Several months after Endless Waltz—The Prequel until the tears freeze.

This month is a SPECIAL EDITION!
What happened to them before the MC era?!

Interlude of the Heart
—Preventer 5— (Part.01)

Written by Katsuyuki Sumizawa
Character Illustrations by Sakura Asagi
Mechanical Design by Hajime Katoki
Original Planning by Hajime Yatate & Yoshiyuki Tomino
Cooperation by Bandai Hobby Division


A gunshot rang out out of nowhere.

Dekim Barton was shot in the back of the head and collapsed to the ground. Standing behind him was an adjutant.

“I’ve executed the rebel. I express my apologies for betraying His Excellency, Treize.” he said pensively as he saluted.

“Mariemaia, hold on!” Relena Darlian cried out as she embraced the small body of the young girl who collapsed.

“I was mistaken. I’m sorry.” she apologized earnestly while wincing from the pain of being shot in the chest. A happy yet weak smile filled her
face. The sound of a music box could be heard somewhere. With her consciousness fading, Mariemaia knew it sound was wrapped in kindness
like a lullaby.

“That music box… it was such a gentle song. I feel as though I can hear my mother’s voice…”

The one who had the music box was a wounded Heero Yuy.

“I’ll relieve you of your pain.”

“Heero!” Relena called out in disbelief the name of the pilot of the Wing Gundam Zero who was shot down not long ago.

He held a music box that played “Endless Waltz” in one hand and in the other, a pistol, his finger placed over the trigger.

“I thank you,” Mariemaia said, peacefully closing her eyes.

Heero set his sights on Mariemaia. The rhythm of the music box slowly started to cease. A sad and tender melody of Endless Waltz.

The tune ceased completely. As if that were the absolute signal, Heero pulled the trigger without hesitation.

It was a shocking scene.

However, Mariemaia was safe.

There weren’t any bullets in Heero’s gun.

“I’ve killed Mariemaia.” He said quietly.

“I… I will never kill anyone ever again.” he continued, slowly lowering the gun in his hand.

Although the man completed his mission, he was at a loss for words.

“I don’t have to anymore…”

Just as he said that, the mask of a soldier was cast aside and the lone young man collapsed to the floor. Relena caught him just in time.

“Heero!” she said, pulling him in close to her chest. The young boy covered in wounds closed his eyes, a sense of relief coming over his face. He
slept with an innocent face, something that hadn’t been show to anyone until now.

Lady Une carried out Mariemaia with one of the soldiers.

“There’s still hope for her! Take her to the doctor!”

Relena picked up the music box that had fallen out of the sleeping Heero’s hand.

“Finally it’s over.” she said, stroking his hair gently.

A tear fell from her eye and dropped onto the music box.


Peace has returned to the people. Mariemaia is said to have been taken in by Lady Une and is quietly spending her days. And from this point on
in history, weapons called mobile suits, including the Gundams, were never seen again.

“Well, it’s good-bye for real, buddy.” Duo said with a satisfied look on his face. He gripped the Gundam’s self-destruction switch in his hand.

He felt for this battle, the Gundam was no longer necessary. Trowa and Quatre felt the same.

The three nodded their heads and pressed the switches on the self-destruct device.

The Gundam Deathscythe Hell, Gundam Heavyarms Kai and Gundam Sandrock Kai exploded one after another.

“I’ve once again become nameless.” Trowa mumbled while watching the rising smoke. Quatre negated that right away.

“Trowa sounds fine to me. Why not keep it?”

“Names are things other people give ya. There’s no point wasting time worrying about it.” Duo said to Trowa and Quatre giving them a thumbs

“What’s important is having a place we can call home. Right?”

“Yeah, you’re right…”

There’s circus tent where Catherine is waiting in a colony. There, as expected I’ll probably be called Trowa Barton.

There will be a name.
“If I go back, maybe Catherine wouldn’t mind if I call her ‘sis’.” Trowa pondered.

If Quatre returns to space again as the heir of the Winner Family, there’ll be various jobs left behind.

“I have to welcome all the Maguanac’s home from Venus before that, huh?” he thought, not being fond of being head of the Winner Family.

“Maybe I’ll run away from home again…” he pondered.

Duo made a carefree living as a junker, living his life with just enough. Still, he didn’t throw away his thoughts of he’d like to do something to
make someone happy some day.

“Maybe I should give being a jack of all trades a try… I might make a buck or two.”

The three of them, each with their own beliefs, returned to outer space.


“The era that went mad has ended, Nataku.” Standing in the old village of the Long Clan on Earth, WuFei pressed the self-destruct switch.

“May you rest in peace.” he said, reminded of a smiling Meiran. She could spend her time quietly now.

The Altron Gundam disappeared in a flash. WuFei stayed staring at it for some time.

“Now, where do I go from here?”

As he thought this, Sally Po was standing behind him.

“Hey, WuFei.”

WuFei looked back over his shoulder.

“It seems Noin and Zechs have disappeared somewhere. So, what do you say? Wanna come and work with me?”

“Do you mean work as a Preventer?”

“Why not?” he replied after grunting slightly.


A spacecraft was heading toward Mars.

On it were Noin and Zechs.

“Are you sure? The terraforming project hasn’t even officially started yet.”

Since the fall of the resource satellite MO VII in the southern hemisphere of Mars twenty years ago, an atmosphere close to that of Earth seemed
to have formed due to the multiplication of Europan algae. However, one still cannot go without a helmet as it’s only possible to live in the para-
terraforming domes.

An immigration plan and urban planning haven’t been implemented yet, and while there was a government body in name but not reality, it was
all so delayed comparisons to space colony construction couldn’t be helped. The fact of the matter is, Mars currently was not a place for which
mankind could live.

“Relena’s been working on it, and it won’t be easy.”
Zechs thought about his sister pursuing her ideals.

“That’s why a dead person would be perfect for the job. Noin, are you sure …”

You don’t have to come along with me—the usual phrase he’d try stringing together.

But, Noin put her index finger on his lips, “Zechs, please don’t make me repeat myself, again.” She whispered.

Zechs was silent.

The truth was Noin had complicated feelings. Her father, Nove Neuenheim, was the original driving force for the Mars Terraforming Project. She
disliked her father who was a utilitarian—giving profits a priority—and had a history of fleeing to Earth.

There was only a bitter recollection on Mars.

Still, there was no hesitation in doing this with her beloved Zechs. They agreed they’d return home. After all, they still had a mission as
Preventers. They simply couldn’t let Nove Neuenheim do as he pleased with Mars.

That was the thought process from the Earth’s side.

Meanwhile, Zechs was bothered by the existence of the Gundam Epyon that had been hidden on Mars. The unit was entrusted to Zechs’ old
friend, Major Elev Onegel. Although he didn’t consider the worst case scenario and dispose of it, but he thought it should have been blown up
like the other Gundam pilots.

The two didn’t need words anymore.

If these strong feelings of two people exist, then perhaps it may be paradise on the new grounds of Mars despite its severity.

No, it has to be.

AC-197 APRIL 7

That day, the Earth was very quiet.

The peacekeeping by the Preventers seemed to be going smoothly.

Particularly, here in Northern Europe, the Sanc Kingdom nothing at all happened. And so, it was natural to assume that Relena’s 19th birthday
party would end peacefully as well.

“Everyone, thank you all for coming here today.” said Relena. She was wearing a trim, white dress as she politely addressed the nearly two
hundred men and women gathered in the banquet hall.

Considering it’s a birthday party for former World Nation head Queen Relena, it was quite modest and simple.

Heero was nowhere to be found. Neither was her brother Milliardo.

Although she invited those closest to her, she also invited politicians who would sooner or later become her political opponents as well as military
personnel of the former Alliance Forces. Also in attendance were her friends from the Saint Gabriel Institute, the mother who raised her, Marlene
Darlian, someone who understands total pacifism: Dorothy Catalonia, the head of the Preventers Lady Une, and Mariemaia who was recovering
from her wounds in a wheelchair.

Each of their faces were filled with calm relief.

They seemed to believe that a lasting peace would likely continue on.
The gentle sunlight of spring coming from the window wrapped them in its warmth.

Just then, an armed group of twenty camouflaged men burst through the door. All of them held machine guns and had sunglasses and scarves
concealing their faces. Several women in the room let out screams upon seeing them. The men standing behind these women moved in front of
them. Some even tried resisting.

However, one of the militants raised his submachine gun overhead, and fired it at the extravagant chandelier on the ceiling. When the countless
shards of glass rained down on the people, the noisy assembly hall turned silent.

The goal of the armed group became clear only through this behavior.

“Who are you people?!”Relena said without hesitation.

There wasn’t anyone among them who answered the question. Keeping silent was an eloquent declaration of their intentions. If they had no
intention to respond with any kind of discussion,

A man wearing sunglasses with long blonde hair who appeared to be the groups leader calmly stared at Relena.


Relena had a hunch that the man’s face resembled her brother Milliardo.

Of course she understood at once that it’s another person entirely given the atmosphere created. However, she didn’t notice that was intentional.

It was several hours later that the Executive Office of the President in Brussels was notified of the armed groups statement.

“We, the ‘Epyon de Telos,’ have occupied the Sanc Kingdom castle. Our demands are as follows: the release of our imprisoned comrades, the
official acknowledgement of Secret Clause 203, Part 51* and the immediate breakup of the said governing agency and the budget from AC-196
to AC-197 for that government agency as ransom. If these demands are not met within 72 hours, we will detonate a nuclear warhead left behind
by the Alliance Forces. That is all!”


Secret Clause 203, Part 51 referred to the details surrounding the formation of a special agency to prevent war and their activities recorded
therein. In other words, the agency was none other than Preventer. Of course, the budget expenses for this secret intelligence are carried out in
absolute secrecy.By disclosing that to the public, dissolving the organization and informing the populace is the same as losing methods of
peacekeeping for the future. And to pay the ransom simply could not be done. It was an impossible demand.The executives at the President’s
office decided to firmly reject this and gave a special order to Preventer

“Retrieve the nuclear warhead and rescue the hostages.”

A resulting investigation determined that the nuclear weapon in question was genuine. It was a narrow area nuclear explosive device used for cut
mining on the resource satellites at the asteroid belts between Mars and Jupiter. The bomb has very little residual radioactivity. Even though it
can be used in confined spaces, there’s no doubt that the Sanc Kingdom would be leveled in an instant.

“I never thought it’d be something left behind by the Alliance Forces. I wonder if this is intentional political propaganda. “

“Indeed.” WuFei said upon hearing Sally Po’s report. He was usually calm.

“’Manten kakai’ {瞞天過海}, huh? Seems like their target is something different.”

“What do you mean?”
“Deceive heaven and cross the ocean.”

“So you’re saying…?”

WuFei gave a tiresome reply.

“Their goal is to buy more time. They ask unreasonable demands from our side and while we’re running around like a chicken with its head cut
off, they’re likely intending to carry out their real objective.”

“Take over the Earth Sphere, huh?”

Around this time, WuFei was flying around the L-4 colony sector on another mission. Sally, on the other hand, was orbiting the moon. They were
the only two Preventer agents who could freely move as their director, Lady Une, was currently being taken hostage.

“Although they’re calling themselves the ‘Epyon de Telos’, they must be terrorists in disguise. We don’t have to release their comrades, give
ourselves up or prepare the money for that matter.”

“Still, the fact is an armed group has taken 200 hostages and barricaded themselves in the castle.”

“If we forget about the hostages, I can go finish this right now…”

“No! That’s not acceptable!”

“So shall we join forces with them and take over the world?” WuFei joked with a serious face.

“Yeah, real funny… There must be another way?”

“Force our way in.” WuFei said with clear eyes.

Sally couldn’t think of any other way.

“As I thought, we’d have no choice…”

“Can you call for backup?”

“I’m organizing a strike team.”

Sally was calculating in her head the number of people she could possibly call on.

“How many do you need? I can get 1000 people together within 48 hours.”

“By then the Sanc Kingdom will be a mushroom cloud.”

“Then I’ll get 500 in 24 hours!”

“We hardly need that many to take over a castle.” WuFei said, a steadfast look on his face.

“Five, including myself, will be enough.”

As one would expect, Sally replied in shock, “Five?! Only Five people?!”

“We don’t have much time. I’ll tell you where to find them.”

When he said this, Sally finally realized the five people he meant.

“Because it’s a fairly large area to cover, I’ll help you too.”
“Right. I’ll meet with them personally and ask for their help.”

“Otherwise they won’t move either.”


Several hours later, Sally paid a visit to Duo Maxwell by herself, as indicated by Wufei. The place she was told was a Junk shop in the L-2
colony cluster.

“He’s not here…” the young woman named Hilde Schbeiker responded, somewhat pensively. She looked down as she continued, “He wandered
off, as usual. He won’t be back for a while.”

Sally couldn’t find the words to respond to her.

As for being in a position to ask someone to cooperate with Preventer, she felt it was the worst, cowardly and irresponsible thing to ask but, it had
to be done.

“The boy you like left a gaping hole in your heart.” She couldn’t help but think.

In the end, she left, having been told nothing. However, she headed to another location after hearing about it from Wufei.

“If he’s not there, another possibility is a place where you can see the moon.”

Viewing the lunar surface from a colony is a very merciless world of death. Is it because the God of Death has a fondness for such scenery?

The place Sally headed for was the outer wall near the space port. There, Duo sat isolated staring at the huge surface of the moon in his astro suit.
His tiny figure carried his lonely shadow, something she often noticed on the Peacemillion.

“Hey! Long time no see!” she heard him say blankly.

After three months, the two met again.

“I have a job for you, Mr. Jack of All Trades.”

“Heh, not if it’s going to be a pain.” Duo replied, uninterested as he continued gazing at the moon.

A smile filled Sally’s face replied in alluring voice, “You’ll like the reward.”

She understood. The meddler that was Duo just wanted the “reward” to be an excuse.


On the top floor of the Winner trading company on an L-4 colony, Quatre Raberba Winner was plowing through work as company president at
his desk. His eyes passing over the first quarter sanction documents as he approved them. Such simple work was nothing but a pain for him.
Although Quatre was savoir-faire for everything, when it came to managing a company, he crashed into a seemingly insurmountable wall. Maybe
it was a fatal lacking as a son and heir to the Winner Family.

“If someone can act as an agent, then I don’t have to be here, right?” Which would mean he “didn’t do anything and left it to a subordinate”. So,
Quatre didn’t like giving up that easily and was making an effort to the best of his abilities to finish the work.

Without a knock, the door to his office opened.

“Could you close the door?”
A breeze came in from outside and hurled the papers on the desk into the air.

“It’s taken me three days just to read these files!” Quatre said, his voice rising unusually.

“Got a lot of work?” said Wufei, closing the door.

“W-Wufei!” Quatre rejoiced as he shot up from his seat at their unexpected reunion. Wufei folded his arms and looked outside.

“Something troublesome happened. I was going to ask for your help.”

“Something troublesome…?”

The view from the top wasn’t bad.

“I won’t force you. And, I have no time for persuasion.”

“You need me?!”

Wufei returned his gaze to Quatre.

“You more than anyone…” he said.

“I’ll go! I’ll do anything!” Quatre replied immediately.

“I was just thinking this isn’t me.”

When a secretary appeared with the latest approval documents, the two were no where to be found, the documents left in an avalanche on his


The Circus had come to an L-5 colony, something he was fortunate to notice earlier.

According to Wufei’s intel, it appeared to be in an L-3 colony. They nearly headed from L-4 to the furthest place, wasting time. With the latest
intel in hand, Quatre and Wufei paid Trowa a visit.

“All right… let’s go.” Trowa said following the meeting with them. Nevertheless, he didn’t waver.

“Wait, Trowa! It’s almost time for your act!” Catherine Bloom called out to stop them.

Wufei greeted her, “Thank you for that unpalatable soup.”

If it were the old Wufei, such a thing minght not have been said. But, in front of Trowa he was someone else.

More than a year ago on Peacemillion, Wufei was told, “At the very least, give her some sort of greeting. It’s easy to hurt a woman’s feelings.”

With that in mind, it may seem something like unpleasant towards Trowa but it wasn’t. Cathering, had a keen sense for such sentiments.

“Hey! If anything happens to Trowa I’ll feed you that soup again!”

Wufei laughed.

“Is she self-conscious over that tasteless soup?”

Standing between them, Quatre looked at his wristwatch.
“Let’s hurry. Only 50 hours to their deadline.”

“You’re right…”

“Are you sure about this?” Wufei asked Trowa again.

“Don’t worry.”

Catherine was always letting him go.

“She’s just my guardian.”


Relena’s birthday on April 8th ended without hardly anything happening. The former Gundam pilots spent it moving to Earth. Some were calling
it, to an extent, a third “Operation Meteor.” Although they had come and gone between the colonies and Earth numerous times, it was their third
time descending all together. The first was already well known and the second was during the battle at Brussels…

AC-197 APRIL 9

Sally and Duo were on a small shuttle descending to Earth. Neither one of them could find Heero anywhere. Prior to their entry into the
atmosphere, they reported to Quatre on the matter.

“Oh, Heero wouldn’t sit still at a time like this… Don’t worry, he’ll show up for sure. Meanwhile, please hurry to the rendez-vous point.” he
replied smiling.

Sally believed in Quatre’s assessment of the situation.

“Seems we better do like he says, huh?” Duo said from the seat next to her. Although he had a dissatisfied look on his face, he understood all too

“He has a soft spot for her… But, even though he’s desperately searching, it’s really just more hassle than it’s worth.”

Sally gave a sarcastic laugh at Duo’s innocence.

“True, but despite his pointless work but, he’ll calculate his hourly wages exactly and only ask for that.” {this line is so not correct}

“Right, right.”

Duo’s cheerfulness was a relief during the difficult struggle they were in. It was strange and hopeful, somehow brimming with courage.


Eight hours remained until the time limit was up.

On an extravagant passenger boat floating in the Sanc Kingdom bay, a room of the ship had been converted into a primary operations control
room for the Preventers. From the deck, they were able to do a complete sweep of the Sanc Kingdom castle in one go. In the bay was another
passenger boat and many civilian boats anchored about.

“If this mission fails, it won’t be just those guys in the castle, but they people in the bay too.”

“Quite the serious mission…” Wufei and Quatre could do nothing but endure the pressure.

Trowa was investigating the outskirts of the castle.
“While we may get fairly deep inside, we don’t know where they’re keeping the two hundred hostages…”

“Video cameras installed everywhere with very few blind spots and twenty armed soldiers keeping watch.” Trowa reported to Quatre upon his

“Thank you, Trowa.”

During the hour by hour changes in the situation, Quatre gathered information as best he could and worked out a hostage rescue operation.

“I suppose rushing in with tanks and mortars is out of the question.” Trowa suggested, typical of his gaudy combat strongpoints.

“We’ll prioritize human life in this mission–there will be no casualties. Of course, we won’t let them use the nuke either.”


The hostages were separated into four rooms of 50 people each and secured. Two men with machine guns were put in charge of each of the
rooms. Their presence warning them that ‘any sudden movements means and they’ll be shot instantly.’ Apart from those people, specific
individuals were taken to the nuclear bomb shelter in the basement. Relena Darlian and Marlene Darlian, the mother who raised her. Rounding
out the three was Pargan, their long-serving butler. Pargan believed in ‘duty until death’ to protect Relena and Marlene.

“Please trust in my skills…”

He believed he could stick close to the two men guarding them, take their weapons and lead Relena and Marlene from there.

“Even though I may be old, I’m not quite that rusty.”

“You won’t, pagan. I will not allow any rash actions on our end otherwise it will cause trouble for everyone.”


The group finally arrived at the underground shelter. Waiting for them there was the long blond haired leader. It was the man Relena noticed
looked like Milliardo in the beginning.

“Welcome, Relena Peacecraft.” the man said removing his sunglasses and mask.

A distinct nose, thin lips and blue eyes. It was all just like Milliardo.

“Master Milliardo!” Pargan muttered, unable to hide his surprise.

“What do you think? I look just like your brother, right?”

“What do you plan to do? Who are you?” Relena inquired in a calm voice.

Laughing to himself, he replied, “Please excuse me. My name is Dixneuf Neuenheim.”


“I am a someone who is attempting to bring perfect peace to the Earth Sphere and Mars.”

“And what in the world would you use us for?”

“I’d like you to activate a certain program.”

Dixneuf produced a small, old-type computer before Relena.
“The password is PEACECRAFT X 2 HEERO YUY.”

On the monitor was an image of a Norwegian Forest Cat. The cat gave a soft meow.

“Sam…” Pargan muttered, horrified with what he saw.

* * *

The VTOL that Sally and Duo were on touched down on the passenger boat.

“Heero still isn’t here?” Duo asked, looking at the members who greeted them on the deck.

“No, he just arrived.” Quatre answered with a smile.

The sea suddenly swelled and a red unit rose to the surface.

“T-that’s! It can’t be!”

Duo was shocked.

“OZ-08MMS Cancer?” Trowa politely responded with the units name.

The hatch opened from the top part of the Cancer and Heero appeared.

He was wearing a Preventer unicorn though they didn’t know where he got it from.


His cheeks were soaked from the waves splash.

“Am I late?” he asked, wiping off the wet spots with the back of his right hand. It was as though he didn’t want them to see his real face.

“No, there’s still time. We’re glad you came, Heero.” Quatre replied immediately.

“Hey! Is this some kind of joke?!” Duo protested, pointing with his finger at the Cancer.

“According to records, it’s a machine that shouldn’t exist.” Sally laughed albeit bewildered.

“Hey, hey. Don’t go yanking my chain, Ms. Preventer. What good is it if we let that sorta thing loose?!”

“Quit yelling” Wufei said, folding his arms and turning away from Duo.

“He probably gathered the parts from the wreckage that sunk to the bottom of the ocean and assembled it himself.”

“Whatever the case, you better control it perfectly. Christ.”

There was no end to Duo’s quibbles.

“You’re just like a spoiled brat who’s had his toys taken away, Duo.”

“Ah, my bad. But still!”

Heero fired the wire gun, the point of the magnet burhsing past Duo’s face as it fastened to the body of the VTOL craft behind him.

Duo fell silent without a thought.

As the wire wound up, Heero effortlessly glided down to the deck. His astounding physical abilities hand’t changed a bit.
“The bastard…”

When it comes to shutting Duo up, there was no one other than Duo.

Ignoring Duo who was grinding his teeth next to him, he looked straight at Quatre.”

“Fill me in on the situation.” he said in his cool, cold voice.

To be continued…

I haven’t the slightest idea. No. 51 of confidential information 203? What?Notation: *機密事項二〇三の51号を公表し

Frozen Teardrop, Prologue

Gundam Wing
Frozen Teardrop


Prologue File
MC-0022 Next Winter

I chased after Master Chang. Though terraforming the Borealis Sea was complete, the temperature was still minus twenty celsius.
The extreme cold froze everything and a white storm raged outside. It wasn't really a blizzard because it wasn't really snow blowing
but rather like the particles of the air itself had frozen, like small hailstones like diamond dust hurtling through space. Even now, as
the hovercraft "Voyage" bounced wildly over the frozen ocean, that white dust beat the windows and all but obscured the view.

"Lieutenant Commander Kathy, we are five kilometers from the Preventer base, but it will take two more hours to arrive," announced
Captain Tale Hicktory, who was steering the Voyage, with a grumble. Beside him, Ship Captain Masakazu Sakai stood glaring at the
charts projected by the holographic monitors. Below the charts were the weather maps, changing occasionally. Judging from his
slumped shoulders, the captain was irritated with the changes.

"We will arrive five minutes behind schedule. I never imagined the North Pole would ever be so tempestuous."

"Roger. My apologies for your trouble."

My own voice probably sounded like I was just muttering to myself. My lips quivered and my molars refused to unclench enough to
let me speak properly, that's how cold it was. But this place had once hit ninety below zero, so I couldn't really complain. We had to

"We have to hurry."

We had to smother the ember smoldering on this planet immediately.

I am Lieutenant Commander Cathy Po. I belong to the prevetners, the secret information department reporting directly to the
President of the United Earth Nations. Preventers, alias "The Extinguishers," was a special agency charged with the duty of
maintaining peace on Earth and to eradicate weapons. The microchip memory file I had was sent to me by the President herself,
Dorothy Catolonia. I already knew that chip would be the start of Operation Mythos. I immediately sent that announcement to the
North Pole Preventers base, but Master Chang instructed me to bring three files downloaded from the old base from the history
band of the United Earth Nations catalogues.

"You are a member of Preventers, and as such, must see those files yourself. Review them before your arrival," spoken in my
commanding officer's typical cold voice. What use could that data from the last century possibly be? I spitefully thought, it was just
so much meaningless data.

Those three filed were dated from the summer of AC 195, Fall of AC 195, and Spring of AC 196. The language, the archivist, the
location at which the files were saved, even the method in which they were saved all differed. The various relations and connections
between them were few at best. In fact, the only thing the files did seem to have in common was the key phrase "Gundam Pilot."
The brilliant pilots who flew the Gundam mobile suits made of Gundanium.

In the public history banks, their personal information was conspicuously absent, not even the Gundam names were recorded. They
were referred to by an (inorganic) formal number starting with [XXXG] and after that, they were sent to Earth where their legacy has
been passed on by word of mouth.

No, it wouldn't be strange to call all that 'sealed history'; that public account left the impression of being unrelated to what actually

In AC 195 , the people of Earth's war had reached its most bitterly extreme point. The first file was written in the summer of that
year. It was written in German and not so much as a journal or a biography, but the contents was more like a letter or a short essay.
At the beginning, there was a quote from an old Austrian poet named Rainer Maria Rilke's poem called "Autumn." It was strange
that a poem entitled "Autumn" should head a letter written in the summer. It was more strange that the final two lines of the poem
had been written, and then been crossed out and that harbored some kind of deep meaning. What kind of meaning, I could not say,
but I did know for a fact that the Gundam pilot named Milliardo Peacecraft had been active during the same period. I could also
surmise that that file had been written by Treize Khushrenada. It read as follows:

AC 195

The leaves are falling
Like your distant self
Like the heavenly paradise is withering
Even as they deny it, the leaves fall
And every night by Earth's gravity
From the glittering starlight
To the silent darkness they fall.

We lose everything
These hands, too
Just look around you
Everything and anything falls
But there exists
with untold kindness
one who can catch the fall

R.M. Rilke "Autumn" AD 1902 [This is my attempt at translating the Japanese. The actual poem in German, English translation of
the German is much shorter that what is written in FT]

This is my lifelong (eternal) friend
Milliardo Peacecraft

We exists in a time of desolate darkness. In the long history of man, no other period could ever be said to be as isolated, as sad and
painful, as this one.

You could say it's like the Earth left alone in the vastness of space, or describe it like a lost child having nowhere to go.

At the end of the last century [era, as in AD versus AC], mankind left the proverbial nest for space. Then, for the first time, we
realized that we were alone. The basis for that statement comes from the closest heavenly body to the earth: the moon. It resides
hundreds of thousands of kilometers away.

Orbiting between Earth and the moon (lit: in the gravitationally balanced La Grange points between Earth and moon) there is
habitable space- the space colonies. THey were at once the new world and the symbol of the new era which we called AC, After
Colony. Although nearly two hundred years have passed since, mankind has yet to shake off the dark era [has yet to come out of
the dark ages].

Now, power is concentrated in few hands and those hands are engaged in a virtually meaningless power struggle. While they pay lip
service to upholding moral law, they embroil their people in war, demanding their poverty and hunger and bloodshed.

I can believe the reason we continue to live in darkness is because we flew the coop before we had wings. Or, from a different
perspective, space, with it's absolute existence that completely refuses life, was a (physical or psychological) cause of our torture by
immature solitude. [#1]

Either way, for close to one hundred years, man has continued [to wage] war blindly, and the will to go to space has stagnated, time
has stagnated. That stagnation has turned into sluggish decline. The current leaders have made big talk of [using] the war to
somehow stay that [downward slide].

Tears of grief run endlessly down the people's eyes. Have they already given up? There is no end to the fighting, to the struggling.
To be sure, that itself is painfully obvious. If you look back at history.

And in throwing away [any of our] few paths to peace, to the extent that it wouldn't be bombastic to say we do so to main balance in
our hearts, the uncommon will become the common and the inert war and chronic impoverished state will continue.

Even as the sun shines radiantly down upon the heads of men, they turn their gaze away from the dazzling brightness and are shut
up in the shell of [their] little Earth-- as if they forgot the existence of the sun.

Is it not [therefore] necessary for a revolution? In these dark times, there must appear one who may shine a ray of light upon the
path these men should follow. No matter how small the light, no matter how bloody the action, someone must take the child weary of
tears by the hand an lead him to the right path.

That, however, must not be at the hands of the 'winners.'

The rule of the winners but leads to further power struggles and only serves to pull us back into a state of war. Those who will
change history...

Must be the defeated.


The word 'summer' was recorded in German and what with bearing the initials believed to stand for Treize Khushrenada-- T.K.-- and
the special import placed upon the words 'the defeated,' there is reason to believe this was penned by Khushrenada imself. But...
Treize and Milliardo did not have a point of contact at this time ((it's said that they first crossed paths during the Eve Wars)).
However much they seem contemporaries, from a historical point of view, it is probably more accurate to contend that it is, in fact,
someone else.

The next file, too, was enigmatic. The file wasn't text but rather a video. At the start of the new school term in September AC 195, a
boy by the name of 'Duo Maxwell' had transferred to the State Gymnasium on the L-4 colony R09935. He was recorded reading a
composition ((or, more accurately, it had the [distinct] feeling of an essay)) on the Earth-Colony relations. As it had been recorded by
a camera situated at the very back of the classroom, there was no way the youth's face could be shown clearly, but if that was the
real 'Duo Maxwell,' it would mean he was the only gundam pilot we could see in the flesh and blood. [er, wasn't Duo captured by OZ
in the TV series and bandied about ALL OVER TV for a very PUBLIC execution? Maybe the meant to compare this video of the
speech to the TV appearances of detained Duo?] Mostly, according to the rumors precedent at the time, the pilots were young boys
and in order to complete their missions, they often infiltrated schools and the like, and they repeatedly transferred schools. However,
if that truly were the case, it seems like it would be impossible to use the name 'Duo.' If you want to coneal your identity, obviously,
you would assume a fake name. This is what the video contained:

AC 195 Autumn

"Earth: the planet in our solar system that is miraculously able to support life. With the advent of the colonies, man had abundant
resources and with cultivated technology it became possible to possess new land-- space. However, in the end, it cannot surpass
Mother Earth. What was the meaning of creating the colonies, then? I've heard the main reason is to give Earth-bound men a more
abundant life. I wonder if we didn't need this pseudo-space because we had (impossible) demand for it. There were no predators
(menaces to our life support) and so it was safer than the Earth. The development never ceased (lit: knew no bounds) and looked as
if it promised eternal existence for the human race. Space allowed for a fresh start. It seemed like a merry time. But it's difficult to
believe that the colonies... no, that people could forget the Earth. What did the technology used to develop the colonies give to
Earth? The most sought after technology: military power. Destruction was something the human race could not throw away. Even
now, the colonies still hold a militaristic disposition. Earth cannot be forgotten.

Earth has great beauty. The animal which possesses great power, whom we call 'man', has come to control the entire planet. [In the
greater scheme of things] the existence of an animal is infantessimal. That's after the fact. After all, the things humans think of do
not and cannot be changed. It was useless for man to go to space.
Before reality, the ideal is nothing but a dream.

False living space.

False Pacifists.

Space claims more lives.

That is a sadness man cannot forget, and yet he cannot stop fighting. The spilled blood and fallen tears will serve as no more than
decoration for a ceremony [i.e. when the victors claim the spoils of war formally, ay]. Sometimes, war is the only way to move
forward [#2]. All the (faded) big talk of fighting for the sake of peace were repeated time and again in the past; that was just a load of
bullshit. For the sake of peace, the colonies bore arms. Just the same as Earth. Their will power seemed to grow in correlation to the
amount of blood which was spilled."

The boy calling himself 'Duo' read up until that point when the teacher silenced him and indicated for him to go to the back [to his
seat] in the very back. The report paper the boy was holding was recorded by the camera, and upon closer inspection, I realized
there wasn't a single thing written on it. It was completely blank paper. He probably spoke his mind right there just as if he had been
reading it. If that's the case, I could imagine how his thinking was critical of the trends of the time but he was so young-- I couldn'T
help but admire someone who could, at that age, have such a wide (field of vision). Then, for just a split second, the final page was
revealed by a gust of wind, and there I confirmed several lines of a paragraph that appeared to be the conclusion [of his report].

I tried to read that paragraph from the frame on screen, this is what was written:

"Then why does man fight? Perhaps fighting gives our existence significance. Those who fight feel a sense of fulfillment. And it's a
fact that those who fight cannot see for their sins."

This is just my personal opinion, but I had the feeling that boy was not 'Duo Maxwell.' Couldn't he perhaps have piloted another
gundam? It's unfortunate that there wasn't data to prove or disprove this idea but I was, for some reason, gripped by that thought
and it wouldn't let go.

I had a sudden thought as the last file was downloading. That was because I was rather familiar with the person who had saved the
file: Sally Po. That was my mother's name. It was AC 196 and my mother had been employed by the United Earth Sphere
"Preventers." The details of her work weren't clear, as far as I could tell from the recorded voices, they were talking about security
around the time my mother was serving as a guard for Relena Darlian, the vice Foreign Minister. Neither my mother's picture nor her
voice were recorded. Nor could we tell who it was who was interviewing Relena Darlian. Either the interviewee was too important or
the contents were too top secret, but for whatever reason, there was [almost nothing] but snow for the picture and only the voices
could be heard [#3]. We didn't know where it had been recorded and like the other files, the exact date had not been noted.
However, I could just barely make out that a rather elderly man was talking to Relena Darlian. In the file, Relena and the elderly man
were speaking of "Heero Yuy"-- it was extremely confidential information that Heero Yuy was also a gundam pilot, but we in the
Preventers were in the know. He was the boy with the code name of a legendary colony leader. That was the crux of the
conversation in this file. As a supplement to this, in AC 196 Spring, it was a time of peace between the colonies and Earth and eight
months before the Mariemaia uprising. The recording starts with the elderly man.

"We have two rather large sicknesses in our hearts. One is the cross-generational urge for revenge. The other is man's tendency to
not look at each person individually, but rather to put a label on them"


"Surely your [note: it's a plural "your"] ideals have successfully, however temporarily, broken the chain of hatred which has extended
over several centuries. However, the group advocating ideal pacifism cannot afford to show discord in any opinion."


"I think you know what that will lead to."


"I'm talking about him."

"... yes..."

I heard the old man's breath come as if he were laughing.

"He was the best. Exceeded expectations...... no matter what the barrier, he never [knew how to] give up."


"His name... yes, that was something I thought up."

"You mean Heero Yuy."

"Hm... pretty good for a (lit: bluff), isn't it."

"You've given Heero... I understand he's been given a new mission."

"Can I answer that question with one of my own?"

"... okay."

"Do you really believe you can achieve a perfect peace by throwing away weapons and writing off (lit: seal) the soldiers?"

"As long as the concept of fighting remains in people's hearts, real peace is impossible, isn't it......?"

"Has the human race actually come that far?"

"I think not, and it will be rough going from here as well."
I heard Relena sigh deeply.

"But, essentially, what people must turn their full power towards isn't an opposing enemy, I believe it's a firmly rooted hardship."

"So that's why there are plans for terra-forming on Mars."

"I'll thank you for not laughing. I sincerely believe that."

There was a sound of the old man swaying. It really seemed like he was really laughing.

"That's alright."

I heard the creak of a wooden chair being moved.

"About Heero's mission to destroy the as-yet incomplete colony sized bean canon that was designed for [specifically for the purpose
of] destroying Earth... in the shadow of the peace you've constructed, a deterrent [like (lit: named)] Heero Yuy is constantly


"In any generation, in any place, that's-"

This file was top secret even among Preventers. If Master Chang had not given me special permission, I wouldn't have been able to
see it. At the time, the there was no record of there being a colony sized beam cannon (to be used to fire at the Earth). The boy
code named Heero Yuy... his mission was probably to blow up that weapon, I think. When I think about the (contents) of the
mission, it seems about the same as what present day Preventers are doing. It's strange the assignment was given to my mother
but I suppose that might have been because the then-newly inaugurated organization hadn't actually been up and running. In
addition to the voice recording, there was other data attached to the file. There was the Human Hibernation Frozen Capsule blue
prints and the user's manual. The plans were signed only with "J" so I didn't know who might have made them. There was an off
chance it was possible that it was the old man to whom Relena had been speaking. Of the three files, only that last one seemed to
have a significant connection to the files ordered by President Catalonia. But no matter how you slice it, I just didn't think data this
old was necessary information for this mission.

"Lieutenant Commander Kathy, my apologies for the delay," said Captain Hicktory as he eased up on the Voyage's thrust[ers].
"We've arrived at the Preventer's Martian North Pole base. We managed to make our ETA."

"Thank you, that's a big help," Said Captain Sakai cordially. The white storm outside had passed. Like a frozen teardrop in the dim
sky, Mars' second moon Dimos was shining on the other side of the rainbow colored Aurora Borealis.

Hurriedly, I dashed from the docking back to the base. Master Chang was working here all by himself. I cleared several layers of
heavy security and after submitted to a DNA scan, I ran to the Branch Head's quarters. Mars only had one third of the gravity of
Earth or the colonies. My stride were unexpectedly long and made for easy running. I opened the final door and there, in a deep
navy blue [Chinese style] suit with a mandarin collar, Master Chang stood waiting [for me].

"Well met."
"Master Chang, we've received permission to carry out Operation Mythos. Please awaken the Aurora Princess."

'Sleeping Beauty' was now sealed in the human hibernation frozen capsule. That was when I heard a noise behind me.

"You really look just like your mother."

I turned around in surprise. Standing there was a man in early middle age wearing a priest's smock and a boy with a long braid of
hair. The voice belonged to the priest. I turned round on the spot, minding my pistol.

"Who are you?" Tensely, I took aim. The man, however, didn't seem to sense any danger whatsoever. He was unperturbed, even as
he looked down the barrel of my gun. I knew these were not your average blokes.

"You're Sally's daughter, aren't you" so saying, the priest and boy passed in front of me. Master Chang [followed after]. The boy
glared at me sullenly, revealing his distaste of having a gun trained on him.

"How long you gonna keep me in your sights?" His gaze flashed with fearlessness. "...... you wanna die?"

I might have misheard, but that's what it sounded like he muttered.

"I'm Father Maxwell."

Conversely, the priest never let up on his affable smile. "[I] may run and hide, but I cannot lie... and this [ray of sunshine #4] is my
son, Duo."

Instead of an introduction, the boy snorted disparagingly at me. Master Chang remained silent but motioned for me to lower the gun.
I reluctantly obeyed. The boy lashed out immediately with his sharp tongue, "That's a load off, might even make it to a ripe old age

When I realized that smart-aleck kid's name was 'Duo Maxwell' I thought it had to be a terrible joke.

Whatever possessed his parents to name him after a gundam pilot? I thought.

"By the way, have you brought the three files?" Father Maxwell asked as if to remind me. "To awaken the 'Aurora Princess,' the
three songs of the prelude are necessary."

To Be Continued...


#1 WOW, that passage was *harrrrd* So, Treize is answering the question "Why do we live in dark times?" Answer 1: we left Earth
before we were ready (for whatever reason) Answer 2: living in space isn't the escape it was supposed to be, it just brought us
closer to the fact that we will not live forever and that pisses us off. Well, that at least makes sense, as opposed to what I originally
put down for that sentence: "in space we were overly familiar with the complete refusal of life's absolute existence but this could also
be interpreted as solitude, tormented psychological causes."
#2 literally, Heero says something along the lines of "there is history that can only be spoken of as eras being tied together by war."
Which is, now that I type it out, not so bad... but still kind of long.

#3 ARGH, the Japanese says ONLY the VOICES could be heard. Later on, we KNOW Kathy cannot tell who the old man is. So
HOW do we know this is Relena? (I mean, yes, it has to be relena, but... NOTHING indicates why we know this but why we DON'T
know to whom she is talking... unless that was in the original series.)

#4 literally, the Japanese says 目付きが悪い whereas the first part means "look" and the second part means "bad" but I think
sarcasm works better than the more direct "bad-looking kid"

Frozen Teardrop, Chapter 1

Gundam Wing
Frozen Teardrop

Treize File

Aurora Borealis... it's not produced by the planet itself, but rather by the planets of the solar system. The storm at Mars' North Pole
had settled and the stars stretch out overhead. Once, the atmosphere was too thin to make the stars twinkle. Since the terraforming,
the atmosphere has become more like Earth's and now, the stars do twinkle. But when the air is dead calm, that's when the Aurora
Borealis comes. Before your eyes, a white curtain floats down. The thin, filmy light is like nothing so much as the hem of an angel's
or god's cape. And when it flutters, shades of indigo, purple, green and even sometimes red bleed across the sky. That's Aurora
Borealis. I'm aware that my description is somewhat cliche but be that as it may, that most excellent curtain of light is like a graceful
and solemn circle dance.

Surprisingly, you can see the stars shining through all the fluttering. Tens of thousands of kilometeres to the east, it changes into a
curtain of deep green. It looks as though it might be hiding the stairway to heaven, like the stairs are hiding behind the billowing
curtain of light. Watching this ever-changing curtain reminds me of the majestic beauty of nature and the mysteries of space. If it's
this beautiful from Mars, I can only imagine how much more beautiful it would have been as seen from the North Pole of Earth.

There must be people who object to calling Sleeping Beauty 'Aurora.' The story tellers of old could have easily called her Thalia. But
if the name of Operation Mythos was misappropriated from Tchaikovsky's most famous classical ballet, it stands to reason we'd also
use 'Aurora.'

"For 'Aurora's Awakening,' there must be a three song prelude," Father said. In Tchaikovsky's ballet, the prologue is in four parts. I
thought it might be missing one of those four parts so I decided to listen to it to be sure.

"So, that means..." I said, looking to Father and Master Chang with a displeased look on my face. "The old data files need a
password or something and these files are needed to make the capsule work?"

"Exactly," said Master Chang. Not to me, but to the microchip that contained the converted data files that I was holding. That was
the only way Master Chang could look at me. As soon as I handed over the chip, he practically snatched it away to scan and check
the contents. Master Chang opened up another program and turned on the holographic monitor in front of us; then, he entered the
password. The password was the year and season in which the filed was recorded.

"With this, we can start the defrost systems of the capuse."

I couldn't help myself, it had been bothering me [since Father Maxwell mentioned it and] I had to toss out my how-many-parts-to-the-
prologue question.

"But doesn't the prelude have four parts?"

"This boy is the fourth part," Master Chang said. He glanced at Father as the data loaded.

"My prelude is equal to any symphony."

I thought Father Maxwell seemed a little suspicious, what with being a priest, yet given to speaking with such bombast.

"The real problem is the condition Aurora will be in once he's out of stasis," Father Maxwell said concernedly.

He might be a little shady, but he was surprisingly likable.

"Successful awakenings from artificial hibernation have an 80% success rate, but I'm seeing some abnormalities in the neuron
secretions of the hippocampus. Meaning there is a chance his memories have been wiped out completely."

"The old AC memories?"

"Well, yes."

"Hey, Father Crapswell [#1]," the boy called Duo butted in. "I couldn't give a rat's ass about that, tell me where my partner is."

"That is best left to Doktor T and Professor W."

I had heard both of those names before.

"Do you by any chance mean Snow White and The Warlock?"

"Duh! Who else?!"

"You don't mean this kid is going to pilot..."

"Ah, well... he's been trained to Aurora's level for the sake of the symphony."

So that's why he was named after the Gundam pilot Duo Maxwell. But as I thought about it... this little boy as a piolt... 'hard to
believe' would have been putting it mildly.

"Equal? Screw that, I'm loads better [than Aurora is]. You don't know jack, Fat Max [#1]."
"It's my fault he's got such bad language. I raised him by myself after his mother died."

"Unfortunately," said Master Chang in a clipped voice as he glared at the holomonitor, "neither the 'Aurora Princess' and your son
are [the best choices] for this mission."

"Well, we can't just leave him like that, now can we."

"......" Master Chang kept silent.

"Father, are you a Preventer, too?"

"No, no. I don't have nearly as much leisure time on my hands as Master Chang," he said with a grin. "Let's just say that we're old

"Zero is the number of times I've ever considered you a friend."

"Hey now, are your or are you not the same guy who looked death in the eyes with me on that lunar base?"

"Hn. I would probably be able to breathe a little easier now if you'd actually bit the dust then."

"Says you, geeze."

I had never seen Master Chang speak so much before. Father Maxwell was probably less of a good friend and more like bad

"The three files have been downloaded. All that's left are your files."


Father Maxwell tossed him the chip. Master Chang loaded it into the computer and downloaded the data.

"Are you going to download all that?"

"This is just the bare minimum."

If Duo or myself didn't interviene, those two would soon be going for the jugluar. I wasn't normally one to pose stupid questions, but
it was my responsibility to see this operation successfully accomplished. It was therefore in my best interest to go ahead and ask.

"This is probably a silly thing to ask, but this data is also from the AC era, correct?"


"Is AC 130 the earliest history on record?" [Kathy or Duo #2]

"Are you really going to upload all that old data into Aurora?" [Kathy or Duo]
"If Aurora wakes up now, the body will be as good as it was when he was first put into stasis, but it's entirely possible that the mind
has 'reset,' leaving it no more advanced that a baby's." [Chang]

"What about checking that data?" [Kathy?]

"Did you want to censor something?" [Chang]

"That authority has been entrusted to President Catalonia." [Kathy]

"Huh, so Dorothy's gotten along pretty well then. I've never met her myself." [Father Maxwell]

And there was my proof that Father Maxwell was not a Preventer- to call the representative of the Earth sphere by her first name
was unheard of.

