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Date: November 24-26, 2010


Suleyman Demirel Cultural Center
Istanbul Technical University Maslak Campus, Istanbul, Turkey

also taking into account that Istanbul is the European Capital of Culture in 2010. which consists of nine (9) 4-year maritime Faculties/Academies on 5th Conference Language: English and Turkish (Papers given in Turkish should also include a one page detailed summary in English.) 1.globalmaritimeconference. Istanbul Technical University Maritime Faculty will act as host and organizing institution. Conference Website . the Conference will also be jointly organized with the Chamber of Marine Engineers of Turkey.1. The Council decided to organize a nationwide as well as a global conference to open a new horizon for the 21st century from the perspective of Knowledge and Innovation. 2010 at ITU Maslak Campus. Istanbul. Turkey. “The Council of Higher Maritime Research and Educational Institutions of Turkey” consists of the following institutions: 1) Istanbul Technical University Maritime Faculty 2) Karadeniz Technical University Sürmene Marine Sciences Faculty 3) Dokuz Eylül University Maritime Faculty 4) Istanbul University Engineering Faculty Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering Department 5) Near East University Maritime Faculty .CALL FOR PAPERS Istanbul Technical University-Maritime Faculty (ITU-MF) calls individual academic papers for “The First Global International Conference on Innovation in Marine Technology and Future of Maritime Transportation” which will be held on November 24-26. Furthermore. 2010.http://www. GENERAL FRAMEWORK 1. which will celebrate its 50th anniversary during the event. education and training institutions in Turkey established “The Council of Higher Maritime Research and Educational Institutions”. Background All the maritime research. a nationwide collective body.

ACADEMIC SESSIONS 1. Historically. New Technologies in Marine Engineering . maritime sector is an excellent platform for developing a global system based on innovation. Knowledge-based Innovation in 21st Century and the Maritime Sector 2.2. the rapid development of information and communication technologies (ICT) has been providing a global infrastructure for the world economy. A global system based on communication has been gradually emerging for quite a long time. 2. “System” concept is at the heart of all these processes which function as catalysts of economic globalization. and therefore. However. In this context. this Global Conference aims (i) to share the knowledge and expertise of the participants on the current and future marine/maritime related technologies. Various advanced technologies are applicable in most segments of maritime activities. further integration and innovation are crucial in the maritime activities for successful global supply chain and logistics management. Global Maritime Strategies 3. today. Theme of the Conference Technologies have always opened a new age in the history of mankind by means of innovation. 6) Zonguldak Karaelmas University Maritime Management and Administration College 7) Kocaeli University Yıldız Bilge Barbaros Maritime College 8) Piri Reis University Maritime College 9) Yıldız Technical University Ship Construction and Maritime Faculty 10) Rize University Turgut Kıran Maritime College 1. the area of maritime has been the most global and integrated human activity. Particularly. and (ii) to analyze the possibilities with regards to the creation of “New System(s)” in maritime transportation of the 21st century.

USA d) Dr. INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC BOARD a) Prof. Donna Nincic The California Maritime Academy. International Labour Organization e) Prof. Bjorn Egil Asbjornslett Norway University of Science and Technology. Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry. Norway h) Prof. Hercules Haralambides. Innovative Ship Design & Construction Technologies 10. Japan f) Dr. Oya Ozcayir IMO Legal Expert on Maritime Law. Ship-Shore Integration 6. Netherlands b) Prof. Kaori Komatsu Waseda University. Dr. Rasmi Jain Stevens Institute of Technology.4. Turkey g) Prof. Environmental Protection and the Maritime Sector 8. Dr. Safety & Security in the Maritime Sector 9. Information and Communication Technologies and the Maritime Sector 5. Dr. Yoshiaki Ohkami Keio University. Legal Framework for the Seas and International Maritime Conventions 11. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Istanbul . Dr. Kinzo Inoue Kobe University. Japan c) Assoc. Officers of the 21st Century 7. Dr. Japan i) Prof. USA . Prof.A Historic Maritime City 3. Dr.

