Paragraph 1 Name and occupation
Place of living
Why he is my favorite
Paragraph 2 What does he do
Paragraph 3 Comparatives
Paragraph 4 Conclusion about why he is

Type of place I live with my wife and my son in an aparment.
Paragraph 1
It is small but cozy and it is located in the outskirts of the city, in
Size and location
the middle of a very quiet neighborhood.

There are two rooms, a bathroom, a livingroom/kitchen hybrid,
Paragraph 2 Inside the place a little terrace, and a wide open backyard to grow some
vegetables and have coffee in the morning.

On the outside, in the front side, we planted some trees that
Paragraph 3 Outside the place provide with shade during sunny afternoons, so its posible to
relax in the terrace catching some breeze.

I love my house because it has the right amount of space I
need and then a little more, also because it is fresh during the
Paragraph 4 Feeling
day and cold during nights, but the main reason is because
we, as a family, made it our home.