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extend the reliability and the availability of the installations. Our engineering solutions are well-known and trusted both by plant operators and design- ers. many of whom cooperate closely with Calderys for their day-to-day refractory needs. including custom-designed anchoring systems. professional supervision and installation/project management. A modern cement unit includes a cyclone pre-heater. selection of correct materials. Calderys’ own team of experienced engineers can provide total monolithic refractory lining solutions.Monolithic Refractories in Cement Industry Introduction of modern heat exchangers. Calderys relies on decades of ex- perience in the complete monolithic refractory lining of “static” areas but also provides solutions for the “dy- namic” parts such as the inlet cone and the nose ring of the kiln or rotary cooler. These solutions. developed in partnership with our customers. coupled with modern production facilities. state-of-the-art monolithic products and de-sign solutions. discharge sections with the kiln hood and burner lances. calciner & tertiary air ducts. Decades of experience in refractory technology and development. such as Spraycast (shotcrete) and low porosity gunning allows Calderys to be a pioneer in refractory technology and solutions. The combination of recent product design with modern installation techniques. a calciner with tertiary air duct. Calderys is well-known and respected for its high quality products and services. . Our pre- sence in local markets is essential in helping our customers to meet ever-increasing produc-tion demands. rotary systems for the sintering zone. reliable supplier. which have proven to be superior to brick linings in the Cement Industry. means that Calderys can truly be regarded as a high quality. a rotary system and a clinker cooler. Progress has been made through the development of in- novative solutions such as LCC (low cement castables) and ULCC (ultra low cement castables) that are alkaline resistant and specially dedicated to cement production conditions. and clinker cooler have allowed Calderys to implement innovative.

Selecting the most suitable monolithic material requires experience and knowledge of existing produc- tion conditions to avoid further reaction or chemical infiltration. The cement industry has undergone a change in the use of fuel from oil and natural gas to low-grade coal and combustion of waste materials including rubber tyres. used oil etc. Stresses in cement units Higher temperatures Better chemical resistance: New products need to be not only resistant to high temperatures but also chemically inert to alkali and sulphur and have a maximum infiltration resistance. . wood. plastics. Alkali resistant Alkali non resistant Bursting effect Calderys monolithic products selection will have a strong impact on reducing the build up effect in the different parts of cement unit. solvents. coke.

In these new installations. self- flowing castables and LC castables. result in increased efficiency.Alternative fuels and the Low Cement castables pore size: Depending on the composition of the alternative fuels. with their complex geometry. Materials with the lowest pore size and permeability have to be considered to avoid excessive infiltration of chemicals. chlorine and sulphur. The use of alternative fuels results in increased salt concentration in the structure of the refractory lining. has further encour- aged the installation of monolithic refractories in place of brick linings. etc… are introduced into the kiln system. The most economical option is achieved by applying a combination of dry or wet gunning products together with conventional castables. pipe lines. sections of the cyclones. Monolithic solution simplify thermal control of the lining. Compared to bricks. . Low Cement Castable: GIBRAM – after firing at 800°C Standard bricks Installation technique: The introduction of gas suspension pre-heaters andcal- ciners. properly de-signed monolithic materials will develop these densification properties resulting in very small pores. Salt compounds are also used in coal- fired cement kilns. faster delivery times and ultimately a reduction in the total cost of installation. kiln hood and the cooler were installed with the LCC castables. compounds containing alkalis. inlet chamber. depending on the temperature level.

