CC00023 Membrane Set OE-573BA High Range DO(3 sets) 0CC00024 Note(2)For BOD measurement. made of PP (For CT-27111D) Connection Diameter:Outer Diameter 8mm×Inner Diameter 4mm CEF-22A Flow cell. Constant CT-58101B For general use 100μS/m~10S/m{1μS/cm~100mS/cm} 0~100℃ 100m -1 Immersion type CT-58101C For low electrical conductivity use 5μS/m~1S/m{0. Membrane Set OE-273AA High Range DO(3 sets) 0CC00002 OE-270AA/570BA.Conductivity Range Cell Cell Application Conductivity Temp.6mm.9mS/m at 25℃ 0BI00001 Conductivity Cell Check B Solution 250mL(2 bottles) 1286mS/m at 25℃ 0BI00002 Flow cell.05μS/cm~200μS/cm} 0~80℃ 1m -1 Conductivity Cell Check C Solution 100mL(4 bottles) 140. made of SUS (For CT-27111D) Connection Diameter: Outer Diameter 8mm×Inner Diameter 6mm CEF-23A CT-58101B/ CT-58101C/ CT-27111D CT-58101A CT-88101B CT-88101C CT-88102A ELC-009 ELC-010 (with Flow cell) Dissolved Oxygen Measurement Electrode Application Range Note method OE-273AA Standard Membrane: 0~20mg/L Immersion/drop-in type High Range Membrane: 0~50mg/L Dissolved For no-flow Membrane OE-573BA (High Range Membrane Set sold separately) oxygen measurement Polarographic electrode OE-473AA For incubator bottle With stirring function Method 0~20mg/L For no-flow OE-473BA Lab-use measurement Membrane set OE-273AA(3 sets) 0CC00001 Note(1)DO electrode cannot be used for the below membrane type galvanic cell method.

NO3-N Standard Solution NO3-N 500mL 143C487 If the concentration level of the coexistent ion NH4 Standard Solution NH4-1000 500mL 143A041 is high enough to affect the measured values.8~80. Ionic Strength Adjuster ISA-K 500mL For K 143A337 Measurable solution temperature range is Ionic Strength Adjuster ISA-CA 500mL For Ca 143A333 0-50℃ .490mg/L Calibration cell(CGC-202L)and Calibration adapter(6791140K)is necessary.000mg/L l. NH4-N Standard Solution NH4-N 500mL 143A042 we recommend conducting pretreatment in Carbon Dioxide Electrode Calibration Powder for 143D044 order to prevent interference.01~1.06~630mg/L Cu2+ Ag+、Hg2+=Can not coexist  CU-2021 (Solid Membrane) (pH5~6) Fe3+=10−1  Al3+=101  Cr3+=102  Ni2+=103 Na+、Mg2+、Ca2+=104 Silver ion combined electrode AG-200 0. it can be Ammonia Electrode Internal Solution RE-NH4 50mL(3 bottles) 0BG00005 difficult to conduct ion measurements. and sulfide Carbon Dioxide Electrode Membrane Cartridge(4 cartridges) CTC-211 ion standard solutions.49~1.019~19. S2−=Can not coexist  I−=10−1  S2O32−=101 CN-2021 (Solid Membrane) (pH12~13) Br−=103  NO3−、SO42−、PO43−=104  CO32−、Cl−、F−=105 Sodium ion combined electrode NA-100B 2. Bromide ion combined electrode BR-200 0.003~26mg/L CN .900mg/L K+ H+=102  NH4+=3×102  Na+=2×103  Li+=104 K-2031 (Liquid Membrane) (pH5~6) Calcium ion combined electrode CA-300 0.000mg/L Na+ Mg2+、Ca2+、Zn2+、NH4+、K+、Li+=103 NA-2011 (Glass Membrane) (pH10~11) Potassium ion combined electrode K-300B 0. S2−=Can not coexist CL-2021 (Solid Membrane) (pH5~6) CN−、I−=10−5  Br−、S2O32−=10−2  NO3−、SO42−、CO32−、PO43−、 F−=103 Cyanide ion combined electrode CN-200B 0. Customers are Carbon Dioxide Electrode Calibration Cell CGC-202L suggested to prepare following the steps Calibration Adapter 6791140K listed in the instruction manual.000mg/L S 2- ─ S-2021 (Solid Membrane) (pH13 or more) Ion sensor replacement liquid junction(10) 0LF00001 ※1 Interference of coexisting ion F Standard Solution F-1000 500mL 143F391    If an ion coexists in the solution.1~108.) Cu Standard Solution CU-100 500mL 143D043 Ionic Strength Adjuster TISAB-01 500mL For F ※2 143A279 Ionic Strength Adjuster TISAB-11 500mL For