So let's imagine, ladies, that you're a Savings

and Loan
officer. Watch. One, two, three. See ?

On lady has got three coin in her hand, and the
other one only
one. The magician takes the three coins from the
FINAL SCRIPT first lady's
hand, and closes it. Then he takes the only coin
from the other
by Jonathan Frederick Lawton lady's hand, but leaves it open. He puts the
four coins in his
hand and closes it.

From the original script written by J.F. Lawton,
with the help of Credits appears in white capital letters on the
Stephen Metcalfe, Barbara Benedek, Robert screen.
Garland and probably
Garry Marshall (the director of the film)
himself. This original MAGICIAN (voice over)
script itself was adapted from Lawton's first You've got it all, and we've got nothing. And
script called «Three you have all
Thousand», which was a much darker story about four. Just take a look.
prostitution and
drugs. He opens his hand, which is empty. Then he opens
the first lady's
hand, which contains the four coins.

WOMAN (voice over)
Oh !
In white letters on the black screen :

MAGICIAN (voice over)
But I wouldn't trust you with real gold. That's
one's only worth about a penny.

He takes one of the coins from the first lady's
hand, hides it in
AND THEN : his hand, and makes it appears again changed
into a huge penny

End of the first set of credits.

MAN (voice over)

We hear voices over of people chattering and
laughing. MAGICIAN (voice over)
And if you wonder where the other one went,
MAN (voice over) watch.
Broke in right on the two of them. Caught them.

MAGICIAN (voice over) His left hand moves to the first lady's' ear,
No matter what they say, it's all about money. and gets the missing
penny out of it.

A penny from the ear. How much for the rest ?

Philip Stuckey, the host, walks behind the
We are in Philip Stuckey's residence on the magician. Philip is a
Hollywood Hills. short man in his forties, with receding hair. He
Apparently, a party is in progress. looks, at the
same time, obsequious and domineering. His
guests laugh at his
Close Up on the Magician's hands and the hands joke. Philip moves toward a young man.
of two ladies. The
magician is doing tricks with coins in the
ladies' hands. The camera follows Philip.

MAGICIAN (voice over)


Have you seen Edward ?
THE YOUNG MAN How are you ?
No, I haven't. Great party, Philip.

He gives her a kiss.

Well, my wife went to a lot of trouble : she

Very modern design. An artistic picture of a
He walks to a group of guest gathered around a nude girl on the
large buffet table. wall.
Behind the table, the balustrade of the patio,
and in the
background, Hollywood Hills. Medium shot of Edward Lewis standing near the
desk, talking on the
telephone. He is a very handsome man in his
early forties. He is
PHILIP very elegantly dressed, apparently with a very
Excuse me, Ann. Howard, how are you ? expensive suit.

I told my secretary to make the arrangements.
HOWARD Didn't she
Philip, good. Hey, I understand Edward's taking call you ?
over Morse
JESSICA (voice over on the telephone)
Yes, she did. I speak to your secretary more
than I speak
PHILIP to you.
Yeah, well, he's not here to get a suntan.

Can I get in on it ?

JESSICA (voice over on the telephone)
I have my own life too, you know, Edward.
Yeah. Call me.

This is a very important week for me. I need you
HOWARD here.
When ?

He walks to the large bay window, overlooking
Hollywood Hills.
Just call me.
JESSICA (voice over on the telephone)
But you never give me any notice. You just think
He turns to another guest and shake hands with I'm at
him. your beck and call.

Uh, hi. I'm Philip Stuckey, Edward Lewis's I do not believe that you are at my beck and
lawyer. call.

JESSICA (voice over on the telephone)
THE GUEST Well, that's the way you always make me feel.
Hey, where's the guest of honor anyway ? Maybe I
should just move out.

Well, if I know this fellow, he's probably off EDWARD
in a corner If that's what you want, yes.
somewhere charming a very pretty lady.

JESSICA (voice over on the telephone)
He turns to a charming lady talking with a man. All right, when you get back to New York, we'll
discuss it.


Two charming women walks near the two men. One
of the woman turns
toward Edward.
Now is as good a time as any.

JESSICA (voice over on the telephone) Hello, Mr. Lewis.
That's fine with me, Edward. Good-bye.

She hangs up. EDWARD
Hi. How're you doing ?

EDWARD Edward shakes the woman's hand, who walks away,
Good-bye, Jessica. and turns back to
the young blonde man.

Edward looks down, through the bay window, to
the party still
going on on the patio on the floor below. We can EDWARD
hear the chatter I want this whole thing... wrapped up as soon as
from the party. possible.
I gotta get to New York by Sunday. I got tickets
to the

Edward is going down the stairs followed by a YOUNG MAN
young blonde man, Yes, sir.
wearing a very elegant suit.

He moves across the crowd of guests, and reaches
a servant, who
YOUNG MAN gives him his coat.
Phil suggested that maybe I should take a

Phil is just my lawyer, okay ? Your coat, Mr. Lewis.

Yes, sir. Thank you.

He starts walking away with his coat in his
EDWARD hands, when he turns
How did the Morse stock open at the Nikkei ? around to the sound of a feminine voice.

I don't know. Edward !

DAY Susan !

They have reached the downstairs hall. Edward Susan is a beautiful woman, in her late
looks at his watch thirties, wearing an
and then turns toward the young man. He is elegant yellow silk blouse.
looking slightly angry.

You don't know ? Tokyo opened maybe ninety
minutes ago. You
have to keep on top of these things, all right ?

Done. They kiss on both cheeks.


EDWARD You got the keys to your car ? PHILIP Do you ? PHILIP THE RED-HAIR WOMAN Why. Edward. Heard you got married. Medium shot on Edward standing near Philip's Lotus. Close shot on a beautiful car : a grey Lotus Esprit. Elizabeth is a red-hair woman in her forties. EDWARD Hmm. looking at him. seated in another armchair. house. EDWARD (voice over) Is this Mr. EDWARD One of them Bye. black bow-ties and black vests.. and taps him on the shoulder. Elizabeth. a younger woman can have on Philip. PHILIP SUSAN Excuse me. EDWARD and stands up. Thanks.EXTERIOR DAY SUSAN She was one of my bridesmaids. PHILIP'S RESIDENCE .. yeah. Philip looks toward the entrance of the house. Yes ? They stop walking.. Edward's but she doesn't have anymore the attraction that arm around Susan's waist.PARKING . Edward turns around just as Philip is rushing toward him.. answers him in Japanese. where you going ? talking to a beautiful red-hair woman. SUSAN PHILIP I was sorry to hear about Carter. and Edward faces Susan. Philip's wife. and very They start walking slowly toward the exit of the elegantly dressed. Medium shot of two Japanese parking valets. Edward's leaving. Your husband's a very lucky guy.. yeah. We don't understand what he says. SUSAN Well.LIVING ROOM . Susan.. tell me something.INTERIOR DAY PHILIP Medium shot of Philip seated in an armchair. bye. SUSAN Thanks. He's leaving. She is still nice-looking. wearing white shirts. Wonderful. 4 . what's wrong with the limo ? Absolutely. I couldn't wait for you ! ELIZABETH She laughs. but we understand the word «Stuckey» in his sentence. THE RED-HAIR WOMAN Sure. Mmm. Stuckey's car ? They kiss again on the cheeks. more than you spoke to me ? PHILIP'S RESIDENCE . EDWARD Philip walks rapidly away while Elizabeth looks When you and I were dating. did you speak to my at him with both secretary hand on her hips. walks rapidly toward EDWARD Philip's armchair Oh. Mmm.

Edward's chauffeur.. way very well around Hollywood Hills. EDWARD Look. Darryl is a very tall and Okay. Let me work something PHILIP out here. Night is falling. very strong-looking Afro-American man. I can do it. Just be ginger with it. And I won't miss the way that you Yeah. Tires squeal as Edward accelerate down the PHILIP hill road. Darryl. what kind of a system is this ? Can you move these cars out of here ? The sky is slightly darker. Fellas. Uh. Edward. you don't even know where you're going. are you familiar with a stick shift ? Full shot of the Lotus Esprit driving along the streets of Hollywood Hills. Please give me the keys. uh. Don't. Philip comes back to him as Edward Beverly Hills is down the hill ! closes the door of the car.. yeah.. the limo is buried back there. Meanwhile. The car rushes forward. Just 'cause you cut me EDWARD to the bone. next to EDWARD another chauffeur. He raises his hand to show his helplessness Tires squeal as the car rushes forward. Edward has switched the lights on. 5 . Don't drive my car. little excited. performed by Go West. Philip gives his car keys to Edward. Edward has seated himself in the driver seat of the PHILIP (YELLING) Lotus Esprit. and apparently. Darryl can't get it PHILIP out. and Philip runs to the EDWARD driver's door. EDWARD Uh. The sky is getting darker. Just don't. is reading a newspaper. Yeah. I don't think you should drive. I love it too.. Long shot on the famous «HOLLYWOOD» sign up on We hear the gears of the manual box clashing Hollywood Hills under Edward's unexperienced hand. Edward. It's a new car. PHILIP The Japanese valets look up at the noise. please ! PHILIP All right. EDWARD You're a I love this car... kiss me. You're gonna get lost in the dark ! Philip runs toward the Japanese valets. all right. look. Look. PHILIP HOLLYWOOD HILLS . about the situation.. Edward has stopped after a couple of feet. PHILIP Edward doesn't know his Listen. PHILIP Have you driven a shift ? LYRICS I don't need to fall at your feet.EXTERIOR EVENING AND NIGHT Look. Mmm. We hear the song «King of Wistful thinking». Yeah. PHILIP Edward ! Give me a break.. Don't.

a very fast horizontal panning of the camera. LYRICS showing a Close 'Cause I'm the king of wishful thinking. honey. On the side of the ambulance is written Then Close Up on : «Los Angeles the faces of the two men. Hollywood Hills. A car letters being out of 6 .EXTERIOR NIGHT panning stops in : Full shot on street level on Hollywood Boulevard. An then. Medium shot on two other prostitutes cruising on HOLLYWOOD . The credits are still appearing and disappearing on the screen. baby. And I'll tell myself I'm over you. If I don't listen to the talk of the town. THE DRUG DEALER (voice over) The camera lets the ambulance go and moves to Have a good one. but Medium shot of two prostitutes cruising on the only the «H» and the «O» are lit. An ambulance is driving very fast along the street. honey. Fire Department». I'll pretend my ship's not sinking. Get in the The overview now shows Hollywood Boulevard. and below : «Paramedic». you looking for a date ? The last set of credits starts in white capital letters on this overview. which gives us a blurred picture. blondie ? parking lot. MAN IN CAR I'm Al and this is my friend Joe. Medium long shot on a very quiet side street near Hollywood A man is selling maps. MAN IN CAR (voice over) Aerial shot of the car coming to a dead end in a What do you say. want some fun ? EDWARD (voice over) Oh. Maps. Back to the car driving on the roads of drives along the sidewalk. Aerial overview of Hollywood. car. advertised by a huge Boulevard. PROSTITUTE I'll get Well. MAN IN CAR Yeah.EXTERIOR NIGHT the sidewalk. The street seems even much quieter board he is carrying. the others sidewalk. here I am. Then maybe I can fool myself. over you I know I will. Larger shot on a car stopping near the prostitute The music keeps on playing. The HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD . Another very short view of Hollywood Boulevard. show us a shady- looking building with a vertical neon sign saying «HOTEL». sidewalk. Close Up on the «Carole Lombard» Star on the Hollywood Boulevard The car backs up. Homes». but doesn't stop.EXTERIOR NIGHT The credits are still appearing and disappearing on the screen. THE MAP VENDOR Maps here. ONE OF THE PROSTITUTE Hi. with its siren Close Up on two hands exchanging money and drug. shot on a Chinese Restaurant. after all the noise and on which is written in red letters : «Maps and the hustle we've seen on the Boulevard of the Stars itself. SIDE STREET IN HOLLYWOOD . ONE OF THE PROSTITUTE Hey. wailing. LYRICS We were never carved in stone. we're looking. shit.

LIVING ROOM - INTERIOR NIGHT VIVIAN AND KIT'S APARTMENT . Apparently.INTERIOR NIGHT Close Up on Edward's face. and partly a place that rents small apartments on a monthly basis. LOTUS ESPRIT .EXTERIOR NIGHT the stairs. At the end of the month. I'm a wild to know better one. Edward is and putting them on. collect everybody's rent. Otcasek. Medium long shot on the Lotus driving on HOTEL MANAGER (voice over) Hollywood Boulevard. The woman is named Vivian Ward. Then the camera moves backward and we see her in full. driving the car. Gonna keep on moving wild. two young prostitutes.EXTERIOR NIGHT head. This building actually is partly a regular hotel. and stopping the alarm. and jewels from a table. real cool. the car swings a little. Gotta dance like a fool Got the message. order. wait a minute. I the screen. a strong alcoholic beverage. Close-Up on the woman putting on a white sleeveless close-fitting T-shirt over her black lace bra. her head is covered clock. showing from under a pink T-shirt. Close-Up on several familial pictures pinned on the wall. You don't seem to understand me. yeah. by a blonde wig.INTERIOR NIGHT VIVIAN'S HOTEL STAIRCASE . Close-Up on the woman's hand pulling the zipper Close Up on a pretty woman buttocks. Another woman is going up HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD . He seems a bit lost. later on. whom we are going And I gotta be a wild one Ooh. LYRICS The woman turns around. VIVIAN AND KIT'S APARTMENT . We hear the song «Real Wild Child». Close Up on Vivian's legs going down the stairway. HOTEL MANAGER (voice over) Credits keeps on appearing and disappearing on That's my job. 7 . Close-Up on a black stiletto-heel boot. and her navel. and shows us her stomach Gonna break it loose. The Close-Up on the woman's hand picking up cheap tires screech. baby I'm a real wild child. Well.LIVING ROOM . performed by Christopher Vivian stop in mid-stairs. We are in the small apartment rented by Vivian Ward and Kit De LYRICS Luca. I'm just goin' to school like I'm real. But we don't see the woman's HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD . The INTERIOR NIGHT woman's hand is using a black felt-pen to hide the clear spots on the heel of the boot. On the table there is also still having an empty bottle of problems with his gear shift. The Lotus is driving through a crossroad. just up along the side covered by a very small of the boot. black lace panty. An alarm clock is ringing. Now. LYRICS The music fades out. LYRICS Gonna keep on swinging. putting mascara on her The camera pans up to the woman's arm and hand eyelashes. Close-Up on the face of the woman. The camera follows the car for a couple of seconds.

VIVIAN'S HOTEL . There is only one one-dollar bill left. wire fence behind INTERIOR NIGHT the hotel. An old woman is looking at her from across the street. window and on the emergency exit. LYRICS I'm a real wild one and I like wild fun. baby. yeah.INTERIOR NIGHT Full shot on the building and Vivian going down the steps of the Close-Up on the toilet water tank. completely lost.LIVING ROOM . Ooh. LYRICS That I'm a wild one.EXTERIOR NIGHT High angle shot of Vivian going out of the Long shot. Vivian starts going down the emergency stairway.INTERIOR NIGHT 8 . or you're outta here. VIVIAN'S HOTEL . She Close shot on Vivian reaching ground level and opens the box and looks at the money hidden walking away. Gonna keep on swinging. yeah I'm a wild one. and Vivian's emergency ladder. THE AFRO-AMERICAN (voice over) Welcome to Hollywood ! Everybody comes to Hollywood got a dream. Gonna tell my friends. Ooh. She then takes a green plastic box out of the water. Vivian goes back up the stairs. Vivian walks though a gap in the VIVIAN AND KIT'S APARTMENT . In a LYRICS world going Gonna meet all my friends. Close Up on Vivian's face seen through the emergency ladder moving down. Gonna have myself a crazy everything seems hazy. baby I'm a real wild child. I'm a wild one. LYRICS Gonna keep on swinging. inside the box. The Lotus is We hear the voice of an Afro-American man driving slowly. Medium shot. visibly a bit anxious : manager talking to an he know he is Afro-American woman. VIVIAN AND KIT'S APARTMENT . as the car turns around the corner of the street.APTS». The camera pans around and comes down to street level. ball. of the Edward looks around him.BATHROOM . The yelling. SIDE STREET IN HOLLYWOOD . The camera tilts slightly up and we see a painted inscription on the wall Vivian crosses the room. engine is revving. LYRICS Gonna break the news.EXTERIOR NIGHT A dark street around Hollywood.EXTERIOR NIGHT HOTEL MANAGER (voice over) Now give me the money. hands taking the lid off. through the bannister. What's your dream ? What's your dream ? LOTUS ESPRIT . The shot is slightly high angled.EXTERIOR NIGHT HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD . I'm a real wild child. and walks away on the street. of the hotel that says «HOTEL . Gonna break the Vivian opens a window and gets out of the room. Gonna tell them all. Back to Vivian still standing on the stairs. Quick shot. The music fades out. LYRICS I'm a wild one. Gonna keep on moving wild. news Gonna keep on moving wild. End of credits.

we get a better view of Vivian. He is wearing a flashy THE POLICEMAN printed shirt. streets day in. which is attached to her snapshots of what is down on the pavement.. even though her prostitute outfit and heavy make-up makes her a little less beautiful than THE POLICEMAN (snickering) she actually is. man. I tell you. I got Detective Albertson. is a beautiful woman. but we keep hearing Hey. Two tourists. I don't believe this. mister ? Hey. THE POLICEMAN A WOMAN (voice over) Hey. THE POLICEMAN (voice over) He jumps on his skateboard and rolls away. She is wearing a red jacket and a man's very large cap on her blonde wig. She a strawberry. She is a young woman in her early twenties. not feeling well because of what she has SKATEBOARD MAN just seen. With the street lights. I don't know who she hang with. hey. guy. Who was her pimp ? THE AFRO-AMERICAN The camera follows Vivian. We're from Orlando. THE AFRO-AMERICAN (voice over) One of them is the skateboard man we've just Cocaine her pimp. She I'm cool. american man. Vivian walks behind them. The policeman looks at his uniformed colleague. Do you. and also very short which we still blue skirt with a big metal ring. from the press ? A MAN (voice over) Some chick. She gives them a quick A young man with a red T-shirt and a white cap look. Oh. carrying a big bag strapped on her shoulder. He reaches the sidewalk and gets lost in the crowd. Underneath the jacket she is wearing He turns around. She be out seen crossing the on these boulevard. She is very THE AFRO-AMERICAN tall and slim. and looks at something we don't see on the sidewalk. Have a good one. What do you know about that tourists girl ? photographing the body. Al. hey ! Excuse me ! Excuse me ! What are What happened ? you. Dumpster in the back. I'll bet. Medium shot on a group of three young men seated on the sidewalk. trading her sorry self for some crack. The uniformed policeman starts pulling the THE AFRO-AMERICAN tourists away. THE FEMALE TOURIST No.. boulevard on a skateboard. He crosses the boulevard coming Come on. He And what do you do ? passes Vivian who is walking toward us. A young plain- cloth policeman is showing his badge to an afro. We see the Afro-American man. 9 . what's your dream ? what the two men are saying. day out. We just pulled her out of a toward us. She bought it over there. She turns her head away. no. Vivian stops. but doesn't crosses the stop. He has apparently given something (drugs ?) to the two other ones. She is haven't seen. a male and a her very short female are taking sleeveless white top. Back to the two men. THE POLICEMAN THE POLICEMAN Oh. The young man stands up. Medium shot just a little further on the street.

the door. Not something that I respected. THE BLUE BANANA CLUB . I Upstairs in the poolroom. Is it all gone ? Vivian crosses the dance floor and stops near a Instead of answering her friend's question. INTERIOR NIGHT Full shot from across the street. Vivian. nicknamed «Pops». She is pretty. and entrance of the bobbing her head up club. Pops. What is going on with you. The camera pans along the fresco and then moves back into the crowd of the club. KIT I needed a little pick-me-up. Angel. and looks even a bit angry. KIT LYRICS Carlos.Close-Up shot on a lit sign that says «The Blue THE BLUE BANANA CLUB . Kit ? VIVIAN Hey. People are dancing. VIVIAN I can't believe you bought drugs with our rent. This is I wanna know more than your brain. was the hostess. she staircase leading points to the to the upper floor. showing the Close shot on Kit De Luca sitting down. She is WOMAN (voice over) clearly shorter than What happened ? Vivian. visibly people around her. LYRICS In a world that can be so insane. We have made a soul connection. and more vulgar. with the sign. The bartender is an the Dude. has Kit been in here ? KIT Carlos sold me some great shit. She looks a bit Latino. that we've just seen. above and down in rhythm with the music. The fresco Kit suddenly realizes that someone is standing represents various near her and hippy-looking characters. you know my roommate.UPSTAIRS POOLROOM - Banana Club». Vivian goes to the staircase and start walking upstairs. Don't be Close up on a woman's hips moving in rhythm with cruel. Viv ! Vivian doesn't smile back at her.INTERIOR NIGHT LYRICS Just for whom does your bell toll. VIVIAN I know everybody ! Is it all gone. older man. Show me the sound of the your soul. The camera tilts up and we discover she is painting a fresco on the wall of the club. She stops combing her hair and looks up. looking for someone. And now I smile for your affection. Yo. and has dark hair. 10 .MAIN ROOM . We just had this POPS party. Kit is a girl in her early twenties. She is wearing sunglasses and is absently combing the front of her hairline. That's Vivian walks to the bar. We hear the song «Show Me KIT Your Soul» performed by Red Hot Chili Peppers. She looks around. music. Kit ? LYRICS Vivian grabs Kit's arm and makes her stand up. She takes her glasses off and smiles. Actually she from Italian origin. but not as ANOTHER WOMAN (voice over) beautiful as Man ! Vivian. I don't think it's very VIVIAN strange for me to be in love with you. looking down at her.

well. Vivian and Kit are walking down the staircase.. He was on my case. Snack ! Snack ! She has reached the bar and starts picking bits CARLOS of food in plates Yo. KIT Hey. Look. THE BLUE BANANA CLUB . She grabs Vivian's arm and leads her to the I had to give him something. KIT Come on. KIT KIT That was from way before. VIVIAN Irritate you ? Irritate you ? I just saw a girl pulled out of a Dumpster. Dominic was trying to straighten her out for months.. Carlos. at Carlos. and putting them on a paper napkin. KIT . VIVIAN VIVIAN Another 200 dollars ? Yeah. She was You took it while I was sleeping ? a crack head. But if you wanna work Close Up on Kit's hands picking food (olives.INTERIOR NIGHT She sits down on another stool. you came here.and some valuable vocational advice. and makes Vivian follow her. KIT I know.MAIN ROOM . KIT That's a very sweet offer. and starts ANGEL eating.. I gave you a place to stay. KIT So don't irritate me. sits on a stool at the bar. in the snack plates. CARLOS That's right. She only owes me 200 more. You really like her. You were unavailable for consultation. let's go. Work out what ? What are we gonna work out ? POPS When they are gone. we need rent money ! Kit walks to the bar. but not now.. chica. Kit moves around Vivian.. on the counter. Vivian.. He is a young Latino man. off her onions. cherries. she was a. a VIVIAN flake. VIVIAN Work out. KIT KIT Carlos ! Besides... calm down. KIT 11 .. But. Carlos stands up and faces Vivian.. Back to the two girls behind the bar. Kit.) money with me. the girl named «Angel» looks This ain't a buffet. Come downstairs.. Carlos ? The music fades out. 200. Kit. Skinny Marie. I have to live there too. Viv.. we can work something out. it's my apartment. I gave you some money. staircase. VIVIAN Well.

RACHEL What ? Close shot on a tramp looking though some junks left over on the sidewalk. MAN (voice over) Leave her alone ! The car moves away. Rachel. This is our turf. I was just taking a rest here. EDWARD (voice over) Uh. THE TRAMP (voice over) That's Sylvester Stallone's house right there. A very quiet street. Huh ? EDWARD (voice over) RACHEL Can you tell me how to get to Beverly Hills ? Forgive me. Well. Blake ! HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD . nothing but garbage. so go rest up by Monty Hall Close Up shot on Edward's face behind the wheel or Esther on his car. Full shot on the street. RACHEL Williams. THE TRAMP You're here ! KIT Yeah. Another prostitute is leaning on a tree. Besides. You THE TRAMP better get off our corner. Wilson. we work all the way down to Ella Fitzgerald. sidewalk of the boulevard. We hear people shouting in the background and Back to the full shot of the street with the glass being broken. WOMAN (voice over) Come on. excuse me. yo. THE TRAMP embedded in the Aah. KIT Yeah. we work the Ritz The tramp lifts his head. we work Fred Astaire. RACHEL The Lotus Esprit stops at the tramp's level. KIT Esther Williams ! Where you belong ! 12 . We got seniority. He snickers. she's new. Kit walks toward the prostitute. I'm old. second and then come EDWARD (voice over) back to their conversation at the bar. You see the stars on the sidewalk. KIT Well. KIT Get out of where ? Where the fuck you wanna go ? KIT SIDE STREET IN HOLLYWOOD . Thank you. seen from the other side of the street. we work Bob Hope. Lotus and the tramp The two girls turns their heads around for a behind it. in front of a house. babe ? She is mentioning the stars of the Walk of Fame. Vivian and me. Brothers. WOMAN (voice over) Leave her alone ! THE TRAMP You're welcome. Yeah.EXTERIOR NIGHT Medium full shot on Vivian and Kit standing near VIVIAN a table on which Don't you want to get out of here ? a man is selling some souvenirs.EXTERIOR NIGHT Hey.

