Information from API RP14E

Erosional velocity of piping systems (Not specified whether internally coated or not). Below
screen shot is taken from API RP14E. (2 phase flow)

2. Information from API RP15CLT

html. Saudi Aramco standardard SAES-L-132 limits the flow as below.org/publications/pe-handbook.3 m/s (considering acoustics) Single phase liquid: Min 1 m/s. In accordance with http://plasticpipe.Above excerpt from API RP15CLT (Recommended Practice for Composite lined steel tubular goods). Single phase Gas : Min. velocity of PE pipe is limited to 25 fps (7.6 m/s Gas/Liquid 2 phase flow: erosional velocity as per API RP14E 5. 3. and it states 10 m/s erosional velocity limit for a composite lined tube even with the presence of sand.6 m/s). Norosk M-001 limits carbon steel fluid velocity to 6 m/s (water systems) 4. max: 18. Max 4. .6 m/s. 4.