compared to a maximum 1T/h for standard gunning. these products can be applied as wet gunning material..) can be achieved by dry dense gunning (Low Poros-ity Gunning Mixes = LPGM) or up to 10T/H by wet gunning Spraycast (shotcrete).. by using a wet gunning option. MID. whilst still achieving a service life which is similar to. castable as well as pumping material. or above that of regular castables. no moulds required and most importantly. no dust during installation. combining high chemical and mechanical resistance with cost effective installation. cleaning. Products installed using standard gunning techniques also achieve good performan-ces and can be installed 2-3 times faste than traditional brick linings. Calderys was the first to came to the market with the new range of products like: Spraycast and Low Porosity Gunning Mixes. CYCLONES AH 404 | AH 410 | SPRAYCAST F 50 R LOWER CYCLONES KERLITE | PLICAST LW-Mix | BASACAST ISO AH 405 | AH 410 | AH 411 | AH 413 | SPRAYCAST F 50 R AS INSULATION MEAL PIPE TERTIARY AIR DUCT ELBOW SPRAYCAST F 50 R AH 404 | SPRAYCAST F 50 R AH 411 | SPRAYCAST F 50 R (cast) FIRING-HOOD | AH 410 | AH 420 | SPRAYCAST F 50 R AH 405 | SPRAYCAST BX 85 PRECALCINER NOSE-RING SPRAYCAST F 50 R AH 405 | AH 410 | SH 411 | AH 13 | | SPRAYCAST BX SPRAYCAST F 50 R | SPRAYCAST F 40 S30 85 INLET CHAMBER AH 411 | SPRAYCAST F 40 S30 | COOLER TOP SPRAYCAST F 50 R AH 411 | SPRAYCAST F 50 R CHUTE-WALL FEED TILE AH 410 | SH 420 | SPRAYCAST F 50 R | SPRAYCAST F 40 S30 (cast) | SPRAYCAST BX 85 SPRAYCAST F 50 R BULL-NOSE AH 411 | SPRAYCAST F 50 R | SPRAYCAST BX 85 CONUS COOLER-MID BOTTOM COOLER BOTTOM END AH 411 SR | SPRAYCAST F 50 R AH 405 | SPRAYCAST F 50 R AH 404 | SPRAYCAST F 50 .5 T/h (including preparation. An additional advantage is a limited amount of rebounds. Those products are Low Cement containing materials. Solutions for the Monolithic Installations Concepts Dense gunning & Spraycast solution Due to the fast development of the thermal industries and high increase of the demand coming from our customers. Global rates of up to 2. In most situations. gunning. it is possible to achieve in- stallation rates which are 3-10 times faster compared to traditional products.

The choice of the appropriate monolithic lining material is made according to thermal and chemical conditions expe- rienced in the area. ULTRACAST. BASAGUN Dense gunning with: SPRAYCAST or LPGM (AH/SH/HC products) UPPER CYCLONES/ GAS DUCTS Standard PLICAST 18 C/G and severe KERGUN C 20 SR conditions MID CYCLONES/ GAS DUCTS/MEAL PIPES LOWER CYCLONES/ GAS DUCTS/MEAL PIPES All PLIGUN Strong-Mix conditions PLICAST Strong-Mix Standard PLIGUN FL 40 KERGUN C 28 HR SR conditions PLICAST FL 40 PHLOCAST M 28 HR SR PHLOCAST M 28 HR SR KERGUN C 28 HR SR INSULATING Severe BASACAST LC 35-407 MATERIALS conditions PLICAST LZ 106 PHLOCAST SiC 30 SR BASACAST ISO BASAGUN 40-407 PLICAST LW-Mix 124 C/G SPRAYCAST & LPGM PLICAST LW-Mix 106 C/G (AH products) . The following installation methods can be applied: Casting with: PLICAST. PHLOCAST.Meal Pipes Meal enters through the uppermost hot air duct and is preheated within the various levels of the cyclones by hot combustion gas coming from the rotary kiln.Gas Ducts . The wall installation may have several layers of castables with an appropriate anchoring system. BASACAST. In these cyclones. KERGUN. INTRACAST. temperatures vary from 300°C (upper part) to 930°C (lower part). GIBRAM Standard gunning with: PLIGUN.Solutions for the Preheater Tower Cyclones .