Oh. while the gears are grinding. yo. VIVIAN It's looking really slow tonight. well. MAN IN THE CAR How about a freebie ? It's my birthday. we say She walks away on the boulevard. VIVIAN Yes. Kit turns around toward the noise. boulevard. you're really becoming a grouch. You know. of view. The man sitting next to the driver. we say when. She takes her cap off. VIVIAN Take care of you. Kit. you She takes her jacket off and puts it across her know. Sometimes. Vivian points to it. that's rent. Back on Vivian and Kit. along the boulevard. Catch this ! Kit turns toward the boulevard.. maybe we should get a pimp. KIT KIT No ! I love this look. She walks really digs you. We hear someone whistling. two in the front. yells to the girls. You look KIT hot Dream on ! tonight. No.. We hear brakes screeching. something to eat. because we hear its brakes screeching. just 'cause I'm hungry. one in the back. toward Vivian. Take care of you. VIVIAN And then he'll run our lives and take our money. baby ! Back to the two girls watching the car. You should go for him. VIVIAN KIT Do you think I look like Carol Channing ? Am I really a grouch ? Kit puts her hands on Vivian's blonde wig. KIT (voice over) 13 . yo. Carlos bag. Well. Vivian hugs Kit. slowly toward the car. and then : MAN (voice over) KIT Hey. In the car. Reverse angle shot showing the two girls with the stopped car The car keeps on moving on the boulevard and out behind them. oh. I'm gonna go get Glamour choice. Apparently. KIT Yeah. The car bounces a little. Call me when you're through. The Lotus is driving is coming from. Medium shot on an open convertible red car VIVIAN driving along the Wait a minute. three young men. Kit turns how much. yo. girls. where the voice Full shot on the boulevard. KIT No. Don't take less than a hundred. KIT Hey. KIT You're right. RACHEL Back off. That's a Lotus Esprit. It's very glamorous. it has stopped a little further on the boulevard. We say who. We see the car passing in front of the girls.

scene. LOTUS ESPRIT . On the other side of the boulevard. ANOTHER MAN Where ? Back to Edward sitting in his car. down the street. baby.EXTERIOR NIGHT Full shot. okay ? EDWARD Yes. I ain't lost. you can handle this. I already been to EDWARD Stallone's. Even show Sure. Can you give me LOTUS ESPRIT . Reverse angle shot showing Vivian's standing body through the window. Uh. you looking for a date ? All right. You can't charge me for directions. For five bucks. and puts it Reverse angle shot showing Vivian's face through away.INTERIOR NIGHT VIVIAN VIVIAN I can do anything I want to.INTERIOR NIGHT directions ? Vivian grabs the 20 dollars bill. On the other side of the boulevard. LOTUS ESPRIT . Right. but the shift doesn't want to move into first gear position. She is standing up. EDWARD Oh. the little group is still looking at the scene.EXTERIOR NIGHT VIVIAN Price just went up to ten. a little group of Close Up on Edward's hand trying to work the people. VIVIAN EDWARD (voice over) Hey. Work it ! Work it. EDWARD (voice over) First is here somewhere.EXTERIOR NIGHT 14 . Got change for a twenty ? EDWARD No. baby. the window VIVIAN VIVIAN For twenty. Reverse angle shot on Vivian's face. HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD . Ridiculous. HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD . look through the passenger's window. I'll show you personal. including Carlos. Reverse angle shot on Vivian's back. Own it. We see Vivian's back bending to Medium shot on the Lotus seen from the back. is looking at the gearshift. sugar. Vivian opens the passenger door and climbs in. I lose. that's all right.INTERIOR NIGHT Edward is sitting behind the wheel. I wanna find Beverly Hills. you where the stars live. They start crossing the EDWARD boulevard. You win. EDWARD All right. Reverse angle shot on Vivian's back. Work it. HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD . Work it. CARLOS Is that Vivian ? We hear the gears grinding.

CARLOS (voice over) Hey. Down the block. sorry. baby ? LOTUS ESPRIT . The little group is still crossing the boulevard.EXTERIOR NIGHT Close Up on the Lotus rear license plate : EDWARD «2QCE465» What's your name ? CARLOS (voice over) Vivian ! VIVIAN What do you want it to be ? Larger shot on the car driving away. seen EDWARD from the front in the middle of the traffic. right at the corner. LOTUS ESPRIT . EDWARD I like that. but he just starts the windshield HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD . Close up on Edward's hand trying to work the Back on the boulevard. where you going. VIVIAN If you're making fun of me. once a month at the free clinic. I'm not making. I'm not. My name is Vivian. I get checked out The. Closer shot showing the couple seen through the windshield VIVIAN (voice over) So. Edward smiles to her. with the Lotus. VIVIAN (voice over) VIVIAN Lights ! Lights would be good here. CARLOS Vivian. That's very good. I'm not making fun of you. is it ? The light turned green. Should have that printed on your business card. I use condoms always. A traffic light going gearshift. I don't like it.EXTERIOR NIGHT wipers ! The couple seen through the windshield. Vivian.EXTERIOR NIGHT hooker. what hotel you staying at ? VIVIAN EDWARD (voice over) Look. We hear gears grinding.. Regent Beverly Wilshire. Not only am I better in the sack than VIVIAN (voice over) an amateur.INTERIOR NIGHT HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD . I am probably safer.INTERIOR NIGHT EDWARD No. did you forget ? I told you don't take no dates tonight. LOTUS ESPRIT . CARLOS (voice over) Vivian ! EDWARD No. Vivian. We hear the tires screeching as the car stops. I'm Let's go. I wouldn't offend VIVIAN you.INTERIOR NIGHT 15 . uh. and the car starts. Full shot on Hollywood Boulevard traffic. EDWARD (voice over) I guess this is not the greatest time to be a HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD .. Edward tries to start the car. from amber to red.

She laughs.. Medium shot of the couple through the windshield. Mustangs. EDWARD HOLLYWOOD . EDWARD So where is this.EXTERIOR NIGHT No. EDWARD Ah. in another wide street or boulevard in Hollywood. You know. Edward closes his They bought them cheap and fixed them up. EDWARD No..EXTERIOR NIGHT VIVIAN Oh. It's the only way I can get you off my coat.A WIDE STREET . EDWARD My first car was a limousine.A WIDE STREET . This is a standard «H».. VIVIAN Road and Track. passenger's side. Where did that come from ? Back on the shot through the windshield. VIVIAN Well. VIVIAN HOLLYWOOD . He tries to shift gears and gets another grinding noise. HOLLYWOOD . I think you EDWARD left your I beg your pardon ? transmission back there. The boys back home I grew up with. It doesn't Have you ever driven a Lotus ? really succeed.. EDWARD . I am taking you for the ride of 16 . Corvettes. EDWARD You're gonna start right now. Vivian closes her door and So how is it you know so little about cars ? puts her seat belt on. this baby must corner like it's on rails ! VIVIAN Milledgeville. I paid door on the attention. doesn't it blow your mind ? This is only four EDWARD cylinders. LOTUS ESPRIT .EXTERIOR NIGHT You know about cars.. and then the camera follows her as she VIVIAN climbs into the driver's seat. Standard «H».A WIDE STREET . Like I know what that means.heavy metal. home ? VIVIAN Man.INTERIOR NIGHT Close Up on Edward's hand trying to change EDWARD gears. Georgia. Full shot on the car moving away from us. We are now off Hollywood Boulevard.. Medium shot on a lingerie shop.INTERIOR NIGHT We see Vivian's head. Back on the shot through the windshield. they VIVIAN were really into American heavy metal : You're joking. You're not shifting right. VIVIAN Fasten your seat belts. and we hear a grinding noise. LOTUS ESPRIT .

VIVIAN Here we go. Hundred dollars an hour. VIVIAN Did you know that ? BERVERLY HILLS .EXTERIOR NIGHT EDWARD Several shots of the car driving fast in Beverly No. Hills. VIVIAN REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . EDWARD An hour ? You make a hundred dollars an hour and Several shots of the car racing along the you got a streets. your wrist ? Edward doesn't react. But it's got potential. Shot of the couple seen through the windshield. what kind of. Pretty stiff. EDWARD Tell me. I'm gonna show you what this car can really do. safety pin holding your boot up ? You gotta be joking.EXTERIOR NIGHT It's a little bit of trivia. I wear a size nine.EXTERIOR NIGHT EDWARD I am ready. So it's probably easier for a woman to I never joke about money. but For an hour. EDWARD Neither do I. VIVIAN Hang on.INTERIOR NIGHT She puts her right hand on Edward's zipper. The car starts very fast. VIVIAN Can't take less than a hundred dollars. I didn't know that. LOTUS ESPRIT . Shot of the the couple through the windshield.INTERIOR NIGHT VIVIAN This has pedals like a race car. but he looks at her in She shows her arm to Edward. who chuckles. Are you ready ? HOLLYWOOD . what kind of money you girls make these days ? Ballpark. EDWARD Okay. They're really close VIVIAN together. The tires of the car squeal as it makes a last Edward looks at her and smiles.A WIDE STREET . Except me. also very smoothly : it is now driven by very expert hands. because they have little feet. drive. A hundred dollars a night ? Medium close-up shot of the car seen from the back with the camera VIVIAN set on the road. LOTUS ESPRIT .. fast turn to stop 17 . EDWARD She adjusts the back-view mirror. such a way that she feels she has better take her hand off his zipper.. no.your life. VIVIAN You know your foot's as big as your arm from VIVIAN your elbow to Well.

VIVIAN You got it. I like the bus. You're here. and instead looks back in Vivian's entrance of the hotel.. The Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel is EDWARD a very luxurious Good-bye.. while Vivian joins Edward on the sidewalk. before VIVIAN talking again. comes out of the car on her own. EDWARD EDWARD So you'll be all right ? Yeah. Edward starts turning around to go inside the Medium shot on a uniformed attendant. car. EDWARD (voice over) No taxis ? HOTEL ATTENDANT Good evening. Go back to your office. who is hotel.. Yeah. She attendant opens the passenger's door of the car. hotel EDWARD EDWARD Well. Medium shot on Vivian seated on the backrest of Medium full shot on the Lotus parked in front of a public bench. Edward. the hotel. Back to Vivian and Edward. Edward walks to the bench on which Vivian is sitting.. She laughs. My office. 18 . I'd be very pleased if you would accompany me into the hotel. Will you be needing the car anymore tonight ? VIVIAN No. hotel. Yeah. I was thinking. certainly one of the most expensive hotel of the Los Angeles area.. thanks for the ride. door and then moves away. puts her cap back while Vivian on. but doesn't standing near the do it. VIVIAN What is your name ? VIVIAN They start walking toward the entrance of the Yeah. The attendant closes the with curiosity from the entrance of the hotel. VIVIAN EDWARD Ah. VIVIAN VIVIAN See you. Full shot. in front of the hotel. Well. Lewis. He looks at her for a couple of second. I'm gonna grab a cab with my twenty bucks. EDWARD She gets off the bench and laughs. Mr. EDWARD (LAUGHING) I. if you don't have any prior engagements.. and rushes to Edward's direction. I hope not ! Quick medium shot on the uniformed attendant watching the scene He gets out of the car. VIVIAN Yeah. Did you really say a hundred dollars an hour ? EDWARD Yeah. The with her feet resting on the bench itself.

Edward. Mr. That's FEMALE RECEPTIONIST what this is. She takes EDWARD her cap off. She curiosity at the raises her leg and strange couple that just walked in. They all look with around and notice their disapproving look. which he was carrying on his arm. this is fate. Edward walks to the reception desk. FEMALE RECEPTIONIST VIVIAN Room service for Mr. And stop fidgeting. Vivian. While Of course. him. please ? NIGHT Medium shot on Edward and Vivian crossing the FEMALE RECEPTIONIST hotel lobby. but one still can see her strange Well. Vivian turns and mostly middle-aged. the man. body. Vivian puts her arms into the sleeves of the coat. A comfortable armchairs middle-aged couple near the front desk. Another medium shots on seated guests staring at He smiles. Wow ! Edward slowly walks away from the desk. the couple. EDWARD Could you send up some champagne and REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . Edward and Vivian reach the Medium full shot on the guests seated in elevator. in order to cover as much as he can of Vivian's very conspicuous outfit. That's my favorite name in the whole EDWARD world ! You're gonna be fine. Medium shot on the elevator doors. VIVIAN I tell you what. 19 . Lewis. taking EDWARD (voice over) Vivian along with It's all right. we have several. and then wraps it around Vivian's Yes. Lewis. VIVIAN Ah. showing her thigh to the couple. VIVIAN Why ? While Edward is looking through his messages. All these guests are very is already waiting for it. this hotel is not the kind of outfit underneath establishment that the slightly open coat. She stares at a passing rents rooms by the hour. please. Edward. You have messages ? He puts his coat. puts the tip of her boot on the high ash-tray set near the door of the elevator. A No ?! very neatly dressed female receptionist is behind the counter. walking. and Edward presses the call button. her. EDWARD EDWARD Why don't you put this on ? Hello. They both look at elegantly dressed. Then she raises her eyes to look at the luxury around She picks up the phone.LOBBY . VIVIAN (voice over) and especially to Holy shit. EDWARD Thank you. Good evening. Vivian is leaning on the wall near the reception desk and looks around her.INTERIOR strawberries. female guest who stares back at her. Come with me. on Vivian's FEMALE RECEPTIONIST shoulders. with Vivian EDWARD following him.

DENNIS Penthouse. The door of the elevator closes. She puts one leg on the sofa. Close shot on the elevator door. the young The elevator moves up. Close Up on Edward's hands trying to insert the magnetic card into the slot in the lock of the door. You know what's happened ? I've got a but he still has a runner in very broad smile.INTERIOR NIGHT 20 . The man starts to move. She laughs and turns to the middle-aged couple. INTERIOR NIGHT PENTHOUSE . Back on the entrance of the elevator. REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . The middle-aged couple remains outside. really succeed. Dennis EDWARD looks at her and Yes. EDWARD Try. He sighs. VIVIAN I'm not wearing pantyhose. I miss keys. goes back into the cabin of the Ah.INTERIOR NIGHT for two. REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . The camera follows Edward walking away to the door of the She turns her head toward her husband. and watches her walking in the hallway. VIVIAN Dennis doesn't look at the couple behind him.ELEVATOR - INTERIOR NIGHT VIVIAN The penthouse.. Vivian puts her leg down. Vivian.ELEVATOR . sofa. but doesn't Vivian is the first one to walk in. color me happy ! There's a sofa in here HALLWAY . Oh. casual. Edward turns around and looks at him a bit severely. Edward starts to walk in the VIVIAN cabin. but his wife holds him back. where Vivian is waiting for him. Edward wants to let the middle-aged couple enter the elevator first. Vivian gets out of the elevator. elevator and closes the doors. We hear the ding of the elevator bell. Dennis tries to look elevator attendant. Mmmm ! Reverse angle shot on Vivian sitting on the sofa at the back of the cabin. smiles. It opens. He gets his magnetic card out of his pocket. penthouse.INTERIOR NIGHT EDWARD To the left.LOBBY . Edward gets out of the elevator. dear. Vivian stands up from the my pantyhose. I couldn't help it. honey.LIVING ROOM . EDWARD REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . The elevator door opens on Dennis. Oh.. Dennis wipes the smile off THE FEMALE OF THE MIDDLE-AGED COUPLE his face. VIVIAN Sorry. VIVIAN REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . THE FEMALE OF THE MIDDLE-AGED COUPLE Close your mouth. Oh. Dennis can't EDWARD keep his eyes off First time in an elevator.PENTHOUSE Well.

VIVIAN VIVIAN You kidding me ? I come here all the time. yeah. they do rent this room by the hour. moment to moment.. He crosses the room Well. She puts her bag on an «fly by the armchair. He sits down behind the desk. 21 . Edward has been taking a newspaper left by an attendant on a small VIVIAN table near the front door.the rug on the first floor. I looked all around for the front door in penthouses on the the background. All the lights are on. floor. That's me. Me too. VIVIAN I'm actually. I'm sorry. but I can't find one. and starts She takes her red jacket off. great view ! I bet you can see all the way to the ocean from out here. the furniture - is nice and very classy. because I don't go out there. sofa. VIVIAN EDWARD So how come you rented the penthouse ? Oh. That's one way to maybe Edward nods his head. I Vivian walks in the room through another French wouldn't say I was window-door on the a planner. She sits down on an armchair. EDWARD VIVIAN (voice over from the terrace) Always. Vivian closes the door and starts walking Well. He suddenly realizes that perhaps he hasn't done EDWARD something very wise in bringing Vivian with him. VIVIAN You are ? VIVIAN Mm-hmm. Edward walk in first. Uh. EDWARD Sure they do. EDWARD I'll take your word for it. watches her with a strange look in his eyes. followed by Vivian.. You know. Edward looks at her. Wow. Everything . looking through his mail. The front door Vivian takes off Edward's coat and puts in on a opens. break the ice. I would say I was. VIVIAN Why don't you go out there ? Edward. you could pay me. I'm afraid of heights. do you plan everything ? and and drops the newspaper on the desk. As a No ? matter of fact. You know. VIVIAN Yeah. I'm not a planner. Yeah. seat of my pants» girl. still seated behind his desk. with me ? EDWARD EDWARD Impressed ? Want to know something ? I don't have a clue. EDWARD I hadn't exactly planned this. while Vivian walks out on the terrace. hum. No.. He switches more lights VIVIAN on. a kind of other side of the desk. what are you around the huge going to do living room. That's.. EDWARD Medium shot on the penthouse living room with It's the best. now that you have me here. I assume cash is acceptable.

I.. VIVIAN VIVIAN All right. one and only. EDWARD EDWARD I bet you've known a lot of lawyers. Talk. now in his shirtsleeves. VIVIAN I've known a lot of everybody. VIVIAN She doesn't stand up but moves slightly in a Business. his vest on. She laughs. him across the room. but I do have one gold She sits downs on a low pouf in front of his circle coin left. What d'you say ? Hmm ? EDWARD A lawyer ? EDWARD A buffet of safety.. EDWARD Business. no. stands up and follows suggestive movements. that's one I haven't been on before. She takes the money and sits on the desk. let me guess. She puts the money VIVIAN in one of her high boots. Immediately Vivian reaches for his zipper. and zips one of her boots down. I got yellow. very suggestive way. VIVIAN I'm a safety girl. got green. okay. Here we go. she Edward. EDWARD Why don't we just talk for a little bit. VIVIAN Mm-hmm. Edward puts the money on the desk. EDWARD Cute. sharp. Edward. and puts it on the back of the desk chair. Thank you. He takes his wallet out of this jacket. All right.. but still with takes several condoms wrapped in cellophane his necktie and paper. I got red. Out of the boot. He walks away from the desk across the room. He laughs awkwardly. uh. Edward takes his fax.. He takes his jacket off. EDWARD What makes you think I'm a lawyer ? Edward stands up from his desk. Nothing is getting through this sucker. I think. VIVIAN You've got that. Pick one. let's get one of these on you.. business or pleasure ? EDWARD You're on my fax. The armchair. I That would make you. um. useless look about VIVIAN you.. The condom of champions. yeah. you think... I'm out of purple... are you in town on. VIVIAN Well. Yeah.. Very cute.. has seated himself in an armchair. She stands up and walks to the desk. No. VIVIAN Well. 22 . okay ? VIVIAN Cash works for me. a lawyer. uh. but doesn't seem to react at Vivian's She zips her boot back up.

Uh. but. VIVIAN EDWARD You mind if I take my boots off ? Uh. loaded tray. Thank you very much. and close to Vivian. The doorbell chimes. Edward sets the champagne glasses on the bar. Lewis. and gives him The doorbell chimes again. Might as well make myself useful. in two slightly different levels. Edward VIVIAN walks to the bar. Here you go. he pretends not to notice. ROOM SERVICE ATTENDANT Thank you very much. Edward walks toward the attendant. I missed that one. Have a nice night. some tip money. seems a little disturbed by it. Vivian closes the door behind him. Oh. yes. Edward has seated himself back in the armchair. where would you like it ? (in a much softer voice) Stupid. Vivian runs across the room to the front door and opens it. sir. She giggles. Wow. Hi. VIVIAN ROOM SERVICE ATTENDANT A tip. VIVIAN EDWARD What is that ? Thank you. ROOM SERVICE ATTENDANT Good evening. Not at all. EDWARD he turns around and almost bumps into Vivian. who was standing behind him. being a good luxury hotel attendant. Mr. After he has put the tray down. A room EDWARD service male attendant comes in carrying a Ah. EDWARD I have both. She sits down on the steps that run across the The attendant seems a little surprised by room. They both stand up. VIVIAN So. over by the bar. separating it Vivian's outfit. What are you looking at ? The attendant clears his throat. He turns around and find his face very close to The attendant doesn't move away and remains Vivian's face. VIVIAN Take a load What is he looking at ? off. staring at her. ROOM SERVICE ATTENDANT 23 . The attendant walks out of the room. It'll be on your bill. and carries the tray onto the bar. VIVIAN Where would we like it ? EDWARD Don't worry about it. do you have a wife ? Girlfriend ? VIVIAN Excuse me ! She zips one of her boots down. EDWARD VIVIAN Champagne. VIVIAN Oh ! Well.

in my ex- home. EDWARD No. Jessica. She stands up. moving out of my apartment even as we speak. EDWARD It brings out the flavor in the champagne. VIVIAN He takes the lid off the bowl and shows it to Three hundred dollars. VIVIAN Are you sure you want me to stay for the entire night ? I VIVIAN mean. VIVIAN Vivian is draining her glass empty. EDWARD VIVIAN Done. which he major issue sets down on the with you. is now in Long Island. a bit surprised. I don't feel like being alone tonight. He sits down on a She walks to the bar. You couldn't afford it. He stands up. Now we can relax. VIVIAN Where are they ? Shopping together ? VIVIAN She takes her knee-length sock off.. floor besides her. I appreciate this whole seduction champagne bottle scene you've cork popping off. EDWARD EDWARD Why don't you try a strawberry ? Try me. with a silver bowl in his hands. EDWARD My ex-girlfriend. Vivian is taking her other boot off. She takes a strawberry and eats it. Why ? He takes the glass off her hand. is in New York. I could just pop you good and be on my Oh.. where Edward is filling stool.. I. way. I'm on an hourly rate. Thank you. Could we just move it EDWARD along ? My ex-wife.. VIVIAN Pretty good. okay ? So. EDWARD There you go. VIVIAN Great. the glass with Champagne. 24 . In the bowl are some (SHE SNICKERS) fresh strawberries. Edward closes the bowl and brings it back on the bar. We hear the Listen. Don't you drink ? EDWARD To tell you the truth. let's get started. but let me give you a tip : I'm a sure thing. with my ex-dog.. groovy.... Edward comes Stay here ? near her. EDWARD How much for the entire night ? He looks at her. her. EDWARD Why don't we just get through that right now ? He walks back to the bar to take his own glass. EDWARD Somehow I'm sensing that this time problem is a He brings her a glass of Champagne. got going...

VIVIAN So what do you want me to do ? VIVIAN I don't do drugs. He points to her VIVIAN Are you gonna watch ? 25 . She turns the faucet off and takes an white towel to dry her hands. EDWARD This is dental floss. and she immediately EDWARD drinks it. She walks to the sink. Uh. He gives her the glass.. She PENTHOUSE .BATHROOM . uh. Edward looks worried. all right ? I. and then looks at her. He start walking across the room. I stopped He doesn't answer immediately. She turns around from the sink VIVIAN and looks at him. She takes her dental floss back. He walks toward her and sighs. but stops in his tracks. I do not want any drugs here. please leave.. kind of got to And you me. which Edward is opening by force. He grabs her by the arm and moves her toward the door. and Vivian's hands been washed. Edward has put Vivian's bag under his arm. She closes the door. I don't want EDWARD any of this. EDWARD EDWARD What is this ? What is this ? I don't know. VIVIAN VIVIAN I'll be out in just a minute. That champagne Yeah ? So ? I had all those strawberry seeds. EDWARD All right. EDWARD VIVIAN I didn't hear you. He laughs. seconds. and looks at her. look. Close Up on Vivian's hand. your hand down on the stool.INTERIOR NIGHT was hiding a little box of dental floss. Close Up on the sink. I'm sorry. She gets rid of his hand.. Please continue. Get your things and your money and I bet you have. What did you say ? Thank you. Vivian hides something behind her back.. I really don't know. who walks to the door... I have been the party at a couple of birthdays. Edward re-opens EDWARD the door and enters the bathroom. What do you have in. there ? What are you hiding ? VIVIAN Why ? Is it your birthday or something ? VIVIAN Nothing. He takes her hand bag VIVIAN I mean. The camera tilts up to Vivian's face. He sits What is. EDWARD No. remains pensive doing drugs for a couple of when I was fourteen. I said I'd be out in just a minute. and goes back to the sink. but her hand in her back can be seen in one of the bathroom mirror. shouldn't neglect your gums.


EDWARD On the TV screen, the Italian fat lady is
No, I'm going. climbing into the bucket
He gives the handbag back to her. full of grapes.

The camera keeps on moving away from the TV set,
VIVIAN and we discover
Thank you. Vivian sitting on the floor and drinking
Champagne. And, behind
her, we see Edward sitting on an armchair near a
small table on
EDWARD which the telephone set is resting. Edward is
It's just that, uh, very few people surprise me. writing on a
document resting on his laps.

Yeah, well, you're lucky. Most of them shock the EDWARD
hell out Uh-huh. I've got them from London. I need them
of me. now from
Tokyo. I'll call down and get them when I want
them. Thank
He nods his head. She goes back to the sink and you very much.
brings a piece of
dental floss to her mouth, stops, and brings it
down. She turns He puts the phone down back on its hook.

Medium high angle shot on Vivian sitting on the
floor, with all
VIVIAN kinds of goodies around her, including the
You're watching. Champagne bottle in its

I'm going. VIVIAN
He closes the door. Vivian starts cleaning her I have a little carpet picnic here. Are you sure
teeth with dental you don't
floss. want a drink ?

Back on Edward, still writing on the document on

Close Up shot on the TV screen, where an old
black and white
episode of «I love Lucy» is being played. It is EDWARD
episode 23 from I'm high on life. Can't you tell ?
Season 5, called «Lucy's Italian Movie». Lucy is
standing close to
a huge bucket full of grapes, and seems a bit Quick shot on Vivian laughing.
reluctant to climb Medium shot on the TV screen, where Lucy is
into it. Behind her, a fat Italian lady is putting a reluctant
speaking Italian to foot in the bucket. Close Up on her foot
her. reaching into the grapes.
She screams with a wide open mouth.

We hear recorded laughs coming from the TV set.
Back on Vivian changing position and lying on
her stomach to be
The camera moves away from the TV set. more comfortable to watch TV. She laughs.

We hear Edward's voice speaking on the Edward watches her without moving from his
telephone. armchair.

EDWARD (voice over) VIVIAN (voice over)
Yes, that may be true, Vance. You know, I never saw this episode.

We hear Vivian laughing. Edward chuckles. And then he stands up.

EDWARD (voice over) Vivian is still lying on the floor, laughing.
Yes, I know, but I still need the numbers on Edward sits down on
Morse the sofa next to her.


Quick shot on the TV screen, where Lucy and her
Italian friend are
Shot on the TV screen, where Lucy is stomping now dancing on the grapes.
the grapes, with a
disgusted face. We hear Vivian laughing very
loudly. Back to the sofa, where Vivian is taking
Edward's pants off. She
opens his shirt on his chest, and bends on it.
Close Up on Vivian's face laughing and holding
the glass of
Champagne. She looks up at Edward, still seated Close Up on their two faces, very close to each
on the sofa. other.

Close shot on Edward looking at Vivian
What do you want ?
Close Up shot on Vivian's face. She has a
strange smile on her
What do you do ?
Close Up shot on Edward's face looking at

Back to Vivian. We hear the recorded laughs Everything. But I don't kiss on the mouth.
coming from the TV
set. Vivian stands up on her arms and knees and
walks on all four
toward the sofa. EDWARD
Neither do I.

Quick shot on the TV screen, where Lucy and the
other woman are She bends on his chest and starts kissing him on
stomping the grapes. the chest, going
down. She stops to look at the TV.

