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Do I have to pass each paper in
order to pass the whole exam?

No. Your final grade will
be based on your overall
score in all 3 papers.

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museums.KET Practice Tests EXTRA M 5-03-2008 11:42 Pagina 8 TEST 1 Paper 1 Part 1 Reading and Writing How can I prepare for Part 1 of the test? ◆ Start looking around you for any signs / notices written in English. School will be closed on Monday 5th July 2 You must keep quiet at this time. . Only TWO children at a time may enter this shop 5 G r o u p s o f ch i l d r e n m u s t n o t g o here. hotels and train stations. 1 Yo u c a n n o t p l ay w i t h o u t we a r i n g A these. Questions 1-5 Which notice (A-H) says this (1-5)? For 1-5. mark the correct letter A-H on your answer sheet.Novara . There are usually some in airports.A. PLEASE MAKE SURE CHILDREN WEAR THE CORRECT UNIFORM 4 Go here if you want to buy one of C these. B PARENTS 3 Children will have a holiday on this day.p. EXAMPLE Answer: 0 A B C D E F G H 0 You cannot leave through this door.Blackcat © 2011 De Agostini Scuola S. ◆ Read advertisements in English on the Internet / in English magazines and newspapers. D NO TALKING DURING FIRE PRACTICE E New school football shirts on sale in school office F Football club will start next Friday G You must wear trainers on the football field H Do not use fire exit in sports hall 8 KET Practice Tests Extra .

. all our things into big boxes........... A invite B join C welcome 10 I am very happy with my new bedroom because there is a lot more .........Blackcat © 2011 De Agostini Scuola S. EXAMPLE Answer: 0 A B C 0 Last week we .............. A sad B poor C busy 8 I couldn’t carry any of the boxes into our new house because they were too ....... into our new house. Choose the best word (A. B or C) for each space. For questions 6-10. A fat B heavy C great 9 Our new neighbour gave us a cake to .. A moved B changed C turned 6 Before we left I had to help ...... . A space B size C floor 9 KET Practice Tests Extra .Novara .......................p............ B or C on your SOLD answer sheet...KET Practice Tests EXTRA M 5-03-2008 11:42 Pagina 9 Reading and Writing Part 2 Paper 1 TEST 1 How can I prepare for Part 2 of the test? ◆ Remember vocabulary not grammar is being tested here...... . because I didn’t want to leave my friends.. ......... us.... A bring B pack C send 7 I felt very ............ mark A.. Learn the differences between words with similar meanings and opposites like: remember / forget hungry / thirsty menu / bill win / earn decide / think finish / stop to get up / get off ◆ Learn collocations (words that go together): to have a coffee / shower to make the bed / lunch to do the shopping Questions 6-10 Read the sentences (6-10) about moving house.......A.

For questions 11-15. C It’s a long way from here. 14 I hate shopping. B or C on the answer sheet. Study the tapescripts in your coursebooks. B I do. mark A. B It’s very long. ◆ Listen to as much English as you can. B It’s very nice.KET Practice Tests EXTRA M 5-03-2008 11:42 Pagina 10 TEST 1 Paper 1 Part 3 Reading and Writing How can I prepare for Part 3 of the test? This part of the test focuses on everyday conversation.Blackcat © 2011 De Agostini Scuola S. 0 A B C 11 Have we got any milk left? A Not much. B He’s got blue eyes. 12 What about going to the cinema? A Is it on? B Is anything on? C Is it good? 13 Is there a bank near here? A It takes a long time. C Not often.A. 10 KET Practice Tests Extra . C I’m not. Answer: C He likes football. 15 Would you like a drink? A I like it. C Yes. B Not ever. ◆ Learn different responses for phrases such as: Do you mind…? Would you like…? How often do you…? Let’s… Questions 11-15 Complete the five conversations. EXAMPLE 0 What’s Mark like? A He’s very funny.Novara .p. A Me too. . please.

