MODAL VERBS: would – could – need to

What are modal verbs?
They are a type of auxiliary verb we use with other verbs to add more meaning.

We use WOULD for making Polite Offers.


 Would you like anything to drink? “A soda would be great. Thanks!”

 Would you like to join us for dinner? “I’d love to, but I actually have other plans

 Would you like to come to my birthday? “Of course, I´d love to”.

We Use COULD for Making Polite Requests or permission.


 Could you open the window, please? “It’s hot in here”.

 Could you turn the music down? “Thanks2.

 Could I speak to Amy, please? “Sorry, but she isn´t here”.

We use NEED TO for expressing necessity.


 I need to go to the toilet.

 They need to buy carrots.

 We need to get money.

 You don´t need to work at night.

tonight? At the moment. You can stay here if you want. a)could b)would c)don´t need to ________you like to drink a soda? a)need to b)would c)could Peter and John obtained the worst score in the test. so they ________ study more a)would b)need to c)could MATCH THE TWO SENTENCES HALVES Would you like to come for lunch this weekend? Of course. I don´t have money Could you lend me 20. please? Oh. Would you mind passing me that menu. please? I´m sorry. I’d love to. thank you. a)could b)need to c)would ___________ you like to come for lunch this weekend? a)could b)would c)need to ____________ you tell me where the nearest bank is. WOULD – COULD – NEED TO EXERCISES CIRCLE THE CORRECT OPTION Your car is dirty. please? You need to go to the doctor. You ________ wash it. I am feeling very bad and I can´t eat anything I’m sorry. please? a)need to b)could c)would You ___________ go. here you have Could you tell me where the nearest bank is. I’m not from around here. . but I have too much work Would you like to go out with me.

etc). COUNTABLE AND UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS USE MUCH/MANY We use MUCH with singular and uncountable nouns (bread – money – sand – salt – oil – water –butter –cake – sugar . Examples:  How many coins do you have?  How many computers are there? SOME/ANY We use SOME with countable and uncountable nouns in affirmative sentences. Examples:  There are a lot of chips  There is a lot of soda . Examples:  Is there any soda?  I don´t have any computer A LITTLE/A FEW We use A LITTLE with uncountable nouns in affirmative sentences. Examples:  Some people are going to the concert  Please.bottles . Examples:  How much water do you drink?  How much money do you need? We use MANY with plural and countable nouns (people – computers – friends – tables – coins – bags . We can use SOME in questions when offering or requesting.etc). please  They brought a little food We use A FEW with countable nouns in affirmative sentences. buy some bread!  Could I have some milk. Examples:  I only invited a few friends to the party  There are a few children at the school A LOT OF We use A LOT OF to refer a large amount of people or things. We use A LOT OF with countable and uncountable nouns in affirmative sentences. Examples:  Give me a little water. please? We use ANY with countable and uncountable nouns in questions and negative sentences.

__________________________________________ Fill in the chart to show which quantifiers are used with countable (C) or uncountable (U) nouns. QUANTIFIER C U + . Can I have any cookies? __________________________________________ 4. You don´t need to bring some sancks. ? MUCH MANY SOME ANY A FEW A LITTLE A LOT OF . please? __________________________________________ 3. A little people came to the party yesterday. Countable and uncountable nouns exercises Correct the sentences 1. How many popcorn do you want? __________________________________________ 5. there are much ballons at the party __________________________________________ 6. __________________________________________ 2. Could you buy one glitter.