High angle shot on Vivian on her knees near the
sofa. She puts a On the TV screen, the Italian lady is throwing
hand up inside Edward's pants leg. Edward grapes in Lucy's
snorts. face.

On the TV screen, Lucy now seems to be enjoying Back to Vivian, who smiles and resumes her
her grapes kissing job on Edward's
stomping. chest.

Still resting on her knees, Vivian is taking her Close Up shot on Edward's face : he is inhaling
white top off her very strongly.
shoulders. She slips it down, and because the
top is attached to
the skirt, the skirt comes down with it. Vivian
only her black lace underwear and bra. Vivian
puts the top and the
skirt away from her on the floor, and bends down Edward is in the shower, hot water pouring on
on the seated his head. He opens
Edward. Suddenly, she stands up and walks away. his eyes and seems to think about what just
Edward seems happened. He turns
surprised. But she comes back with a cushion around to turn the water off.
that she drops on the Close Up shot on the shower head. The water
floor, and then kneels on it. She takes the TV stops pouring from the
remote control from head.
the table by the sofa, and presses a button on

On the TV screen, Lucy and the Italian lady are
still stomping the
grapes, but the sound shuts off. Edward is just out of the bathroom, wearing a
white bathrobe. He
puts his towel around his neck. He bends on the
Back to the sofa. Closer shot. Vivian puts the armchair, and
remote control back picks up one of Vivian's bracelet. The camera
on the table. Then she leans on Edward, and pans away from the
starts taking his armchair, showing Vivian's clothes and stuff
necktie off. Edward puts his hand on her hair, scattered around,
and seems including her blonde wig.
surprised : he hadn't realized it was a wig.


Edward looks at Vivian's things, then turns his
head around toward
the bed. He looks at the bed for a couple of BARNEY
seconds without Good morning, gentlemen.
moving, then starts walking toward the bed.
Good morning, Mr. Thompson.
Reverse angle shot, showing Vivian asleep on her
stomach in the
bed, her long red hair scattered around her
head. BARNEY
Good morning, good morning.

Edward walks away from the bed.
He keeps on walking toward the reception desk.

Medium full shot in the dark room. Edward is ANOTHER ATTENDANT
sitting behind the Good morning, sir.
desk, working, the only light in the room being
the lamp on the
desk. Behind the desk, three clerks, two females and
one male

Good morning.
Early morning.

Full shot on the façade of the hotel. Two men THE OTHER FEMALE CLERK
are cleaning the Good morning, Mr. Thompson.
sidewalk in front of the hotel, one with a water
hose, the other
one with a big broom. A uniformed attendant is A chambermaid is cleaning some leather armchairs
watching them, around a low
standing near the main door of the hotel. The table in front of the desk. Without interrupting
man holding the his walk, Barney
broom walks toward the attendant. turns his head toward her.

Hey, how you doing there ? Good morning, Marjorie.

She waves her hand to him.
All right.


DAY A uniformed waiter, with white glove, is setting
the breakfast
table. Edward enters the room, wearing a dark-
Medium full shot of the lobby. colored night-robe,
and with a wireless telephone receiver stuck
between his head and
At his early hour, there are not many guests in his shoulder.
the lobby of the
hotel, only a chambermaid dusting a table, and
three uniformed
attendants talking together. EDWARD
Of course Morse is going to fight. It's to be
Barnard Thompson, the manager of the hotel, He's run his company for a very long time now. I
crosses the lobby, don't
wearing a very elegant dark suit, and carrying a think he's ready to have his name taken off the
black briefcase. stationery.

Barnard Thompson will be later in the film Edward signs the bill the waiter has shown to
nicknames «Barney» by him.
Vivian. It is this nickname that we shall use to
refer to him in
the dialogues.


PENTHOUSE .DINING ROOM .DINING ROOM . Vivian has not moved from the spot where she had stopped in the middle of the PHILIP living room.LIVING ROOM . But do it anyhow. I. He picks up his newspaper. PENTHOUSE .. He is talking to Edward on the telephone. with his free hand. juice.INTERIOR DAY A middle-aged maid walks behind him with a glass PHILIP (voice over on the telephone) jar of coffee. PHILIP PHILIP'S RESIDENCE . VIVIAN 29 . EDWARD Well. a cup. puts it on the table. On the table EDWARD in front of him. we VIVIAN say the Hi. Edward ? Edward ! fresh from the percolator. It corners like it's on rails. he moves He presses the «off» button on the telephone and her away. EDWARD Vivian stops in the middle of the room. The waiter leaves the room. and Vivian walks in EDWARD from the bedroom.INTERIOR DAY PHILIP PHILIP Oh. by the way. Edward. you know. You know... white china pots and a glass of orange Phil.INTERIOR DAY PHILIP EDWARD (whispering to the waiter) Oh.LIVING ROOM . Oh. gonna go wrong. PHILIP'S RESIDENCE . Edward turns around and smiles to Vivian.INTERIOR DAY PHILIP'S RESIDENCE . but. Edward's back. Set it up.INTERIOR DAY I wouldn't do it. there's always a possibility VIVIAN things are Red. What ? Okay.INTERIOR DAY She slightly touches her hair. about your car. you wouldn't. Definitely not alone. Medium shot of Philip sitting behind the breakfast table.LIVING ROOM . PENTHOUSE . (HE CHUCKLES) You know ? He's a feisty old guy.. good morning. That's why I enjoy this so much. Edward... Better. Suddenly.. God. behind Sure. The maid walks out of the room. hmm. wrong thing. (He snaps his fingers) . it's really not a What ? What does that mean ? good idea that you see him. wearing a white bathrobe.LIVING ROOM . She wants to pour some coffee in Philip's cup. Philip has a worried look on his face. EDWARD Edward sits on a chair at the breakfast table. Dinner. Tonight. Look.DINING ROOM . EDWARD Well.. PHILIP (voice over from the telephone) PENTHOUSE .INTERIOR DAY He wants to meet you face to face.we could wind up in court.

you must get them for a bargain. sits on it with one foot on the chair and her knee up above table level. yes. Edward ? Because I on the menu. She walks slowly to the table. VIVIAN Thanks. on the couch.You didn't wake me. VIVIAN EDWARD Yeah. too good. EDWARD He stands up from the table. Are you hungry ? You must be. I'm She comes back into the room and chuckles. I can see you're really busy. Uh. EDWARD All right ? Good. EDWARD I didn't know what you'd like. One has scrambled eggs and bacon. you don't EDWARD drink. know you're not a lawyer. the other one has pancakes and strawberries. gonna be out of here in just a minute. She goes on eating breakfast. and points to the chairs around the table. took the liberty of ordering everything hardly eat. EDWARD That's right. Edward puts the lids on the table. uh. She seems She stands up and walks to an empty chair. VIVIAN (voice over from the terrace) I forgot where I was. VIVIAN What kind of companies ? Edward has seated himself at the breakfast table and is working on some documents. there's no hurry. EDWARD Vivian enters the terrace. Edward takes off the metal lids that He laughs. VIVIAN Oh. 30 .. Did you sleep ? No. EDWARD Uh. I buy companies that are in financial difficulty.. Close Up shot on the table. a little.Y. you I. She sits down on the table near Edward. were covering two plates. VIVIAN You don't sleep. working last night. I buy companies. uh. What do you do. Vivian takes a pancake and walks slowly to the terrace. He looks at her sitting on the table. EDWARD Did you sleep well ? VIVIAN So what do you do ? VIVIAN Yeah. you don't do drugs. EDWARD VIVIAN Occupational hazard ? If they have problems. EDWARD Why don't you sit and have something to eat ? EDWARD I was. She embarrassed. EDWARD There are four other chairs here.

now it's perfect. EDWARD VIVIAN Yeah. and Vivian's hands knotting it..INTERIOR DAY VIVIAN So it's sort of like. and then I sell that off. Close Up shot on Edward's necktie. I'm getting for the bargain price of about one billion. huh ? it up into pieces. Well. You must be really smart. sort of.. But legal. EDWARD VIVIAN Well. EDWARD No. She keeps on eating and tries to peak at the documents in front of him. investors. VIVIAN Edward puts a final hand on his tie. I break Your folks must be really proud. Back on a medium shot of Vivian working on Edward's tie. VIVIAN Wow. huh ? EDWARD Mm-hmm. knotted. right ? knotting his tie. VIVIAN (voice over) There. stealing cars and Edward is in shirtsleeves and vest. huh ? EDWARD EDWARD No. don't sell the whole company. the company I'm buying this week. So you don't actually have a billion dollars. It's not an Close Up on Edward's tie. 31 .. in front of selling them the mirror. VIVIAN I only got through the eleventh grade. the whole. And you don't make anything. which is now very well easy thing to do. Vivian walks in. EDWARD I sell them. PENTHOUSE . in school ? VIVIAN EDWARD You sell them ? I went all the way. EDWARD No. for the parts.. It's worth more than He doesn't answer and just smiles.BATHROOM . VIVIAN A billion dollars ? VIVIAN So what do you do with the companies once you buy them ? EDWARD Yes. She almost chokes on her pancake. See. um. I get some of it from banks. She sits down on the table in front of him. I. let me do that. How far She grabs his necktie and starts knotting it did you go properly. Here. VIVIAN And you don't build anything. huh ? VIVIAN He chuckles.

I don't know.. I just think it'd be better if Hello ? you. Mind if I.uh .INTERIOR DAY Not at all.DINING ROOM .BEDROOM . that's good. PENTHOUSE . go ? you know. VIVIAN (singing in voice over) Got to know talk. take a swim in your tub Look. PENTHOUSE . Listen. it's Phil. Medium shot. Edward enters the bathroom. The breakfast has been cleared away. I'm running out the door. not very well ! PHILIP'S RESIDENCE .. baby ! PHILIP (voice over on the phone) PHILIP'S RESIDENCE . and helps him put in on. PHILIP (voice over on the phone) He's bringing his grandson.BEDROOM . over the phone.. Edward walks out of the bedroom. we hear Vivian singing «Kiss» by Vivian. if you went with a date. I screwed the debate team in high school. Well. um.BEDROOM .BATHROOM .INTERIOR DAY VIVIAN Well. carrying the telephone set. EDWARD Not bad. He chuckles in the phone.. supporting a is saying to Edward big agenda..INTERIOR DAY VIVIAN I had a grandpa ! He was nice to me. I gotta say this again. I don't like you before I going alone.. EDWARD PENTHOUSE ..INTERIOR DAY EDWARD Oh.DINING ROOM .DINING ROOM . Very intense young man named David.INTERIOR DAY Edward ? Did you hear me ? 32 . Edward is speaking on a regular cord phone. She stands up and goes out of the room. yes. Philip's expensive leather The rest of the song is covered by what Philip attaché-case is lying on the table.INTERIOR DAY VIVIAN (singing in voice over) I just want your extra time and your. a couple of seconds later. PHILIP'S RESIDENCE . In the background. PHILIP (voice over on the phone) EDWARD (voice over on the phone) Look.INTERIOR DAY PHILIP (voice over on the phone) You know ? Keep it social. EDWARD Ah.uh ! for tonight. PENTHOUSE . Where'd you learn to do PHILIP that ? He's grooming him to take over. followed. He plays polo.. He goes out of the bathroom. Not bad at all. baby. Philip is on the phone. He liked ties on PHILIP Sundays. She comes back with his jacket. Morse is all set Uh . PHILIP (voice over on the phone) VIVIAN (singing in voice over) I just wanted to let you know. by Prince. VIVIAN (singing in voice over) Uh-oh ! PHILIP Edward. Still carrying the phone set and with the phone receiver on his ear. Just stay in the shallow end.

Edward is standing near the bathtub. is up to. and she is singing with her eyes closed. Philip seems a bit surprised by what he hears over the telephone. still singing with her eyes closed. She makes loud kisses with her mouth. and he is looking at Vivian. High angle close-up shot on Vivian's head. She is holding the water faucet immersed in a foam-bath. No.. baby.. where Vivian is Oh... VIVIAN (SINGING) PHILIP I know how to undress me Mm-hmm.INTERIOR DAY somewhere. EDWARD VIVIAN (SINGING) You just concentrate on finding out what Morse Got to be too flirty. listen. where Vivian is near her head. yes. mama.. with one hand. Philip tries to concentrate on what he is saying to Edward.. EDWARD I'm on my way. doesn't seem to EDWARD notice him.. VIVIAN (SINGING) PHILIP (voice over on the phone) Kiss. Back to Vivian singing in the bathtub. I already have one. VIVIAN (SINGING) If you want to impress me. I want to be your fantasy. you can't be too flirty..DINING ROOM .. because of the loud music in her earphones and her closed eyes. Edward starts walking around the bathtub to get closer to Vivian's EDWARD head.BATHROOM . What is that ? Back to Edward standing near the bathtub. Besides. We see the yellow walkman lying on the bathtub edge He walks to the bathtub.. He sits down on the bathtub edge.. Edward is still standing near the bathtub with VIVIAN (singing in voice over) the telephone to Yeah. PHILIP'S RESIDENCE .. I'm here.. maybe you could be mine. I know a lot of nice girls.. PHILIP (voice over on the phone) VIVIAN (singing in voice over) Edward.. He has put the telephone set down PENTHOUSE . Slight low angle shot of Edward. EDWARD Medium shot on the bathtub. VIVIAN (singing in voice over) VIVIAN (SINGING) If you want to impress me. VIVIAN (singing in voice over in the phone) I know how to undress me.. She has earphones on her ears. you don't... EDWARD 33 . Housekeeping is singing. smiling.. Well. Oh-oh-oh.. Yeah. VIVIAN (SINGING) I just want your extra time and your.INTERIOR DAY VIVIAN (SINGING) Uh-uh. Edward snorts. his ear. but Vivian. Yeah. Mama.

EDWARD Vivian ? VIVIAN Look. EDWARD Vivian. I'd love to be your «beck and call girl». Medium full shot of Edward bending over the bathtub. EDWARD I'm gonna be in town until Sunday. VIVIAN Don't you just love Prince ? EDWARD All right. hassles this week. I have a business proposition for you. How More than life itself. yes. but. good-looking guy. of course ! He stands up. You could get a underwater. here we go. is that a yes ? EDWARD 34 . VIVIAN (SINGING) I want a professional. All up to me. and dives her head underwater. Vivian takes off her earphones. She laughs. it's gonna cost Edward also laughs looking at her. Give me a ballpark EDWARD figure. She opens her eyes and notices Edward sitting on the edge of the bathtub close to her. She laughs awkwardly. VIVIAN What do you want ? VIVIAN You want days too. not believing what she just heard. VIVIAN If you're talking twenty-four hours a day. Vivian smiles. VIVIAN Really ? EDWARD Done. days too. Four thousand. He talks louder for her to be able to hear him you're a rich. EDWARD Six nights at three hundred is eighteen hundred. EDWARD Vivian. I'd like you to spend EDWARD the week with me. and puts them on the edge with the EDWARD Walkman. Yes. EDWARD Yes. VIVIAN Three thousand. much ? VIVIAN Don't you knock ? VIVIAN Six full nights. Two thousand. Oh. uh. EDWARD I will pay you to be at my beck and call. I don't need any romantic Mm-hmm You just leave it. VIVIAN Would you Holy shit ! consider spending the week with me ? She laughs. million girls free. I'd like to hire you as an employee. you.

Still laughing wildly. I will him. with EDWARD Vivian following Three thousand for six days. He walks to the front door. She spits water and laughs. EDWARD He goes out and closes the door. gonna wanna let me go. put some documents back in his She laughs and screams. You'll need and speaks very something to quietly. Like what ? She laughs and runs toward the bedroom. VIVIAN Vivian looks at the thick wad of banknotes he Baby. and jumps on the bed. I'm gonna treat you so nice. Not too sexy. VIVIAN EDWARD Yes. Edward is coming out of the bedroom. You really should think about traveler's checks. her face all VIVIAN covered with foam. several banknotes to Vivian. Elegant.INTERIOR DAY Not if you expect me to answer. Any questions ? She brushes the foam off her face. Vivian is wearing a white bathrobe.INTERIOR DAY He stops at the breakfast table. Edward dries He picks up his brief-case and walks to the her face with a front door. but he comes and he is giving back to face her. brief-case and closes it. followed by Vivian. wear. VIVIAN VIVIAN Can I call you Eddie ? Yes ! EDWARD PENTHOUSE . I'll see you tonight. Conservative. VIVIAN 35 . she rolls on the bed. white towel. PENTHOUSE . Edward keeps on walking across the room. And. VIVIAN VIVIAN But I'm here now. you're never just gave her. nothing too flashy. EDWARD EDWARD I would've paid four. You understand ? Closer shot of Vivian coming out of the water. Edward has taken his wallet out of his pocket He had almost reached the door.BEDROOM . I would've stayed for two thousands. I want you to buy some clothes. Vivian. I'll be gone most of the day. VIVIAN He has opened the door but he turns around. EDWARD She taps her feet on the bottom of the bathtub. Vivian smiles We may be going out evenings. EDWARD Uh. and her head is wrapped in a white VIVIAN towel. Boring.LIVING ROOM . let you go.

KIT Oh. in the bed with her. You'll never guess.KIT'S BEDROOM . Kit starts up.BEDROOM . I had to party. scarf.INTERIOR DAY VIVIAN (voice over on the phone) Guess. Where were you last night ? KIT VIVIAN AND KIT'S APARTMENT .INTERIOR DAY blue T-shirt. man ! I am bummed. man. from the night-table. Kit drinks some soda from her cup. Vivian is still seated on the bed. various fast food items. Are you ready for this ? The guy ? The head. His bathroom is bigger than the Blue Banana ! VIVIAN Oof ! VIVIAN AND KIT'S APARTMENT . On the night table. Hi. Where are you ? KIT Oh. Kit is walking around the room with the telephone receiver stuck between her head and her shoulder. VIVIAN AND KIT'S APARTMENT . suddenly worried. She is wearing a PENTHOUSE .INTERIOR DAY She kicks the bed with her foot. She picks up the phone VIVIAN from the floor. Bullshit ! INTERIOR DAY Kit sits up on her bed. am in his hotel room in Beverly Hills. we discover a Teddy Bear with a red sweater. Kit.KIT'S BEDROOM . with a straw stuck in it. gets rid of the towel on her Oh. The penthouse. VIVIAN AND KIT'S APARTMENT . And you know what he's gonna give me ? KIT Hello ? VIVIAN AND KIT'S APARTMENT . and gets rid of the Vivian is getting very serious. I gave that guy to you ! 36 .BEDROOM . And extra money to buy clothes. Then she remains quiet for a VIVIAN couple of seconds. he wants me to stay the whole week.KIT'S BEDROOM - INTERIOR DAY She picks up the telephone set on the night table and puts it on the bed. I called and called. PENTHOUSE . She pushes the covers away. VIVIAN (voice over on the phone) It's Viv. with the phone receiver on her ear.KIT'S BEDROOM - INTERIOR DAY PENTHOUSE . VIVIAN (voice over on the phone) VIVIAN Three thousand dollars. The phone rings. KIT INTERIOR DAY Do I have to hear this ? Kit is asleep with a scarf spread on her head.BEDROOM . Kit has taken a big paper cup.KIT'S BEDROOM - INTERIOR DAY Kit relaxes. and.INTERIOR DAY KIT VIVIAN Ma ? I swear to God. Three thousand dollars ! PENTHOUSE . and sits up Lotus ? I on the bed.BEDROOM .

REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . KIT (voice over on the phone) Ugly ? KIT Reg. manager. KIT KIT Did he give you the money yet ? In Beverly Hills ? VIVIAN (voice over on the phone) Yeah. PENTHOUSE . The room is a mess. Really ? Is he twisted ? VIVIAN AND KIT'S APARTMENT . Write it down. VIVIAN He's good-looking ! KIT (voice over on the phone) PENTHOUSE . baby.INTERIOR DAY Medium shot.LIVING ROOM - INTERIOR DAY Kit comes out of the shower cubicle with a toothbrush in her hand.INTERIOR DAY PENTHOUSE .. VIVIAN Kit sits down. clothes ? Good stuff. Dirty dishes in the sink.. writing it down ? You'll forget it. VIVIAN (voice over on the phone) At the end of the week. Wil. Kit ? VIVIAN AND KIT'S APARTMENT .BEDROOM .INTERIOR DAY Well.KITCHEN .LOBBY . Table covered with food VIVIAN and junk.INTERIOR DAY VIVIAN AND KIT'S APARTMENT .KITCHEN . Where do I go for the Nothing. Are you the pillow. Clothes hanging to dry in the shower I'm gonna leave some at the front desk for you. KIT Three thousand... on him. Well. picks up a felt pen and write on No.BEDROOM . Bev. cubicle. the plastic stool she is sitting on. Near the reception desk. Barnard «Barney» Thompson is talking with an Italian male guest and an older lady seated in a wheelchair.INTERIOR DAY She sits on the bed. KIT That's what's wrong with him. he gave me three hundred for last night. what's wrong with him ? VIVIAN VIVIAN Now. Write it Vivian is now lying on her back with her legs on down. one more thing. I want you to pick it up. Kit enters the kitchen and puts her soda cup on the table. VIVIAN AND KIT'S APARTMENT .LIVING ROOM - INTERIOR DAY Kit looks for something in the mess in the sink. She is still seated on the stool. the hotel Vivian turns around on the bed. KIT Rodeo Drive.INTERIOR DAY VIVIAN (voice over on the phone) I'm at the Regent Beverly Wilshire.BEDROOM . And. Kit is brushing her teeth while speaking on the phone. The Italian VIVIAN guest is showing a 37 .

THE ITALIAN GUEST Vivian is walking on Multo Grazie.EXTERIOR DAY MISS WILSON No.EXTERIOR DAY MISS WILSON Yes. Wild women do. Vivian crosses the lobby. Back on Barney and the Italian guests. and barely avoids bumping into an around her waist. wheelchair. Many well-dressed people are walking on the sidewalk. BARNEY LYRICS Arrivederci. a blonde bespectacled receptionist girl is behind the desk. MISS WILSON No. Several quick Close Up shots on various emblems above the shops : 38 . dressed in the same prostitute outfit as the day before. uniformed hotel attendant Barney gives her a quick look. RODEO DRIVE . Vivian walks near them. The camera pans along the expensive shop along Rodeo Drive. He turns his head toward the desk. She's gonna LYRICS pick it up. VIVIAN Barney turns back toward the departing Vivian. Hi. this crosswalk. but goes back to loaded with luggage. VIVIAN Yeah. ma'am. his conversation with the Italian guest. He takes the card the Italian is holding. She has her Reverse angle shot on the lobby. Several are carrying bags from the shops. so different her boots clicking from the ones she is on the floor. I'm leaving this here for Kit De Luca. Reverse angle shot on Barney still standing at the same place. The camera crosses the street on a crosswalk. Arrivederci. The receptionist takes the envelope and looks at The camera pans down to street level and away it. And they don't regret it. do you know that lady ? Medium shot on the reception desk. but without her wig. THE ITALIAN GUEST Andiamo. VIVIAN Don't open that. card to Barney and talking in Italian. [ SPEAKING ITALIAN ] LYRICS Wild women show what they're going through. Vivian puts an envelope on the desk. from the hotel into Rodeo Drive. performed by Natalie Cole. Ooh ! Wild women do what you think you'll never. BARNEY Ah ! BARNEY Miss Wilson. We hear the song «Wild Women Do». The Italian starts pushing the used to see on Hollywood Boulevard. Miss Wilson. May I help you ? Full shot of the building of the hotel. REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . Barney looks at Vivian. Vivian keeps on large handbag walking quite across her shoulder and her red jacket is tied fast. with the high heels of Vivian looks at the pedestrians. ma'am.

looking around and smiling. smile. She then moves Oooh-whoo ! Ooh. Mediums shot. looking at her. LYRICS High angle shot on the whole shop. and Vivian walking toward answers with a forced the entrance of the shop. A very expensive «boutique». wild women show what they're going through. who was arranging the flower. who LYRICS is arranging the What you only dream about wild women do. yes. if you want me to act like that.. «Diamonds on Rodeo» «Gucci» A third saleswoman.INTERIOR DAY VIVIAN No.. Close shots on the beautiful clothes in the windows and then at Vivian smiling and looking at the clothes. Both the male driver and the female passenger are talking on their cell Medium shot on Vivian and the saleswoman. Yes. conservative. yeah. you've VIVIAN got to pay me Well. and starts looking at them. looks up at Vivian. Vivian keeps on walking looking up at the emblems. SALESWOMAN # 1 May I help you ? LYRICS Well. She apparently LYRICS doesn't notice that several pedestrians are Wild women do what you think you'll never. Uh. also looks at Vivian. flowers. who is Vivian walks away to watch other items in the arranging some flowers in shop.. 1). has moved away from the hanging rail. BOUTIQUE . something. yeah. LYRICS Oh. SALESWOMAN # 1 Are you looking for something in particular ? A convertible BMV drives on the street. LYRICS SALESWOMAN # 1 Wild women do and they don't regret it. the sofa looks up at her. we see looks up and down at Vivian's «costume». by the hour. they do. She is very neatly dressed and looks a bit snobbish. surprised by her «costume».. The saleswoman seated on You got nice stuff. Well. The saleswoman. wearing a black jacket and standing behind a counter. The music fades out. «Louis Vuitton». «Chanel». The saleswoman to the old lady. away. I'm just checking things out. is now standing behind Vivian. SALESWOMAN # 1 Thank you. The saleswoman is showing some She looks at a dummy wearing a very elegant items of clothing suit. 39 . Close shot on another saleswoman. LYRICS Oh. Vivian stops near a jewel shops and looks in the LYRICS window at the expensive jewels. Through the window. A saleswoman and an old lady are seated on a sofa. Vivian stops to look around and then walks to dresses hanging on a rail. The You tell me you want a woman who is simple as a saleswoman (Saleswoman # flower. a big vase. Vivian phones. VIVIAN Vivian enters the shop.