"She's a brilliant broad... if Relena were at the helm, there wouldn't even be any Operation Mythos."

Even if he was a Preventer, there's no way he would ever call his commanding officer a 'broad."

"Say what you will, I'll have a look at Father Maxwell's files all the same."

"Looks like it'll take some time."


"It might be better to say you'll experience it rather than read it," Father Maxwell said, twirling a pair of sunglasses. I didn't know
what he meant at first, but then I realized those sunglasses were actually the latest of virtual visors. It meant that the files had been
recorded in 3D, and the contents of those files was sent straight to your brain as if you had experienced the events as a guest or

"Aurora's mind was sophisticated. Can we really recreate it with just those files?"

Master Chang looked unsure.

"It's a risky bet... things might not go according to our expectations."

"So he might betray us, like he did before?"

"I can't deny that that is a possibility."

"It was pure luck this guy got to be Aurora... anyhow, it's a dangerous gamble we'd better make a bet we won't regret."

Father Maxwell gave me a little wink.

"Well, I'm pretty beat after looking at all this."
"Whatever... you're always like that."

"I don't need a Preventer like you to tell me that." [Er, Duo Jr. seems to be a Preventer then?]

I copied Father Maxwell's microchip and checked the file in question. It showed up on the holomonitor as a list of years and names
and was separated into several chapters.

"Father, what's this?"

"You could call it a history book, or even a biography. Either way, everything about the past was processed by a special program
called 'ZERO' and put onto this chip."

"Why does it start from AC 130?"

"If we gave him memories fo all human history, he'd turn into an omniscient megalomaniac or something. That's why we're only
giving him recent history, so he doesn't go bad. What he needs isn't a history of Mars, but a history of After Colony."

I looked at Duo with sudden interest. Either he was bored stiff with our conversation, or in a huff because he was lying on the sofa in
the back of the room. He had his back to us and his long brain hung limply all the way to the floor. For some reason, Father Maxwell
looked nostalgically at Duo as he said:

"This isn't the tripe printed in history books, it's all the what we knew- the real behind the scenes stuff- that's really important."

"However much ZERO figured out, we can't be sure your own subjectivity hasn't colored the files."

"And why should you be? In any event, I have tried to be as objective as possible."

"That's what I'm afraid of."

"Hey, I'm being modest here... or aren't you Easterners familiar with the concept?"

And they were fighting like a pair of five year olds.

I focused on the files. 'Treize Khushrenada' was the very first heading. Since it was just text, I could read it on the holomonitor. It
was, however, completely different from my own image of Treize. This is how Treize is portrayed according to the Preventers:

Treize Khushrenada (AC 171-195) Executive of Romefeller Foundation and unifying Commander in Chief of the secret society
named "OZ." As his grandfather was commander in chief of Romefeller, Khushrenada was born into elite society. Moreover, he was
extremely charismatic and by his excellent politics, collected many supporters and followers.

All his actions were backed up by his unique philosophy and aesthetic and the Treize & Lady Une Faction showed tremendous
confidence in them. He was very aware of the sin of war and took it upon himself to memorize not only the number of casualties, but
also the name of each and every person killed in the war.
Following the OZ coup de tat against the Alliance, Treize spoke out against Romefeller policies. That resulted in Treize losing his
position for a time and he was put under house arrest for treason. After the death of Duke Dermail, he returned as the Commander
in Chief of OZ.

Thereafter, he received the rank of Head of State from the Earth United Nation's Queen Relena and declared full war against
Milliardo Peacecraft who was representing the colonial revolutionist group White Fang declared full war.

During the Eve Wars, Khushrenada challenged Peacecraft to a duel aboard Libra. Peacecraft refused and discharged Libra's big
guns. As a result, Treize gave the order to commence the largest MS battle in history. The battle grew confused and Treize's final
opponent was Gundam pilot 05. The battle was fierce, but ended in defeat for Treize whereupon he forfeit his life. He died at 24.

There aren't supposed to be any errors in that account. But those files of Father Maxwell's were unbefitting the uncommon hero.
Surely he was a man of many mysteries. Why did he care about the fallen soldiers? When did he start memorizing the names of the
dead and the number of casualties? When was his ideological and philosophical root severed and supplanted with a seed of
pessimism? The answers were in those files. I borrowed Father's virtual visors and plugged them into the computer. I put on the
visor and the word "ZERO" popped up on screen. The calculated history was input directly into my brain. It was AC 170; it started
one year before Treize was born.


Two lovers stood under the Aurora Borealis: Ein and Angelina. In the most northern part of the North American continent, there was
a city called Yellow Knife. The couple stood in a field of snow and admired the beauty of the Aurora Borealis. The gorgeously
resplendent curtain of light twinkled on endlessly. Later, even the locals would admit it wasn't often you saw such a marvelous sight
(as was seen on that night). To call it the ultimate beauty of solar wind and magnetic fields wouldn't do it justice.

"Earth is beautiful from space... I thought it was the most beautiful thing," murmured a wide-eyed Ein. "But then I came to Earth and
actually saw this world and it's fantastic; inundated with beauty."


"Earth is beautiful... it's so beautiful, and yet..." Ein was troubled. Angelina guessed at his feelings.


Even though she understood what he wanted to say, she could offer him no words. On this beautiful Earth, ugly war would continue
ceaselessly. And they were considering taking the war beyond the Aurora and out into space. Ein pushed his worries aside and
smiled. He decided to express his feelings about something else that was beautiful.

"The Aurora is beautiful, but nothing holds a candle to you."

Angelina turned her eyes demurely downward at hearing his brazed admission.

"I'm not that pretty..."

Ein touched his fingers to her jaw and tipped her face to meet his.
"Don't look at me," he said, "look at the Aurora."


"I want to see the light reflected in your eyes... nothing else could possibly surpass that in beauty."

They gazed into each other's eyes and then kissed passionately.

Ein Yuy was born in AC 150. He was the nephew of colonial Problem Conference Engine representative Heero Yuy. Heero Yuy
placed much confidence in him and by the tender age of 20, Ein had been entrusted with bridging the gap between the colonies and
Earth. The current trip Ein was making to Earth was for the sake of promoting peaceful negotiations with the Cinq Kingdom, a
medical state, and the Romefeller Foundation.

Angelina was the sole daughter of Romefeller representative Duke Cinquante Khushrenada; she was born in AC 152. Her father
doted upon her from a very early age and she lived a life free from want. She often attended ceremonies and parties that promoted
relations between the colonies and Earth. No one could have forseen the changes one of those mere parties would bring not only to
her, but to all of mankind.

Ein and Angelina met at one of those parties on Earth. They fell in love at first sight and finally, after many a secret meetings, they
managed to sneak away to the North Pole. It was unclear whether or not they actually inteded to elope at the time, but Angelina's
feelings were unshakeable after sharing the Aurora with Ein.

"No regrets?"

"You're leaving after all?"


"I love you, Ein."

"And I, you, Angelina. But there is work to be done."

"Then I am going to space, too."

Ein shook his head almost imperceptibly. There was no way the great house of Khushrenada would permit their only daughter such
an outrageous flight of fancy. Any more than Ein Yuy could part company with his uncle Heero and stay on Earth. In words, it was
impossible. Reality was a bitter pill to swallow for both halves of the couple. Nonetheless, they were so distraught over their parting,
they considered any and every conceivable method to prevent it, so earnestly did they love one another. In the end, however, Ein
was forced to leave Angelina behind and return to space.

People who have known absolute beauty, however, reject living among what they would henceforth consider the polluted masses of
humanity and are given to acting irrationally.

The first time Angelina went to space alone happened a month after she had stood in the snowy field watching the Aurora Borealis
with Ein. He was on L-2 colony V08744 and attempting to prevail upon an anti-Allicance resistance group to give up at least military
means of resistance. V08744 was, at the time, the most extreme of the anti-Alliance factions. Since it's construction in AC97, it was
seething with malcontent and loathing at the squalid living conditions and ceaseless rioting brought on by a long reign of poverty. All
that rage was pointed like a spearhead at the United Earth Alliance. Ein, however, had been successful in his persuasion. He had
convinced the resistance of Heero Yuy's ideal: create equality for the Earth and the colonies both.

Heero Yuy's was a name destined to go down in the history books, but would it be for his legendary leadership and brilliant political
skill or, from another perspective, because of his nephew Ein Yuy's quiet contributions of strengthening intercolonial relations?

After Ein successfully persuaded the resistance group, Angelina unexpectedly appeared before his eyes.

"Ein," she said, suddenly throwing herself into his arms and kissing him for the first time in a month. Eine spared but a thought for
the onlookers, then without even considering the danger, embraced his greatest love.


The couple got married on V087444 at the small Maxwell church. At the end of December AC 170 (by some accounts, it was
Christmas day), the star crossed lovers, the most perfectly matched couple in all of space, became husband and wife. Among the
attendees was Ein's uncle Heero Yuy, who gave a short speech of congratulations.

"May the future of these two be full of blessings. We the people of the colonies did not leave Earth to start a war, we cam to love and
to love one another. We would like you to think that space exists for the sake of love."

There are now no traces of the Maxwell church (which should have stood to commemorate the couple for years to come). In AC 188
a group of anti-Alliance colonists staged a coup de tat. More than 240 people died when the church was burned to the ground. All
the world over, the event has been referred to as the Maxwell Church Tragedy. If Heero or Ein had lived, if they had been on L-2,
perhaps the tragedy could have been avoided. However, talk of how history could have been different, the would-haves and could-
haves, is just so much wasted breath.

For the time being, though, Ein and Angelina started their life together on the colony. Their life was brimming with happiness. more
than ever before, Ein served as Heero's right hand man, working vigorously to deepened intercolonial cooperation. Because of this,
however, he and Angelina could not stay in one place long. Instead, they continuously shuttled around from one cheap hotel to the
next. As Heero Yuy's tools of persuasion in colonial political activities were purity and integrity, he never once used money from his
backers or campaign funds or personal wealth (to support himself).

Also, the Cosmo Arma was hostile towards the colonies and feared Heero Yuy was scheming to unite all the colonies (against
earth). They were vascillating over whether or not to result to desperate measures and assassinate Heero Yuy. Likewise, Ein, too,
was forced into more secluded political activities.

There was no reason Angelina, daughter of the plutocratic Khushrenada family, should have been satisfied with such a vagabond
lifestyle. And yet, she continually asserted that, as long as she was with Ein, she was happy. And that was how she lived her life
until the summer of AC 171 when she happened to meet Heero Yuy again.

"It has been too long, Uncle Heero," said Angelina, who was pregnant with her first child.

"Hello, Angelina. You've grown even beautiful."

"How nice of you to say that... but your flattery is wasted."

"But Angelina, if you want a smooth birth, Earth is preferable to the colonies," Heero said as he stroked his bushy eyebrows as was
his wont.

Angelina was surprised to hear Heero Yuy, visionary of the colonies, spouting hundred year old superstitions about the dangers of
giving birth in space.

"There is no need to worry. The medical team from the Cinq Kingdom has already solved that problem. Today, there are no
abnormalities of the womb caused by being in space." Families like the Winners were even conducting tests on DNA manipulated
test tube babies.

"Of course there aren't. I was merely concerned for the baby's grandfather, Duke Cinquante Khushrenada."

"What about my father?"

"Since you came to space, he seems rather depressed. When he heard about the child, he became terribly worried, or so I gather."

There had been information about peole employed by Khushrenada to bring Angelina back to Earth. It was hardly unusual for an old
fashioned man such as Cinquant Khushrenada to fear the old superstitions about giving birth in space. Most people on Earth firmly
believed that bearing children in space usually ended in death for both mother and child. That vicious fallacy was intentionally
spread in order to prevent further loss of great minds to the space colonies.

"I could sound out Romefeller if you'd like..."

"Uncle, I am afraid I must decline your offer," Angelina said resolutely. "Our child has no connection whatsoever to the rest of the

"But Angelina..."

"Heero had spoken out of worry for Angelina, but his words fell on deaf ears.

"Please, uncle, do not worry about us. We will manage somehow." She then changed the subject by asking about something that
had been bothering her, "What about you, uncle? Aren't you going to marry? I think it should be your lineage that carries the future
of the colonies and the Earth."

"As long as there is someone who can continue my work, that is enough. Just so long as the name Heero Yuy doesn't fade from the
history books."

And then, Heero foreshadowed the future:
"If something should happen to me, Ein will continue in my place. And..." he gently touched Angelina's swollen stomach and a
tender smile lifted his lips. "I'd be honored if this child might also."

"Of course."

That was the last conversation between Heero Yuy and Angelina Khushrenada.

Meanwhile, Ein was preparing for an interview with the colony's Cosmo Arma Major Septum. Little did Ein know that that meeting
was not going to take palce. He received a message flagged as "urgent."

"We've got a problem, Ein."

It was one of Angelina's guards. He said that Angelina had gone out to do some shopping when, from out of nowhere, she was
surrounded by several men. They trundled her into a car that had pulled up and took off with her. Ein wasn't as angry at the guard's
incompetence as much as he was angry at himself for never warning Angelina to be more careful and avoid going out.

"I'll bet it was them." Immediately, Ein suspected it had been the men Mr. Khushrenada had hired. How could it have been anyone
else?It was the only thing that made sense. He never would have guessed they would use force to get Angelina back, but he had
been careless to assume the Khushrenada's had come to accept the marriage of Angelina and Ein.

"I'm on my way," said Ein, even though he was at a loss for what to do. The colony's peace and order was managed by the Cosmo
Arma and Ein was in no position to go off on a wild goose chase looking for Angelina when he was supposed to be meeting with Lt.
Commander Septum. Conversely, the people of Earth would probably spin Ein's life with Angelina as abduction instead of marriage.
All was lost. He was vascillating (between going after her or letting her go). Then, re received another message to his cell phone. It

When I think about how hard everything has been for you, I know this is the only thing I can do to make it better for you.

Angelina must have secretly sent that desperate email while her handlers weren't looking. It sounded just like her- always worrying
about Ein before even giving a thought to herself.

"This isn't over."

Ein was irritated both at the dirty rotten Khushrenada tactics and his own weakness.

"You can't tear us apart that easily."

If he gave up now, he'd lose the most beautiful woman in all of space. Ein got in touch with his contact at the Resistance, Quinze. It
was like setting a thief to catch a thief and Ein quickly learned that they were heading to the space port.

"I can still make it!" Ein said and jumped into his car and headed to the spaceport. He found out they were taking off from runway
13, which served as the Alliance's airstrip on that colony. When he arrived at the spaceport, he drive right through the chain link
fence and came to a (screeching) halt right on the tarmac.
"ANGELINA!" Ein shouted at the top of his lungs.

"Ein!" said Angelina, seeing his figure from the shuttle window. He knew she couldn't hear, but wild horses couldn't have kept him
from screaming. Tears streamed down his face. If only he had wings, he would fly to her side, but... he was only human.

Alliance soldiers had already surrounded Ein.

"Ein, you're causing a scene," said Major Septum as he stepped out from between the soldiers. He had a gun trained on Ein. "This
area is under the jurisdiction of the Cosmo Arma. We have to ask that you, not being a member of our personnel, leave the

Ein ignored Septum and walked calmly towards the shuttle.

"STOP!" Septum's voice echoed across runway 13. "If you refuse to follow my orders, I will be forced to shoot you."

But (mere) orders couldn't stop Ein.

"This isn't an idle threat. It would be to your disadvantage to cause anymore trouble." Septum tried conveying his point with words
befitting a Major of the Alliance. Ein, however, was not intimidated and Septum pulled the trigger. The bullet hit him in the left

"ANGELINA!" He screamed not for the pain of the bullet, but the pain of losing his beloved wife. Septum fired a second shot. That
one hit and took a chunk out of his right calf, making it difficult to Ein to continue walking.


This time, he screamed for the pain also. He tried to keep moving forward, but listed terribly to the side. He collapsed, arms and legs
splayed wide, right over the white 13 painted upon the tarmac.

"Ein!" Angelina's eyes burned with the sight of the man she loved lying crumpled on the runway, vivid red blood pooling over the
number 13. "Ein Yuy. The man I love."

She wouldn't let herself cry.

I will not forget this. The man I love threw everything away and screamed my name.

Thought Angelina to herself even as she steeled her heart.

"I love you, Ein."

"An... ge... lina..."

Ein kept yelling even as his consciousness grew weak. Septum felt utter hatred; he felt the urge to kill.

There is only death for those who do not obey my orders. Thought Septum as he took aim at Ein's head. But some how, the shuttle
had found space in which to maneuver around them, started its engines, and slowly started moving. The soldiers fell back to the
sides of the runway to make space for the shuttle. Septum lingered, but eventually, he was overpowered by the head of the exhaust
and stepped back himself. Seconds later, the shuttle left.

Ein was taken into custody by the Peace Preservation Office on charges of unlawful entry into Alliance grounds and acts of treason.

"I will see Angelina again."

That was Ein's only wish. And after weeks of imprisonment, he was released and returned to his political activities (for colonial
cooperation). Ein did not cry any more; he would not allow himself.

"I'll break down the wall between the colonies and Earth. Then, I can be with Angelina again. Despite a vacuum and physical
distance between us, why should there be any wall between people whose hearts are aligned?" Ein had made up his mind.

However, the two were not to meet again. Indeed, a rather cruel twist of fate was awaiting them.


Three months later, Angelina gave birth to a boy in Luxembourg, Europe. She named him Treize. The name meant "thirteen,"
perhaps because she indeed could not forget the blood stained runway 13. For Angelina, the memory wasn't distasteful, it was the
moment she saw with her own eyes what true love really meant.

Treize had Heero Yuy's bushy eyebrows, but his eyes were the spitting image of Ein. Whenever she looked at Treize's face, hear
heart was transported to space. His birth certificate bore the name "Treize Khushrenada" and there was no mention of his father.

Since before Treize could remember, Angelina and influential Romefeller member Dermail Catalonia's son Hundert had been
married. A magnificent ceremony had been held. With an age different grater than twenty years, it stood to reason that there was no
[romantic] love between the two. But Angelina was in no state to refuse a political union and accepted the proposition.

Her father, Count Cinquant, was aging. He was of the mind that his daughter's previous penchant for flight and impetuous behaviour
were gone. He thought the Khushrenada family welfare was now well taken care of with Angelina in a stable marriage and raising
the Khushrenada heir.

That sense of security perhaps sent him to an early grave. The following year, in the early spring of AC 172, Romefeller
representative Count Cinquant Khushrenada passed away. The future of the Foundation and the Khushrenada family fortune was
left to the new born Treize. Until he came of age, Dermail Catalonia assumed the leadership of Romefeller. Catalonia lacked
Khushrenada's leadership and charisma and for several years, the Foundation was without a driving force.

Angelina, at the time, did not give up on life. She had found a purpose for her political marriage: instill the values of Ein in their son.
That, she felt, would atone for her previous impudence.

Meanwhile, in space, Heero Yuy presented the "Total Colonial Unification Declaration." The people of space thought this would
bring the colonies equality with Earth. Angelina, too, danced for joy when she heard the proclamation. There was great rejoicing at
the taking of the first steps towards realizing a truly unified state of being. However, Earth was very cunning and seemed to believe
this would only serve to facilitate further exploitation of the colonies. Proof of this was in the expansion of the Alliance's military
bases in space and a sizable increase in the Alliance military maintenance expenses that were shouldered by the colonists.
Furthermore, raising tariffs on intercolony exports was decided mainly on Earth's side and the colonies were pulled into one
disadvantageous treaty after another. The people of the colonies thought of complaining, but they had no way of competing with
Earth's Alliance military. Diplomacy without power wasn't just a castle in the air, it was down right wicked.

"All this is happening because your grandfather wouldn't let me and your father alone," Angelina said to little Treize. "If they want
reform, they must take into account both the wishes of space and the ideas of Earth.

"That's something only you can do. That is the mission you must complete."

Hundert wasn't concerned to hear Angelina talking so, he simply smiled gently. It's unknown whether he didn't take her talk seriously
or if he still respected Angelina's opinions at the time. He was generous and had no qualms if his beloved wife couldn't bring herself
to love him back. He was also generous to Treize despite the child being of a different father and Hundert was affectionate towards
him. Although fellow aristocrats called him a people pleaser and insensitive behind his back, Hundert paid them no mind. He had the
last laugh when, two years later, Angelina gave birth to his child, a baby boy.

#1 Okay, literal Japanese is this: Crap Father or Shit Father. It is a general insult meaning, obviously, "crappy." I thought "Father
Crapswell" was rather brilliant on my part. And, just to keep it fun, Fat Max (I used that in my rough translation because writing out
Father Maxwell was just too tedious).

#2 Just my guesses at who is speaking. There are no names listed for most of that section, so my guesses are based on both what
is being said and how polite it is. I figure Kathy is going to be most polite given her status and femaleness (lulz for Japanese) and
Father Maxwell and Duo are very casual.


Angelina and Fundelt gave birth to a baby boy. They named him Van Khushrenada. He was two years younger than Treize. He had
Angelina’s features and everyone thought he was girl. He really was as beautiful as an angel come to Earth. Right down to his
eyebrows (so unlike Treize’s own bushy ones). As he possessed both Khushrenada and Catalonia genes, Van was also more
appropriate for both assuming the leadership of Romefeller when the time came and inheriting the family title. Hundert kept that little
fact a secret from Angelina and Treize. Instead, he showered them with gratuitous affection so as to maintain their good graces.
Naturally, the Foundation was pleased with the birth of Van and thought of it as a second coming for Cinquant. Years later, Treize
himself would share the same opinion and bequeathed both the Khushrenada fortune and the Romefeller representative position to
Van. He resolved himself to a life of military service. Young as Treize was, he was innocently happy at the birth of his charming little

Around the same time, in space, Heero Yuy announced the colonies independence, to be secured by nonviolence and
demilitarization. Needless to say, this was the formal Declaration of Space. This was the catalyst of Cinq Kingdom’s decision to
choose total pacifism and it would also be the source of Queen Relena’s One World Declaration several years later.

Angelina watched Heero Yuy’s address live with Treize and the new born Van. Her face, however, was steeped in worry and there
were even tears in her eyes. How could tears, which were not supposed to exist for her anymore, be ready to spill down her face?
On the monitor, she could see Ein standing beside Heero Yuy . The aftereffects of having been shot had left him walking with a
cane and carrying himself in a painful looking posture. Nonetheless, he wasn’t participating from behind the scenes anymore, he
was taking action on stage. The sight filled Angelina with great pride. But when she saw among Heero’s attendants the one-time
anti-Alliance resistance leader Quinze and the wealthy Dekim Barton, who was rumored to have split colonial wealth in half, an
unspeakable uneasiness encroached upon Angelina’s heart like a dark shadow. The very Independence Proclamation itself was in
extreme danger. The proclamation was essentially a complete rejection of the Alliance. Of course, it was welcomed with open arms
by the colonies but for Heero and Ein, it was the equivalent of taking on the Alliance with their bare hands.

“They’re going to be killed…”

Personally, Cosmo Arma General Septum hated Ein Yuy, but Heero Yuy was standing in a dangerous place himself. At that pace,
the colonies were going to be robbed of their rights. Bearing that in mind, a sniper from the forerunner of the secret agency OZ, the
Alliance’s “Specials”, surely could have been employed to take out Heero Yuy. The Specials were members of the Alliance
headquarters, and there weren’t any members of the Alliance forces in space with the authority to give the order. In the end, that
‘request’ was paid for from the space army’s budget and the Cosmo Arma would accomplish that task. The man who received
Septum’s request was Odin Lowe. Note his name, as he will be discussed in more detail later.

AC 175 April 05

Four year old Treize distinctly remembered the events of this day. This is probably his earliest memory. Angelina had taken Treize
and Van on a trip to the northern peninsula of Scandinavia. Hundert did not accompany them. Angelina was hoping to show her two
sons the Aurora Borealis. There plans were to see the beautiful fjords by ship, then go by Norway Sea to Greenland where they
could see the Aurora Borealis from a snowy field. However, the day before, there was a blizzard. In April, there are a lot of ice floes
that float down from the Arctic Sea. Because of the storm, the enormous white floes were crashing into each other terribly. Some of
them stayed afloat; some of them sunk below the surface. The rought white sea water looked like a battle field of grappling ice
soldiers. The front edges were sharp and pointing and whenever two floes crashed into each other, they were each left looking even
more knife-like. Treize remembered watching that scene from the ship and being strangely affected. That battle had no principles
and no point. There was neither justice nor evil, neither friend nor foe. It was just an out and out exercise in futility. Rationally
speaking, that scene could simply be put down to Mother Nature. Treize, however, saw that battle as a thing of beauty.

The storm blew over early the next morning and it was a brilliantly clear day. This was the time that Angelina first heard of the
assassination of Heero Yuy. The three of them watched in astonishment as, on the TV monitor, the legendary revolutionary was
shot and breathed his last on live TV. Angelina was at a loss for words. And, at the same time, a terrorist group blew up the venue
and Ein Yuy was assumed dead. Angelina remained silent. We don’t know if she was thinking ‘It can’t be…’ or ‘It’s just as I feared:
they’ve been killed.’ But she did not scream or fall to pieces.

“History has started to get out of gear. This world is wrong,” Angelina said as she stroked her children’s cheeks.

At their mother’s insistence, the two boys, Treize and Van, left their cabin and went to watch the ice floes. What they saw there was
something they could never forget for as long as they lived. The corners of the ice floes, finely gouged and sharp and transparent,
had blue sea water frozen inside that sparkled with the sunlight spilling over the horizon. Silver and gold and all the colors of the
rainbow flashed from the floes floating like jewels in the water.

It was pure beauty, appearing after a meaningless battle with it’s perfectly sublime beauty.

“It’s pretty, isn’t it, Treize?”

“Boys, you should remember this view… it might come in handy sometime,” said Angelina quietly from behind her sons.


“Ein, I love you.”

Angelina’s lips met little Treize’s. But it was not a mother kissing her son. She saw Ein’s face on Treize and gave him a lover’s kiss.
For the first time in his life, Treize shed tears. He understood just how much pain his mother was experiencing. Young Van surely
must have seen them, but he would never speak of it. Perhaps he didn’t remember it. But it’s not hard to imagine he felt something
(even if only) deep in his heart. Treize Khushrenada did not cry again. He had, like his father and mother before him, refused to let
himself do so.

The world is changing.
The Earth is falling
The paradise of space is withering.

This Treize wrote some twenty years later [AC 195], quoting Rilke's poem "Autumn" in a composition. And before, in AC 187 also,
he created an enduring complimentary piece. Perhaps he was thinking to connect that view of the ice floes to "Autumn" or to his
own piece. Speaking of the floes, the day following the assassination, Angelina returned to Lunxemburg without seeing the Aurora
Borealis as planned. Thereafter, she took to wearing mourning black, shutting herself in her rooms and never taking another trip.
From then on, Treize and Van didn't encounter much in the way of emotion [stimulation]. Indeed, they didn't seem to register the
magesty of nature or the mysteries of space.

By any estimate, April 7, AC 175 was a fateful day for Angelina, Treize, and Van. Of course, it went without saying that it would
eventually end up changing the lot of every man, woman, and child on Earth. On that fateful day, however, they also happened to
see a stunningly beautiful view from the ship. For Treize, at least, there could be little doubt that the sight had left him changed. The
following composition was written in German and perhaps serves as a character reference for one Treize Khushrenada's
sensibilities. It could be thought of as both a character study and a character reference for Treize Khushrenada:

"Dazzling Light"

I saw a point of light from across the dark
I ran towards the light
Nothing but mere running
Running like on possessed
And I kept running
It was just like coming out of a tunnel
I burst into a world of dazzling light
It was a world brimming with contentment

Is this what I was looking for?
Something that I sought?
No, it was not
I searched not for repose
I did not ask for this heart

I looked behind me
I passed by myself
There was the dark exit of the tunnel

I was not looking for results

We needed more progress

So it is
What I sought
It was in that black darkness
There was a meaning to my continued running

So I asked myself

Why continue to run?

AC 187 Sommer TK.


The assassination of Heero Yuy left an ugly scar, especially for the people most hoping for peace. The Alliance's Corsica weaponry
development base [factory] in the Mediterranean was in the process of manufacturing human-shaped mechanical weaponry called
'mobile suits.' The suits were developed by five brilliant scientist-cum-technicians sent by the colonies. However, in the wake of
Heero Yuy's assassination, the five scientists ceased all cooperation and fled. As a result, OZ's chief engineer Seis Clark and chief
consulting engineer Tsubarov Bilmon took over the mobile suit project and reworked it into a low-cost, mass production plan. In
August of that year, the first ground-battle use mobile suit prototypes, named LEO, rolled out and by the middle of October, battle-
worthy suits were being sent out. At the same time, Tsubarov had improved the Trago's mid-range support and indirect offense
systems and had them [Tragos] being mass produced by the end of the year. Likewise, Seis modified the ground-based LEO plans
to construct a suit capable of flight and those started coming off the assembly line in April of the next year. It would not be an
exaggeration to say all the prototypes from the first wave of what is known as the early days of mobile suits were completed during
this time. This, in turn, lead the Cinq Kingdom on the Scandinavian peninsula, which was a medical state, to turn away from that
military course and instead acted upon the peaceful ideas upon which the kingdom was founded. Moreover, in space, colony L-
5A00206 and elsewhere responded to Alliance military meddling within the colonies by announcing their intent to rebel and drawing
up serious plans of opposition. Seizing the opportunity, the military uprisings Heero and Ein had been repressing started to erupt all
across the colonies. Of course, a better description might be 'unhooked play.' In respoinse, the Alliance took more and more control
of military affairs often in the name of keeping the peace. Under those conditions, hatred bred more hatred until it seemed like an
iron curtain had fallen and that only portended useless war. Incidentally, this L-5A00206 colony was the location for the [first] mobile
suit battle in history, but as it only tangentially relates to the heading of this chapter [note: the files are actually entitled "ZERO" but
all the data Kathy Po is reviewing is concerning Treize, so the "chapter heading" should probably be inferred to be Treize],
discussion of it shall be postponed.

It was written earlier in this account that a man who has seen absolute beauty starts to regret a life among the filth mirred masses of
humanity and is at times given to rash behavior bordering on the insane. The same could be said for the beauteous word "peace."
Those who have once tasted peace, even for the shortest of times, are gripped by feelings of uneasiness as soon as it is taken
away from them. And as they scream out for its return, they become fighters hungry for blood and unmindful slaughtering fellow men
in the name of regaining it. This has been observed time and again throughout the history of mankind.

Angelina Khushrenada also started acting strangely about this time. Since Ein's death, she lost her will to live and seemed to shut
herself off from the world. Often, she could not sleep for nights on end. She cried even when she was not sad, and the subtleties of
emotion faded from her beautiful face. Her words and actions became incoherent as did her increasing eccentricities. At times, she
even stripped away her mourning clothes and took to going about her room in the nude.

To Treize, his beautiful, elegant, deeply refined mother was being eaten alive by a consumption. Surely it must have been difficult
for Treize to watch her decline and he, powerless to help, and yet, not a single tear did he shed. Neither did he complain about
Angelina's behavior.

"I am happy only that she is here," he said and no more was he doted upon by his mother. Likewise, Van took his cues from Treize's
actions. Long ago, Angelina had told Van to do exactly that. For the boys, who were just five and three years old, their behavior was

The Khushrenada house was virtually deserted. This was because Hundert, who was supposed to be the head of the house, spent
as little time as possible within it. He said he was extremely busy managing the Foundation, but both Treize and Van knew it for the
evasion it was: he wanted to get away from Angelina. Perhaps if Hundert had devoted the time to nursing his [literally says
"beloved", keeping with the until-now theme of the older man pleased at his trophy wife, but hereafter we see his trophy has lost it's
luster in his estimation] wife, the sickness in her heart might not have gotten any worse.

Angelina was hospitalized in the royal Hospital in the Cinq Kingdom in an effort to improve her mental and emotional stability.
Hundert explained to Treize that he chose Cinq because of its cutting edge facilities and practices, but in reality, he chose an out-of-
country hospital in an effort to preserve face. Nevertheless, Treize and Van did not let the distance keep them from visiting her
often, unlike Hundert who visited the hospital just once. That alone was enough to see there was no love between the married

Hundert accompanied the boys to the Royal Hospital, but he opted to remain in the car. The lobby was thronging with people.
Hundert would later find out that it was because the heir to the Peacecraft throne had been born. The prince was apparently named
Milliard Peacecraft. Treize Khushrendada and Milliardo Peacecraft. Those two would later go on to form the OZ Specials and
eventually, would be the instigators of total war between Earth and space. But of course, no one could predict then what fate had in
store for them.

AC 180 APRIL 08

Four years had passed. Angelina still had not been discharged from the hospital. Treize was nine and Van was seven. As
youngsters, both boys had excellent [academic] records and had the charisma to be the leaders of their classes. The main
difference beteween them being Van's naturally weak body where as Treize did fencing and horseback riding and was an all-around
sportsman. Each holiday [day off], the pair of them made a point of visiting their mother in the hospital. Onece, they had been
walking down the quiet hospital halls and just before they entered their mother's room, Van had asked Treize a question that had
been on his mind for quite sometime.

"Treize, do you love mother?"

Treize had no intention of evading his little brother's naive question, but neither could he manage an answer.

"Do you?"

"Of course I love her."

"Is that so... well, I suppose that's plenty, isn't it?" Treize said with a gentle smile. Van thought there was a hint of sadness to his
brother's lips. Van did not ask that question ever again.

They entered the room and Angelina was staring absent-mindedly out the window. As usualy, her eyes were void of any vitality;
there was such despair in her life that it almost seemed as if she could not breath. The two of them told her about the events at
school that had transpired that day and about their pet cat. Their topics were just trifles, but both of them- and most especially Van-
reported them in earnest. As ever, Angelina mere nodded but whenever her eyes happened to meet Treize's, she never failed to
say: "The world is yours. You will command space and Earth both." Treize was naturally not the type of child to honestly believe
their words. Van, however, was different. He swallowed his mother's words hook-line-and-sinker and he believed his brother had
been appointed with the task of bringing peace to space and Earth.

King Peacecraft's declaration of [his country's] total pacifism coincided with the birth of [his daughter] Princess Relena. A brief
review of Cinq history demonstrates that the Scandinavian kingdom could not end any geopolitical dispute. Plainly stated, the word
'peace' was the most distant metaphor. Poor in natural resources and possessing only a very modest army, Cinq was oft pulled into
disputes with its neighbors and the pitiable kingdom was subjected to big European nations' selfish desires. There was a time when
they [Cinq] morphed into a great military state and started aggressions with other countries. That was an opportunity for armies the
world over to attack Cinq, merciless and with out consideration, and turn the kingdom to dust. The people, nay, the country as a
whole, was completely impoverished and yet, vast reparations were being demanded. It was King Peacecraft himself who met those
repayments with determined resolution. He had, until then, poured the nation's military budget into the advancement of the medical
field and in so doing, created the best medical facilities in the world. Moreover, the education system was changed to support the
one in three citizens who intended to become doctors or nurses. The country became a top level contributor to the development of
medical equipment and a sharp decrease in war casualties were among the achievements of King Peacecraft. In just a few short
years, the reparations had been repaid in full. Afterwards, they had the cream of the crop of doctors and they were dispatched to
areas where disputes had taken place and offered medial services free of charge. In so doing, they managed to divest their country
of its former image as a military nuisance and they earned the trust of the world. Soon, other countries stopped trying to assault
Cinq. It was as if the country itself had become a hospital. Any army that attacked a hospital would doubtlessly be criticized and no
one was rash enough to start a dispute with Cinq- there was no meaning in doing so. Since that successful campaign, Cinq had,
over time, developed a loud, strong national voice and didn't regret [using that voice] in an effort to eradicate war on Earth. Medical
exports to the colonies also flourished and it was the medical staff of Cinq which solved the problem of giving birth in space. Later,
Heero Yuy and King Peacecraft would have several meetings, but their connection did encounter come complications. However,
with Heero Yuy's assassination in AC 175, Peacecraft lost a fellow advocate for peace and became the lone proponent of pacifism.
He temporarily stopped peaceful activities in space and instead pushed for making peace on Earth. Few were the countries that
approved of his actions, but he insisted on following that course. Additionally, that brought about his declaration of non-military, non-
violent, anti-war Total Pacifism. That this would bring about the Cinq kingdom's greatest tragedy was something eleven year old
Prince Milliard and new born Princess Relena could not possibly have known. Twelve months after the announcement, General
Daigo Onegal of the United Earth Allicance attacked Cinq, believeing the expansion of peaceful principles was dangerous. Cinq was
utterly destroyed. King Peacecraft died in the battle and the two children's whereabouts were unknown. It was AC 182. [AC 182,
Zechs would have been 12 based on the what was just said at the end of the paragraph, meaning he would have been born in AC
170... and that is just a blatant error on the author's part as Sumizawa mentioned the birth of Miliardo in a previous section in AC
176 AUTUMN when Angelina was first moved to the hospital in Cinq]


Treize's mother Angelina moved to a different hospital before the fall of Cinq. It is believed that Hundert made preparations for this
after having received insider information from the Alliance. However, rather than a hospital in the dispute riddled Earth Union, she
was taken to a colony in the L-1 cluster that specialized in medicine. L-1 was chosen most probably in an effort to keep Treize and
Van- upon whom either or even both the Khushrenada and Romefeller Foundation pinned their hopes for the future- from seeing
their ill mother.

According to Treize, it was not too difficult to get along with his stepfather, Hundert. The man was sympathetic when their mother
wasn't around and continued to treat Treize well. Hundert's behavior was not as much a product of having developed kindred
feelings from living together [with the children] but more a matter of his guilty conscious forcing him to act to make up for the years
of neglect he had shown his family. Note, that a man who could survive [vicious] nobility should also possess a conscious to spur
him to atone for his sins is truly a man of the highest echelons. Then, there was Van who loved and respected Treize. The boy
seemed to have appointed himself the task of assisting his elder brother, the future commander-in-chief of Romefeller. However, as
Treize grew from boy into adolescent, he had absolutely no interest in the Foundation or with the royal political fields and rejected
his promised post at Romefeller. Instead, he enrolled in the United Earth Alliance military school. He was only twelve. He had done
so most likely due to his disgust with the nobility's predisposition to exclusionary behavior and he decided to [eschew all that to]
become a military man. One could easily also imagine that Treize felt some connection to the Heero Yuy and the Cinq kingdom in
their final days and he understood that however sublime pacifism may be, those without power are easily crushed. Either way, in
those sorrow filled eyes, he seemed to have discovered the value of his own life.

Treize was at the top of his classes in military school also. His teacher was a a Romefeller Colonel, rumored to be something of an
odd fellow, named Chilia Catalonia. He was the youngest son of acting Romefeller representative Duke Dermail and Hundert
Khushrenada's several-years-removed younger brother [WTF, Van's birth was all trumped up because VAN was supposed to
FINALLY provide a blood connection between Romefeller and Khushrenada.] Chilia had a two year old daughter named Dorothy
and she frequently played at the school. This little girl was distantly related to Treize, extremely bright, and possessed a striking

The things she said often got a laugh out of the people around her, "When I grow up, I want to be Mr. Treize's wife!" She said that
not because she wanted to make Treize laugh, but because she honestly believed it. She seemed to honestly wish Treize could
have really been her brother and for his part, Treize doted upon her as if she truly were his little sister. Chilia also treated Treize as a
brilliant student rather than just the nephew he actually was and paid him particular attention. Specifically, he was passionate about
teaching Treize how to handle the latest mobile suits, battle tactics, and the theory of war tactics. The prevailing thought at the time
was that mobile suits sat inactive in the battle field like a white elephant. Up until then, there had been no proof of the machines
functioning effectively. Naturally, Treize seemed to agree that mobile suits had [relatively] little value as a weapon of warcraft. He
was, however, prepared to make the acquaintance of someone who would blow that idea to pieces. That occurred when Professor
Chilia took him on a field trip to the Alliance base in Corsica. Standing there quite unattended was the as-yet-uncompleted mobile
suit Tall Geese.
Treize's first impression of the Tall Geese was not very favorable. First, there was the color. It had been painted camouflage as if to
assert that it was indeed a military weapon. It looked like the Headless Horseman of old North American legend what with the head
being held in the suit's own arms. And what were they thinking to name it "Tall Geese"? [Though] he could not imagine calling the
suit something like "The Reaper" or "Miracle Maker." Of the scientists who developed the suit, one man, still on the base, was
working as a technical advisor. Treize approached the extremely lackadaisical looking man wearing the Hawaiian shirt and
sunglasses. The man was snoozing in a beach chair.

"My name is Trize Khushrenada. I have a question for the technical advisor."

The man in the sunglasses looked like he had no intention of answering as he made a show of presenting his back to Treize and
loudly scratching his buttocks.

"I believe the machine would not work effectively on the battlefield."

While it was highly mobile, the armor was heavy enough to render it remarkably difficult to maneuver. It was not suitable for
midrange support or breaking through enemy forces on the front line. Those areas were better left for the Aries with it's improved
mobility or a heavily armored Leo, and the Tragos offered sufficient indirect support.

"That's my humble opinion, but what is the technical advisor's opinion?"

The man- Howard, the technical advisor- snorted, but answered the question, albeit without bothering to look at Treize.

"That's what you would think if you put a mobile suit in a [damn] corps or a division." Treize failed to understand. How would t be
used if not in a corps or a division?

"That machine, the Tall Geese, is meant to take on a thousand assailants at once, and to do it alone. Originally, mobile suits were
supposed to be used to that effect."
Finally, Treize understood the practical uses intended for the machine. In all the history of warfare, it is generally said that he who
had the superior numbers almost certainly has victory. Even against the elite, if the enemy had greater firepower, they could crush
the opposition and gain victory with little fighting. This was believed to be the best of plans. Nevertheless, the developers of the Tall
Geese turned that conventional wisdom on its head and designed a mobile suit contrary to the accepted ideal. but... at best, the suit
had just a single use and that did not seem very effective.

"Sounds exactly like the hero of a fairy tale," Treize thought skeptically.

A war machine that could decide the battle with a single shot.
A mobile fortress.

Even if such a thing truly existed in full working order, that there was not a pilot alive capable of manning it.

"Perhaps if I were the pilot.." Here, Treize's line of thought performed a complete 180 degree turn, "it would not be impossible."

Treize did not quit that line of thinking. It was at once characteristic of him and something the average man could not easily do.
"What he battlefield needs is not a mass of less-than-perfect fighters, merely a single hero." Doubtlessly, that would lead to a
reduction of fatalities and meaningless sacrifice. "This just might be the perfect weapon..."

"I have a request."

"Hm?" Howard asked Treize to repeat what he had murmured.

"I have a request for you," Treize said; his eyes sparkled. "Know that, in time, it will be I who pilots the Tall Geese."


"But that camouflage needs to go. Isn't there a color more befitting this hero?"

"That's just what I thought... any ideas?"

"Something elegant."


"Paint it an elegant color."

Howard later painted the Tall Geese pristine white. However, it ended up being piloted by the man nicknamed the Lightning Count
[note: literally, his nickname is actually the Flashing Count]: Zechs Merquis. It was twelve years later when Treize saw the Tall
Geese next, General Zechs Merquise having brought it to Luxembourg. At the time, Treize gave his impressions as if it was the first
time he were seeing it.

"So that is the Tall Geese... I see it is not just another machine... there is nothing Zechs cannot handle."

Of course, Treize had not truly forgotten the Tall Geese. The problem lay in Lady Une. She had not fully understood all there was to
know about OZ. To the unlearned Lady Une, Treize merely chose to not reveal his true self. Treize's habit of hiding his true
intentions was acquired back when he was a cadet at the academy. It's possible the only one to whom he ever truly revealed
himself to was Dorothy Catalonia. To everyone else, it was his custom to maintain some level of distance.

Treize did not consider, at the time, that mobile suits would be fighting or strategically used solo in battle. In later years, however,
Treize worked on developing and producing mobile suits for practical battle and, under the OZ organization, the mobile suit unit
called the "Specials" was created. Additionally, during the coup de tat Operation Day Break, it was Treize who developed the
strategy whereby the United Earth Alliance's authority was usurped in a matter of days. That was considered his greatest
achievement and if he hadn't, the very existence of mobile suit weaponry would have been in jeopard. Tall Geese II and Tall Geese
III were planned and completed in succession. Further, the plan ideas Howard spoke of reappeared in history's strongest mobile
suit: the Gundm Epyon. It was none other than Treize who unleashed it upon the world.

MC-022 Next Winter

Suddenly, the warning buzzer went off. Surprised, I took off the virtual visor and lifted my head. The buzzer went off because Master
Chang had started to run some equipment. Under the light of the [spinning] beacon that urged caution, a section of the wall in the
back slid sideways. A gust of chilly air swept through the room and from that white void, the cryogenic capsule conveyed itself into
the room. The light could be described as "solemn" or "sublime." It looked like a frozen teardrop. The fog started to thicken, but the
capsule was revealed in its entirety. The outer capsule measured more than three meters in length and it was decorated beautifully
as an angel with its wings wrapped around Sleeping Beauty, Princess Aurora. Aurora's face was that of a beautiful girl. The face
was familiar, I thought, but I couldn't quite recall who the angel reminded me of.

"Awaken Princess Aurora," said Master Chang as he touched the control panel. With a beep, the beautiful, protective wings opened
magnificently. The fog dissipated in the warm air of the room and I noticed within [the] Princess Aurora [outer capsule], there was
another vessel made of transparent materials. Countless numbers of water droplets covered it; they reflected the light from the
beacon and the light in the room, [refracting it and sending it] shooting out a myriad of colors. It shone like the light of the Aurora
Borealis. As did the water streaming off the capsule.

"Commence defrosting."

In Aurora's arms laid the true cryogenic capsule and it looked as if the princess held it within an eternally loving embrace.