Dr. j) Prof. Hakkı Kişi. First Deputy Secretary General Black Sea Economic Cooperation c) Mr. Minister of Transportation. Dr. Bahçeşehir University i) Prof. Dr. Turkey p) Prof. Dr. Beom-Soo Hyun Korea Maritime University. Ali Ihsan Aldogan. Korea o) Prof. Istanbul Technical University h) Prof. Turkey b) Ambassador Sumru Noyan. Dokuz Eylul University e) Prof. Dr. Deniz Unsalan. Black Sea MoU m) Prof. Piri Reis University j) Prof. Atila Ertas Texas Tech University. Dr. Nil Guler. Binali Yildirim. ADVISORY BOARD a) Prof. Sezer Ilgin. General Secretary. Mustafa Ilıcalı. Turkey 5. Capt. Dr. Hasan Naiboglu. Dr.S. Near East University d) Prof. Turkish Lloyd & Istanbul Technical University k) Prof. Karadeniz Technical University c) Prof. Istanbul Technical University l) Prof. Huseyin Yuce. Dr. Dr. Dr. Istanbul University g) Prof. Turkey d) Prof. Muhammed Sahin. Mehmet Karaca Istanbul Technical University. Dr. Osman Kamil Sag Piri Reis Üniversitesi. USA l) Prof. Turkey n) Prof. Capt. Dokuz Eylül University n) Dr. Huseyin Yilmaz. Yildiz Technical University f) Prof. Dr. Vladimir Loginovsky Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy. Guldem Cerit. Dr. Idris Bostan Istanbul University. Undersecretary of Maritime Affairs.A. Dr. Undersecretariat of Maritime Affairs of Turkey . Mustafa Insel. Dr. Dr. Dr. m) Prof. Istanbul Technical University b) Prof. HONORARY BOARD a) Mr. U. Rector. Istanbul Technical University. Ozkan Poyraz. Russian Federation k) Prof. Shmuel Yahalom State University of New York Maritime College. Dr. Dr. Turkey 4. Mustafa Altunc. Fevzi Erdogmus. Dr. Ertug Duzgunes.

Istanbul Technical University b) Prof. The Chamber of Marine Engineers of Turkey d) Hisashi Yamamoto. Ender Asyali. Dr. Ersan Basar. Dr. Dr. Prof. Dr. Bulent Temur. Dr. Prof. Zonguldak Karaelmas University n) Asst. An individual paper proposal should include: . Selcuk Senkal. Prof. Dr. 2010. Tanzer Satir. Dr. Dr. Prof. Munip Bas. Selçuk Nas. Dr. Prof. Ayse Yilmaz. IMO q) Dr. Karadeniz Technical University j) Asst. Prof. Prof. Tayfun Acarer. ORGANIZING COMMITTEE a) Prof. Dr. Marmara University 6. Erdem Ozgur. Erdal Arli. Ozcan Arslan. Istanbul Technical University g) Lecturer Yıldıray Ertas h) Assoc. Levent Kirval. Nil Guler. Dr. Shanghai Maritime University c) C/Eng. Dr. Istanbul University o) C/Eng. Dr. Istanbul Technical University v) Asst. Capt. o) Asst. Ayse Yilmaz. Sitki Ustaoglu. Dr. Istanbul Technical University s) Dr. Prof. Fuat Alarcin. Dr. ITU Maritime Faculty Foundation 7. Prof. Istanbul Technical University w) Asst. Jin Yongxing. Istanbul Technical University x) Asst. Istanbul Technical University f) Dr. All abstracts of papers should be submitted before July 18th. Ramazan Aksoy. Prof. Dr. Zonguldak Kara Elmas University k) Asst. Istanbul Technical University u) Asst. Prof. Alumni Association of ITU Maritime Faculty p) C/Eng. Dokuz Eylul University i) Asst. Kocaeli University l) Assoc. Dr. Yıldız Technical University m) Asst. Feramuz Askin. APPLICATION PROCESS & PAPER PROPOSAL The Conference invites individual paper proposals. Turkish Information and Communication Technologies Authority r) Asst. Prof. Levent Kirval. Murat Koralturk. Prof. Istanbul Technical University y) Assoc. Prof. Prof. Cemil Yurtoren. Dokuz Eylül University p) Dr. Prof. Cengiz Deniz. Istanbul Technical University e) Asst. Istanbul Technical University t) Asst. Gökhan Kara.