She walks very nervously. Please leave. Barney. may I help you ? The two saleswoman are staring at Vivian. VIVIAN Look. REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . who seems thunderstruck by this unexpected blow. in Beverly Hills in seventy-five years ? SALESWOMAN # 1 It's very expensive. I got money to spend in here. VIVIAN and leaves the I'm going to my room. BARNEY You're a guest here ? 40 . walks toward her.LOBBY . do you have a key ? Drive.EXTERIOR DAY VIVIAN Well. REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . SALESWOMAN # 1 I don't think this would fit you.INTERIOR DAY She starts walking nervously around the shop. the manager. We're very excited about the whole thing. Did SALESWOMAN # 2 you realize It's very expensive. I'm on the top floor. She keeps on walking. RODEO DRIVE . She keeps on walking and Barney follows her. Vivian crosses the lobby. I forgot that cardboard thing. hand.. Closer shot of Vivian entering the hotel under the surprised stare of the uniformed attendant at the door. She has put her red jacket back on She stops walking and turns around to face and is keeping it close to her waist with one Barney. was. that Via Rodeo is the first new street. The saleswoman (Saleswoman # 2) with the Thank you. miss. VIVIAN Oh. who was standing near the open door of an office. SALESWOMAN # 1 I don't think we have anything for you. Two businessmen in grey suits are talking just The saleswoman # 1 turns toward her colleague. I didn't ask if it would fit. They like the project. I asked how Full shot in front of the hotel. You're obviously in the wrong place. shop. WOMAN'S VOICE VIVIAN Doctor's office ? Two blocks down and to your How much is this ? left. BARNEY Excuse me. near the entrance of the hotel. Vivian is much it crossing the street. Marie ? ONE OF THE BUSINESSMEN Tiffany is taking the corner space. black jacket has joined them. Vivian seems almost annoyed by those uninteresting bits of conversation. and her high heels don't help her to walk in a very elegant way. Vivian looks at another dummy wearing a very elegant light-colored MAN'S VOICE dress.EXTERIOR DAY BARNEY Vivian is walking on the sidewalk of Rodeo Uh. among the very elegantly dressed pedestrians. SALESWOMAN # 1 How much is this. We catch snatches of the conversations taking place around Vivian. She walks to the door..

Dennis speaks with a croaky voice. She slaps Dennis' shoulder. She comes out of the elevator. miss ? 41 . BARNEY BARNEY And who would that be ? Mr. VIVIAN He knows me. Dennis walks toward his boss. We'll Dennis. VIVIAN Barney turns toward Dennis. because VIVIAN Barney is slightly I'm with a friend. with Barney holding her elbow. uh.. no. Dennis puts his hands on his collar to open it and be able to BARNEY breathe properly. It's all right. Evidently she joined him last night. Two business men. Barney moves away from Dennis and joins Vivian into the elevator. sir. DENNIS VIVIAN Yes. BARNEY (voice over) Uh. Edward Lewis ! Thanks. also look at them. That's it.. BARNEY BARNEY No. and moves into the BARNEY elevator. VIVIAN (voice over from the elevator) Dennis comes out of the elevator. I'm coming.. them and smiles.INTERIOR DAY BARNEY Do you know this young lady ? Close Up shot on a green plant. away from the BARNEY elevator. with.. Barney buttons the collar of Dennis' uniform. going into the elevator. Dennis. Barney's hand takes the DENNIS pot and starts watering the plant. What is with everybody today ? They walk along the lobby.MANAGER'S OFFICE . Vivian points Oh. Mm-hmmm. I'm coming. Thank you. a metal pot that looks a bit like a coffee pot. did you just come off the night shift ? have a Hmm ? little chat. next to the plant. strangling him while buttoning his uniform. Thank you. Edward ? The elevator bell dings and the elevator door DENNIS opens. Dennis looks at Dennis. God ! What now ? What ? What ? at him. Just come with me. REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . Barney nods his head. Edward. Lewis. Dennis. surprised. thank you. Lewis ? VIVIAN VIVIAN Edward. VIVIAN BARNEY Edward. She's with Mr. what is your name.

. call Relative ? the cops. VIVIAN Vivian. get a dress on Rodeo Drive today. Miss Vivian. the bay window. to dress a little more Don't play with me. as a And nobody customer. and picks up his telephone. Barney bends his head down. please. to think okay ? I have to buy a dress for dinner tonight. but as a friend. Vivian takes the loose jumbled banknotes from her bag and shows them to Barney. Now. Under situation. handkerchief out of the breast pocket of his jacket and gives it to Vivian. I'm then takes a white assuming that you're a. I assume you have no front of an expensive-looking wooden desk.. and Thank you. but I have all however. VIVIAN 42 . Yeah.. the total upper half of the wall is a large bay Vivian shakes her head.. the women wouldn't help me. and we like of this. Then he gives her her money back. I Full shot of the office. Not that I expect you to help me. On the left-hand side of the desk. BARNEY Well. He walks around his desk. BARNEY Women's clothing. documents are scattered. is a very special customer. appropriately. on other uncles which several here. I tried BARNEY to go. And I have all this money now and no Barney puts the pot down on the table and sits dress ! down on the desk itself just in front of Vivian. Vivian. man. would expect Mr.. Vivian is seated on a won't see leather armchair in you in this hotel again. Lewis to sign in any additional guests. Barney takes the money out of Vivian's hands. Lewis leaves. Mm-hmmm. Now. and Vivian also bends her head down before answering. BARNEY Good ! Then we understand each other. VIVIAN Yes. that'll be all. a small table on which is the plant Barney is watering. Naturally. She suddenly seems a bit window protected from tired by the the outside by vertical Venetian blinds. Same game of bending heads down. we're willing to overlook it. Things that go on in other hotels don't happen at the Regent Beverly Wilshire. That's great. BARNEY Bridget. Vivian raises her hands and her voice. VIVIAN BARNEY Oh. I would also BARNEY encourage you. BARNEY Vivian looks up.. Tell 'em I said hi. Niece ? VIVIAN (voice over) What do you want it to be ? BARNEY Of course. That's what I was trying to do. Mr. VIVIAN No. VIVIAN Lewis. a bit surprised. young lady. if you're calling the cops. of our special customers as friends. I thought so.. when Mr. that's not all.. Now. we will help me. Then you must be his.

this is the jewel in Morse's crown : prime industrial properties straddling the port of Long Beach and PHILIP Los Yeah. PHILIP Edward. THE YOUNG ASSISTANT EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L. thank you. Philip snickers. I BARNEY (voice over) thought you She's a special guest. INTERIOR DAY Shot on another man. one of Philip's assistants. we just got the Morse update. still Because of the dark in the room. Bridget. Hello. with the screen in the background. Vivian looks at him and smiles. people around standing up. Mr. . Her name is Vivian. Vivian looks at him. 43 . Angeles. THE YOUNG ASSISTANT BARNEY Old Man Morse just got the inside track on a 350 Yes. switches the lights on. what ? Speak. Don. seated at the Full view of a screen. walks into the room and to the place where Philip is seated. no shit. THE YOUNG ASSISTANT PHILIP (voice over) Maybe we're lucky to get this information now. the table are only shadows. Those stocks could go through the roof. The young man walks toward Edward. named Mark. and then takes the PHILIP handkerchief and loudly Yeah. Navy. we most of the can still walk away from it. Full shot of the meeting room. if that's true it could cost a lot more. projection. We got a thousand man- hours in on this ! Nobody's walking away from anything ! THE YOUNG ASSISTANT We just got the information. (HE CHUCKLES) Well.MEETING ROOM . you know. and looks at the young man. but sir. This is Barnard Thompson million here at the dollar contract to build destroyers for the Regent Beverly Wil. Mark. Edward is standing up near the screen.. on which a film is being table. Walk away ? Hey. A young man. yard we'll just level. please ? PHILIP (raising his voice) The projection stops. I think he's right. I'm sending someone over. projected. This film shows an aerial overview of the port of Long Beach and Los Angeles.A. Sherlock. Philip sits down at the table. He bends down to whisper to PHILIP Philip. Philip stands up and Forget it. with a lot of industrial buildings MARK along the wharves. He sighs and turns toward the young man. next to Mark. blows her nose. PHILIP (voice over) Now. pal. The real estate possibilities are endless. but I'd like you to do a Edward looks very pensive. PHILIP Navy contract. Hey. She's the niece of a very said they had nothing in the hopper on this one special ! guest. See. favor for me.. I thought they didn't. Yes. please. I can't believe this shit. can MARK you hold the Philip. Edward doesn't answer and remains pensive. forget it. Stuckey.

EDWARD Mark and the young blonde man sitting next to Gentlemen. THE YOUNG ASSISTANT (voice over) He picks up his briefcase. with a glass of water in his hand. Hello ? He enters Philip's private office. Senator Adams. for me. tonight ? Philip stands up and the young man sits down in Edward turns around to face Philip.A. The arguments between Philip and Mark stops PHILIP (voice over) Edward. EDWARD PHILIP All right. please. Philip turns around to go back EDWARD in the meeting room. to the table and raises his voice. standing behind him. Who. someone. his chair. we don't understand what they say.RECEPTION HALL - Committee ? INTERIOR DAY Edward is about to enter Philip's private PHILIP office. Yes.. The Navy's not going to spend 350 million dollar We hear faint voices coming from the meeting on room.WOMEN'S CLOTHING geologicals ? SHOP . Yes. The two men start arguing. I have him right here. everything all set for the meeting he is. THE YOUNG ASSISTANT (voice over) He drinks his water. EDWARD Edward.INTERIOR DAY BOB (voice over) 44 . Let's find out where Listen. Phil Stuckey. He goes out of the room. and since they are No problem. anything without going to Appropriations first. relax ! him are working on the documents in front of them. if you want to send over the REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . EDWARD THE YOUNG ASSISTANT Nobody you know. to do my worrying face. . trying to reach Yes. Yes. Bob. Phil. Philip is Senator Adams. EDWARD EDWARD Mm-hmm. talking loudly together. Edward Lewis Enterprises. Philip follows him. PHILIP PHILIP I don't understand what's going on here today. with a worried look on his That's why I hired you. EDWARD I'll be in your office. Who is this girl you're going with ? gentlemen.. THE YOUNG ASSISTANT (voice over) The young man is on the phone. EDWARD Relax ! Who do we know on the Senate Appropriations EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L. Senator Adams. comes Thank you.

They shake hands. right ? MRS RAINEY Thank you. I'll call you the minute it comes BRIDGET in. They start walking upstairs to the upper level. followed by two Japanese. a customer. Hanging rails with Oh ! dresses hanging on them. She quickly looks at the Japanese man. BRIDGET Oh.LOBBY . don't sit on there. I'm sure we're gonna find something here Have a nice day. Come with me. but Bridget prevents her from doing so. you're in town ? VIVIAN VIVIAN Barney ! We're gonna have dinner. BRIDGET BRIDGET Now. Mrs. BRIDGET BRIDGET Hello. Closer shot of Vivian looking at her teeth in a mirror set on the counter. You're a size six. VIVIAN Bridget bends over the mirror. The man is speaking Japanese to Barney. BRIDGET Vivian walks into the shop and starts looking You're gonna go out ? Dinner ? around. VIVIAN Mm-hmm. dear ! Full shot of the Women's clothing shop inside the hotel. Barney said you'd be nice to me. Bridg. Well. Vivian walks between them. Barney is going around a huge bunch of flowers. She makes a face and brushes something off her teeth. BRIDGET 45 . What are your plans while shoulder. Thank you. VIVIAN Sorry. one male and one female. How'd you know that ? The customer walks away and Bridget stops near Vivian who is looking at something on a counter. mister. You must be Vivian. BRIDGET Don't worry. MRS RAINEY Larger shot showing the whole shop. Counters and shelves full VIVIAN of women's clothing items. VIVIAN Yeah. She is ready to sit on the glass covering the counter. Rainey.INTERIOR DAY VIVIAN Yeah. Bridget comes into the shop with a Mrs Rainey. My name's Bridget. hi. Several women and even one man walking around. REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . that's my job. They never are. he's not really my uncle. carrying a BRIDGET garment bag over her He's very sweet. dear. They both laugh. that your uncle will love. you'll need a cocktail dress then. Oh.

RECEPTION HALL - on the floor.A.INTERIOR DAY Japanese guests. I'll be in the hotel lobby. but Bridget was really great..A. I didn't want to get it messed up ! and her shoulder Listen. 7:45 sharp. EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L. That's good. He is on the Very elegant. BARNEY No. ever pick up the phone. You're cool. that won't be necessary.LIVING ROOM . and I just wanted to say EDWARD thanks.INTERIOR DAY Medium shot of Vivian entering the room. I'd rather hoped you'd be wearing it. you're paying me to. We occasionally see shadows of people moving behind him.LIVING ROOM .RECEPTION HALL - INTERIOR DAY PENTHOUSE . EDWARD VIVIAN I'm taking you to a restaurant called the Hello ? Voltaire. his lips. with a EDWARD slight smile on This isn't a date. EDWARD (voicer over on the phone) Did you buy clothes today ? VIVIAN She squeezes the phone receiver between her head Oh. She walks away. I'm sure they're EDWARD (voicer over on the phone) quite lovely. well. Miss Vivian. and Barney looks at her. listen. I got to have a better look at the garment bag. but only EDWARD 'cause Never. Barney says a few words in Japanese to the PENTHOUSE .LIVING ROOM . 46 . VIVIAN All right. It's business. .RECEPTION HALL - VIVIAN INTERIOR DAY Okay. A cocktail one. anyway ? behind her. I'll meet you in the lobby.INTERIOR DAY PENTHOUSE . VIVIAN VIVIAN Then why are you calling me ? I got a dress ! She sits down.LIVING ROOM . EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L. . no.INTERIOR DAY Medium shot of Edward. phone. VIVIAN (voicer over on the phone) BARNEY What ? You're not coming up to the door ? You're welcome.. Thank you. Vivian drops her handbag EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L.A. You wanna see ? VIVIAN I got a dress. I didn't mean to interrupt you. PENTHOUSE . The phone is ringing. We see the white telephone on a low table in the forefront of the screen. standing up in the EDWARD (voicer over on the phone) reception hall of his office. seen from the waist up. rushes to the phone and picks it INTERIOR DAY up. BARNEY Well. She VIVIAN closes the door Where are you taking me. . shoes too.

». EDWARD Yes. VIVIAN Oh.LOBBY .RECEPTION HALL .A. We discover VIVIAN that Edward is Sick. . no.INTERIOR DAY INTERIOR DAY EDWARD Well. . It didn't fit ? The secretary walks away. PENTHOUSE . Vivian walks to the low table to pick it up. tell him I'm in the middle of a very important phone BARNEY call.RECEPTION HALL . inc. Miss Vivian. and DAY below : «Philip Stuckey . Stuckey wanted to see you. The receptionist picks up the phone and starts dialing. Barney looks at her and notices she is still wearing her prostitute costume. thank you very much.INTERIOR DAY EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L. followed by an uniformed attendant. one more time. showing a white china plate with a smaller plate inside. please. I've got a little problem. PENTHOUSE . standing near the reception desk. Vivian rushes toward Barney. wearing a dark suit..LIVING ROOM .LIVING ROOM . EDWARD (smiling on the phone) I told you not to pick up the phone. In front of the plate. a logo and REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L. One of his assistant.A. no. High Angle Close Up Shot on a dinner table. . 47 .DINING ROOM - INTERIOR DAY The phone rings. VIVIAN Then stop calling me. He puts the phone down. a INTERIOR DAY napkin folded in a glass.INTERIOR DAY REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . no. Dinner napkin. no. Medium shot of Barney standing up in the lobby with his back to EDWARD (to the receptionist) us. BARNEY (voice over) All right.RECEPTION HALL - INTERIOR DAY Vivian also puts the phone down.LIVING ROOM .INTERIOR underneath it : «Lewis enterprises.RECEPTION HALL - INTERIOR DAY PENTHOUSE . EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L. no. on the other side).LIVING ROOM . a full set of silver cutlery (three forks of various sizes on the left-hand side of the plate. PENTHOUSE . crosses the lobby. . Larger shot of the reception hall. Vivian also puts the phone down and smiles.. Get her back for me. and on either VIVIAN sides of the Hello ? plates. Uh. behind which a female receptionist is sitting. Behind her on the wall. and a knife and three spoons EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L.INTERIOR DAY Edward laughs and puts the phone down.Attorney». VIVIAN Barney ! THE SECRETARY Mr.A.A. A blonde female secretary walks behind Edward and bends down to speak to him.

Thompson. Elbows off the table. Excuse me. for the first time. Edward doesn't stop walking. um. Four tines : dinner fork. BARNEY BARNEY Yes. just count the room.LOBBY . BARNEY BARNEY The young lady who's staying with you in your All right. EDWARD The camera moves away from the table and we get Uh-huh. I'm the manager of BARNEY (voice over) the hotel. seated at the table in front of the plate. again. the different forks on the table. VIVIAN (voice over) He starts walking . He points to bit worried... a larger shot of the dining room. She puts the napkin on her laps and then her elbows on the table BARNEY Pardon me. EDWARD VIVIAN From who ? I definitely have the salad fork. BARNEY From your niece.. tines. And sometimes... Mr. carrying his briefcase. sir. A large grey limousine is driving slowly on We see Vivian's hand taking the napkin. Edward.INTERIOR LATE AFTERNOON BARNEY (voice over) MM-MMM Edward crosses the lobby. sir. Rodeo Drive.laid gently in the lap. with Barney and Vivian's table in the forefront. VIVIAN (voice over) Dinner napkin. Lewis. if you get nervous. looks at Barney. I'm Mr. He seems a Vivian. Hmm. Shrimp fork. REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . Good. BARNEY (voice over) Don't slouch. Barney catches up with him. courtesy telephones on it. REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . and Barney has to The camera pans away and we discover Vivian talk while walking. and comes to park in front of the hotel. And sometimes there are three tines in the salad fork. still looking around him. who is standing up behind him. The camera moves back again giving a full view of the dining room. sir. sir. His A black case is finger is on the open on the table : inside a impressive dial of the phone. 48 . Uniformed waiters are setting tables behind He picks up a telephone but keeps looking around Vivian and Barney. I just want to make one call. salad fork. expecting to see Vivian waiting for him. He hardly listens to what Barney is telling him.EXTERIOR LATE AFTERNOON Edward smiles and puts down the telephone receiver which he had already put to his ear. EDWARD Oh.. The rest of the silverware is a little confusing. dinner fork. I have a message for you. He stops to look around. EDWARD Barney picks up the different forks and shows My what ? them to Vivian. Edward stops at a marble shelf with a row of She takes her elbows off the table. collection of silver cutlery. but he doesn't dial.

very elegantly styled. It potted green plants. Medium shot on Edward. but Edward is already gone. She puts her arm inside . sir. Edward looks at her without moving for a few Edward picks up his briefcase which he had put seconds... sir. Her hair also has been Intriguing.. Larger shot of the lounge. Intriguing young lady. I'm the manager. BARNEY Thompson. There BARNEY are not many people at this early time of the Of course. But Edward doesn't seem to recognize her. sir. evening... EDWARD Shall we go to dinner ? BARNEY He gives her his arm. He walks away. He takes his business card out of the pocket of his vest to give it to Edward.manager of the hotel. looks like a very 49 . She is wearing a very elegant dark- EDWARD colored cocktail dress. Edward remains pensive for a couple of seconds before answering. She doesn't look like the Vivian we were used to see. EDWARD Vivian turns What's the message ? around and looks at him. she is Vivian. The camera then follows EDWARD Edward crossing the lounge toward the bar. EDWARD Thank you.. surprise in Edward's eyes when he recognizes Vivian. Only one person is EDWARD seated on a stool at The reason I know that is that I am an only the bar. on the telephone shelf. I think we both know that she's not my niece. and then turns around and eventually notices Vivian.LOUNGE - INTERIOR NIGHT RESTAURANT «LE VOLTAIRE» . As Edward is looking the other way from the bar. She laughs. Mr. BARNEY She's waiting for you in the lounge. VIVIAN You're forgiven. Even if we see only her back. Back to Vivian still seated at the bar. Medium shot of the bar. Medium shot of Edward entering the lounge. because he keeps looking around for her. REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . BARNEY Have a good evening. She stands up from the bar and walks toward him. VIVIAN You're late. ? EDWARD You're stunning. his arm and they walk across the lounge toward the exit.INTERIOR NIGHT The lounge of the hotel is a cosy place with High angle shot of the whole restaurant. Edward walks a couple of steps toward the door. BARNEY Yes. There is a look of Miss Vivian. we guess child. comfortable armchair and soft piano music. with the bar in the background.

VIVIAN Please do so. Lewis. Edward on her left. Yes. pulls her chair. the maitre d'hotel This way. younger one is his grandson. EDWARD Mr. room and on the The men wait for gallery. EDWARD JAMES MORSE Upstairs. EDWARD VIVIAN I'm pleased to meet you both. Mr. Vivian Ward. David. She shakes hands with both men. and says. to the right. She walks away. She turns around. Lewis. exhales. They shake hands. In Vivian to be seated to sit down. EDWARD I'll do that. VIVIAN Okay. This is a friend Yeah. MAITRE D'HOTEL She stands up. Excuse me. JAMES MORSE She starts walking away. Close Up shot on a plate being laid in front of EDWARD one of the guests. VIVIAN (SOFTLY) Excuse me. Closer high angle shot of Vivian and Edward EDWARD walking toward a table Where are you going ? where two men. Morse. actually four canapés. EDWARD DAVID MORSE Shall I order for you ? Well. to Vivian's surprise. sit. but not too close to one another. I'm really glad to meet you. Morse. in a more polite tone : VIVIAN Hi. She smiles to the two other men. The older one is James «Jim» Morse and the The two Morse men smile back to her. and David in front of her. On the plate. and the three men stand up. David. right. Mr. EDWARD Stop fidgeting. with a maitre d'hotel walking in front of them. Thank you. Please. We see Edward and Vivian crossing the room. Vivian has the middle of the James Morse on her room. VIVIAN I'm going to the ladies' room. an old one and a younger one. EDWARD Mr. 50 . are already seated. She stops. but grandson is true enough. The three men sit down. I'm Jim Morse. Your party is waiting. I don't know about the fireball part. This fireball is my grandson. David Morse. Tables are scattered around the The maitre d'hotel pulls the chair for Vivian. four appetizers. Immediately. The two men stand up.expensive place. a larger table used only by the waiters. of mine.

. Close Up on the table in front of Vivian. 51 . a bit surprised by what VIVIAN she just said. Vivian looks at the snails and then at the VIVIAN waiter. His grandfather looks at him. He is happy that Vivian and James The camera moves up from the plate to the are getting along guest's face. We see the waiter's hand putting down a plate of snails in their shells. fingers and eats it. You know. company. country. then she puts it back. snail pincers. DAVID MORSE (voice over) Vivian smiles. Lewis. Who ordered this ? Edward whispers to Vivian David seems more and more annoyed by the situation with Vivian. Try it. She create a wipes something out of it before eating it. The gentleman did. Bon appétit.. but I've never been able to figure which goes with what ! EDWARD Break it up and sell off the pieces.. Lewis. if you were to get control. the salad comes at the end of the meal. and also takes the canapé with Mr. He points to the different forks around his plate. we don't think find it very hard to figure out what your real you will.should control its destiny. EDWARD THE WAITER (voice over) Uh... David ? Vivian takes one of her forks and looks at it. DAVID MORSE (voice over) Let me.. Edward smiles. but if you did. put it another way. Edward looks at David JAMES MORSE I don't know about you. ma'am. Edward is trying to mime to Vivian how to use the snail pincers. what do you plan to intentions do with the are.. These are escargot. and I thing. Edward looks at Vivian. JAMES MORSE I'm sure you'll understand I'm not thrilled at James Morse takes one of the canapés with his the idea. my grandfather believes the men who her fingers. Vivian laughs. Between your public DAVID MORSE statements and the rumors flying around on this Mr. company ? Sensing Vivian's embarrassment. and she looks a bit worried by what has been brought to her. David bends down on the table. EDWARD David smiles. It's a delicacy... Where's the salad ? David looks at Vivian. is Vivian. David seems a bit annoyed by the fact that the conversation keeps Closer shot on James Morse. uh. The guest so well. on deviating on menial subjects. DAVID MORSE (voice over) DAVID MORSE (voice over) . James Morse Vivian is trying to figure out how to work the smiles to her.. VIVIAN That's the fork I knew. there was a time when we built ships the size of cities. Men like my grandfather made this Vivian turns to Edward. It's French for snails.

but it flies away from the pincers. Morse. Carter. EDWARD No. Vivian bits in a piece of leaf that was on the table. It doesn't really matter now. catches it. I own ten million shares. I'll buy your stock back. JAMES MORSE Oh. I'm sorry too. Slippery little suckers. A ball of green ice EDWARD cream. EDWARD Mr. EDWARD I can't do that. I'm sorry. to use the snail pincers. EDWARD I doubt it. 52 . Vivian is still fighting with her snail pincers. JAMES MORSE I'm rich enough. EDWARD (voice over) At the price I'm paying for this stock. Then medium shots on sale. He passed away. in a silver cup. DAVID MORSE We will. I just want to head my shipyard. THE WAITER (smiling) JAMES MORSE It happens all the time. Morse. Both Morse gentlemen smile. JAMES MORSE I met your father. I hadn't heard. Vivian had succeeded in fitting one snail into the snail pincers. table. Does that make him proud ? James Morse looks at Edward. there. I have the franchise on that. and takes it out of her mouth. What can I do for you ? VIVIAN SMILES JAMES MORSE VIVIAN Leave my company alone. And how the hell did you pull something like that ? You got dirty politicians in your pockets now or JAMES MORSE (voice over) something ? Yeah. What's his name ? EDWARD There will be no contract. Close Up on the table in front of Vivian. makes a DAVID MORSE face. a white-hair man with a gentle face. Medium shot on the Morse gentlemen. Carter Lewis. We're getting a contract to build ten destroyers. Eventually. you asked for this meeting. And it will remain Carter.of your turning forty years of my work into your garage Medium shot on James Morse. VIVIAN The waiter. is being put down on the You don't have the money. whomever is talking. Edward looks at the waiter and then at Vivian. JAMES MORSE Close Up on Vivian's plate and her hands trying He's not quite the bastard everybody says he is. The contract is now buried in EDWARD Appropriations Committee. you are JAMES MORSE going to be a very rich man. Mr.

Lewis. Medium shot on the maitre d'hotel walking toward the waiter and whispering in his ear. Grandfather. I've heard enough of this. does 53 . JAMES MORSE I'm sure it'll be delicious. He sits down. a jacket potato sliced in two halves. He hates that he does. Edward smiles and looks at the waiter. Close Up on Vivian's plate. She spread the ketchup on her meat He walks away. Good luck. miss. Lewis. I'm gonna tear you apart. don't they ? Vivian looks around and senses that something is wrong. We see Vivian's hand pouring ketchup from the pack on her meat. Quick shots at Edward with a slight ironical VIVIAN smile on his face. and starts He stands up. I just mean it's sweet the way he's crazy about and then at Vivian. Mr. just the two. David slams his napkin on the table He makes a sign to the waiters who were wondering about the DAVID MORSE missing guests. THE WAITER (voice over) Yes. JAMES MORSE (voice over) it ? Easy. and Vivian. Rich people throw their napkins a lot. No. easy. JAMES MORSE I'd better join my grandson. Vivian takes out a little ketchup sealed pack. VIVIAN It's ketchup. sir. him. but he does. VIVIAN He seems like a nice man. his grandson thinks he's a relic. The waiter nods his head toward Vivian. as found in fast food restaurants. where there are a piece of meat. yes. Vivian looks more and more embarrassed. with her fork. I'm sorry. I've gotta get some EDWARD air. David. his grandson. EDWARD I guess three thousand dollars does not buy The waiter smiles. You two enjoy your dinner. From her purse. calm down. EDWARD EDWARD Yes. a cob Edward stands up. sir. it was a great pleasure to meet you. and some salad. tearing it open. looking embarrassed. Calm down. JAMES MORSE Watch out. Close Up on Vivian's plate. He stands up and walks away. The maitre d'hotel walks away. James Morse comes close to of corn. EDWARD I look forward to it. I do. Edwards looks at her and smiles. Lewis plays hardball. Oh. JAMES MORSE Two waiters puts down plates in front of Edward Mr. bobbing his head in a deprecating EDWARD manner. Vivian. loyalty.

