Aaron DePass and Carly Wade

What is Street Democracy?
Street Democracy is a legal aid service that focuses
on restorative justice legal reform and providing
equal access to the resources of government to
those who are poor and marginalized. We do this
mainly through trying to combat the cycle of poverty
and helping people get out of homelessness.
● Make calls to previous clients

● Conduct face-to-face and phone interviews

● Create 30 sec - 1 min promotional videos

● Create 5-10 minute promotional video

● Plan and execute Policy and Pie event
● Get back in touch with our past clients
for status updates
● Update our databases on the status of
our clients before and after the SOCD
program ie…
○ Housing
○ Income
○ Education
○ Legal issues
● Help determine recidivism and poverty
rates of our graduates
Policy and Pie
● Have the public weigh in on our
organization’s priorities
● Gain support of policy we’re excited and
passionate about
● Have people become more
knowledgeable about some of the
policies that are going on in Detroit
● Meet new prospective partners in the
social justice field in Detroit
Thank You DukeEngage
& Street Democracy