) October 10. 2010: Final date for submission of paper abstracts July 25. TIMETABLE July 18. the organizers are also planning to publish the best selected papers in an edited book from an international publisher or in a special issue of an international refereed “on-site registration fees” will apply only for listeners. e-mail address.1. 2010: Last day for registration for paper proposers and “early bird” listeners (After this date. Author/participant name and affiliation Note on Publication: Conference Proceedings will be published and distributed during the conference upon approval by the International Scientific Board. deadline is October 1. $750 (maximum 5 persons) . 2010) Early Bird Registration for Listeners (Deadline: October 1. The paper title 2. 8. you can start your application process (or alternatively. you can e-mail your proposal details to: yilmazay@itu. A short abstract of paper (200 words maximum) 3. 2010: Conference (On-site registration) 9. telephone and fax numbers 6. Furthermore. Any audio-visual equipment requests By clicking the online application form available at the conference website. A one paragraph biographical statement 5. 2010): $300 (per person) Registration Fee on Arrival – On Site (Listeners): $400 (per person) Corporate Fee (Companies-Listeners) – On Site only: U. REGISTRATION Conference Registration Fees (by electronic fund transfer to the Conference Account): Participant Fee (Academic Paper Givers): $250(per Person. 2010: Final date for submission of full papers November 24-26. 2010: Confirmation of acceptance of paper abstracts October 1. Author contact address.

registration and accommodation please regularly check the conference website for useful information about your accommodation and your trip. TRAVEL Travel costs will be covered by the participants. From these hotels you can easily reach ITU Maslak Campus by underground in 10 minutes.) 11. The academic sessions of the Conference will take place on 24th and 25th of November 2010. 10. FUNDING A few scholarships. Istanbul City Tour and Istanbul Strait Cruise are planned. . Details of the travel information and how to reach at ITU Maslak Campus and the venue (Suleyman Demiral Cultural Center) will be available at the conference website. will be available for Detailed information on accommodation will be provided to the participants after the acceptance of the paper proposals. refreshments. and conference materials. Also. lunches.hotelgoldenpark. Below.php 12.Registration fee includes opening cocktail. On 26th and 27th of November 2010. You can plan your trip and stay at Istanbul with the help of www. particularly for young researchers-PhD Students.Levent). conference you will find the website links of the hotels (which are at the heart of the city) which are very close to Metro/Underground line ( & www. (Best papers will be awarded this funding. http://www. ACCOMMODATION Accommodation costs will be covered by the participants.asp http://www.istanbul2010.

tr (Senior Lecturer Ayse Yilmaz) (E-Mail) gulern@itu. Levent Kirval) 1288.MARITIME FACULTY Istanbul Technical University Maritime Faculty Tuzla Campus 34940 Istanbul Turkey (Phone) +90-(0)216-395-4501 (Ext. 1112 . Nil Guler) lkirval@itu. or 1242) (Fax) +90-(0)216-395-4500 (URL) ( (Senior Lecturer Hisashi Yamamoto) yilmazay@itu. CONTACT INFORMATION OF THE ACADEMIC ORGANIZING COMMITTEE AT ITU .tr (Prof. 1189. The unregistered version of Win2PDF is for evaluation or non-commercial use only.This document was created with Win2PDF available at http://www. This page will not be added after purchasing Win2PDF. .