CHILDES Paper Rubric

Student Name________________________ Mark______________

Introduction  Clearly introduce the research
question; question is appropriate
 A question is not as
appropriate to topic; not
 Statement of research question
is vague, muddled, or
scope explicit inappropriate in scope
 Contains clear, cogent but brief  Provides some topic-  Presentation of background
presentation of key issues relevant, background unclear, insufficient, absent or
 Provides an explicit hypothesis  Provides a somewhat vague off-topic
(expectation based on and/or only partially  Hypothesis is unclear,
independent information; i.e. motivated hypothesis irrelevant, or unmotivated
frequency effects)

Methods  Design and extraction/collection
criteria directly address the
 Some details on design and
data extraction/collection,
 Design is limited or
problematic; Limited details on
research question & hypothesis but not explicit enough data extraction
and are very explicit  Introduces the coding  Vague or insufficient
 Clearly indicates how much system, but less clear description of how data was
data was extracted/collected  Coding not fully connected coded; Coding inaccuracies
and documents source of data to the question  Sampled data without explicitly
 Clear description of coding  Replicable but with efforts linking choices to research
criteria, linked to research to fill gaps question
question  Not replicable
 Replicable
Results  Illustrates with actual child
examples both main patterns
 Illustrates with actual
examples either main
 Does not show actual child
examples, or does not show
and atypical patterns patterns or atypical patterns relevant examples
 Substantial depth of linguistic  Some linguistic analysis  No clear demonstration of what
analysis  Data sample is appropriate the data is
 Robust dataset  Some ability to provide a  Data sample is lacking
 Good ability to summarize data quantitative data summary,  Presents the data
quantitatively minor errors quantitatively, but incorrectly
Discussion  Clearly establish links from
background/hypotheses to
 Follows the results or the
 Not clearly linked to results/no
main finding
results  Shows main finding  Strays from topic
 Highlights main finding  Answers the question  Does not clearly answer the
 Shows insight on the topic question
Format &  Follows IMRD structure  Makes some errors with  Make several errors with IMRD
Presentation  Flawless writing IMRD classification structure
 Appropriate use of referencing  Good writing  Writing needs improvement
style  Cites work  No understanding of attribution
 Appropriate length  Appropriate length  Over/under length limit
General  Excellence; goes beyond class  A good paper  Completed, but problematic
Impression content accomplishing (effort lacking, comprehension
requirements lacking, etc.)