Hala Abdulhadi

eportfolio assignment

When I was a child I was understand there is only one religion in all the world, but when

I grow up I find out there is another religion and it is the Jesus religion (I didn’t know the name

of it) when I came to America I learned about many different religions. In my class I did study

some of them and I went to some religious places of worship to see how they pray and what they

do. It was interesting to be there and learn about them.

To be honest I did not like the Ganesha Hindu Temple and Urgyen Samten Ling Gonpa

because both of this religions are very different and they follow and believe in idols. In my

opinion that really does not make sense, but I did like how the people meet all together. When I

went to Congregation Kol Ami, I feel kind of comfortable because this is religion it is close to

my religion I did like how all of the people pray together and eat all together.