.......................A.. 11 KET Practice Tests Extra ..... Kate: I’m not bringing much.............. Tim? Tim: 0 .. That’s very kind.... B We can rent a car when we arrive at the airport........ Tim: 18 ..... F What about a guide book? Kate: That’s a good idea.... What does Tim say to Kate? For questions 16-20. It’ll be so hot....... Tim: 19 .........KET Practice Tests EXTRA M 5-03-2008 11:42 Pagina 11 Reading and Writing Part 3 Paper 1 TEST 1 Questions 16-20 Complete the conversation between two friends. D What clothes do we need to pack? Kate: It was sent last week.........p.............. G Eating out is very cheap there. .............. I’ll check that....... because Jack said he could take us the taxi for the airport? there.... Kate: Thank you....Blackcat © 2011 De Agostini Scuola S........Novara . Tim: 16 .. EXAMPLE Kate: So what do we have to do before the holiday.................. C Has your new passport arrived? Tim: 17 ........ Tim: 20 . mark the correct letter A-H on the answer sheet........... I can’t wait until we leave! Extra Tip Read on when placing an option in a gap. The response after the gap will often confirm the correct answer. Answer: 0 A B C D E F G H Kate: OK...... H We haven’t got our tickets from the travel agent yet... Have you booked A No..................... Kate: Oh...... Can you bring your camera? Mine’s broken. You can use my old one if you like. I’ll get one on Thursday.…………………………………..................... Do we need to buy anything to take with us? E Of course...............

Since 1928 the summer and winter games have always been in different countries and since 1994 they have not even been in the same year. There were only six competitions. At the first games of the 21st century in S a l t L a ke C i t y i n 2 0 0 2 t h e r e we r e ove r t wo t h o u s a n d sportsmen and women in seventy-eight competitions but still only around a quarter of these were women. mark A. The Winter Olympics In 1924 both the summer and the first winter Olympic Games were held in Chamonix. In fact she came last! However. The new winter games were very small compared to the winter Olympics we know today. places. B or C on your answer sheet. including skiing races. She went on to win three gold medals for skating in the next three Winter Olympic games.Novara . 12 KET Practice Tests Extra . ◆ Practise doing multiple-choice reading activities.KET Practice Tests EXTRA M 5-03-2008 11:42 Pagina 12 TEST 1 Paper 1 Part 4 Reading and Writing How can I prepare for Part 4 of the test? ◆ Practise reading similar texts (about people. . Are sentences 21-27 ‘Right’ (A) or ‘Wrong’ (B)? If there is not enough information to answer ‘Right’ (A) or ‘Wrong’ (B). ice skating and ice hockey. but only thirteen of these were women. Questions 21-27 Read the article about the Winter Olympics. ◆ Learn to spot the difference between ‘Wrong’ and ‘Doesn’t say’ options. ‘Doesn’t say’ means it doesn’t say anything in the text about this. At Chamonix there were 300 athletes. Learn from your mistakes.A. choose ‘Doesn’t say’ (C). ◆ Learn how to guess the meaning of words you don’t know from the context.p. Both the winter and summer games were in France in 1924 but that soon changed.Blackcat © 2011 De Agostini Scuola S. important events). For questions 21-27. The number of countries taking part has not grown very much because there are not as many countries that have the right weather to do winter sports. Norway won the most gold medals at Chamonix but their most famous sports star didn’t win anything. this was because Sonja Henie was only 11 years old at the time.

. A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say 27 The winter and summer games were in the same year until 1986.Blackcat © 2011 De Agostini Scuola S.p. there are the same number of men and women in the winter Olympics.Novara . A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say 25 Sonja Henie didn’t do well at Chamonix because she was too young. A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say 26 Sonja Henie was the youngest person to win a gold medal for skating.KET Practice Tests EXTRA M 5-03-2008 11:42 Pagina 13 Reading and Writing Part 4 Paper 1 TEST 1 EXAMPLE Answer: 0 A B C 0 The first winter Olympics were in France. 13 KET Practice Tests Extra . A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say 24 Norway has won more competitions than any other country in the history of the winter Olympics. A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say 21 There were fewer competitions at the first winter Olympic games than there are today. A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say 22 At Salt Lake City there were many more countries that sent teams to the winter Olympics than at Chamonix.A. A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say Extra Tip You should not expect to find exactly the same words in the questions as you find in the text. A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say 23 Today.

