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1. What is Crystal Report?

Ans: Crystal report is a report generation tool. Generally have interface with VB6.
Crystal report basically generates dynamic data. You can format the data in whichever
way you feel like.

2. Can we use Crystal report as a stand-alone application?
Ans: Generally we use Crystal Reports with VB6. However we can make crystal
report stand-alone application also. But for that limitation is for viewing the report
user should have crystal reports installed on his/her PC.

3. How do we connect to the database?
Ans: There are two ways of creating the report: -
1. Use crystal report built in query.
2. Use the tool ‘ Crystal SQL Designer’ provided by crystal report.
When you create report using crystal report built in query then it asks for the data
source name that you have created. When you run the report, then for the first time
it will ask for the user id and password. After that it will store the same.
When you create ‘.qry’ using ‘Crystal SQL’ Designer then at that time it will ask for the
user id and password. When you run the report for the first time instead of asking for the
user id and password it will ask for the ‘.qry’ file location. You can change the query
location also. For that open the report, select ‘Set Location’ option in Database menu
item, and set the location.

4. How do we format field?
Ans: For formatting any field just right click on it and you will get many options like
‘Format Field.’ ‘Browse field data’ etc. Click on ‘Format Field.’ You can align data,
suppress, make it multiline, change the font size, style, and type, make it hyperlink
If it is an amount field then you can display currency symbol also. Right click on the
field select ‘Format Field’.

5. Can we give parameters to the report?
Ans: We can very well give parameters to the report. For creating parameters select
‘Parameter Field’ in Insert menu item. ‘Create Parameter Field’ dialog box will
popped up, it will ask for the name of parameter, prompting text and datatype. Now
when you run the report it will prompt for these parameters.

6.Can we create our own formulas in reports?
Ans: We can create our own formulas in reports. Select ‘Formula Field’ in Insert
menu item. Write the formula in ‘Formula Editor’. Here you will get ‘Field Tree’,
‘Function Tree’, and ‘Operator Tree’, which will display the report fields, functions
that are supported by crystal reports (like CDATE () etc.), operators (arithmetic,
strings etc.) respectively.

7. Can we create report using more than one database?
Ans: We can create report using more than one database like Oracle, Access. Create
data source name for both the databases. Select tables from them and create the
Only restriction is if you use two databases then you cannot see the SQL generated
by crystal reports.

11. Can we add any database field once we have chosen ‘Close’ button? Ans: Yes. If database is having field whose length is more than 255 characters. then you cannot make formula using that field. and ‘Details’. Can we use our own SQL for creating a report? Ans: We can also make our own query using ‘Crystal SQL Designer’ tool provided by SQL. Select ‘Report Options’ in File menu item. which are there in the query. Export dialog box will be popped up.qry’ file then it will display Query and you can select only those field. Can we edit SQL made by Crystal reports? Ans: We cannot edit the SQL made by crystal reports. 15. They are: - 1. If you use two databases then you can’t even view the SQL prepared by crystal report. ‘Page Footer’. After that it will ask for the file name and save the data. If you are using crystal report built in query then it will display the tables that you have selected. Are there any limitations in crystal reports? Ans: There are certain limitations in crystal reports. or in rich text format. application etc. Can we suppress printing in crystal reports if 0 records are fetched? Ans: Yes. It will ask for the ‘Format’ like comma-separated value (csv) etc and the ‘Destination’ like disk. 14. But if you are using ‘. we can add any database field afterwards also. When you browse data just by right clicking on the field then it displays that is there in the database not the data selected by the query. What are the sections that we have in Crystal reports? Ans: Report has got standard sections like ‘Page Header’. 10. And when you create a report instead of using ‘Database’ button use ‘Crystal SQL Statement’ button. Limitation is if you are using only one database.qry’ . Does Crystal Report support all the functions that we have in Oracle? . Here you can insert your SQL statement as such. 2. Only restriction is formatting of data will be lost. 3. If no records are found then nothing will be printed on the report. we can suppress printing if no records are fetched. For that select ‘Show SQL Query’ in Database menu item. However we can view the SQL. Select ‘Database Field’ in Insert menu item. 9. You can insert group sections also. 12. In that there is one option ‘ Suppress printing if no records’ Check this option. ‘Report Options’ dialog box will pop up. Select ‘Sections’ in the Insert menu item. And you can select whichever field you want to display on the report. but crystal report will try to maintain as much formatting as it can. 13. ‘Report Footer’. Can we export data of reports into other format like in world doc etc? Ans: Generated data can be exported to word doc. If you don’t want to show any section just right click on that section and suppress that. It will save this file as ‘. Just click on ‘Export’ icon in the menu.8. However you can add other sections also. ‘Report Header’. While exporting data formatting is lost.

qry’ files then it take the SQL as such.Ans: No. running total etc. You can select any of these features in Insert menu item. I am getting an error saying that ‘SQL odbc error’ what should I do? Ans: If you are getting such an error then click the icon for ‘Report Expert’. I am using two tables one is of access database and other is of oracle database. 16. It will give a warning saying that formatting will be lost. However if you use ‘. we can use stored procedure.). Like Decode function is there in SQL but not there is crystal report. You can sum up records on the basis of each record or on change of group using ‘Running Total ‘ option in Insert menu item. Crystal report does not support all the functions. Ignore this you will get ‘Standard Report Expert’ dialog box. 18. sub-total. Is there any feature like summing total in crystal report? Ans: Crystal reports provide features like grand total. . 17. You need to convert that in crystal report format (in if and else etc. Reverse the links of access database table and it will work. Can we use stored procedure for creating the report? Ans: Yes. There is no need of changing any syntax.