"Now, all we do is wait..." Father Maxwell tapped my shoulder with relief. More droplets collected on the viewing window f the inner
capsule that Princess Aurora held in her gentle arms. Before long, we were able to see the face of the person who had been frozen

"Is it done already?" Duo asked from behind us. "That was pretty fast."

"Not, it's not done yet. Weren't you sleeping?"

"You were so boring, I couldn't even sleep."

"Settle down."

But without the virtual visor, I was torn between the Aurora Princess and the files on the holomonitor, looking at them in turns. I had
the same feelings of boredom as Duo.

The person inside the capsule, it was a boy. He had the same name as a legendary colonial leader: Heero Yuy.

That boy was given that code name and he had continued the fight as a gundam pilot.

To Be Continued...

Frozen Teardrop, Chapter 2 part 1

Gundam Wing
Frozen Teardrop

Treize File 2

Through the viewing window of the frozen capsule [cryogenic chamber] I could clearly confirm the boy's face and was at something
of a loss. I had seen him before somewhere. Suddenly, I realized were. He bore a remarkable resemblance to the boy going by the
name "Duo Maxwell" from the 'AC 195 Autumn' file Master Chang had me prepare. Perhaps he didn't just look like him, on the
contrary, in all liklihood, it was the very same boy. To avoid any confusion, I knew I had to confirm with Master Chang.

"I heard Princess Aurora was Heero Yuy (but)..."

"It's Heero Yuy."

"But in the video [feed] I saw just now..."

"It's (not unthinkable) that you'd get confused," said Father Maxwell with knitted brows. "When this guy transferred to the Colony
Gymnasium, he [took it upon himself to] use my name."

[Curiouser and curiouser].

"By 'this guy' you mean Heero Yuy?"

That would mean...

"Father, you're Duo Maxwell? The Gundam pilot?"

"Yup. Didn't I tell you?... By the way, so was Master Chang."

"Keep your big trap shut."

"No [way]!"

"A long time ago, he used to boldly introduce himself like this: My name is Chang Wufei."

I stared wide eyed [and slack jawed], too stunned to speak. Three of the Gundam pilots from the sealed records from the Earth
Sphere were standing right here, right now. I was trying to make sense of the sight before me. The boy in the capsule whom we
were trying to waken was Heero Yuy. The strangely affable middle aged priest was Duo Maxwell. His saucy kid with the braid was
also Duo Maxwell. And my forever grumpy superior, head of the Preventers Mars branch Master Chang, was Chang Wufei.

"Master Chang, why didn't you tell me?"

"It wasn't necessary," he said. His sour expression just got all the more sour. "I would have let you know if and when the time came."

"Even so..."

"By the way," Father Maxwell said [again], bringing his face close and whispering, "he spoke just like that when he was an ankle
biter, too."

I desperately [tried to] withstand this mind-blowing news. Even now, using that (cold/distant) manner of speaking was [all well and
good] but that he should have been the same in his youth, he must have seemed overbearing. [basically, Kathy seems to be
wondering what it must have been like working with Wufei when he was a kid- with an attitude problem] What kind of connection did
my mother, Sally, have with Master Chang when she was working with him at the Preventers? I couldn't even imagine. Anyway, a
young Master Chang probably makes an appearance in the these files. There was a glimpse of the current Earth Sphere president
Dorothy T. Catalonia, a.k.a. Neo-Titanium Girl, at two years old.

"Lt. Cathy, have you finished (your examination of) those files?"

"No, not yet."

"Hurry up... you know too little. At this rate, we'll have to take you off the team," Master Chang pointed out (rightly). For the sake of
executing Operation Mythos, I needed to know at least as much as the Aurora Princess [was going to]. I hurried to put on the virtual
visor and continued viewing the files. Just a few seconds of watching history as a bystander was [more than] enough. The [data]
(movie) that loaded after 'ZERO' appeared on the screen was from AC 185, two years after where the first file left off. Treize
Khushrenada would be 14 years old.


Treize had a marvelous (school) record at military school. Strategic and tactical theory, as well as battle and combat techniques that
would put mobile suits on the front lines, were mastered by Treize to the extent that he surpassed even Brigadier General Chilia ((he
was promoted from Colonel the previous year)) when he [Chilia] was an instructor. In just two and a half years, he complete the
entire course of study offered by the Alliance and he received top marks on the instructor qualification exam, garnering him teaching
credentials. Brigadier General Chilia entrusted Treize with [managing] the newly established OZ training school situated at the Lake
Victoria base in the heart of Africa. (However) this wasn't a demotion. In Europe, the old war veterans in the Alliance still threw their
weight around as if they owned the place, so an instructor barely 14 years of age would only beget hostility. It is thought that Chilia
predicted that result. Treize was assigned the first teaching post [available/offered] at Lake Victoria and there, he successfully
demonstrated his brilliance. Selected students were taught the high skills and knowledge necessary to carry OZ's future. Their
grades were [more than a cut] above the rest [of the students'] and they ranked among the highest echelons of the inteligentista
class. Of course, their military resourcefulness couldn't be inferred from their academic [prowess] (power) or marks, but thereafter, if
you look at the number of students [cadets] taught by Treize that went on to become excellent mobile suit pilots in the OZ Specials,
it is clear that Treize was an excellent instructor. However, his elder contemporaries regarded Treize with suspicion; after all, what
could the young and practically inexperienced Treize possibly know about war? People said that being brilliant was all well and
good, but would it [translate in the ability to] kill people? They sneered that even if he mastered tabletop drills with excellent
performances, it did not mean he passes the muster. That was blatantly obvious. You cannot evaluate a thing if one does not have
actual results. Particularly in the military discipline which had a strict hierarchy where there was abhorance towards young officers
that borders on jealousy. Consequently, Brigadier General Chilia Catalonia was the only one who could evaluate Treize at that point
in time.

"Treize is a war genius," said five year old Dorothy.

"In the battle field, he is beautifully elegant. It seems almost like a dance- a waltz perhaps- and he goes on to gracefully defeat his

That was the norm for all of Treize's evaluations.

"Really?" said Dorothy with stars in her eyes.
"Yes, really."

"Wonderful! I want to see Mr. Treize fighting."

"No, Dorothy... the battlefield is no place for a chil."

"But... isn't Mr. Treize still a child?"

"Yes, but [that's different]." Chilia was hard pressed to answer. Around that time, Dorothy started making remarks that cut to the
chase and had [developed] a characteristic [habit] of giving people a hard time.

"Dorothy, you really like Treize, don't you?"

"Yes! Very much! But you must keep it a secret from grandpa. It shall be our little secret," she said with her typical charming smile.

At Lake Victoria, Treize was testing his trademark mobile suits with drills in efficient deployment used in actual battle.

A mobile suit's characteristic was it's mobile performance and efficiency. At the time, however, the Alliance only made use of them
as backing for foot soldiers and defense of their stationary bases.

Let us now look back at the history of those mobile weapons made in man's image which we call mobile suits.

Originally, a mobile suit was a manned apparatus intended to perform large scale construction work on space stations and for
colony construction. They were excellent machines due to their interchangeable tools that allowed just one mobile suit to perform
almost any construction task. It was the Anti-Alliance resistance, not the Alliance, who thought of converting the useful suits for use
in the battlefield. The Alliance had oppressive weaponry that the Resistance had no hope of duplicating on a military level, so
instead they were rather successful fighting [back] with the mobile suits' interchangeable drills, wrenches, and hammers. From then
on, the man-shaped machines were called mobile suits and the Alliance, Especially the OZ technical officers, embarked on earnest
development of them.

It was AC 175 when the project came to a halt when the five technicians responsible for the development of the Tall Geese fled.
However, Chief Engineer Seis Clark picked up where they left off and finished the base construction of the Tall Geese and
successfully developed the Leo for mass production. At the same time, he also developed the Aries, a suit modified for flight and
succeeded the Tall Geese's mobility. It is safe to say that this arrangement of abilities and care towards the mobile suits called for a
particularly unique talent. Seis youngest brother Trant had [a] unique attachment, a tenacity, for the "ZERO" system on board the
Wing 0 gundam in AC 195. Apparently, "unique" runs in the veins of all technicians. Meanwhile, Engineer Tsubarov was excited by
the "gun tower" and armaments of the Tall Geese and he developed the Tragos.

At the beginning of production, it was best to give each of the three types of mobile suits their own division.

[Despite their producing mobile suits,] the Alliance executives of the day thought nothing of how to practically employ the suits. They
could not deviate from the previous century's military ideal of land-sea-air weaponry; each division and each unit to which mobile
suits were assigned only ever served in the capacity of providing assistance. For this reason, people were inclined to look at mobile
suits as useless things. Providing maintenance and defense on the front as their primary function did not in the least reflect what
Seis, Tsubarov and the other developers intended for the suits in the least. However, the thoughts and ideas of the aging Alliance
executives were resolutely unchanging and [the Alliance stagnated] (they had entered a time of stalled thought). As such, a kind of
estrangement between the planned intent and the actual outcome began to occur.

Still, the "heavy equipment" Leo was used in multiple ways. The Tragos, which was used for indirect bombardment support, was
only recognized as a moveable battery or portable gun. In reality, [the Tragos' ease of movement made it difficult for immobile
enemies to land a hit.] Ergo, these highly mobile tanks were ipso facto better. Hence, the Tragos went to the front lines to see how
they would fare as a tank would.

Obviously, [they only needed a single test to know it was as dangerous as a nest of angry hornets.] The new mobile suit Aries was
incorporated into the airborne troops and were almost entirely devoted to diversionary tactics. Using them in the airborne troops time
honored surprise attacks [was difficult] because the Aries' vast size made them stand out [terribly.]

Treize came to the conclusion that all of these uses were wrong. If one was to make tactical, strategic use of mobile suits, then he
thought it was best to group Leos and Aries and Tragos in the same corps. This lead to the establishment of the so-called Mobile
Suit Corps.

The first [stage] of combat was sending the Aries for reconnaissance and analysis, and surprise attacks. They would unsettle the
enemy's front line. The second [stage] of combat was giving the Aries' data to the Tragos and have them lay down protective fire for
the Leos, which were the main [attacking] force, to charge. The third [stage] of battle was to focus all fire power upon the enemy's
main forces and to keep firing until the enemy was surrounded. Doing so would ensure victory. This was the basic combat system
for the newly designed MS Corps.

It is generally known that Napoleon Bonaparte, the hero of the Revolution, composed his cavalry of three types of fighters: light
horsemen, heavy horsemen, and dragoons. With that strategy, he successfully overran several European countries. Similarly, the
mad dictator Adolph Hitler established a tank corps modified to have improved mobility as an armored division that proved so
effective, it made the very Earth quake. It could be interpreted that Treize [borrowed] these various methods and applied them to the
MS Corps, but in that age, there was absolutely no one who put stock in that notion. It should be assumed that Treize devised the
mixed corps by himself. Further, this strategy would allow a single MS Corps to have all three abilities possessed b the Tall Geese.
A mixed corps was the obvious choice. There was no question that Treize hit upon that idea after seeing the Tall Geese at the
Corsica base. However, for a mobile suit to survive a battle against the Tall Geese would have been difficult because of the Tall
Geese's extreme efficiency. To demonstrate the full extent of its performance would require vast amounts of space.

Of course, there was the open sea, the planes of Malaysia, and the Sahara desert that could provide virtually unlimited open
spaces, but with all the terrorism and revolts, most of the world was embroiled in some kind of local dispute. War, naval battles,
decisive battles, they had all become the antiquated ideal of a long since passed era. Needless to say, disputes continued with
organizations outside the countries after the Cold War had continued unbroken ever since the second half of the twentieth century
and brought the Alliance elite's mentality to a standstill. [I have no idea :DDD] The real problem was that there hadn't been absolute
war since that time. In other words, in modern war where the idea that 'war' was an extension of a 'duel' was wholly refuted; rather
than put importance upon hardware like new weaponry, a theory was established whereby software that use of a portable system
was just as essential [as the hardware]. The reason Treize was called a genius was due to his having taken the dissimilar concept of
war from the old days and successfully meshing it with the modern systematic theory [Didn't they just tell us that Hitler and
Bonaparte, who we are lead to believe are from before the 'modern systematic theory', used diversification in their ranks to win
battles?] And the incident that proved that occurred early the following year.

There was a revolt in the city of Mogadishu which lied in the eastern part of the African continent. The Earth Sphere Alliance had, at
the time, trouble with European disputes and hence could not spare a single unit of its main forces - its land and air forces that is - to
go (immediately) to Mogadishu. There was only their fleet of battleships in the Indian Ocean, but a blockade was the best they could
do and that would not suffice to gain control of the rebellion's military power in the city. However, if they did not intervene, then it
would allow the rebels to cede from the union as an independent entity and form a provisional government.

The leaders of the Alliance Unification Headquarters held an urgent meeting and worried over [how to] handle the situation.

"If it's Lake Victoria, we can head out immediately," Brigadier General Chilia Catalonia started. "The Specials with their state-of-the-
art mobile suits are at the base there."

"Don't be stupid. What can those children do?" Commander Venti voiced his opposition; he was the supreme commander of the
ground forces.

"Children?" Said the boy who had been sent to the meeting to observe as proxy for Duke Dermail of the Romefeller foundation.
"Commander Venti, did you just say those children are powerless?"

"I didn't mean you, Master Van Khushrenada."

"Of course," Van just nodded. At the time, he was only 13 years old. However, the people around him acknowledged his superiority
as the next representative of the Romefeller Foundation and it was said his statements were both clear [i.e. to the point] and apt and
razor sharp.

"Those whom you call 'children' [here] are called 'soldiers' on the battlefield. That is obvious even if you look at the condition of the
European Anti-Alliance forces."

"That may be..."

"And isn't it the reason the Alliance land forces cannot move, because of those 'soldiers' you call 'children' are being held up [by the

Commander Venti kept his mouth shut. Anything else he might say would expose his incompetence.

"But Master Van, there are only trainees at Lake Victoria and all of them have absolutely no experience in actual battle," Venti
admonished Van and Chilia with that polite objection. "This [situation in Mogadishu] will not be taken care of with mere play," Venit
added without thinking.

Van chuckled and said, "I take it that by 'play' you mean 'sports'? In the later part of the Anno Dominae history, the war historian
Krefeld wrote in The Changes of War that war is not an extension of the government or politics, but rather more closely a kind of

Like Treize, Van also was well versed in the history of war and theoretical strategy.

"Of course, you may protest me, but if you are in agreement with Krefeld, then you have no grounds for objection." He looked at
Venti who was coughing and looking for all the world as if he had no intention of addressing Van again; he [Van] turned his attention
to Noventa.

"No soldier starts his career with actual war experience by default..... General Noventa, even you must have had a first battle," said
Van. He was pushing for his esteemed brother to be permitted to take his very first campaign. "By sending the Specials to
Mogadishu, the potential of the mobile suit corps be ascertained and I believe we could not hope for a more appropriate venue for
doing so."

"I second Mr. Van's opinion. He is my most excellent pupil and if it's Special Commander Treize Khushrenada, he will surely
accomplish the task."

"If you say so, then we shall permit the OZ Specials to attack (sally)... however,"

Van interrupted Noventa, "There is no need to fear, myself and uncle Chilia shall assume full responsibility."

From then on, Van was not merely an observe, he became one of the main speakers at the Alliance Unity Military meetings.

"Fine, let's see what (this corps of toys) can do," Venti said sarcastically.

"Let us then show you what these 'toys' can do," said Van as he looked fearlessly at a general decades older than himself as if he
could pierce him through with just his eyes. He was a child prodigy who could be described in speech, knoweldge, and manner as
being diabolical. They immediately gave Treize at Lake Victoria the order to attack.

"Affirmative," Treize said with this face full of confidnece. Chilia's worried face appeared on the monitor and he spoke his heart,
"Treize, be carefull."

"I am not educating my students to over do it. We shall obtain victory by taking the proper action."

"For the time being, I've told the Alliance Marina to prepare for [your potential] request for assistance."

"Please inform them that that will not be necessary... we can manage everything on our own."

"Brother," Van stepped up to the monitor, "The dignitaries here have (ridiculed) the mobile suit corps as being a corps of toys."

"Really? That's hitting a little below the belt."

"Please show them what kind of results are typical of your corps."

"Van Khushrenada, we'll put up a good fight [in order to] live up to your (high)expectations."

"I won't wish you luck, you are certain to win."

Treize nodded slightly with a smile playing about his lips.

At once, Treize selected five cadets: Zechs Merquis ((10)), Lucretia Noin ((10)), Izumi Tarnoff ((14)), Solac Delbruck ((12)), and Elv
Honneger ((13)). Each of them had only just barely cleared [the double digits in age] but they were at the top of their classes and
had excellent performances during their mobile suit battle simulations.

According to the records, Treize Khushrenada and Zechs Merquise's first sortie was in AC 191 ((JAP point rebel control)). That,
however, was not the truth. The reason [for this] will become clear in due time, but now is not that time.

Treize pulled up a map of Mogadishu on the monitor and explained the operation as he used a simulator to show the corps' moves.

"Today with the setting sun at 1800 hours, we will carry out the operation. Cadet Zechs and I will take Aries. Cadets Lucretia and
Izumi will provide ((indirect backup)) backup in the Tragos. Once we announce the exact position, focus all your fire power on that

"Full power... if we do that, there's a chance Professor Treize and Zechs will be hit," Cadet Izumi smartly mentioned the possibility of
being unable to evade [the first].

"We won't be hit," stated Cadet Zechs firmly. "We'll dodge. Don't worry about us, just [pump the lead]."

"Roger. I shall give no quarter."

It was Lucretia who was first to consent. Treize smiled and continued the explanation.

"Cadets Solac and Elv will break through the enemy front line in Leos, concentrate your fire on the enemy's head quarter's main
forces. We'll be your back up so you needn't worry [who's got your back]."

"Yes, Sir!" acknowledged the dauntless, resolute pair with youthful energy.

"[Now,] the rebels have been notified of the time of our attack. This is for the sake of keeping civilians from being involved in the
battle. Also, you shall not attack any one who is nonresistant, even if they are a rebel. Furthermore, since we are using mobile suits,
I do not permit [any] bloodshed in the name of self defense! You will keep thse things in mind."

Then, the youthful general Treize encourage the young pilots off to a good start by saying, "This operation will be decided in an
instant! [There is not a single element of defeat among us.] We will show them the true power of this corps of 'toys'."

Twilight, Mogadishu. The city had been turned into a fortress. The rebel soldiers who had taken control of the city thought of nothing
but strict caution [against the coming attack]. The light of several searchlights lit up the dark night left and right and
(sensed/gathered) anything that came near, and they had installed heavy machine guns to shoot down and destroy.

The OZ [aircraft carrier (lit: flight transport boat)] flew over the cit, maintaining an altitude high enough to ensure their thrusters
weren't heard. There were two white Aries in the hangar. At the time, Treize had had all the Specials machines a standard white. He
would, in later battles, unfailingly have all the machines white. White Leos, white Tragos ((transferred to Noin)) and so on, [he had a
] unique peculiarity for the color white. That continued until he at last boarded the Tall Geese II. Again, in AC 196, the Mariemaia
army, proclaiming itself the successor charged with carrying out Treize's final wishes, also had its main forces ainted white: the
mobile suit Serpent: white snake. It's rather hard to imagine that a mobile suit should be white. The color just stood out far too much.
It was like hanging a target upon our neck and shouting "I'm over here!" to the enemy. Some thought he was bringing back the spirit
of chivalry. Others commented that it [the white] revealed his excessive confidence. Treize never clearly explained the reason for
the white. Perhaps it was that the image of those icebergs had been seared into his mind.

"Let's go, Zechs......"

"Yes, sir......"

The two of them were already in the cockpits of their Aries. Then, Cadet Izumi, who was running (indirect support) contacted them.

"Professor Treize, aren't you going to sprinkle some anti-rader chaff?"

"There's no need... we will challenge them to a fair and square fight."

"Fair and square?" Zechs thought deeply (skeptically) about that.

"Is that what fighting is supposed to be?"

"A solider must not hesitated...... the first step must always be taken with composure."

The batch at the back of the aircraft carrier opened. Treize's suit slid out and descended freely without firing the burners.

"That is the path of glory!"

Zechs' suit followed after Treize's.

"That's also a path covered in blood!"

The white Aries fell from the sky. Treize's and Zechs' courses [regarding the nature of warfare] had already begun to differ b this
time. Their mobile suits were falling on the same path, but their minds were going in opposite directions (literally: vectors). As they
listened to the wind screaming by, both of them checked the whole of Mogadishu as it approached before their eyes.

Years later, Zechs Merquise would return to Mogadishu for another surprise attack. AC 195 after the collapse of the Alliance
following Operation Day Break, the remnants of the Alliance holed up in a fortress in Mogadishu. It was the OZ 33rd independent
corps on the Somalia front that beat them. Zechs was one of the soldiers in the Somalia Corps and it was there that he [first] saw
the Tall Geese.

The two freefalling Aries were detected by the enemy's control room.

"We've picked up two objects falling! They're directly above the city, altitude 10,000 meters!"

No one could imagine that a bomb had been dropped. However, as soon as they opened anti-aircraft fire, the freefalling stars made
an about-face with a terrible thundering roar. The Aries fired up the jet burners and they simultaneously shot out, one to the left and
one to the right. The anti-aircraft guns had no hope of following. Treize's suit followed the outer perimeter of the city and destroyed
one enemy base after the other [er, probably means he destroyed gun towers but literally, says "base"]. Inside, Zechs suit flew
above the heart of the city, confirmed [the location of] the enemy's headquarters and chief bunker and relayed the information to
Lucretia and Izumi. At about the same time, countless long distance shells were fired (lit: launched) from the white Tragos. The firing
was precise. Neither Zechs' nor Treize's suits suffered any hits. But then, the senses of both were superhuman, they immediately
sensed incoming fire and, needless to say, quickly avoided it. After all, that was what the sixth sense was for (lit: that 'sense' was
something like a sixth sense.) The explosive noise, the howling wind, a moment of stillness, the staleness of the air, the shaking of
the Earth, the rustling of the trees; all of this they felt; the evasion and the battle took place simultaneously. In the tension of the
battlefield, man's five sense are sharpened (lit: finely honed/whetted). And that held all the more true for youthful boys [like the
Specials]. What Treize called "hesitation" became "cowardice" and ultimately, danger would be unavoidable.

Placing himself between life and death, and when he ascertained the exact target, that ingle point lit up with a highly precise hit.

The fire from the white Tragos exploded around the city and everything was enveloped in dust and smoke. The two Leos had
broken through the city walls and entered the heart of the city. The acme of confusion befell the resistance's forces. Even as they
tried to return fire, nearly all their weapons had been broken. The Leos Solac and Elv were piloting arrived at the central
headquarters without much effort and with almost no resistance [from the rebels]. For the [unarmed (lit: flesh and blood)] people, the
appearane of these giant white godlike weapons was only associated with fear. When the Tragos, which had been running clean up,
came hovering into the city, the resistance raised the white flag. The battle had been decided in (that) exact instant.

A communications officer entered the conference room at the Alliance Unification Headquarters. He said there was a notice of the
militar situation in Mogadishu. Lieutenant Commander Venti looked at his watch; his expression said See, those toys couldn't handle

"Just as I expected, the mobile suit unit alone could not handle the situation. You'll be requesting reinforcements, I suppose?"

"Negative, we have accomplished the mission to capture Mogadishu. The mission is all over. Damage to allies: zero! Enemy
casualties: zero! Civilian casualties: zero! The entire rebel army has surrendered.

"Wha-!?" Venit stood without thinking. As if such a ridiculous thing is even possible, he seemed to want to say.

"What about the mobile suit unit's fighting power?" General Noventa calmly said.

"I estimate there were roughly 60 mobile suits at least to have brought us this gain- were there that many mobile suits at Lake

With a satisfied smile, Van said, "According to Professor Treize Khushrenada's report, it appears he had a small unit of just 6 mobile
suits. Ergo, there were naturally six 'children' piloting those suits."

"But... every one of them had, up until that point, no experience in actual battle," Brigadier General Chilia said with satisfaction.

Treize and Zechs got out of their respective Aries and stood on Mogadishu soil.

A breeze blew in from the Indian Ocean; it carried a hint of winter despite being so close to the equator. The sun was peeking over
the horizon.


"Do you suppose we should welcome it?"

"If [this is] the start of [a new chapter in the book of] warfare," Zechs said as he looked up at the white machine, "then I cannot
welcome it,"

The other pilots got out of their Leos and Tragos.

"Hm... [Now that I'm thinking about the cadets,] we just might have won a touch too thoroughly."

"Hm. [Not you (lit: you are different)], Zechs," said Treize, looking intently at Zechs.

"You are my friend, Milliardo."

Zechs shuddered. Four years ago, he had assumed a new identity and swore revenge upon the Alliance [er, but isn't OZ part of the
Alliance right now?] He had thought no one had noticed. That he was Prince Milliardo Peacecraft of the fallen Cinq Kingdom.

"And how long have you known?"

"Last year, when you came to Lake Victoria."

"How? (lit: Why?)"

"How indeed...... perhaps it was because you were so young to have the tears frozen, [forbidden from appearing upon] your young

It was true that Zechs had not shed a tear in the four years since The Event.

"What about you, are you cut from the same cloth, Professor Treize? (lit: are you the same)"

He did not answer the question. Treize could not sympathize with revenge.

"No, if anything..." he looked at the four approaching cadets, "my [feelings (lit: heart)] is probably closer to poor Lucretia Noin's," he


All the other cadets were smiling with pride over their victory; there were tears only in Lucretia's eyes. Perplexed, Zechs asked,
"What happened? Did you get hurt?"

"No, it's not that."

"You were just worried about Professor Treize and Zechs, they're fine! Shouldn't you be relieved?" the always cheerful Solac
chimed in, half teasing.
"It's not that either, I..." Lucretia wiped way her tears and said with resolute pride in her voice, "I hate war."

Afterwards, Mogadishu was an important base connecting Eurasia and Africa. They erected a mighty fortress and set up an
enormous laser canon crowned with Noventa's name, the Noventa Canon. In the eyes of the upper echelons of the Alliance, who
did not want to concede the OZ Specials achievements, their attitude- which bordered on harassment- came to light.

Nevertheless, the Specials' , with their so-called "toy soldiers," first foray had effected revolution in the Alliance command system
including regulations regarding mobile suit usage, and all logistical support and communications.

You might say it was too successful. It is understod that what Treize and Zechs had called the "[beginning of a new chapter in the
book] of warfare" was related to this success.


Following the capture of Mogadishu, naturally the higher ups in the Alliance set a course for the mobile suits that primarily employed
them as a means to protect (lit: guarantee the lives of) the soldiers on the front lines. However, behind enemy lines at the
resistance, they, too, jumped at the mobile suits and in the space of a few months, mobile suits could be seen at battlefields the
world over. And as the demand for mobile suits grew by leaps and bounds, Romefeller amassed a fortune. Romefeller controlled
and ran the "Ocean of Storms," the Marius Plant. The cutting-edge factory made various new weapons and small-scale fusion
reactors possible. Of course, the Leo, Aries, and Tragos mobile suits were also manufactured there. While the mobile suit battle
went on, the Marius Plant continuously churned out mobile suits. Even so, the orders didn't cease, but rather steadily increased.
Moreover, production of new model mobile suits was sped up. The Marina (lit: Marina, meaning some kind of naval force) wanted a
mobile suit designed for underwater battle, the Pisces, and the space forces wanted the Leo II, aka Chimera, to be quickly produced
in order to guard convoys [commodity troopships? big ships carrying goods.]

By the calculations, the Alliance mobile suits should have been finished even if the factor hadn't operated until then. However, there
was a traitor in the Alliance [there was someone within the Alliance who was sympathetic to the rebels/out right traitor] who sold vast
quantities of mobile suits [to the rebels] on the black market. Also, acts of piracy occurred frequently where a ship carrying several
hundred mobile suits would be attacked by a single Chimera and the entire shipment [would fall into the hands of the rebels].
Because of that, there was still a shortage of mobile suits despite the Marius Plant running 24/7/365. The Lunar plant was expanded
in area and scale to increase production.

At the time, it was likely Earth's economy was [wholly] centered on the manufacturing of mobile suits and Romefeller certainly
amassed an astounding fortune. Within the foundation, the Khushrenada brothers were conferred high value for their distinguishing
services. Especially the younger Van, who, for the sake of improving the lunar plant's production efficiency, implemented
automatization, shorter work hours, and a large increase in personnel shifts, all to increase profits.

Becuse of this, Van Khushrenada was only [at the tender age of] 13 when he was elevated into the heart of the foundation.

In the 'subtly' named rank of deputy director to the acting representative [Dermail], Van put the foundation's overwhelming financial
power on the back burner and increased their political friends. He removed those who were unable to look beyond the old
foundation style;and he purged the old customs and vested interests of the nobility. He also denounced dirty politics and corruption.

Around this time, Hundert- head of the Khushrenada household at the time- had already retired, but the nobility which had suffered
hardships because of Van['s policies] came often to petition him. "We were friends, once, weren't we?" They would say. Van,
however, paid no heed whatsoever to what Hundert had to say; his words were entirely without meaning to him. As for Hundelt, he
also bore no affection for the condescending nobility. Nonetheless, the petitioners continued to come, Hundert became troublesome
about every last little thing; and he took everything from Van and Treize and escaped to a medical colony in the L-1 cluster. [I'm not
sure if Hundelt takes everything from the Khushrenada boys for the Khushrenadas take everything from Hundelt BUT since the
actual sentence is not in passive voice, I'm guessing it's Hundelt who takes it all] There, there was a special facility for the aged;
also his wife Angelina was receiving treatment [at the same hospital] in a different section, but (the man called) Hundert did not once
go to see her.


Frozen Teardrop, Chapter 2 part 2

Van Khushrenada effected similar reforms in the Alliance Headquarters as he had in the Foundation. He removed the old soldiers
who were often ridiculed for being steeped in senility. For the surpeme commander of the Alliance, he installed Kyrie atalonia as a
general; and for the OZ Specials, in battle he awarded them the privilege of independent action at any time [and for any reason]
Kyrie who held the post of commander in chief of the Specials but essentially, it is thought that Treize Khushrenada fulfilled that

If you think of this as "pure potential" instead of "harvesting fruit to green to be picked" then this was the only time where Van
Khushrenada could have made all those decisive reforms. Van distributed the wealth of the foundation very nearly equally and this
made for more powerful cooperation within Romefeller. However, Treize's enrollment in OZ was special. Vast operating capital was
given to OZ from the Foundation. They [OZ] were undoubtedly the ones who could use the mobile suits with profitable results and
no one could complain about the economic benefits [made possible by the use of mobile suits].

During those six months, Van's reforms stayed on track for the most part. Of course, some [opposed the change and] said [Van was
taking] it too fast. By this time, however, the Khushrenada family had vast power within the Romefeller Foundation. There was a
thorough-going system whereby objectioners immediately found themselves in a minority faction and regardless of [social] standing,
if it was someone spoke out against Romefeller, they ultimately either received a sinecure or were driven out of the Foundation.

Why did Van continue this out and out reform? At the time, no one understood the deeper meaning.

Similarly, Treize completed his own system[atic reforms within OZ]. With the mobile suits now joining the fighting, the Alliance's
overwhelming military power was quite firm. Treize's suggestion of tactical level mobile suit use permeated [OZ and/or the Alliance]
and nearly all disputed and internal conflicts were concluded with much the same results as his first battle [that is to say 'decisive'
and 'total']. However, the Rebellion was also establishing a mobile suit corps and when facing other mobile suits, it was increasingly
difficult [to fight] with the diverse tactics. Treize would, in those situations, devise a new strategy and give new instructions without
regard for the Alliance staff officers. From the [new] data collected he would knit his [new/revised] plan (lit: tactics). Naturally, as the
instructor at Lake Victoria, he taught his cadets these new tactics and effective strategies. Furthermore, that practical application
was put into actual practice in mock battle and Treize drilled the cadets to think on their own [about strategy, presumably...] And
through continual drilling, they accumulated valuable experience equal to that of real battle. It was certain he was raising excellent

Take action as you deem appropriate.
For future soldiers.
This was the slogan Treize delivered without exception. In the future, Zechs Merquise and future Lake Victoria instructor Lucretia
Noin learned the drills at this time. Those words were comprised the most helpful phrases [they learned].

That point would become a huge difference between the Alliance mobile suit corps and the OZ Specials.


Essentially, tactics and strategy are not [set in stone (lit: common sense, standard practice)]; it was vital to gather, mull over, and
sublimate (to the self) knowledge garnered from the history of war, military theory, battlefield analysis and the like and see if all that
could be put into actual practice. That was what Treize advocated in class. As such, even with mobile suit warfare being
mainstream, the principle [theory and rules] of past battle actions [must be understood in order to] continue drafting new tactical
plans, he added.

A good example of this was the Ocean of Storms War, also known as the First Lunar War: a huge war fought between mobile suits.

The laborers at the Marius Plant had been the ones to start the war. Despite Van's reforms that shortened work hours, living for
extended periods of time on the moon lead to great (lit: the epitome of) dissatisfaction. For a human, [living on the moon with its] one
sixth of Earth's gravity can be pleasant for the first several days. However, after about a month, the stress builds up and sleep and
rest lose all meaning. [Although] the factory head and plant manager lived with those same conditions, they did not sympathize with
the laborers' horrible working conditions and did not [even] discuss it with the laborers. Antagonism between the management and
laborers became violent and eventually, an accident at the fusion reactor lead to a strike and that became a demonstration [against
management]. At that time, if the management had made the effort to bridge the gap between them and the laborers, the [whole
thing] may not have escalated. However, the bumbling management requested Alliance forces stationed at the Silent Sea on the
moon to take control of the situation. The Alliance, for the purpose of currying favor with the Romefeller Foundation, was quick to
send three Chimera ((Leo II)) and they suppressed the laborers demonstration with military force. This only enraged the laborers
who then took ten of the new model Chimera ((Leo III)) and attacked the Alliance's Chimeras, which were summarily defeated.

There were leaps and bounds of technical innovation. The newly manufactured Chimera that the laborers piloted were more
excellent than those the Alliance soldiers had. Of course, that the laborers piloted a greater number of machines than the soldiers
was also a predominant cause their success. There was also a repertoire the laborers had with their tools [the mobile suits] borne of
a daily use that even the professional soldiers couldn't match. As a result, the laborers came to occupy the Marius Plant and all the
soldiers and management were turned out. One resistance group after another began to arrive at the Marius Plant. Especially from
colonies L-1 and L-2, which were closest to the moon. The smoldering remains of the anti-Alliance [#3] highjacked shuttles and
assembled [on the moon] by the dozens. They didn't need weapons; even if they arrived empty handed, they could get brand new
Chimera at the plant. The plant could roll out ten mobile suits a week so it took two months for them to prepare enough suits to
equal the forces of the Alliance. The problem wasn't the machines but the pilots; however, there were already some fifty terrorists
and anti-Alliance soldiers and it wasn't more than a few days before there were some one hundred pilots for one hundred Chimera
and the corps was completed.

The lunar space forces at the Silent Sea base were indignant about the rebellion.

"This is no laughing matter," said the commander, General Million Liddell-Hart. He was the supreme commander of the lunar space
forces. "The moon will fall into the rebel's hands."

He immediately sounded out Brigadier General Kyrie at the Alliance Unification Headquarters for permission to mount a full attack
with the Alliance space forces. The extent of the firepower at the lunar base consisted of the following: 40 space-worthy Chimera, 20
space fighters; 10 lunar-surface worthy Tragos (Tragos II); a Sagittarius, a battleship so huge it should have been called a mobile
fortress; and its sister shop the Centaurus. General Million believed that even if he faced an opposing force of 100 Chimera at
Marius Plant, with those two behemoth battleships, he would gain an easy victory. Those battleships were not capable of flight.
Honestly, they were not (battleships), nor were they even (boats). They were more like giant tanks that moved like caterpillars. It
was their navigation of the lunar oceans (which were actually "seas" of sand and rock that had accumulated in craters) that made
General Million refer to them, almost entirely out of his own personal tastes, as "battleships." Nonetheless, with its twenty-five triple
barrel 260 mm gun towers; two 1300 mm beam canons; one hundred double barrel machine guns; and a total length exceeding
three hundred meters, the Sagittarius and Centaurus truly were imposingly majestic to see. It is said the firepower was along the
lines of fifty Chimera and fifty Tragos. Sagittarius and Centaurus could both face one hundred mobile suits [easily].

"Just looking at the numbers, it's plain that we will win!" That is what General Million planned Liddell-Hart believed, he was the last of
the great [dreadnought blockade advocates #1] of the late AC era [oh, so would seem to imply that AC ended pretty damn quick
after the original run of GW. Also: AC is definitely after the Common Era and we were almost 200 years into AC history at the start
of GW. At the start of Frozen Teardrop, we're in MC-022. Which makes ME wonder why the hell Sumizawa is using all these
references to Napoleon and Hitler and scores of historical military figures. Not just to explain military theory, but for character names
(e.g. there was some English military dude in the late 18th century named Liddell-Hart and that's where I the hyphenated spelling of
the name. I guess it's "accurate" but honestly, who the fuck knows? I mean, is this recycling/borrowing just supposed to reinforce
that history repeats itself?]

At the same time, General Million planned the construction of space fighters-- battleships equipped to both navigate space and
attack [there]-- in an effort to help piracy from increasing. Until that time, while there had been space convoys (troop ships) a space
battleship had not existed. That was due to the fact that both the Alliance and OZ decided it [i.e. the space battleship] was no
necessary. It was only natural to think that and up until that point in history, there had never once been a [military] (lit: naval)
engagement where space served as the battlefield. Both space [worthy] battleships and fleets of space worthy craft were things
relegated to [science] fiction-- a dream within a dream. Nevertheless, General Million was effecting a plan to make that dream a
reality. To draw up the plans for the construction of space fighters, he asked Mike Howard, resident technician instructor [instructor
of technology?]. The name of the vessel had already been decided: Peacemillion. Superficially, the name was intended to provoke a
feeling of peace for all mankind, but the name rather had the impression of General Million trying to sell himself first and foremost. In
fact, ensuing large battleships of this type were thereafter referred to as being in the "Peacemillion" class. However, it was AC 195
when the [original] Peacemillion was completed, six years after [the Lunar Wars]. Howard, who was in charge of the [blueprints],
was very particular bout the propulsion engine and delay after delay in the plans was caused by slow progress in achieving the
kinds of power (lit: ability) necessary to carry the ship beyond the solar system. General Million didn't live to see the completion of
the ship which bore his name. The Peacemillion would go on to be piloted [used] by Milliardo Peacecraft and Howard; and even
later, as a supply and preparation aircraft carrier for the mobile suits used by the gundam pilots.

At the Alliance Unification Headquarters on Earth, they were desperate for finding some way to quell General Million's youthful vigor.
Of course, the Marius Plant's being occupied by its laborers and rebels was something they wanted to take care of immediately.
However, the problem like in General Million's personally. He was famous for advocating the use of big guns [this is the same
expression as appears before at note #1], [he would] probably use the giant beam canon on the lunar battleships, blow the whole
plant to kingdom come, and drive out the enemy Chimera. Even in the [good old days], it was clear he was thinking of (opening) war
on the moon.

"That," Van was the first to speak from among all the fresh faced generals, "from a strategic point of view will not lead to victory," he
cooly judged. "Our primary goal is to recapture the Marius Plant. If the plant is destoryed, by enemy or ally, it will be a failure on our

"Mr. Van, if we had Romefeller's power [influence/money], surely we could [simply] rebuild a plant or three," said Lieutenant General
Venti who was sitting [across] (lit: confronting/holding his own) from Van as per usual.

"The Foundation's budget cannot afford the luxury of being entrusted in the incompetent hand of military personnel."

"Then is there another effective means to work out this problem?"

"We shall have the Specials head directly to the site. I wish General Liddell-Hart would refrain from opening hostilities until they

"In that time, the enemy's power will just grow [stronger]," said General Noventa aptly after considering the situation. The Chimera's
would increase at a rate of 10 per week. For Treize to leave Lake Victoria and arrive at the moon and prepare for battle, it would
take at least seven days. The enemy would be in possession of 110 brand new (new model) Chimera. They would be
overwhenlmed by the [sheer] size [of the rebel force]/

"[If we wait for the Speciats, t]he war we could win [now] will become impossible to win [then].

"......" Van said nothing. It was classified Romefeller information, but [actually,] there was an important resources deposit at the
Marius Plant. At one time, the place where the Marius Plant was located was called the Marius ill of the Ocean of Storms and there
was a pit, through which a lava tunnel passed, called "Marius Hills Hall". There, the neo-titanium (or luna titanium) was extracted
[mined/(lit: gathered)] for use in nearly all mobile suits' armor and drive parts. And though they had yet to successfully refine the
compund metal, the wholly new "gundanium" alloy was near completion. ((With the gundanium alloy complete, mobile suits would
become a more perfect weapon.)) Van looked to General Kyrie, supreme commander.

Please, protect the plant somehow. Van implored with his eyes.

General Kyrie slowly nodded.

"Allow the Alliance forces at the lunar base to (sally) [attack] under the command of General Million Liddell-Hart."

"What?!" Van made as if to stand; he looked at Kyrie who spoke the following words with control:

"However, using the Sagittarius and Centaurus are prohibited."

"General, Liddell-Hart will be lost without them!" the usually courteous Noventa even raised his voice at [Kyrie's pronouncement].

"Without the Sagittarius and Centaurus, they'll be fighting with nothing but mobile suits!"

"Just the numbers show that the enemy [will have or already has] superior numbers!"

"It's the same as ordering them to their deaths!"

"Mr. Van just said our goal is to recapture the Marius Plant, or have you forgotten?" General Kyrie said with a sharp glare. "If we
permit the use of the giant battleships and beam canons, the plant will clearly suffer heavy damage."

"Then we prohibit the use of the beam canons only. We are not the one who will die on the battlefield, the solders will," said
Noventa. It was only natural to think of [sparing] his subordinates.

That was one of his merits; the reason he garnered respect from the officers under his command.

"Hm," for a moment General Kyrie's resolve wavered at the proposed compromise. He also was a man with more humanity beyond
[what the average] cool-headed military man possessed. "In that case, it might be worth considering."

"Just a moment!" Van couldn't help but stand up. "You must also consider General Liddell-Hart's explosively dangerous disposition!"

It was then that Alliance tactics aide Lieutenant Colonel Septum stepped into the fray. He had, several months prior, gone into
service on Earth and was [now] seated in the end seat as an Alliance Unity Headquarters assigned advisor. Normally, this as not a
position from which one could speak.

"Mr. Van, if you think tactically about this-- sending out the Centaurus and Sagittarius-- I predict the enemy will not easily leave the
plant. In other words, we'd come to a deadlock and likely end up fighting a war of attrition."

"A war of attrition?" Van, too, stumbled over the word. If he stalled for time, Treize and the Specials may arrive on time. "Very well,
but they cannot use the beam cannons. That is nonnegotiable," Van compromised.

As a result of the meeting, a declaration of full war was made; General Million at the lunar base was given the order to attack wit the
full force of the Alliance's space unit.

However, that sort of compromise and middle ground was strategically and tactically unbelievable. It was the same as saying: it's
okay to take weapons with you, but don't use them. As long as Kyrie and Van held these strong positions, even General Million
would not attack rashly-- but that likewise was a war of attrition. Furthermore, there is no doubt that to reinforce (back up) the goal,
action, and strategy of the mission, it was clearly labeled with the name "Operation Recapture Marius Plant." Speaking from a
strategic point of view, it was not strictly necessary to take out the enemy. Bloodshed was not the end-all be-all of war. Buying time
with political means like negotiations was supposedly a possibility. Compromises and concessions were not just rhetoric held in a
conference room, but for the soldiers in the battlefield, they were the utmost form of trouble [annoyance].

Kyrie and Van's decision then could be called their fatal mistake. However, with six months of promoting reform, these two were
suffering chronic fatigue. There was no one to blame for that [but themselves].

When General Million received the orders and read that last line, he was so enraged that he nearly smashed the monitor.

Please mind both beam cannons of both the Sagittarius and Centaurus must not be used.

Million ground his teeth and his eyes were bloodshot.

"Don't use the beam cannons?! What madness is that Earth bunch on about! Don't screw [with me]!" He hadn't the first intention of
obeying the order.
Made a decision on the battlefield, I'll fire them if it's necessary. That much ought to be obvious!

He thought [to himself].

An aide worried about General Million and attempted to soothe him.

"But, General... this is an order from Headquarters."

"All units, deploy for battle! Send the mobile suit unit and the Sagittarius and Centaurus!" he ordered promptly. At the same time at
Lake Victoria, Treize Khushrenada was also requested to make a sortie. Treize was perhaps the sole level-headed person on the
Alliance's side. Treize seemed to address the full moon which was visible from his window; "For this sortie, we must be as prepared
as possible."

I will die.
Send out the corpses.
Enemy and ally alike.

"Fighting in space is something wholly different from fighting on Earth."

The newly deployed cutting-edge suits were (even more) improved space-worthy Leo 'Chimeras', a.k.a. 'Gryph (Leo IV)' ((German
for Griffon)). Treize left Earth at dawn on the following morning in a large troopship and brought with him twenty five Gryphs and
twnety four excellent cadets. Naturally, among these twenty four cadets were the same [soldiers] who had fought at Mogadishu:
Zechs, Lurectia, Izumi, Solak, and Elv. For this mission, each of them had been assigned three or four cadets to command. Treize
let them (do) as he had done [e.g. let the cadets lead]. Ultimately, whether or not they had battle experience would prove to be a
major difference. That could also be thought of as the responsibility of those who fought for the future soldiers.

