Pending Past karma and Purpose of Life

This is one of the most important questions that can arise in anyone�s mind and
that must be answered and Jyotish because it is vedanga is able to answer this.
First of all let we understand what Bhagwat Gita says in this regards. Our Hindu
philosophy suggests us that Soul never born or dies. Soul is just like an energy
molecule that cannot be crated neither can be destroyed. All the Atma�s are part of
Parmatma. The great divine soul. Atman changes bodies as we humans change clothes;
this is all his (divine being�s) Lila that can only be known by those who are self-
Here two thing is important, first atman have done so many karmas in previous lives
and will also do so many karmas in future lives too because no-one can sit idle or
without karmas weather be it bad karma or good karma something need to be done. So
first and foremost is atman has done karmas and now as consequences he also has to
get the results of those karmas. And then there is that part of karmas that need to
be done, lived or fulfilled in this lifetime. And this is what we are going to
discuss in this article.
As it is Jyotish and no-one can claim anything as their own here so the techniques
that I am going to discuss here is not mine. It can�t be of anyone, if it belongs
to anyone then it is those great sages who shared the knowledge of astrology and by
their grace it reached to us. But I have also learned them through some medium and
that are Saptarishis Astrology for pending karma technique and Shri Jagannath
Centre for life purpose technique.
1.��� Pending Karma technique
This is simple to say and understand but little bit difficult to apply. The rule
tells us to see the Signs falling in 6th 8th and 12th house in horoscope. Then see
the same number of houses from the ascendant and then based on permutations and
combinations falling in those houses we have to decide pending karmas.
Let we try to understand the rule a little bit. It says signs falling in 6th 8th
and 12th house these are bad houses in astrology thus it indicates at bad karmas
done in previous lifetimes. Lagna is the seat of intelligence or where Brahma sits
the one who writes fate and 6-8-12 houses will show the things that are or were bad
for the soul. So mainly it may show sin�s of a person. Sin�s that he may have
committed in previous lifetimes. Then it is said to see those houses from ascendant
now when it comes to houses from ascendant it comes Kaal Purush Kundali (horoscope
of the divine being � natural zodiac) this shows another things and that is as we
all are parts of that supreme soul, the divine being. We will for our sins will get
punished by him and that is evident when we see houses form ascendant or better to
say Kaal Purush Kundali this makes a connection between Rashis in our 6th 8th and
12th house and Rashis in horoscope of the divine personified. And thus it also
gives a big message that punishing us is not fun for god but it is his way to
purify us in order to make us able to submerge one day in him. Punishment to us is
a way of god to teach lessons to our soul.�
Let we take an example of Swami Vivekananda.

In the chart Sagittarius is rising and 6th house is Taurus, 8th house is Cancer,
and 12th house is Scorpio.
In 2nd house in birth chart there is Mercury and Venus in the sign Capricorn. It is
making Veshi Yoga whose results are Balanced, Truthful and Happy it was his karmas
and we can see he was truthful and balanced happiness I will not say due to
combination occurring in Capricorn that is a sign showing hard-work and struggle
that he surely did. For what Venus is PK and Mercury is MK he haven�t had
children�s thus PK will show disciples or students and MK will show motherland own
mother too and we know Vivekananda did a lot for his mother. For his students he
did so many things for his mother he gone to foreign land and gave that famous
speech for whom. For his motherland. In one way he was one of the earliest fighters
for Bharat and Indian culture Venus is 11th and 6th lord with Mercury who is 7th
and 10th lord he had karmas with Job (he never worked for anyone. He was finding
job no-one gave him then Ramakrishna said him ask to mother he goes to temple and

He never married although he was about to marry Mercury+Venus. Now we know that people work only after order of king. What Jagannath literally means is lord of the world. UL and 2nd from it is under malefic influences moreover Gulika is also conjunct with UL spreading poison there. 2.� Purpose of life technique It goes to divisional charts and have some set of rules.� 6th lord is in 9th from 6th spirituality and intervention of Guru was there in his employment that he needed because his family was in financial troubles. Now 10th house lord is in 5th house from 10th house and A10 is conjoined spiritual Ketu. Is responsible for palan (taking care of us) he is like great father and we as children will do only what he tells us to do. Few rules are:- . Thus suppose a planet is in 27 degree Sagittarius. This shows so many other things that I will not explain due to fear of expenditure of this article. �For using this first we need to know how to make Jagannath Drekkana chart. In 12th house the sign is Scorpio and 8th house is cancer vacant whose lord is in 10th house with Saturn that is BK signifying guru and showing his main karma (10th house) of this life 8th house shows occults and tantric his guru Ramakrishna was a Kali worshipper (Moon of Krishna Paksha) and his main work/pending karma was to fulfill his orders for him. Ramakrishna laughs and says why you haven�t asked for anything and he says how I can ask for material benefits) wasn�t it a start of his spiritual life. And this is why example charts are of utmost importance. Saturn and Moon over 4th house showing Soul. Now think on name. As this is drekkana the 3rd division of a sign the basic house is 3rd house. how he guided and molded a boy named Narendra who was going to marry and have job into the great Swami Vivekananda.then don�t ask anything. Jagannath is a form of Krishna. Next is Cancer in 8th house thus we have to see 4th house which is vacant. mother India. 7th lord that is also badhkesh is in 8th from its own house and UL is aspected by Jupiter. siblings. 11th lord is in 4th house showing his income and the money he asked for as well as his hopes was for 4th house of motherland. 7th lord in 2nd in pending karma house can show so many things but what it will show have to be decided taking other things into mind and for illustrating this I did this. Venus and Mercury between them Mars is most powerful being of own house and 2nd from UL is occupied by Saturn who is with moon. name is Jagannath. 3rd house shows so many things such as hands (used for doing karmas) valor. Due to other factors and one of them is aspect of Sun. sexuality. Mars. UL aspected by 3 benefics Jupiter. Thus the name itself decodes that this divisional chart should be used to see which the work is that Jagannath have appointed for us. Or in other words we can say king of the world. But I am leaving that for now and will take that in a subsequent article. Thus being in 3rd drekkana he will be vargottama and will be in Sagittarius is the Jagannath D3 chart. His temple is in Puri city in state of Orissa in India (I have had the good fortune to visit there twice). Mental and Physical support in Endeavour. Divide a sign into 3 parts of 10 degree each. Now this all is in 2nd house showing the blessings of Lakshmi Devi in his entire endeavor. In this method of chart computation 1st drekkana is mapped to movable sign in trine 2nd drekkana to fixed sign in trine and 3rd drekkana to dual sign in the trine. �In this way this Jagannath D3 chart is computed and then made. But readers are advised to read the relationship between Parahamsa and Narendra (Vivekananda�s name) and also advised to read how Ramakrishna took him on spiritual path. We do what king tells us to do. And as well in the Hindu trinity Vishnu whose form is Jagannath. This was just made to see which will be the karma. As it is the 3rd division of a sign. courage. As well as Venus and Mercury in 2nd house of his horoscope shows the success of his speech. This is how results have to be decided. no planets are there and its lord is in 11th house shows all his dreams related to his mother and motherland were fulfilled as pending karma it shows some pending karma related to his hopes and aspirations that were fulfilled. That we need to check in D3 and as past life in Jyotish is seen from D60 charts its analysis is also must. Venus and Mercury and only one malefic Mars is not very much detrimental to marriage but it is pending karma.