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Summer 2017

Late spring/early summer is usually when you expect reports on my various
travel adventures. I hope you like reading about what I have been up to
recently. When thinking about my travels over the last few months and the
memories they evoke, there is only one word that comes to mind:
INTENSE COLOUR. There are places in the world where colour just jumps
out at you. Portugal, Spain and Morocco, my latest art holiday destinations,
certainly are colourful in many ways and make your heart sing! Amsterdam
airport is not a bad place to start with bunches of tulips greeting the wary
traveler after a gruelling overnight flight.
A short flight away is Lisbon, devastated by the 1755 earthquake and
rebuilt to be a more modern city but some architectural embellishments and
monuments remain, reflecting the city’s seafaring past. Unique is a tram
that extends at the front when descending a deep slope.

Lisbon’s contribution to colour is its intricate tile work and gorgeous
bougainvilla. Intensity of another kind is in the music. Enjoying a “Fado”
(musical entertainment while dining) is mandatory in order to fully
experience Portuguese culture.
Culinary pleasures are sardines, port and tarts:

Further up the coast, we enjoyed a visit to Oporto and the Douro Valley and
took a boat ride onboard one of the old rebelhos (used to transport port
wine barrels). This gave us a lovely overview of the terraced hills, the
location of our home for a few days, a beautifully restored property called
Chancelleiros. Here amid beautiful gardens, by the pool and incredible
view, we gathered for some artmaking in the shade:
A short road trip took us into
Spain past Toro, with its
magnificent views, into Madrid
where beautiful architecture and
culture was awaiting. A visit to the
Prado Museum is a must for an
artist and it did not disappoint with
its display of fantastic masterpieces from many historical periods.

Museo del Prado Sala Goya

I am truly in awe of the kind of art that was produced centuries ago but I
also had the desire to see something more varied which the nearby
Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum offers, basically a private collection, parts of
which either bought by the Spanish government or loaned to Spain by the
Thyssen family. It gives an all-encompassing view of several centuries, a
series of highlights which is highly enjoyable.
Madrid is a beautiful city one could spend some more time in. Yet, there
were more places to discover and love! Enter Seville, certainly a highlight
on this adventure with its worldly and heavenly wonders:

Intense southern light is a treat! So is tapas and wine! A wonderful carriage
ride to get to know this city and a flamenco show and we were enchanted!
Our next stop across the Gilbraltar Strait was in Tangier, Morocco, another
culture, different people, different sights, full of colour and atmosphere! It is
no secret that I absolutely love it there. The blue city of Chefchaouen is a
special sight! What a treat for visual people!

Further down the expansive countryside we found the Roman ruins of
Volubilis where we had a tour with a glimpse of what life was like in 300

No less interesting were the Royal Stables in Meknes where the king once
kept 12,000 horses which he treated better than his human subjects. A very
impressive and massive sight.
We also stopped at a leather tannery, interesting and fascinating for sure
but very smelly! Morocco has beautiful leather work though:

Onto Fes, a World Heritage Site with its incredible winding soukhs
(markets) where an artist could spend weeks and not run out of things to
photograph! Wonderful merchandise offered by lovely smiling people:
This was also the place where we purchased supplies for our subsequent
cooking class, even complemented by local entertainment! What fun we

One last thing remained – the road trip to Casablanca to admire the
Hassan II mosque (2nd largest in the world), enjoy the ocean and a drink at
Rick’s Café! A great way to say goodbye to an enchanting country. This is
the second group I took to Morocco and I am sure some of us will be back!
My travels did not stop there, they were mostly travels to family in Germany
and subsequent travels in Canada and the US for business. I did go to
Fredericton, NB for a show and loved it there! It is a quaint place, peaceful,
friendly and welcoming with lots of people interested in the arts.

While travel is on our minds, I will remind you here of my 2018 trip back to
Tuscany, April 28 to May 12. I am currently taking deposits.This is the
place I have been to with many groups and you only have to check with
former travellers to hear about the amazing time we have had at LaFoce.

Ask me for full details! (www.lafoce.com)
Further on in 2018, I am putting on another adventure at sea. August 4 to
13 are the dates for Alaska onboard the beautiful tugboat MS Svell,
another trip of a lifetime! Check out and contact Maple Leaf Adventures at
www.mapleleafadventures.com. I understand we have the minimum of
sailors to make it a GO!

I also would like to remind the watercolour artists in my circle that the
Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour is hosting its Watercolour
Symposium in Calgary at the Alberta College of Art August 19-24. Anyone
wanting to further their watercolour skills may sign up for 5 days of
instruction by nationally respected teachers. There is still room, so check it
out online at www.cspwc.com.

For the pastel artist, my book “Make your Mark in Pastel” is now available at
local art stores, from me or online from my website, Amazon etc. or the
Friesen bookstore.

This seems to be a very busy but rewarding year with many projects coming
to fruition and much travel which always reminds me how lucky we are to be
able to do it. Life is good.

While travelling, I always seek out places with art and I never tire admiring
all the different kinds of art that exist in this world, every piece created by a
person with a special eye, emotion, concern or insight to share. Often we
paint what seems to appeal to a lot of people rather than painting what truly
reflects our personality, our special view of things. Doesn’t that sound like a
lot more fun and satisfying?Commercially, we call this our USP, our “Unique
Selling Point”. Marketing gurus keep recommending we do more unique
things. In this day and age with everything being so much the same, it might
even be more profitable to create something totally unique! Ask yourself:
what special something do I want to communicate? What makes my work
different or special? Worth thinking about!

While in Ontario, I passed by the McMichael Collection of Canadian Art in
Kleinburg, a lovely little town. A lot of remodeling has happened at the
museum since I was there the last time many years ago. I highly recommend
it. A fantastic Lawren Harris show was on display featuring a variety of his
works as well as great showings by other artists. I took home the DVD
“Where the Universe Sings” about Lawren Harris’ spiritual journey and loved
it, wonderfully inspiring! You can check the great website at
www.wheretheuniversesings.com, where you also find a link on how to order
a DVD if you wish.

There was even a show featuring guitars quaint Kleinburg, ON
with Group of Seven images on them!
I wish you a great summer and hope you see lots of sights that inspire you.
I certainly had more than my share and now it is time to contemplate on
what to work on next!

Keep in touch!
All the best in life and in art!

karinrichter@shaw.ca (403)272-1471 www.karinrichter.com



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