Riser Duct The installation of a calciner in the cyclone heat exchanger enables preheating and calcination of the cement dust using for burning different kind of combustion materials. alkali-resistant products are required: COMBUSTION CHAMBER RISER DUCT CALCINER Standard PLICAST FL 40 conditions PHLOCAST M 28 HR SR PLIGUN FL 40 KERGUN C 28 HR SR Severe PLICAST ML 55 S5 conditions BASACAST LC 35-407 PLIGUN MM 55 S5 BASAGUN 40-407 PLISTIX Zircon PLIBRICO Redd Ram SPRAYCAST & LPGM (AH products) INSULATING MATERIALS Standard BASACAST ISO 13-135 0-5 and severe PLICAST LW-Mix 124 C/G conditions PLICAST LW-Mix 106 C/G . the re-fractory material is exposed to severe thermal and chemical conditions. In these areas. as well as chlorine-alkali circulation.1250°C.Solutions for the Preheater Tower Calciner .Combustion Chamber . Here. due to a high temperature process of about 1100 . therefore resulting in a reduction of the entire combustion process.

Due to the complex shape of the casing and to the angular arrangements around the shock blower nozzle. furnace builders have to consider new construction concepts with much more sophisticated design. The mix runner profile is cut into the back wall to allow precise guiding of the raw meal.Solutions for the Preheater Tower Inlet Chamber . this type of lining can only be carried out with a monolithic refractory product in : cast. INLET CHAMBER FEED TILE KILN INLET PLICAST FL 40 Standard conditions PHLOCAST M 28 HR SR PLIGUN FL 40 KERGUN C 28 HR SR Severe PLICAST LZ 106 conditions INTRACAST 440 SR BASACAST LC 35-407 PHLOCAST SiC 30 SR MONROX SiC 60 SR PLISTIX Zircon PLISTIX ZM 30 S15 INSULATING PLIGUN MM 55 S5 MATERIALS BASAGUN 40-407 0-6 BASAGUN 40-205 Standard BASACAST ISO SPRAYCAST & LPGM and severe PLICAST LW-Mix 124 C/G (AH products) conditions PLICAST LW-Mix 106 C/G . The most intricated part is the inlet arch with the skewback transition to the intake chute.Kiln Inlet Due to the fast development in the cement industry. The best and the most flexible solution is to apply monolithic refractories. gunning and spraycasting version.

lined with monolithic material. PLIFLOW A 50 Z/S PLIBRICO Superal-X AB PLIBRICO 90 AB NOSE RING Standard PLICAST LX 68 and severe GIBRAM SR conditions BASACAST MC 55-305 F 0-6 BASACAST LC 60-717 F . Unfortunately. are always BURNER PIPE exposed to alkalis corrosion and abrasion by the clinker. kiln hoods and cooler ducts. The combustion problems in a cement kiln are very complex and affected by a lot of factors. The use of multi-fuel burners is becoming more common practice in cement plants. dimensioning. operateunder the most severe conditions. They also experience vibration and Standard PLICAST ML 55 S5 exposure to high temperature. these emerging problems influence coating formation. clinker quality and refractory life- time. a pattern that is likely to increase in the near future due to the large amount of alternative and residual fuels available. The burner lance tips. burner lances. and severe BASACAST LC 60-717 F Calderys solutions concerning the choice of material. anchoring and conditions GIBRAM SR instal-lation technique guaranty long lasting MONROX AX SR opera-tion time.Solutions for the Kiln Hood & Cooler Burner Lance . for example.Nose Ring Areas such as nose ring.

a high abrasion. detailed design. KILL HOOD Standard PLICAST LX 58 conditions PHLOCAST M 28 HR SR PLIGUN MM 55 S5 KERGUN C 28 HR SR BASAGUN 60-500 Severe BASACAST LC 60-717 F conditions PLICAST LZ 106 PLICAST ML 55 S5 KERGUN C 28 HR SR PLIGUN MM 55 S5 PLIGUN GX A 60 S7 TAD ELBOW SPRAYCAST & LPGM (AH products) Severe PLIGUN MM 55 S5 conditions GIBRAM SR SPRAYCAST & LPGM TERTIARY (AH products) AIR DUCT All KERGUN C 28 HR SR INSULATING conditions BASAGUN 55-503 MATERIALS PLIGUN FL 40 PLIGUN MM 55 S5 Standard BASACAST ISO SPRAYCAST & LPGM and severe PLICAST LW-Mix 124 C/G (AH products) conditions PLICAST LW-Mix 106 C/G . Due to the big temperature differences and to avoid erosion caused by the coming clinker. the actual speed of the kiln and the temperature level. thermal shock and chemical resistant materials should be applied.Tertiary Air Duct The proper selection of the refractory material for the kiln hood is of the highest importance.Solutions for the Kiln Hood & Cooler Kiln Hood . anchoring system and installation techniques to guarantee future long service life. Calderys long-term experience allows providing you with the solutions combining: the right selection of the materials – depending on the chemical problems.