LIVING ROOM . Close Up on Vivian's bare feet putting on leather slippers. Vivian.EXTERIOR NIGHT VIVIAN It's making you nervous ? What if I just leaned back a Edward. I'm serious. I think. Vivian sits down on the balustrade of the EDWARD (voice over) terrace. Come. no hands ! Okay. PENTHOUSE ..TERRACE . all right. Vivian walks toward him. VIVIAN It's really high. Morse. VIVIAN I mean. EDWARD What I would like is for you to get down from VIVIAN (voice over) there. is little bit like this ? seated at the entrance of the terrace... Didn't say much in the car on the way home. French window. You thinking VIVIAN about dinner ? I was a maniac. sir. and waves them up in the VIVIAN air.. sir. I think you liked Mr. He looks down at the feet of his chair.INTERIOR NIGHT Edward points his finger toward Vivian. the business was good.LIVING ROOM . I'm not looking. doesn't want to let it go. VIVIAN Haven't they ever seen ketchup before ? VIVIAN The problem is. EDWARD Thanks for the recap.INTERIOR NIGHT Medium shot of the terrace seen from the open French window. PENTHOUSE . still wearing his jacket and tie. the back of his chair against the open She starts leaning back a little.EXTERIOR NIGHT PENTHOUSE . The waiter walks away to get the check. Please come down. VIVIAN THE WAITER He's in trouble. Look. Would you. I'm sorry.LIVING ROOM . You know THE WAITER ? Yes. She takes her hands off the balustrade. 54 . you said you never come out here. He Yes. still wearing her VIVIAN cocktail dress. I'm only halfway out. Would you rescue me if I fell ? VIVIAN EDWARD Edward.TERRACE . The terrace seen from the open French window. You want his company. Check. EDWARD Not in this building. You're Edward ? making me very nervous.INTERIOR NIGHT PENTHOUSE . no hands. PENTHOUSE . EDWARD Well. please.

I wasn't there when he died. Vivian. not with me. Vivian looks embarrassed. of course. you don't get involved. I just do it.EXTERIOR NIGHT VIVIAN It's like what you're saying : You stay numb. except with you. I tell you what. EDWARD VIVIAN I'm going downstairs for a while. EDWARD Look. money. 'cause I got an idea. I'm like a robot. The terrace seen from the open French window. Edward is smiling. EDWARD The truth is. Be still like vegetables. I'll be back. That's why no kissing.LIVING ROOM . «Don't get kneels down beside his chair. VIVIAN Well.INTERIOR NIGHT EDWARD 55 . EDWARD PENTHOUSE . Close Shot of Edward and Vivian.She sits back and holds the balustrade with both I hadn't spoken to him in fourteen and a half hands. Vivian sighs and smiles. When I'm with a guy. We'll just veg out in Edward looks at her with an ironical smile on front of the TV. We'll do broccoli tomorrow. Vivian drops down from the balustrade.TERRACE .. die ? VIVIAN EDWARD Where are you going ? Last month. She stands I was sorry to hear about your dad. VIVIAN Yeah. it really is totally irrelevant VIVIAN whether I Do you want to talk about this ? like this man or not.INTERIOR NIGHT I will not let myself become emotionally involved in business.LIVING ROOM . We both screw people for He stands up.. EDWARD PENTHOUSE . You and I are such similar creatures. PENTHOUSE . Oh.EXTERIOR NIGHT No. Lay like EDWARD broccoli. years. I'll tell you what.TERRACE . When did he up. VIVIAN Let's watch old movies all night. walks VIVIAN toward Edward and I know. VIVIAN He strokes her chin very delicately. It's too personal. Do you miss him ? PENTHOUSE . EDWARD «Veg out» ? VIVIAN I mean. emotional when you turn tricks». his face. Kit's always saying to me.

Edward stops playing. He takes her by the arm and Full shot of the room. actually plays live on the piano in that sequence. In front of stamp. EDWARD I only play for strangers. from which piano music is Regina (played by Audrey Hepburn) is talking coming out. Thank you very much. would you mind leaving us. uh. just give me the see a stage with music stands on it. whatever your The actor Richard Gere. Regina throws her arms around Peter's neck Closer shot on Edward playing the piano. wearing a white bathrobe. Vivian walks slowly toward the piano. Peter. with Peter (played by Cary Grant). Lewis. Dennis «Charade». The camera moves back and we see the back of the sofa. EDWARD Close Up on Vivian's hand putting the remote Thank you. have you seen him down there anywhere ? VIVIAN I was getting lonely upstairs all by myself. who was filling the composed the piece he is playing. Vivian leans on the Hi. Vivian arm holding the walks closer to the piano. don't change the subject. revealing Gentlemen. The cleaning crew some stirring in the sofa. She picks up the telephone next to the sofa. the elevator. It EDWARD opens. Later in the night. Mr. More. Medium shot on the cleaning crew listening to Four other pictures. in shirtsleeves. he The picture from the film. REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . appears in each corner of the TV screen. where. is playing on a concert piano. In PETER (voice over from the TV) the background. She stops behind Edward and folds her arms. There is Full shot of the room. and. who plays the character name is. Adam.MUSIC LOUNGE - REGINA (voice over from the TV) INTERIOR NIGHT Did you say marriage license ? Full shot of the room. and putting her hand through her hair. here. whole TV screen. the stage. DAY Medium shot on the door of the elevator. VIVIAN Medium shot on Vivian. The cleaning crew is guides her away from leaving the room. the door of a room. Alex. The guy that was piano. I love you. REGINA (voice over from the TV) Oh. from four other films. we Now. of Edward. I'm in the penthouse. remote control and pressing on a button. and presses a button on the telephone set. I didn't know you played. at this time of the Close Up on the TV screen. him while working. They cross the lobby. there are scene of the film only uniformed maids cleaning the place. please ? Dennis. Edward. Vivian in her white bathrobe. VIVIAN Closer shot on the piano. suddenly becomes a smaller one in the center of the TV screen. directed in 1963 by musical comedy guides Vivian to actor Stanley Donen. REGINA (voice over from the TV) Oh.LOBBY . Brian. The TV shuts off.INTERIOR Edward turns around. I love you. We see the closing night. the elevator attendant. which is very dark. behind him. REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . 56 . control down next to a clock that says three o'clock. and we see Vivian's applauds Edward.

being pulled. but the We hear the piano key being pounded. We hear Wasn't as much fun as I thought it was gonna be. Edward looks up and starts untying Vivian's VIVIAN bathrobe belt. see the daylight coming on Vivian's face. Edward grabs her. Edward ties his shoelaces. The bathrobe has fallen down on the piano. All right ? Vivian's belly. He wants to kiss her. Edward spreads Vivian's EDWARD legs apart. Vivian wakes up. We hear the piano keys as they are Now. and we 57 . Edward strokes her hair. EDWARD but she moves away. and sits her on the VIVIAN piano. while Edward is having sex with her. EDWARD (voice over) Wake up. Medium shot. I guess so. Time to shop. Edward sits on the bed. Vivian is still wearing her cocktail dress. Edward looks very surprised. Edward grabs Vivian by the waist and sets her in EDWARD front of him. and kisses him on the VIVIAN neck. her hand on his hair. VIVIAN Edward has a MasterCard in his hand. EDWARD Thank you. We hear the curtains People are looking at me. giving us a full shot Medium full shot of Edward and Vivian crossing of the entire room. Under Oh ! More shopping.EXTERIOR DAY The camera slowly moves away from the piano. and Vivian turns around to face him. so she doesn't look like a prostitute any more. wearing regular woman's shoes. Vivian is still wearing her blue very short skirt. if you have any trouble using this card. the street. the bathrobe. Vivian.INTERIOR DAY VIVIAN Vivian is asleep in bed. scratch her head and looks around her. Vivian takes the card and sits up in bed. and the upper half of her body is covered by a white camera goes down shirt. I'm surprised you didn't buy more than one dress VIVIAN yesterday. the piano keys being pounded by Vivian's feet. she puts her head into his neck.BEDROOM . Why not ? Eventually. RODEO DRIVE . Vivian nods «Yes». waist and with the sleeves rolled back on her making a fade-out to arms. PENTHOUSE . Edward puts his forehead on call the hotel. knotted at the behind some unspecified piece of furniture. Vivian lies down on the piano. He shows it People always do what you tell them to do ? to Vivian. looks down at him. and squeezes himself between those Mean to you ? open legs. lifts her. with a strange expression in her eyes. EDWARD Mm-hmm. holding hands. She is also black screen. Close Up shot on Vivian's face. pounded by have them Vivian's buttocks. Close Up on Vivian's face as Edward lifts her dress up. They were mean to me.

. Oh. I'm saying we have many pedestrians. That's what we really like. 58 . Hollister understand he has made a blunder. them : he is Mr. Edward takes Hollister's elbow and walks slightly away. who seems a little EDWARD embarrassed.. May I help you ? Vivian smiles behind Edward. EDWARD You see this young lady over here ? VIVIAN The stores are not nice to people. I'll tell Hollister. no ! No... HOLLISTER EDWARD Yes. EDWARD Excuse me. Edward is holding Vivian's hand.INTERIOR DAY HOLLISTER .we knew from the first. So we're going to need a lot more Yes ? help sucking up to us. VIVIAN HOLLISTER All right. They're looking at me. HOLLISTER Sir. HOLLISTER I am Mr. and I think we can all agree with that. Edward Lewis. That's the point I was getting at. if I may say so. They're nice to credit cards. no. Edward shakes hand with him. EDWARD Okay. Stores are never nice to people. EDWARD They're not looking at you. EDWARD Get rid of your gum. yes. you why. the manager. One of things as them jumps up. yes. the manager of the store. it. Edward pulls her by the hand and they enter an expensive clothing store.. Hollister. sir. I don't believe you did that. We're going to be spending an obscene amount of EDWARD money in here. Medium shot of Vivian and Edward standing near a hanging rail full of dresses.. beautiful as she would want them to be. you're in the right store and the EDWARD right city for that matter. HOLLISTER Ah. stop fidgeting. no. They now walk on the sidewalk. A young well-dressed man approaches We're gonna need a few more people helping us. as she is ? Vivian puts her head on Edward's shoulder. I don't like Vivian joins the two men with a broad smile. You know what we're gonna need here ? CLOTHING STORE . EDWARD That's why when you came in. EDWARD Do you have anything in this shop as beautiful He stops walking and Vivian also stops. almost hitting two female Oh. HOLLISTER She spits her gum. You understand that.

Vivian smiles. see it ! Hollister sits down near Vivian and a saleswoman He stands up. Bring it out. sir. In the background. but a powerful man. Really offensive. Medium shot of Vivian seated in a comfortable armchair with a catalogue on her laps and Hollister kneeling at EDWARD her side. we can do. Okay ? Edward takes the phone to his ear. looking Okay. Lewis. girls. Slightly later. sir. and Hollister walks away. Tovah. Hollister walks toward Edward. A saleswoman put a black hat on Vivian's head. He dials Edward makes a face and nods «No». puts the catalogue away. In the forefront. uh. I like him so much ! Get ready to have some fun. Mr. ? Pretty Hollister walks toward Edward. Mary Kate. you were HOLLISTER someone to reckon with. but we don't understand the Mr. sir. She puts it on Vivian's laps. Mary Francis. Hollister makes a sign with his hand. Vivian points to the dress and looks at in her hands. HOLLISTER HOLLISTER Anything you see here. drinking THE SALESWOMAN coffee. this is absolutely divine. about ? Just profane or really offensive ? Later. Edward Edward.. I think we need some major sucking up. Medium shot on Edward behind the counter. on the telephone. In the Oh. is coming from the other side. Lewis. let's Edward smiles and nods «Yes». is standing behind a counter with a cordless telephone in his hand. A saleswoman is running toward brings a grey Vivian with a dress dress. Edward is standing near the counter. by the way. She has a very bright red dress in her hand and she looks at Full shot of the store. HOLLISTER Come on. I could see the second you walked in here. who Edward. Exactly how obscene an amount of money were you talking 59 . Edward makes a face and a «So-So» sign with his hand. The music stops. we HOLLISTER hear female voices. We hear the orchestral music from the title song : «Pretty Woman» VIVIAN Vivian is still seated on her armchair. You're not only handsome. well. at all the clothes that the saleswomen are bringing to her. Another saleswoman. how's it going so far words. also with a dress in her hand. HOLLISTER Mary Pat. we see Vivian surrounded by saleswomen. background. I think. HOLLISTER EDWARD Excuse me. EDWARD HOLLISTER Yeah ? Very well..

sir. Not me.Edward has put the coffee cup down and has taken get the money ? the telephone again.A. with a grey shirt telephone. Where's he gonna 60 . HOLLISTER CLOTHING STORE . Edward. Morse is gonna raise your offer. Edward. I'll be in the office in an hour. He points toward the group of saleswomen EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L. wearing a black short dress. word's all You look over the street.INTERIOR DAY Yes.A.INTERIOR DAY EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L. ladies ? CLOTHING STORE . employees. PHILIP EDWARD Oh. Slightly later. he is a tough old bird. Pretty Woman». Her. EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L. He turns toward Hollister. performed by Roy Orbison. surrounded by two saleswomen.PHILIP'S ROOM - INTERIOR DAY Edward gives his credit card to Vivian. PHILIP I don't know.A. underneath. uh.INTERIOR DAY Hollister. HOLLISTER I'm sorry. Close shot of Edward on the phone.PHILIP'S ROOM - INTERIOR DAY LYRICS EDWARD (voice over on the phone) Pretty woman walking down the street. She has my card. INTERIOR DAY EDWARD (voice over on the phone) Find out who it is.. I'm sorry. great ! He walks toward the exit of the store. HOLLISTER How we doing. . I think he's throwing in EDWARD with the Hollister. sir. He knows the navy contracts are stalled. Vivian.. Vivian Philip sits down behind his desk and talks into is now dressed in a the hand-free very elegant brown suit. . HOLLISTER PHILIP (voice over on the phone) And we'll help her use it. PHILIP He walks away from Edward and toward the group Yeah. sir. EDWARD EDWARD He still needs someone to underwrite the paper. Where the hell are you ? The You're on your own.PHILIP'S ROOM - surrounding Vivian. EDWARD He's countering ? We hear the song «Oh. (LAUGHING) God. . He. I have to go back to work. of saleswomen. and near CLOTHING STORE . You got it. okay. is dancing on the rhythm of the music. pal. with Vivian trying on new EDWARD clothes in the background. He presses a button on the telephone set to cut the call.

by some snobbish Take off the tie. HOLLISTER LYRICS Would you give her the tie ? Pretty woman Yeah. LYRICS No one could look as good as you. But Vivian seems very happy about the pizza.Vivian comes out of a dressing cubicle. Who ordered pizza ? Vivian. wearing a light pink suit. talk a while. carrying a large Close Up shot of Vivian's back putting a beige pizza in an open silk blouse on. saleswomen.INTERIOR DAY The tie ? We are back inside the boutique. Pretty woman give your smile to me. LYRICS HOLLISTER I don't believe you. Men turn their head to look at her. from which Vivian was very rudely HOLLISTER ejected. whirls round. RODEO DRIVE . screen. Another department of the store : the shoe The camera moves away from the parasol. wearing a brown dress with white dots. Vivian. Pretty woman. The volume of the music goes back up. Vivian appears on the wearing a white suit with thin vertical stripes. and department. The parasol moves away from us and whirls round. The camera backs up away from Vivian. long white shoes. and a gloves. THE SALESMAN BOUTIQUE . looks at some pieces of lingerie. Vivian smiles and looks at the necktie worn by the salesman. Pretty He would go crazy about this tie. certainly full of clothes. the day before. bit Japanese. Close Up of Vivian's leg putting hoses on. You're not the truth. He really wants to do this. wearing a black sweater HOLLISTER and brown pants. VIVIAN Edward would love that tie. 61 . Hollister is kneeling beside her. woman. we discovers we are back on Rodeo Drive. yeah. wearing a white blouse. LYRICS VIVIAN Pretty woman the kind I like to meet. we see Vivian walking on the sidewalk. A saleswoman walks toward them. She is wearing a very elegant white is surrounded by suit. THE SALESMAN The tie. and a black hat. LYRICS The volume of the music goes down. Through the shop window. LYRICS Pretty woman. looking a Vivian. Hollister looks worried. Mercy. Give her the tie. cardboard box. carrying several bags.EXTERIOR DAY Vivian. He starts taking off his tie. She stops and looks inside the boutique. stop a while. by the way. Close Up on a white parasol with flowers printed on it. yeah. and we notice she is Hollister turns toward his salesman. salesman is helping her try a new pair of shoes.

Suddenly he sees her. VIVIAN Big mistake.LOBBY . SALESWOMAN # 2 REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . right ? SALESWOMAN # 1 VIVIAN Uh. I'm sorry. VIVIAN You work on commission. LYRICS Pretty woman.INTERIOR DAY VIVIAN I was in here yesterday. one uniformed male and one female. Saleswoman # 2 walks toward her. gives the money to the uniformed attendant. reaches Barney. Apparently. She walks away. The attendant smiles. Medium shot. Vivian has put the bags she was carrying on the table. leaving the saleswoman with a very surprised look on her face. Behind him Vivian walks in. takes some money out of it. Vivian shows her all the bags she is carrying. but has kept her purse. bags. The volume of the music goes back up. behind him. until it ejected Vivian from the boutique. Saleswoman # 1 was Pretty woman don't walk on by. walking behind the uniformed attendant. The camera moves from the window to the street door of the boutique. 62 . the saleswoman doesn't recognize this very elegant woman as being the one she was rude to the day before. and immediately stops talking to his employees. Pretty woman don't make me cry. You wouldn't wait on me.. The volume of the music goes down. who is LYRICS working on a hanging rail. look my way.. yes. Big. SALESWOMAN # 1 LYRICS Hello. Wait. as Vivian enters the shop. LYRICS Pretty woman. The saleswoman has a broad smile. He has not noticed Vivian yet. say you'll stay with me. SALESWOMAN # 1 She opens it. toward the elevator. VIVIAN Do you remember me ? Reverse angle shot of Vivian's back. talking to two of his employees.LIVING ROOM . carrying VIVIAN Vivian's shopping No. smiling. Pretty woman. LYRICS Don't walk away. VIVIAN because she is coming Hi. a vey elegant black leather item. No. hey. PENTHOUSE . SALESWOMAN # 1 Reverse angle shot on Barney. Thank you. the one who actually The camera moves across the lobby. Huge ! I have to go shopping now. thank you. the managers. Vivian keeps on walking until she reaches Saleswoman # 1. who helped her carry her shopping bags.INTERIOR May I help you ? DAY A uniformed attendant enters the lobby. and Oh.

PHILIP So. and now he puts a third one on top of the two other ones. Boardwalk. means a lot more to them than our friend. excuse me for saying this. The modern building. Plymouth Trust. number above the main entrance says «333». EDWARD Yeah. EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L. to secure a loan from PHILIP the bank. Vivian takes her hat EDWARD off and falls into Hmm. MAN (voice over) Mister Lewis. LYRICS Oh. We don't understand everything they are saying. You were right about Morse. oh. a very tepid reaction from Edward. where Edward's office in L. Mr. that your business End of the music. pretty woman.MEETING ROOM - INTERIOR DAY PHILIP Edward. Jake. Wh- What's the point ? He sits down next to Edward. He stands up.A. is located. So. huh ? PHILIP 63 . two- thirty. EDWARD PHILIP Blocks. Morse. EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L.. He just takes a small glass and puts it in front of him on the table. hell is smiling to the men of wrong with you this week ? Are you giving Morse his team around him. right down to his underwear.EXTERIOR DAY all you gotta do is call the bank. EDWARD (voice over) Gentlemen. The He puts his hands on the telephone. He mortgaged everything he owns. PHILIP They all go out. Still. Phil. set something up with Blair. A blonde secretary joins the Phil ? leaving group. Edward sits down. Erector sets.A. PHILIP He puts a fourth glass on top of the other ones. let's finish this up this afternoon. We hear male voices over. So. leaving Edward and Philip What ? alone. The attendant walks away. We don't make anything. get away ? Philip is trying to herd all his assistants out of the room. . Edward seems to be very pensive. o'clock. huh ? EDWARD You know what I used to love when I was a kid. would be good. Edward has put another glass on top of the first one. PHILIP Fellas. Around two Philip sighs. He moves to his chair at a chance to the meeting table. PHILIP And it's not just any bank.A. an armchair.. I liked Monopoly. Building blocks. it goes without saying. . but what the Edward is standing up with his briefcase. EDWARD We don't build anything. Park Place. Philip looks at Edward with a worried look.

I'm handing it to faucet. my name is Mr. PENTHOUSE . Vivian puts the washcloth down on the edge of the tub. around her neck. We hear some soft easy took his money with him. to fit inside the It's what you said you wanted. She is wearing black shoes. EDWARD Nice tie.LIVING ROOM . Lights appear on the Then he divorced my mother to be with another amplifier screen. but she seems to be EDWARD (voice over) almost naked. VIVIAN I got it for you. And he sign says «102. «I was very angry noticing Vivian.. Vivian's hand sets the volume a little higher. She puts the end of the tie on the table : it is the tie she took from EDWARD the salesman in the It cost me ten thousands dollars in therapy to store. and then closing. Let's bathtub. music. Edward. 64 . We make money. been set for a dinner for two. dear ? Edward stops and looks at her. puts her feet up on the table. VIVIAN How was your day. I was very angry with him. A woman. I bought it. Medium shot of the tub seen from the foot of the We hear a door opening. We see her from the back. you.. on one of the chair by the table. Close Up on a big Hi-Fi tuner-amplifier. Edward crosses the room.whose family was extremely wealthy.. and married my father. I do it very well. It's time for the Close Up on Edward naked chest floating in the kill. Call the bank ! hand is rubbing a washcloth on the chest. Well. EDWARD (voice over) Edward looks up at Philip. Edward just smiles but doesn't pick up the phone. without apparently don't I ? I'll say it again. Vivian is seated with the sponge. EDWARD (voice over) . We see Vivian's hand EDWARD setting the power on. Her legs are spread open and her knees comes out of the water PENTHOUSE . I sold it off piece by piece..INTERIOR NIGHT on either side of Edward's body. She takes a Medium shot on a table.. EDWARD Hello.INTERIOR NIGHT EDWARD Close up shot on the bathtub faucet. except for what looks like a tie And then she died. and Edward smiles.. with him». and the thumb of the foot trying this deal. my mother was a music teacher. Vivian tub.BATHROOM . He moves the telephone toward Edward. Vivian laughs. We see My father was president of the third company I Vivian's foot reaching ever took over. Three candlesticks with lighted red candles in Close Up shot on Edward's chest. Vivian rubs it them are also set on the table. on which everything has sponge. PHILIP Morse's jugular is exposed. We worked for a year on for the faucet. The camera moves slowly around the bathtub.70 Mhz». I'm very angry with my father. say that sentence : «I was very angry with him». VIVIAN I would've been angry at the ten thousands dollars. Vivian's finish this. Lewis. Medium shot on Vivian lying in the tub with Edward lying on top of her.

She's also wearing a very elegant beige the shot. ANNOUNCER (voice over from the P. Medium shot of spectators watching the game. well-dressed. we're not going back in the car. and horses galloping. A couple approaches FADE TO : Philip and Elizabeth.. Full shot of the field.. They all shake hands.three thousands dollars. Edward is hear an air-horn wearing a very elegant light-grey suit. to be used as a tablecloth to therapy. EDWARD 65 .) .) This is Bill Fricker with Gwen Olsen.. Philip is Did I mention my leg is 44 inches from hip to carrying a basket and Elisabeth is carrying a toe.. people sitting in folding chairs and picnicking. And Edward is wearing the Then a mallet comes necktie Vivian gave down and strikes the ball away.. EDWARD He said I was cured. They are all very Edward takes Vivian's hand in his. We car. ANNOUNCER (voice over from the P. What'd the shrink say ? Full shot of the players on the field.. Philip and his wife Elizabeth are crossing the VIVIAN lawn. of. ANNOUNCER (voice over from the P. PHILIP Watch where you're walking. . him. Larger shot of the couple. VIVIAN What if someone recognizes me ? We hear the announcer on the Public Address.A.A.) Ebersol of the Falcons passes to Kennan. picnic on it.wrapped around you for the bargain price something. Now the camera has come near the faucet. That must've made you happy. so. showing VIVIAN the horses coming toward us.. I don't like the ants. PHILIP Hello. we're talking about 88 inches of printed cloth. if you step VIVIAN in . because. and blowing. large piece of basically. Yeah. Have you seen Edward anywhere ? LOS ANGELES EQUESTRIAN CENTER .. We see the hat with a ribbon hooves of several horses approaching the ball. with the camera on ground level. She brings her feet up and wraps her legs around Edward's you play-by-play of this marvelous VIVIAN charity event. Medium shot on horse-backed players galloping on the field. PHILIP VIVIAN Not too near the tree. Well. so you got even. matching her dress..EXTERIOR DAY Medium shot on Edward and Vivian standing near a Close Up shot on the lawn of the polo field. and evidently belong to the upper class of society.A. Full shot of a lawn used as a parking lot with car parked among Medium shot of Edward and Vivian in the tub. Vivian is wearing the brown dress with white dots that we've seen her buy on Rodeo The small polo white ball is in the middle of Drive. Polo players are galloping in the background. Elizabeth is ready to set the cloth at the foot EDWARD & VIVIAN (together) of a tree...

