The 5S Principles

The 5 S's stand for Sort (Seiri), Straighten (Seiton), Shine (Seiso),
Standardize (Seiketsu) and Sustain (Shitsuke).

Sort (arrangement) - eliminate all unnecessary items in the
work area. This includes ensuring you have the correct tools for the job
which means adding equipment that is required. The problem of sharing a
tool creates the "search and retrieve" waste of time.

Straighten (set in order) - organize the work area so that
"Everything has a place and everything in it's place." Shadow boards
are commonly used. Eliminate drawers and cupboards - it is a waste of
time to open and close them.

Shine (act of cleaning) - clean the work area. This eliminates
possible safety hazards and creates a better work environment.

Standardize (conditions after cleaning) - now that the first
three previous elements are in place, make the revised work area the
standard. This is also applies to the work method or procedure.
Standardizing the way you process or assemble the product so that
everybody performs the operation the same way. An essential step in
getting Lean.

Sustain (discipline, manner) - the discipline to maintain the
improvements and continue to improve. Probably the hardest of the five
elements. Focus on maintaining the revisions and continue to improve
without slipping back into old habits.