At Marius Plant, a thin, middle aged woman by the name of Artemis Sedici held command. It was Artemis Sedici's son who, during
the White Fang uprising of AC 195, was a general serving as a front line commander. Her name, the same as the goddess of the
moon's, is thought to be a nickname. Despite being in her 30's, she was a knockout and in a plant full of men, she had [something of
a] magnetic personality. To her credit, she demonstrated superb leadership [skills] owning to her clarity of mind. She was certainly
worthy of the name Artemis.

"We have received data showing that the Alliance space forces are on the move. We shall present a united front and show them the
meaning of the revolution in space."

As a strategist and knowledgeable commander both, she possessed intuition and a calmness like that of the pale moon.

"We have the power of 100 Chimera! We'll make eight units of ten suits. We'll make four flying squadrons out of our best mobile
suits, surround the Marius Plant in a double square formation and form the perfect defense."

This battle formation positioned units of ten mobile suits in two square which in turn formed an eight point star. Nested within the
center of that star were four units of five mobile suits that would form single square and provide the pivotal defense. This formation
was called the [layered square formation (lit: multiplex square formation) and was the most effective defense formation as it allowed
for returning enemy fire from any direction. Foot soldiers from Napoleon's time also used a similar formation. If you thought of a
mobile suit as a foot soldier, this was the best formation even from a tactical point of view.
In response to that, the Alliance forces made a V-shaped formation called the "Crane's Wing Pattern" and at the tip of both the left
and right wings were the highly mobile space fighters in groups of ten. In the middle [of the wings] were units of twenty Chimera-
their main fighting force- and in the apex [of the V] were both the Sagittarius and the Centaurus withch were accompanied [on the
outside edge] by Tragos, five to either side. This could be considered classic, but this was the natural result when Treize's tactics
were applied to a large corps. For the mobile suit corps, which placed greater importance on the individual ease of movement and
mobility, it was an ideal formation. On a tactical level, both formations were equal, but as far as war potential, the Alliance had a
significantly better formation. A basic breakdown of the firepower on the battlefield yields 100:170. 100 rebel mobile suits to 170
Alliance mobile suits. If it did become a war of attrition, there was no doubt that the Alliance would come out on top. With the
Sagittarius and Centaurus at the center, there was no way [for the rebels] to break through. If Million maintained the formation and
proceeded to slowly [and with caution], there was a possibility of victory without needing to use their main guns: the giant beam


A small smile pulled at Artemis' lips.

"So, you've arrived..." she said, at the time being fully aware of the Alliance's order for Million to not use the beam cannons. [That
was information which] she had learned that from an informant at the Alliance [this is potentially interesting because Treize told
Mogadishu about his forthcoming attack while it seems that Kyrie and Van did not inform the Marius Plant about their impending
attack. Was it because Kyrie and Van assumed all the civilians had left?]

"They really aren't going to shoot [the beam cannon]?" asked an aide standing off to the side.

"What would you do?"

"If it was an order, then I would not fire."

Artemis scoffed, "One would think... if it were a normal commander [at the helm over there], they'd have plenty of firepower to win."
Her words were soft but the light in her eyes was sharp. "But they're going to fire."


"......" Artemis stared straight ahead, glaring at the encroaching huge corps of enemy troops.

"How do you know?"

"Because Million Liddell-Hart is not an ordinary commander."

General Liddell-Hart sat in the commander's chair on the first bridge of the Sagittarius and waited for the instant when the enemy
would be within their beam cannon's firing range.

"...... this is no joke. How am I supposed to just sit here and watch the enemy's numbers snowball out of control?" In his mind, the
idea that the rebels could increase their forces by ten Chimera per week was as distasteful as a growing infestation of rats or
cockroaches. He imagined their members grew even as he sat there [waiting to attack]. However, with all their battle preparations,
the plant was not operating and [the rebels] had not made a single mobile suit, let alone ten.

"Don't use the big guns? Bah!"

Then, the operator announced loudly, "Main cannon charged!"

"Target locked on!"

"Confirmation from Centaurus; all preparations for firing the beam cannon are complete!"

"Sagittarius preparations to fire the beam cannon are complete!"

"No fooling around."

"The ancient Greek historian Thucydides specified three factors for starting war; they are: fear, profit, and honor. In General Million's
mind, all three of these elements were all [present and accounted for]. The fear of the enemy endlessly increasing its numbers. The
profit of completely overwhelming [the rebels] without any Alliance losses. The honor of gaining a reputation as the general who was
victorious in a [historic] battle.

"There isn't anyone alive stupid enough to let a chance like this slip through his finger!" Million shouted.

"That man in an idiot," Artemis said sharply.

"Sagittarius, Centaurus, fire the cannons!"

"All Chimera, open the square!"

Both commanders gave their orders at the same time. The giant twin [?!] beam cannons on the Sagittarius and Centaurus sent out
four perfectly straight beams of light (lit: luminous flux) towards Marius Plant. However, the one hundred Chimeras were faster and
as one, they seceded from Marius Plant. On the moon, a single leap would be six time more powerful than the same leap performed
on the Earth. With speed that could only be described as 'instantly,' they Chimera corps leapt into the sky, spread out left and right
and withdrew backwards. The Sagittarius' and Centaurus' aim was true. The Marius Plant disappeared without a trace. Several
Chimera's retreat was ruined when they got caught in the explosion and suffered light damage.

"What did I tell you? They'd shoot." Artemis had boarded the lead Chimera and jumped for joy that all her suits had moved as per
their design. "All Chimera units, please proceed to phase two of our plan." The formation of the second stage was the same as their
original formation: a multiplex defense in the shape of an eight point star. The difference was that, now, there was ten times the
distance between each until and it wasn't the Marius Plant in the center of the star but the Alliance space troops. The rebels
defensive formation changed into one that would besiege and annihilate.

At first, those on the first bridge on the Sagittarius couldn't grasp [the gravity] of the situation for the dazzling light [of the cannon
fire]. General Million rose from the command chair and demanded, "STATUS!" with a shout. He wanted to confirm his victory as
soon as possible. The report, however, was anything but sweet.

"All fire made a direct hit! But damage to enemy mobile suits is-"
"What is it?"

"I can't get a reading on losses to the rebels!"

"What?! (lit: stupid!)"

If General Kyrie had been there, he likely would have reproached Million by declaring him a 'flaming idiot.' If Van knew, he would
brand the whole mission as a complete failure.

In effect, the space forces of the Alliance were, for all intents and purposes, at a standstill. It could also be considered fatal. First, ten
space fighters in the left wing had been shot down. They had faced twenty new model Chimeras which has more than twice the
power. Next, twenty Alliance Chimeras (their main fighting mobile suit) had, in the face of forty enemy suits, had fallen victim to [their
own] poor battle [skills]. Just as the majority of people are right handed, the left wing was an easier target than the right. The
defeated Chimera escaped to the right, to the right, in front of the Sagittarius and Centaurus only to cut off those two ships. At that
stage, the Alliance had lost its mobility.

"Get the hell out of my way!" General million could not help but shout. "You'll get crushed!"

The Saggitarious and Centaurus were said to be equal to one hundred mobile suits, but with the enemy spread out as they were,
the Alliance couldn't lay a finger on the rebels. The most terrible thing was seeing such a huge [machine] suffer such a disaster
against [mere] mobile suits. Its sister ship, the Centaurus, was hounded by over fifty enemy Chimera that concentrated their attack
on its (power parts) and succeeded in blowing those up. It could no longer move. Million watched the spectacle with horror. It was as
though they were being [knocked down] by a hoard of mice.

"This- this can't be."

After the umpteenth explosion on the Centaurus, the Sagittarius started evacuation procedures. In a fight against mobile suits, those
lunar battleships were far too large. Perhaps for a fight between battleships, there was tactical application for [General Million's] Big
Gun Theory [see #1 below].

"...... disgusting mobile suits!" That was all General Million could utter throug his clenched teeth. Then, a report came in. It said that,
currently, ten Alliance space fighters from the farthest point away were under attack. Million responded immediately, orienting
themselves in the direction of the fierce battle and ordering the main cannons to fire.

"It will take three hundred seconds for the beams to recharge."

"If we're within range, shell them!"

"They are too far way."

Their premature retreat had invited this situation

"Do whatever it takes, just don't let them get away with this!"
Nevertheless, the Alliance fought bravely. The right wing fought for dear life, they went out destroying [the enemy] prepared to stab
each other [if it came to that]. Thee battlefield at the Sea of Storms showed [all] signs of having become a war of attrition, yet the
number of rebel Chimeras undeniably decreased. The balance of power then stood at a ratio of 80 to 75. 80 rebels to 75 Alliance.
However, that is counting the Sagittarius as fifty mobile suits. In physical numbers, it was 80:25. The Alliance was at an
overwhelming disadvantage. Things, however, were about to go from bad to worse. A number of soldiers were lead by Artemis to
bodily infiltrate the Sagittarius at the first bridge. THey were maneuvering to destroy it from the inside. That was a favorite ploy of the
Resistance more than the Anti-Alliance. Artemis and her entourage immediately began pumping the ceiling full of lead. Even ifff you
wereN't million, if you were on that bridge, you surely would have been cowering [for the onslaught].

"Put your hands up," Artemis said with a bewitching smile on her lips. "Anyone who tries anything funny will be shot dead,
unsparingly," she said with light flashing in her eyes.

The battle at the Sea of Storms lulled and silence returned. Twenty four hours had passed during the hostilities and the moon had
orbited once around the earth [er, that's not possible BUT that's what they said!].

Million Liddell-Hart surrendered; the mobile suits corps retreated, sans commander, to their base at the Silent Sea and the
Sagittarius fell into the hands of the Anti-Alliance. The nearly wasted [destroyed] Centaurus was put to use as a holding cell for
prisoners of war. It was a pitiful end for the famously stately space battleships.

Once, strategy trailblazer Carl von Clausewitz proposed in [his book] "On War" that the essence of war- which was an expansion of
a duel- lie in part along political and diplomatic lines [#4]. To bring about victory, the victor must demand the desired order from the
world. If they can [commit (lit: promise)] to stable and permanent public order, then the fighting could be decidedly stopped. This had
been how all wars heretofore had been concluded. It was easy for both sides to lay own arms and sit down at the table of peace if
they had both suffered much bloodshed, but fail to reach that point and the fighting can only continue. The Anti-Alliance and laborers
both hoped for freedom and liberation, but there was a temperature different between them. The laborers felt there was no further
need to fight, but the Anti-Alliance and Resistance said they ought to thoroughly clean up any remaining Alliance troops. Discussion
continued without reaching a conclusion. As soon as it became a political argument, Commander Artemis became silent. A soldier
to the core, as a strategist, she only had an interst in military operations. If she had said [ordered] "peace negotiations" or "do-or-die
resistance" they would have come to a conclusion, but in the end, she [chose to say] nothing. This discrepancy among the two
groups indicated good fortune for the Alliance, particularly for Treize Khushrenada, who was heading for the lunar base.

Two days later, the troopship loaded with twenty five Gryphs that Treize and his men were aboard had arrived at an L-1 colony
cluster broadcast station. Martial law was in effect there and the commercial shuttles were practically empty. However, people taking
refuge from other lunar plants were the one exception. Nearly everyone had been evacuated from the Marius Plant over several
days. At this time, just four people disembarked from the shuttle. Treize didn't look at those four people so much as study them.
There was a family of three consisting of two parents [escorting] a quiet boy of about six years old. The fourth was a man in a deep
hat carrying an unseemly viola case. Treize didn't take note of the group and had no reason to do so but that was the [same] man
who murdered his grand uncle Heero Yuy and his father Ein Yuy; it was Odin Lowe. Currently, he was not working for OZ. For
several years, he had been working as a free special agent. As such, he was aware of neither Treize's nor the Special's existence.
Odin's trajectory would have him walk right by Treize. It felt as if his [Odin's] eyes were looking in his [Treize's] direction. Their eyes
met for just a second. But they made no move to make any further inquiry ((his head was full [of how to get control of the] situation
on the moon...)). That was all he could think about.

That man looks like Heero and Ein... nay, it couldn't be, thought Odin. That thought occupied his conscious to the extent that he
failed to notice the little boy crouched at his feet.
"Whoa!" Odin tripped over the boy and [he lost is balance (lit: his preparedness was destroyed)]. The boy didn't fall over, but thinking
he may have caused him pain, Odin apologized.

"Sorry for that, are you hurt?"


The boy was silent.

"-chan!" said the boy's mother as she came up [to them].

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry."

"No trouble..." Odin said, taking off his hat and making a small bow; he headed off.

"Are you okay? Does anything hurt?" She [he?] lightly brushed his leg as if it were dirty.

"You dropped this," he said. It was a pamphlet advertising for help wanted at a lunar plant.

"Thank you, but we don't need that."


"Well, we won't be going to the moon anymore."


"Well, let's get going."


It was a trifling of a scene (It was an absurd, silly, easy scene). The exchange between mother and son reminded Treize of himself.

I haven't seen mother in a while...

Angelina was currently hospitalized in the medical section of the L-1 colony cluster.

But it doesn't look like I will be able to take the time to go see her.

WIth that thought, Treize sighed with deep emotion.


I shuddered then took off the virtual visor and stare at the viewing window of the (frozen capsule). The "Aurora Princess" was almost
awake. Code name: Heero Yuy. I had just seen that very same face, it was the face of that little boy.

"Defrosting complete," Master Chang said and pushed the button to open the capsule.

"Finally!" Duo said even as he hopped around and looked sharply at the capsule with extreme interest. Then, in a quiet voice, said
"I'm depending on you, partner (lit: senpai #2)."

Father was grinning his usual face-splitting grin and approached the capsule with was gushing vapor.

"Hey, Heero."

The boy called Heero Yuy opened his clear eyes. They were the same eyes as the little boy.

"You're the same as ever," Father said nostalgically, never losing his smile.

"Heero answered unsociably in a low voice, "You, too, Duo."

His was an extremely cold voice.

To Be Continued...


#1 Ugh, LITERALLY this phrase is "encyclopedia big guns advocate" but WTF is that supposed to mean? Google it and some
personal website told me it's an actual phrase that means you're a believer in using big guns to fight war but I could get that much
with the 'big guns advocate' part, what the hell was the 'encyclopedia' part for? So Japanese wiki tells me it was a common naval
tactic used in WWI and I wikied in English to find that the Allied powers used big ass battleships (dreadnoughts) to
surround/blockade the Central powers. And dreadnoughts had really big guns.

#2 I'll bet everyone knows 'senpai' but just in case you don't... we don't really have this social construct in America (do we?). Senpai
is a kind of title used when talking to someone in a higher station than you. So if you're a freshman, you could call a sophomore,
junior or senior student a "senpai" because they have more school-experience than you. Same goes for people you'd work with at a
company or people in your extracurricular activities. Usually, the person with the lower social standing refers to the person of higher
social standing by a title (I've observed this trend among siblings, also) and the person of higher social standing usually just refers to
the person of lower social standing by their name (first or last, avec or sans honorary suffix depending on the relationship)

#3 "...smoldering remains of the Anti-Alliance" is all I can make of that sentence. It might mean the Anti-Alliance is smoldering in
anger over the injustices suffered at the hands of the alliance, or it might mean the anti-alliance is getting their collective ass kicked
by the Alliance.

#4 Carl von Clauswitz. That bit is loosely translated, but the Wikipedia article I read on the guy confirms that's the *bare* bones of it.
Also fun, it seems like Liddell-Hart (the actual British military guy) took Clauswitz ideas to the extreme and detriment of his troops...
as shown in FT, also. Does that make Frozen Teardrop a historical fiction kind of book?
Frozen Teardrop, Chapter 3, part 1

Gundam Wing
Frozen Teardrop

Treize File 3

Heero Yuy had no intention of looking at me whatsoever, instead he got out of the frozen capsule and stood up [beside it]. Normally,
it would take a whole day before you could stand up after being brought out of stasis. He had an unbelievably strong body. In the
freezing air, he wiped the frost from his eyelashes and his breath came out in white puffs as he spoke.

“(Tell me) what’s the status of the situation……”

“Before I do that, there’s something I need to confirm [with you],” said Master Chang as he stood before Heero. He slowly
punctuated his words; it sounded like he was confirming (his) will. “You had once said-“


“’I won’t kill anymore.’”

“…I remember.”

“And that feeling has not changed, has it?”

Heero was quiet for a long time.

…Not kill anymore? I find it hard to believe that those words were spoken by a Gundam pilot. That’s my candid impression. If that’s
the case, how can we carry out Operation Mythos? Honestly, I was starting to wonder if we ought to have [bothered] waking him. I
think there’s simply no pace on the battlefield for a soldier who will not kill. Duo couldn’t stand the long silence and interrupted with
an ‘Oy, oy!’

“Hey, Fat Max, this ain’t what we talked about.”

“Cut it out, Duo,” Father Maxwell reproved without losing his smile.

“Hey, Duo……” Heero said as he turned to face the two Duo Maxwells. However, he only addressed the priestly one. “Who’s that
noisy waste of space?”


Before the young Duo could explode with anger, the priest grabbed the boy by the braid and said, “He’s my son.” It looked to me like
the priest’s smile was [now] embarrassed.

“Your son…. then there’s no help for it.”
“Ha ha ha, I guess not.”

The priest was laughing but he immediately seemed to pick up on a deeper meaning to Heero’s words.

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?”

You didn’t need hear it twice to realize he probably meant the “good for nothing” part was hereditary. It seemed like the father and
son pair weren’t the only ones possessing caustic irony. Heero jerked his head in my direction and spoke.

“And she’s a mini-Sally?”

“I beg your pardon!” I would not tolerate being referred to as ‘mini.’ IT seemed as though this boy Heero Yuy was planning on
making every one present into an enemy. Just as I was about to [bive him a piece of my mind,] Master Chang [stopped my retort]
and put a hand on my shoulder and gave me a look that read ‘calm down.’

“…… Master.”

“There’s something you [still] have to do…… until you finish that, whatever he says isn’t wrong.”

That might be right. (And) when you thought of how he checked all the data in the files in the same amount of time I’(d had [and had
yet to finish] it was clear that Hero was far much more better than I. (To the extent that I wanted to express my dissatisfaction). I still
hadn’t read [all about] their pasts and only has a vague understanding of the history. As I wondered how Heero would answer
Wufei’s question ‘Will you not kill anyone?’ I put on the virtual visors. The past came flooding through my consciousness. The Hero
Yuy there was still just six years old. As for me, I could tell you it was much (better) for my metal health to be where I was.


At the L-1 colony cluster space port, Treize Khushreanada was grasping for strategies and tactic for the moon. The difference
between a victory or defeat was most likely mobile power. It would be down to the ability of the commanders leading each corps to
gain control of that mobility.

Gravity one sixth of that on Earth.

The overly thin atmosphere.

The vast and boundless lunar oceans.

If this was the battlefield, then a suit with even more mobility than the nearly perfect Leo III (Chimera) would be necessary. The new
(type) mobile space fighter ‘Greif’ (Leo IV). The OZ Specials were astonished at the near perfection of the suit. Overlooking the
production costs, they far exceeded the mass production (level), certainly it was not an exaggeration to say that it was a compilation
of [all the previous] Leos’ special specifications. When Seis Clark, the head engineer in charge of the (manufacture design/plans)
saw the ‘Greif’ he flew into a burning rage.

“Isn’t this just the Tall Geese?” What had been the point of lowering production costs he surely wondered. “No, I absolutely cannot
let this fly.” He was so resentful that he resigned as OZ’s head engineer in charge of the mobile suit print production. [He didn’t quit]
because they where painted white, the characteristic color of the OZ Specials. In addition to having the Leo’s heavy artillery and the
Aries’ high flight speeds, there were two beam sabers stores on the shoulders for use in close-quarters combat and. like the Aries, it
was equipped with high output burners. Also, there was a canon equal to the Tragos’ mid-range one set in the right shoulder and a
disc shaped shield as standard equipment. By installing mid-range canons in both shoulders, the suits offence could be stronger;
rifle, beam rifle, and more could be interchanged and it would be possible to stand out prominently on the front line. This [kind of]
efficiency allowed the Greif to keep up in any kind of battle situation.

“If you were going to do all that, you’d have been better off just mass producing Tall Geeses from the start!” Seis Clark took pride in
having successfully mass producing the Leo. Having the very foundation of that pride overthrow was the equivalent of negate his
entire existence. If he was angry, it was for his jealousy.


The Greif was, in Treize’s mind, both a throwback to the Tall Geese and their chance to win this war. It was down to a question of
pilots. The moon’s surrounds were quite nearly a vacuum. Compared to fighting on earth, the senses were different. Treize taught
[his cadets the importance of] the different kinds of ‘intuition: sensing the subtle distances between oneself and the enemy;
understand unique ‘air’ of the battlefield; having the strength of mind to heighted one’s concentration even while under extreme
stress. In order to obtain that, it was crucial to eradicate all hesitation in battle. That had been accomplished on Earth, but in space,
the story was somewhat different. As a matter of course, depth perception, the sense of touch, and concentration all dropped. The
difference in gravity and atmospheric density changed the senses into something wholly different. Where as the enemy – the Anti-
Alliance- by dint of having lived for an extended period of time on the moon surely had developed space senses. Of course the Greif
was loaded with the latest enemy-searching equipment but the battlefield wasn’t quite slack enough to mean that alone would be
enough to fight [well in space:. The most pressing issue for the Specials was to rid themselves of their sense of Earth’s gravity as
soon as possible and acclimate to the change in gravity.

General Million’s causing the Marius Plant to vanish was an enormous strategic gaffe, yet tactically, it was greatly helpful. He had
eliminated the worry over the enemy’s [ability to use the plant to create more mobile suites and thereby the] ability to increase their
power. At that juncture, they had the leisure of choosing their options: attack or defend. (You could say) they received a grace
period in which they could consider which option to pursue. For the young soldiers of the Specials, who had been pushing
themselves on this expedition [to the moon], they recovered from two days worth of pains caused by space travel and could rest up
@for the coming battle].

Treize set the date for their lunar landing to be three days away.

“For the next three days, [I want] every one of you to develop your space senses,” Treize ordered.

“What will we do if the rebel army attacks the lunar base in the next three days?” asked cadet Izumi.

“Then [I suppose] you should be prepared to scramble.” In typical Treize fashion, his views were a foreshadowing of the tides of
war [to come].

“We land on the moon in three days, that has not changes……” Treize looked at the doubtful faces of his cadets and supplements,
“Men, with the Marius Plant blown up, this war has already been lost…… and our goal is not to control the rebels, nor should you
worry about rescuing the lunar base.” No one had any questions. What, then, were they supposed to do? Why, then, were they
going to fight? They had already learned the answer to those questions.

“Take action as you deem appropriate.”
“For the future soldiers!”

This was their absolute consciousness.

Treize added, “I pray for your successful training (lit: discipline). Dismissed.”

At this point, the full forces of the Cosmo Arma at the lunar base consisted of the following: 50 main force mobile suit, Chimera (Leo
II); 5 Tragos (model II for lunar battle); 5 space fighters. Against this, the Anti-Alliance had the giant lunar battleship Sagittarius and
to this, their fire power included no less than 80 new Chimera (Leo III). Even with Treize and the Specials joining in with 25 Greifs
(Leo IV), empirically, the ratio (of military power) stood at 50 against 80. If the Anti-Alliance’s Sagittarius [was counted as being] 50
mobile suits, the Cosmo Arma was at an overwhelming disadvantage of 50:30.

Suppose the Anti-Alliance army did attack the lunar base before Treize's arrival, they most surely would have won. Anyone would
think it was an honor to be the one who conquered the moon. The soldiers in the resistance movement were particularly strong in
promoting doing just that kind of thinking. The laborers, on the other hand, were skeptical and were weak-kneed.

That was a topic of much daily discussion, in the briefing room aboard the Sagittarius, which was anchored in the Ocean of Storms,
the debate continued between the soldiers and the laborers.

“We ought to negotiate for peace.”

“We ought to nit the Silent Sea!”

“No objections!”

“There’s no doubt we would win!”

Said the soldiers in strong tones.

“And then?” Commander Artemis, who normally did not partake in the discussion, asked. “After winning, what do you plan to do?”

“Obviously, we’re going to…” For a moment, the soldiers couldn’t finish the statement. Actually, nothing had been decided. “Our
determination—we’ll make the Alliance acknowledge space’s independence!”

“With just a Sagittarius and some Chimera (lit: with marksmen and boys)?”

“That’s plenty!” The young soldiers took to their feet. Now, they were just retorting.

“This is plenty of fighting power to drive the Alliance out of every colony.”

“If you bluff,” said Artemis with a deep sigh.


“You are familiar with poker? The card game?”

“We’re not talking about cards! We’re talking about war!”
“Yes, this is war, so……”

“Miss Artemis, please finish what you were saying. Tell us what we should do from here on out.” The laborers wished from the
bottom of their hearts that the front line commander would be their guide. Artemis, however, spread her hands wide as she
shrugged and all she said was “Well…..”

Someone from the resistance spoke up, “According to information from an ally, it looks like the OZ Specials have already arrived in
the area of the L-1 colony……” The briefing room [exploded] in an uproar. They couldn’t maintain their isolation on the moon. The
Specials had arrived for reinforcements and that meant there was the distinct possibility the Alliance would send more
reinforcements from Earth. They needed the first ticket out of there. If they couldn’t decide, the Chimera ammunition, the soldiers’
rations, even purifying the very air they were breathing would become endangered. The Sagittarius was brimming with people being
controlled by their impatience.

Treize had expected that situation. That was why he would land on the moon in three days [and not immediately]. It was a mere two
days until their arrival, yet the battleship Sagittarius did not move. That alone was a basis [for planning as Treize had], but it became
more than sufficient proof. The enemy was not united. That was how Treize interpreted it. Even if he were somehow wrong in that
interpretation, and the Anti-Alliance opened hostiles first, Treize had relayed that they would immediately surrender to the Cosmo
Arma base at the Silent Sea. If the base was taken over by the Anti-Alliance, then Treize could use the Anti-Alliance people at the
base as a way to make a starting point to being cooperation between the space colonies. There was also the possibility they could
declare their independence from the Alliance. [As he thought about his second option] and the increased difficulties became readily
apparent. The colonies close to the moon, L-1 and L-2, would first get armed then compete a protective/defensive line to the lunar
base and the war of independence against the earth-based Alliance would unfold and there was no doubt that ultimately, they would
be forced into a besieged war at the lunar base. It was a big gamble. It couldn’t be said for sure if Treize had foreseen events to that
extent, but he thought of almost the same thing. If that weren’t Treize’s predictions, if there wasn’t any meaning to controlling the
lunar base, even an average commander could make that decision. In fact, Artemis objected to controlling the base and the laborers
also, who had spent much time on the moon, had no proof that taking over the base would put freedom in their hands. If it was
possible, the laborers should have been trying to get off the moon. And all the more so with the OZ Specials en route. They could
only imagine what kind of abilities the new Grifs the Specials were piloting had, but as far as mobile suit development went, due to
their similar experiences, the laborers knew better than most what tremendous innovations could occur in a matter of months.

There was a large lounge at the L-1 colony cluster spaceport; there was a restaurant where one could enjoy a light meal while
gazing at the beauty of space from the windows. Luretia and Zechs were seated by the window and drinking coffee.

“Space is beautifu, isn’t it Zechs…..” Even from there, one could see the summer constellations.

“In that galaxy, there’s the Milk Dipper, it’s [part of the constellation] Sagittarius…… you can see it more clearly [here] than you can
from Earth.” It made the innocent girl’s face glow.

“There’s believed to be a black hose in the center of a star in Sagittarius…… Everything – even light- gets swallowed by the
darkness…… but, there isn’t really anything there, right?”

Zechs didn’t know what Lucretia was trying to say.

“In a world without light, there is nothing…… or [at least] I should say nothing can be seen.”
Lucretia didn’t reply to that, she just sighed, elbows on the table and looking to the side [out the window]. “You can’t see what’s
really important with your eyes,” she kept looking out the window. Zechs took up hos stone cold coffee and said, “Lucretia…… you
know a lot about the stars.” So saying, he swallowed the last of his cold coffee. Putting down the cup, he turned to face her head on.

“Yes… I want to know all about the stars. Like you, Zechs, The Star Prince [Little Prince]. I want to know all about you, too,” she
said looking at his eyes.

“The Star Prince, hmm.”

A masochistic smile played on Zechs’ slips. On a very small planet, there lived a lonely prince and a single rose bloom. Zechs’ knew
of Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s novel.

“Tell me about it.”

“Really, *you* can’t see wah’t really important with your eyes, Zechs Merquise.”

“You’re a strange one, Lucretia Noin.”

Many suppose it was around this time that Lucretia Noin fell in love with Zechs Merquise. However, there were doubts as to whether
she knew his real identity. It was also estimated that their deeply nuanced conversation was [due to] Lucretia’s unique intuition in

Away from those seats, at the bar, was another couple [talking] over a dry martini and a gin tonic. The man was Odin Lowe and the
woman was Aoi Clark, mother of the six-year old boy code-named Heero Yuy.

“Head Engineer Seis is looking well.”

“He’s left OZ also, seems like he’s going to be the Alliance’s advising engineer…… seems like he wasn’t very keen on the Greif’s

“So that’s why he’s doing surveillance on the mission?”

“Well, that’s……”

“You only ever looked like an average mom and son.”

Now, she was Seis’ wife, but in reality, that was not certain. That was because she was a secret agent working for OZ.

“I remember colony hopping with you …… those were the days.”

“Isn’t it about time for you to retire?”

“And the kid is already six, to.”

“He’s looking well, that’s what’s important.”
“You feel a little responsible, don’t you.”

“I was against it,” Odin finished his gin tonic.

“I wanted to have your child that is,” muttered Aoi as she shook her glass and make the olive roll around.

“But if you’re always doing OZ, what about the boy?”

“I know, but it’s hard……” she sighed deeply. “Anyway, you were the one to leak Alliance information to Artemis, right?”

“Wasn’t it your husband who was ignoring the laborers?”

“That was Tsubarov…… he [Seis?] was off that project nearly from the start.”

“Oh, really.”

Tsubarov who would later go on to develop a most abominable pilot-les weapon, was licking the would of demotion and fell victim to
a deep mistrust of his fellow man. Since the demotion, he had probably spent the ensuing ten years using the feelings of jealousy
and revenge he harbored to design the mobile dolls. It could even be described as a terrible obsession. The bartender stood before
them and asked if they wanted another drink.

“Another one of these,” Aoi ordered before turning back to Odin. “Why did you become a free agent?” Or haven’t you gotten over
*that* yet?”


“That’s it, isn’t it.”

“That happened more than a decade ago.”

“Breaking up with me, it was because of that.”


“But it wasn’t an OZ order, it was Septum from the Cosmo Arma—“

“Same difference,” Odin said, cutting her off. “I was a big fucking idiot and it was still me that changed the course of history for the
worse.” Their fresh gin and tonic and martini arrived then.

“Enjoy,” said the bartender before he retreated to the rear of the bar.

“The client this time is someone from the colonies, right?”

“Butt out, that’s business between me and them.”
“Isn’t that a little strange?” Aoi slammed down her entire martini. “The Marius Plant revolt and sending Artemis, the timing is too
good.” Aoi was drunk. But the drink served to sharpen her [already] keen senses. “Of course, the whole point was to destroy Marius
Hills Hall.” The revelation made her martini-eyes eyes flash. “Everybody knew Million would use that canon.”

“The colony technicians have succeeded in smelting that new alloy,” Odin uttered as he looked at the foam dissipating in his gin
tonic. “I couldn’t let that fall into OZ or the Alliance’s hands.”

Aoi smiled, fascinated. “You aren’t saying that they are planning to make a gundanium mobile suit, are you?”

Their conversation didn’t progress past that point. Aoi had spoken half joking but [in truth] the colony scientists really were
attempting to construct a mobile suit—a Gundam—from the gundanium alloy. And it was ironic that it would be their son who would
pilot one of them.

These three days

The Anti0Alliance soldiers had devoted themselves to maneuver drills. They had the Specials beat when it came to experience in
lunar battle as well as with their formidable numbers: eighty Chimera and the Sagittarius. These, in Commander Artemis’ head
thought up her battle formation for certain victory. Experience on the battle field was valuable, but it was not strictly necessary. The
enemy was not (limited to) attacking with identical battle tactics. The enemy was not expected to fight with the same weapons. The
Anti Alliance soldiers, however, assumed an air of superiority that bordered on blind faith.

“Whatever they attack us with, it will be their pilots’ first time [in those suits] and they won’t be familiar with the battlefield! By
comparison, we’re all experienced Chimera pilots! There’s no doubt we have the advantage!”

It seemed both the soldiers and the laborers shared this opinion. In the previous battle, they had gone from 100 down to 80 Chimera
but in making the battle formation, a change from an eight-point to a six-point star was of negligible difference. Though they had
unwavering faith in their twenty search and destroy Chimera piloted by ace pilots, the six commanders at the head of six units that
contained ten mobile suits a piece were a little uneasy. Artemis believed that as long as they couldn’t wipe out that small measure of
worry, it wouldn’t be possible to win. As their opponent was Treize Khushreanada leading the Specials, there was no mistaking that
leadership was the most important point [for the Anti Alliance to consider]. Also, she assumed Treize would open hostilities with a
surprise attack that played up the characteristic of the highly mobile Greif and that would lead to a breakdown in the command
system whereby they would [have to ] move according to their own judgment which would then destroy their star formation. The
danger of complete decimation grew higher. The Anti-Alliance, however, was a medley of soldiers and laborers and so their
(consciousness) and purpose were dissimilar. It would be almost impossible to lead [them]. Artemis chose sic of the twenty search
and destroy ace pilots and entrusted them with the command of six units. They, the search and destroy team, were primarily good at
taking solitary action: so to lead a corps of nine others was no small burden they were expected to bear. Nonetheless, Artemis was
adamant in her volition [to have them lead the corps]. At the very least, if they failed to gain a victory in the lunar battle, it was self
evident that any further strategies wouldn’t [stand a chance].

Three days later, the OZ Specials arrived at the Silent Sea Cosmos Arma base where they joined with the Alliance but did not make
any immediate moves.

There was no surprise attack. Artemis was relieved. If Treize was considering doing as General Million had and approaching the
lunar battle as a full scale war, then she could counter with the same formation as before. To fight on the moon, being comfortable
with the one-sixth gravity was a prerequisite. Thinking (backward) from that, it was quite understandable to choose full on war over a
surprise attack. In that case, the six selected ace pilots would return to their original search and destroy corps and they could take
on the enemy with the protective double star formation. Artemis believed that selection was the most strategic means.

She was rather conscious of Treize. Simply put, she was *too* conscious of him. That made her feel close to [being in a] command
potion from which victory could be gained merely at the effective employment soldiers who were practically laymen. At some point, it
evolved into a rivalry. However, that was not truly the case. As she had done with General Million Artemis studied her opponent’s
character and defensive tendencies before the battle as per usual.

Familiarity with one’s enemy saves you one hundred battles.

That was a saying she kept close to her heart. Meanwhile Treize shoed no interest in the opposing commander and likely didn’t
even know Artemis’ name. And the difference between these two worthy of mention was [their confidence in the face of this query]:
Do I trust my troops? Artemis was dead set in thinking of soldiers as pieces on a chess board or shogi board where as Treize
respected each soldier as a person and had come to believe in entrusting everything to their volition to fight. At the time, Van
Khushrenada was paying a visit to the medical facilities in the L-1 colony cluster. The official reason was to make a plan of action
concerning the continuing spread of a new virus on the L-2 colony which was situated between L-1 and the moon. With the death
rate over 40% and the infection rate similarly high, it was a very dangerous virus. Civilians called it the “colony cold.” If a vaccine
wasn’t made and distributed immediately, it would become a crisis. Brilliant medical staff from the former Cinq kingdom had
defected to the health care facilities on the L-1 colony.

“Now, we can only depend upon them.” Van promised to provide funds and implored them to put a priority upon [making] the life-
saving vaccine.

One doctor commented, “On the one hand, you Romefeller people are turning a profit on making murder weapons and on the other,
you sued that money to save lives.” That certainly was a contradiction.

“[Spare me the irony.] We want to help the people in space. Please help.” The medical staff accepted from a humanitarian point of
view. They completed the vaccine and immediately distributed it to the L-2 colony cluster.

Incidentally, around this time a six-year old Duo Maxwell appeared on V08744 in the L-2 colony cluster and met a boy named Solo.
Solo had contracted this new virus and Duo had stolen the vaccination from a medical facility. He gave it to Solo, but apparently he
had been too late and Solo died not long after. Duo should have also been exposed to the virus, but he did not fall ill. After Solo’s
death, Duo assumed the name ‘Duo’ with the intent that he and Solo would always be remembered.

Van went to visit Angelina. This was the primary reason he had gone into space. He had wanted to see his beloved other’s face.

“You’re looking well.”

“Thanks to Cinq……” Angelina was now thirty four years old. Her (former) beauty had not faded but her voice was withered and it
was as weak as it was sad to hear. “The air here seems to agree with me.” Further, with the lengthy hospitalization had robbed her
legs of their strength and her ability to walk on her own or even to stand up.

“Is that right?”

“Lately, you haven’t been dropping in on your way home from school.”


If you weren’t paying close attention, everything seemed normal; however, it seemed that Angelina was convinced that she was
still at the Cinq National hospital.

“Excuse me……”

“The stars are so pretty……” Her eyes were vacant. Directly across from the window as another wing of the hospital and space
stretched out beyond the transparent roof (there).

“But night is so long……” Van wiped the corners of his eyes covertly so as not to draw Angelina’s attention. Van couldn’t help but
shed a few tears at seeing his beloved mother like that.

“How is Treize?”

“Yes, now he is heading to the moon.”

“Is that so……”

Van thought of his brother. Treize would never cry at times like these. He had a strong will and determination.

“He’s the hero who will unite Earth and space.”

“That’s right.”

“And that time will be as (elegant) as an (ice floe).”

“Ha ha ha, no need to state the obvious.”

Two days had passed since Treize had joined the Cosmo Arma; they made their first sortie from the Silent Sea base. The Specials
soldiers had not yet gotten accustomed to the moon’s gravity. Nevertheless, Treize ordered them to attack.

“We’ve acquired more than sufficient senses…… believe in our victory.”

“Yes, sir!”

The soldiers believe in their victory, or rather, they believed in Treize. They advanced calmly. For certain they weren’t in anything
remotely resembling a formation. Treize’s why Greif stood at the head and the remaining troops followed behind. Being the flagship,
Treize’s Greif had a blue crest affixed to its head. There after, white and blue would become his (symbolic) colors—they were
somehow reminiscent of the color of ice floes. The next line of suits was the five Tragos II which were followed by three Chimera
each. Behind the Chimera were five companies of five Greifs each all marching in file. They advanced exactly as an infantry of tanks
form last century would and as slowly as if they possessed only as much mobility.

When she saw that sight, Artemis’ first impression was Could our opponent be freighted of us? The real question was whether or not
to destroy all forty five machines instantly using the Sagittarius’ giant beam canon. The one difficulty lie in the distance. [A shot from]
the beam canon would travel in a straight line. [If the target was too far away] it would be difficult to hit even on level ground and
near impossible on the moon with the acute [curvature (lit: slope)] of the ground. Unlike battle on Earth, [the moon] should be
thought of as spherical rather than level. [The moon had] the surface area [equivalent to that of] Africa and Australia combined. Its
diameter was one quarter that of Earth’s. That was how small the moon was.

“Aha……” said Artemis as she understood Treize’s intent. She predicted his plan (of attack) was to use a slow advance to make
her fire the canon then attack while she waited the lengthy requisite amount of time needed for the canon to recharge. “But I’m not
going to bite.”
Treize made the forward-most line of Tragos halt. They were still in a position from which they could not see their opponents.

“Well, it’s almost time to open hostilities,” he said comfortably. He had an elegant nuance that seemed on par with a man about to
enjoy a cup of afternoon tea. Characteristically, at that time, not a single soldier among the Specials was nervous. Zechs spoke to
the four men under his command about the Greif’s high performance. Lucretia admired the beauty of Earth as seen from the moon.
Izumi expounded upon the brilliance of the attack plan Treize had drafted. Solac cheerily told [everyone] how to survive the
battlefield. Elv was in a unit of four suits [note: he only got four suits to command because Treize's at the head] and under direct
control of Treize. Elv ordered his three subordinates to consider it their job to protect Treize at all costs. Everyone was calm. They
had already been defeated. With all the soldiers [operating under that assumption], they were freed from nerves and understood
precisely what they ought to do. They showed not even the lead indication of hesitancy even as they stood before the heavy fire
power of the enemy’s Chimeras and a Sagittarius.

Both camps stood unmoving, facing each other over the long distance. Both sides’ formations were complete but neither showed
any inclination to move.

Suddenly, five space fighters came flying in. The last of the Cosmo Arma’s forces were putting in an appearance, too. However,
those fighters cut low across the area stretching between the two camps and flew off without making any attack. It all occurred in a
moment. The Anti Alliance Chimeras just stood at the ready and neatiehr intercepted for fired [at the enemy]. It was exactly as if
their flight had drawn a centerline down a sports field.

From the bridge of the Sagittarius, Artemis couldn’t understand the fighters’ incomprehensible crossing.

“What was that for?”

“Was that supposed to denote the opening of the battle?” an aide muttered that unlikelihood.

“It couldn’t be that.”

But Treize then ordered the Tragos to attack as if he had been waiting [for the fighters]. From that distance, they couldn’t possibly
reach the enemy Chimera.

“Finally!” Artemis gave an easy smile. Before, during the capture of Mogadishu, Treize’s battle plan was to first send Aries suits to
start the confusion, then let the Tragos attack from mid-distance support. Now, there was nothing in the way of military gains but his
actions seemed far too similar.

“Even if it’s not effective, [his] actions have a touch of jinx and that has the benefit of elevating [their] fighting spirit.” Considering
Treize’s noble birth, [his actions] could easily be taken as a chivalrous courtesy prior to the start of battle. The act of the fighters
drawing a centerline could also be interpreted as [being like] the rules for a sport or duel. The Tragos second round of fire also failed
completely to reach [their targets].

“Generic [?!] pointless firing,” the aide sneered. “Shall we return fire?”

“Yes……” Treize should have already been aware of Artemis’ formation. “They know what we’re doing.” If they fired, [Treize] could
read their moves. “That’s interesting,” she smiled with fascination. In chess, the pawns were the first to move. He was aiming to
make a gamti (this is a standard move in chess. It’s a ove where in sacrificing a pawn, a profitable opening is gained.)

“Forward Chimera units 01, 02, 03 move forward! Flyin squadrons Alpha and Bravo, fall in behind the third unit!”
The front half of the formation, forty chimera, moved out. The front line of five Tragos they were facing retreaded as one.

“#Enemy front line retreating!” Announced an operator.

“Ha! They’re afraid of us!” As the aide’s laugh filled her ears, Artemis could not conceal a touch of unease.

Something’s off.

With that thought, the Sagittarius and remaining troops moved out in the usual way and their formation returned to its original shape.

“What about firing the beam canon?”

“We’re not at 20% destruction rate.” The enemy continued to retreat further and further. Aremis thought it was suspicious that the
man known as Treize Khushrenada would be this passive in battle,

“]Beam] projected effectiveness has dropped to 15%.” The Anti Alliance’s vanguard of Chimera until 01 and the following Alpha and
Bravo units continued to advance. The Sagittarius (desperately) worked to get into the lead.

“Enemy movement?”

“The five Tragos are still retreating.”

Artemis [let out a surprised puff of air,] “Did you say five Tragos?” They had overlooked something very big. “Where did Treize’s
white suit go?”

“…… we cannot confirm,” the aide said with a faint smile. “[He is nobility afterall] wouldn’t he have fled to the rear, behind all the

“I don’t speak ‘stupid’.” Treize was not that much of a coward. “It’s a trap!”

Thirty of the advancing Chimera had already reached the centerline. “All troops halt! All troops halt!” The explosion occurred just as
the command was given. Artemis couldn’t immediately understand what happened. The explosives had occurred when the Chimera
had stepped on landmines.

“Land mines?”

“When in the world did they…?”STARTED USING PINK/ORANGE HERE Under the circumstances, anyone would be restless.

It was then. Artemis realized. When the five fighters had cut between both camps, anti-MS land mines had been set. They were
spray style or maybe space mines ((magnetically or sonically activated, [and both] of them were suitable for use on the moon)).
Thick billows of smoke impeded their vision.

We [literally] walked right into this. Artemis bit her lip in vexation. However--

"All units, return to the Sagittarius! Spread out 30 degrees to the right! Their main fire power ought to come from the side."
Nevertheless, reading the only way next to calmness was only to be expected. As long as there was a mine field between them, the
enemy could not attack them from the front. However, with the growing smoke screen, the danger increased. The wind-less moon
ensured it would not quickly be blown away.

"Get the beam canon ready to fire on my order!"

If er chance the Greifs flew past the mine field and came in from the front, then she could use the beam canon to annihilate them in
one fell swoop. "Flying squadron, maintain the inner formation!" And then she carefully gave orders to the bridge operator on the
Sagittarius in no uncertain terms: "Take plenty of precaution with the enemy's movements! As soon as you notice a change on the
radar or heat detectors, notify me immediately!" Artemis had until then been standing as she directed the troops when she heard
this: "Damage report."

"20 Chimera unable to fight." There was no time to regroups. The six-point star using sixty Chimeras could only turn into a five-point
star with fifty Chimeras. Despite the loss, they still had twice the firepower the enemy had.

"The problem is will they come from the right or from the left?" [That was] the direction from which their main fire power the Greifs
would come attacking. In that situation, it was difficult to predict if the twenty five suits would divide into two arms. If the enemy
attacked from both sides with some ten-odd suits [to each arm], each of them would be attacked.