F ※2 143A280 Ionic Strength Adjuster ISA-CL 500mL For Cl、Br、I、Ag 143A334 Ionic Strength Adjuster ISA-CN 500mL For CN 143A335 Note (1)The ion electrode does not have Ionic Strength Adjuster ISA-NA 500mL For Na 143A338 temperature measurement function. because when there are coexisting samples.01~127.I−=10−3  Br−、NO2−=100 Cl−=101 N-2031 (Liquid Membrane) (pH5~6) CH3COO−、SO42−、CO32−、F−=102 Ammonia electrode(Membrane electrode) 0. Ionic Strength Adjuster ISA-NO 500mL For NO3 143A340 Ionic Strength Adjuster ISA-NH 500mL For NH 4 143A339 Note (2)In addition to the electrode.120mg/L Cd2+ Hg2+、Ag+、Cu2+=Can not coexist CD-2021 (Solid Membrane) (pH5~6) Pb2+、Fe3+=100 Cr3+=102  Na+、K+、Mg2+、Ca2+、Zn2+、Al3+=105 Copper ion combined electrode CU-200 0.39~3. 7 .000mg/L F OH =10 − 1 F-2021 (Solid Membrane) (pH5~6) HPO42−、 HCO3−=103(pH 7〜8)  Cl−、Br−、I−、NO3−、SO42−、S2O32−=105 Chloride ion combined electrode CL-200B 1~35. silver. Ion Electrode Ion replacement chip Measurement range(Optimal pH range) Intereference of coexisting ion ※1/ Note - Fluoride ion combined electrode F-200 0.000mg/L Br. it can cause F Standard Buffer Solution F-10+TISAB-11 500mL 143F393 data errors when measuring the targeted ion. ion strength adjuster. standard Ionic Strength Adjuster ISA-CO 500mL For CO2 143D045 solution.62~62. an error occurs Ca Standard Solution CA-1000 500mL 143B481 in which the value of the targeted ion equals NO3 Standard Solution NO3-1000 500mL 143C486 the coexistant ion value. CGS-111 1L(10 pillows) Br Standard Solution BR-1000 500mL 143C483 ※2 143A279(TISAB-01): For general sample I Standard Solution I-1000 500mL 143H091 143A280(TISAB-11):For sample containing Cd Standard Solution CD-100 500mL 143B500 metal ion (iron.3~23.000mg/L Cl .000mg/L Ag+ Hg2+=Can not coexist Mg2+=103 AG-2021 (Solid Membrane) (pH5~6) Ca2+、Cu2+、Pb2+、Cd2+、Zn2+=104  Na+、K+=106 Sulfide ion combined electrode S-200 0. S2−、Reducing substance = Can not coexist   CN−=100 I-2021 (Solid Membrane) (pH5~6) S2O32−=101  SCN−=103  Br−=104  NO3−、CO32−、PO43−、Cl−、F−=105 Cadmium ion combined electrode CD-200 0. aluminum etc.000mg/L NO3.4~40. Carbon Dioxide Electrode Internal Solution RE-11 143D042 Ammonia Electrode Replacement Membrane(10 membranes) AE-FILM Note (4)We do not sell cyanide.800mg/L NH 4 + ― Volatile amines AE-2041 (pH12 or more) Carbon Dioxide electrode(Membrane electrode) Dissolved Gas Dissolved gas:Volatile weak acid  Atmosphere:Acidic gas ― CE-2041 1.000mg/L Ca2+ Pb2+、Zn2+=101 Mn2+=102 CA-2031 (Liquid Membrane) (pH5~6) Cu2+、Mg2+、Cd2+、Ba2+、Fe2+=103  Ni2+=104 Nitrate ion combined electrode N-300 0.09~1. Reference Electrode Internal Solution RE-1 100mL 143F230 Reference Electrode Outer Chamber Solution RE-2 100mL 143F238 Note (3)Make sure to contact us before you Reference Electrode Outer Chamber Solution RE-3 100mL 143F239 conduct ion measurements. S2−=Can not coexist  BR-2021 (Solid Membrane) (pH5~6) CN−、I−=10−4  S2O32−、SCN−=100  Cl−=102  NO3−、SO42−、CO32−、F−=104 Iodide ion combined elecrrode I-200 0. and Ionic Strength Adjuster ISA-CU 500mL For Cu、Cd 143A336 reference electrode external solution are Ionic Strength Adjuster Powder for ISA-S 100mL (10 pillows) S 143A332 necessary for ion measurement.3~32. F Standard Buffer Solution F-100+TISAB-11 500mL 143F392 A selectivity coefficient of 10x means that if Cl Standard Solution CL-1000 500mL 143A281 the solution contains a coexistent ion that Na Standard Solution NA-1000 500mL 143E031 is 10x times greater than the value of the K Standard Solution K-1000 500mL 143B482 targeted ion that is measured.