Solutions for the Kiln Hood & Cooler Grate Cooler . In this area. and severe chemical attack due to the presence of alkalis released by the clinker cooling process.Hot Zone The function of the clinker cooler is to cool clinker from 1300°C down to near 100°C and to com- plete its 3 CaO SiO2 transformations to the main component of Portland cement. COOLER WALL/ROOF Standard PLICAST FL 40 IMPACT ZONE conditions PHLOCAST M 28 HR SR KERGUN C 28 HR SR Standard ULTRACAST 387 SR BASAGUN 60-500 and severe PLICAST LX 58 W2 PLIGUN FL 40 conditions GIBRAM SR Severe BASACAST MC 55-305 F conditions BASACAST LC 60-717 F INSULATING ULTRACAST SiC 30 SR MATERIALS PLICAST LX A-51 S 5 PLIGUN GX A-60 S 7 Standard BASACAST ISO SPRAYCAST & LPGM and severe PLICAST LW-Mix 124 C/G (AH products) conditions PLICAST LW-Mix 106 C/G . difficult mechanical conditions in the sidewalls (high wear). the refractory material is exposed to high temperature changes.

Solutions for the Kiln Hood & Cooler Grate Cooler BULL NOSE Standard PLICAST LX A-51 S 5 & severe BASACAST MC 55-305 F conditions GIBRAM SR BASACAST 50-501 PLIGUN GX A-60 S 7 COOLER COLD ZONE SPRAYCAST & LPGM (AH products) Standard KERGUN C 20 HR SR & severe PLICAST 18 C/G conditions COOLER MID. ZONE Standard PLICAST FL 40 INSULATING & severe PHLOCAST M 28 HR SR MATERIALS conditions KERGUN C 28 HR SR BASACAST ISO PLIGUN FL 40 PLICAST LW-Mix 124 C/G SPRAYCAST & LPGM (AH products) PLICAST LW-Mix 106 C/G .

which are the most suitable for this application. Calderys offers advanced materials like: CAST. rotary and planetary coolers.Solutions for the Kiln Hood & Cooler Planetary Cooler For the monolithic lining of grate. GUN or SPRAYCAST. PLANETARY COOLER INLET PLANETARY COOLER - Standard GIBRAM SR REST & severe BASACAST LC 60-717 F conditions BASACAST MC 55-305 F Standard PHLOCAST M 28 HR SR MONROX B SR & severe PLIGUN MM 55 S5 SPRAYCAST & LPGM conditions SPRAYCAST & LPGM (AH products) (AH products) .