Captain Scott and Roald Amundsen were both good explorers and both (33) ... as… as..p....... He arrived at the South Pole (36) .... race.. B or C on your answer sheet...... 14 KET Practice Tests Extra . ........... ◆ Learn words / structures which go together...Novara .KET Practice Tests EXTRA M 5-03-2008 11:42 Pagina 14 TEST 1 Paper 1 Part 5 Reading and Writing How can I prepare for Part 5 of the test? ◆ Practise reading short factual texts from newspapers. need + to. they didn’t have (31) . can / must / should without to.......... magazines and encyclopaedias.. Questions 28-35 Read the article about The Race to the South Pole. first...... mark A........ The Race to the South Pole In 1908 Ernest Shackleton and (0) . In the end........... for + time period (for five months).. done. Scott arrived five weeks later but he and all his team died on the return journey. Write down any useful words / structures on page 141.... a very difficult journey they had to turn back (30) ........ one Norwegian......... They wanted to get to the South Pole which no-one had (28) .......... For questions 28-35...... tried again.... December 14.... since + date (since last January).... wanted to win (34) ... They were only 179km (32) ..... team of explorers left England for Antarctica..... food. For example more than.. B or C) for each space...Blackcat © 2011 De Agostini Scuola S... In 1911 two groups of explorers. Choose the best word (A... from the South Pole.... one British... 1911. Amundsen got (35) ..A............ This was the third time Shackleton had tried but (29) ...

KET Practice Tests EXTRA M 5-03-2008 11:42 Pagina 15 Reading and Writing Part 5 Paper 1 TEST 1 EXAMPLE Answer: 0 A B C 0 A his B their C our 28 A always B ever C just 29 A then B before C after 30 A so B because C and 31 A enough B some C many 32 A near B away C far 33 A very B really C more 34 A one B a C the 35 A here B everywhere C there 36 A on B in C at Extra Tip A list of the grammatical areas that are targeted can be found in the KET Handbook.p.Blackcat © 2011 De Agostini Scuola S. .Novara . 15 KET Practice Tests Extra .A.

e. fruit. light. j____ 39 People can have this hot drink with milk or they c_____ can have it black. write the words on the answer sheet. 0 b r e a k fa s t 36 Many people like to put this into their hot drinks s____ to make them taste sweet. EXAMPLE Answer: 0 This is the meal you have before you go to school or work. beautiful. ◆ Keep a vocabulary book and try to learn the spelling of all new words. Questions 36-40 Read the descriptions (36-40) of some words about food.KET Practice Tests EXTRA M 5-03-2008 11:42 Pagina 16 TEST 1 Paper 1 Part 6 Reading and Writing How can I prepare for Part 6 of the test? ◆ English spelling is not easy because the words are often spelt differently to how they sound. For questions 36-40. Even words that you think you know can be hard to spell. 38 Some people like to have a cold drink made from fruit. There is one space for each other letter in the word. Write any new words on pages 142-143. h_____ Extra Tip You need to recognise whether a question needs a noun (sing.A. vegetable. so you must practise. 37 In many countries they eat this with butter or jam b____ for breakfast. secretary. What is the word for each one? The first letter is already there.g. 40 If you don’t eat anything in the morning you will feel like this. / plural). journalist. ◆ Test yourself or ask a friend to test you.Novara . .p. 16 KET Practice Tests Extra . adverb or an adjective.Blackcat © 2011 De Agostini Scuola S.