200~1.99mg/L 0. JIS pH standard solution.000~16.001pH 0.0~110.00~19. Micro) External pH ±700mV(pH0~14) - Input/Output mV(ORP) ±1V(0~±2000mV) - - Analog Ion 0~1VFS - - Output Temperature 0~1V(0~100℃) - - Upper Limit: Open collector Alarm - - Lower Limit: Open collector External printer ○ ○ - Turntable ○ - - (TTT510/710) Option Connection Electrode Selector ○ - - (ES-1G)   Control Box ○ - - (AC-1V) AA Alkaline battery×4 or AC100~240V Power Source USB power feeding AA Alkaline battery×4 (Special AC Adapter) (No charging function) Power Consumption Approx.0~199.001pH mV(ORP) 1/0.999mg/L Range (Manual/Auto 2.5% FS - - Temperature within ±0.99g/L 0. 5 point calibration Ion Calibration Max.000 pH0.99mg/L - - Range Switching) 20~199mg/L 20.0℃ pH Temperature Compensation Range MTC(Manual Temperature Compensating): MTC(Manual Temperature Compensating): MTC(Manual Temperature Compensating)): 0~100.000 mV(ORP) -2200.0~19. JIS pH standard solution.0~100.8kg Approx. 0~45℃ 20~85% or below 0~45℃ 20~85% or below 0~45℃ 20~85% or below Humidity (condensation-free) (condensation-free) (condensation-free) Data Memory 2000 data 1000 data - Optional External Printer EPS-P30 Optional External Printer EPS-P30 Print Function - connectable connectable Auto Hold Function ○ ○ ○ Auto Hold Conditions Settings ○ - - Statistical Calculation Function Average Value - - Calibration History Creation Function Max.0 mV -2200~2200 mV -550~550 mV ※1 Zoom OFF Zoom ON 0.000 -500~500 mV ※1  mV(ORP) -2000.000 pH0.20 run lots Latest one run Latest one run Interval Measurement ○ ○ ○ Security Function ○ - - Upper/Lower Limit Output Setting ○ - - Customized Standard Solution ○ - - Table Creation Function mV Shift Function ○ ○ - RS-232C ○(2ch) ○(For external printer) - Interface USB(Host) ○ - USB ○ ○ - (peripheral.11VA Approx.7kg ※1 ORP electrode cannot be connected 8 . pH Calibration customized standard solution customized standard solution customized standard solution Max.0℃ Ion:Depends on the electrode pH  pH-2.000~14. US standard solution.0℃ 0~100.0℃ 0~100.2mV ±2mV ±2mV ※1 (Main body) Ion ±0. Specifications/Function pH meter Model Name HM-42X HM-41X HM-40X pH :Glass electrode method pH :Glass electrode method Measurement ORP :Platinum electrode method pH :Glass electrode metho ORP :Platinum electrode method Method Ion :Ion electrode method Temperature:Thermistor resistor Temperature:Thermistor resistor Temperature :Thermistor resistor Display unit Touch panel color graphic LCD Customized LCD Customized LCD pH  pH0.002pH ±0.0~19.20~1.9mg/L 2.0~199.001pH 0. 