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NeGP in Mizoram

Department of ICT
Govt of Mizoram

Major Projects  State Mission Mode Projects:  Capacity Building  Mizoram SWAN  Stata Data Centre (SDC)  Common Service Centre (CSC)  Integrated Mission Mode Projects  State Service Delivery Gateway & State Portal  National Portal of India  Other Projects  Digital Land Resource Information System .

GoI may coordinate with such line ministries so that projects will be funded and executed in time . Capacity Building  Total Project Cost .  Planning  All DPRs have been submitted to the concerned departments  It was learnt that the line ministries are not ready with implementation plan  DIT. Food & Civil Supl.60 lakhs  Preparation of DPRs  Six DPRs completed:  Land Records.Rs.  Taxation.  Finance/Treasuries. 428.  MLA.

MLAs is being processed . Middle level officers had been done  Top level official training for secretaries. Capacity Building  Training at the level of PeMT. Clericals.

RFP Floated.Rs.  Current Status .59 Crores  Total number of POPs .26 POPs completed.ZENICS  Technical Consultant.  Projects Cost . Pre-bid meeting completed and queries will be submitted to DIT for approval .Rs.M/s Wipro Infotech. 20. 20. Progress of State MMPs  Core Infrastructure Project  Mizoram State Wide Area Network (SWAN)  Project Cost .59 Crore  Implementing Agency .42 POPs  Site preparation status .

GoI . 30.Identified  Current Status .MSeGS  Technical Consultant .Rs.RFP being vetted by Law Dept. Progress of State MMPs  Core Infrastructure Project  State Data Centre (SDC)  Project Cost .  Identification of Site . GoM and DIT.M/s Wipro Infotech.88 Crore  Implementing Agency .

2009  Current Status .Rs. 2.16 Crores  Implementing Agency .No CSC is certified .IL & FS  Number of CSCs approved .29th April. Progress of State MMPs  Core Infrastructure projects  Common Service Delivery Centre (CSC)  Projects cost .136 sites  Signing of Agreement .MSeGS  Service Center Agency .Zoom Developers Ltd  National Level Service Agency .

88 Lakh  Implementing Agency .Rs. 315.MSeGS  Consultant . Progress of State MMPs  E-District  Project cost .M/s Wipro Pvt Ltd  Pilot Project .Aizawl District  Status  Selection of Vendor Finalized with M/s Teledata Informatics Ltd  Work order is to be issued .

Progress of Integrated Project  National Portal of India  Implementation  M/s Zolife Infotech has been selected as Content Service Provider (CSP)  Contract Agreement signed on 1st Sept 2008 for a period of 1 year. 9.6 Lakhs . with contract price of Rs.

61 Cr has been submitted to DIT for approval . 8. Progress of Integrated Project  State Service Deliver Gateway (SSDG) and State Portal (SP)  DPR Amounting to Rs.

CDAC-Kolkata  Implementing Agency . SRS completed  Acquisition of equipments processed .MSeGS  Management Consultant – M/s Wipro Ltd  Project Status:  Recruitment of Project Staffs completed  Preparation of documents – As-Is.Rs. Other Projects  Digital Land Resource Information System (DLRIS)  Project Cost . 220.00 lakhs  Prime Executing Agency.

Telecommunication Problems  Telecommunication problems being major hindrance for IT development  Main reasons: Power. Hilly area. Infrastructure  Being hilly area.  problems arises with landslide and jhumming  Coverage of wireless network is an issue  Cost of getting connected is more  Penetration of IT infrastructure in rural area is minimal  Broadband connectivity is still not available for some districts .

PGCIL  Rural connectivity is a problem due to sparse population  71 USOF towers are to be built but reduced to 38 due to lack of road connectivity . Telecommunication-Current status  There are many service providers all of which have bandwidth problems due to non availability of reliable OFC i.e..

How can it be improved  PGCIL may take hasten laying of overhead OFC from Kumarghat to Aizawl  Intra-State communication backbone needs to be improved  The number of USOF towers reduced to 38 due to poor or non-availability of road connectivity may be again increased to 71 because the condition of roads are improving .

Thank You Department of ICT. Govt of Mizoram .