"Left," she first predicted. As their revious battle had proven, the left side was easier to attack depending on the formation. "It might
be the right." She didn't want to be outwitted. That was Artemis' sense. As a front line commander, it was difficult to decide on one of
the choices presented. This was exactly one of those times. "Several heat readings in the front!" It seemed unthinkable. "Fire the
beam canon!" Artemis ordered reflexively. The Sagittarius fired the huge bean canon. However, [the target turned out to be] shells
the five Tragos had fired. THey had aimed at far off heaps of scrap and played their trump card far too early. The tiny hesitation lead
to a huge mistake. While she was vacillating between left and right there had been a change from the front-- a direction from which
she assumed nothing would happen-- and reacted with her gut instinct.

I failed.

Artemis who had both depth of preparation and astuteness, deemed herself a failure. This could not be called incompetence;
however, a mistake is a mistake.

What's done is done.

She thought but took immediate action. This served as proof that she was no mediocre commander.

"Widen the perimeter of the heat detectors!" It was clear as day that the enemy would attack now that they had fired their canon.
The problem was where would they come from. The right? The left? If the enemy mobile suits were standing on the ground, it would
be difficult to detect them with radar. There was interference from the jagged craters. (However,) they would use the heat field
detectors. Temperatures at the lunar surface exceeded 100 degrees celsius but were fairly uniform. Unlike the Earth, mobile suits
were identified by the points of low temperature emitted from the cooled cockpits and places where there were several clusters of
points of high fusion thermal energy. Artemis shuddered when she confirmed those [2] responses on the central monitor.

"How stupid..."
The enemy's reading showed just twenty machines at the opposing front line. There were probably five Tragos and fifteen Chimera.
The smoke started clearing and the field of vision widened.

"Where are the Greifs?"

Thinking of all the mobility the Greif had and she could predict they would make a big detour. Yet however superior the Greif's
mobility might be, it was inconceivable that they should leave the moon let alone the Sea of Storms.


Overhead, the Greif would be outside the range of the [Artemis'] enemy detection [devices]. They could be air-born in space at
speeds of greater than 2.4 Km/second. That was the maximum speed that could be attained on the moon. If they continued at that
speed, they would be pulled into Earth's gravitational field. For all that the Greif was the newest, best mobile suit, once it was space-
born, it was difficult to believe it possessed the (surprising) propulsion to return again to solid ground.

"The craters' shadows......"

That was conceivable. There was an infinite number of craters on the moon. That 外緑部 could be called a wall tens of meters high
and there was no reason it couldn't also be at the Sea of Storms. However, it was not possible to check each and every one for
enemies. What's more, the battle would be over by the time the Sagittarius' huge canon recharged. It was time for Treize to come
attack. This was the time that Treize and twenty five Greifs would come attacking-- it felt like an endless instant. Artemis' sixth sense
kicked in.

"They're coming!" And her intuition did not miss the mark. Even so, she didn't simply give orders. "But where are they coming from?"

"[Enemy suits] have been detected, they are approaching at high speed from the rear."

"Behind us?!" She turned around without conscious thought. [Treize's move] had far and away exceeded Artemis' prediction. The
Specials' Greif troops, as lead by Treize, had made a circuit of the moon, starting at their front lines and going all the way around to
attack from right behind them. The concept of the battlefield had until [that moment] always been thought of [exclusively] in two
dimensions. Air force strategies or submarine strategies thought in three dimensions, but the moon was a globe and it's area was
fine and in the history of war tactics and strategies there had been not one example of the moon being treated as a three
dimensional battlefield (lit: object).

"No......" Artemis was struck dumb by that daring [move]. However, she wasn't just any commander. Even as she was hit by her
unpreparedness, she didn't stop moving.

"All troops, assemble with the zero-six unit," and at the same time, "Turn the canon 180 degrees!" Order after order came. The
energy charge [for the canon] however was not done. "Timing this will decide (lit: separate) the fight......" A bad feeling ran through
the back of Artemis' mind.

We might loose this one.

"All units, attack! Target: enemy Sagittarius!"
Treize issued the command. Twenty five Greifs concentrated their fire on the 06 Chimera unit that stood with their backs to them.
The limit of firepower at that battlefield was at a ration of 25:10. In an instant, the 06 unit received an annihilating blow.

"Main battery, change angle to 120 degrees."

"Unit 06 is taking a beating!"

"130 seconds until the canon is recharged."

Artemis took in the operators' reports one after the other and in hear heart lamented.

More than two minutes to go......

She wanted time.

"Get the Sagittarius away from the front! Prepare to fire the canon as soon as it is fully charged!"

"Firing wile moving will cost us accuracy!"

"Forget about accuracy! Just fire it!" Under these (dumpling) conditions, that beam would hit the enemy regardless of its aim and
cause massive damage. Then they would break through to return to the front, turn, and recoup their losses in the counter attack;
that was the only counter attack she could think of.

"Just hold on [a little longer], boys." On Artemis' orders, twenty Chimera of the 04 and 05 units covering the Sagittarius back only
stood at a ratio of 20:25 against the Specials' firepower. However, the Greifs were spewing fire with their midrange guns and before
the units arrived, they sustained damage. Seconds later, the flying squadrons with the ace pilots-- [units] Charlie and Delta-- arrived.
The twenty five Greifs were relatively unharmed but the ace pilots in the Chimeras were not easy to shoot down. The valiant
Chimeras forced the Greifs to retreat little by little. However, Zechs' unit and Solak's unit took the lead (and supported them from
there). Both units' Greifs were equipped with beam sabers for use in close-quarters combat. Characteristically, the Greif could
respond in close-quarter or mobile battle but it lacked the (decision power to knock out the enemy). Against the Chimera which,
despite its characteristic armor ideal for protection and the destructive power of its arms, had poor aim and was ill suited for battle at
close range. Zechs decided the fight was here. He threw away his rifle which had run out of ammo, grabbed hold of the saber with
both hands and holding it above his head, began to attack.

"Don't worry about your back! Just keep moving forward and attack!"

"Yes, sir!" Solak was excited by what he saw, "Hey, Zechs! Wait for us!"

"Come on!"

Hearing his men's (reliable) answer, he [Solak, who you will recall is one of the cadets leading a unit of MS] also threw aside his
midrange gun ((never mind he still had ammunition left)) and took up both of his sabers to join in the battle. Considering the abilities
of the Greif and Chimera, it would have been enormously effective to fight one-on-one. In that war of attrition, however, not one
person on the field considered it. The situation was tense. Both sides were putting out everything they had.
"Go! Keep pushing them!"

"Don't retreat! This is the line between life and death!"

The effect of close-quarters battle with Zechs' unit was that the Charlie and Delta units were retreating. Here, a path opened up that
lead straight to the Sagittarius.


It was Treize's suit that came flying in.

"Professor Treize!" Elv's unit of four (desperately came in) to fortify [their teacher's] flanks. Elv's suit became as a shield for Treize
and served to protect him from fire from the Sagittarius. The other three followed suit and, likewise, served as defense [for Treize].

"Be on guard! We will protect Professor Treize!"

Elv's unit's earnestness was probably also loyalty to the man himself. Essentially, however, the Specials did not act with such

Move as you see fit!
For the future soldiers!

Elv's unit understood what they had to do. What Treize was going to do; that their protection and support were integral in this

"We the Specials shall endure!"

"Main canon (has been) charged!" The operator yelled. "(We ill) fire the canon!"

"If you could just hang on for ten more seconds," muttered Artemis.

In the face of the giant oncoming beam, Treize's Greif leveled its gun in a flash and opened fire without hesitation. It was an
excellent shot; a direct hit on the giant beam canon.

"This is Treize Khushrenada. I am confirming the destruction of the enemy's main firepower." He heard the soldiers'' cheers. In a
cool voice, Treize said, "My good students have done me a kindness."

With that single hit, the Sagittarius was silenced. The explosion of the beam canon [caused] the stored energy to connect with the
main engine and shut it down. It would take [well over ten] minutes for the Sagittarius to get back online and retreat using [back up
generator] power. The blackout from the power outage caused a panic on the bridge. Yet Artemis had a smile playing about her lips.

"Hmm, looks like we got a little carried away......" That embarrassed smile was true to her old self.

Treize's suit and Elv's unit backed away from the Sagittarius immediately. They had taken too much enemy fire and had to cool off
their armor. As soon as they had vacated the spot, Lucretia and Izumi's units went up to the Sagittarius and took out one (main
battery) after another.

"We are protecting Earth's light."

"Lucretia, this fight-- we won, right?"

"Yes, but we must not be careless, Izumi." In no time, the battle turned into a melee where one could not tell friend from foe. Into the
battlefield, with all its confusion, rushed the Alpha and Bravo flying squadrons. Following them were the 02 and 03 Chimera units.
And that brought together the entire forces from both camps. The (confused battle) was even further purred on.

As the ALpha and Bravo units made to attack Treize and Elv's unit, they were confronted by Zechs's and Solak's units. Wen units 02
and 03 attacked Lucretia's and Izumi's units, Treize and Elv's units came to their aid, firing even as they maintained their distance
[presumably to continue to allow their suits to cool off]. As the remains of units 04 and 05 went round to help, Zechs's and Solak's
units spearheaded them with bullet fire. It was at that stage of the game that both Zechs and Solak alone skillfully wielded their
beam sabers against the Alpha and Bravo units and overwhelmed them with difficult close-quarters combat. Supple defense
strategies and the attack spreading out like waves. The Specials managed both at the same time. Or more precisely, they changed
offense and defense (at the same time). That was just how fast they could deal with [battle]. Under those circumstances, despite the
number of fighters being roughly the same, the Specials in their Greifs operated like a well-oiled machine and were [all the more]
superior for it. The Anti Alliance Chimera units, from an organizational point of view, had the two abilities of the flying squadron
skilled at trench warfare and the mobile units specializing in mid-range [operations], but those advantages were all locked up and in
a state of being able to move nary a hand. They could neither take the winning hit nor give it. (Before they realized it) fatigue and
(sighs of defeat) were making the Chimera units' movements sluggish. Elsewhere, the Sagittarius connected to a reserve power
source; the (submotor) started and once again managed to start its retreat.

There came a moment when her [probably Artemis, but not 100% sure ] concentration was broken. To promptly rush in attacking
was battlefield theory. Naturally, it had been Treize's side that had done just that. The silent pressure of the twenty five Greifs made
the remaining thirty Chimeras retreat.

The point when the ever retreating Sagittarius reached the field of land mines was when the Anti Alliance was decidedly defeated.
With a big explosion, the land mines blew up and an (approach?) was made. Before them were the Cosmo Arma's five Tragos and
fifteen Chimera standing at attention and behind them were the twenty five Greifs; they were sandwiched between the enemy.

"Well done..... a complete defeat." And with self-depreciations, she accepted Treize Khushreanada's advice to surrender.

The war was over.

[End of part 1]

Frozen Teardrop, Chapter 3, part 2

For the Anti-Alliance there could be no comparison to their prevous battle: why did they lose by such a big difference? The first
[reason] was thought to be Commander Artemis' consciousness. In her overestimation of Treize, her cause for anxiety increased
and one thing lead to another before the battle and she changed the position of the leaders leading the units. Then, just before they
started, she changed it back. That kind of experimentation weakened the soldiers motivation and lead to [a kind of] numbness to the
functionality of the final formation. More over, the beam canon that was supposed to provide them with the winning blow was
[wasted] in the first stages of the fight. Repeating General Million Liddle-hart's folly caused mental factors. Secondly, [her loss might
be put down to] the difference in ability between the Chimera and Greif. The New Chimera ((Leo IV)) lad more than sufficient speed
and attack power for lunar battle. In comparing the space battle Leo II ((Chimera))'s abilities, there was no doubt [the new Chimera
was better]. However, the pilots had relied too much upon the better quality of their suits. As a result, the Anti Alliance had
something like blind faith in the ethos that he who had the most experience would [always] be the victor. In their overconfidence,
they afforded Treize an opportunity to take advantage [of them?]. At midrange, the Greif's ammo there was an unusually high hit
rate for ones that lacked decisive power. Whereas the Chimera had not fully demonstrated its mobility or destructive power, the
Greifs may as well have been considered unharmed [by enemy fire] nor did they fall into a state of weakened fighting ability. Third,
Treize's plan to circuit the moon was clever (without attaching over importance to his idea). The factors mentioned above alone are
thought to be why Treize won. However, for the new OZ Specials' soldiers, that plan was unmistakably fodder for their excessive
peace of mind. It was only natural that the soldiers held Treize in special regard as the commander who lead them to victory. It is no
exaggeration to say that the young Treize Khushreanada's charismatic existence in OZ was decided after this (most recent) battle.

Treize left the post war clean up to the Cosmo Arma and made a triumphant return to the L-1 colony cluster spaceport. Van was the
one to go and greet him. The second reason he had gone to space was to be the very first to see his esteemed brother.

"That was a perfect victory."

"We didn't win, Van Khushrenada," Treize said quietly with the face of a military man.

"Ah, yes......"

With the destruction of the Marius Plant, Van himself had called the war a loss. This battle had been to the very last one for the sake
of the future soldiers-- nothing more and nothing less.

"Be that as i may, I'm happy that you returned unharmed."

"What is unharmed?... (lit: There is no reason I am unharmed)." I regret that (brilliant) lives were lost."

"I had heard that there were no casualties among our OZ soldiers......"

[Treize] thought of General Million Liddle-hart. But he had been released from being a prisoner of war and had completely lost his
nerve (lit: confidence) and would spend the rest of his life as an ex-serviceman. Treize pressed his eyelids and said, "Among the
enemies I meant."

"But that's......"

"I've dirtied my students' hand with blood...... think how they must feel."

He had done something inexcusable; he continued speaking such deeply sorrowful words.

When Treize was alone with Van, he returned to his usual self.

"Did you visit Mother?"
"Yes... I think I'll go again today."

"Well, let's go together."

"Treize, Mother is....." He wanted to tell him that she had taken a turn for the worse.

Treize, however, asked, "How is Hundert?"

"Why would I go to see him? That asshole could do us all a favor by hurrying up and dying already."

"But he's your father. If you don't see him while you can, you'll regret it later."

Van realized that Treize had never met his real father, Ein Yu, and so he ended his verbal abuse [of Hundert].

"Let's pay him a visit, too."

"If you insist."

In the medical section, Hundert greeted his two callers with a smile, "I've heard a lot about you boys! I'm so proud! There could no
higher honor for the house of Khushrenada, Duke Dermail has been exceedingly pleased!" Hundert was hale and happy. It was
unbecoming of one in a hospital. That was all Van could discern.

"It's a great honor for Treize to have you speak so [highly of him]," said Van with apparent ernest. "We are merely doing what needs
to be done for the Earth. It has no bearing on the Khushrenada family or the Romefeller Foundation."

"Of course, that was also what I was congratulating you on."

"Well, we must be going."

"Why don't you stay and talk for a while? We haven't seen each other in ages."

"No, we have work to do."

The pair of [brothers] made a hasty departure.

On the way to Angelina's room, Treize spoke to Van.

"Don't over do it, Van."

"I'm not."

"You don't have to take care of me."

"I'm doing no such thing," Van was in an unusually bad mood.
That man is just fine and dandy but Mother is in so much worse shape. Thought Van but he did not voice it. He changed the subject.
"Treize, I've received intelligence that colonial scientists have developed a mobile suit made of gundanium."


"They intend to resis to the bitter end."

"There's nothing we an do to stop them. There's no mistake that we Earth people have hunted them down."

"We've sent an agent to investigate, but if we could just get the blueprints that would be insurmountable proof we could use to
denounce them."

"More importantly, we'd best hurry up on the working condition reformation for lunar factories."

"I'm already working on that. There are lviing quarters especially for the laborers on L-1 and L-1 and we have arranged two shuttles
a day to transport them to the factory...... of course we've introduced [shifts scheduled only every other day]."

"You've done well."

"That will make the maintenance costs of the lunar factor more expensive. We'll have to squeeze out more military funds from each

"Van Khushrenada, for what do you supposed the Alliance is maintaining an army?"

"I just told you: they're making gundanium mobile suits."

"......" Treize made no reply. Why did Van move this arms race forward with such powerful intent? He [Van] seemed to understand
his brother's silence.

"Treize, we must be strong. We must be strong and continue to win." If they did not, a tragedy like that of Heero Yuy and the Cinq
kingdom would befall them. Sad existences like that of their poor mother must never again come to pass. Space and Earth must be
united. For that to happen, military power was necessary. There was no other mans of obtaining everlasting peace. Van's
psychology consistently involved such contradictions. That was for the Romefeller Foundation and, perhaps, for his mother who
seemed to speak for the colonies (lit: space) volition. By developing new weapons and [gaining control[ of significant financial
means, he could assist the counter measures being taken against the growing viral epidemic in the colonies gratis. He would help
the laborers with their weak position [get better treatment] but he also made the cunning governments [provide a better] military

When they arrived at Angelina's room, Van shouted:

"What are you doing?!"

It was an extremely ordinary scene for a hospital. Angelina sat nude from the waiste up; a young male nurse was merely sponge
bathing her chest. Thirteen-year-old Van, however, would not stand for it.
"Wait!" Treize made to stop [his brother, but Van had closed his hand into a fist and punched the man.

"Wh- What?!"

"I should be asking you that, what are you doing to my mother?!"

"Calm down, Van!" Treize also spoke in anger. "I'm sorry. I'll explain things to my brother (later)," and he bowed deeply to the young
nurse. "There is no excuse for his behavior." He apologized courteously and from his heart. AFter the nurse left, Van vented his

"There was no reason for you to apologize [lit: lower your head]. That creep was leering as he [rubbed his hands all over our mother]
(lit: touched our mother)." The leer was probably more just a smile meant to make the patient relax.

"Even if that was the case, there was no need to resort to fisticuffs."

"But!" Big tears dripped onto the floor. This was the first and last time Van, who normally was courteous and did not reveal emotions
showed such extreme anger. "Looking at Mother with such lasciviousness..." his voice shook so much, he couldn't say anything
more. He was extremely vexed. How much could a son love his mother? As far as Van was concerned, there is no question that he
abhorred even her husband Hundert having feelings of a sexual nature for his beautiful mother Angelina.

"That man is very kind," Angelina said with her eyes vacant.

"Mother......" Van looked up with tears still in his eyes. As she fixed her gown (lit: boobs!), she spoke resolutely, "Welcome, Treize."
Her voice. so unlike it had been, was cool and clear.

"Yes, mother."

"Take control of the Earth and of space. You were born (with the lineage) to do so."

"......" Treize didn't say anything nor did he intend to. There was no mistaking Van's happiness at their mother's apparent return to
her old self.

"Of course, mother! (Big brother) Treize is just the hero to pu an end to war starting now."

Angelina, however, had eyes only for Treize; she gave no indication she had heard Van.

"You are connected to the vision [that is to say, the ideals] of Heero Yuy and Ein."

Treize though of his poor younger brother, "Mother, please look at Van- not at me...... he loves you more than anyone else."

"...... van?" The sparkle suddenly left Angelina's eyes, they were once again empty. How did Van feel then? There was no question
that he loved their mother more than Treize did. Yet for as long as he could remember, no kind of sympathy was permitted. He knew
he was not loved yet he continued to love [her]. ALl he could do was contrive to love her. This is all speculation but it must have
been painful.
To those in charge of the facilities, Van conveyed his with to have his mother's care givers be limited to female staff only. WHen
asked [we was told that] essentially female staff were [already] supposed to be [taking care of her], but now that the lunar war was
over, [they couldn't guarantee Angelina female-only nurses because of] staff shortages due to providing care for the wounded.

"I do not want to hear excuses. The fact remains that my mother has suffered [a great insult] (lit: dishonorable misfortune)."

In his heart of hearts, the person in charge mutter [to himself]:

Quit fucking around you stupid brat.

It was easy for a thirteen-year-old in a position of authority to make enemies.

"Ah, also, this is the solatium [er, this is a fancy word for what basically seems like severance pay/bonus for quitting] for the man I
hit. He could probably play around for a decade on that, I think." Van held out a credit key. "Please see to it that he resigns his post."

"What crazy kind of...?"

"If you don't agree, I can arrange a solatium for you also."

Actually, he looked at him with hateful eyes.

"Oh, so this is retirement money...... shall I pass it on?" The man reluctantly obeyed. In light of his mother's situation, longing and
envy of his older brother, loathing of his father, hatred of the Foundation and Alliance, and contempt for the colonies [and the
feelings associated with all those things] probably lead Van to seek that particular form of childish "light revenge". But for that
[revenge] he would end up paying a hefty price.

At the L-1 colony space port, two secret agents were on the job. They had both been assigned separate missions by different
organizations. One of the agents was Odin Lowe who was being employed by the Barton Foundation of the Colonies. The other
agent was a woman from OZ named Aoi Clark who had been requested by Van of the Romefeller Foundation. Odin was tasked with
rescuing Artemis' captured Anti Alliance soldiers and freeing them. Aoi had been instructed to infiltrate an underground organization
and obtain the plans for the "Gundam" mobile suit made of gundanium alloy. And there was someone else operating on a
completeyl difference vector (lit: says "vector"). That was the head engineer who successfully developed the mass production of the
Leos: Seis Clark. He was accompanying his six year old step son who would later be cone named "Heero Yuy." The two of them
were simply walking down a dome-shaped hall at the spaceport. There were no other people around.

"Mr. Clark, where are we going?"

"Seis sighed deeply and came to a stop. "You still won't call me dad?"


"Why not?"

"Because you belong to mom, not to me......"
"Well, I may be your stepfather, but I'm no sure I like being treated like a thing."

"But Mr. Clark, you have something really good......." He puffed up his little face in a display of his displeasure, "I'm the only one who
doesn't have anything."

"Me... I have something good...?"


"Would you tell me just what that is?"


Seis sobbed, his knees suddenly buckled and he fell down in tears right there [in the hall].

"Do you have any idea what it means to hear [someone] say that?" He said and tightly, tightly hugged his stepson. "Thank you...
you're such a good boy... thank you." His endless flow of tears wetted the child's shoulder. The little boy didn't understand the
meaning of Seis' tears.


I suddenly lifted my face. Master Chang touched the keyboard and some kind of image appeared on the big holographic monitor. I
removed the virtual visor and, upon closer inspection, saw that i was a topographical map of Mars.

"--is how the situation stands at present"

Heero Yuy listened without speaking [how does she KNOW he wasn't speaking when she JUST took off the visors?!?!]. It seems
they started explaining Operation Mythos.

"However, the problem is" he touched the keyboard again and the image changed, "is whether you can kill this woman?" On the
large holomonitor, several images of a beautiful, young woman appeared.

Pictures of her smiling.
Pictures of her glaring.
Pictures of her clowning around with animals.
Pictures of her looking gallant [or "manly" if you like!].
Pictures of her looking elegant.

There were not, however, pictures of her looking sad.

"This--" Heero asked in his unchangingly cold voice, "Is Dorlian? Or Peacecraft?"

Duo, who was getting annoyed, showed, "Duh! It's Peacecraft! Relena Peacecraft!"

The young woman's face being projected onto the honomonitor was our-- the Preventers-- greatest enemy: Relena Peacecraft.
Heero Yuy asked Father Maxwell, who was standing to his side, "Is this a mission?"

Father answered with unusual earnestness; quietly and almost like a mutter he said, "... it's a mission." That was the only time I felt
the Father was biting out the words as if they were somehow painful [to say]. When Heero heard that answer, he let out a single
breath like a sigh and spoke in his cold voice.

"Mission accepted." He turned to face my superior and me and in a low tone, spoke his resolve:

"I will kill Relena Peacecraft."

To Be Continued...

Frozen Teardrop, Chapter 4, part 1

Gundam Wing
Frozen Teardrop

Treize File 4

How often do you suppose Heero Yuy used the words "mission accepted"? Honestly, I couldn't grasp ho weighty (list: sad and
heavy) the phrase was. The Gundam pilots had a strong image of [being fighters who: didn't take orders but fought of their own will;
they didn't belong to any (so-called) organizations. Yet they chose to use worlds like "duty" and "operation." There probably wasn't
supposed to be a single rantionally minded person among terrorists. Maybe they had some kind of madness, or they did it just
because it was an order, or within the majority of terrorists there existed damning 'evil' because if there wasn't something to their
perception of sin, they couldn't carry out their missions. [more literally: Maybe there was some kind of madness or maybe it was just
because it was an order or perhaps it's due to the damaging "evil" that exists in the vast majority [of people]... maybe that's why if
there wasn't a "shift in the consciousness of sin" action couldn't be taken.] That could be understood plainly without (insisting upon)
carrying out humanitarian faith or logic of superhuman justice. It's rather different from an "escape from sin" mindset. If I had to
choose, I'd say it's closer to "penance for sinning." Upon realizing the weakness of your own heart, it would be necessary to be
prepared to overcome [that weakness]. You didn't have to be right here right now to understand how rational Heero Yuy was. When
he said "I will never kill again," that he should assign himself the murder of Relena Peacecraft as a "mission" was a completely
(non?!)contradictory action. Or maybe that very contradiction speaks most vividly about the depth of his consideration of [his]
humanity and the pain [of his grieved heart. That was the extent to which he had killed his own emotion (lit: heart). Consequently,
those who demand that [strength of humanity] are undoubtedly us [i.e. the Preventers / mankind in general]. I welcomed the last
stage of those Treize Khushrenada files. Since coming to understand this person, being able to (physically) experience (those
events from multiple points of view) could not have been more valuable to me. I would have to thank Father Maxwell for bringing it to
me. I realized that for Treize Khushrenada and the Heero Yuy who was here with us that (their action principle / their theory) had
similar (points of departure [i.e. beginnings?]). Looking at it from a wider perspective, most of the legendary brave (men) used to
violently shake up the AC era plunged into the vicissitudes of fate from this time. [We] turned (lit: made) those men, with their pure
and innocent hearts ,into the madness of the battlefield.

In the L-1 colony cluster, there was a prison under the jurisdiction of the Cosmo Arma's Peace Preservation Police. It was that place
in which, 15 years previous, Ein Yuy had been detained for unlawful entry and treasonous acts. Currently, Artemis Sedicci and
some few dozen Anti Alliance soldiers were imprisoned for similar crimes. The Barton Foundation had requested Odin Lowe to
rescue Artemis and he was nearly finished with that mission. The quality of his skill were certainly the artisan skills. Odin disguised
himself as a prison guard and infiltrated the prison and after successfully setting bombs all over the place, he cut the main power. A
power outage-- especially in space-- was directly connected to death. Previously, at the lunar battle, the Sagittarius had fallen into
that situation and just like that time, the [detention block] erupted in a panic. Following on the heels of that panic the bombs went off.
Nearly everyone imagined it was a large scale attack by the Anti Alliance side. However, in reality, it was Odin Lowe acting alone
and the (presumed) army did not exist. Just before [all that] a single shuttle had approached the spaceport, but the space traffic
controller (judged) it as a civilian ship that was supposed to pass by L-1. Immediately after the blackout, the emergency generators
went online to restore power, but there was not a single sign of the shuttle anywhere in the vicinity. Normally, that shuttle would
have to have been accounted for. The space traffic controller, however, felt assured that there were no threats and let the incident
slide. That shuttle was, in fact, arranged for by Odin to use as an escape shuttle. Flying (lit: operating) the shuttle was Quinze who
was both part of the Anti Alliance Resistance and a revolutionary fighter from the colonies themselves. He landed the shuttle below
the prison block where he and his shuttle wouldn't appear on enemy radars. By the time the bombs had gone off, Artemis and
several other detainees had already boarded the shuttle. The touchy part was the timing of the getaway. Odin had set a large bomb
at the top of the prison block. When it went off, there would be another power outage.

"Now, Quinze!" Odin shouted.


The civilain shuttle left the prison block. Odin remained behind (in the prison block) and when the residual head faded, he made his


The oversize transport ship being run by Cadets Zechs Merquise and Elv Honegger left the spaceport. 25 Greifs were to be
stationed at the soon-to-be-completed flying fortress "Bulge." Honestly, there was no need for the two ace pilots such as those men
to be given [such a menial task as] shipping. However, it was one of the basic principles (lit: policies) of Treize's educating:

For those who cannot protect their own machines, they have no right to pilot one (or have it protected for them)

Meaning each pilot was responsible for his own suit's preparation, inspection, transport and so on.This time was a special, one-time
only situation for the two of them. Zechs and Elv had strongly desired to [make the delivery]. Once the Greifs were at the fortress,
they would then fall under the jurisdiction (lit: registration) of the Cosmo Arma and the cadets of the Specials would have to procure
different mobile suits. For Zechs and Elv, they had a deep regard for the Greifs. They had made their request to Treize out of a
desire to make the final farewell special. Thinking back on their recently finished heroic battle was all they could do to bear the
boringess of navigating space.

"That was a really close call," Elv had, at the time of the battle, charge alone before Treize to protect him. "If professor Treize had
been hit, we probably wouldn't be doing this now." Even at Lake Victoria, Zechs and Elv had not been in the same room at the same
time without anyone else present (lit: left alone together. BUT that has overtones of *something* that are not present in the raw text).
Although they were aware of each other, they only ever exchanged greetings and not much more. In the isolation of space, this was
the first time the pair of them had exchanged words without another person present. And there was both a particular meaning and a
touch of destiny. Or maybe it was intentional.

"If you had not protected Treize then, I believe I would have killed you," Zechs said coldly.

"Same here, Zechs. You're an asshole (lit: enemy), just so you know [I chose "asshole" because they are military brats and starting
a pissing contest, how better to get a rile out of someone?]"

"When did you find out?"

"The attack at Mogadishu."

"Treize also knows what I really am."

"You're bad at hiding it." Elv looked Zechs in the eye and continued speaking, "Those blue eyes, they're characteristic of Cinq
royalty...... that and your bold, daring fighting style speaks of the Peacecraft bloodline."

Zechs gave a masochistic smile, "My grandmother's blood perhaps...... seems as though she used to be called the 'Lighting

"My dad hated the Cinq Kingdom from the bottom of his heart, he was [absolutely] disgusted by it."

"Brigadier General Daigo Honegger...... have you already reported to your father?"

"Are you joking? I would never sell out a war buddy." Elv kept looking at him sharply. "That and before we were soldiers, we were
both Treizes students......"

"But I'll still get my revenge (lit: haven't thrown away feelings of revenge)."

"Do what you want. What your father did was unforgivable. But I've never felt the need to apologize to you."

"Like father like son (lit: chain of hatred)." The two young cadets both sighed deeply at the same time.

"When will it all end (lit: when will the day when it is all over come)?"

"I'm more concerned about when you'll take [back] the Peacecraft name to do that."


"The Peacecraft family makes peace...... won't they do anything at all in order to stop war?"

"For example?"

"For the sake of breaking the chain, they could sotp time."

"Hn...... that is one day that will probably never come." The two of them could not yet see the space fortress Bulge.
It had been Seis Clark-- the engineer entrusted with manufacturing the whole of OZ's weaponry-- who had done the initial basic
design of the space fortress Bulge. In AC 175, however, MS production switched from the Tall Geese to the mass produced Leos
and when Seis was made director of that whole program, he reluctantly handed the reigns of the Bulge development over to his
replacement. And to add insult to injury (lit: another unwilling thing), the mobile suits designated to be/provide the Bulge's main fire
power were suits that ignored his design ideas.

In a hotel room at the spaceport, Seis was raging at his wife and son.

"Tell me what the merits were of that lunar war!" From their standpoint, neither Aoi nor her young son could fin any words for Seis. "I
made the Leo! I made the Bulge!" Bu just imagining what he must have been feeling, they understood his uncontrollable wrath so
much it hurt.

"But isn't the Greif similar to what you made?"

"No! Absolutely not! There's no way I'd ever make such an expensive thing! I disapprove! I completely disapprove!"


"Shut up!"

When she tried to speak, her words just made Seis all the more angry and the more he spoke, the more he berated himself.

"Mr. Clark......" the little boy was holding a toy Leo in his hand. WHen Seis sw it, he lost his temper [completely].

"Ch!" He took the toy from the small fist and threw it against the wall. "Don't let the kid have that! Are you trying to make a fool of

"Don't get upset over that toy."

"I didn't make toys!"

The little boy hunched down and collected the broken fragments [of the toy:. The toy probably wasn't the only thing that was broken.


"Hn. 'Mr. Clark'! Is that how much you refuse to see me as your father?"

"......" he didn't say anything. He was gathering the toy pieces as best he could.

"That's it. Get out, both of you!"


"You should go to your real father! He's still alive, isn't he?"
"Please calm down, [don't talk like that] in front of [The Child] (lit: Please calm down, there's a child here)."

"Excuse me, but that isn't my child [note: "my child" is in Japanese special quotes, I'm guessing that's what English might use italics
for for emphasis]." That was the last he vented, then strode away into the next room. [Aoi's] son didn't cry.

"Is it broken?"

"No, it's okay......"

"I'll get you another one."

"I don't need it." He had collected all the broken pieces.

This is the only thing that's mine.

Without speaking of what was in his heart, he asked about his mother, "Mother, do you love that man?"

"Of course I do, as much as you do [note could be "as much as I love you"]," she said with her ear pressed to the closed door of the
room into which Seis had run. Despite his youth, even he knew she had said one thing and done another.


Later, the pitiable boy came across an unfamiliar little girl.

"Are you lost? [note: she says "Oniichan" which is literally "big brother" but commonly used to address someone you don't know who
is not old enough to be your father's age (in which case you might say "ojisan" which is literally "uncle") or your grandfather's age (in
which case you might say "ojiisan" which is literally "grandfather".)]," she asked him.

Are you lost?

He was asked [that] repeatedly and [now] he had to answer.

"I......" he spoke slightly of his lot as a child who had never been loved by anyone, "... have been lost since the day I was born."

Seis opened a long distance line to the Barton Foundation on the L-3 colony cluster. That was the range limit for real-time
conversation at the time.

"Please put Mr. Dekim on the line." He called for the Barton Foundation representative. The businessman that appeared on the
monitor had a smile on his insolently polite face.

"Head Engineer Seis, thanks to you, the operation was a success."

"That's good," Seis continued to speak in monotones. "Then I think it's about time for my wish to come to fruition."
"Ask for anything."

"I did a little work on that shuttle."

"I've received a report from Quinze."

"A large OZ transport is headed to the Bulge."


"[Shoot it] out of the sky!"

Dekim relayed the orders to Quinze.

"Steal those Greifs before they reach the Bulge." [Dekim's] accomplice Seis' wish had just taken on a different shape.

"A civilian shuttle approached the large transport ship. Zechs and Elv were on from the rear.

"Zechs, an S.O.S"

"Is it engine trouble?"

"No, a space-jacking." On the monitor was Artemis' grinning face.

"This is Artemis Sedici." Both of them looked at her with horror. "How have you boys been?" She elegantly held a gun to the back of
Quinze's head, smiling. "You already know what we want, yes? Will you abandon this poor pilot?"

"Ridiculous......" True, that was just (a scene from) the resistance's penny theatre, yet Zechs and Elv, a just and moral men, could
not ignore the situation (lit: leave it as it was). Artemis also predicted they would not act impetuously. The two men realized they had
been had when the civilian shuttle had drawn quite near the transport and from the lower hangar, Leo III "Chimeras" came out with
their bazookas [aimed at the transport]. That had been Seis Clark's doing. At the time, the average transport was not equipped with
a self destruct [system:. It was the same for mobile suits.

"Hm...... the vicious circle continues (lit: chain of hate)," Zechs said with a self depreciating sneer. Elv muttered philosophically, "As
long as man lives, he will hate......"

"Do you want to resist?"

"Knock it off. You're supposed to have ambition...... I won't let you throw your life away like that."

"But......" A scheming smile played on Elv's lips, [and it] pressed Zechs' buttons.

The twenty-five Greifs that were on the large transport abruptly disappeared along with the two cadets Zechs Merquise and Elv
Honegger. They never made it to the space fortress Bulge. On the Alliance's public record, it was recorded that these two died.
Ultimately--. [literally, this is a whole phrase that translates wonkily into this: Speaking from a final conclusion--] The cadets were just
as lost as the twenty five newest, best mobile suits. Principle members of the anti-alliance, Artemis and her men, were lost. On top
of that, the Lunar Marius Plant had been obliterated. Hence, considering these three points the First Lunar War: Ocean of Storms
War was an unmitigated loss for the unted Earth Sphere Alliance. To prove [that it was such a disaster], Van Khushrenada decided
it was a disgrace to his brother's sterling record and chose to strike it from his profile (lit: war history). In fact, it wouldn't be until two
years later in AC 188 that Treize [and the Specials] would again appear in the records. Of all the battles fought in space, history
shows the Cosmo Arma as being (entirely) [undefeated]. To this end, Major Septum cheerfully cooperated in falsifying records and
the following month he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, then Colonel the following year and each year after that his titles
(promotions) continued to rise. You could say he was unusually successful in life, but following the collapse of General Liddle-hart's
system, most of the great deeds were up for grabs (lit: merely snatched up). Some called Septum [Mr.] Incompetent, but he was a
genius at rewriting history. Here, too, he showed the same brilliance in his work performance. But Van Khushrenada, of course,
looked to Treize's judgement.

"Shall the Cosmo Arma clean up after the Marius Plant defeat? They seem to have pride enough for that."

"I have no objections, Van Khushrenada. But first, have you received permission from the honorable General Catalonia?"

"You mean the missing cadets?"

"Zechs and Elv."

"No [I haven't received permission], you needn't take it to heart so."

"I can't do that. They're both my students. I must find them [at any cost] (more lit: even if it costs me my life)."

"If you say so, shall I contact uncle Chilia?" Van reluctantly agreed and made a [serious] entreaty, "Please make sure to return by
the opening ceremony for the Bulge. And please...... don't work yourself too hard...... If something were to happen (to you), it would
break Mother's heart."

"Alright, Van......"

The following day, Treize formed a special investigative force consisting of the cream of the crop from his students and lead them on
a search for Zechs and Elv.


When the United Earth Sphere alliance was inaugurated in AC 133, its purpose was to avoid disputes among the nations of Earth.
However, the countries of Asia, the Middle East, South America, and Africa had, in preparation for the Norther Hemisphere and in
particular Europe and America, to take the initiative, refused to support the Alliance. As a result, the disputes worsened and people
hoped for peace escaped the fighting by fleeing to the colonies.

Looking at this from a different angle, during the AC period, the vast majority of people so hoped for peace that it lead to an
antinomy of war [trying to abstain from it]. However, in hindsight, in the history of man maintaining the social order of "peace" has
not been universally [accepted: but rather a man-made [ideal: borne from difficult circumstances and forced upon ourselves. [It is]
rather like a demandingly difficult tightly rope walk and it is an extremely fragile thing that could collapse at the slightest opposition or
You could say it rather closely resembled the "fragile, man-made" colonies.

The first thing Heero Yuy did was take the colonies' wish for "demilitarized pacifism" and begin calling it "war-wearism," which some
thing was likely [more in the spirit of] (lit: an attitude of) "do whatever it takes to stay out of war." No matter how much one desires to
live in a peacefully stable world, as long as (these kinds of) "fear," "profit," and "honor" exist, one cannot escape the [possibility] of
war befalling his country. For the sake of avoiding that, it is necessary to be more scrupulously prepared, to have strong willed
leaders among us (lit: not lacking in existence), strength of numbers of soldiers and an inexhaustible (lit: indispensable) supply of
arms, [near limitless (lit: vast)] resources and vast funding cannot be forgotten. The Bulge construction, a moveable fortress that
existed at the edge of the areas of the L-1 and L-2 colonies (which bookended the moon), resulted in [being] a large [financial
burden] (lit: debt) to the borne by the citizen of space. "Bulge" meant protuberant or swollen. From the Earth it could be "protruding
fortress," but from space it could me an "unnecessary burden;" which it is [truly] meant to be is unclear. Since the Cosmo Arma
commenced construction in AC 174, to its completion twenty six years later if fall AC 186, the citizens of the colonies footed the bill
entirely. Basically this ruined the colonies finances and hid the funds (lit: budget) wasted on military projects. However, in doing so
[making colonists' foot the bill, that is], it cannot be refuted that it served only to make the colonists embrace something like a deep-
seated abhorrence of the United Earth Sphere Alliance. L-2 colony VO8744 especially took heavy financial damage; suffered from
hunger and poverty; and like the soon-to-arrive Duo Maxwell,m any youths-- that is to say soldiers-- resulted in an increase in army

Seis Clark had been invited to the opening celebration being held in honor of the completion of the Bulge; he probably still had
something left in his heart of hearts. Not as a guest of honor of course, but as one of the affiliates who rendered [the project] a
distinguishing service. Other leading figures from colonies close [as in friendly] to the Alliance also participated in much the same
capacity. Seis did not change [clothes] but remained in the anteroom usually used by regular officers; he showed no signs of
heading to the ceremony. Aoi talked as she put on her full dress uniform [or dress or whatever], "You really won't go to the

"Don't worry about me......" He was then in a thoroughly depressed state.

"Alright...... let's go." Aoi took her son's hand, he was wearing an uncomfortable (lit: tight) three piece suit, and left for the ceremony.

It was as she was standing before the doors to the reception room when Aoi noticed her son was holding the Leo he had taped back
together all by himself.

"You should have left that back in the room."

"It's standing in for Mr. Clark."

A sad smile touched her face when she heard that. "Okay, then, this can be my stand in," she said and handed him a blue origami
crane. "I don't really want to go either. I'll be waiting here."


She knew her husband Seis was sleeping with the enemy. And she well knew that she was in n o position to criticize. It was rather
more like she sympathized [with him:. Aoi had already finished the mission (lit: request) Van had given her, she just hadn't yet
passed him the information. She hesitated whenever she saw her son with his ubiquitous Leo toy.
Compared to me, that child

She [felt] crushed beneath the weight of her son's laudability Time passed leaving her more or less unable to hand [him] over
[NOTE: she couldn't give him up for the sake of continuing to be a spy]. As an OZ agent, it was a shortcoming.

This is the last time [atlernatively: I'll quit when this is done].

She had heard that Van Khushrenada was in the reception room on the fortress.

I was probably the one to run him (lit: that person) down.
I have to help Seis [through] his suffering.
This is my mission starting now.

She made up her mind to [give up spying] and thought she, Seis and her son could all start a normal (lit: ordinary) life together.
Inside the blue origami crane that she had given her son was a microchip containing a copy of the data for the plans to make a
Gundanium ZERO mobile suit.

There were two things that stood out about Seis's career as an engineer. There was the Bulge space fortress that stood strong for
some ten years; and there was the twenty plus years of being the man who made Leos with only minor changes and probably ought
to have been praised for it more often. It is obvious that the genius who hit upon the (unusual) mad specs that brought us the Tall
Geese and Gundam should have their achievement applauded; (there is no mistaking) that those super-machines which stood the
test of time and the completion of that technology was undoubtedly meritous. But his evaluation ends at the (single/sole) engineer
level, not as one who stands the test of time as an important person historically speaking. Still, it is believed that is [exactly] the
praise that Seis desired. Time, however, looking him over. It was later engineers who made a more accurate assessment of Seis'
technological skill and understood the height of his good deeds. The intelligentsia who think of the origins of political economics
couldn't help but ignore [Seis' accomplishments on account of their being done in such a specific field. However, Seis wanted [to be
counted among the] intellectual class, and especially he wanted status and fame from the Romefeller Foundation. He wanted
people to notice him more. His envious/covetous feelings ultimately resulted in the lessening of his worth. Later, in AC 195 Seis'
stepson would descend upon the Earth in a Gundam under the code names "Heero Yuy" and "Red One." On several fronts, that
was an active period for Leos.

The Leo was the most famous, the king of all mobile suits.

That was common knowledge not only among soldiers but civilians also. It may be a bit of a stretch, but the boy took the actions he
took for the sake of revealing the Leos true power, however challenging, there was no distortion.

General Chilie Catalonia of the United Earth SPhere Alliance stood upon the podium at the (completion) celebration and expounded
upon the ways in which the space fortress Bulge was necessary for the colonies.

"Looking back through history and we see peace for the colonies has long been at the expense (lit: sacrifice) of maintaining Earth's
peace. That (little star's) futile power struggle has had a large impact on the lives of all. At the recent war on the moon-- you surely
all recall that event-- that battle also was just a convenience for the Earth [alternative: that was was done at Earth's leisure.]."
Scheming people begin by speaking the truth. "And now, this moving fortress Bulge has been built to become the sole military force
in space. In doing this, the lunar watch has also been flawless. We no longer need to submit to the expectations of the Earth."
Chilia's speech had been drafted by Van Khushrenada. The following words demonstrated his political prowess, "I truly know how
inexcusable it is to request the colonies to [provide funds to cover the construction costs]. But please try to understand. It is you who
are the proprietors of this fortress." In truth, he was merely pushing his own agenda but with this cunning (theory [turn of phrase fits
better, I think]), the 'misfortunate and weak' had been changed into the 'fortunate pacifists.'

"We the United Earth Sphere Alliance will not simply borrow space (lit: rent a room). Of course, the fortress supplies and
maintenance fees will be covered by foundations from all across the globe. Please rest assured." This was also the most effective
method to foster (lit: sponsor) [a sense of easiness] and appease the naive people of the colonies. "After Colony 186, there will be
peace in space. I, Chilie Catalonia, hereby resign my marshalship to join the ranks and do announce that war is over." Chilia's
demotion from marshal to general was purely nominal and most likely done because [he wanted to] take responsibility for their huge
defeat in the Sea of Storms war. For certain, the war was b no means over and [he] was still supreme (lit: unifying) commander for
the Alliance. Nevertheless, a large majority of people believed the sweet lies of "peaceful space" and wound up agreeing to pay the
fortress' construction costs in much the same way nine years later in AC 195, Special Commander [this is another 特佐 as
mentioned above] Lady Une of OZ successfully armed the colonies while extolling [the virtues] of peace. (Certainly) it was as Duo
Maxwell said at the time: There's a lot of good natured [people] in Space.