0.0℃ JIS pH standard solution.0℃ -5.2500 hours (estimated) Approx.9mg/L (mol/L selectable) 0.00~19.200~1.0℃ -5.0~110.0℃ 0~100.20~1.0℃ ※1 pH  0.0℃ 0~100.0℃ Temperature 0.99μg/L 20~199μg/L 20. US standard solution.000~16.99g/L 20~199g/L 20.0~100.999g/L 2.2℃ within ±0.130W×60H×230Dmm Approx.130W×60H×230Dmm Approx.00μg/L~1999g/L (Maximum to 4-digits) pH  ±0.9g/L 2.006pH Repeatability mV(ORP) ±0.2℃ ATC(Auto Temperature Compensating): ATC(Auto Temperature Compensating): ATC(Auto Temperature Compensating): 0~100.0~100.000 pH-2. 2500 hours (estimated) Main Unit Dimensions Approx.0~2200.006pH ±0.9μg/L 0.000~16.000~14.00~19. 5 point calibration Max. 0.0~2000.01pH/0.9g/L 200~1990g/L 200~1999g/L Temperature -5. 5 point calibration Max.0 mV -2000~2000 mV Measurement ※ORP electrode not connectable Item/Range Ion Depends on the sensor used - - 0.0℃ 0.7kg Approx.000~14. 0.130W×60H×230Dmm (Excluding Protruding Parts) Main Unit Weight Approx.01pH/0.1mV 1mV 1mV Display resolution 0.9μg/L Display Ion 0.0~19.2℃ within ±0. 5 point calibration - - Temperature Calibration 1 point calibration 1 point calibration 1 point calibration Performance Guaranteed Temperature.0~110.0μg/L~1990g/L switch (Maximum to 3-digits) Ion - - 0. US standard solution.0~199.000 pH-2.01pH/0.

0 ~ 200.00μS/cm) Conductivity 0.00mS/cm) (Depending on the cell) 0.0kΩ・m(0.005 ~ 2.00 ~ 42.9g/L 0 ~ 999.000 ~ 2.00 ~ 20.0 ~ 200.000MΩ・m(0.0 ~ 110.12VA Approx.00kΩ・cm) 00.000mS/m (0.000 ~ 2.00 ~ 20.0 ~ 200.0 ~ 200.005 ~ 2.0 ~ 200.0 ~ 200.000MΩ・m(0.2℃ within ±0.0S/m (0.00 ~ 20.0μS/m (0. Concentration Conversion Setting 2-10 points - Temperature Calibration 1-point Calibration 1-point Calibration Performance Guaranteed Temperature.00 ~ 4.0mS/cm) 0.0℃ ATC(Auto Temperature Compensation):0 ~ 100.000 ~ 2.5% FS ±0.0℃ -5.0μS/cm) (Manual/Auto Range 0.00mS/m (0.000 ~ 2. Value 0 ~ 1VFS - Analog Range 100mV/range - Output Upper Limit: Open Collector Alarm - Lower Limit: Open Collector External Printer ○ ○ Option Turntable(TTT510/710) ○ - Connection Cell Switch(ES-1GC)  ○ - Control Box(AC-1V) ○ - AA Alkaline battery×4 or USB power feeding Power Source AC100 ~ 240V(Special AC Adapter) (No charging function).000 ~ 2. Humidity 0 ~ 45℃ 85% or below(condensation-free) 0 ~ 45℃ 85% or less(condensation-free) Data Memory 2000 data 1000 data Print Function Connectable to optional external printer EPS-P30 Connectable to optional external printer EPS-P30 Auto Hold Fuction ○ ○ Auto Hold Conditions Setting ○ - Statistical Calculation Function Average value - Calibration History Creation Function Max.0 ~ 100.00 Ω・m(0.00 ~ 20.000 ~ 2. Micro) ○ ○ External External Instrument Connection ○ - Input/Output Meas.7kg 9 .5% FS Resistivity ±0.0MΩ・cm) 0.5% FS (Meter main unit) Concentration ±0.0 ~ 100.00S/m (0.000 ~ 2.5% FS ±0.00 ~ 20.000mS/m (0.130 W×60 H×230 Dmm (Excluding Protruding Parts) Main Unit Weight Approx.000kΩ・m(0.40 (PSS:Sea water salinity) Concentration 0 ~ 2.00 Ω・m(0.0MΩ・cm) 0.000μS/cm) 0.000 ~ 2.999g/L 0 ~ 9. 