A Detailed Lesson Plan in Reading

I. Objectives: At the end of the lesson the Students will be able to:
a. Identify the rhyming words
b. Comprehend the selection being read; and
c. Reason out well word recognition
II. Subject Matter:

Topic: Rhyming Words

Reference: Bridges to Communication, Heidi Grace L. Borado, pp. 20-22

Materials: Reading Charts, Pictures

III. Learning Experiences:

Teacher’s Activity Pupil’s Activity
A. Preparation
1. Review:
- Last meeting, we had

read the story about “A
- Elena, Ramon and Celso
visit to a Farm House”
- Who are the characters
- Ma’am/Sir, Elena and
in the story?
- Very Good! Ramon!
- Who went to Celso’s
- Yes Ma’am/Sir!
Farm House
- Very Good,
- Do you like the story?
2. Motivation: - Apple, Waffle, Mother,
- (Showing of pictures)
Who are picture in the Fodder, Crown, Clown,

class? School, Spool, Meet, Feet,

- Very Good! Potato and Tomato.
3. Discussion:
- Okay Today we will
watch a short movie - No Ma’am/Sir

called “Dr. Seuss’ The

Cat in the Hat” does

anybody saw the movie

- Good, then sit back and

relax and observe
-Yes Ma’am/Sir
carefully the words you

will encounter.
- (10-minute Movie


- What have you

observed about the
- Most of the words are almost
words use in the
and sounds like the same
- Very Good observation! Ma’am/Sir
- Have you also

observed that the

words in the movie are - Yes Sir/Ma’am!

the same words you

tried to guess before

our movie started?
- Can you recall some of

the words that we had

guess and in the
- Apple, Waffle, Mother,
- Well done Students! Fodder, Crown, Clown,
- Now what have you
School, Spool, Meet, Feet,
observe about the
Potato and Tomato.
words when it comes to
- They almost sound the same
- Are the definitions the Ma’am/Sir!

- Does anyone have any

idea what these words
- No Sir/Ma’am
are called?
- Excellent! Now what is

Rhyme, can you read it - Rhyming Words!

for me Class?

- Correspondence of sound

- Thank you and the between words or the

other definition please? endings of words, especially
- Very Diligent students!
- Now can you give me when these are used at the

your own rhyming ends of lines of poetry.
- have or end with a sound
words that rhymes with
that corresponds to another
your names?
- Very Brilliant! - Mary rhymes with Fairy
4. Analysis
- Now let’s have a short - Mark rhymes with Park

Quiz, I want you to get - Steven rhymes with Seven

your papers and pencil.
- Now if you closely pay
attention to the Movie

we just watched, I listen

some of the words that

appeared on the Movie

and I want you to make - Yes Sir/Ma’am

some rhymes with it,

Did I make myself

- Good, you may now

start and please avoid

cheating and focus on

your papers only.
5. Generalization
- Now class again

Rhyming words are
- Yes Sir/Ma’am
basically words that (Students take the Exam)

corresponds between

other words and mostly

the ending syllables are

the one that almost

sounds the same and

sometimes sounds

exactly the same. - None Sir/Ma’am.

- Do you have

questions? - So that we won’t mess up
word definitions and able to
6. Application
- Why do you think it is identify which words are we

important to learn going to use.

Rhyming Words? - Very fun Ma’am/Sir!

- Is it fun to learn and

use Rhyming Words?

- That is so glad to hear

my Students!

7. Evaluation
Encircle the words in

each sentence that has

rhyming words.
1. The Ducks in the

River Quacks at the

2. The Old Woman

with Brown Wig is

carrying a fancy

leash for her Pig.
3. I love Cake and I

love to Bake.
4. The Rainbow has

many colors and it

comes after the rain

that leaves odors.
5. There are so many
Bear in the zoo, and

the Zookeeper

takes very good

care of them.
8. Assignment:
- Okay Class our

Assignment for today is

I want you to write

down all of your Family

member’s name and

make a rhyming word - Yes Sir/Ma’am!

for each name.

- That will be all for

Today, I hope you learn

a lot and take care on

your way home,

Goodbye Class! - Goodbye and Thank You

Prepared by:
Rammil V. Magsaysay