Petrobras Albacora


Landmark: Brazil’s First Developed Giant Field

Project Overview Project Characteristics Project Ownership
Contract Award: 1986 (Trees Ph I) No. Trees: 65 (25 by FMC) Petrobras 100%
1992 (Trees Ph II) Water Depth: 150 - 1,050 m
1994 (Manifolds Ph I) (490 - 3,440 ft)
1995 (Manifolds Ph II)
Tree Type: Vertical
Sales: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tree Pressure 5,000 psi
Fabrication: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tree Bore size: 4”x2”
Service Base: Macaé, Brazil
Hydrocarbon: Oil and Gas
Host Type: Semi and FPSO
Contract Type: EPC

The plant processes the oil produced in P-25 platform and the oil production of twenty-eight (28) production 4 One (1) multiplexed subsea water injection manifold with wells connected to four (4) FMC production diverless manifolds. the Albacora Field was discovered at Campos Basin.000 psi subsea trees are fourteen (14) production wells connected directly to the platform (satellite wells) and sixteen (16) wells connected to two • One (1) GLL-I (2) diverless production manifolds by a vertical flowline connec- • Five (5) GLL-III tion system.000 bopd and 115 mmcf/d of natural gas. 4 Four (4) subsea control modules The production has reached 150. There 4 Fourteen (14) vertical 4”x2” 5.000 bopd and 90 mmcf/d of natural gas. were the world’s deepest subsea • Two (2) GLL-V production manifolds and multiplex control pods at the time. . Brazil Fax: +1 (281) 591 4291 Phone: +55 (21) 2472 7770 Fax: +55 (21) 2471 2924 www.000 bopd and valves and chokes 130 mmcf/d of gas. valves and chokes 4 Nineteen (19) subsea control modules 4 Forty-seven (47) vertical connection modules (manifold and tree flowline connection systems) 4 System integration. service and maintenance Floating Production: Phase II (P-31 Platform) 4 Design and construction of permanent internal mooring system Worldwide Headquarters: Regional Sales Office: FMC Technologies FMC Technologies 1803 Gears Road Rodovia Presidente Dutra. installed in • Four (4) GLL-IV December 1995 and April 1996. The trees Albacora Field comprises sixty-five (65) wells. installation assistance. TX 77067.fmctechnologies. 2660 Houston. These FMC Technologies manifolds. 4 Thirteen (13) vertical 4”x2” 5.000 psi diverless DLL subsea proving the existence of giant deepwater fields in Brazil. two (2) production units (semi-submersible P-25 and FPSO P-31) and seven (7) diver- 4 Two (2) subsea production manifolds less manifolds (6 for oil production and 1 for water injection). USA Pavuna 21538-900 Phone: +1 (281) 591 4000 Rio de Janeiro. • Two (2) GLL-VI 4 Four (4) multiplexed subsea production manifolds with The FPSO P-31 process plant capacity is 200. BRAZIL Scope of Work Comments Subsea: Phase I (P-25 Platform) In 1984. 4 Twelve (12) vertical connection modules (manifold flowline connection system) The semi-submersible platform P-25 has a process plant with the Subsea: Phase II (P-31 Platform) capacity of 100.