Environmental Science builds from a foundation of ecology.

By definition,
ecology is a branch of science that studies the interconnected nature of the biotic
and abiotic components of the planet. From ecology, we will explore many
aspects of environmental issues including: air pollution, water pollution, energy,
land use, agricultural systems, solid waste disposal, population, biodiversity, and
related topics.
Students will accumulate hundreds of points throughout the semester. We
will have reading reviews after each reading assignments. Students may use the
notes that they generate from their reading on a reading review. The use of their
notes is designed to encourage the students to read the text carefully and identify
key ideas. By carefully preparing notes for each reading review, students will
help their grades tremendously. Quizzes will be given without the benefit of
notes but will mirror the material from the reading reviews. Tests will be
administered after several quizzes have been given.
Students will have assignments almost every evening. These will include:
reading assignments, preparation of concept maps, questions from the chapter,
preparation for quizzes and tests, and preparation for presentations.