0.00 ~ 20.0 Ω・m(0.000 ~ 2.0 ~ 200.0 ~ 200.00 ~ 20.99mg/L 0 ~ 99.0℃ N/A ATC OFF ATC OFF S t a n d a r d Te m p e r a t u r e 0 ~ 100.04%(NaCl) Salinity 0.0℃ 25℃ fixed Setting Temperature Compensation Temperature Coefficient 0 ~ 10.5 ~ 200.0% 0 ~ 99.00kΩ・m(0.0kΩ・m(0.00 ~ 20.00S/m (0.00mS/m (0.0Ω・cm) 0.0kΩ・cm) 0.00MΩ・cm) 00.5% FS Temperature within ±0.000 Ω・m(0.0 ~ 200.00MΩ・cm) (Depending on the cell) Range 0.0mS/m (0.000 ~ 2.0 ~ 200.2℃ Temperature ATC(Auto Temperature Compensation):0 ~ 100.0Ω・cm) 0.00kΩ・cm) Resistivity 0. 10 electrode Types Latest one run Interval Measurement ○ ○ Security Function ○ - Upper/Lower Limit Output Setting ○ - RS-232C Interface ○(2ch) ○(External Printer) USB(Host) ○ - USB (peripheral.000kΩ・cm) 00.000S/cm) 0.000 ~ 2.00 ~ 20.0μS/m (0.00 ~ 20.000 ~ 2.0kΩ・cm) (Manual/Auto Range 0.5 ~ 200.000mS/cm) 0.00 ~ 20.99g/L 0 ~ 99.9mg/L 0 ~ 999.0 ~ 200.0mS/cm) 0.00 ~ 20.00 ~ 20.9g/L Temperature -5.000S/m (0. Power Consumption Approx.00% - Switching) 0 ~ 200.9mg/L (Manual/Auto Range 0 ~ 9.0 Ω・m(0.00 ~ 20.5% FS ±0.8kg Approx. Conductivity meter Model Name CM-42X CM-41X Conductivity: AC 2-Electrode Method Conductivity: AC 2-Electrode Method Measurement Method Temperature: Thermistor Resistor Temperature: Thermistor Resistor Conductivity Measuring frequency 80Hz/3kHz Auto-selection 80Hz/3kHz Auto-selection Display unit Touch panel color graphic LCD Customized LCD Conductivity Depends on the cell Depends on the cell Resistivity Depends on the cell Depends on the cell Measurement Salinity Conversion from conductivity Conversion from conductivity Item/Range Concentration Conversion from conductivity - TDS Conversion from conductivity Conversion from conductivity Temperature 0.0℃ 0.0mS/m (0.0S/m (0.0 ~ 110.00%/℃ (Linear) Temperature Coefficient 2-10 points - (Curve) Pure Water Dual ○ - Temperature Compe.0℃ Conductivity ±0.99g/L 0 ~ 999.00mS/cm) 0.00 ~ 20.0 ~ 200.00μS/cm) 0.00 ~ 20.00 ~ 42.0 ~ 200.0℃ MTC(Manual Temperature Compensation):0 ~ 100.0℃ Compensation Range MTC(Manual Temperature Compensation):0 ~ 100.04%(NaCl) 0.0 ~ 200. 0.0 ~ 200.0 ~ 200.40psu(PSS:Sea water salinity) 0.000S/m (0.0 ~ 200.000MΩ・cm) Switching) Display 00.0 ~ 200.000 ~ 2.000MΩ・cm) 0.00%/℃ 0 ~ 10.5% FS Repeatability Salinity ±0.000 ~ 2.000kΩ・cm) 0.5% FS ±0.99mg/L TDS 0 ~ 999.130 W×60 H×230 Dmm Approx.000mS/cm) Switching) 0.00MΩ・m(0 ~ 2000MΩ・cm) SI unit (S/m) and conventional unit (S/cm) selectable SI unit (Ω・m) and conventional unit (Ω・cm) selectable 0.00 ~ 4.0℃ 0.000 ~ 2.00kΩ・m(0.000 ~ 2.00MΩ・m(0 ~ 2000MΩ・cm) 0.000% (Automatic Range 0 ~ 20.000S/cm) SI unit(S/m)or(S/cm)selectable SI unit(S/m)or(S/cm)selectable 0.1000 hours (estimated) Main Unit Dimensions Approx.000 ~ 2.999g/L Switching) 0 ~ 99.00 ~ 20.00 ~ 20.5% FS - TDS ±0.000 ~ 2.000μS/cm) 0.000kΩ・m(0.20 run lots each Channel.0μS/cm) 0.000 Ω・m(0.

