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English II
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Christian Roi D. Elamparo

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Ma’am lovely a. Padilla
The Pursuit of Happyness

The title of the movie is “The Pursuit of Happyness” which is directed by Gabrielle Muccino.

Dramatic film and Biographical film is the genre of the movie. The scene that I’d like the best is

It was truly an experience worth having. great scene from a touching and inspiring movie. This movie was heartfelt and touching. His son also did a fantastic job.where Chris Gardner (Will Smith) takes his son. My overall impression is I was blessed to have seen this movie. and Christopher who is smart. Chris Gardner Linda Christopher The main characters are Chris Gardner who is a hard worker. . you’ll think otherwise you see this movie. He always follows his father’s advices. Fantastic motivational video. He has a dream and a good self-esteem so there is a motivation from his son so he works hard. and it made me love life. If you ever thought Will Smith really couldn’t act (and shame on you!). He has a big future to do his jobs although it’s too hard to do it. I highly recommend this movie to an age of 13 above whose have been homeless themselves. you got to protect your dreams and go get it”.Chris Gardner said. The major theme of the movie is “The Hardworking to pursuit the happiness”. He has a high self-efficacy. to play basketball and tells him to never give up on his dreams. Will Smith did an incredible job and deserves every accolade available to him. Last. “It’s my dream. You can really feel what he’s going through just by looking in his eyes. He also has a self-concept which develops when he was in childhood. because this movie was a great example of overcoming adversity no matter what it took. it made me cry. It made me laugh. Linda who is stubborn and she also have a high emotion.