In the midst of that space--

Dorothy listened to her father. She was six years old and she was bored. Beside her stood Van Kushrenada.

"Mr. Van, where is Mr. Treize?"

"Hm..." Van asked the SP in sunglasses [note this says SP, which leads ME to believe this is Special Police or another kind of
protection agency given their location to such powerful political figures. In chapter 5, SP is used again but in what seems to be
applied to a completely different job.], "Where is my brother?"

"He has not yet returned."

"Geeze, I'm bored," she said and puffed out her cheeks with displeasure.

"So am I."

"I'm going exploring," she said and all but swam through the waves of people in the hall [reception hall].

"Don't get lost," he said. With his [pointed look] (lit: with his eyes), Van ordered half the SP to follow the uninhibited Dorothy. He blew
out a breath of air and thought of his brother who was still combing space. "Unlike Dorothy...... you should just let those good-for-
nothing cadets stay lost." The results of the Earth investigation revealed that Elv Honegger was the son of Brigadier General
Honegger of the North European Arma. The boy Zechs Merquise' name and family registry were fictitious. He discovered such a
person did not exist anywhere upon the Earth.

It's dangerous to let them close to Treize......

He wished they wouldn't be found.

Treize doesn't need them.
He earnestly believed that. (Before Van,) the son of Aoi and Seis appeared. He was still carrying his taped up Leo under his arm.
Van was (just) a little interested in the toy.

"That's a Leo?"

"Early model Mach I...... it's Seis' representative."

"The coloring isn't very good, huh."

"I don't like the white ones."

That was something Van didn't particularly want to hear. He changed the subject. "Did you need me for something?"

"......" The [child] holding the Leo didn't immediately start speaking.

"You're the son of Head Engineer Seis Clark, aren't you?" Even after being asked that question, the boy didn't even nod. He wanted
to say something else.

"You're welcome here, whatever you were thinking, you can give me your honest opinion."

"Is the war really over?"

Van thought [the boy: had read his mind. He returned a question with a smile frozen upon his face, "What do you think?"

"I think it isn't over."

"Why is that? You mean you don't want peace?"

"I want peace...... but I don't think it will happen."

After a masochistic chuckle, Van asked another question from a different angle. "Do you want to fight?"

"......I don't want to fight."

"Is that so...... Well that's why the war's over."

"But just running away isn't any good." This was still a conversation between a six year old and a thirteen year old. Van thought it
was cuter to have a conversation wit the six year old Dorothy.

"I see, that's right. Your opinions have been very helpful." Van held out his left hand for a handshake. "I'll use that as my guideline
from here on out. Thank you."

"......" The six year old boy held out his left hand to take Van's still-extended one. With a very few exceptions in the Boy Scouts [and
similar institutions], the left handed handshake was not very common. There wasn't a particularly deep meaning for the kids, it was
[along the lines of] [what is done] before a duel or 'Adieu' (('the final goodbye' in French)) situations but at the same time something
of a prank. That was how you could interpret that scene. (However), conversely, their left handed handshake could possibly be seen
as symbolic. It's not necessary to think over much about that here. What is important is that a blue origami crane was left in Van's

"What's this?"

"My mother's representative."

Van raised the crane to his ear and shook it, confirming that there was something inside.

"Give my regards to Miss Aoi," he whispered to Aoi's son's back. At the same time, Dorothy returned. She and the boy bumped into
the boy and he dropped the toy Leo on the floor.

"Be careful."

The boy who would later assume the name "Heero Yuy" picked up his step father's stand in and said, "You, too." It was a minute
thing. THe two subjects of that incident likely don't even remember it. It was AC 195 at the reconstructed Cinq Kingdom that the two
next met.

Several hours later, Chilie and Van were in the command room aboard the Bulge fortress conduction a meeting with Earth Sphere
Alliance Unity Head Quarter's leaders.

"Why is it that we must pay the maintenance fees for the Bulge?" Asked General Venti who was dripping dissatisfaction. Van
immediately answered, "If we have the people of the colonies pay any more, the Bulge truly will become theirs."

"No, the problem is the increase in military budget support from each country. With the Bulge complete, the only fear is Earth (lit:
excepting the Earth OR possibly outside the Earth, why then is this still necessary?"

"Please look at this." Van loaded the microchip from the blue origami crane into the computer, it was displayed on the monitor. "This
is a blueprint for a mobile suit made of Gundanium."

On that trial ZERO machine---


--was recorded.

"The colonies are going to mass produce these and put up a resistance."

"Are they serious? I find this unexpected and difficult to believe."

General Noventa asked, "Gentlemen, can you think of no reasons [for this to be true]? I can think of more than sufficient reasons
myself." The assassination of the leader Heero Yuy, the manipulation of export tariff (percentages), the maintenance fees for the
Cosmo Arma, (and) then the squeezing out of building expenses for the space fortress, and their extended psychological oppression
by the controlling class. The Earth was so arrogant that the colonies had (untold/uncountable) reasons for starting an uprising.

"We would probably require some fift mobile suits or more to counter these [new/Gundanium] mobile suits...... if the colonies did
complete a mass production system, our Cosmo Arma would have to ready some fifty times the firepower. For the sake of
maintaining Earth's peace, a large increase in the military budge is inevitable (lit: can't be helped)."

Commander Septim waited until the right time before shouting, "Our second Cosmo Arma would like reinforcements." This man was
now [attempting] building a military base in the L-3 colony cluster. "If we just stop inter-colony cooperation......"

"Is it not possible to manufacture a Gundanium mobile suit using our own technology?"

"What would it cost and how much time would it take?"

"You see, gentlemen, our [most] pressing need is to increase the military budget." All the generals became restless. Even the war
experts received a jolt. The heads of Earth's nations would acquiesce to an increase in military spending. If space were established
as the (imaginary/virtual) enemy, it was their job (lit: duty to Earth) [to create] an (excessive)-- to the point of saturation-- military
power. Anyhow, Young Van with his animonious connection to both [Earth and space], had the abilities to bridge the gap between
the inconsistencies (lit: on different vectors) into equilibrium. He would extend a helping had to the weak while providing unease and
fear among the strong. To the aged, he would show a nightmarish future and for the young he would free them from the spell o f the
past. If whatever general on the monitor--

'If we prepare military funds here, conversely that would lead to all out war with the colonies?' How would that question be answer if
it were asked? The real problem was not the mass production of mobile suits made of Gundanium (which are called Gundams). Not
only did the colonies lack the resources and factory power for mass production, there also existed no pilots to fly the suits. With
regards to the plans for the "Wing ZERO," Quatre Raberba Winner took nine years to complete it as he hadn't so much as even
made parts for the machine before. The surprising thing about the plans was even though there were absolutely no pilots who could
handle it, that wasn't necessarily viewed as a problem. When Van realized this, he had no qualms of consciousness about
manipulating the information. Also, there is no uncertainty that [doing so] would surely benefit the Romefeller Foundation. The
thirteen year old genius turned the blue origami crane into a paper airplane and tried to make it fly. It was no hindrance [to him?]
when the boy was dubbed (lit: described) as unscrupulous.

It was characteristic of the AC period but the young boys and (young) girls that could also be called youth generation (lit: stratem)
would, later in history, also be seen elsewhere in (standing) in important positions. Relena Peacecraft became 'Queen' sovereign of
the World Nation at fifteen years old and Dorothy Catalonia was the same age when she assumed the command of the
revolutionary White Fang army. Still younger were the Gundam pilots and others when they entered the battlefield. What was
surprising was Mariemaya Khushrenada proclaiming war against the Earth sphere as a mere seven years of age. When thinking
about reasons why these things happen, it should probably be put down to the generations apathy- a generational fault. That was
just like the relative/comparative themes that were almost characteristically seen in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries
(of the previous age). With the heightened medical facilities and abundant foodstuffs the average life expectancy of man increased
and as the class of leaders in political, economic, thought, and artistic fields aged, it was common to see them not hand the reigns
over the the next generation. Thus the would-be inheritors of the next generation [learned] to put up with (lit: bear) the chronic
oppression and became unable to try new experiments or take reformative action. Ergo to their own children, this generation handed
almost precociously the education [worthy of the] gifted while they themselves were released from the obligations of going without.
Those elderly leaders began to feel (even) their own limits and when they thought to (entrust) their position [to others], there were
none among the irresponsible next generation to [take over]. As a result, the only option left was to entrust the [next] next
generation's prodigious youth [with the proverbial keys to the kingdom, see #1 below]. More than seniority [based leadership
schemes], if ability took precedence, the ignorant would not [come to] stand on the [world] stage. It was that what invited those
circumstances [it was that ability system that lead to youths leading the world. However, [with this] particular addition, there was no
reason to think of the situation as unusual [yet Van was given a lot of flak by higher ups and others for being only 13 and in
power?!]. On the contrary, the real problem was probably that seniority and experience (value)-- parts not all that related to ability--
were made the object of evaluation. The blue paper air plane fell upon the table. Dorothy was hiding there. The [so-called] 'fate' that
time brought [also], to various people, suddenly presented a turning point (on occasion). This was that time.

"Open fire!" Artemis ordered. She stopped the large transport ship that had (proceeded) come from the L-2 colony cluster at a
distance from which she could observe the (space fortress) Bulge and [sent] the twenty-five Greifs into a sortie. The suits were no
longer white. There was no ideological meaning [to the new color, but] they were painted jet black, practical for space and that
wouldn't stick out. There after they were called Black Schwarz Greif ((Jet Black Leo IV)).

"The Bulge is the target!" Suddenly the curtain dropped away [from Artemis'] surprise attack on the Bulge. The twenty-five Schwarz
Greif Artemis was leading peeled away in bands of three and commenced their various firing. The Bulge was being attacked from
every direction. She was good at formations. The eight Chimera (Leo III)) sent to intercept [the Greifs] were instantly surrounded
and every single one of them was defeated. The fortress defenses-- 280 mm triple gun turrets in the outer wall and double barrel
guns-- had been set up without any blind spots but they could not land a hit on the Schwarz Greif because of their high speed
movements. (On the contrary), several of the midrange guns hit several of the gun towers which created a blind spot and a safe
zone for the surprise attack unit.

In a matter of minutes, the Bulge [suffered] severe damage. Though it was protected by the solid titanium outer wall, the (insides)
received violent shocks (lit: vibrations), and smoke from fires that were caused by the blasting had spread to the outer halls. The
just-deployed soldiers were far from fighting back; they couldn't even get a handle on the fires. Most citizens were civilians and they
were just [running] hither and thither in an absolute panic. The biggest factor in that poor response was conceited Alliance leaders
who didn't predict [account for] surprise attacks. As an example to prove this, the commander was holed up in the command room,
which was a blunder in that he had yet to arrive at his post. That unpreparedness in the chain of command left the soldiers unsure of
what they should do and left [the Bulge] entirely dependent upon the defense system and completely without any tactical action
being taken. At that time, Van Khushrenada, General Chilie Catalonia and his daughter Dorothy were in the command room.
Despite being told to wait outside by her father, Dorothy had hidden [in the command room] out of curiosity. The three of them got
[trapped] in the command room when a direct hit to the outer wall caused the automatic defense system to start. Nevertheless,
Chilie was an able general. He opened a communication line, encouraged his soldiers, had them take positions just as they'd done
in drills and made them defend [the Bulge] such that they could not infiltrate the enemy's insides [see #2]

"Carry my orders out without exception! Don't worry, the Bulge won't lose (lit: fall) that easily!" Dorothy looked upon her father's back
with profound admiration.

The problem was all the civilians [on board] the fortress. The soldiers had their hands full carrying out Chilie's orders and couldn't
lead [the civilians] to the refuge shelter. In the completely closed down reception room, Aoi searched for her son. The every-day
lighting was out and under the red light of the emergency beacons she continued her desperate search. [Her son] wasn't in the
reception room.

"[He must be] outside this room." Having come to that [conclusion], she suddenly tore up the skirt of her dress (revealing) up to her
thighs. With bewitching eyes, she spoke to the man in sunglasses standing beside her, "Excuse me....." As she spoke, the SP guard
tipped his head and she delivered a hard round-house kick to the back of his head. His sunglasses fell to the rug. Then, from his
breast [pocket/shoulder holster] she took his pistol and [started to] fire away at the safety lock on the door. To an outsider looking in,
it just looked like she had gone crazy. The heavy door moved slightly when worked by hand. For her, she had extreme arm strength,
but the door would not open. Other SP [began to] surround her.

"What are you doing! We could do that in a jiffy if---"

"Hurry! It's not safe here!"


"Get everyone to the shelter! Hurry! Help me!" The SP were thus overwhelmed by what Aoi was screaming and made to help her
open the heavy door. Of course her words were an ad lib spoken in the heat of the moment (lit: in an emergency). She wasn't
thinking of helping all those in the room [with her]. She could only think of how to find her son.

Just before that, Seis Clark flew out of the officer's room and even as the smoke wafting down the hall surprised him he snapped his
mouth shut and rushed to the reception room in the mid-levels [of the fortress]. He was worried for his wife and son. It was shameful
that he was not with them at such a time.

This is no time to mope!

Since he had been the one to design [the Bulge], he arrived at the corridor for the mid-levels without consulting map. It wouldn't be
an exaggeration to say it was Seis alone who could move freely and at his own will through the fortress.

"Only me." As he (strenuously) ran full out through the vision-imparing smoke, Seis was screaming before he knew it, "Only I can
help my wife and son!"

Before hi, a solider in a spacesuit appeared, riding on an ele-auto-- a two wheel electric motorbike that can operate at high speeds
even in zero gravity.

"Head Engineer Seis!"

"Do I know you? (lit: Do you know me?)"

"Yes. Please get on!" He held out another space suit [to Seis].

"I don't need that!"

"You're trying to get to the reception room, yes?"


"Allow me to take you there. However, there may be an air lead along the way! So! [Put on the suit.]"

"Al-alright!" Seis put on the proffered spacesuit.

Then, from far away, the heard the sound of an explosion. (Even so), they could feel the enemy closing in.

"Honestly, what is the commander doing? Why don't they use the Bulge's guns?" Seis complained as he finished changing and took
the rear seat on the ele-auto.

"Could I ask you to navigate?"

"Of course, just hurry!"

They set off at a break neck speed. The soldier at the handle[s of the bike] in reality didn't exist on any Alliance register [roster?].
That [particular] man was an agent for the Anti-Alliance and had been posing as a solider [since the start of the confusion caused by
the attack] when he had stolen a Cosmo Arma space suit. He was [actually] Odin Lowe. His mission was to cause a disturbance
from the inside of the fortress but that was, at present, totally unnecessary and so he chose to "follow his emotion." That [emotion]
was to save the son that connected him to his one-time lover by blood. In other words, his goal and actions were identical to Seis'.
The ele-auto ran through a thick curtain of smoke. But usual corridors had their bulkheads closed.

"On the other side of that bulkhead is a mobile suit hangar."

"Roger." WIthout decelerating, Odin pulled the pin on a hand grenade and as he turned a wide turn on the ele-auto, he threw the
grenade at the on-coming bulkhead. A path to the hangar opened owning to the explosion.

"You're crazy!"

"Not as crazy as your wife."

"Do you know my wife?"

"Hold on tight!" Odin [punched] the ele-auto forward once more and flew into the mobile suit hangar.

"If you keep going straight 30 degrees to the upper right there is a vent for the fortress' [central] air circulation [system]. That's also a
direct connection to the (overheating and cooling) [system] for the Bulge canon's main engine, but it's possible to pass through
now." As the Sagittarius didn't have the vents, it took [quite] some time for an energy charge. "From there, we can get right to the
mid-levels (in one fell swoop)."

Finally the heavy door of the reception room opened a couple dozen centimeters. The slender Aoi forcibly squeezed herself through
and escaped to the outer hall. The corridor of the long mid-leve had no yet been cut off by the bulkheads. She kicked off her high
heels and ran. Her swift movements were a product of her training as an OZ agent but she'd already had high physical capability to
begin with.

On the ele-auto, Odin and eis passed through the mobile suit hangar and ran full tilt through the vents. At the [same] time, an enemy
mobile suit broke into the hangar. Seis looked behind and just barely hung on. He knew the suit just by it's silhouette.
"Th-that's Greif, isn't it......" The Schwarz Gref destroyed one immobile Chimera after another. The [Chimera's] fusion reactor
exploding caused more suits to explode. The whole of the hangar changed into an ocean of fire.

Frozen Teardrop, Chapter 4, part 2

Aoi heard the nearby explosion and it set each muscle into overdrive and she ran with terrible speed. As predicted, the bulkheads
began closing one after the other to shut out smoke from the fire. She was like a hurdler and flew over the rising walls and slid/dove
under the walls that came whistling down [in attempts] to cut off the path; and she did so whole barely losing any speed. Her
beloved son, however, was not easily found. even Aoi began to show signs of fatigue. [Just] when she thought she'd reached her
body's limit at the next bulkhead, she caught a small shadow in the next corridor. [She knew] beyond any doubt that it ws her won
son for whom she had been searching. He was pulling at his Leo, which had been caught in the bulkhead, with all his might. As Aoi
made to call to her son there was a violent explosion. For a second, she ws hit with despair. At the same time, a column of bright
red flames passed by. A mere handful of seconds prior, the ele-auto saved her son. Aoi watched [the scene] as if in slow motion. It
was Odin and Seis riding the ele-auto. Her beloved son had been rescued by his two fathers. She smiled with relieved joy and the
iron [of the rescue] made her laugh from the [bottom of her] heart.

I'm so happy..... but
I'm sorry...
Plese forgive me [all of you]....
I can't be with you any more.....
Good..... bye

And Aoi was thrown out into the dark vacuum of space.

The image of Aoi smiling as she disappeared into the flames [I know, she just got sucked out into space. Also: can things flame in
space?] was burned into their eyes.

"Aoi, I'm sorry."

Seis left his son in Odin's care, "Look after him for a bit......"

"Oi, wait.... this is nuts!" Seis, the one time head engineer turned family man, got off the ele-auto, kicked the wall of the vent-now
nearly gravity-free-- and disappeared into the still-exploding hangar. Odin spoke up to the child [Seis had] left behind, "The air's
gotten thinner. Are you alright?" The boy heard and gave a small nod; but in his eyes, the fragments of his broken toy showed (lit:
could be seen).

I've lost my Thing.
I don't have anything.

Thought the young boy.

Odin picked up [his son] and ran the ele-auto to the refuge shelter.

Seething with [thoughts of] revenge, Seis clambered into a Chimera in the hangar and, demonstrating his own knowledge of mobile
suits was not lacking, challenged the hateful Greifs to hand-tohand combat. Three more enemy suits joined and it was an extremely
fierce/heroic battle. Yet however new and powerful [his Chimer as], it still remained a Leo. This was a (fighting style) only Seis had.

"Not you assholes!"

With all apologies to his beloved wife, he exploded one suit by amputating the suit's energy generator on its back. "Not the Greifs!"

To shame the arrogance of another suit, [Seis] destroyed it while [simultaneously] breaking its head-mounted camera and ripping
out the auto-balance circuits under the left arm.

"You won't get my son!"

The last suit he fought for the future of the stepson who had always thought of him [Seis].

"I won't be beat!!"

With all his might, Seis thrust his beam saber through the Schwarz Greif's chest. He had, however, just missed the cockpit for which
he'd been aiming. That final Schwarz Greif fired its mid-range canons just then. Seis' Chimera blew up and the Greif also was
swallowed in the explosion and [both were] lost. The blast was of such a large scale that the whole Bulge listed [to one side].

Artemis had received a report that the three suit unit that had preceded [her] and successfully [broke into] the inside [of the Bulge]
had been destroyed by a single Chimera.

"That's...... impossible." She thought there had been a (stunningly) brilliant pilot manning [that Chimera]. Perhaps it was the OZ

"Treize Khushrenada....." If she attacked carelessly, she would get burned.

She considered rearranging her troops and gave the order to assemble at the position [located in a] blind spot [relative to the]
bombardment [coming] from the fortress. "All suits, convene at H point!" That's when it happened. Treize appeared on her
(communication monitor).

"This is Treize Khushrenada of the United Earth Sphere Alliance OZ Specials."

"Where are you?"

"Right behind you."

[Artemis] turned around in horror. There, a unit of white Chimeras had spread out around Schwarz Greif, encircling them.

"Again?!" She rather hated [how] Treize took her from behind. This was the second time her pride had been hurt [by him]. She
immediately issued orders to all suits.

"All suits, change in attack target! the [new] targets are the white Leos! Concentrate fire on the enemy leader." The Schwarz Greif
concentrated their mid-range canons on Treiz's suit at once.
"You don't wish to duel? Then I am obliged to....." Treize opened a different line and connected to the bulge. "Space fortress Bulge,
please respond." The [people in] the command room had waited with bated breath for Treize [to contact them].

"Mr. Treize!"


On the monitor, Treize's face looked unusually elegant [same word could also be read as "manly"].

"Your Excellency Mr. Catalonia, please cancel the automatic defense system and fire the Barge's canon."


"And, if you so desire, please have my dear younger brother Van push the button." The designated person [button-pusher Van]
could not hide his bewilderment.

"Brother, what do you mean?"

"It must be you, Van......"

As Treize['s suit] dodged the Schwarz Greif gunfire, he slowly fell back. "The enemy suits will follow me...... set the Bulge's cross
hairs on me......" By the special properties of the Bulge canons, the greater the distance [Treize could "earn"] the greater the number
of enemy suits that would be hit. However, it was almost certain that Treize, [situated as he was] in the middle could not evade [the
Bulge canons].

"If you're the one to fire, I am satisfied [could also be read as happy]......"

"I can't, i can't do that," Van refused. "There's no way I could!"

"Look at the big picture Van...... by losing [one man], you can save the Bulge fortress." Van was well aware that in order to break
through this disadvantageous tide of war, Treize had to be sacrificed.

"You would sacrifice Supreme Commander General Catalonia, dearest Miss Dorothy, even yourself, just for my sake, yes?"

Admirable resolve, Treize..... but
This, somehow or other [will save you]......

Chilie's and Dorothy's feeling were as mixed as Van's. This, Treize's life risking proposal, spoke of his [failure] to find Zechs and Elv.
Treize had given in to those two with their strong desire to be the ones to [make the final] delivery of [all twenty five] Greifs, and [he]
gave them special permission to do so. In doing so, Treize [inadvertently] created the cause of this surprise attack on the Bulge and
he was [now] thinking he would take responsibility [for having done that].

"Hurry up and make a decision! If this keeps up, I'll die for nothing!"
"I understand!" Tears welled up [in Van's eyes] and his voice shook as he shouted, "Bulge canons, prepare to fire! The target is the
OZ Specials Commander's suit!"

That's my brother! (lit: Attaboy!)

"All Chimeras spread out! Fall back (lit: leave the front)! That's a direct order!" Treize's lone suit was surrounded by some twenty
Schwarz Greif and he withdrew [further] back.

Get them, Van Khushrenada.
The future of the Earth rests upon your shoulders.

With a smile, his last thought murmured through his heart:

Take care of Mother.

For the sake of setting the angle/degree of the Bulge's main canons, the sights had been designed to be set up by controlling the
propulsion burners. It was Artemis who had inferred that at once.

"Don't tell me you're going to shoot [him]? With the Bulge canon?!" It was hard to believe they would sacrifice Treize. She didn't
believe the United Alliance Army had layers thick enough that they could throw away such a brilliant man [like Treize] as though he
were a pawn. Yet all the elements spread out before her eyes substantiated her prediction. "How long until the Bulge canon is
charged?!" Here Artemis hesitated. She had never before doubted her intution, but this one time was different. The challenge to a
duel had also given her a jolt. There was also her being unable to fully accept that Treize, whom she had fought inside the Bulge,
had appeared behind her. She had even been nicknamed the Precision Machine, [but] Artemis' clear mind was starting to warp
[thanks to] Treize's [ability] to take action beyond what she could predict [#3]. It would later be criticized but it was her hesitation right
then-- a huge tactics mistake-- that cast doubt upon her abilities as a commander.

The Bulge's sights were set. Van did not hesitate this time. The words of the kid with the taped-up Leo ran through the back of his

You can't just run away.

Van had said he would make that his policy from then on.

"You won't his [my] brother! He will definitely dodge! Phanes [#4], Mother will surely protect him!"

"Target, lock on!"

Now, Artemis made up her mind, "All suits, fall back! The Bulge canon is coming!" The timing of this order, however, could not have
been worse. The (movements of the) Schwarz Greif, which were firing away, stopped for a few seconds.

"Fire the Bulge canon!" Van pushed the launch button (lit: switch). In that moment, Lucretia's, Izumi's, Solac's suits flew to Treize's
side at top speed and (left) [with him in tow] from exposure [to] the Bulge canon [er, the literal word is "exposure" or "irradiation" and
"angle" or "edge" but since this is a beam weapon, I'm guessing it's just a more technical way to say "line of fire"] Twenty Schwarz
Greif were destroyed in an instant, swallowed by [the canon's] almighty beam.
"Idiot......" Artemis muttered. "I really am an idiot......" All that was left [of the Schwarz Greif] was two mobile suits, including her own.

"Commander Artemis......"

The surviving aide awaited orders.

"Evacuate! Evacuate! This is a total defeat, no?!" The two Schwarz Black flew off in complete humiliation.

The three Chimeras had taken some damage from the Bulge canon but confirmed that Treize's suit was unharmed [#5]

"Good...... nothing is more important that your safety," Solac heaved a sigh of relief.

"After losing Zechs and Elv, I'd become a livig corpse if we lost Professor Treize," Lucretia spoke, half crying.

"You guys have committed a serious breach of military rule...... getting away from the front line was supposed to have been a direct
order from the commander," Treize's words were unusually harsh.

"I forced the other two to do it. Please only remove myself [from the ranks]," said Izumi Tarnoff. as he leaned out of his half broken

"Wrong! I was 'acting on my own thoughts'!"

"I, for the sake of later soldiers, accepted Cadet Izumi's suggestion! I'm guilty of the same [crime as he is]."

"All three of you will [be retrained] from the lowest level drills at Lake Victoria! However, I express my respect for your bravery! And,"
Treize [then] spoke with a kind smile, "I'm sorry...... thank you." In the control room on the space fortress Bulge, Van and the
Catalonias were thrilled (lit: happy from their hearts) that Treize survived.

"That was elegant, Mr. Treize...... it truly was as if you danced a waltz."

"Van Khushrenada, I don't suppose we could allow this to remain in the Alliance's history?"

"No...... by dint of that surprise attack occurring, the abilities of the strongest mobile space fortress (the Bulge) will come into
question (lit: be doubted)."

"Then it's going to be---"

"Stricken from the records."

Yet perhaps---

It is thought that in Van's heart of hearts, the real reason was that he didn't want to leave a record of him trying to hill his [much]
respected brother with his own hand---
"I give thanks to Phanes [see #4] and to Mother......"

Effectively, they had won but the accumulation of various chances that day caused/started a chain of events that could be described
as destiny. What if that young boy had not been holding his toy Leo? If Seis Clark couldn't destroy those Greifs, would Artemis have
been so jolted? If the Catalonias hadn't been there; if Treize had been late in arriving; if Izumi (and the others) had obeyed the order
[to say away]...... It was a victory with an untold number of chances; in reflection, it was a victory like a chilling, break-out-in-a-sweat
tightrope walk.

I can't believe how lucky we are.
I never want to feel this way again.
We must [eradicate] the colonies' will to resist us.

Van resolved strongly.

Yet [he] had stolen twnety lives in a single instant and despite being enemy [soldiers], it cast a deep, dark shadow on the thirteen
year old's heart. He became even more cool (or realistic) than before.


Almost one year passed---

Zechs Merquise's and Elv Honegger's whereabouts were still unknown. Odin Lowe and his son had, since [the battle of the Bulge
(lit: since that day)] been roaming just the two of them. Although they were really father and son by blood, that was the only
knowledge Odin did not impart upon his son. He did teach him everything [else] he knew; tactics, and the art of survival. [The boy]
took after Aoi in his body's physical capabilities. His clear mind he owned to Seis' (influence). And from Odin, he inherited a
particular skill.

"Who are we going to kill here?" The two of the had gone to the medical facilities on the L-1 colony cluster.

"Don't butt in like a snot-nosed kid when Dad's working [#6]."

"Dad? I don't have a father (lit: parents)."

"We're acting like father and son...... that's our agreement. [That is] if you want to eat." Odin had the boy help with the work, also. It
was easier to get around with a kid that it was t go it alone.

"...... understand."

I can die anytime.

That may have been a good attitude [for that line of work], but it didn't put food in your stomach. The little boy believed he 'didn't
have anything,' but he did have his 'life.' Even though his head desperately wished for death, his body demanded life. For him to
keep living, other lives had to be sacrificed. There wasn't any difference between eating meat, eating vegetables, or eating lives.
The longer he lived, the filthier he became. It wasn't possible for mankind t live life beautifully. [He] didn't want to hear any lofty
ideas. The problem was in his heart. That kind of thinking, peculiar to terrorists, was what Odin taught his son [#7].
Siblings Treize and Van had (likewise) gone to the medical facilities. For the sake of taking their father Hundert Khushrenada's body
[#8]. The cause of Hundert's death was the "colony cold." It was a new strain that didn't respond to the most recent vaccine.

"This man was, from the very beginning, a soulless shell [devoid] of a soul...... death has done nothing to [add] value [to him]," said
Van coldly. "If this was retribution for his treatment of Mother, it's too late."

"Don't speak ill of the dead......"

"That you won't talk means you must feel the same way, Sir (lit: honorable older brother)." He had become "Sir" instead of "Treize."
Treize didn't say anything. That change in Van's personality was his own fault, so strongly did he feel about what he'd done that day.

"Shall we see Mother?"

"There was a rebellion at a near-by colony. I thought I'd visit after taking care of that."

"As usual, [you're] being indisposed of conveniently...... how about [finally[] stepping on the stage of history [for real]?"

"[The way it is now] suits me better."

Now, Treize was no longer Lake Victoria's exclusive educator. Currently, he was also called to officer training school all over,
teaching young soldiers how to make use of mobile suits and operation/manipulation techniques. And when there was a coup de tat
or dispute or disturbance in the area [he was in], he was roped into the front lines by military request. Throughout history, small
scale rebellions have been controlled [ALT: History is largely comprised of the control of small scale rebellions.] In hindsight,
Treize's fight starting from his first campaign to capture Mogadishu could probably be described as that. He executed the missions
assigned to him dispassionately. He championed no particular ideal, nor did he feel any doubt in fighting. The sortie this time was no
different. The Resistance had attacked a Cosmo Arma base with five Tragos. Treize drove his borrowed Leo and confronted the unit
of Tragos (which were responsible for the coup de tat). It was somewhat unfortunate that they were not white [the Tragos or the

At that time, the majority of the terrorist organizations on the colonies were (aiming) for Van Khushrenada's assassination.

They could not allow the young Romefeller leader who had set up space as [Earth's] imaginary enemy to continue as he had been.
Also, Van's intolerable behavior towards the colonies had been on the rise recently and that was deserving of assassination. [Van
had] completely blocked inter-colony contact ((including the transfer of personnel and supplied)), the inspection of all resources was
being strengthened; it was exactly as though the United Earth Sphere and the [space] colonies had resurrected the feudal [system]
relationship between crown and colony. At one time, Van had even used high-handed techniques to push reform through the upper
echelons in the Alliance. Here, also, that out and out matter was being demonstrated. The one difference was that it was the
Romefeller Foundation alone which profited. [It was] the oppressive rule of a tyrant [or autocrat or despot or absolute monarch, take
your pick]. Disposing of the sovereign was the first step in destroying that system.

That was the job for which Odin had been requested. Odin, however, was skeptical. Would anything change by assassinating Van
Khushrenada? There was no question that the assassination of (the leader) Heero Yuy had [lead to] a big change (in time/history).
ONce the gears of history were out of whack, they would not easily be righted. What history needed was a major overhaul, to be
dismantled and put back together one gear at a time. In order to do that, the flow of history needed to be stopped temporarily

(One day/ lit: This day) [Odin had] received information from [a staff member (lit: a responsible party)] at the medical facilities that
Van would be visiting his mother's room

"That kid, he's made enemies all over the place......" Odin said as he removed a dismantled sniper rifel from a violin case. He was
[standing?] on a roof from which he commanded a view of [Angelina Khushrenada's] hospital room. The only time Romefeller
Foundation's [precious leader] was alone and without his extremely tight security detail was when he visited that hospital room.

"I secured the escape route."

The son performed his role as trust worthy partner. Then, a young make nurse entered Angelina's room and Odin took note.

"That's funny......"

Angelina smiled nostalgically, "My, it has been quite a long time......"


"Have you been assigned to me again?"

"No...... today, I'm just changing the flower vases." [There was] a beautiful, richly colored bouquet of flowers arranged in a large
vase [in her room].

"My, they're just like the Aurora Borealis, aren't they......" The memory of the Aurora Borealis as seen in her youth remained with
her. "Are they from Treize?"

"Yes...... oh, no, they're from Van."

"Van? I have no recollection [of a Van]...... who do you suppose that is?" The young nurse didn't reply and (hurried from) the room in

"The nurses for Angelina Khushrenada were supposed to be all female......" Odin pondered the information from [his] informant.

"Could he have been employed by a different organization? [meaning: another assassin]" asked his now seven year old partner.

"There's been an influx in the second oldest profession."

"I'll try tailing him."

"Don't overdo it."

"I'll try."

Van appeared at the medical facilities with a large bouquet of white lilies. Pure white that recalled to mind the image of those ice
floes was something Van would love to the end of his days. As would Treize. For the time being, Van was [just] waiting for his
brother [to arrive]. Speaking of Treize, he was putting down some dispute or other and [Van] knew (lit: thought) he would hurry [to
the hospital] once it was taken care of. But no matter how long he waited, it seemed Treize was not coming. Even when he
contacted the troops, he was told [his brother was] 'in the midst of battle.'

"Oh well...... I just wish Sir Treize were here, then I could see Mother's beautiful side." He decided to visit his mother alone. "Have
you been well, Mother?"

Odin waited for his chance to snipe. If Van didn't take one more step towards the window, he wouldn't hit his mark. And he found
himself posing the same question to himself yet again:

If I do kill this kid, would it really change the world?

"Treize, you're here...... look at these flowers...... aren't they beautiful? Someone named Van sent them," said Angelina, looking at
the flower-filled vase as she [rested against] her pillow. "You should say thank yo to him also, yes?"

"Sir Treize isn't here." Van went to replace the flowers in the vase with the ones he was holding [well, it ultimately doesn't matter
much BUT it sounds as if the white lilies already there were NOT from Van]. "Besides, these flowers......"

Suddenly, there was an explosion. The window shattered; blood, bits of flesh, and flowers went flying through the room.

"Chi! Someone beat me to the punch......" As odin was putting the sniper rifle away in the violin case, he noticed his communicator
was vibrating (for his attention). It ws his son.

"...... sorry, I missed." His voice wavered audibly (lit: clearly).

"I'm on the way!"

On the outside spiral stairs that lead from the room downstairs, there was a young assassin [standing? crouching?] stiff even as he
held his pistol at the ready. Odin stroked his head even as he spoke, "That guy went so far as to kill (lit: bury) the mother, too...... but
that probably wasn't necessary." It was exactly like looking at himself from so long ago.

"If I had just [shot him] sooner...... then the mother wouldn't have died." The boy was (just) feigning a cold voice.

"Don't worry about it," said Odin as he took the smoking gun from the little boy. "It's like this for everyone the first time...... it gets
easier after the second time."

"We'll get the contingency fee, right?"


On the (downstairs) landing, the young male nurse lie dead with the top of his head blown off. That was the first man the boy had

I told you to take it easy......
I wanted to let you go (lit: throw away/abadon you) before [this happened]
God, I can't do this [lit: It's just as I feared I can't do this]
I'm sorry, Aoi......

With those thoughts, Odin and his son escaped from the medical facility. Treize heard of Angelina's and Van's deaths after he had
completed driving back and [securing the] surrender of all members of the rebel army. That battle had been won by sheer pressure
of numbers and there were zero casualties. That had been his battle style ever since he had begun fighting. In fact, Treize had yet
to send [even] and enemy to death.

"Is that...... true......?"

He grieved over his brother's death more than his mother's. Treize esteemed Van's genius as the one who would usher in the next
era; he even expected it. And he more than anyone else, noticed how admirably Van had continued to love that mother of theirs.

The story as told by those responsible for peace and order said that the male nurse was not part of an underground organization.
He [the nurse] however couldn't stand Vans recent oppression of the colonies and that reawakened [his anger] over being punched;
he approached some terrorists and they (volunteered) to take part in his revenge.

"So that's it then......" Treize felt regret. He shed tears of regret; it was all his fault. Van's intensification of colonial confinement
started when he [Van] had been ordered to fire the Bulge canon. He had invited tragedy in my never getting his own hands dirty.
Until then, he had never cried, no matter how painful or miserable things had been. But this time, he sobbed. Too steep was the
price he paid:

Angelina Yuy
Van Khushrenada

He vowed to never forget their names. Also, he decided (in his heart) to not hesitate to get blood on his own hands.

Should doing so cause 'time' to stop, should it mean retrogression, I will accept it!

From then on until AC 193 when he was inaugurated as commander of OZT Treize utterly refused to step upon the [world/politcal]
stage, instead operating in an education capacity. Treize also, for the eight years between [losing Van and Angelina] and losing to
Chang Wufei, remembered the names of [each and every] irreplaceable person sacrificed for his sake [note: it's written such that it
sounds like Treize is the one who is taking lives, and he is even if it's not done by his hand, it would be done by his order] No, it
wasn't as superficial as [merely] remembering. They [the names] were carved into his heart; it was similar to sankhara [#9] practiced
in Buddhism.

During this time, Treize likely lost faith in himself. While it could be surmised that it was around this time that [Treize] [began to feel]
that it was better to be a failure with beautiful, self-effacing glory than to be a miserable victor with nothing but control by
suppression, he did not once speak of his true intentions until the very end [of his life]. But in any case---

There's no doubting Treize's "sense of atonement" was extremely strong at this time. Ergo, it is believed that he wouldn't resort to
simple suicide or allow himself to die in battle by taking recklessly rash actions. Essentially, by dint of not being Treize, Van had
probably brought true peace to that crazy world. While bearing the weighty cross of atonement ever since, he (probably) prepared
himself for taking the Earth and space in his hands as Angelina-- the mother he should have loved -- always said he would.

I took off the virtual visor. That was the end of the Treize files. The next files were Zechs Merquise and [or? #10] Milliardo
Peacecraft but before [starting those] I remembered the original poem Treize wrote in the summer of AC 187 and loaded it. The title
was "Dazzling Light."

I saw a point of light from across the dark
I ran towards the light
Nothing but mere running
Running like on possessed
And I kept running
It was just like coming out of a tunnel
I burst into a world of dazzling light
It was a world brimming with contentment

Is this what I was looking for?
Something that I sought?

No, it was not
I searched not for repose
I did not ask for this heart

I looked behind me
I passed by myself
There was the dark exit of the tunnel

I was not looking for results

We needed more progress

So it is
What I sought
It was in that black darkness
There was a meaning to my continued running

So I asked myself

Why continue to run?

AC 187 Sommer TK.

The (contents) were very deep, but I wasn't in a position to state my impressions. Just then, the emergency signal (re)sounded.
"This is Doktor T...... North Pole base respond."

Hurriedly, I picked up the line. "This is the North Pole base, go ahead Doktor T." With the sandstorm on Mars, the connection was
rather bad. The man that appeared on the holomonitor had peculiar long fringe that kept his slender, student-like face from showing
[note: dumb dumb dumb, if you can't SEE it, how come it is DESCRIBED?]

"Tell Master Chang...... that the "Prometheus" was taken by young Miss Winner."

"That's ridiculous!" Master Chang shouted from behind me. "That's [an unbelievable] snafu even for an asshole [#11] like you."

"I'm so sorry!" A silver haired gentleman who seemed [more like a] youth with his blue eyes and charm, cut across the screen. "Of
course there's no way I ever would have thought Katrine would go so far! It's all my fault (lit: bad judgement)."

"Looks like that's about right," Master Chang said coldly. The scholar with the bangs spoke in an equally cold tine, "It just means the
young lady is more excellent that we are...... from here on out, don't blame this poor guy." His voice was cold but his message was
amiable. "I've just ordered 'Nanashi' to pursuit...... can I ask you to intercept?"

"That'll mean we have to kill Professor W's little sister."

"That's unfortunate, we're probably the ones at fault."

"Looks like it's time to hit the road, eh," said Duo Maxwell and he flicked his braid over his shoulder. "Let's go, sir......" [#12]

"Where's my Snow White?" asked Heero Yuy from behind.

"With his Warlock," Father Maxwell answered for his son. As it was a state of emergency, I made to stand up so I could make the
necessary preparations.

"You're on standby here......" Father Maxwell pushed me back into my chair.


"You haven't finished watching the files, have you?" He asked with a gentle smile while giving my shoulder a couple pats.

"Next are Zechs' files, the same [ones] that were used in that Relena Peacecraft's awakening from (hibernation)......"

"Relena Peacecraft?"

"It was a lot of trouble to hack them [hack them in order to GET them]." His face showed childish pride. "The princess we knew was
a little better [than the one you're familiar with."

"But she's changed......"

"The cause is believed to be awakening her with only these files." Father Maxwell spoke with a mischievious grin. "How 'bout it? Got
your curiosity piqued?" [#13]
To Be Continued.....

of the COPIOUS variety

#1 What the latter part of this little passage is trying to say is that basically, the leaders at the cusp of the 20-21 centuries (let's call
them Gen 1) refused to step down to let their kids (let's call them Gen 2) take up the reigns and apparently actively worked to
suppress Gen 2 from taking power. So when Gen 2 started squeezing out kids (let's call them Gen 3), Gen 2 decided to give them
all the advantages they themselves didn't have. Gen 1 then finally comes to realize that they will not live forever but through their
own oppression of Gen 2, there were no suitable leaders IN Gen 2 to take over, so Gen 1 had no choice but to hand responsibility
for the world over to Gen 3... right.]

#2 Right, so the *commander* committed a blunder by not being at his post, which is *not* the command room. I get that. But WHO
is the freaking commander? Is it wrong to assume it would be Van or Chilie? Because Chilie handles everything swimmingly despite
being locked into the *command* room. Also: if Chilie has the Bulge soldiers moving to defend the Bulge, why does it say he asks
them to PREVENT themselves from infiltrating the ENEMY'S insides? Shouldn't it say the soldiers worked to prevent the enemy
from penetrating the BULGE'S insides? Granted, the enemy is twenty five mobile suits, so I guess it would be weird to infiltrate just
ONE mobile suit, but it sure seems to make more sense to me to either prevent the enemy from penetrating YOUR stronghold or for
you to penetrate the ENEMY'S stronghold.

#3 - Artemis gets beaten by Treize because he is able to "take action beyond what she could predict." That idea of predicting
outcomes and stuff comes into play (kind of significantly) in the next chapter, but with different characters.

#4 - Hey, whut? The text literally says "god of space, mother will protect him" meaning either the god of space OR mother (or, hell,
anybody will do in a pinch) will protect him. So I googled god of space and turns out, according to wikipedia's sketchy info, that
Phanes created the cosmos... and that's a pretty God like thing to do, yes? However, this was mentioned not on the Phanes page
but the Chronos page under the Orphic cosmology section. Phanes was born from the silvery egg Chronos made.

#5 - Literally, it says Treize was unharmed, but obviously, he must have sustained SOME damage after having twenty five Greif's
hauling away on him >.<

#6 - Literally, it says "parent" not "father" but Odin is a man ergo a father/dad. Since he never told Heero he was his biological
father, Odin and Heero must obviously attribute any references to the other (or to themselves) as "father" or "son" as part of their
cover story as, well, father and son. And it IS extremely common for people to refer to themselves by their RELATIONSHIP to their
partner rather than by their NAME, especially when you have an established repertoire with that person (as in family/work situations)
in Japanese (and, hey, guess what! This is written IN Japanese BY a Japanese!)

#7 - Okay, so this sound weird because it's NOT saying "having a heart is WEIRD for a terrorst" but more like "having a heart is
UNIQUE TO a terrorist" as in, it's something only a terrorist would have... obviously, you can argue that a terrorist must have
something of an imperfect heart because of their job. I like the word "peculiar" because it could mean BOTH of WEIRD and UNIQUE
and that's the best I can do with it. Also: yes, it says "son."

#8 - JAPANESE FUNERAL RITES ARE PRETTY AWSOMELY MACABRE! Why do they pick up the body? Probably to take it back
to Earth, but... When someone dies, the body must be taken back to the family's house where it will lay (kind of in state) for the
night. The dead is offered tea along with the rest of the family who gathers to discuss the preparations. I THINK the spouse of the
dead (or maybe the whole family?) is supposed to sleep in the same room with the body. Everyone in Japan MUST be cremated, it
is a law. The family then gathers round the ashes and use chopsticks to pick out the bones that didn't get burned all the way. These
bones are passed chopsticks to chopsticks and THAT'S why you never pass food to people in Japan from your chopsticks to THEIR
chopsticks, but must set it down on a plate.

Customs like this (as well as socio-political issues) are interesting to read about because Japan is so different from the rest of the
world. And honestly, who really thinks about FUNERAL RITES? Just use what you know. But I'm not sure how many GW fans know
Japanese funeral rites (I've just heard accounts from friends/coworkers who have lost loved ones here about how it works... haven't
had the chance to sift for bones myself yet).

#9 - googled this and a karma/buddhism for dummies site informs me that Sankhara is a "deep impression" and that seems to fit
with how Treize was remembering the lives he took.