00 ~ 20.00 ~ 20.0℃ DO :Membrane Polarographic ATC(Auto Temperature Compensation) : Method Temp.002pH External Printer ○ mV(ORP) ±0.00mS/m (0.000S/m (0.99g/L 0. Max.0 ~ 199.00 ~ 20.0℃ Range DO Depends on the electrode JIS pH Standard Solution.5% FS ○ (TTT510/710) Conductivity ±0.000kΩ・m(0.0 ~ 200.0 ~ 2200.00% Conductivity/ switch) 0 ~ 200.000μS/cm) 0. 20 run lots Function conventional unit (S/cm) selectable Interval Measurement ○ 0.99g/L 0 ~ 45℃ 85% or below(Condensation-free) Temperature.0kΩ・m(0.0 ~ 200.00 ~ 55.0℃ 80Hz/3kHz automatic selection Frequency N/A ATC OFF 2ch (pH/ORP/Ion/DO Electrode/ Standard Electrode Inputs Conductivity cell connectable) Temp. 5-point DO:0.9mg/L External Concentration/ (Manual/Auto 0 ~ 9.5% FS (ES-1GC)   TDS ±0.0mS/cm) Average Value Function cell) 0.000 ~ 2.00 ~ 19.1mV Resolution Temperature 0 ~ 1V(0 ~ 100℃) Switching 0.0 mV Temperature Coefficient 2 ~ 10 points Ion Depends on the sensor (Multipoint) Conductivity Depends on the cell Pure Water Resistivity Conversion from conductivity Depend on the cell Dual Temperature ○ Salinity Conversion from conductivity Compensation Measurement Concentration Conversion from conductivity Temperature Item/Range Dissolved ATC(Auto Temperature Compensation):0 Compensation TDS Conversion from conductivity Oxygen ~ 50.0 ~ 50. US Standard Saturation % Solution.9g/L 2. 0.0kΩ・cm) Setting (Manual/Auto 0.00mg/L Output Range Oxygen (High range membrane set (Option) 0.0 ~ 19.0 ~ 110.0 ~ 199.99mg/L DO ATM Pressure ○ switching) 20 ~ 199mg/L 20.9μg/L ○ Setting (Manual/ 0.00 ~ 20. calibration 1-point Calibration mV(ORP) -2200.001pH Display TDS) mV(ORP) 1mV/0.999g/L Performance Guaranteed selectable) 2.000mS/m (0.0 ~ 200.5% FS Cell Selector (Single option can be connected to ch-1) (Main body unit) Concentration ±0.0 ~ 200.200 ~ 1.00μg/L ~ 1999g/L (Maximum 4 digits) (1ch only) Lower Limit: Open Collector pH  ±0.5 ~ 200.0℃ Display Unit Touch Panel Color Graphic LCD Temperature setting Selectable 2-ch Simultaneous Display or compensation Conductivity Temperature Display Single Only Display Coefficient 0 ~ 10.000% Ion 0 ~ 1VFS (Auto range 0 ~ 20. 18VA Temperature within ±0.00 ~ 19.999g/L Input/ TDS range switch) 0 ~ 99.00 ~ 22.20 ~ 1.0℃ Custom Standard Solution.000 ~ 2.000 (Linear) mV(ORP) -2000.000 ~ 2.20 ~ 1.40psu (PSS:Sea water salinity) mV(ORP) ±1V(0 ~ ±2000mV) Concentration 0 ~ 2.00μS/cm) Auto Hold Function ○ Conductivity 0.00kΩ・m(0.0℃ Salinity/ Concentration/ pH  0. Humidity 20 ~ 199g/L 20.0 mV Conductivity Concentration ZOOM OFF ZOOM O N 2-10 points Conversion Setting 0.0MΩ・cm) cell) USB(Host) ○ 