On the other side of the platform. Vivian joins Edward behind On the platform. the camera lets the two gentlemen go on their way EDWARD and stops on a group Well done. He takes her hand and drags her behind him GRETCHEN EDWARD Uh. Edward the announcer. a young one and and older one. two well-dressed gentlemen. 66 . who turns around to EDWARD look at her. The couple claps their hands and camera follows yell to support them around a platform with a canopy above it. The behind them. Hmm. who Boulevard. In the Come on. Not likely. and walks behind him. eligible bachelor. VIVIAN GWEN You did. are watching the game. Medium shot on the couple. two very elegant Vivian claps her hands louder than Edward. Edward's our most Okay.A. aged couple is seated on two chairs and looks at the game. Penalty on that play. she's just being testy. Hold on. You look like a lady. Everybody is trying to land him. Edward. Let go. I'm not trying to land him. I'm just using him for sex. to grab her hands behind EDWARD her back.) Medium shot on the edge of the field. GWEN So. On the edge of the field. Vivian looks a little disturbed by what Gwen just said. class society. Edward is standing The two gentlemen walk away from the field. have made marrying well an art form. EDWARD All right. ANNOUNCER (voice over from the P. sitting at a table in front of a microphone. Close shot on the players on the field. when Gretchen is standing at the foot of the VIVIAN platform. They don't spend too much time on This is Gwen and Gretchen. you're the flavor of the month. The two last ones are the Olsen sisters. Don't fidget and smile. She makes a broad smile. their favorite team. You look great. whoo. background. a waiter is working on a buffet table. Let go. Whoo. microphone. of four people : Edward.A. whoo ! Close shot on the couple. She eventually let him take her hands. is claps his hands. A middle- Toquenee is on Kennan. known then yells with to be the gossip champions of Los Angeles upper wide movements of her hand. ANNOUNCER (voice over from the P. Well. the couple. Gwen is seated on a chair on the platform. and blonde women. a white-haired gentleman. the infamous Olsen Hollywood sisters. Gretchen laughs. next to the announcer. She walks away. You're She turns back to the man seated in front of the gonna have a wonderful time. He puts his hands around Vivian's waist. She makes a face. Be back in just a second. Gwen and Gretchen.) VIVIAN Humboldt's coming around to this side. Well done. Vivian. Vivian nods her head and answers Gretchen with a sardonic tone. He walks away and Vivian remains with the Olsen EDWARD sisters.

) PHILIP Falcons. my God ! It's Tate Whitley Wallington. We see the legs of a Oh.A. Philip. ladies and gentlemen. Among that. PHILIP PHILIP Excuse me. This is my wife. He's all right. I want you to meet a new friend of mine. why don't you Medium shot on a group of spectators under an start with open tent. Vivian shakes hands with Philip. Elizabeth. Who is he ? PHILIP Ah. Over here. EDWARD He's my lawyer. ANNOUNCER (voice over from the P. He walks away. We hear an air-horn blowing noisily.) ELIZABETH That's the chukker. Vivian. VIVIAN Elizabeth. EDWARD Me too. He shakes hands with Philip. good to see you. Did you notice Senator Adams is here ? Larger shot on another open tent across the lawn from the other one. Larger shot on the field with the horses The two men and Vivian watch her go. horse galloping on the She runs after Tate. and a glass of Champagne in his hand. EDWARD A very elegant blonde lady walks toward them and Yeah. Sort of an aerobics queen. Vivian. PHILIP Edward. Elizabeth turns around to look at her. VIVIAN You could freeze ice on his wife's ass. four. field. I asked him. He leaves the group. PHILIP That is why I have pledged my eternal love to you. with sunglasses on his nose. Tate ! It's me. Okay ? them. hi.A. then with Elizabeth. Philip Stuckey. ANNOUNCER (voice over from the P. from Workout World. ELIZABETH Close Up on the field. Gems. Close shot on Edward and Vivian PHILIP Well. let me get you something to drink. VIVIAN ELIZABETH Business mingling ? It's always a pleasure meeting one of Edward's girls. Philip comes in and joins his wife. EDWARD Phil. Edward ! I'll be right back. Tell me again why we're here. then away from them. galloping on it. seven. EDWARD Business. Feel the burns. He gives his Champagne glass to Vivian. Mmm ! Edward walks in with Vivian. Vivian Ward. Well. EDWARD Mm-hmm. VIVIAN Real genuine guy. 67 .

You heard her. The stomping of the divots.

EDWARD Close Up on a very elegant high-heel shoe
Maybe we'll try that later. putting a divot back in

VIVIAN Medium full shot of the announcer's platform.
Are these people your friends ? The white-haired
gentleman is sitting at the table on the
platform, with Gwen at
his side. But he is not talking in the
EDWARD microphone. Another bearded
I spend time with them, yeah. man, standing in front of the platform, is
talking in a wireless
microphone. In front of the platform, people are
walking under the
VIVIAN white ribbon to go on the field.
Well, no wonder.

EDWARD This is a time-honored tradition, ladies and
No wonder what ? gentlemen.

Medium full shot of Philip, alone in front of a
VIVIAN row of empty white
No wonder why you came looking for me. folding chairs, sneezing and blowing his nose
into a white
Medium shot on the announcer's platform. Gwen
Olsen is speaking in
the microphone. ANNOUNCER (voice over from the P.A.)
As old as the game of polo itself.

GWEN Long high-angle shot of the field, where the
And I do need some help from you ladies and guests are stomping
gentlemen in the divots.
the audience.

Close shot on Vivian, without her hat, stomping
Medium shot on a group of spectators, who are the divots and
walking under the smiling.
white ribbon which separates the audience from
the polo field.
ANNOUNCER (voice over from the P.A.)
Kings and queens used to do this.
GWEN (voice over from the P.A.)
We need you to help replace some of the divots
out here on Medium shot on Elizabeth, with a glass of
the grass. Champagne in hand,
talking to Edward

Medium shot on guests seated around a table.
They all stand up,
some still carrying their glass of Champagne. ELIZABETH
She's sweet, Edward.

GWEN (voice over from the P.A.)
So come on out now. Back on Vivian, stomping the divots.
ELIZABETH (voice over)
Wherever did you find her ?
Medium full shot on the field. All those very
elegant people from
the upper class society, with their glass of Back on Edward and Elizabeth.
Champagne in hand,
stomps, with their feet, on the divots on the

ANNOUNCER (voice over from the P.A.) 976-BABE.
Come on ! Come on, folks.

Elizabeth looks a bit surprised by Edward's
Close shot on the feet of the guests, stomping joke.
on the divots.

Back on Vivian stomping the divots. Edward joins
ANNOUNCER (voice over from the P.A.) her.


ANNOUNCER (voice over from the P.A.)
Only one word of advice : Avoid the steaming
divot !
How are you ?
Medium shot of Philip, seated on a chair, and
looking at Vivian
and Edward.
I'm okay.
Back to Vivian and Edward stomping the divots.
Vivian laughs very
loudly, and Edward takes her in his arms. David looks at the hat Vivian is holding

Close shot on Philip, who seemed worried by what
he sees. DAVID MORSE
I thought that was you. I like this hat.

Medium full shot of Vivian seated on the trunk
of a red
convertible car. Her hat is on the trunk near VIVIAN
her. A man takes one It's new.
of Vivian's shoes off to clean it. A woman is
standing near the
car, watching the scene. Medium shot on Philip watching Vivian talking
with David Morse.
His wife Elizabeth joins him.

No, it's all part of the game of polo. You get DAVID MORSE (voice over)
to have your Yeah ?
shoes polished by a member of the club.

VIVIAN (voice over)
He looks at a dirty spot on the shoe. Yeah !

I think I got something in the car that will What are you looking at ?
buff that up.
He walks away with the shoe.

Edward's date.
Thank you.
Reverse angle shot on what Philip sees : David
and Vivian talking
Medium shot on David Morse walking toward together, seen from a distance. We can't hear
Vivian. He is wearing what they are
his polo player outfit : red shirt, with the saying.
name of his team
«L.A. Gems» and his number in the team «2», and
white pants. He is ELIZABETH (voice over)
holding his helmet, his leather gloves and his I'm going for a ride with the Ritter's in their
riding crops in one new car.
hand. Okay, hon ?

Back on Philip. Elizabeth gives Philip a kiss on
DAVID MORSE the cheek
Vivian, hi. David Morse.

Medium shot of Vivian, still seated on the car. PHILIP
She smiles. The Uh-huh.
woman, who was talking with her, walks away.

Elizabeth understands that Philip has not heard
a word of what she
THE WOMAN just said.
Excuse me.

Vivian takes her hat, jumps from the car down on ELIZABETH
the ground, and Philip, I'm going to rip off all my clothes and
walks toward David. do a naked
belly dance for the polo players.


Why do you want to know ?

Have fun. PHILIP
Now just hear me out on this, okay ? I've known
you a long
Elizabeth walks away, looking a bit furious. time. I... I see some differences in you this
week, like
the tie, and, uh... I'm wondering if maybe this
Back on Vivian and David, as watched by Philip. girl isn't
They are now the difference, especially when I see her
standing in front of David's horse, held by a talking to David
young blonde girl. Morse.

Come meet my horse, Vivian. Different angle medium shot showing, behind
Edward's back, Vivian
to David in the background. Edward turns around
to look at them.
Well, Edward's waiting for me. I don't want
to... Medium close shot on Edward looking at Vivian,
and Philip, looking
at Edward, with an inquisitive expression in his
Come on. He's right here.
Closer shot on David and Vivian talking together
near the horse,
still held by the young girl.
Okay, I'll... Just for a second, though.
EDWARD (voice over)
I introduced them at dinner the other night.
She walks toward the horse, looking back to PHILIP (voice over)
watch for Edward. So what ? Now they're best friends ?

Back on Edward and Philip talking together.
I didn't know you were playing today.

Medium shot of Philip and Edward walking between I mean, this girl appears from out of nowhere.
the stands. Now she's
talking to a guy whose company we're trying to
buy. That's
a little convenient, don't you think ?
Uh... I was asking for directions. There she
Don't be ridiculous.

Oh, so you just ran into her ? That's great,
Jesus ! PHILIP
Edward, how... how do you know that this girl...
attached herself to you because she's bringing
PHILIP information
So anyway, what does she do ? Does she... does back to Morse ? This happens ! Industrial
she work ? espionage...

They stop walking in front of a stand, where
waiters are pouring EDWARD
Champagne for the guests. Phil, Phil, Phil ! Phil, listen to me.

She's in sales. What ?

Sales ? That's terrific. That's good. What does She's not a spy. She is a hooker.
she sell ?



Listen. But don't worry : you're EDWARD secret is I'm sorry I told you. EDWARD Senator. I hope the information I gave you was masters her helpful. ELIZABETH (voice over) Back on Edward with the senator. maybe.. Vivian stops smiling. sure. your car. Why not ? SENATOR ADAMS We sense that Vivian feels like crying. and thank you for it. PHILIP Must be quite a change from Hollywood Boulevard. emotions and looks at Philip. absolutely. it's still bogged down. He touches her bare arm with his sunglasses. Philip walks behind her. Vivian ? EDWARD Yes. you are. PHILIP Oh ! SENATOR ADAMS No. you and I could get together sometime. but she Thank you. He snorts. is there ? 71 . He puts the tip of his fingers on her bare EDWARD (voice over) shoulder. you're the only millionaire I ever She stops smiling and shows a very sad and heard of. There's no change. Philip ! Philip turns around to look at his wife. PHILIP Oh. Senator Adams. Edward walks to him and shakes his hand. Edward walks toward Senator Adams. She is smiling. PHILIP Oh. In Medium shot on Vivian.. worried face. man ! VIVIAN Yeah.. I picked her up on Hollywood Boulevard. yes. yes. PHILIP Having a nice time. with her hat in her hand. hmm ? face. Edward told me. PHILIP Back on Philip. VIVIAN Yeah. uh. who is calling him.. Medium shot on the Senator.. Philip laughs. Then he EDWARD walks away.after Edward leaves. you know ? VIVIAN What ? SENATOR ADAMS (voice over) Edward ! PHILIP Yeah.. who walks away with a laughing We'll just have to do that. who goes looking for a bargain basement streetwalker. safe with me. Philip keeps on laughing. He keeps on laughing louder. I'm pleased you could make it. standing near a tree. PHILIP .. I'm having a great time. Oh. EDWARD She is a hooker. PHILIP hmm ? You know.. She smiles again.

Seven «fines» since we left I mean.INTERIOR EVENING followed by Vivian.) the open door. Medium shot on the main door. I'm prepared.. with a very sad face. that guy Stuckey comes up to me. Applause and air horn blowing. That's good. She slams the bathroom door. Edward walks toward her. and walks behind her. and stands near GWEN (voice over from the P.INTERIOR EVENING appropriate.. I did not. I think I liked «fine» better. and Edward looks at his mail lying on a Edward takes his jacket off. The camera follows her. VIVIAN I'm fine. EDWARD VIVIAN Fine.) . what I mean is.BEDROOM ... please ? 72 . Back to Vivian. but doesn't look at me get all dressed up ? Edward. EDWARD Could I have another word. across GWEN (voice over from the P.A. I did not. Edward picks up his mail and newspaper. our silver sponsors. . sullen sad face. She doesn't look at Edward and Edward drops his mail and newspapers on the keeps the same desk. In the background. GWEN (voice over from the P.) the open door of the bedroom. we see Vivian Hi.A.. VIVIAN You know what ? Just tell me one thing : Why did you make Vivian crosses her arms. if you were gonna tell everybody I'm a hooker.A. for one thing. EDWARD She walks away. when someone like the match. I'd like to mention a couple of entering the bathroom. Norrell Saddlery.Jacobs Distributors.) The ball is in for chukker number four. small table. PENTHOUSE .. He Asshole ! There's a word.Vivian remains on the same spot.A. and we'd like to give a great big thanks to our platinum EDWARD sponsor. VIVIAN No. You all right ? okay ? Edward sits down on the bed.. It opens and Edward comes in. Edward Lewis Enterprises.why didn't you just let me wear my own EDWARD clothes.. The camera follows him. smiles. the clothing was PENTHOUSE .. I can handle it. Edward starts unlacing his shoes. Vivian walks away toward the living room. The camera follows Edward in the room. Edward turns around to look at her. Vivian closes the door.LIVING ROOM . ANNOUNCER (voice over from the P. tailgaters. in my own clothes. Vivian throws her hat and gloves on another table with a nervous movement. VIVIAN Close shot on Edward looking at Vivian. Vivian opens the bathroom door. EDWARD Well..

fact. She has a very sullen. I say gets his wallet when. I decide. I've known him VIVIAN for ten years. I know you're not my shoulder. I'm sorry I ever got into your stupid car ! Edward stands up and walks toward Vivian. Edward doesn't move for a VIVIAN couple of seconds. VIVIAN What are you.. taking his shoes off. PENTHOUSE . I say who. He walks toward the bathroom. on top of the smaller bag. enters it and starts taking his tie off in front of the mirror. EDWARD Somehow. EDWARD She walks away into the bathroom I'm very sorry. Where are you going ? EDWARD VIVIAN I hate to point out the obvious. EDWARD Vivian ! Vivian. carrying a bunch of clothes.LIVING ROOM .. I'm speaking to you. I. Look. EDWARD He thought you were some kind of an industrial spy. you're not my toy.. She EDWARD picks up a small handbag and puts it on her Look. I'm not happy with Stuckey at all for saying or doing that.INTERIOR EVENING Vivian was ready to enter the bathroom. As if you had so many more appealing options. She puts the unopened bottle back on the table. Close shot on the handbag. you think you can pass me around to you did your today. Edward walks out of the bathroom and joins her. I of Coca-Cola. He who. tries to pick up a larger handbag. my pimp now ? Vivian comes back to the bathroom door. stuck under an armchair. sad face. in I want my money. friends ? I'm not some little toy ! She walks away toward the bedroom. okay ? I say then walks to the bed. That's the end of the background.INTERIOR EVENING EDWARD I refuse to spend the next three days fighting Vivian is trying unsuccessfully to open a bottle with you. I find that very hard to believe. PENTHOUSE . In said I was sorry.BEDROOM . VIVIAN VIVIAN I've never had anyone make me feel as cheap as You know. to pick up his jacket. Edward is still sitting on the it ! bed. VIVIAN I'm sorry I ever met you. She gets out of the bathroom with her arms full of clothes. I meant it. Come back Vivian finally succeeds in picking up the bag here ! and put the straps over her shoulder. The EDWARD guy's paranoid. a hooker ! And you are my employee ! She crosses her arms on her bunch of clothes. but she EDWARD turns around. Then she toy. He opens the wallet. We notice that Vivian is bare feet. and 73 . He walks behind her. you don't own me. but you are. I want to get out of here.. But he is my attorney. from the inside pocket of his jacket.

HALLWAY . He walks toward Vivian. He goes back into the elevator. They are facing each other and talking. Will you stay the week ? 74 .INTERIOR NIGHT High angle shot above the bed. front of her. I didn't like Vivian remains it. EDWARD I didn't like it. presumably naked. and a smiling Dennis appears. I down. presses a button and the Close up on the bed. We hear the door opening. The elevator door opens. and then on back into the bedroom. She starts walking away toward the living room. Vivian walks behind him. He looks Close shot on Edward's face. is still lying. They both but Vivian doesn't look at it and keeps looking enters the at the elevator in penthouse and he closes the door behind him. where the wad of banknotes door closes. VIVIAN REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . I wasn't prepared to answer questions bed. Dennis feels some tension between Edward and PENTHOUSE . and he has left the door open. from their waist It was stupid and cruel. looking at his mail.INTERIOR EVENING The elevator bell dings. I didn't mean it. Vivian's face. one of her handbags from her shoulder. Medium shot on Vivian.INTERIOR EVENING EDWARD Yes. then slowly. Close up shot on the wad of banknotes on the bed.INTERIOR EVENING Vivian and stops smiling. but covered by a sheet about us. EDWARD Edward walks away toward the living room. don't want you to go. We hear the follows her and takes penthouse door opening. and Edward looks very pensive.LIVING ROOM . and nervously pressing on the elevator call button. Larger shot. without taking her money.BEDROOM . coming from the bedroom and going away toward DENNIS the front door. without moving with her sullen sad face. who hasn't moved. VIVIAN Come on ! They look at each other for a couple of seconds. PENTHOUSE . Back to Vivian. We see the wad of Why ? banknotes falling on the bed. gets a large wad of banknotes out of it. Edward is standing near the desk. They are all hundred-dollar bills.PENTHOUSE You hurt me. Edward Medium close shot on Vivian.BEDROOM . VIVIAN Close up shot on the bed. VIVIAN We were just talking. Vivian walks back to the penthouse. She looks down at the bed. Edward and Vivian EDWARD are lying in the I'm sorry. VIVIAN Don't do it again. standing near the elevator. and I saw you talking to David Morse. The door closes. PENTHOUSE . Edward is coming out of the penthouse. He chuckles. Edward Down ? looks up toward the door.

EDWARD Don't panic. carrying a thick pile of documents. showing Vivian and Edward's heads and PHILIP shoulders. So then you chose this as your profession ? He walks away from the desk. EDWARD VIVIAN Did you send the tickets to the hotel ? The bad stuff is easier to believe. . it.A. very special woman. having reached a medium close shot. VIVIAN So here I was : no money. you know. I was completely attracted to Long shot on the building. no friends. regulars and. Reverse shot on Edward's face. It's not your Philip walks nervously across the room. We're in this People put you down enough. You ever notice that ? 75 .. number three. the camera moves closer to them.EXTERIOR DAY was a bum within a fifty-mile radius.RECEPTION HALL - INTERIOR DAY EDWARD Mm. you can't disappear now. Morse isn't going anywhere. standing in front of the desk. childhood dream. Medium full shot on Philip. So one day I did it. PHILIP EDWARD He had to. Where are you going ? Did he sign these ? VIVIAN THE SECRETARY I cried the whole time. I'll be back here in the morning. But then I got some No. That's when I met Kit. EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L. My mom called me a bum magnet. VIVIAN I worked at a couple fast food places. Reverse shot on Vivian's face. He stops at the reception desk. I don't want to talk to him now. I followed bum street.. Second was worse. Philip. If there EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L. I was Yes. sir. She was a hooker and A blonde female secretary walks into the room. parked cars at THE RECEPTIONIST wrestling. You could be so much more. PHILIP VIVIAN Edward.. .. made it sound so great. you start to believe too deep. too ashamed to go home. and talking to the receptionist girl. EDWARD I think you are a very bright. Tell him I'll call him EDWARD on Monday. The camera stops moving forward. It's not like anybody plans this. That's how I ended up here. no bum. And I couldn't make the rent. VIVIAN First guy I ever loved was a total nothing. Slowly. he said he had to leave.A. PHILIP No. Close shot on Vivian's face. He meets Edward coming out of an office. seen from across the him.

Close shot in front of a mirror. maybe something in this box. I'll tell He starts walking out of the room. he crosses his arm and leans on the bar.LIVING ROOM . She moves her hand to just said. store ? When he hears the bedroom door opening. EDWARD I'm a very good customer. EDWARD VIVIAN Quarter of a million. sir. and his black- VIVIAN colored back blocks Mmm ? completely our view of the scene. almost squeezing her finger into it. VIVIAN Well. you that. The door opens and Vivian appears. What she sees looks like Edward stops walking. PHILIP With the hooker ? He opens the box : it's a jewel box. A quarter of a million dollars ? Edward turns around Vivian. EDWARD Something's missing. He is very elegantly dressed in black They really let you borrow this from the jewelry tuxedo and bow-tie. EDWARD VIVIAN Mmm. Oh ! He walks away. EDWARD Thank you. nothing else is gonna fit into this dress. She walks into the room. She looks at herself and at her tight-fitting dress. but Edward snaps the lid of the box shut. Do I look okay ? Vivian laughs nervously. She is also wearing long white VIVIAN gloves. Vivian comes closer to the box and looks into it. PHILIP Where are you going ? Edward picks up a mauve-colored box on the bar. This is only on loan. Philip slowly turns around and She bursts out laughing loudly. Well. Philip. THE RECEPTIONIST Yes. She stops in If you were gonna buy this. Medium shot of Edward standing in front of the closed bedroom VIVIAN door. office.INTERIOR EVENING around Vivian's neck. He doesn't seem very happy a very beautiful by what Philip and expensive necklace. Edward opens the walks into his box again. making some sort of fade-out / fade-in with the next scene. She is very elegantly dressed in a long red evening dress. Edward moves around her. I don't want you to get too excited. facing touch delicately the Philip. EDWARD EDWARD I have a date. how much would it front of Edward and cost ? faces him. EDWARD VIVIAN Be careful. Edward is fixing the necklace PENTHOUSE . necklace. 76 . He slowly turns around.

talking LYRICS to a guest.fallen for you. All three of them LYRICS look at the passing couple. Vivian and Edward keep on walking across the lobby. REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . looks at the couple and seems very happy by what he sees.. VIVIAN I've never been on a plane before. written and performed by Lauren Wood.. is leaving the curb in front of the hotel. LYRICS You're a dream coming true.. REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL ..EXTERIOR EVENING smiling. near the desk. I had a really good time Close shot on the front left wheel of the tonight. who looks surprised to see the attendant are standing plane. REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL .. and holds the Medium full shot on a desk. and checking things in an open ledger. that Edward uses all the time. Edward comes out of crossing the lobby.ELEVATOR - INTERIOR EVENING EDWARD Edward's back is still blocking completely our When you're not fidgeting. LYRICS You are the one who's led me to the sun. you look very view of the scene. .. I can't believe how I have. Long shot of the airport. and BURBANK AIRPORT . Vivian and Edward are getting out of the elevator and they start Medium full shot on the car. car.. You don't want to go to San Francisco in a limousine. A red EVENING carpet is lying on the ground between the limousine and the plane. Another man. She is carrying a small golden purse. They look at the couple and smile. Back on Vivian and Edward crossing the lobby. Darryl closes the back door. Vivian laughs. He looks at EDWARD her. Barney is standing near a wall tapestry. 77 . How could I know. do you ? Medium shot on the reception desk. She touches her necklace. VIVIAN If I forget to tell you later.LOBBY .. We hear the beginning of the orchestral music of «Fallen». where are we going ? The big grey limousine. Two uniformed door for Vivian. beautiful. wearing a suit. and But then Edward moves to stand beside Vivian in very tall. and stands near the talking with a guest. The limousine enters the airport field. Dennis comes out of the the back of the elevator to have a limousine. EDWARD LYRICS Thank you. He . limousine... Darryl comes out of the driver's door better look. Close shot on Dennis standing near the door of the cabin. is standing behind the desk. EDWARD It's a surprise.EXTERIOR EVENING VIVIAN So.INTERIOR and stops near a corporate jet plane.I was lost without you. the back of the cabin of the elevator. Miss Wilson and another female receptionist are standing behind the desk.

.AERIAL VIEW . They talk together. is holding Edward's arm very tightly.. USHER Right this way.EXTERIOR NIGHT looks down from the balustrade of the box. EDWARD No.INTERIOR NIGHT the control my brain. The weather is clear all the way up to San We hear the instruments of the orchestra warming Francisco. EDWARD Doris. with the cars coming and going and dropping the spectators. black tuxedo and bow-tie. Mr. EDWARD Apparently. toward the on time.. Lewis. VIVIAN We're late. how are you ? NIGHT Full shot on the lobby. Vivian SAN FRANCISCO OPERA HOUSE . The camera follows the plane. but an usher shows Edward and Vivian SAN FRANCISCO . sir.. EDWARD Thank you. All . Nice to see you. where a girl. Lewis.INTERIOR Edward. Edward How nice to see you. from right to left. We should up. Vivian enters first. EDWARD 78 . which is almost empty.. who seems a bit nervous. The camera starts going away and down from the box. THE PROGRAM ATTENDANT Program. LYRICS They walk near a stand.EXTERIOR EVENING The jet plane is flying above L. an old Medium long shot of the main entrance of the lady in the next box.. and all the women are wearing very PILOT (voice over) elegant and very expensive evening dresses. it should be a pretty smooth flight. it's all right. Opening night never starts Edward walks. is distributing programs. are life in my veins. with the sun setting down in SAN FRANCISCO OPERA HOUSE . on the red carpet. followed by Vivian.. End of the music.. plane. Edward shakes hand with Doris. The third box is empty. The camera pans.A. Edward takes a program. DORIS SAN FRANCISCO OPERA HOUSE . be there in about fifty minutes.. Vivian. Extreme long aerial shot of San Francisco. opera house. Long shot on the runway.LOBBY . Well.BOX .EXTERIOR NIGHT through the door of the box. ABOVE LOS ANGELES . and Vivian are among the last spectators. a succession of private boxes LYRICS in the medium upper level of the theatre. VIVIAN Okay. but the lyrics of the song cover their voices. with the corporate jet plane taking off. LYRICS And I want to tell you. wearing . Mr. LYRICS And you should know that. followed by Edward. the men are wearing black tuxedoes and bow-ties.