#10 - Oh god. Well, when we get around to Chapter FIVE and specific plot points in chapter SIX, I feel compelled to waffle between
AND versus OR here. However, without reading BEYOND this chapter and knowing what we know of the original series, it should
probably be OR

#11 - I was blasted for translating "kisama" as "bitch" when Heero used the word to address Katrine (in a later chapter) and I'm sure
people will wonder about this "asshole" business, but I've asked three Japanese people (in addition to my own varied encounters
with the word in non-gundam texts) and hands down: kisama is at the top of the list of BAD THINGS to call people. Fun fact:
Japanese curiously void "taboo" words. There are (or were) seven words you COULD NOT SAY on public airwaves, as made
famous by George Carlin, but in all my wild and varied experiences with Japanese, I can think of only one that isn't fit to print (or at
least it gets treated to the Japan-equivalent of an asterisk ala f*ck or sh*t)

#12 - you may be saying to yourself "Why the hell would that sassy brat Duo Maxwell with the much lauded bad look to him refer to
anyone as 'SIR'?" but the fact remains that in the text, he refers to Heero with a typical title used in Japanese hierarchical
relationships when speaking to your superior. In other words, Duo Maxwell is (at least in this pronoun choice) being polite.

#13 - Woah, can of worms! Barrel of monkeys! Ball of wax! Please please please keep this conversation (all in bold) in mind when
you read chapters 5 and 6!!

Frozen Teardrop, Chapter 5, part 1

MC File 1

Once upon a time, there was a person who had two names. That person was the heir to a peaceful country but sought revenge for
the country's destruction; so he put on a helmet/mask, changed his name, and became a legendary hero in a certain army. That
person now says he will purge the foolish people. Why does he choose to do this? And--- isn't this [person/place/period/idk]
completely pacifist? Or is this the instinct of a hero? This person presumably truly hates peace. Perhaps he hates his little sister who
carries on her father's dying with for peace. Still, no one can be sure of his real intent.

AC 195 - Dorothy

MC-0022 Next Winter

I don't have a name. I have no past. I was nothing but a mere expendable that could be thrown away. My youth was spent like
nothing so much as a [dirty] old rag. For as long as I can remember, I've had to make like a terrorist just to survive the rough streets
(lit: land) of Mars. I never felt any particular inconvenience [about not having a name], but the guys around me seemed to care and
somewhere along the line, they took to calling me 'Nanashi.'

Basically 'history' doesn't exist. That's the same as me not having a name. The concept of 'history' is historians and historical
scholars comparing historical data, understanding it, at the time those records are spoken in some form, 'history' is, from the start,
what 'existed.' We who have given ourselves up to space and its (flush) of time are unable to understand the current condition of
'history.' First of all, the word 'history' is unclear as it doesn't distinguish between 'human history' or 'Earth history' or 'history of the
solar system,' we don't know from whose point of view [this history] is being told from or by whom it is given a voice. Supposedly a
thing owned collectively by man, as long as [it is] historians and historical scholars as opposed to something like 'god' speaking,
then their personal subjectivity cannot help but [affect the telling of] history. That is why I don't trust the 'past' which [is usually
considered] 'history.' No, I cannot find the value in the mere past. Maybe my feelings would be more clearly expressed with a
straight forward 'whatever.' And if man believes, as I do, that the 'past' has no value, [then] 'history' isn't a collective possession and
'time' is nothing but a disposable expendable.

The Mars Federal Government announced 'Mars Independence' to the United Earth Sphere five years ago. [One] Martian revolution
[around the sun] corresponds to about two Earth years. So in Earth time, it was about ten years ago. The Mars Federal Government
representative was the first [Mars] President: Milliardo Peacecraft. He, who had been selected by the citizens of Mars, won the Mars
government its autonomy [by] repeated negotiations with tenacious Earth; eluding the sabotage of the for-profit business
organizations of/for Mars' development; not [resorting] to such extreme measures as a war of independence; and without spilling so
much as a single drop of blood. In that [declaration of] independence, the people living on Mars pronounced themselves Martians
[ALT: In that declaration of independence, [Milliardo] gave the name Martians to the people living on Mars, after what they had
called themselves.] Furthermore, people came to be able to live on Mars and it was this time that they took to calling it "Mars
Century," retroactive from when the first firm steps [at colonization] were taken [#1]. There had been, untl that point trouble (lit: a
hitch) in daily life caused by Earth's AC calendar conversion system which used colony standard time, and there was a need to
[align] the length of a year ((687 days)) and the length of one day ((24 hours 37 minutes)).

It was this time more than any other that separated the history [#2] of Earth and Mars.

However, from around this time, peace and order on Mars began to fall apart. Differential society dissatisfaction was on the verge of
exploding. In just a few short years, disputes had started across the land. Inaugural [start up?] enterprises began crushing
themselves. The (ditch) between the Anti-Earth Sphere and Pro-Earth Sphere factions was deep, and while the federal government
leaders (who were going to unify) kept the tides of war blurred by standing neutral, the suppression of fighting and maintenance of
peace went from the police system to the military organization. The chain of hatred among nations (lit: races) coming from different
faiths and ethnicities also continues. So the victims retaliated and as a result they cried for revenge; the situation was an eternal ball
[as in dance] that unfolded night after night with no end in sight. It's believed that the peace keeping system likely didn't cover [all]
the Earth Sphere yet (and that's what caused the trouble). For the people of Mars, they started to feel that if it was going to come to
this, it would have been better if they hadn't become a free state.

Another year passed [MC-0018]. A mars year, that is.

MC-0021 First Winter

At Elysium island near the Mars equator, a large (scale) conference [among] leaders was being held in the (federal government
central city) Relena City. Several VIPs from Earth had been invited. Presidential aide Lady Une, ambassador Sylvia Noventa were in
attendance. The "Little Prince" [#3]-- a frozen hibernation capsuel-- was set up in the back-most chairperson's seat of the hall. A
single rose was among the [bed of] thorns, and albeit an imitation, it was beautiful. An eternally beautiful little girl slept within. She
rendered distinguished service to the Mars Terraforming, Relena Peacecraft did. She had encountered trouble on the passage from
Earth to Mars and [has since] been sleeping in the hibernation capsule; that's what I heard, but the details have never been officially
disclosed. Milliardo, the first president of the Mars Federal Government, stood in front of the capsule and, facing the government
leaders and VIPs from every country, began his address. He whitewashed over peace and history [ALT: Whitewashed the why-fors
and what-wheres of peace and history]. I was a part of the security detail and stood in the very front [of the audience] with my back
to (that) President Milliardo. In the middle of the address, the order came. Suddenly, explosions [rocked] all over the conference
room. Just as planned. It was the timing device my comrades had taught me. With the conference room in an uproar, it was our job
to guide President Milliardo and the SP [#4] to a safe place; that was my official stance (lit: face) to the end. I shouted, "THIS WAY!"
At the same time, I pulled out my pistol, aimed at my target and pulled the trigger. The silencer rang out a dry machine sound [#5]
and the bullet shot clean through Milliardo's wrinkled brows. Instantaneously, there was another explosion somewhere else. That,
too, was as planned. I took advantage of the melee and fled outside the conference room. Immediately I ditched the officer's uniform
and pulled my favorite knit cap low over my eyes. The hat had frayed threads here and there and my comrades teased me about
having a worn out rag sitting on my head. It was unmistakably me who had killed Milliardo Peacecraft. I was raised as a terrorist, the
only thing I had been taught was how to destroy authority. But I wasn't interested in politics. It was just a matter of my bosses telling
me to do it and I did it [ALT: when my bosses said 'jump' I asked 'how high.'] I wondered where the group who made them move
was. Earth sphere radicals and Mars development business foundations stripped of their vested rights and a secret organization
called Preventer.... what interest were [any of] those to me, the tail of the lizard [which is easily cut off #6]? I ran through downtown
with its small-scale swarm of tent-like residences. I ran like the devil was after me. But the (garrison) had blocked [my way]. The
terrorists who were supposed to be my comrades were also looking for me. Betrayal and destruction of evidence was our usual
modus operandi. There was nothing I could do but run. No other way save to continue my flight. This time, it would likely be my turn
[as the target] (lit: to be killed). I couldn't trust my intended escape route. Calling upon my rock climbing skills, I clambered up a wall
and took refuge in the ventilation of [some] house (I'd never seen before). Terrorists have a habit of infiltrating the underground
[areas]. Even so, I went ahead and (prowled around behind/in the ceiling) and somehow managed to escape the pursuit of the
garrison and my former comrades [#7]. I bore hunger and thirst, but weathered it out for several days. Nevertheless, places for me
to take refuge steadily became fewer and fewer. It had probably been a week since the [assassination]. In the uproar, I had been
seen by people totally unrelated [to the incident]. They tipped off the (garrison). It would be possible to kill them before I got
reported, but I got disgusted by the thought of killing someone just so I could keep going. I understood that there was nowhere in [all
of space] where I deserved to live [alt: was worthy of living]. Regardless, I still had a touch of instinct that made dying at the hands of
another rather distasteful. I think I'd rather use this gun and blow myself to kingdom come.


I looked at my watch. It was nearly the time Phobos-- disrupted as it was by the sun-- could be seen passing. I often compared
myself and this Phobos. The name means "fear" in Greek mythology. I had the sensation that "phobos" was passing through me at
present [#8]. The Martian moon Phobos ran contrary to the usual clockwise rotation of normal stars, it moved counter-clockwise
[that's for the idiot note, Sumizawa!]. The satellite rose in the West and set in the East. It's a phenomenon caused by spinning at a
higher speed than the rotational velocity of Mars. But its speed is also relatively fast [ergo] two or three times a day it can be seen
(plunging) before the slowly moving sun from the opposite direction. And awaiting us (lit: less than fifty thousand years in the future)
is its collision with Mars('s atmosphere) and the ring which will subsequently form from all the little pieces [of Phobos]. I believed with
all my heart that [our] foolish existence continued to go against the flow of time.

"I'm not the only odd fellow."

I liked seeing (the scene of) that jet-black moon crossing-- no stabbing-- the pure white sun like [it was] a warped bullet.

"It wouldn't be too late if I died after seeing him [#9] off, eh......" I said creeping out from the attic of the tent house. Standing on the
solar panel-covered roof, I looked over the panoramic [view of] Mars. Dust-filled gales blew across [the land]. The sky was covered
with a thick layer of clouds: I could confirm neither the sun nor Phobos. I couldn't even see "Frozen Teardrop," as the second moon
(or satellite) was so-called for its resemblance to a frozen teardrop. Things didn't go as I'd thought they would. I even laughed.

"Huh...... that's how it's gonna be, huh." I muttered and pressed the muzzled of the gun to my temple. I shed no tears. Naturally. My
tears had long ago been frozen. Then, I heard the sorrowful tones of a violin (at my back). I inhaled sharply as I turned around,
"......?" There was a tall man with long bangs standing there with his arms crossed. He was as scholarly type man, thin and close to
past middle age [#10]. And a young boy about my age sat at the man's feel playing the violin. Or probably a girl as she was wearing
a skirt. She [also] had on goggles. The song was Rimsky-Korsakov's "Scheherazade." My holding a gun didn't phase those two,
they stayed as they were for a while. I fixed my aim to the man's forehead. Glaring down the muzzle of my gun, the man slowly
raised both hands. He seemed to indicate he would not attack, but there was no carelessness in the movement and his eyes were
filled with seething anger. The girl finished her violin performance and removed the goggles. She wore glasses under the goggles. It
was considerably conscientious [of her] to want to protect [her] big, blue eyes from the dust clouds of Mars. I thought to ask them
who they were but the man began to speak first.

"I also don't have a name, but if you must call me something, call me Doktor... T."

Also? The man calling himself Doktor knew that I didn't have a name. The girl, holding the violin under her arm, giggled.

"Isn't it inconvenient to not have a name?"

"This young lady is Katrine Wood Winner...... daughter of the house of Winner.," said Doktor in a calm tone. "However, you'd best
take care...... neither one of us is as gentle as we appear." I wondered where exactly they'd appeared gentle. [ALT: I wondered
where exactly they'd appeared from at all #11] Keeping my gun trained [on them], I affected a calm air.

"What do you two think you know about me?" Those were the first words I spoke when I met the Doktor and Katrine.

"You are me," Doktor lowered his hands and barely moved his thin lips. "I know everything." That sharp look [of his] shot straight
through me (lit: my heart) like an arrow. "[You] don't bare your fangs at those who are not your enemy...... you're a docile man."

Point my gun as much as I liked, I couldn't [bring myself] to pull the trigger. The Doktor-- it was like he saw through me.

"Do you know who I've killed?"

"Milliardo Peacecraft died in AC 195, [he died] in battle at the last Earth Sphere war; the Eve Wars. What you killed was merely the
spirit (alt: soul or apparition) of a dead man."
"That's ancient news," I wasn't such a simpleton as to so easily believe old stories like those that are written in textbooks, and I
didn't care about history. I never went to school and so had practically no proper education. I'd come this far without having won so
much as love or affection or what have you.

"Well, shall we talk about what happens now?" Asked Katrine with a smile on her face. "There are three options available to you."
Slowly she stood up and brushing dust from her skirt, spoke dispassionately. "The first is to commit suicide here......" I realized that
instrument could not be [just an instrument (lit: negligent)]. "Another is to go into town and be killed by someone." I stood at the
ready, aiming the muzzle of the gun at Katrine when she began talking; I interrupted her speech.

"I don't think there's any other way." Then, suddenly, I noticed the gentle light radiating from Doktor's eyes. Unknown words like
father and mother cut across my mind.

"What you need is a place to call home." Never had I ever been looked upon with such kind eyes. "Wouldn't a third option be coming
with us?" That shook my feelings. But I, like my ragged old knit cap, was still cold and dark and deeply suspicious.

"How did you find me (lit: know this place)?" A freezing red wind blew through.

"The lady...... her instincts are sharp."

"It's too bad [we] couldn't see Phobos, isn't it, Mr. I-Don't-Have-A-Name...... I wanted to see the sun being stabbed, too."

"......" I decided to give it up. There was no where to hide if they could see through every thing and anything. I surmised they weren't
from my former terrorist organization nor were they the government's people. Assuming there truly was a third option, I thought I'd
have them tell me. I had a dim memory of something surely French-- troisime chemin or something. When I thought of such an
unnecessary thing, I realized I was already completely defeated.

"......" Without saying a word, I stuck my gun out to Katrine. She accepted it with a kind smile and in return, passed me the violin
she'd been holding.

"Salam [#12], Mr. I-Don't-Have-A-Name." The violin was a genuine instrument. I had thought it might have been concealing some
kind of weapon but apparently I had been unnecessarily borrowing trouble.

"Yeah.... Zdravstvuj [#12]." I, like Doktor T had just done, raised both hands without putting the violin down. The choice to live
necessitated considering myself as a captive.

"Don't do that, we're friends [#13], see?" Behind her glasses, Katrine's ernest eyes appealed [to me] strenuously. Much later I heard
that Doktor T had once gone by the name "Nanashi." Indeed, I thought I really probably was [the same as] that Doktor T.


I boarded a small hovercraft and left Elysium Island. After the Utopia Sea, we crossed the Acidalia Sea [note: there is an
eponymous plain] and continued on South. [Since] I had nothing to do, I tried to play a waltz on the violin I'd received. It was a song
I dimly recalled from when I was a little boy. Katrine came to listen.
"What's that song called?"

I didn't know.

"Renya no butoukai...... 'Endless Waltz', [#14] " said Doktor T quietly. "[We'll] have to change that waltz to a requiem sometime."

I was surprised when they took me to a little circus. It was on an isolated island (floating) in the Chryse Sea; I didn't think patrons
would come to such a remote place. Was I supposed to work here? I supposed it was something an (old rag [this is the same thing
he calls his hat]) like me could do, right? At the center of the little tent were lion and elephant gages; a trapeze and tight rope were
suspended, slack, from the canopy. We crossed the stage and continued on backstage. There was a cramped office. There to meet
us was a silver-haired gentleman with the same eyes as Katrine. I surmised this man was likely the head of the Winner household.

"Oh, that was quick, wasn't it." He had the exact (refreshingness :D) of a youth.

"It was fun, you should have come, too, (big) brother."

"No, I'm not used to Mars' (open) air." They were siblings with a pretty big age gap. "'Snow White' and 'Warlock' took up a lot of my
time, too......" His manner of speech was just like that of a youth's but I could completely agree to [seeing] these two as father and
daughter. "You're (young master) Nanashi, right?" Said the silver-haired man as he held out a cup of coffee in my direction. "I'm
Double-U...... Professor W." I took that to be the Winner 'W.'

"Doktor, what is your 'T' short for?" I asked as I drank my coffee. Saying no more than necessary seemed to be this man's [T's]
prerogative (lit: characteristic).

"It's Trowa," Professor W answered with an affable [look to his] face.

Doktor T, however, denied that, "No, it's not T for Trowa. T for Triton......" Either way, they meant the number 'three', thought I; it
didn't matter much to me.

"So what of this third path I was supposed to take?"

"About that," Professor W said as he booted up a holomonitor. "[Unfortunately] the state of affairs has surpassed what we had
predicted...... I want you to see this." The final resting place of Milliardo Peacecraft appeared [on the screen]. The family was crying
before the coffin. "Ms. Noin's anxiety is never ending......" Professor W muttered as he watched the screen. The image confirmed
the widow Lucretia and the twins born to Milliardo, Naina and Milu, wearing mourning clothes. The kids were maybe a touch older
than myself. [I] was caught with a slightly guilty conscious. "But you don't need to worry about [that]," Professor W touched the
screen,"...... look carefully." [He] zoomed in on the picture and increased the resolution. Neither Miss Lucretia nor the twins (named
Naina and Milu) were crying. All of them, they were only touching their handkerchief to their eyes.

"When you look at their eyes, you can tell [his] being killed was planned in advance." Doktor T, who was standing alone and leaning
against the wall spoke coldly. "The problem is the man standing in the rear of the family......" The clip was paused and the man in
question['s image] was enlarged. In a black suit and black sunglasses stood a young man with long blonde hair and a unique air all
his own. He had the impression of an SP bodyguard more than that of a government man. No, a military man is more like it.

"I want you to really remember his face...... he was in the secret service controlled directly by the President."
From over by the wall, Doktor T said quietly, "---Merquise." I couldn't quite catch what he said, but I remember it [sounded] like a
person's name. "With your murder of the Mars Federal President Milliardo Peacecraft, both powers of the reformist and conservative
factions have balanced......"


"Yes. Essentially, the revolutionaries were supposed to make great advances until the next president was elected."

"Then why are they in a state of equilibrium?" asked Katrine as she wiped her glasses.

"Most of the important members of the revolutionary faction have died...... he went to the Langrin Republic as a representative,"
Professor W changed the image on the holomonitor. He pulled up [an image] of the young man with long blonde hair we'd just seen.
This time, the sunglasses were off, his well-proportioned face announced, and he was wearing the deep green clothes of a military

"That was three days ago...... it was broadcast today."

"I am Special Officer First Class Zechs Merquise. We of the Lanagrin Republic [wish to] announce [first] our declaration of secession
from the Mars Federation and our independence and [second] we have decided to declare war against the Mars Federation."

He kept talking ironically about the 'abolition of Earth's rule [over Mars], and development of the upper classes,' and 'the masses are
coming together.'

"That's Zechs alright," this time I could clearly hear Doktor T's words.

"Your third options was to take up our ideals (lit: will) and fight for all the people who couldn't fight."

"I'm the guy who's [acting as a dampener] to prevent the spread of the flames of war, right?" Katrine winked cutely at me. I thought it
was just as I feared, I was going to be a clown.

"But the war had already begun," and I stated my position, "I'm a terrorist. War isn't my thing [which is why he thinks he's going to be
a clown: what is a terrorist to the war effort?]."

"You'll be trained..... as a pilot." So saying, the Doktor turned his back on me. "This way...... let's show you your machine."

"?" I went after him and got in the elevator that went to the subterranean hangar.


An algae [able to] withstand dryness [dehydration?] was discovered on Jupiter's Europa moon and [because of it] the Mars
terraforming progressed by leaps and bounds. 200 years ago Earth time, Mars gradually became warmer due to the greenhouse
effect caused by the man-made freon (CFC?) atmosphere, but there remained a [considerable] level of carbon dioxide that made
respiration impossible. [What's more], just a slight warming [had?] melted the polar caps, but the water was immediately absorbed
by the [soil (lit: sucked up to the subterranean)] and in the winter, the newly formed ocean had reverted back into a desert. AC era
space developmental researcher Lana Green was the first person to think of using "Europa algae" on Mars. At the time, "Europa
algae" was a big discovery in science, but it had no practical uses in daily life and was dangerous stuff that posed a threat to the
planet Earth. The Europa algae far below the ice in the deep sea, upon being exposed to sunlight, multiplied-- with surprising speed-
- a plankton commonly known as "Jupiter moss." Propagating this "Jupiter moss" on Mars greatly accelerated the warming and
greening (note: the moss helped make it possible for more plants to survive). It was predicted that by these means, the terraforming
could be done in a few decades instead of a few hundred years. Despite this, the intelligentsia in the early days of the AC era did
not put this plan into action for fear of environmental destruction on a global scale. There was, however, an accident (some time).
One of the several resource satellites that was brought to Earth left its orbit and managed to crash into Mars. (Essentially/Normally),
that resource satellite should have been called a "MO-VII." It fell in Argyre plain in Mars's southern hemisphere. Likewise, the Hellas
plain is also in the southern hemisphere too, but in this plain in quite ancient times [experienced] a collision with a meteorite. There,
another resource satellite fell and a (double formed) crater of huge [proportions] was formed. The problem was the ice inside that
resource satellite. "Jupiter moss" grew and multiplied rapidly. The peolpe living on Mars for the para-terraforming didn't notice slow
environmental change [that was happening] outside [their] domes [#15]. Sandstorms continued to howl, the red earth and sky
remained unchanged. In the Mars ground water, moss continued to grow, [the people living on Mars only] seemed to notice when
the average temperature seemed to rise. And within a few short years, half the deserts of Mars filled with ocean water. Blue [note:
this word is the same kind of blue used to describe Katrine and Quatre's eyes] water filled the Argyre double crater and it became a
large lake, or rather an ocean. The oxygen (density) rapidly went up. From the inception of Jupiter moss in the double Argyre crater
to the ocean that came to replace it, that body of water came to be known as the "Lana Green Sea" and (moreover) a huge
manmade island was constructed there and that was the birth of the "Lanagrin Repbulic."


The elevator stopped at the lowest level. There was a (vast) hangar and factory. When the doors opened, there stood a huge, and
despite being just a skeletal structure, obviously man-shaped machine. There were two of those works-in-progress there.

"So this is an MS ((mars suit))?"

"No, this is an MS ((mobile suit))."

I thought it didn't matter what they were called if the abbreviation was the same. The MTF ((Mars TerraForming)) was a two-legged
manipulator-equipped machine used to reform Mars and had been in use since the para-terraforming days. The MTF was called a
Mars Suit after it was modified for battle and the one who had (diverted it) for military purposes was the President Milliardo whom I
had killed. To suppress disputes that [were occurring] all over the place, I can't deny it was necessary to possess overwhelming
military power. Also, if you consider [how] sandstorms (accompany) Mars magnetism, it's obvious to employ giant humanoid
weapons operated by pilots. Yet as long as the MS weapons were around, peace had not/never come to the people.

"Mobile suit?" I repeated that word, [just having] heard it for the first time.

"That's what they're called on Earth."

"Well, okay......" Why did I get the feeling thee was some fear/danger in Doktor T's eyes? Mobile suits were...... 'Manipulative Order
Build and Industrial Labor Extended Suit' abbreviate that to [just] the first letters of the words and you get 'MOBILE Suit.' [#16] It was
probably better (lit: straight forward) to stick with the "Mars Suit" that means "Mars Suit." Taking a deep breath, Doktor T said the
names of the two suits, "This one is 'Prometheus' and that one is 'Scheherazade'." [One was t]he God who, by giving man fire,
incurred the wrath of the gods and was branded as a traitor. [The other was a (beautiful queen who), f]or the sake of soothing the
heart of a king who repeatedly slaughtered [stuff], told him fairy tales night after night. Greek mythology and Arabian Nights. There
wasn't a single point in common between the two. Katrine had played 'Schederazade' on the violin, was that her trying to allude (lit:
show off) to her machine? But they'd been given such weird names.

"Was the naming an interest of yours?"

"They were code names on the blueprints...... I don't care for them, but it's inconvenient when something doesn't have a name."
That [last art] was for my benefit, do doubt.

"Which one will I use?"

"The young lady fancies (riding) Scheherazade, yes?"

"I don't know...... she might feel that way but that Professor is against it."

"Are they really siblings?"

"From here on out, if you're going to ask questions, ask yourself...... you're not as naive as you think."

"......" Plausible explanation: their father's genes were kept somewhere and decades later, the little sister was born from a test tube.
That was all I could come up with. That, or they were playing a joke and making fun of me. Both [explanations] had their merits, but I
didn't have the faintest idea if either one was true. And I realized it ultimately wasn't of any concern to me. I'd asked a meaningless
question. It was a waste of time.

"Is that the kid you chose to succeed you?"

Overhead, a woman's voice echoed. Looking up, at the very top of the structured bones of the MS, a beautiful woman who wore the
costume of a circus prima dona-- and wore it well-- was smiling. Just when I thought her long, wavy hair was bouncing (lit: shaking
flexibly), she jumped suddenly and cart wheeled like an acrobat on the iron rod close to the ceiling and [then] as she flew into the
air, she spun round and round in an eight and a half flip with a twist [before] alighting on a thin cord of wiring directly above our
heads. [She had] marvelous physical ability/strength, and was sure of balance.

"Nice to meet you, boy."

Firm muscle, perfect proportions, peerless beauty, graceful carriage. She was flawless. I gazed at her beauty in rapture, I couldn't so
much as speak, the words were caught in my throat.


Then, suddenly, I was knocked off my feet. When did [I?/she?] come down? She stood before me with her fist clenched in my face.

"Introduce yourself properly."

For a second, I didn't know what had happened but I was sitting with my butt on the floor and felt the pain of my cheek swelling.
"Please be nice, sister."

"If you don't train kids and animals properly when they're small, they'll turn out like the bump on a log you are!"

"Nanashi...... this is your trainer, Catherine Bloom."

"Miss! Miss Catherine!"

Doktor T had called her (older) sister, but she certainly didn't look [like the same age as he]. Saying she was in her forties-- no, just
starting her thirties-- wouldn't be (a stretch) of the imagination [#16.5] And she had an excellent punch, despite hitting so hard, she
hadn't [made me] bleed. But it really was a heavy hit. I stood up feeling woozy. She was taller than me.

"Pleased to meet you, ma'am [#17]." When I said that, Catherine's fist exploded across my face gain.

"MISS Catherine! Or Lady [#18] Catherine to you! I'll give no quarter the next time you call me ma'am!"

A perfect knockout. I hadn't been forgiven yet. Ever since I was a kid, I'd been punched by all kinds of people but now that I thought
about it, I'd never been punched by a woman. I could hear Catherine and Doktor T talking: [it sounded as if they were] far away.

"What level [do you want him at]?"

"'Sleeping Beauty'."

"Time frame?"

"It will be 750 days until we complete the mobile suits...... we want him ready by then."

"You want an 'S class Triple A' [guy] in such short order.... that kid'll die you know."

"He won't die."

"Okay, when do we leave?"

I guessed the training wouldn't be here [at the circus].

"There's a shuttle in the hangar one floor up...... it'll probably take about six months to reach Earth's orbit."

But to reach Earth would take longer.

"It's not worth training [him] on Mars for its weak gravity."


For the first time in my life, I was leaving Mars. I wasn't broken up over it. Before I knew it, Catherine's training had begun on the
shuttle. In addition to basic strength training in zero gravity (in activities) outside the ship and extreme gravity in accelerated Gs, I
was taught how to pilot and dock [the ship] at stops along the way. The most surprising thing was that, in figuring out how far it was
to Earth's orbit, I had to [do the calculations] with a pencil, not a computer. If it was just a problem of gravity [I/we] didn't have to go
all the way to Earth but Federal monitoring satellites patrolled the area around Mars and for fugitives like me (([and] the Doktor [and
his group] were probably the same)) had no place where we could let down our guard.

The small planet hopper (lit: small interplanetary navigation vessel) we were to use to get to Mars was named Phobos. Doktor T
picked the name because 'it's inconvenient for things to not have a name after all'. Surely he was alluding to myself. During the 180
days [it would take] to reach Earth, pilot training was just what they called my drills, mainly I used just circus equipment [note: and
the aforementioned flight skills, obviously]. I thought they really were going to make me into a clown or an acrobat. Upon arriving at
Earth, the real training commenced at a small, unpopulated (colony [note: seems to be some kind of enclosed area on Earth]) that
had been laid to waste. I mastered juggling, balancing on a ball, tightrope walking, and the like; but for me, under gravity three times
grater than Mars', the trapeze was really tough. I failed many times and crashed to the ground. Every time that happened, I was put
into a medical capsule that was [designed] for restoring stamina and (medical) treatment.

"Couldn't you put up a safety net for me?"

"That would take too much time...... learn by doing (lit: learn/remember with your body)."

"...... got it." I stopped counting the (placed I'd) broken bones when I reached fifty. After a few days, Catherine brought in cloned
lions and tigers and even bears.

"It wasn't easy get these and they're just on loan, so treat your partners with respect."

Clones though they may have been, they were still wild animals. Even though I wanted to be respectful, that was a proposition I
couldn't take. From the start, I had no intention of keeping track of the fang and claw scars. It was the knife throwing training that
really got me in the head. Since Catherine herself served as my target, of course I would have to be the one to throw, but she'd [be
the one to] get hurt if I made just one mistake. I was fairly good [at doing things] so I was sure my life wasn't in danger but [what if]
push came to shove? What's more, there was a big possibility my ability to adjust/adapt my strength levels were out of whack thanks
to the change in gravity. I had hesitated too long and Catherine walked right up to me and took away the knives.

"Stand over there...... don't move." Catherine moved to the opposite side and threw all eight knives at once. Although I was standing
in the middle of it, each of the eight knives made an arc and hit the big spider board [19] cum target.

"I'll have you hitting the target with three times the knives at five times the distance by the time you go home......"


"Oh, and the gravity will double." That was six times Mars' gravity. Each day's special training schedule consisted of nothing but
severe [drills]. I seriously thought I was going to die. But each time Catherine looked me straight in the eye and encouraged me.

"It wouldn't be impossible if you did it like your life depended on it...... if you use your natural kinetic vision [note: this might be "hand
eye coordination"] and the physical strength we're going to develop to it's maximum potential, then you can certainly do this." I felt
like I could do it when [she] put it that way. "If you can do this in 200 days, I'll give you a reward." When I actually tried, I cleared the
exercises in 150 days.
"Good work, Nanashi......" Catherine gave me a banana. I was nothing if not a terrorist. When she said 'reward' I could only imagine
[that she had meant] 'cash.' Thinking about how hard I'd worked for the sake of [getting a banana], it didn't feel like much of a reward
[at all].

"You don't like it?"

I didn't say anything, thinking I'd get another punch if I said what I really felt.

"Well, we'll start the new training." Under those circumstances, with a new bar set [a little higher], the new training began. The wild
beasts were [conspicuously absent]. I thought it was because their (rental) period had ended; I was wrong. Catherine controlled the
air within the colony and had changed the air pressure and oxygen levels. It was [now] the same as [being] at the peak of an 8,000
meter mountain. The low oxygen, air pressure, and temperature were the threshold of human survival. Under those conditions I had
to do the trapeze walk. Over the next fifty days, I learned to do those perfectly also.

"You did well, Nanashi......" This time [she] gave me an apple.

"Catherine...... I'm training for my own sake. So......" I [tried] to tell her I didn't need a prize.

"Okay, then I'll give you an appropriately difficult training scheme......" Meaning it hadn't been difficult thus far. "So this time, we'll
triple the gravity." That was nine times Mars gravity, but Catherine smiled through it all. I cleared that in fifty days and then moved on
to zero gravity training and lunar training [note: not sure if Catherine fiddled with the colony air settings or they actually went to the
moon]. My body (became able) to respond to [little] changes in gravity and low oxygen and low air pressure.


MC-0022 Second Spring

One day, Doktor T sent the order to return home.

"Sister, there's been a sudden change in circumstances...... I want you to finish Nanashi's (preparation) after you've returned here."

We weren't within range to speak in real-time so the [message] was one sided, more like a video that a phone call. But if you
thought about it, Doktor T was a man who always spoke one-sidedly.

"The new president of the Mars Federation has been elected...... [and] it [means] Mars will live up to the meaning of its name: the
God of War."

The video cut to a clip of the president giving the inaugural speech. The president was a woman. She wore a full dress uniform of
pure white that recalled to mind the magnificence of a noble family. Also, she hid her eyes by donning a hemet (style mask).

"I am Relena, the newly elected second president of the Mars Federal Government. I am also the younger sister of the first
president, Milliardo Peacecraft."

I thought it was a bad joke. Wasn't Relena Darlian supposed to be sleeping in the frozen capsule? It was curious that she wore a
helmet but I thought the name was simply a lie [alt: her putting on airs].
"Out of respect to my late brother's dying wishes, and true to [my] campaign pledge, I believe (I shall) bring Special Commander
First Class Zechs Merquise to the negotiation [table in order to] attain peace with the Lanagrin republic," said the female president
as she removed her helmet. "And, as per my other campaign promise, I shall now reveal my face."

The face under the mask was that of a pretty, young girl.

"Relena......" Catherine muttered. "No doubt that is Relena Darlian."

"My name is Relena Peacecraft. Starting today, I [purport that] my Mars Federal Government will be a demilitarized, nonviolent 'total
pacifist' [nation]."

Peacecraft? Seems like it wasn't Darlian after all.
Total pacifism? She probably honestly believed she could gain followers (lit: get partners to acquiesce) with that castle in the sky.

"She's [lucky], to always be so young."

"I think [you're young]."

"I don't [need] empty flattery," said Catherine as she mussed my hair (by spinning my knit cap hard 'round my head). I have never
given empty flattery.

Catherine sighed and with a smile, she murmured, "So, let's go home to the 'God of War'."

After close to three hundred days training on Earth, we left in a hurry and headed for Mars' orbit straight away on the planet hopper
'Phobos'. During this time, my physical strength had improved by leaps and bounds. But more than that, it was my way of thinking
that had the bigger [change]. Somehow, the circus training had allowed my thought process to account for any and all situations the
future may present and to handle it calmly no matter what the outcome. It became my custom to act [in accordance to] that line of
thinking. I had to thank Catherine. People often screw up (their reactions) in 'unexpected situations.' But if you ask me, that's nothing
but [a person's] 'lack of imagination'. I [myself] often used to follow orders from above without (a second thought). When I
assassinated President Milliardo, too, I imagined [everything down] to the escape route, but I didn't predict the betrayal of my
comrades. I was one lucky bastard to have escaped, however miserable and clumsy. When I make a move, I analyze my skills,
prepare as many patterns for the future as I can think of, and I do a simulation. Then, I execute my move. If I should encounter a
situation which exceeds [all of my] predictions, it would be for want of my imagination and as a personal responsibility, I would
accept the result. If, for example, the result would spell my death, that would be the worst simulation I [could have] chosen [but]
nothing to regret. My actions lost their confusion and hesitation. Yet the ship's name was 'Confusion [note: or fear or whatever].'

***end part 1

#1 - Mars Century. So they started using MC after 17 Mars years (or about 34 AC years had passed according to Nanashi's
ROUGH guide). I'm *still* not entirely convinced that means ONLY 34 years have passed since the end of Endless Waltz because
as Nanashi also says the era was "retroactive from when the first FIRM STEPS" were taken for colonization.

#2 - maybe it's just me, but it sure seems INSANELY stupid for Nanashi to refer to "history" after explaining how history didn't exist
in his reality for about a page.

#3 - The folks at zeonic has contested the translation of this. In Japanese, it literally says "the star prince" or "the prince of stars."
True, this is the Japanese title to the famous book called "The Little Prince" in English. It apparently was originally written in French
with the title "Le Petit Prince" and while I'm no Francophone, I know enough about the language to know "petit" means "small" or
"little." The real questions are: does Sumizawa KNOW the title of the book is actually "little" and does he CARE the title of the book
is not "prince of stars"? Given how much allusion there is to other real people, places, and events I am going to work under the
assumption that he does mean this book and I'm going to use the actual (English/French translation) name for the book. As far as
Frozen Teardrop goes being a SPACE science fantasy fiction thing, it's too bad the real name of the book isn't "Prince of Stars"
because, hey, how neat would that have been?

#4 - Recall back to chapter 4 when the reception room Aoi is in goes kablooey. All references to SP there seem to indicate law
enforcement types. So why then, here, is the security detail apparently NOT the SP and more to the point, why is the security detail
helping the SP escape WITH the President instead of the SP helping the President escape himself?

#5 - Don't know enough about describing firearms in English to know what the appropriate adjective is for the sound of a silencer...
DULL maybe? Muted? Since I don't know, I'll stick with the original Japanese.

#6 - Is there a real English saying that embodies the spirit of this?

#7 - Sumizawa described the swarm of houses as being "paratent" and this seems to be just a regular old tent you might see at an
outdoor event. I find it odd, then, that there are air ducts and what not for Nanashi to hide in, but whatever. Perhaps all houses are
not tents (although we're only told about the tents)

#8 - The name of mars' moon is a transliteration, Nanashi tells us Phobos means "confusion, dismay, consternation, panic"
according to Greek mythology. That is what the raw text says. So I google stuff. Phobos IS the name of a moon of Mars, the word
Nanashi uses to explain what Phobos means IS "confusion" BUT the English definition of the Greek God Phobos is
FEAR/HORROR. The Japanese definition of Phobos is TAKE FLIGHT... whut? The name of the GOD, however, is still "fear." I think
my head just blew up a little. OH, btw, this is where English gets "-phobia" from!

#9 - there is a personal pronoun here (the same one used to refer to Heero most of the time in MC-0022 acutally) but I believe it's
just supposed to be referring to Phobos the moon.

#10 - depending on how one choses to interpret 初老 which I've gotten anywhere from "middle aged" to "past middle aged" in
dictionaries and had various reports of of various ages ranging from "forties" up to "sixties."

#11 - I'm not sure if Nanashi is saying he doesn't know how anyone could see them as looking "gentle" or if he's saying he doesn't
know how anyone could have been in the same place as he was.

#12 - They both use "yoroshiku" which is Japanese for about a million different situations and a million different things so rather than
put the rather bland salutation "nice to meet you" (since apparently, she already knows him) I decided to use the Arabic [according
to the intarwebz] greeting Salam for Katrine and the Russian for Nanashi (as the original Trowa is of Russian decent according to
the gundam wiki).

#13 - Sumizawa uses "nakama" which DOES translate as friend, but I believe it's not as buddy-buddy as the word "tomodachi."
People at work, for example, you might get along swimmingly well with them AT WORK, but have never thought to share a beer with
them on your own time. I would consider that person a "nakama." "nakama" is also the word he used to describe Nanashi's
relationship with his terrorist group.

#14 - Google doesn't return any hits that AREN'T for this anime when I search for "Endless Waltz" in English, all I get is anime hits.
A Japanese search for the name just gives me a wiki page about the Rokumeikan (which was apparently a Japanese attempt at
Westernizing back in The Day... there is an eponymous live house today where visual-kei bands play)

#15 - Er, if the were already in domes when the resource satellites hit, how did they miss what seems like a huge impact on a little
planet? *shrugs* science *fantasy*

#16 - the sentence you've just read is written in English in the raw text and it it reiterated again in Japanese. Unlike #14, I have
decided to forego the repetition because in THIS case, it's just plain old English that's being doubled up.

#16.5 - this is another snippet I take to mean that a significant amount of time has passed and the Gundam boys are pushing sixty.
There's no reason Nanashi would lie to HIMSELF as he speculates about Catherine's age and if he high balled her at 40, then to be
*significantly* younger than Doktor T, there should probably be no less than ten years difference and I (obviously) think it's more like
20 or so.

#17 - Literally, he says "Catherine Obasan" and Obasan is a title used for ladies who are old enough to be your mother (read: forties
to sixties would be a fairly safe range). HOWEVER, we don't have anything like this that can be affixed to a name, so I decided to
just use "ma'am" since that's got a nice, older-lady ring to it.

#18 - I'D like to give Catherine a knuckle sandwich myself. The MISS part is just a transliteration of "Miss" and that's choice number
one. Choice number two is actually "big sister" but it's being used HERE as "Obasan" was used in #17: to address a female who is
old enough to be your sister (for little kids, any little girl who you believe or actually is older than you on up to about mid-twenties or
maybe your thirties) BUT again, since we don't HAVE such fine age-distinguishing terms of reference for third parties, I have
decided to go with "Lady."

#19 - near as I can tell, this is probably a giant version of a standard dart board.

Frozen Teardrop, Chapter 5, part 2

MC-0022 First Winter

To a human, outer space was dangerous (like sitting back to back with death). (In other words), it was the same as doing a tightrope
walk; as long as we were sailing through, it is utterly obvious that unexpected things would occur (in succession). It was necessary
to be able to judge things calmly and to have a sense of balance. This was one of those times.

It happened seven days out from reaching Mars' orbit. Once every several years, the sun produces an X-10 class solar flare and
aboard the small vessel 'Phobos', to avoid getting bombed, we had to take refuge in a bed which doubled as a radiation shield.
Direct exposure to X-10 class radiation [invariably/instantly] lead to death for a human. As the long term forecast had predicted a
solar flare to occur around this time, interplanetary travel was to be avoided. Additionally, [you] were supposed to travel in a large
spacecraft equipped with radiation shield (capabilities).
"Thirty six hundred seconds until the solar flare." In about six minutes, severe solar radiation would hit-- that was (when it
happened). We received a rescue signal.

"This is the interplanetary transport vessel Kubrick."

It was the transport ship that, like us, had left Earth and preceded us to Mars. This was an omen of the coming flare. The video was
snow[ed out] so all we could get was the audio. The voice sounded like a female's. Their ship had, mid-flight, encountered a meteor
shower (lit: meteorite stream) and the ship had sustained heavy damage.

"This vessel's radiation shields are out of order (and don't work). Emergency, please rescue [us]."

From a humanitarian perspective, you should save them, but in the provisions of space navigation laws, it wasn't a crime to ignore
them. The possibility of both [parties] going under was [too] high.

"This is the interplanetary space vessel Phobos. How many people [are there] on board?"

"Four including myself....."

Even if we rescued those four people, our ship only had two capsules and just one reserve [capsule] on board. I/we couldn't just
help just one person.

"Nearly all the crew was killed by a meteorite [hit]...... the only survivors are [regular] passengers, myself included [#20], and no one
has experience working out ship."

I looked to Catherine. She made a quick decision, "You have to go over there."

"Roger...... I'm going to board [your vessel] and repair the shield apparatus. Send me the circuiting map." Instantly, the circuitry map
was sent. I confirmed three places where there were breaks in the lines. Also, from the out ship camera feed, I identified twenty four
meteorite fragments (lit: shards which contained a lot of iron) in the vicinity. I predicted those shards were one of the causes the
radiation shields weren't operational. I would have to clear the fragments and replace the three broken circuits unit by unit.

"Do you have spare circuit units?"

"Actually, we already tried that and it didn't work. The job was too delicate to be done with the out ship ROV pod."

"So the spare units are out ship, then?"

"[We've left them] in the pod's manipulator [arms]."

If it was [such] delicate work, I'd have to take an astrosuit [so I could do it out ship myself].

"There aren't even five minutes left, is it really possible to fix it?"

"I can't guarantee anything but it's best to believe there's no alternative."
"It's too dangerous! I couldn't possibly let you do such a thing when I don't even know you!"

"Don't worry about it...... it might not seem like it, but [I happen to be] good at doing the tightrope walk."

There were three thousand seconds before the sun flare [came blazing in] with its radiation. We put on speed; it would take twenty
seven hundred seconds to [synch speeds] with the Kubrick.

"[Once] the ships have matched speeds, I'll need ten second to get over there, one hundred eighty seconds for the repairs and ten
seconds for getting back here."

"We can only make [the two ships] maintain relative standstill for three hundred seconds. You'll need at least thirty seconds to get
over there."

"Even so, that leaves forty [whole] seconds to spare. If it's just me, my predicted time [allotments] will be plenty."

"You plan on doing this job alone?"

"Catherine, I need you to monitor this ship's speed."

"Nanashi...... you-- aren't afraid of dying?"

"If I do this like my life depends on it, nothing is impossible...... you told me that, Catherine."


"Anyway, regardless of mission completion or failure, I want you in the radiation capsule two hundred seconds before the flare."

"...... fine."


The twenty seven hundred seconds passed in the blink of an eye. Our ships reverse burners were already working to decrease our
ship's speed. I exited the planet hopper Phobos in an astrosuit and climbed on top from the port side. Though space doesn't have
"up" and "down." I could see Mars far off in the distance [before us]. I also visually confirmed that the large transport ship Kubrick
was coming closer.

"Arriving at the rendezvous point. Sixty seconds until mission commencement," Catherine's nervous voice sounded over the
wireless transmitter. "Three hundred thirty seconds until the radiation hits......"

"Don't worry. A job as simple as this is nothing compared to your special training......"

"Roger. If you complete this mission-- no, when you complete this mission, I'll give you a reward." It would probably be an orange or
canned pineapple.

"Start the count down."
The transport ship Kubrick was above [me]. When I looked up, I could see deep inside the ship from the deep gouges [and the
meteorites that made them] and, on the side, there was a spherical work pod. They appeared to be very close, but sat at a distance
of roughly five hundred meters [from me].