0.000MΩ・cm) RS-232C range switch) ○(2ch) 00.0 ~ 199.000 ~ 2.00 ~ 20.9mg/L Compensation Setting (mol/L 0.9g/L Analog Saturation 0 ~ 1VFS Dissolved 0.000mS/cm) Setting range switching)0.000 ~ 2.0 ~ 19.9kg 10 .1mg/L (High range membrane) Power Source AC100 ~ 240V(AC Adapter) Saturation % ±1% (Standard membrane/High range membrane) Power Consumption Approx.00%/℃ pH  pH 0.Multi-Function Water Quality Meter Model MM-43X Model MM-43X pH :Glass Electrode Method ATC(Auto Temperature Compensation) : Temp.0μS/cm) Auto Hold Conditions ○ (Manual/Auto 0.000 ~ 2.0℃ Temperature :Thermistor Resistor compensation MTC(Manual Temperature Compensation): range Conductivity Measuring 0 ~ 100.00 ~ 20.0% Resistivity/ 0 ~ 99.0μg/L ~ 1990g/L (Maximum to 3 digits) Ion Alarm Upper Limit: Open Collector  0.01pH/0.00MΩ・cm) Interface (Depends on the 0.99mg/L Salinity/ 0 ~ 1VFS TDS 0 ~ 999.2℃ Main Unit Dimensions (Excluding Protruding Approx.5% FS Control Box ○(For ch-1 only) (AC-1V) Dissolved ±0.99mg/L 0.9mg/L 2.999mg/L Auto range 2.04%(NaCl) pH  ±700mV(pH0 ~ 14) Salinity 0.200 ~ 1.99μg/L DO Salinity Compensation Ion 20 ~ 199μg/L 20.5-point Calibration measurement function) DO calibration Auto Calibration(Zero Span Calibration) pH  pH-2.9μg/L 0.0mS/m (0.00S/m (0.  pH calibration 0.00 ~ 19.0% Conductivity/ Saturation % (High range membrane set (Option) 0 ~ 550%) Resistivity/ 100mV/Range Temperature -5.5% FS Electrode Selector Option Resistivity ±0. 0 ~ 100.00 ~ 20.0 ~ 200.0℃ Calibration Temperature Ion:Depends on the sensor (No temperature Ion calibration Max.0 ~ 200.00mS/cm) Statistical Calculation (Depends on the 0.00 ~ 20.00 ~ 20.00 ~ 42. 130 W×60 H×230 D mm Parts) Main Unit Weight Approx. ORP :Platinum Electrode 0 ~ 100.9g/L Data Memory 2000 data each channel 200 ~ 1990g/L 200 ~ 1999g/L Print Function Optional External Printer EPS-P30 0.000 ~ 2.0μS/m (0. 0 ~ 100.005 ~ 2.0 ~ 200.0 ~ 19.000kΩ・cm) Security Function ○ Display Range 00.0mg/L) (Ion/ 0 ~ 220.00kΩ・cm) Upper/Lower Limit Output Resistivity ○(1ch only) 0.000S/cm) Calibration History Creation SI unit (S/m) and Max.5% FS (ES-1G)   ○ Connection Repeatability Salinity ±0.000 ~ 14.0 Ω・m(0.000 ~ 2.0S/m (0.00 ~ 4.00 Ω・m(0.000MΩ・m(0.2mV Turntable Ion ±0.0Ω・cm) 0.0 ~ 100.0 ~ 200.000 ~ 2.0 ~ 2000.000 ~ 16.000 Ω・m(0. ○ conventional unit (Ω・cm) selectable Micro) 0.03mg/L (Standard membrane) Oxygen ±0.99g/L Output DO/ 0 ~ 999.000 Temp.0℃ pH  compensation Ion :Ion Electrode Method MTC(Manual Temperature Compensation): range Measurement Method Conductivity :AC 2-Electrode Method 0 ~ 100.00MΩ・m(0 ~ 2000MΩ・cm) SI unit (Ω・m) and USB(Peripheral.0 ~ 200.