That's okay It's all right. no. curtains on the exit doors. EDWARD The music's very powerful. VIVIAN Mine are broken. doesn't want to move any EDWARD closer to the No. are sitting No. sir ? Mediums full shot on the two next boxes on the right of Edward's box. you said this is in Italian. why do you get Oh. is afraid of heights. who had off and on. I've already seen it. She tries to look through the glasses. You gotta look at this. Meanwhile. 79 . Vivian looks through the glasses. balustrade. Edward takes the glasses from Vivian's hand. who. Believe me. Medium close shot on balustrade. So how am I gonna know what they're singing. as we already know it. setting them right on their handle. thank you. Enjoy the opera. The lights are switching ushers. These are broken. you'll understand. There's a band ! VIVIAN Oh ! Medium shot on the two other boxes. away. Because they're the best. and ushers are closing the She picks up the opera glasses. USHER Is there anything else. He shows them something underneath the Back to Edward's box. The light are definitely switched off. to warn the spectators that the remained behind them. come here. seats up here ? EDWARD EDWARD You'll know. begin. Congratulations. and then moves Vivian and Edward. Sir. We hardly see them in So. USHER VIVIAN The glasses are there. VIVIAN Hey. VIVIAN Back to Vivian and Edward. EDWARD VIVIAN Wonderful news. and gives them back to Vivian. EDWARD It's all right. Mm-hmmm. Vivian has moved to the corner of the balustrade. The spectators. but doesn't succeed in He shakes hands with Doris' husband. down. who understood the lights EDWARD signal. and Vivian also sits down. VIVIAN VIVIAN If you're afraid of heights. Edward. slightly bends down toward opera is about to Edward. DORIS' HUSBAND EDWARD Good evening. while the He sits down. Edward. Vivian is looking through her glasses. the dark. Medium close shot on the box. He sets them right on their handle.

STAGE . They either love it or they hate toward their faces. Medium close shot on their both faces. SAN FRANCISCO OPERA HOUSE . If they love it. camera moves closer to Vivian's face : she is crying. enable us to SAN FRANCISCO OPERA HOUSE . The music dissolves on the Final Scene of the Third Act.INTERIOR part of NIGHT their soul. and then goes back Vivian. applauding. Still smiling broadly. but it will never become SAN FRANCISCO OPERA HOUSE . looking at the stage. Medium shot on Doris' box. in DORIS each other's arms. SAN FRANCISCO OPERA HOUSE . showing.BOX . and the The orchestra plays the overture of «La picture dissolves on : Traviata». VIVIAN Oh. Close shot on Vivian's face. coming from the stage. She seems a bit surprised by what she just heard. Edward looks at her.INTERIOR NIGHT DORIS Did you enjoy the opera.BOX . The picture and the music dissolve to the Second Back to Edward's box.INTERIOR NIGHT see Vivian and Edward's faces.INTERIOR profile from their NIGHT right. I almost peed in my pants. She bends down on the balustrade to have a better look at the stage. seen from the stage. Edward and Vivian in The two husbands their box. Vivian is smiling broadly.STAGE . The see it is camera tilts up very dramatic.STAGE . She walks away from her singing. seen in SAN FRANCISCO OPERA HOUSE . Vivian walks 80 . it was so good. The lights. are standing up behind them and also applauding. Vivian turns toward Edward. dear ? Low angle shot of the box.INTERIOR NIGHT Medium close shot on Violetta and Alfredo. She still garden. seat. she turns Close shot on Edward's face : he looks at briefly toward Edward. The on the music and serious. If they don't.BOX .INTERIOR NIGHT EDWARD People's reactions to opera the first time they Closer low angle shot on Edward an Vivian. classic in their design. Violetta kisses Alfredo on the mouth. Violetta is bending on Alfredo and has tears in her eyes. We see and hear the Love Duet of Act One in Violetta's VARIOUS SPECTATORS (voices over) sitting room. Close shot of Vivian Act in Violetta's standing up. coming near Doris' box. What ? Violetta keeps on singing. Bravo ! Bravo ! Bravo ! Bravo ! Bravo ! Violetta walks to the forefront of the stage. they may learn to appreciate it. Doris and her female and the camera moves friend are away from her. VIVIAN Mmm. and then walks away. sitting in front of the balustrade. SAN FRANCISCO OPERA HOUSE . it. they will always love it. crying. The sets and the costumes are beautiful and very Last orchestral notes and applauses. Back on Vivian's face. and then look back at the stage. Edward is concentrated Medium close shot of Vivian and Edward. Back on Edward's face.

them on the desk. He makes a shot and then looks at a VIVIAN (voice over) printed document lying next to the miniature I moved the queen. Good-bye now. PHILIP He's taking the day off ? 81 .A. and Edward turns toward Doris. and I have to work. doesn't completely believe Edward's translation of Vivian's words ! EDWARD I do own the company. PENTHOUSE . We see the limousine parking in front of the hotel. Various Vivian's conversation in voices over. VIVIAN Why don't you not go to work tomorrow.. leaving a very pensive Doris. documents are spread on the desk. She is handing some documents to Philip. the camera moves forward from an medium PHILIP full shot of the What'd he say ? table and the two characters on either side of it. VIVIAN Apparently she Yeah. But set above these documents. still in voice over.EXTERIOR NIGHT Actually there are two twins towers. of the screen. And Philip is practicing his No. EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L. Doris absently waves her hand to him. not work ? DORIS Oh ! Edward walks away. EDWARD She said she liked it better than Pirates of Penzance. called. there is a miniature EDWARD (voice over) billiard table. don't touch.EXTERIOR DAY Aerial shot of Edward's office building. He then moves EDWARD (voice over) a ball on the billiard table.LIVING ROOM . Long shot from across the street. EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L. . playing chess. EDWARD Me. .PHILIP'S ROOM - INTERIOR DAY Medium long shot on the limousine parking. EDWARD (LAUGHING) Did you really do that ? Why don't we finish this tomorrow ? It's really late. to a close shot SECRETARY on the chess board.A. Slowly. billiard with a miniature billiard cue. away. A female secretary comes into view on the left Vivian laughs. They are still wearing Philip doesn't take the documents and she puts their opera clothes. REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . You can't move the queen. I like the queen. Philip looks very surprised. EDWARD Yes. but Edward has taken his jacket off. and Mr. Vivian and Edward are seated on either side of a Lewis round table. We hear Edward and High angle shot on Philip's desk.INTERIOR NIGHT SECRETARY Here are the storage reports you wanted. The picture dissolves into : Still very pensive. table. He said he's taking the day off. Take the day off. and there are two lit candles on the table. The room is very dimly lit.

.. neon signs say «Good Food» and is taking the other sock off. I'm gonna give.EXTERIOR DAY Vivian stands up.A PUBLIC PARK . with Edward seated next to her. Edward is talking «Quick Grill». holding their respective horse by Cop a what ? the reins.. Vivian is wearing riding pants and boots. and he is carrying his leather briefcase. She is smiling and Well.A RIDING CLUB . VIVIAN Medium close shot on Vivian. I don't know what a snap dog is. Mmm. and Edward walking in the lane.. cop a squat under a tree somewhere. but I have Medium shot. The two horses are riding next to money. Do you wearing an open black shirt. leaving a very perplexed Philip. Medium close shot on a tartan red blanket spread LOS ANGELES . Full shot from across the street. Edward's arm. Edward and Vivian are walking next EDWARD to each other. VIVIAN Full shot of Vivian and Edward riding two I'm starving. Medium full shot of the lawn. sock off. on his cellphone. Cop a squat. and she In the window. Edward and Vivian are seated at the bar.EXTERIOR DAY little black purse. EDWARD I was talking to someone. EDWARD Okay. and a pair of have any money ? slacks. Vivian The picture dissolves into : walking on a low wall. A riding club with white fences around the riding lawn. and takes Edward's cellphone A beautiful public park in L.A. SECRETARY That's what he said. LOS ANGELES . um. Closer shot on Edward and Vivian walking with VIVIAN their horses. The picture dissolve into : Later on a lawn in the park.. Closer shot on Edward's face talking to Vivian while riding. Edward is there. A huge fountain with water works pouring gallons of water into the pool. looking into a She has already taken one of Edward's shoes and small restaurant. away from his ear. a white shirt and a beige open She jumps down from the low wall and takes sweater. Edward is wearing a very elegant grey suit.EXTERIOR NIGHT on the lawn. Full shot of Edward and Vivian walking along the fountain. Long shot on the riding lawn. EDWARD 82 . All right. and shuts it. There's a snap dog vendor over horses. We'll happy. Vivian is wearing a white dress with thin vertical stripes. Vivian is kneeling on the blanket. EDWARD I have money. each other and Vivian is touching Edward's thigh..A SMALL STREET . read the first two pages. you'll buy a snap looking very dog. We see that Vivian and Edward are sitting under a tree. Vivian takes the other She walks away. and carrying a LOS ANGELES . socks off.

butcher's shop ? They were wrapping meat with the sheet music.. VIVIAN He leans on the limousine. Medium shot on two tough-looking guys looking at the limousine. EDWARD (voice over) Very colorful life you lead. HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD . Banana». stop into for a second to see my roommate.. What's with you ? You're fidgeting. the car window. EDWARD He closes the door of the car.INTERIOR NIGHT Full shot of the boulevard. VIVIAN He raises his voice. Uh.MAIN ROOM . I'm hoping they don't spot this limousine as it is.INTERIOR NIGHT Medium full shot of a very dark alleyway. with a young man and a young EDWARD (voice over) woman standing at the bottom of the staircase. The Blue Banana ? 83 . something to Edward with a lot of hand movements. She seems nervous. Edward and Vivian are seated next to each other inside the limousine. can you just pull up into the back alleyway. There are several motorbikes parked in front of the club. Back to the limousine. EDWARD Absolutely. so Um.EXTERIOR NIGHT THE BLUE BANANA CLUB . Vivian is VIVIAN (voice over) apparently explaining The Blue Banana. EDWARD Darryl ! EDWARD I'll block it with my body. performed by David The limousine slows down in front of «The Blue Bowie. Closer shot on Edward and Vivian. and tonight. We hear the song «Fame 90». Darryl. if that's okay ? A quick shot on people exchanging «things». I'm sure it's a Vivian is not listening to Edward and she keeps very nice looking through place. were found by Felix Mendelssohn in a Edward is coming out. What's wrong ? VIVIAN I just wanna run in for a minute and see if VIVIAN she's there. and Vivian is wearing a purple dress. EDWARD Did you know that two of the Bach pieces that we Medium shot of the limousine.. The limousine enters the alleyway and stops. Strange-looking people are walking around.EXTERIOR NIGHT LIMOUSINE . There's a club up here that I'd like to just stay here.. EDWARD You say this is a nice place. please ? Vivian walks away toward the entrance of the night club. maybe drugs. Vivian is already heard out of it. The picture dissolves into : BACK ALLEYWAY . Edward is wearing a suit and a tie. Medium shot on a metal staircase.

THE BLUE BANANA CLUB . VIVIAN Hey. The whole club is bathed in red light. She stops when she POPS gets near Edward. We hear the music loud again. around Edward. a sign Hi. and holding BACK ALLEYWAY . Pops. honey. Rachel.INTERIOR NIGHT Vivian enters the room.Medium shot of a couple dancing in front of the fresco. wearing a leather jacket. still wearing his eternal hat. Vivian stops when she sees the strange crowd around Edward. and at her paper. Tuesday. still standing near the bar and facing Pops.D. Vivian walks toward the bar and Pops. You left and all of a sudden I'm face them. Viv. Have her call me or come by. not since. Edward is standing facing the door. Fame makes a man who'll take things over. of the the week. Thanks. man. Mediums shot of Vivian coming out of the club. showing more people dancing. what you like is in the limo. looking for Kit. Hi.EXTERIOR NIGHT a long stick in his hands. Thanks. LYRICS Fame puts you there where things are hollow. one of the dancing girls. What'd you win. POPS Okay. and Carlos is She walks away from the bar. Close shot of a skate board and a pair of roller-shoes. you look great. A group of tough-looking guys come behind him on EDWARD rollers and skate-board. She is writing something on a piece of Customers start looking at Vivian. End of music. Medium shot of Vivian. in the 84 . Edward turns around to I don't know. have you seen Kit ? VIVIAN Thanks. The camera starts panning to the EDWARD left. the bartender. RACHEL No. then she starts walking again. we recognize Carlos. standing LYRICS behind it. Have you seen Kit ? says «I. VIVIAN On the door. BACK ALLEYWAY . Required». VIVIAN A CUSTOMER Here's my number where I'm gonna be for the rest Hey.EXTERIOR NIGHT A CUSTOMER (voice over) Hiya. and another guy. elegant dress. looking for her too. VIVIAN What's going on out here ? Medium full shot on the entrance of the club. one of Carlos' lieutenants. coming LYRICS from the club. We hear the muffled sound of the music. honey. Fame. okay ? lottery or what ? Vivian walks toward Rachel. Muffled sound of the music coming from inside the night club.MAIN ROOM . Fame Lets him loose and hard to swallow. Hey. Fame. rolling on the alleyway ground. Among the tough-looking guys I think she went to Santa Barbara. you looking good. uh.

The stupid girl giggles again. VIVIAN He's a drug dealer. okay. He turns toward the guy with the stick. home boy. All right. hey. VIVIAN Edward turns toward Vivian. She starts walking away. hey. You ain't going no place. but Carlos puts himself in her way. He opens skateboard. hey. this is what's happening. takes a very long knife out of his skateboard. his jacket. revealing a holster with a gun inside. Let's CARLOS just go. right. He stops a couple of seconds near Carlos. middle of West Side Story. CARLOS He points his hand toward Darry. A girl.. EDWARD I don't believe this. EDWARD His block ? She starts walking away. two hundred Two hundred dollars. you gonna strangle me EDWARD with a Isn't that incredible ? And he does have a Slinky ? permit. It has to do with Kit. This ain't no Beverly Hills ! EDWARD Darryl ! Left pocket. standing next to Carlos. This is a trick. Shut up ! CARLOS EDWARD I think you owe me some money. Thank you. So how's it feel to be a trick ? The guy. standing near the out of his limousine. Edward. baby. starts giggling very stupidly. CARLOS Edward. standing behind the group. EDWARD Hey. EDWARD I am not a trick. hey. EDWARD What are you gonna do. He pushes Vivian in front of him and crosses the group. Edward takes a step forward. He's going to stab me.. He has this knife coming Medium close shot on Darryl. You're out of your neighborhood. EDWARD Why ? CARLOS Now I hear you got yourself a new job ? CARLOS Because this is my block. CARLOS 85 . But Carlos is in their way. Carlos turns toward her. dollars ? EDWARD CARLOS Why don't you go to school tomorrow ? That's right. Back to the group around Vivian and Edward. Let's just leave. You believe that THE GUY WITH THE STICK this person owes you money. gentlemen.

Yes. while the I'd really like to see you again. and He sleeps. kisses. kisses him on the lips. Vivian's smiling face saddens a bit. hesitates a second. yes. and newspaper. EDWARD Yes. When he drives me. which were tied in a bun. I would. Vivian removes her nightdress. then very pensive. walks out of the bathroom. always. She is smiling. Reverse close shot on Edward asleep half-sitting in the bed. Vivian is Vivian getting ready wearing a black for the night. He slowly wakes up. you'll finally be rid of me. She is nightdress. Edward is fully dressed. Vivian puts York. He raises up from the bed.EXTERIOR NIGHT She closes her eyes. and kisses Quick close shot on Vivian's face. is still awake and smiling. VIVIAN (voice over) PENTHOUSE . The camera tilts down from the head of the bed. EDWARD The camera moves around the bed. kissing passionately. Vivian smiles. VIVIAN You would ? Later.INTERIOR NIGHT VIVIAN (voice over) What are you thinking about sitting here all by yourself ? Through the open door of the bathroom. Reverse close shot on Vivian's face. He is VIVIAN bare-chested.INTERIOR DAY Does Darryl always carry a gun ? Medium shot on Edward seated at the breakfast EDWARD (voice over) table. She gently kisses her index finger.. holding Vivian is his arm. EDWARD The fact that this will be our last night VIVIAN together. Full shot on the limousine driving away. 86 . She sits down on a chair. her finger on Edward's lips.BEDROOM . The picture dissolves into : He is eating breakfast. EDWARD Don't you ever go near her again. VIVIAN I love you. and goes back kissing Edward. PENTHOUSE . kissing Vivian passionately. She slowly bends down toward his face. we see Full shot on the breakfast table. to have a car.LIVING ROOM . She gently strokes his arm. so I'll be going back to New Medium shot of Vivian and Edward. She sits down on the bed. but without his jacket. She apartment. She looking at the releases her hair. Vivian walks between him and the Well.. EDWARD My business is almost over. She stops and looks at the bed. She is wearing a sleeveless nightgown with flowers printed on it. couple is lying on it. camera. and blinks his eyes. so I've arranged for you to have an Edward is asleep. you've been pretty tough to take. HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD . who seems him on the cheek. He answers to Vivian's Back to Edward.

exhales. Slight low angle shot taken from outside the terrace. my mama Back to the same scene. And he EDWARD would climb up the tower and rescue me. Edward walks into the penthouse. Back to Vivian bending over the balustrade. And I would. PENTHOUSE .on a white horse with these colors flying would come charging up and draw his sword. showing PHILIP'S RESIDENCE . to suck up to you anytime you want to go shopping. up in a great condo». Edward is seriously listening to Vivian. VIVIAN The phone rings inside the penthouse. couple of seconds.BATHROOM .. «Come on. we see Edward still Vivian starts walking into the room. Vivian stands up and walks to the terrace. wearing a dark-colored EDWARD (voice over) bathrobe.. Edward stands up..TERRACE . In the background.EXTERIOR DAY EDWARD Yes. that I had this EDWARD dream did the Well. I would pretend I was a EDWARD princess. VIVIAN How would it be ? VIVIAN But never in all the time. which was pretty often. PENTHOUSE .TERRACE . Vivian bends on the balustrade. baby. Vivian takes her head in her hand and bends down VIVIAN (voice over) on the table. is calling from a wireless telephone. a lot of bottles and jars : perfumes and Medium close shot on Edward standing by the cosmetics. VIVIAN What else ? You gonna leave some money by the bed when you VIVIAN pass through town ? . it would get you off the knight say to me. PHILIP (voice over on the phone) and walks toward Vivian. and have a wide variety of stores guaranteed trapped in a tower by a wicked queen. Back to Vivian bending over the balustrade. I had to call. I'll put you streets. Philip terrace door. She And then suddenly this knight. Get this. it really wouldn't be like that. Everything's done. After a That's just geography. lock me in the attic when I was bad. Vivian. seated at the breakfast table.. When I was a little girl..EXTERIOR DAY VIVIAN I don't know.. for one thing. with Vivian standing used to near the terrace 87 . Medium shot of Philip. On the counter next to the sink. what is it you want ? standing near the sink in his bathroom. And I would wave. and picks up the phone... She walks away from the balustrade and toward Edward. EDWARD PHILIP What do you see happening between us ? I just got off the phone with James Morse....INTERIOR DAY Vivian bending on the balustrade.. . Medium full shot of Vivian walking out of the penthouse on the terrace.

I want to get him to commit his stocks to us this afternoon. We hear Philip's laugh on the phone. chewing gum. I heard everything you said. Viv. babe. PHILIP (voice over on the phone) He wouldn't say. and Edward. PHILIP The camera slowly pans across the counter. I think we got him.. body. We the manager. and looking in a bad mood. EDWARD What about ? We hear the front door closing. This is all I'm capable of KIT right now. in the I've never treated you like a prostitute. PENTHOUSE . door. to her. EDWARD BARNEY 88 . morning. but she looks a bit worried... She gives the phone back to Barney. the Philip. REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . He puts Let me talk to her. background. I De Luca. His nuts are on the we discover Barney. don't want to wait until this afternoon.. VIVIAN I know. is shoulder and his standing behind the counter. He puts the phone down and grabs his jacket from KIT a chair.INTERIOR DAY Medium shot on the front desk. She doesn't wear head. If he's really caving in. EDWARD I have to go now. Would you come down here ? The It's a very big step for me. is drying his hands on a white towel. then walks away toward the living-room.LOBBY . Good-bye. talking on the phone..BATHROOM . got him ! He slams his towel on the counter.. and looking a bit sad. but I want you to understand. her large glasses. Miss Vivian.EXTERIOR DAY The camera keeps on panning and we discover Kit. it's no good. Barney gives the phone to Kit. Hmm ? BARNEY Could you come down to the front desk ? There's someone here who wants to speak to you. She absently straightened his tie. Out of his hearing. Edward on the telephone.INTERIOR DAY PHILIP'S RESIDENCE . Okay. Have Morse meet me downtown this Kit extends her hand to take the phone. she is only wearing a bra made into a fabric with a panther- skin motif PHILIP (voice over on the phone) Look. and.TERRACE . Yo. Let me just talk his jacket on while walking toward Vivian. if he's really caving in. block. the phone receiver stuck between his receptionist. VIVIAN You just did. She says her EDWARD name is Miss No. She's on her way. It's a really good offer for a girl like KIT me. in the He looks at her. Vivian whispers : PHILIP (voice over on the phone) He wants to meet with you today. On the top half of her Same shot. Let me. BARNEY It's Barnard Thompson here. sphincter police won't let me through. Miss Wilson. front door.

She turns We had to visit him in the hospital. Well. KIT Fifty bucks. please. but she is Mr. a couple of middle-aged customers stare got beat up. Nino counter. I was busy. I've been calling you. Now Miss Wilson looks at the leaving couple. Kit has put a grey denim jacket over her panther- THE ATTENDANT decorated bra. drying her daughter with a pink towel. Grandpa. THE ATTENDANT The window washer is refusing to come down. sir. The camera follows Kit and Vivian. seen from the He would terrace above the bust something if he saw you in this outfit. Listen. A woman in bathing suit is coming up the stairs to the terrace. Reverse shot. Further KIT along the Hey. The couple walks away. you know. Vivian has put her arm in the crook of Kit's elbow. Anyway. KIT Thank you very much for saving my ass. Reverse medium shot on the stairs. VIVIAN (to Miss Wilson) You were supposed to come by Tuesday. and they are walking between the dinner tables surrounding the pool. Kit stands up and smiles to Miss Wilson. pool. I got the money. you wouldn't have to hide. if you picked up the money. Now the two girls have reached the bottom of the Kit smiles back at her. For seventy-five. Rachel got her face toward them. also wearing a very short and tight black skirt. REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . Barney walks away. BARNEY It's a Saturday. It was a mess. I know. were looking for me. Barney turns toward him and Kit replaces the phone receiver on its hook. The camera is a couple of yards in front of Vivian 89 . KIT Yeah. Kit bends down on the counter polished surface VIVIAN and blows on it. Vivian and Kit are coming down the stairs. Long shot on the swimming pool. BARNEY VIVIAN Yes. the wife can watch. They told me at the Banana you The attendant walks away. Thompson. suppressed smile. Wait here. Vivian is wearing a very elegant dark pink suit with a white shirt. at her. Kit waves the envelope with the money inside. Yes. KIT MISS WILSON (voice over) I was hiding out from Carlos. stair. he was talking about you last night. The mother and her daughter are An uniformed attendant walks to the counter. Fine. then Carlos can get looks at Kit with a off of it. Miss Wilson looks at her with a perplexed eye. money at the desk.SWIMMING POOL - EXTERIOR DAY KIT You know. arrested. I left the Watch her. I had a life. coming up.

but it's easy to clean up when you got money. Kits looks worried. Then Vivian also sits down. You look really good.. I might Oh. wrinkle you ! Vivian lets go of Kit's arm and laughs. VIVIAN Oh. I'm not in love with him. VIVIAN Yeah.. yeah. KIT «Definitely no». KIT Did you kiss him ? On the mouth ? KIT Yeah. Stop it. I like him. right ? the mouth. and we see the two girls coming toward us. not that you ever KIT did. Edward asked me if I wanted to see him again. Did I not teach you anything ? Kit has put her chewing gum into a teaspoon and she puts the spoon on the table.. thanks... 90 . something with shade. VIVIAN Look. no. KIT You kissed him on the mouth ? KIT You get to keep the clothes ? VIVIAN I did. VIVIAN Yeah. VIVIAN Tomorrow.and Kit. please. I did. no. KIT You like him ? VIVIAN Yeah. VIVIAN No.. VIVIAN Kit ! VIVIAN Well. It was nice. So.. I think definitely no. But I think. Kit. Vivian points to a table. and you kiss him on week. I just. when does he leave ? VIVIAN Uh. okay ? I'm. it's KIT just another You fall in love with him. KIT KIT I was afraid to hug you up there. VIVIAN What ? KIT KIT I know this weepy look on your face. I'm not stupid. you don't ! KIT No. I mean. Vivian points to another table.. KIT You fell in love with him. You sure don't fit in down on the Boulevard looking like you do. yeah. You've fallen in love with him ? Kit sits down. KIT You clean up real nice.

father is carrying a cheap briefcase. right ? EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L. Back on Edward. VIVIAN I just wanna know who it works out for. he building. I briefcase. You don't know that. Kit starts laughing too. 91 . The son. I'd like to know. Father and son laugh..EXTERIOR DAY KIT The sidewalk in front of Edward's office Oh. She sighs and takes her hands out of her temples. You give me one THE FATHER example of somebody that we know that it Winner gets a piggy-back. The father sighs. Edward is Kit presses her hands on her temples. about ten year-old. Hey. he's not a bum. Long shot on the large terrace in front of the building. He slows down when Vivian laughs. um. . He bends down for his son to climb on his back. He's a rich. I told you so. VIVIAN Yeah. house together. Like. and Yeah. KIT You definitely like him. Edward starts walking again. You want me to give you a name or something. Zachary ! Too many doughnuts. It happens. classy guy. He climbs the stairs that reaches to don't know. happen ? Who does it really work out for ? Did it work out for Skinny Reverse shot on the father and his son. KIT Cinder-fucking-rella. Well. right ? Maybe you guys could. They are running around a lamp-post. happened for. asked you. Who's gonna break my heart. you. Not quick enough for the old man ! VIVIAN When does it happen. looking at the father with a smile. KIT Oh.. The Those were very specific cases of crackheads. I'll give you a piggy-back ride when Anyway. like. God. crossing it toward the entrance.. the pressure of a name.. buy some diamonds and a carrying his horse. Come on. it could work. VIVIAN Vivian laughs. is wearing a white shirt and KIT beige slacks. Come on. See. boy. saddle up. He slows down to give a last look the the father and his son. get a Medium shot of Edward walking from the curb. one person that it worked out for. Kit ? When does it really He laughs. no. you know. The Marie or Rachel ? No ! father is wearing a dark-blue tracksuit with advertisements printed on it. THE FATHER (voice over) KIT Oh. standing in the middle of the VIVIAN stairway. KIT The son jumps on Name someone ? his back.A. Edward stops to look at him. he hears a father talking to his son THE FATHER (voice over) KIT If you do. the upper level of the sidewalk and the entrance of the building.

