The Recycled Orchestra

The environment is suffering. From an excess of greenhouse gases, to the ice caps

melting because of global warming, the world around us is not looking great. There is a town

literally living on a landfill, causing health problems and financial instability, however, they are

trying to make the best of things.

In Paraguay, there is a town called Cateura and the inhabitants live on a landfill. When it

rains, the landfill floods and the citizens are forced to wade through contaminated water. They

rummage through the garbage to find things to sell to afford food, and most families take their

children out of school in order to find more, resulting in a lack of education for most children

that live here. Despite coming from nothing, however, there is a man who decided to help.

Favio Chavez was an engineer that decided to help the children in the town. He went to Cola,

the town carpenter and asked him to make instruments for the children. Cola took this as an

opportunity to help clean up his home. He took from garbage found in the landfill and turned

them into beautiful instruments that work! There is a saxophone made from drain pipes, cellos

made from oil drums, and drum heads made from old x-ray film. Not only has this helped clean

the landfill up a small amount, but it has also raised money that goes directly into cleaning the

town. Donations have been made to help provide safer homes for children, and it has helped

students stay in school so they all have a chance to play with the orchestra and get the proper

education that they need.

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