000S/m、0〜20.05pH ±0. Issued on 20/6/2017 .05pH (scale) ─ Support 1 piece 0〜±700mV Stopper 1 piece Range 0〜±1999mV mV (0〜±1400mV by Zero shift) Polyethylene Beaker 150 mL 3 pieces Resolution 10mV (scale) 1mV Thermometer 1 piece pH ±0. compact size Mercury thermometer 1 piece Repeatability ±0.toadkk. 0.01pH±1digit Power Cable 1 piece Repeatability PH expansion ±0. 0. ●Capable of measuring oxidation-  reduction potential (ORP)  reduction potential (ORP)  (electrode sold separately)  (electrode sold separately) ●With mV-shift function ●With mV-shift function ●Low price.0℃ Calibration Manual (Zero span) Operation Temp.01pH Electrode Attachment 1 piece (J-type) PH Range pH3. Shinjuku-ku.025pH ─ Ground Wire 1 piece (Meter Main Unit) mV ±10mV ±1mV±1digit Operation Manual 1 copy Analog pH ±700mV (pH0〜14) Output mV ±350mV (0〜±700mV) ±1V(0〜±1999mV) Temperature Compensation Range ATC (Auto Temperature Compensating) : 0 〜100.5% FS AC Cable 1 piece (Meter Main Unit) Range setting Manual Ground Wire 1 piece Temperature Temperature Compensation Range Manual 0〜60℃ Former unit label 1 set Compensation Standard Temperature 25℃ fixed Operation Manual 1 copy Temperature Coefficient (Linear) 2% / ℃ fixed Output Conductivity 0〜1V FS Frequency of measurement Auto select with 80Hz and 3kHz Operation Temp.000mS/m、0〜20. 1-Chome. 3 VA Main Unit Dimensions Approx.5 Expansion scale: 200% digital display ●Capable of measuring oxidation. co. compact size ●Low price.00mS/m、0〜200. pH / mV switching Digital meter .7 kg Conductivity Meter Practical manually operated digital model CM-20J ● Conductivity Meter Specifications Standard Accessories Model Name CM-20J Cell 1 piece(C-50101B) ●Easy-to-read LCD digital display Display Unit LCD Electrode Holder 1 piece ●SIUnit (S/m) and Measurement Range Depending on Cell used Electrode Stand 1 piece  Conventional Unit (S/cm) 0〜2. compact size Specifications Standard Accessories Model Name HM-7J HM-20J pH Electrode GST-5711C 1 Pc.1pH (scale) 0.0mS/m Support 1 piece  selectable 0〜2. jp/english Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. Range 0〜40℃ Power Source AC Line or Size AA battery ×2 Power Consumption Approx. Tokyo 169-8648 Japan Tel : +81-3-3202-0225 Fax : +81-3-3202-5685 http://www. pH / mV switching KCL Solution 1 bottle Range pH0〜14 Electrode Holder 1 piece pH Resolution 0. Electrode Attachment 1 piece(J-type)  2 power source SI Unit (S/m、Ω・m) and Conventional Unit (S/cm、Ω・cm) selectable Polyethylene Beaker (150 mL) 1 piece ●Low price. J-Series pH Meter Practical manually operated analog and digital models HM-7J ● pH Meter HM-20J ● pH Meter ●Easy-to-read ●Easy-to-read of measurements display with analog meter ●pH3.5〜10. W148 × H75 × D221 mm Main Unit Weight Approx.00S/m Stopper 1 piece ●Operation of AC/ DC Display Range Display unit switching . 3 VA Main Unit Dimensions Approx.5〜10.7 kg Please read the operation manual carefully before using products. Takadanobaba.5 ─ Electrode Stand 1 piece Measurement Range expansion Resolution 0. W148×H75×D221 mm Main Unit Weight Approx. Overseas Sales Division: DKK-TOA Corporation 29-10. Measurement Method Glass Electrode Method Standard Solutions Each 1 bottle Display Analog meter . Range 0〜40℃ Power Source AC Line or Size AA battery ×2 Power Consumption Approx.