95 125 PHLOCAST M 28 HR SR LCC chamotte 1550 46 na na 2.78 110 MONROX B SR LCC bauxite 1600 85 na na 2.5 na 2.3 95 BASACAST LC 60-717 F LCC bauxite 1600 76 na na 2.26 70 PLICAST LX 58 LCC andalusite 1650 57 na na 2.0 65 ULTRACAST 387 SR ULCC Tabluar Alumina 1750 92 na na 3.2 50 PLICAST ML 55 S5 LCC High Alumina 1550 55 5.46 60 Self-flow PLIFLOW A 50 Z/S LCC zircon 1650 60 10 10 2.0 na 2.85 60 MONROX SiC 30 SR LCC SIC 1500 33 35 na 2.85 120 GIBRAM SR LCC bauxite 1600 82 na na 2.8 50 BASACAST MC 55-305 F LCC chamotte 1550 31 35 na 2.79 90 MONROX AX SR LCC andalusite 1650 52 10 9 2.35 95 PLICAST FL 40 LCC chamotte 1450 40 na na 2.25 100 PHLOCAST SiC 30 SR MC SIC 1500 33 na 2.2 120 ULTRACAST SiC 30 SR ULCC SIC 1500 34 31 na 2.42 80 MONROX SiC 60 SR LCC SIC 1500 25.5 95 PLICAST LX A-51 S 5 LCC andalusite 1600 51 5.48 95 PLICAST Strong-Mix ULCC Chamote 1320 40 na na 2.55 85 .4 120 INTRACAST 440 SR LCC andalusite 1650 50 10 10 2. Products characteristics by type of installation Working Chemical Analysis (%) Raw Material Density CCS 110° C Type Temperature Product name (base) (g/cm ) 3 (Mpa) (°C) Al2O3 SiC ZrO2 Castable BASACAST LC 35-407 LCC chamotte 1350 44 na na 2.0 na 2.42 90 PLICAST LZ 106 ULCC zircon 1600 29 na 43 3.5 59.

release. publication or distribution.7 70 AH 413 SR LCC chamotte 1500 43 10 na 2. trademarks and specifications of the products may change according to the geographical area to be supplied.17 90 PLISTIX Zircon MC zircon 1350 37 na 30 2. is not allowed.05 40 KERGUN SiC 30 HR SR MC chamotte 1400 35 34 na 2.2 70 SH 420 SR LCC SIC 1500 31 na 2. . Reproduction.9 50 SPRAYCAST F 40 S30 LCC chamotte 1600 44 30 na 2.45 60 Ramming PLIBRICO 90 AB ceramic Corundum 1750 90 na na 2. Working Chemical Analysis (%) Raw Material Density CCS 110° C Type Temperature Product name (base) (g/cm ) 3 (Mpa) (°C) Al2O 3 SiC ZrO2 Standard Gunning PLICAST 18 C/G MC chamotte 1300 34 na na 1.17 28 PLIGUN MM 55 S5 MC High Alumina 1500 57 5 na 2.8 40 PLISTIX ZM 30 S15 MC zircon 1350 31 14 26 2.35 90 PLIGUN Strong Mix C/G R chamotte 1320 37 na na 1. in whole or in part. The recipient shall refer to instructions and advice provided under any technical documentation.5 44 PLIBRICO Superal-X AB ceramic bauxite 1650 73 na na 2. fitness for purpose or update of any information disclosed herein.3 55 BASAGUN 40-407 0-6 MC chamotte 1400 43 na na 2. This document and the information contained herein are the exclusive property of CALDERYS.95 60 BASAGUN 20-305 R chamotte 1200 35 17 na 2.87 30 PLIGUN FL 40 LCC chamotte 1450 42 na na 2. copy.42 13 NOTES: CALDERYS does not warrant the accuracy. References.08 30 PLIGUN GX A-60 S 7 LCC andalusite 1550 51 7 na 2.8 40 Dense Gunning & Shotcrete AH 404 SR LCC chamotte 1500 48 na na 2.77 15 PLIBRICO Redd Ram ceramic High Alumina 1650 69 na na 2.25 70 KERGUN C 20 SR MC chamotte 1350 38 na na 2.4 45 SPRAYCAST BX 85 ULCC bauxite 1700 84 na na 2.7 98 AH 411 SR LCC andalusite 1650 51 10 10 6.25 80 KERGUN C 28 HR SR MC chamotte 1500 53 na na 2.35 63 SPRAYCAST F 50 R LCC chamotte 1550 51 na na 2.25 60 AH 410 SR LCC andalusite 1650 58 na 10 2.1 45 BASAGUN 55-503 MC chamotte 1550 55 na na 2. alteration.3 70 BASAGUN 60-500 MC High Alumina 1600 57 na na 2. Please check the availability of the products with the sales area manager.2 40 BASAGUN 40-205 MC SIC 1400 26 52 na 2.