Coral Reef Health Project

4 points 3 points 2 points 1-0 points
Sources Used at least 5 sources that are Used at least 4 sources Used less than 4 sources Did not cite or had fewer
correctly cited in presentation with few minor citation with mistakes in citation than two sources
mistakes in presentation

Graph Data is correctly obtained and Data is correctly obtained Data has mistakes and/or Graph is not complete or
graph is professional and with minor mistakes in graph does not look is very inaccurate and the
accurate. Group displayed what graph presentation. professional. Group did type of growth occurring
type of growth was occurring. Groups displayed what not display what type of was not mentioned.
type of growth was growth was occurring.
Prezi Presentation has clear evidence Presentation has Presentation did not Presentation was not
presentation backing up claims and it is evidence backing up have evidence for many created with evidence
professionally created. most claims and is of its claims and was not backing up claims.
professionally created completely professional. Presentation was not
professional or finished.

Group All members of the group are Members of the group Members of the groups Members of the group
Presentation clearly experts on the topic and were knowledgeable on were somewhat were not prepared
were well informed when the topic. Presentation prepared. Presentation and/or the presentation
presenting. Presentation was was professional and had mistakes and/or was not professional.
professional and prepared. prepared with only minor group had not practiced
mistakes. enough.


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