Morse. INTERIOR DAY Medium close shot on the door of the meeting room. EDWARD You too.RECEPTION HALL - Philip looks up at him. he says : Full shot. Phil.. but the people who are working for me.MEETING ROOM - INTERIOR DAY Philip. Edward hardly listens to what Philip says. Close shot of James Morse looking at him questioningly. assistants. Gentlemen. EDWARD Is that better ? 92 . you heard the man. Well. He manipulates the control of the vertical Venetian PHILIP blinds. All the assistants stand up to leave the room. son to enjoin him to leave the room. The other seats are occupied by EDWARD the various male I mean I would like to speak to Mr. Lewis is now listening. PHILIP Lewis. on one condition. Philip starts moving away. in front of the bay PHILIP window. James Morse and then David Morse. and Philip closes the door EDWARD behind him. I'll be right outside. PHILIP Mr. Philip leaves the room. Edward is still standing in front of the bay window. If you look at. EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L. still seated. Good.. PHILIP Reluctantly. Why does he get to stay ? Edward is pacing up and down in front of the bay James Morse makes a discreet sign to his grand- window. Morse alone. Morse alone. On Edward's left hand side. Edward is standing behind his chair at the end of the table. EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L. followed by David. you said this morning you wished to speak to Mr. Medium full shot on the long conference table. Mr. All the other ones are already seated. . gentlemen. If we could address ourselves to the contracts PHILIP in front of you. He EDWARD raises a hand. EDWARD Excuse me. facing each I've reconsidered my position on your other. Philip. I'd like to speak to Mr. He seems worried. I'm not so concerned about me. gentlemen. INTERIOR DAY A bit reluctantly.A. JAMES MORSE Edward and Philip are standing.A. wait outside. David is leaving the room. looks up at Edward. It's not a problem. then. EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L. They'll be taken care of. Thank you. Philip stands up and points toward David Morse. ..MEETING ROOM - Philip seems surprised by what Edward just said.. EDWARD Please. Please the daylight in the room. to dim All right. What do you mean ? On Edward's right hand side. please. He looks very surprised and chuckles nervously. . Phil.A. acquisition offer.

A. Philip and David are Close shot on Philip. EDWARD Thank you very much.. Mr. Larger shot. inside the room. EDWARD Mr. JAMES MORSE EDWARD Why ? Thank you. followed by EDWARD Philip. Morse. Lewis ? EDWARD I think we can leave the details up to the others. JAMES MORSE What is it you're after now. Full shot of the room. apart.A. Just delayed. Edward in seems moved by this unfamiliar territory. . and David. JAMES MORSE EDWARD I find this hard to say without sounding Well. they weren't dead. I think we can do something very all the assistants. So I find myself.. .. and hear what is said sulking.. James stands up. It's my job. He bends down and chuckles. JAMES MORSE JAMES MORSE What about our Navy contracts ? It's all right. Let's continue the meeting. EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L. Morse. bluffed a little bit. I think we can let in the other suits now. I. He sighs loudly. EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L. Medium shot of Edward standing near the coffee EDWARD table. JAMES MORSE You're very good at it. either. seated. standing behind the standing on either side of it. But I don't want anyone else to. standing on the other side of the door.A.RECEPTION HALL - INTERIOR DAY EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L.MEETING ROOM - INTERIOR DAY Edward opens the door.. take it but. showing all the assistants.RECEPTION HALL - INTERIOR DAY Medium shot on the meeting room door. Edward is now seated in his chair facing EDWARD James. But they can't meeting room door. my interests in your company have changed. special with 93 . He puts his hand on Edward's shoulder. I no longer wish to buy your company and condescending.. More slowly than Edward. And it is still extremely vulnerable. . I want to help you. Edward brings the cup on the table in front of James. David and Mr. JAMES MORSE Black. EDWARD Would you like a cup of coffee ? Medium shot of James. Philip gives a quick look at David and walks away toward the center of the hall. Then he stands up from his chair. He goes back into the meeting room. gesture. I'm proud of you. who chuckles. Edward takes the coffee pot to pour the coffee. Ah. your company.

She is wearing the same dark pink suit she from the door carrying his briefcase. She opens the door to JAMES MORSE (voice over. Just INTERIOR DAY stay here for a while. what was this all about ? Hmm ? Darryl sits down on the hood of the car. I thought he was with you. Edward gives his JAMES MORSE briefcase to Darryl. DARRYL Yes. Close Up shot on Edward's bare feet. we see James Morse. and she walks to the front door. walks away body. Vivian puts down a large hat box on the floor. Sit down.INTERIOR DAY Hold it. a strange sneer on his face. well. Great big ships. heard through the door) PENTHOUSE . I think I'm gonna go for a walk. Darryl is standing near the car. we see walking up and down barefoot in the grass. and he is holding them in room. EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L.A PUBLIC PARK . Edward is smiling. Close up shot on Vivian's face : she doesn't seem very happy to see Philip. LOS ANGELES .EXTERIOR DAY standing at the back of the room.A. EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L. showing Edward's full body. Mr. heard through the door) Philip. unexpected situation.RECEPTION HALL - INTERIOR DAY Medium full shot. Medium full shot on the limousine parked on the curb in front of the building. Close shot on Edward's head and shoulders. Medium shot of Philip coming into the room. .A. EDWARD EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L. .A. .LIVING ROOM . . Edward is his hand. Lewis and I are going to build ships together. Close shot on James Morse. He motions to the men to sit down. EDWARD'S OFFICE IN L. He doesn't look very happy VIVIAN about this Edward's not here. Through the open door.EXTERIOR DAY EDWARD It's all yours. He has taken his Medium close shot on the door of the meeting shoes and socks off. Edward slaps him on the arm. Finish it up. Come in.A. was wearing when she was with Kit by the swimming-pool. Lewis. holding the briefcase in his arms. PHILIP JAMES MORSE Well. You know. Close shot on Philip. Before he closes the door. 94 . Hold it. I'll be back. PHILIP (voice over. Edward. Hello again. He is coming out. I'm looking for Edward. please. sir. Philip bending down on the table to look at the documents. gentlemen. near Edward's chair. The camera tilts up and Larger shot. PHILIP Edward. The door bell going on here ? is chiming. These aren't signed ! These aren't signed ! Could someone please tell me what the Close shot on Vivian's bare feet walking on the fuck is rug.MEETING ROOM - INTERIOR DAY Reverse shot on Philip. Mr. walking up and down in the park. Phil. with a broad smile on his we see her full face.MEETING ROOM .

She moves it away. He puts his hand between her legs. He moves his hand toward her bare leg. Actually. Edward is definitely not with me. He pours whisky in a glass without waiting for Vivian's answer. She walks away from him. huh.this is not home.. Edward was with me. She glares at him.. When. the little woman. (HE CHUCKLES) He walks in without waiting for Vivian to invite . PHILIP VIVIAN Right now I am just freaking out. He chuckles. I really do. PHILIP I think that. uh. uh. Uh. PHILIP Well. then I wouldn't care about He walks to the bar and helps himself for a losing drink. He puts his PHILIP glass on the low No. Vivian closes the front door. millions of dollars.. you know ? PHILIP She puts her notebook on the low table.. Vivian.. That's what He moves slightly closer to her. a hotel room. PHILIP . VIVIAN Hey. he didn't blow off billion dollar deals ! PHILIP Maybe if I do you. when. She seems very I think.. PHILIP PHILIP No. And. Edward will be back soon. He stands up and slowly walks They start fighting. crosses her legs on happy guy. He keeps on trying to fondle her. he'll be home.. you are not. and Vivian keeps on trying to get rid of him. the couch and just like Edward.. And right now I am really pissed. screw you. if Edward were with me. toward her. Because I have to be very honest with you right now. then I could be a She sits down on the sofa. Philip sits down on a stool near the bar. He stands up. him in. So maybe if I No. you know ? VIVIAN No. You know. tense by the Mind if I have a drink ? situation. next to Vivian. He holds the glass toward her. He sits down on the sofa. He puts his briefcase down on the floor and walks into the room. get off me ! Medium shot on Philip at the bar. PHILIP You're a hooker. thank you.. crosses his fingers and snickers. uh. She uncrosses her legs and lets them down on the floor. The camera follows him. PHILIP Right now I really do care. starts writing in a notebook... Edward's with you. Behind him. VIVIAN Uh. PHILIP 95 .... This is. Maybe you're a very good hooker. Any minute.and take you to the opera. table. I'll just wait.

He kneels down beside her and grabs her. Hey. EDWARD Get out of here. upset. Edward ! Quick shot on Vivian. hey ! Goddamn it ! EDWARD Out. Philip. seated on the sofa. Philip falls down on the floor. still seated on the sofa. I don't want to hurt you ! Stop it ! what you loved. Come on ! Come on ! I'll pay for it. and forces him to stand up. who has come silently into the room. all right. It falls on the floor of the hallway. She starts when she sees PHILIP Edward punching Philip.. Philip slowly stands up. Aah ! VIVIAN Ow ! Edward very violently punches him in the face. Back to Edward. grabs him from behind. Vivian ? PHILIP Edward. Edward pushes him toward the front door. This is such bullshit ! It's the kill you love. slamming the door behind Philip. PHILIP Fifty ? You a fifty dollars whore. Edward ! I floor. who seems to hurt him after the violent Get off me ! Ow ! Get off me ! punch he gave to Philip. his hand on his face. which and still very is still open. she's a whore. Quick shot on Vivian. PHILIP Philip falls down on the floor. moved by what just happened. thirty bucks ? EDWARD Aah ! Damn. Edward looks at his VIVIAN (SCREAMING) hand. gave you ten years ! I devoted my whole life to you ! Back on Philip and Edward fighting. walks slowly out. Now get out of here ! (YELLING) Get out ! PHILIP I don't know how to tell you this. PHILIP He looks very All right. I think you broke my nose. Goddamn ! VIVIAN (SCREAMING) He picks up Philip's briefcase and throws it Get off me ! Get off me ! through the open door. 96 . subdued. PHILIP What are you doing ? Get off ! PHILIP (SCREAMING) Quick shot on Vivian slowly getting up from the What is wrong with you ? Come on. You already did. PHILIP Look. EDWARD That's bullshit. She falls down on the floor. man. Shit. Out of here. not me ! I made you a very rich man doing EDWARD exactly Stop.. She's a goddamn. He slowly stands Ow ! back up He slaps her face very hard. She bites his hand. PHILIP How much is it ? Twenty bucks.

Edward has taken his wallet. Edward stands up from the sofa. concept. EDWARD That was a business decision. One of I gotta get going. The question is how much more. EDWARD EDWARD I know about wanting more. and showing Edward in shirtsleeves bending over Vivian. there'll always be some guy. thinking he can treat me like Stuckey. The other hand. everybody ? VIVIAN EDWARD Wham ! And it feels like your eye is gonna That's not why you're leaving. different. Later. Why are you white napkin and wraps the napkin around the leaving now ? cubes. puts it on Vivian's cheek. What are you gonna do ? You gonna Close up on Vivian's face. the one which hit Philip. explode. Full shot on the room. VIVIAN (voice over) VIVIAN Why do guys always know how to hit a woman right Edward. VIVIAN I think this is okay. I want The camera moves slowly away. without her jacket. putting her shoes on. more. And you can't change back. 97 . and he is She moves his hand away.. EDWARD It felt good. What do they do ? Do they pull you aside in high school and show She stands up from the sofa. VIVIAN Close up on a box full of ice cubes. I noticed you're packed. VIVIAN Vivian has put her jacket back on and she is It was good. even some across the friend of cheek ? yours. She is touching her beat up red cheek. and lying on the sofa. Ow ! months Even the light touch of the napkin seems to hurt ago. He throws the wallet on the sofa. thinking that it's allowed. you made me a really nice offer. He puts EDWARD the cubes in another Yes. no problem. EDWARD My special gift is impossible relationships. widening the shot. and you've changed that. He seated. is wrapped in a white napkin. But now everything is her. VIVIAN I want the fairy tale. Edward's hands is taking the cubes out of the box. VIVIAN I heard about what you did with Morse. a table and sits down on the steps next to Vivian. VIVIAN VIVIAN Look. EDWARD Impossible relationships. and slowly sits up in taking money out of it. seated on the step that goes across the room. with Vivian standing up We see Edward's hand holding the napkin with the and Edward still ice inside. I invented the Not all guys hit. you how to do this ? Full shot on the sofa. And a few Is that..

BARNEY EDWARD Miss Vivian. collecting her luggage. VIVIAN I had a good time. and starts the black spot. Stay the night with me. him He is holding a business card in his hand. 98 .INTERIOR DAY EDWARD Close shot on the marbled floor. EDWARD Good-bye. She opens the door. Barney looks at him. sir. EDWARD Do you want me to get you a bellboy ? BARNEY No. black spot on it. Edward. You must delegate authority. The two men stand up starts opening the door. who had remained seated on the steps. VIVIAN I can't. sir. There is a Me too. no. The attendant doesn't move away and looks at Vivian with a light smile. She seems very sad. He of those three walks ahead of her and people. then closes it. you give me a call. Now. I got it. call maintenance and have them deal with this. Barney and an uniformed attendant are kneeling on either side of She stands up from the steps. VIVIAN VIVIAN Hi. Vivian's legs walk in and stop between the two men. He holds it for her. whatever. EDWARD They both chuckle. The camera tilts up and we see the faces of all She starts moving toward the front door. THE ATTENDANT EDWARD Yes.. He bends down to pick up a bag. Edward closes the door without looking at her.LOBBY . but because you want to. Thanks. She starts moving out. Medium shot on the steps... I'll carry this. THE ATTENDANT I didn't do it. I didn't say that. Edward gives the money to Vivian. EDWARD Thank you. dental floss. VIVIAN If you ever need anything. stands up. Stay. VIVIAN You're welcome. then stops and smiles to She puts the money in the pocket of her jacket. REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL .. I want you to She is putting the garment bags on her arm. Mmm. VIVIAN No. Barney. And not because I'm paying you. I think you have a lot of special gifts.

BERVERLY HILLS . DARRYL (voice over) Yes. LYRICS Darryl walks near Vivian.EXTERIOR DAY VIVIAN I wanted to say good-bye. Leave the winter On I'm gonna call a cab. Lewis to New York. Full shot on the limousine driving away from the BARNEY curb in front of Well. bends down and lightly kisses the extended hand. Have you arranged for transportation ? LYRICS VIVIAN Lay a whisper On my pillow. His vest is open and he has taken his tie off. The scene dissolves into : PENTHOUSE . Medium shot of Vivian seated in the back of the limousine. pensive. sir.. performed by Roxette. whom we don't see.TERRACE . then. the ground. slightly sad. I gather you're not accompanying Mr. Allow me. Vivian holds her hand out to LYRICS Barney. of us again Edward standing sometime. sir.INTERIOR DAY of the time. and LYRICS calls him. Darry walks away. You and me live in the real world. the hotel. most LIMOUSINE . Touch me now. Then he shakes it. Stay cool. Barney I close my eyes And dream away. I wake up lonely.. look on her face. Barney. She slaps him on the arm and walks away. Come and visit Medium shot taken from outside the terrace. He points to Darryl. Yes.. VIVIAN Come on. He tries to look over the balustrade. Barney turns around and looks at her walking away.. .. BARNEY Thank you. with the same Darryl. Vivian turns back and look absently in front of BARNEY her. REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . but can't. looking BARNEY very pensive. We hear the song «It Must Have Been Love». The attendant walks away. Vivian turns around to have a last look at the BARNEY hotel. VIVIAN 99 .EXTERIOR EVENING BARNEY It's been a pleasure knowing you.The stare of silence In the bedroom And all around. BARNEY Please take Miss Vivian anywhere she wishes to go. near the balustrade..EXTERIOR DAY Full shot on the limousine driving along the DARRYL street.

KIT LYRICS It's bad climate. sir. rumbling in the distance. I could see that about you. The camera lets Edward go inside the penthouse and pans to the right along the wall and the foliage decorating Medium shot inside the room. 100 . Next day. and back into VIVIAN AND KIT'S APARTMENT . It's foggy.LIVING ROOM - the penthouse. a medium shot on the window. Yes. Edward moves to the balustrade. you know. holding a Teddy Bear on her laps. He is fully dressed in an elegant grey suit.. It is the one with Vivian's KIT necklace inside. VIVIAN EDWARD Sure you won't come with me ? Thank you. Her hair is tied into a bun. PENTHOUSE .TERRACE . The bell boy walks away from the terrace.. It must have More thunder and end of the music. KIT Yeah. I could see that. She stands up. She sits down. that's everything. But it's over now. She is holding a picture of her and Vivian.. seen through the window. carrying luggage. He is holding a jewel case in his hand. Vivian is putting things away in a bag. It's raining. KIT We look so dopey. What are you gonna do there ? A bell boy is coming out on the terrace. . Edward comes out on the terrace. who is wearing slacks. Finish high school. The camera moves back into a full shot of the The camera pans to the left from the foliage to room. Kit looks around her. I used to make pretty good grades in high school.. He has some luggage in his hands. It's From the moment we touched.But I lost it somehow.EXTERIOR DAY She walks toward Vivian. She LYRICS chuckles. She turns around to face Kit. BELL BOY VIVIAN Is that everything. It must have been love. The camera follows Edward. EDWARD Yes. I got things I can do. a white T-shirt and a dark jacket. LYRICS It must have been love. sir ? Get a job. been good. But it's over now. INTERIOR DAY Close shot on kit. The picture dissolves into the foliage on the other side of the French window and : KIT San Francisco's not that great. We hear VIVIAN some thunder I'll wear a sweater. Kit is seated near the terrace. Till the time had unpredictable. BELL BOY I'll meet you downstairs. run out. He walks away from the balustrade. the window.

working on some paperwork. She puts a cap on Kit's head. Darryl walks to the desk. the head. She laughs. with her large glasses back on her nose. Edward walks to the desk. So. the limousine out front. KIT And leave all this ? Not in a million. Darryl will take you wherever you need to go. Of course. BARNEY Darryl. well. I can't. VIVIAN Vivian slaps Kit's back. KIT What time's your bus ? BARNEY Thank you. do you ? VIVIAN BARNEY Oh. take care of you. Mr.LOBBY . 'cause good-byes make me crazy. I'll need a car to the airport also. Edward pushes the signed documents across the counter to Barney. Kit stands up. Whoa. I can't. KIT Okay. KIT No. I'm afraid not. Barney smiles to him. We think BARNEY you got a lot of potential. It's your favorite. VIVIAN An hour. Barney is behind the counter. and walks toward her. VIVIAN BARNEY Take care of you. sir. Miss Wilson KIT is standing Whoa. sir. VIVIAN Whoa. No. please ? She takes it off and gives it back to Vivian. Lewis. REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL . KIT 101 . okay ? Edward starts signing some documents on the counter. Medium shot from behind the front desk. Darryl walks away. DARRYL Yes. I gotta split. Yeah. She walks away. Kit De Luca. yeah. She DAY puts the money in the breast pocket of Kit's denim jacket. KIT EDWARD You do ? You think I got potential ? You don't have any messages for me. She hugs Vivian. puts the Teddy Bear down. Darryl. EDWARD Vivian is crying.INTERIOR Vivian takes some money out of her pocket. What is this ? besides him. and then kisses her on Come here. Don't let anybody tell you different. VIVIAN It's part of the Edward Lewis scholarship fund.

Edward has just reached the stand. KIT 'Cause you can't.EXTERIOR DAY Then medium close shot on Barney. 102 .. because I've got this beauty course I'm looking into. He has an absent look on his face. room. KIT I'm gonna have to charge you a little more rent than Back to Barney. BARNEY Yes. Close up shot on the jewel box being closed by Barney. Kit keeps on talking Back to Barney. She is drinking Coca-Cola from a paper beautiful. Closer shot on the flower stand and the florist. followed by the bell boy EDWARD carrying his luggage. EDWARD Of course. talking to Angel. Mr. While information in. You gotta have a goal. It is raining outside. Edward walks away. a very Edward doesn't answer. and you should be back in New York on time. Full shot showing the whole sidewalk with the food stand in the middle.. smile on his face. limousine. I'm not gonna be there that much. Edward walks behind them. then look absently through the window. of course. VIVIAN AND KIT'S APARTMENT . sir ? Edward gives Darryl a quick look. EDWARD If you could possibly return this to Fred's for DARRYL (voice over. sir. Medium shot of Edward seated in the back of the Edward gives the jewel box to Barney. with a half. you know ? BARNEY You know. Your plane is leaving as scheduled. On the right of the food stand. a middle-aged woman. Barney looks at him with a puzzled eye. One last thing.LIVING ROOM - Barney opens the jewel box.. Thompson. Vivian. HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD . tumbler.. BARNEY LIMOUSINE . please. It is the Vivian is also looking absently through the one Vivian was window of her hotel wearing at the Opera. from the driver's seat) me. Medium shot on a fast food stand on the street. You just can't turn tricks forever. Do you have a goal ? EDWARD Thank you.INTERIOR DAY Yes. to her prospective roommate. him smile a little. but his face indicates he small temporary has taken the flower stand in front of a closed shop. BARNEY I'll take care of it. May I. INTERIOR DAY Close up on the necklace in the box. Kit is standing in front of the stand. please. Close shot on Edward looking at the necklace with a sad face. another prostitute whom we have already briefly seen early in the film in BARNEY the Blue Banana It must be difficult to let go of something so Club. Darryl also drove Miss Vivian home yesterday. He must think about something that makes Edward chuckles.

waving to him. She walks sidewalk and looking to the window. I always wanted to be in the Ice Capades. She stops and slowly turns around. and the upper half of Edward's body is showing through the open roof. EDWARD There you go. EDWARD 103 . Vivian is putting her handbag High angle shot of the limousine. as seen from Vivian's hotel window. SIDE STREET IN HOLLYWOOD . Carlos burned most of my stuff when I said I was moving Vivian walks to another window. the curb.EXTERIOR DAY Medium full shot. EDWARD (voice over) Princess Vivian ! Come down ! ANGEL No. The car is honking We see Edward through the metal steps leading to and moves closer to Vivian's level. The music gets Medium close shot of Edward.LIVING ROOM - INTERIOR DAY KIT So. THE FLORIST Help you. watches the scene and smiles. and is smiling and looking down at Edward. Thank you very much. standing on the louder and Vivian has a broad smile. repeatedly. the one leading out. VIVIAN AND KIT'S APARTMENT . Back to Kit and Angel at the food stand. The florist High angle view of the roof of the car. EDWARD Vivian ! Edward is looking at the flowers. Edward raises one arm. He walks away. umbrella in the other hand. She has through the roof and jumps on the sidewalk. you got a lot of stuff you gotta move in ? Vivian leaves the window. up at Vivian. The roof of the It's the best. from the top of the The limousine is slowly driving toward the building) hotel. but also ready to cry. Edward comes on her shoulder. limousine is open. VIVIAN (voice over. takes the flowers and puts Vivian ! his wallet back into his jacket inside pocket. Medium close shot on the balcony of the emergency exit. VIVIAN AND KIT'S APARTMENT . Vivian drops the bag and walks toward the window. the one with the umbrella. seen from hand and a black Vivian's balcony. Vivian is laughing. right ? High angle shot of the street. when she hears a car honking the car. EDWARD He gives her money. Edward gives it to him. to the emergency exit. Darryl is coming out of the driver's door. standing near front door. Back to Vivian. out of the car getting ready to move out of the room.LIVING ROOM - INTERIOR DAY SIDE STREET IN HOLLYWOOD . He has the flowers in one High angle shot of the emergency exit. already reached the Darryl. The car stops in front of the hotel. Vivian has We hear music from La Traviata.EXTERIOR DAY EDWARD Had to be the top floor. love ? Edward points to a bunch of flowers. ANGEL (voice over) Well. is waving both his umbrella and his flowers. a soprano solo. come out of the room. Close shot on the window.

No one could look as good who climbs another step to be at her level. some don't. EDWARD pretty woman. by a full black screen. Pretty close to one another. exit. the land of Back to Edward's close shot. He crosses the street. Edward reaches the ladder leading to Vivian's landing. Low angle shot on Vivian's balcony. High angle shot. reaches Edward. man coming down the street smiling encouragingly to Edward. Back to Edward. Vivian kissing passionately. woman I couldn't help but see. and THE AFRO-AMERICAN (voice over) showing Edward This is Hollywood. Pretty woman won't you pardon me. The camera moves away from the hotel and we see the Afro-American High angle shot on the limousine. Pretty woman. an lets it wave Full shot of Vivian's hotel and the emergency down. dreaming. Edward is between the top landing and the one below. The kind I like to meet. Low angle shot on Vivian. and they kiss passionately. standing on the top of The credits start rolling up while we hear the the steps. crawling walk with his back pressed against the wall. to be replaced Edward. 104 . holding the bannister on very firmly. broadly. with his back pressed against the wall. Are you lonely just like me. with the flowers between his teeth. Back to Vivian. But keep on above Edward. He crawls on of the film. and opens his arms LYRICS to Vivian. it. as you. Slowly. with the flowers Welcome to Hollywood. Back on the sidewalk level of the emergency VIVIAN exit. She walks on The picture moves away to the right of the it to meet screen. All right. You're not the truth. crossing Hollywood Boulevard. Oh. Walking down the street. Larger shot on the emergency exit landing. emergency ladder with the hook of his umbrella. THE AFRO-AMERICAN Everybody comes here. so keep walking up the last steps. I don't Close shot on Vivian walking down the steps. performed by Roy Orbison. whose shadow THE AFRO-AMERICAN we see moving Some dreams come true. who lets go of the bannister. She believe you. Pretty woman. Pretty woman. and brings it down. He resumes his dreams. their mouth meet. dreaming. That you look lovely as can be. We hear the voice of the Afro-American man we Back to Edward on a landing of the emergency saw at the beginning exit. On the steps Medium shot on the emergency exit. Their faces are now Mercy. looking down and smiling End of La Traviata music. Woman». THE AFRO-AMERICAN (voice over) Close shot on Edward's face. we slowly climbing the see Edward and steps. He stops moving and looks down. and Darryl. She unties her hair. Pretty woman. Always time to dream. What's your dream ? between his teeth. Back on Vivian's balcony. So what happened after he climbed up the tower and rescued her ? End of music. song «Pretty laughing and looking down at Edward. Edward grabs the She rescues him right back. This is Hollywood. seen from Vivian's eyes. I'm coming up.

Tell me how could it be. I didn't know that you would take it With sweet consideration. I gave you everything I have. And it didn't look that way in my mind. Ah ! No explanation. I was the last to know. Your heart was cleverly disguised. A short silence. performed by Peter Cetera. and then we hear the song «No Explanation». now. Darling. I can't believe it's true Until I hear you say. Ooh ! I know now. I couldn't read what was in your mind. To turn around and love me. 105 . now. I gave you everything I have. You're someone I've needed for a lifetime. With no Explanation. And after all that we've been through. The music slowly fades out End of credits. I didn't know that you would take it. LYRICS You really took me by surprise.

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