I read recently an article by some linguistics types saying that English is a form of Old Norse, language of

the Vikings. I looked at that, and yes they are right! 60% of words in English are French/Latin but English
grammar is Norse/Viking.
So what, you ask? Well it occurs that the division in British society has been more 'ethnic' than class.
Ethnic since the Middle Ages, since the Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Normans.
OK, look at how English (not so much Scots,Welsh or Irish...) tourists behave abroad, and how the English
have been while abroad since Elizabeth 1, Walter Raleigh and Co? Package tourists have replaced Vikings
as raiders into Europe. English package tourists go abroad in their 'flying longboats' to get drunk, fornicate,
fight, debauch, destroy and cause mayhem. Then they get home and celebrate, 'what a great holiday!'. So
very Viking!
The English Army and Navy from the Middle Ages made its name raiding, fighting in Europe, then
America, then the Empire. Raiding, pillaging, destroying then taking possession of, like the Vikings did in
England with Danelaw in the Middle ages.
The English swing from being Anglo-Conformists at home to being Viking raiders on Friday/Sat nights,
and when abroad. They hate being governed (which is why English gov is so appallingly incompetent...)
and want their Viking freedoms at all costs. The Viking genes are stronger in the English, than even in the
Danes, Swedes and Norwegians. Why?
Ever since the French Normans got to England to impose rule in 1066, they imposed French on an (Anglo)
Viking population. So now the Viking English will do everything they can to mangle long French English
words into shorter Viking English words, so always reducing long French-English syllables to short Viking
syllables. IOW 'Up Yours' to the (Anglo) French Norman Establishment, ever since 1066.
This is why the 'inverse snobbery' of the English 'working/lower class' towards the 'highers' so-called. The
Vikings are proud to be Viking and resent the French Anglo Establishment over them. Vikings remain
Vikings at heart forever. Not therefore lower/working class but Viking heritage. But Vikings cannot create
revolution. They rebel often, but always knuckle under in the end, as if 1066 (the Harrying of the North ie
the Destruction/Subjugation of Danelaw by the Normans) is somehow deeply ingrained in Viking English
folk memory.
The said Establishment saw in 1066 how the Vikings would be excellent raiders, fighters and Empire
creators, so kept the Viking spirit alive for that abroad while demanding Conformity art Home. Still
happening. They put the Viking down by imposing French on everything. French the language of the
Norman lord invader/oppressor in his manor, Viking English the language of Serfs. The 'Class War' is an
'ethnic' war, ongoing now 1000 yrs, between Viking English speaking serfs and French speaking
Establishment. The Establishment owns the language through 60% French words in English... The Viking
mangles it into Norse at will. So 'ethnic/linguistic' not 'class'. Of course Marx would have known nothing
of this. Even if he had he would've ignored it. Not part of his particular power-trip...