. The hotel is nice. Remember Part 7 is testing grammar and spelling. ◆ Make sure you can spell these words correctly.. (43) ... prepositions (in... It is very big and it has (46) .. the)..KET Practice Tests EXTRA M 5-03-2008 11:42 Pagina 17 Reading and Writing Part 7 Paper 1 TEST 1 How can I prepare for Part 7 of the test? ◆ Practise doing this kind of exercise.......................... lovely swimming pool. adjectives (good. a lovely time on my school skiing trip.. The weather is very good. day..... it.having ........ quickly... modals (can. fast. his.. For questions 41-50.. we are so tired after skiing (50) .. on....)..... up......... their etc.. hot etc.. many.............. the evening we have dinner and then I play games (48) . ◆ Sometimes there may be more than one correct answer but you should only write ONE word in each space.. because etc. write the words on your answer sheet.. nicer etc. then.... verb forms.....A.. I am (0) .).. much.. down etc.. Questions 41-50 Complete the letter... after etc. may. not vocabulary so you need to focus on the structural words like auxiliaries (have.......... Now I (44) . (47) .... my friends... comparatives (better......p.. We go to bed very early (49) .....Novara . articles (a..... EXAMPLE 0 h av i n g Dear Sam.. an.....Blackcat © 2011 De Agostini Scuola S.. nice.. must).... been sunny most days. . Write ONE word for each space (41-50).... snow and not too cold. lots (41) . It (42) .)......... soon. Hope you are well..). without falling over.. linkers (and.....)....).. be). From Mick 17 KET Practice Tests Extra .. ski down the mountain by (45) ..... before..... ago. enough.. pronouns (she... adverbs (well.... morning we go to ski school....

I am Group 2 4-6 p. address etc. nationality.KET Practice Tests EXTRA M 5-03-2008 11:42 Pagina 18 TEST 1 Paper 1 Part 8 Reading and Writing How can I prepare for Part 8 of the test? ◆ This part is testing to see if you know how to understand and complete different types of written information from real life situations.Novara . occupation. SWIMMING COMPETITION 12 June Dad. Questions 51-55 Read the notice and note about a swimming competition. in the second group so you don’t have Parents must have ticket to watch the earlier races.Blackcat © 2011 De Agostini Scuola S.m. write the information on the answer sheet.A.p. Fill in the information on the diary. City Sports Centre Group 1 2-4 p. Can you No photographs wait to take me home? I should be Swimmers to meet at school at 1 p. For questions 51-55.m. ◆ You should practise doing this type of task and make sure you know what kind of information you need to write when you see: date. .m. so you’ll be back in time for the football at 8! Love Sarah Dad’s Diary Sarah’s swimming competition EXAMPLE Date: 0 12 June Where: 51 Sarah’s races start at: 52 Leave pool at: 53 Don’t take: 54 Don’t forget my: 55 18 KET Practice Tests Extra . ready to go at 6.30. The competition is this Saturday.

.... (1) My boss wants me to work late today........ Dear Sally..g. 19 KET Practice Tests Extra .............. Write a note to your friend................... ◆ Learn to check your work......................g...... Write to Jo and answer her questions.......... Thank you for your invitation. Say: (1) why you can’t go (2) you are sorry (3) when you can go Write 25-35 words...... house for dinner tonight? Please tell me 2 ...... Ask yourself these questions: Is it easy to read? Have I made any grammar / spelling / punctuation mistakes? Have I answered the question properly? Question 56 A friend has asked you to go to the cinema this evening but you can’t go........ e... 1 I am ..p......................... ... Is it still OK for you to come to my .......A..........KET Practice Tests EXTRA M 5-03-2008 11:42 Pagina 19 Reading and Writing Part 9 Paper 1 TEST 1 How can I prepare for Part 9 of the test? ◆ Practise writing notes for your friends in your English class. Love Jo ...... Dear ............. Write your note on the answer sheet........... what time you will arrive....... (3) What about going to the cinema tomorrow? Love Jane 33 words Now you try......Blackcat © 2011 De Agostini Scuola S........ ◆ Learn phrases / sentences for: making suggestions..... Shall we…? Why don’t we…? Let’s… inviting people to do things.................... Do you want ... e.... e. Read this note from your friend Jo..... I would really like to come to your party.... Write 25-35 words....g.....Novara ..... Would you like to…? accepting / refusing invitations.... sorry I ................ me to meet you at the train station? 3 .. (2) I am very sorry I can’t go to the cinema with you this evening.... EXAMPLE Dear Kate...........