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1. 1998 May 1998 - The implementation of recommendations from the National Task Force on Information Technology and Software Development formed in May 1998, for example, contributed greatly to India's standing as the second largest exporter of software. Panels within the ... Show more From Article: "Made in India".(Editor's View) - ECN-Electronic Component News «Related web pages www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-110812700.html?refid ... 3. 2002 Jan 10, 2002 - India's recession-hit hardware industry wants soft budget from government ... find AP Worldstream articles. 00-00-0000 Dateline: NEW DELHI, India As computer sales decline in India for the first time, the country' s ... From Article: India's recession-hit hardware industry wants soft budget from «Related web pages www.highbeam.com/doc/1P1-49433233.html?refid ... 5. 2003 Oct 7, 2003 - "The hardware industry in India is coming of age," says Vinnie Mehta, executive director of Manufacturers Association of Information ... "If the number of personal computers sold last year is any indication of the size of the market, the industry clocked 2.3 million units in the year ... From India strives to emerge as global computer hardware hub - SiliconIndia- Related web pages www.siliconindia.com/shownews ... 7. 2004 Jan 19, 2004 - After years of complaining of stepmotherly treatment, the hardware industryfinally has reason to cheer after the finance minister suddenly ... by the government will lead to increased investments in the IT sector and lead to the development of a strong IT componentindustry in India. ... From Duty cuts: Hardware industry dances on the streets - News Analysis - «Related web pages www.expresscomputeronline.com/20040119 ... 9. 2005 Apr 11, 2005 - The hardware industry currently employs over three lakh people this figure is expected to go up to 10 lakh in the next five years The semiconductor industry cannot be seen from a local perspective as the industry requirements and markets are global According to industry experts India ... From India comes under WTO zero-duty regime - Express Computer - Related web

.SiliconIndia.. IT hardware industry in India is unable to become competitive and importing components is always seen as a cheaper alternative instead of manufacturing here.....7 trillion and India accounts for only . From Cost & quality will encourage invt in India: Ashwani Kumar .expresscomputeronline. rising disposable incomes and explosion in retail format will see the consumer electronics and IT hardware industry in India touch a whopping Rs 7000 billion (US$156. 2006 Nov 6. 2007 . From CONSUMER ELEC..Related web pages www.html 13.com/premium/0199/0199-5911788.com/shownews . large base of young consuming population.Related web pages www... and poor infrastructure that affects manufacturing as well as supply chain. holistic fiscal policy framework is needed to encourage deepening of manufacturing and to give a much needed fillip to the IT hardware industry in India.NEW DELHIDow Jones Sales of laptops and desktops in India are expected to touch 7. 11. From IT hardware industry wants relaxed taxation in budget .2 billion) in revenues by . Nov 6 Asia Pulse .NEW DELHI. 2009 . 2010 .. 2008 Nov 10..moneycontrol. ." he . From India Hardware Industry Body: Expect 7.ecnext.com/20050411 . 17. 19.siliconindia.pages www.. From Systemic challenges hurting Indian hardware Industry ..moneycontrol.com/aspx/stock-market-news-story .."Because of delays in design to market time..com/india/news/pressnews ."MAIT members have unanimously and repeatedly emphasised that a longterm.com/india/news/pressnews ... 2010 Jun 14." MAIT executive director Vinnie Mehta said in the ..3 million units in the current fiscal year ending March 31a growth of 7% from a year earlierthe country's main information technology hardware industry body said Thursday . IT HARDWARE INDUSTRY TO BOOM IN INDIA: «Related web pages goliath...Related web pages www.3M Units PC Sales This Fiscal «Related web pages www. 2009 Jun 3. 2006 .Mr Deepak Puri Chairman and Managing Director Moser Baer India said that global hardware market is worth $1... effort to understand the challenges and suggested that a uniform tax structure to escalate the growth of hardware industry in India . 2008 . 15.High economic growth...nasdaq. 2007 Dec 14.

scribd.com/doc/24714165/IT-Industry-in-India .http://www.

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