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Mrs. Luna’s Classroom Newsletter
Welcome to the wonderful world of kindergarten. I am
excited about working with you and your child and I look
forward to a great school year together. There are many
fun, exciting and challenging adventures planned for this
year. This newsletter is intended to provide you with basic
information about kindergarten, including procedures and
routines, as well as give you a peak at what your child will
The expectations in Kindergarten are much higher than
My name is Crystal Luna. I was born and raised in
they used to be. Our students are learning how to read,
Albuquerque, New Mexico. I attended the University
write and understand numbers through simple addition
of New Mexico earning my Bachelor's Degree in
and subtraction. All this while still learning how to develop Radiologic Sciences and Master’s Degree in
social skills and appropriate behaviors. Organizational Learning and Instructional
The classroom environment is much different than the Technologies. Teaching children has always been my
environment at home. The energy level is more complex passion so after working several years in the health
and behaviors can be very different. Our environment is care industry I transitioned my career to teaching. I
more structured than pre-school and the expectations can am married and have three children and two dogs. I
be rigorous and stressful. I will provide your child with the enjoy spending time with my family, running,
skills and the techniques they will need to be successful in traveling and going to the movies. I am looking
kindergarten, however it will be your responsibility to forward to working with you and your child this
follow through at home. Your support and understanding school year!
is appreciated.

Math: We will learn to count by ones, count sets
of objects, when counting say number names in
the standard order, and pairing numbers. You can email or send me a text through
the remind App. Please be sure to sign up
Language Arts: We will learn to identify parts of a for Remind. I have added the link below:
story, asking and answer questions in compete
sentences, letter formation, letter sounds and Remind:
identifying and recognizing letters m, a, & s

Social Studies: This month’s curriculum will Email:
include the rules in our classroom and school, our
school environment and community, and how to
be a good student.

Science: Our science unit is Earth Science. We
will learn about the night sky and weather.

I use a Positive Behavior color clip chart to remind MONDAY- Library every other week
students of their behaviors:
 Pink= Extraordinary: I am being a Role Model to TUESDAY- Computers
others. (5pts) WEDNESDAY- No Pull out (Early dismissal at 12:30)
 Blue = Great: I am making good choices. (4pts) THURSDAY- P.E. (Remember to wear appropriate clothes
 Green = Ready to Learn: I am doing my best to and shoes)
learn. (3pts) FRIDAY- Music
 Orange= Make Better Choices: I can make
Pull outs are from 1:55-2:45
better choices. (3pts)
 Red= Improving: I can talk about my behavior ARRIVAL: Supervised playground time begins at 8:35am.
with my teacher and improve. (Parents are The first bell rings at 8:45am. The tardy bell rings at
8:50am. Mrs. Luna’s class will line up on the kindergarten
notified with a hot slip)(1 Pt) (If student
playground (on the Blue Moon).
receives 5 hot slips they meet with the
principal) DEPARTURE: School ends at 3:45pm on Mondays,
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. On Wednesdays dismissal
Every student starts their day of on Green. is at 12:30pm
Based on the Behavior Color chart, students earn daily Parents who wish to pick up their child will do so in the
points. Students can save up these points to trade in for
Kindergarten pick-up loop.
a coupon on Fridays.
BUS / BUS TAGS: If your child will be riding the bus (school
bus, Kinder Care, La Petite), they will be given a bus tag to
wear during the first week of school (make sure it is
CLASSROOM RULES returned every morning). The bus tags help teachers, bus
drivers and volunteers make sure that your child gets on
 Be kind the right bus. Please let me know if the information on the
 Respect yourself bus tag is incorrect.
 Respect others
 Take Responsibility SUPPLIES AND SNACKS

School Supplies: We will share school supplies. It is not
necessary to label these items with your child’s name.
Toys and Jewelry: Due to the possibility of
School supplies are needed within the first 2 weeks of
loss and damage, toys and Jewelry should
not be brought to school for any reason.
Snacks: We will be serving snacks every day. We will
start a snack calendar soon, please look for it in the
agenda. You will be responsible for bringing snack on
your scheduled snack day (20+ students). I ask that all
snacks be healthy.
Sunscreen: Don’t forget the sunscreen – we will be going
outside. Some days we work outside.
I welcome parents to volunteer in the classroom.
Volunteer sign-up sheets are in the information packets. Please remember to complete the parent survey by
Please give us a few weeks with the kids to establish a 8/31/17. If you would like to complete on paper please
bonded relationship before we get volunteers. All let me know
volunteers will need to complete and pass an APS
background check. Please sign in at the office.

3 Field Trips have been shceduled for this
school year. Please mark your calendars!
I will send more information as the dates
get closer.



I have been provided a copy of the Welcome to Kindergarten newsletter. I have been provided
with teacher contact information, classroom rules and additional classroom information found
in this document.

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