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First Semester, AY 2017-2018
(Action Plan)

Name of Faculty: RICHARD M. BAÑEZ Campus: BatStateU JPLPC-Malvar

A. Student Development
1. Students are expected to gain knowledge, acquire and apply  Coordinate with students to know their  95% of the students should have developed Associate Dean
skills, develop good attitudes and pass the following subjects: needs and problems their potentials and should have passed the Instructor
a) EDUC 309 – Educational Technology 2  Encourage students to take initiative in subject. Students
b) ENG 108 - Scientific Research Writing with Intro to studying  100% of the revised and updated course
Research  Facilitate the use of appropriate and specifications in the respective courses
c) ENG 305 - Introduction to Stylistics challenging exercises and enrichment should have been submitted.
d) ENG 412 - Preparation and Evaluation of Instructional activities
Materials  Motivate students to be proficient and
e) LIT 407 - The Teaching of Literature fluent in communication by making them
realize the relevance and importance of
studying language and literature to their
 Revise and update course specifications to
keep abreast with the current trends and
issues in language and literature
2. Develop students’ achievement and competencies.  Construct tests and other evaluative  At the end of the semester, at least 100% of Faculty and Students
instruments to assess the results of the results of the administered exams
instruction. should have been disseminated and at least

Leading Innovations, Transforming Lives
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Transforming Lives Page 2 of 2 . 2. it. Management. literature instruction.D. and Students 2. learning and appreciation  Checking of individual/group projects themselves effectively using English  Group activities 4. RESEARCH AND EXTENSION 1. MAT AMADO C. 5. Enhance capabilities. knowledge and skills in language and  Attend international seminars and  Should have attended at least one seminar Instructor literature instruction through attending international conferences related to language and on language and literature teaching. and LIT 407 3. Use effective measure for evaluation of instruction  Provide the students with rubrics which  95% of the students should have complied Faculty and Students will serve as basis for their performance with the standards indicated in the rubrics and other assessment organizers. Act as facilitator and allow students to share their  Encourage healthy discussion through  95% of the learning atmosphere for a Faculty and Students knowledge and understanding of the concepts being exchange of ideas with regards to the healthy discussion should have been learned subject matter manifested II. IV. GEQUINTO. GENERAL ADMINISTRATION 1. Ph.  Should have earned at least three units in  Enroll at least 3 units in Doctor of Doctor of Education major in Educational Instructor Education major in Educational Management. Be punctual in meeting classes  Meet and discharge classes on time. ENG 412.  Participation should have shown Associate Dean government organizations and officials involvement in at least one of the extension Faculty for the implementation of extension activities in the community and Students activities. Faculty Dean of Colleges Executive Director Date:___________ Leading Innovations. Conduct research in line with one’s specialization  Conduct an action research related to the  100% of the action research should have Instructor area of specialization and write reports on been conducted. BAÑEZ. ENG 305. FACULTY DEVELOPMENT 1. seminars and conferences.  100% of the requirements/ reports should Associate Dean have been submitted on time or on due Faculty dates. EXPEDITO V. 95% of the class should have passed EDUC 309. Ph. Provide students with enrichment activities or exercises for  Conducting recitation  95% of the class should have expressed Faculty and Students comprehension. Comply with all the required reports  Submit the necessary requirements. ENG 108.  100% of the classes should have been Faculty started and ended on time and Students DISCUSSED AND AGREED ON THE ABOVE TARGETS PERC ACTION RICHARD M. Involve oneself in any community service program  Give maximum cooperation with any non.D. III. ACORDA.