"Five... four... three..." I held the ignition to a small propulsion pack (burner) I wore on my back, "two... one... zero!" [Our ships']
relative speeds synched and we reached [relatively static motion]. "Alright, here I go." I took off lightly. It was far easier than a
trapeze. I went spinning to the Kurick. I did it in the alloted ten seconds. Just as Catherine had taught me, I faced the audience ((the
out ship camera)) and bowed. Not that there was any applause.

"This is Nanashi, I've made it to the Kubrick."

"Roger...... two hundred eighty seconds until the flare......"

I confirmed the location for the twenty four fragments. They were all sizes, but even the small ones were about one meter [in
length?]. They made perfect targets. "The knife throwing (training) will come in handy......"

"Two hundred fifty seconds left!"

I looked around at the fragments then took my position in the midst of them and I took twenty four darts which I had equipped with
drill tips into my hand. (Then, relying on the principles) of knife throwing, I sent [the darts] flying The darts each had a wire attached
and were especially made for wire control (use) in space. Each little drill hit hits target. And those bit deeply, getting a first fix [on the
meteorites]. I pulled up on the wire as [I'd learned how] an animal tamer wields his whip and removed the twenty four fragments
from the ship's body. Upon pushing the switch in my hand, the rockets at the (shaft tail) of the rockets (opened) and the meteorites
flew off into open space.

"Bravo!" Catherine (transmitted) with a tinge of excitement. "That was beautiful, Nanashi! That was an excellent stage debut, no?"

I looked at the time stamp display in my helmet, "Catherine, we're under the two hundred second mark. Go to the refuge capsule

"No! When you get back, who will open the hatch?"

"I'll do it by hand from outside."

"It'll take time to do it manually...... if there isn't at least more than thirty seconds of leeway."

"If there's less that thirty seconds left, I'll take refuge on this ship."


"All that's left is changing the circuit units...... Catherine, please, I want you to do as I say." Even as I made the entry, I hurried to the
out ship pod.

"Fine...... since when have you been so impertinent?" She slammed the off switch on the transmitter. In the manipulation [arm] of the
work pod there were three circuit unit boards. Taking those, I headed for the internal section where the broken circuits were. I could
easily penetrate the innards for the cracks gouged into the ship's body. However, the internal construction was complex. I was down
to one hundred fifty seconds. Finally, I arrived at my designated section. It took ninety whole seconds to find the broken unit among
all the (similar) units and replace it with the spare unit board. I'd used a lot of my lost-time leeway.

"Kubrick, I changed the circuits...... please check."

"Understood...... I'll check now."

I had to wait.

Ten, twenty, thirty seconds were wasted. This went against my estimates.

"Confirmed...... al green, shield system operational." I was [finally] released from my lengthy nervous [wait (lit: condition)]. "Thank
you...... from the bottom of my heart, thank you (for your courageous actions)." My helmet display showed that there were [just] thirty
seconds to the flare.

"Kubrick, I don't have time to return to my own ship. I'm afraid I have to ask to take refuge on your ship." I waited for a response. I
waited five seconds. A reply did not come. when their last transmission comes, it will probably be to add "[we] won't waste [your]
sacrifice" or "may you rest in peace." They kept on ignoring [me] and seemed to intend to leave me in a lurch. Even this situation
was not a crime according to space navigation legal regulations. There was no reason to believe it wasn't possible for us both to go
under [i.e. die]. That was the first time in a long time I'd felt like that. Betrayal was the prerogative of mercenaries like me. I thought
about destroying the Kubrick's shield system and taking them to hell with me, out of spite. But me? I was raised like a dirty old rag:
to be used and disposed of. I thought I was meant to die alone. This state of affairs had been brought about by my lack of
imagination and so it was my personal responsibility to just accept the outcome. I had no regrets. My tears were as frozen as ever. I
crept out of the ship with twenty seconds left on the time limit. Far above my head, our ship, the Phobos, was slightly out of synch
[speed wise] and I confirmed that it was slowly leaving. Bizarrely, I worried whether Catherine had [really] gone to the (shelter)
capsule. If I died like this, all her special training will have been for naught. That in itself was [something for which] no apology could
amend and no apology could excuse. In the end, I thought I'd look at Mars one last time. As expected, I couldn't see Phobos, but I
wasn't upset.

"Looks like there wasn't a troisieme chemin after all. Doktor T's and Katrine's faces cut across my mind. It almost seemed as though
I could hear the tones of "Scheherazade" from somewhere. It was calm, peaceful (auditory) hallucination. There was just ten
seconds left. In infinite/limitless space, time [marched] pitilessly on. As for me, I understood that I didn't deserve to take up space
[anymore]. So I had no need for a past. No need for a name.

I turned around and looked at the sun shining [in the distance]. I planned on dealing with the flare radiation that was my "fate."


I couldn't see the sun. [Right] there before my eyes was the work pod and the spare refuge capsule that had been shot from and
controlled by wires by the Phobos. Five seconds left. Inside the wide-open capsule hatch was a note written by Catherine:

IDIOT! Hurry up and get inside!!
Three seconds. I got in and hurriedly closed the hatch. Zero. The time display in my helmet was already in minus time. Since I was
still in the astrosuit, it was really very cramped inside the capsule. But I wasn't in a position to complain. Catherine had used the wire
controls well to move the work pod and [use it to] bring the capsule to me. It was a surprising technique. I couldn't hold a candle to
[her performance]. Also, [all] the number of simulations [she had predicted] far and away outnumbered mine, no doubt about that. I
was keenly aware of how much I didn't measure up.

The X-class radiation (poured) nonstop for two days. There was no worry about respiration for the duration. Although the astrosuit
only had a day's worth of air remaining, by the fruits of Catherine's training, I'd become able to withstand even half oxygen density. I
didn't have the faintest idea how I could ever express my gratitude to her. No a moment after two days had passes and the refuge
capsule's hatch was opened. That [happened] aboard the Phobos. There's no doubting it was Catherine who had collected the
whole shoot-n-match [pod and capsule]. I collapsed against her.

"Nanashi!" Catherine took off my helmet and let me breathe fresh air.

"S...orr...y... th... an... ks." I was [only] half conscious. Then, all of a sudden, Catherine's fist was beating my face. It was more
surprising than painful.

"Why you......" I was still dead on my feet when she grabbed me by the collar and brought her beautiful face close. "The next time
you think about dying, DON'T! Because life isn't cheap!!" Somehow, the scent of her sweat made (my sense of smell) intoxicated.
"Dirty old rag! Disposable! Please, don't make me laugh! You can give yourself a little more credit." There were tears in Catherine's
clear eyes. I was astonished that there was anyone who would shed a tear over me.

"O- okay......" I had the feeling i'd gotten that 'place to go home to' that Doktor had talked about (from this [exchange with

"And another thing!" Said she as she smoothed my fringe upwards. "Your reward!" Catherine gave me a kiss on my forehead. It was
the best reward I'd had yet.

The Kubrick sailed far behind us. There was a transmission apologizing [for their err]. This time, the picture was crystal clear. There
was an elegant, middle-aged woman [on screen.]

"I am terribly sorry...... as soon as we [turned on] the radiation shields, we lost all ability to communicate."

[Ignoring me] hadn't been intentional. Catherine and I chose to accept their apology. I probably learned to put a little faith in the
human race.


When the Phobos reached Mars' orbit, we were contacted by Katrine.

"It's been a long time, Mr. Nanashi." She was smiling as usual. "I'll meet you at an unused station, so please wait for me." However,
her old [tom] boyish airs had now, [from] behind those glasses, become downcast and fearful eyes of a young girl.

"What's the status of the 'Prometheus' and 'Scheherazade'?"
"It's slow going...... recently, I've been more interested in my brother's completion of 'Snow White.'" There was a low tone in each
word she said. Something was amiss with her.

"Katrine, is something bothering you?"

"Bothering? No, nothing's wrong." She acted cheerful but I could (see) there was a dark shadow in her heart.

"But if it really looks like there is, I kind of fell in love, hahaha......"

Love? That was a sensation I didn't understand well. However, I understood perfectly how she forcibly inhibited her emotions. I had
an indescribably bad feeling about it.


It was about three months later that Katrine and I parted ways. As for her dark mood, I'd never seen it after that [transmission after
training]. Speaking [more] precisely, I didn't really have the opportunity to see her. Prometheus and Scheherazade, like myself, were
still incomplete. On the other hand, Professor W's Snow White and Warlock seemed to have been finished. They seemed to be very
top-secret machines and I didn't know where they were being kept nor could I see them. Thus, my training had been done with MS
Mars suits. Doktor T had always been my opponent in [our] mock battles and Katrine had never been in an MS. (Similarly), Katrine
might have been such a good (lit: perfect) pilot that she didn't need training, for she not once entered the simulated cockpit nor took
part in [our] mock battles. In the corner of the hall, I saw Katrine's violin case, where it had been left to collect dust. For a girl who
hated the Mars dust as much as [she] did, it sure was unusual [for her] to have left her beloved violin like that.

"......" I supposed I wouldn't hear her play "Scheherazade" again. It felt a little sad. With my knit cap, I dusted off the case. I didn't
particularly mind [the dust in my hat], it was just a dirty old rag [of a cap] after all. When I'd taken off my hat, I noticed my fringe had
somehow gotten rather long. It didn't make any difference [to me].

Doktor T, Professor Q, and Catherine were having a discussion somewhere I didn't know.

"Doktor, what's Nanashi's status?"

"Not bad...... he's probably a little better than I was at his age, maybe."

"Really..... that's good."

"Did something happen? You're not your usual self."


"Is it Katrine?"

"Yes..... just recently, she's been acting oddly."

"She probably just wants to [fly] Snow White. She just wants the new toy."
"I wish it were [so simple] but....."

"No, it's better to assume Katrine has never been in Snow White."


"Father [Maxwell] contacted us..... it seems that Operation Mythos has begun."

"Well, what of Sleeping Beauty?"

"Yes...... he's finally on the move."

"Personally, I don't like that kid."

"Lieutenant Commander Kathy is heading to the North Pole base [now]...... she's going on a delivery mission with Snow White and
Warlock in tow (lit: on board the Voyage)."

The story [of how] Katinre had stolen the incomplete Prometheus from the subterranean hangar and headed to Relena City came
out [well past] midnight.

"Did she betray us?"

I didn't believe it at first.

"There's hardly any doubt......" [He] had a grave expression (on his face). "Nanashi, would you go after her?"

I replied immediately without hesitation, "...... understood."

Catherine cut in, "No! He's only been trained on the Mars suit, right?"

"It's okay Catherine...... thanks to your special training, I've learned how to respond in any situation."

"But you still don't have a name! Do you really understand the importance of life?"!

"[If you're worried] about a name, [I've] already decided......" As ever, there was no no point in looking for value in the past (lit: no
value in finding value in the past), but I believed I had graduated from being a disposable dirty old rag.

"Doktor...... is your 'T' really for Triton?"


I passed my dirty old rag of a knit cap to Catherine, "Then my name is Trowa......" I assumed the name of the third choice, the third
path. My long fringe covered half my face. "You can call me Trowa Phobos."

Going by the name 'Confusion,' that had been an admonition to my former self.
"Very well...... Trowa Phobos," said Doktor T, looking straight at me as he had done when we first met. "WIll you fight for us? [ALT:
Fight for us.]



Aboard the long-distance hovercraft The Grape [#21], Katrine [went from] the Chryse Sea to the western continent and sped
towards the far away Mt. Olympus. Olympus was the highest peak in the solar system. It's pinnacle was 2700 meters. On Mars,
where magnetic inconsistencies occurred easily, it was [impossible to] get your bearings with a compass or navigation device. If Mt.
Olympus served as your landmark, then you could maintain your bearings even in a sand storm. I (also) followed after Katrine in a
similar hovercraft, the Odehaman [#22]. And the distance [between us] was closing. There, there was a vast desert of crimson. The
morning sun dyed the sky a bright red. As I faced the sun, the eponymous moon jumped out. In the middle of the desert, Katrine
stopped The Grape. Had she given up on running away? I immediately disregarded that thought. From [her ship] Katrine contacted
me. Just like the first time I'd met her, she was wearing goggles.

"Hey, did you see Phobos, Mr. Nanashi?"

"You've got the wrong guy...... I'm not Nanashi. Actually, it's just that I shouldn't be Nanashi anymore. "I am Trowa Phobos......"

"Trowa?!" Katrine blurted with a guffaw. How rude. "Have you given Phobos a name on top of that?" She held her stomach as she
continued to laugh.


"You are a unique one, aren't you," [she said] brightly, like you would never think she would steal a mobile suit, made a get away,
and betray you. "So? Did you give up [wearing] that hat, too? It looked really good but......" Yet behind her goggles, her eyes blazed
with bloodlust. "I liked that hat [a lot] you know." As soon as she said that, dozens of giant figures rose up from the sand in the
desert surrounding me. "A lot...... a whole lot."

Mars suits, huh. No, these were mobile suits.

"Those aren't Mars suits or mobile suits." I'd been completely surrounded. "They're mobile dolls."

Mobile dolls?"

"But personally, I've been calling them 'Maganac.'" After a [quick] check, I learned that there were forty Maganacs. "You'll turn a
blind eye to me, yes?"

"I can't agree to that......"

"I understand......" All the Maganacs moved as one. That's when it happened. Two new machines appeared on the (enemy
detection) radar.
"Two suits?!" It seemed that Katrine noticed the newly appeared blips (lit: machine shadows). "It can't be?!"

Suddenly, the desert was hit b a ferocious wind storm accompanied b magnetism. All the monitors shut off. The enemy detector
radar also wasn't responding. I immediately left the hovercraft's cockpit and stood upon the body. Katrine had likewise gone out.
There weren't supposed to be any machines that could move in a storm like that. The Maganacs, of course, had stopped. However,
I visually confirmed the miracle of those two [machines] wriggling far off in the distance. They were two mobile suits wrapped in
hooded cloaks. Not Mars suits. The two eyes glowing beneath the hood attested to that [fact]. Of course (I knew) they weren't
mobile dolls. Through the raging wind, those two machines were surly coming closer. Katrine looked at those figures and screamed

"Snow Whiiiiiiite!!" The machine in the white cloak dew its beam saber.

"Warlooooock!!" The machine in the black cloak leveled its beam scythe.

It was a puzzle how those two machines could move through the sandstorm. "It was for you that I......" Katrine took off the goggles
and continued to scream, "...... have long been waitiiiiiing!!"

We heard a voice from the black cloacked machine, "Your the Winner girl, aren't you?"

We heard a voice from the white cloaked machine, "I'll check......"

The sandstorm got even more violent.

"Termagant [#23], are you really planning to go to Relena Peacecraft?!

"I am! I'll turn all of Mars into the Cinq Kingdom!"

"In that case, Katrine," the white machine (invaded), its cloak fluttering, "I will kill you......" quietly pronounced the boy with the cold
eyes [as] he sat in the cockpit of the machine called Snow White [#24].

To Be Continued


#20 - Literally, it says "by an accident with a meteorite, almost crew members died.... I who survived and the others are all just
passengers...." I run into usage mistakes with "almost all" and "nearly all" at work every damn day so I know that, in Japanese at
least, using the word "almost" can IMPLY the "all" part whereas in English, it does not. That's not the problem... the problem is,
WHY does it say "almost [all]" the crew were killed if the only FOUR survivors are [regular] passengers?

#21 - A google search of the Japanese word yielded no more than FOUR returns, three from the same blog about Frozen Teardrop
itself and remaining one about a color of OPI nail polish...... !! The ship's name is ザグレープ in Japanese.

#22 - Another fruitless search for the name of Trowa's ship. The ship's name is オデハーマン in Japanese.

#23 - This the all purpose derogative personal pronoun, but since I've been told it's "un-Gundam like" to have swears in the text, this
is the closest I could get in English. It's pretty damn close.

#24 - I think it's retarded Trowa Phobos is commenting on the coolness of Heero Yuy's eyes when Trowa Phobos has presumably
never SEEN Heero let alone met him, but *shrugs*

Frozen Teardrop, Chapter 6

NOTE: un-flocking this made it "too long" to be posted. The footnotes have been removed and put in a separate post here

MC File 2
Once upon a time there lived a rooster called "Voice of Dawn." One day, as Voice of Dawn was walking, a fox came along and
jumped upon the high wall. Then, the fox spoke:
"Why do you run away?"

Voice of Dawn decided to ignore [the fox] and did not answer (at all).

"The other day, the Lion, king of beasts, and the Eagle, king of birds, had a discussion. And they have decided that all animals shall
stop killing other animals."

Voice of Dawn spoke as he looked far off into the distance, "There is a hound running up from over there!" When the fox heard that,
he panicked and fled. "Why do you run away? Haven't all the animals stopped killing each other?" But the fox did not return......

The Dawn of World Peace
From A Thousand and One Nights told by Scheherazade

MC-0022 Next Winter

Katrine Wood Winner. That's my name. My father's name was Zayed Tabla [#1] Winner. He's been dead for decades. My middle
name is a [kind of] instrument, as are [the middle names of] my older brother, 'Raberba [#2],' and my father, 'Tabla,' and that's one
thing customary to the Winner family. Iria told me that (later). I know Quatre killed our Father and Mother. Mother, after who I am
named, died giving birth to Quatre. It seems that for women at the time, 'pregnant' was synonymous with 'death' [#3]. I don't think
that's any excuse, but since I had no mother, [they used] techniques from the last era [AC]; I was conceived by in vitro fertilization
and born a test tube baby. Ever since I was born (to this world), it's been my fate to shoulder [the question?] of what it means to live.

There is not one life that isn't worth saving. The heaviest thing in [all of] space is life.

That's true, isn't it? For example, the Katrine for whom I am named traded her life so she could give birth to my elder brother Quatre
but...... that was the right decision, right? I actually asked [my brother].

"Brother, have you ever been happy you were born?"

"That's a tough question...... I think I'll know the answer when I die."

"How many people have died because you were born?"
"I don't know...... Father and Mother definitely died because of me, I myself have killed many people in war......"

"But, you've saved the lives of many more people, right?"

"Yes..... the people who survived on the battlefield, they all rely on that thought to keep going."

"I've never seen you cry."

"I cried a lot a long time ago..... maybe my tears are frozen now."


"If you shed a tear and make an apology, then maybe someone will forgive you, but I cannot forgive myself...... so I decided I wasn't
going to cry anymore."

Say there is a peaceful world but it's under control, and there is a free world but it's constantly at war, which place is [the] happ[ier
place]? Naturally, a world that is free and [has] peace is ideal, but I don't think a place like that actually exists in this world. Both
sides find some points upon which to compromise and [despite] a film of little inconveniences, they [must] manage to find
satisfaction-- that is the condition of the world in which man lives, isn't it? If sacrificing a few can bring happiness to the many, that
must certainly be the virtuous route. However, it's necessary for those who are to be sacrificed to assent. If a mutual agreement isn't
reached, then force is used. Whereupon the 'supreme happiness' of the large majority transforms into the immoral 'arrogance' of the
strong and absurd demands are made of the weak. [My] father Zayed was of a minority opinion. He was against the militarization of
the space colonies. As he was a wealthy man, large numbers of colonial citizens [tried to] coax him into buying them weapons, but
he stubbornly refused.

"Humans can just barely live in space. War and whatnot, it's an impossible, stupid act."

I think that's the right opinion. However, Quatre didn't abide by that thought.

"War is sad. But if someone doesn't fight, the war will not end."

He took the mobile suit called Sandrock and went himself to the battlefield.

No matter how perfect the saint, the majority will be full of sacrifice. The problems of space have been much talked about, but if
[you're] really going to inquire about the importance of it [224/2/9], then the best method seems to be the decimation of mankind,
that (ultimate theory) doesn't feel entirely wrong [to me]. For man, if to live means to sin, then it's better to stop living straight away,
what's more, a way to 'atone for sins' must be developed and put into action. It's funny but actually, most people alive don't have
[any concept (lit: consciousness)] of 'sin.' Living is natural; and death, [that] certainly ought to be hateful. But my case is a little
different. The gift of life was a result of an intentionally performed medical technique; the meaning of [my] life has, from the very
beginning, been laid out like something of a mission. The suffering of all the people in this world must be removed. For (the sake) of
the happiness of many others, I must volunteer. That was the life given to me. It's okay to treat my life cheaply. Even in space, my
life falls under the category of things to be taken lightly.
I decided to wear glasses. Not because my eyesight was bad, it just felt like someone like me didn't deserve to look directly at such
a world inundated with beautiful life. Doesn't everything appear clam when looked at with a microscope or telescope? It was
something like that. When I looked at the world without [that filter], it was embarrassing and left me rather unsettled.
The scenery that spread before my eyes now was probably Mars' most beautiful. The morning glow of the sun starting to rise. [And]
to that the unique solar eclipse [caused by] the first moon Phobos sinking in front. Mt. Olympus towered jet-black off in the distance;
a sandstorm raged in the vast red desert stretching out at the foot [of Olympus]. And [there were] two giant humanoid weapons--
mobile suits.

White cloaked Snow White.

Black cloaked Warlock.

I was excited. The two suits, black and white, were paragons of beauty. With my spirits lifted, I called their names. However, the
person I admired coldly declared:

"Katrine...... I will kill you."

He had somewhat of a different image from the 'Heero Yuy' of whom Relena had spoken.

"Heero is the man who gave us hope," she had said with eyes downcast in shame/embarrassment [#4]. "I also beseeched President
Dorothy. For the sake of brining peace to Mars now, we need him." [#5]

That is most definitely what I had heard--

Trowa Phobos came calling at my back.

"Think about it, Katrine! The ideals of Relena Peacecraft can't be realized [right] now!!"

I knew that much at least. I knew I might be fighting a losing battle. But if someone doesn't fight for those ideals, nothing will change
these sad, miserable conditions. I had decided. I would [fight to] achieve Relena's total pacifism.

MC-0015 - 0019

When I was little, I was raised by Doctor Iria. Iria was the one who best understood my feelings. She seemed like a kindly mother. It
was probably her that brought me into the world. She is also my big sister and was born a test tube baby herself (I had her tell me).
My birthday is the same day (lit: anniversary) of the Mars Independence day. Ever since then, I hear disputes have broken out here
and there. But little me was indifferent. Far removed from the (Mars district city), out in the sticks, there was a para-terraforming life
dome and there, Iria had opened a small hospital called Winner Hospital [#6]. It was a small, wooden house that looked just like a
bird house, yet it housed the latest medical equipment; I remember it running smoothly. Outside the house, a transparent dome
isolated us from the rest of Mars and [inside] it was full of beautiful trees, a sparkling late, and birds and squirrels and other little
critters flitting between the trees and running around. Each season in the garden, pretty flowers bloomed and beautiful butterflies
flew around elegantly. I am sure fairies and dwarves must have lived there. To me, as a kid, that idyllic place was my whole world.
And I truly thought I'd never venture out into the outside world. I selfishly dreamed that gentle Iria and I would stay together always. I
was pretty much a tomboy and pretty spoiled [alt: hanging on Iria's apron strings #7]. After dinner (just the two of us), Iria often
played the violin for me. It was an old violin and she played a beautiful song from long ago. I thought she had a bothersome musical
middle name, too, but she said that she didn't.
"Only the Winner family heirs have middle names," that's what Iria said. "[I] want you to succeed Quatre." That was the first time I'd
heard the name of my older brother, Quatre.

"Mr. Quatre, he doesn't have kids?"

"No...... he won't marry nor will he love."

"......?" I was amazed. I was little so I didn't understand what she was saying.

"He's a bid odd...... Quatre used to play this [very] violin a long time ago."

"You won't get married, Iria?"

"I'm an old lady." She didn't look [that old] in my eyes. "Moreover, I've got my work as a doctor...... If I said things like this to [my
husband], he'd surely get angry." Iria continued her research on Martian endemic diseases. At first, I thought I'd been born to be a
guinea pig for [researching] those illnesses.

"Katrine, please, please don't say such sad things," said Iria as she hugged me tight and shed tears. At the time, I honestly didn't
care one way or the other but she lavished love upon me unconditionally. There was just one time, when Iria was making a house-
call, that I tried to play the violin.


That was the only [horrible] sound I could make; I knew I really couldn't play the violin. But I managed okay on the piano. I tried
playing the song Iria had performed from memory.

"That's great, Katrine! I thought you were a genius......" I think I was about two at the time. But that's in Mars years, I just thought I'd
mention that. Iria slept in the same bed with me [#8]. When I couldn’t sleep, Iria would tell me nursery rhymes from a long time ago.
Great adventures upon ships, secret caves, flying carpets, genies coming out of lamps; I always listened eagerly. I didn’t know it
until later, but those were the stories told by Scheherazade in One Thousand and One Nights. It might have been because of that
that I took a liking to reading books. Iria had a veritable mountain of books in her personal collection, if there was anything in there
that I didn’t understand, there was a handy thing called a computer [which had] a store of information. My interest grew without
bounds and I read all kinds of things about all kinds of [subjects]. People often say [it was] ‘special education for gifted children’ but
at least in my case, it was a hobby I did because I liked it, so I didn’t like the term 'education' being used. Also, there was a game
called ‘Image Trace’ and when you synched it to your brain waves, you could temporarily reenact data from a specific person. I
played with it often. Around then, [when I played] I got [so] into the role of the male hero that somewhere along the line, I started
referring to myself in the masculine. I reformed the softwar to suit my needs 226/2/4. For example, I’d download Iria’s violin
performance program and although I wasn’t super confident, I could reenact [the performance] so that even I could play
“Scheherazade.” But there was a limit to the digital conversion and it had taken several months of continued practice to learn how to
play it properly. When I performed (lit: demonstrated) it in front of Iria, she was choked up when she spoke, “You’re like Quatre with
that kind of skill…… but you can’t go easy on your practice because (for people) there is value in that which you have toiled
over…..” That was the only time Iria [gave me] anything like candid advice. Even when I started referring to myself in the masculine
despite being a girl [#9], she accepted it with a smile on her face.
Two or three times every six months, Rashid, a big man with a magnificent white beard, came to our house to deliver provisions,
medicine, and the latest medical equipment.

“I really appreciate you always doing this,” Iria politely thanked [him].

“Don’t mention it 226/3/9, Miss Iria.”

I loved Uncle Rashid.

“That’s because we’re Maganacs!” His smiling face was fantastic. “You (lit: Little Miss) look more and more like master Quatre and it
seems like you’re [already so] intelligent! Keep it up! I’m looking forward to [seeing you grow up]!” Uncle Rashid’s job was [doing the]
Winner family interplanetary shipping and whenever he passed close to Mars’ orbit, he never failed to stop by. Some[where along
the line], just when Uncle Rashid came, I noticed that typically bare-faced Iria wore make-up. I began to think that Iria was in love
with Rashid, though it is only something I’ve heard about from books. There was just one time when I asked Uncle Rashid as he
was working in the garden.

“What do you think of Iria?”

“I think she is a great person.”

“Won’t you marry her or something?”

“You kidder! Iria and I are from different worlds (lit: social classes).” Uncle Rashid got red in the face and turned around. I asked a
simple question:

"Because she's a test tube baby?"

"......" Uncle Rashid stopped his garden work, came up to me taking big strides and glared at me with his big eyes.

"Miss Katrine! Please don't say that again!" He had a powerfully serious face. "First of all, I'm a test tube baby myself!" I thought if
that were so, then it had no connection to their social standing.

"Iria likes [you], Uncle Rashid......"

"I already have Kami. My forever complaining, none-too-easy-on-the-eyes, rough wife-"

Wouldn't Iria be a far more appealing woman than such a wife [as that]?

"-but she's my kind of woman [ALT: she matches me]."

White magnolias were blooming in the garden and a wonderful smell wafted through the air. "Men and women don't always do what
we want them to do."

"I guess it's hard......"

"But Miss Katrine, please fall in love how you think you should, how you feel you should. You must not be untrue to your own heart!
Being born from a test tube (and all), that's absolutely irrelevant!"

"O-okay......" I nodded in front of Uncle Rashid but I couldn't even imagine myself in love. Magnolias mean "love of nature." 227/2/22
I didn't understand love towards people but all the nature here in space, that I respected and loved its will to live 227/2/25. All of
nature makes my life shine with my own thoughts/wishes.

"You resemble Master Quatre in the strangest ways......" Uncle Rashid was muttering something but I couldn't really catch it.
Two patients were admitted to Winner Hospital. One of them was a nice old lady named Marine [#10] Darlian and she affectionately
always called me Relena. Every time she did that, I told her my name was Katrine, but Ms. Darlian didn't seem to listen.

"I was, a long time ago, a lady-in-waiting for [Mistress] Katerina...... that's your real mother, Relena."

"But I'm not Katerina, my name is Katrine...... and I'm also not Relena."

Ms. Darlian kept telling me to behave more like a lady.

"Ms. Darlian, do you want milk in your tea?"

"Yes, please. But Relena, good girls say 'Would you like some milk?'"

It seemed like this Relena was the daughter Ms. Darlian had raised. "Put on a skirt. It would certainly look good on you, Relena." I
listened to what she told me. I loved seeing her smiling face. Tomboy that I was, I had to be on my best behaviour when I was with
Ms. Darlian. And I took to calling myself watakushi [#11] instead of boku.

The other [patient] was a year older than me; her name was Stella. She was always asleep in bed. Stella, who had a chronic
congenital disease in her heart and lungs, only smiled when I was with her, so I decided to be at her side as much as possible.
Twice, I had seen Stella as she was in [the throes of great] pain. She cried out in misery, "It hurts...... it hurts......" She cried,
screamed, coughed, threw up blood; she was in agony. "Please don't look at me... go away......"

Iria gave Stella some painkillers and that managed to settle her, but it seemed as though Stella hated that I had seen her [in such
intense pain]. An invisible wall went up between us. From the next day, I wasn't privy to seeing her with a smile on her face. It was
sad. But (it seemed like) there was nothing I could do about it. It wasn't like Stella wanted to be sick. We were equally blessed with
life but [as] she lived a life [bedridden] and full of pain and I had lived the life of a (spoiled) tomboy, [our worlds] were just too
different. That's what I thought. Why couldn't someone like me who hadn't the least handicap give freedom to Stella-- that was no
wonder 228/2/3. Stella began to suffer from insomnia. She was afraid [to sleep] because when she closed her eyes, she
concentrated on every little pain. Just like Iria had done for me when I was little, I [sat] by her side and read books aloud to her.
Seems I got lucky and [was able] to get Stella's smile back a little and she was able to get some peaceful sleep. By keeping that up
every night, my friendship with Stella mended.

"Thank you......" Stella thanked me politely in her gravelly voice. "Katrine, will you be my best friend?"

"Little old me?"

"Of course......"
Stella and I looked at each other. At some point, tears welled up in our eyes and the [tear]drops gently fell. We were so happy. And
then we talked about all kinds of things. The flowers blooming in the garden, the fish jumping in the lake, family stuff.

"I heard that I have twenty nine sisters and one big brother...... but I haven't met any of them except for Iria."

"I have a father and a mother and I have a Big-Sister-of-the-Same-Name...... but I haven't met them either."

A big sister by the name name? I didn't know what that meant but I was happy knowing that Stella wasn't alone. But I wondered why
she'd never met them. We thought stella was on the slow road to recover, perhaps because the drugs for her illness were taking
effect. Despite that, six months later, Stella was agonized by intense pain. Not even painkillers had any effect anymore. Iria made
me leave the sick room. There was nothing I could do. Iria commenced an emergency operation and didn't come home until
morning. I read aloud all through the night. It was just me in the bedroom but I read as hard as I could while the tears streamed
down my face. I couldn't help but be frustrated at my inability to do something. Even though my best friend Stella was in so much
pain, all I could do was sit in my bed and read aloud. The next morning, though not as if my wished had been granted, it looked as
though Iria's operation had been a success. Iria had done what's called 'regenerative treatment' whereby a new heart and lungs had
been produced from Stella's cells and transplanted [into her]. However, in Stella's case, because of the congenital disease, it was
only a matter of time before she'd get sick again.

"That's why I want you to stay with her, Katrine......"


Stella got better day by day. I was really happy. She [even] recovered enough to go to the same junior school as me. [It was] MC-
0019, Stella was five and I was four. Outside the dome, the dust clouds were horrendous. [Sand] got in my eyes and I couldn't stop
tearing up. I was probably [just] afraid of the outside world 229/1/14. Just then, Uncle Rashid came along; he have me a pair of

"These are the goggles of the Maganac leader." When I put on the goggles, it felt like courage bubbled up inside me.
MC-0022 Next Winter
The advancing Snow White brandished its beam saber (overhead). And then in a flash of light, it stabbed the hovercraft I had been
on. The cockpit was completely destroyed. I had, before that, jumped down to the red desert and threw myself up a sand dune. I
turned around and confirmed the destruction of the hovercraft. The hangar was unharmed.

"Good, looks like I'll still be able to collect Prometheus in one piece......" I muttered as I headed through the raging sandstorm for the
lead Maganac suit. The goggles protected my vulnerable heart and eyes. I changed [the control schematics to] manual in the
cockpit of the suit named 'Rashid.' From that machine, it was possible to control the [whole] Maganac Corps remotely. I [made ready
to] pass the sandstorm.

"Sorry, but I'm going to have to resist!" I (threw) myself inside the cockpit of Rashid.

"The password is 'MAGANAC-8x5' Miss Katrine."

In the back of my mind, I heard Uncle Rashid's voice. I input that password on the sub-board. The main monitor switched on and
'Rashid' started up. The com-link somehow got restored. Amidst a dreadful nose, I could intermittently pick up on the conversation
between the pilots of Snow White and Warlock.

"Did you get her?"

"No, she's probably going to start up the mobile dolls."

Bingo. That's just what I'd expect of the pilot I admired. Using the side controls, I [set up] a virtual keyboard. It was a mobile doll
control apparatus styled like a piano keyboard. I pulled up the name of a composer who was a contemporary of the composer of the
'Scheherazade,' Rimsky-Korsakov.

"Do you like Sergei Prokofiev? 'Peter and the Wold' is good, and 'Romeo and Juliet' is also pretty, isn't it?" But my tastes [ran to] a
piano sonata said to be difficult [to play]. It was also called the 'War Sonata.'

"Well, shall we use 'Piano Sonata No. 7'?" I commenced the performance (handling). With this song, I hailed the Maganac Corps
and they started up.

"Oy, oy, the others moved!"

"You [go] slice through the left wing...... I'll attack from right to center."

"Ain't it gonna be hard taking on forty mobile dolls?"

"It's twenty dolls each...... your father could do it with his eyes closed."

"Ch! Big whoop. I'll show you!!"

Their conversation made me laugh. It seemed like they couldn't work as a team yet. In that case, there was hope for me.

"Seven dwarves for Snow White!" I continued my up-tempo performance, "A magic mirror for Warlock!" In my [video data], I had
seen the (former [original]) "Gundam Deathscythe Hell" wield that giant [beam scythe] at Brussels on Earth. The beam scythe's
destructive power exceeded [my] imagination. It was dangerous to approach the suit from all sides. I needed to send the mobile
dolls in a (graduated) wave attack and [have them] firing at all times. Performance time for the war sonata was about eighteen
minutes thirty seconds. Hanging on to the mobile dolls was the difference between [success and failure #12]. Seven of [my] best
dolls surrounded Snow White. I programmed the remaining thirty two dolls with 'mirror trace' and they challenged Warlock to close-
quarters fighting. I didn't think that would give me a win, but at least I [could buy myself some time]. That's how it was according to
my calculations. Warlock didn't avoid the hundreds of bullets sniped at it. With a magnificent swing of the beam scythe, [he]
destroyed all the ammo in one blow. The area was covered with a flash of light, an explosion, and a blast [of wind]. Warlock moved
left and right even as [he] showed signs of going straight ahead. The black cape was whipping [through] the wind and it was both
ominous and elegant. [He] planned to make a conscientious attack from the left wing. However, the thirty two suits of the Maganac
Corps anticipated [Warlock's moves] all the more and shifted right, putting themselves directly before their target, the Warlock.

"What are these things......?!"

Duo Maxwell, the pilot of the Warlock, was taken aback by the unexpected moves of the mobile dolls. The mirror trace program was
working excellently. Making mobile dolls take irregular attack patterns was a tactical theory. However excellent a pilot Duo Maxwell
was, I predicted it would take quite a bit of time for him to read the pattern. The Snow White pilot, Heero Yuy, was calmly facing the
seven cream-of-the-crop dolls (from my Corps).


Both sides glared at each other and neither so much as twitched 231/2/7. The seven Maganacs specially [modified] bodies [were
equipped with] close-quarters beam canons, hand-tohand combat beam sabers, mid-range support artilerary with homing missiles,
high speed chargers for diversions [#13], heavy defense equipment, and more-- all at the read. I maintained a distance [that would
allow me to] immediately yield free-for-all battle conditions should either one [Snow White or Warlock] make a move. A shower of
sparks shot from the white cape where grains of sand blew against it. Those pale sparks made me feel the quiet [thrum] of war. In
an instant, Snow White disappeared (from that place). I wondered if he would come attacking but he didn't. Heero Yuy's suit flew
high up in the air and, turning several times as if to lead the seven mobile dolls, retreated (to the rear). The seven dolls made to
follow vigorously, but I changed to a slow tempo [song] and instructed them to (act restrained). The purpose of this battle was not to

"Katrine, don't you want this suit?"

Heero Yuy opened a com-link and [his] provoking voice [filled my cockpit].

"Yes, of course," I said even s I maintained my distance. "But you aren't just going to let me take it me, are you?" The distance I kept
was perfect for [making] preparations to attack another target. I had [yet] to eliminate the most dangerous player from the field. That
boy referred to by the perfectly love name 'Nanashi' who had gone and chosen the ridiculous name of 'Trowa Phobos;' if I didn't beat
MC-0020 Next Autumn
That junior school was called the Saint Minerva Institute and, as I had expected, it was a school building inside a para-terraforming
dome. The very first people who moved to Mars had built it and it was quite old. There was a small Mars Federation Naval port
nearby and there was just enough noise to make it a hospitable school [#14]. Stella and I were transferred to the same class.
Everyone else was older than us but we followed the curriculum [without any problems]. Studying wasn't so much fun as it was a
duty to complete, (so) talking to my classmates was far more interesting. Everyone adored me because they thought I was little and
cute. Stella's vocabulary was pretty small 233/1/11, nevertheless, everyone warmed up to her and we made several good friends. I
loved gym class. But I thought it was a shame that Stella always had to watch (instead of participate). One time, Stella suddenly
collapsed in a corner of the gym. I panicked, called Iria, and had her come immediately (to the gym). It wasn't [just] Iria that arrived,
but a large rescue vessel, and it took Stella from the naval port to a central hospital in a big city. All Iria and I could do was see her

"Two weeks ago, Stella and her big-sister-with-the-same-name were caught in [some military] dispute and now [the big sister] is
brain dead."

"Brain dead?"

"Long ago, they used to call it a 'vegetative state' ." Iria closed her eyes for the pain. "In order to save Stella, they'll have her big-
sister-with-the-same-name internal organs given to Stella."
"So, Stella will get all better."

"Yes...... probably...... it's ironic, though. She was actually the 'spare'......" said Iria in a small, pained voice. I had no idea what she
meant. "Stella's suffered a lot...... so this is a good thing."

Several months later, Stella returned. She looked [healthy] and was bursting with energy.

"Katrine! I'm all better! The air smells wonderful [alt: it's great to be alive]. The doctor even said it was alright to go to gym class!"
Her smiling face shone like I had never seen it shine before. "And my father and mother are so nice! I'm happy!!

Dreams do come true.

At the time, I was happy on the outside but...... Since then, Stella hadn't returned to the Winner Hospital, instead, she commuted to
school from her own home. I got that Stella's family was very wealthy and a chauffeur picked her up and dropped her off at school,
and they had dozens of employees living with them. Before I realized it, a great gap had come between Stella and me. I often tried
talking to her but there some kind of formalness [in the] atmosphere that made it difficult to approach her. It was thicker than the
invisible wall from before, calling it a (sense of) alienation conveyed more exactly [what it felt like]. I suddenly noticed 232/3/15 that
at lunch time, I often sat all by myself. One day, when I was walking through the halls, I heard several girls talking in one of the

"I knew there was a reason her school record was so good."

"She skipped two years, didn't she?"

"Do you suppose she's a 'spare' after all?"

"No way, is it even okay for a 'spare' to go to school?"

"Her family is super rich so they can do whatever they want."

When I heard that, I thought they were talking about Stella.

"Hold it! When you put it that way......"

When I went into the classroom, I saw Stella standing in the middle of a ring of students talking with a smile on her face. The other
girls avoided looking at me. Only Stella looked straight at me.

"How are you, Katrine?"

"Who were you talking about [just] now?"

"...... we were talking?"

Oh. They were talking about me. [For starters], I was the last daughter of the house of Winner and a test tube baby to boot. Since
[that day], I was increasingly [and, ultimately, extremely] alienated from Stella and my classmates. I might have been Stella's [very]
first real (lit: best) friend, but now I'd ended up somewhere around her thirtieth or fortieth. That wasn't a mistake [in and of itself]; as
long as the sacrifice of a few [namely: me,] brought happiness to many. The whole thing would be over and done with if the minority
[namely: me, again,] just accepted. Going to school became a bore. It was just a place to study. During lunch, I took to reading
books in the library. I also tried reading books on history. Before Christ, Anno Domini, After Colony. I taught myself 233/1/9-1-< just
how much the history of man consisted of a series of ups and downs. Gradually, I came to learn what the real word was. I felt dry
233/1/7. A 'spare' meant a 'clone' that the wealthy [ordered] at special medical institutions and were to serve as organ donors or
'spare parts' if the clone's owner ever became seriously ill. [It was] that [clone] which the men and women of the wealthy class called
their "Little-brother (or sister)-with-the-same-name." However, in Stella's case, her big-sister-with-the-same-name had ended up in a
vegetative state so instead of the big sister, it was the little sister, Stella, who received the lung and heart transplant and overcame
her standing as a 'spare.' Until then, she hadn't lived with her family but now she didn't have to worry about it 233/2/8. She was
physically healthy and had truly gained her 'freedom.' Wasn't that something to be happy about? It was the one thing I wanted most.
After all, I wasn't so different (in standing) from a 'spare.' I decided to grin and bear it. A few days later, [instances of] unconcealed
harassment increased. Nobody would talk to me, they graffitied the computer inside my desk or broke it; they hid my gym uniform.
But I took it all in stride.

"Always with a pretty smile, eh...... Miss Katrine is such a bright [as in happy], good child."

That was how the teachers saw me. Before I realized it, I had begun thinking it was very important to make them feel as ease (about
me). The atmosphere in class wasn't bad and as long as I didn't complain or cause a commotion, it was peaceful at the Saint
Minerva Institute.
I endeavored not to pray for things. Not because I wanted to negate the existence of God, but because, simply, it's just scary to
think of my prayers being granted-- to the point that it scared me. In truth, I've had impressions that there is a 'heart' to space and
couldn't it be putting it's will into action? Stella's case might have been a coincidence, but even if [it wasn't], I had the feeling I ought
not to wish for my own happiness.

One day, in the afternoon, I was had been getting ready to go home as I always did. My goggles, however, had been lost. Once
again, someone had hidden them [just] to be mean to me. If I asked Stella and her friends, they'd probably just say they didn't know
and as I didn't have any friends [of my own] to help me look for them, I had decided to give it up for a lost cause and go home.
Outside the dome, there were enough dust clouds to make my eyes water. The tears rolled down my face. Frankly speaking, at the
time, somewhere in my heart, I hated every person at that school. I probably even thought I wanted them dead/gone [#15].

Out of nowhere, a resistance army raising a cry for 'Anti-federalism' began an attack on the Mars Federal army's naval base. It was
a surprise attack by a storm hovercraft and five Mars suits. The negligent Mars Federal army was put down instantly. I'll bet no one
[ever] thought a naval port out in the sticks would be attacked. Nevertheless, the Federal army mobilized nearby bases and
attempted a desperate counterattack. The students couldn't leave the school and were instructed to take refuge at the shelter on the
school's grounds. I made for the school dome, but it was already in emergency lockdown [mode]. I looked up in amazement at the
huge humanoid weapons that were closing in. Federal support troops arrived in the area, one after the other. Live ammo from the
Mars suits exploded against the school's dome. The dome was easily destroyed and then, the missiles started coming. I couldn't tell
if they were from the resistance or the Federation. The old school went up in flames. I was horror-struck. I honestly regretted that
another of my wishes had come true. Slightly removed from the school [grounds] was the underground shelter and it, too, was
taking hits.

Then, I heard the screaming.
Surely several students and instructors have died, I had thought. War's greatest fault was (probably) that people with no connection
to the war [whatsoever] were murdered without any regard for their individual beliefs. I was resigned to accept continuing my poor
excuse of a life 234/1/1< 2/1. I thought I had to help them. Even if I could only rescue a single precious life. I ran to the burning
school grounds. Before my eyes, the school collapsed with a roaring thunder. Again, I felt acutely aware of my own powerlessness. I
happened to look to my feet and there were my goggles. Although I'd hated the people at school for hiding them, I didn't want them
to die. I regretted thinking even for a second that I had wanted them dead/gone. I picked up my goggles and ran to the battlefield.
The resistance's five Mars suits were still firing and they were heading my way. Ahead of me, there was a Mars suit lying [on the
ground]. I thought the machine had been hit and, being unable to move, had been abandoned. It might have some some weapons I
could use. I wanted to help the people at the school somehow. That was my only thought as I opened the hatch to the cockpit. The
simple security on the outer lock was [easily] broken. What surprised me was the pilot still inside. [He] was a young Federation
soldier quailing in terror.

"No... I can't do it......" he was shaking. He had also wet himself. I felt sorry for him. When I looked at the internal display, I saw the
energy gauge and accompanying weaponry was still battle-ready. "Can't...... I don't do it."

"Is it okay if I take your place?"


I had never been in a Mars suit. But I couldn't think of any other way.

"Don't talk crazy, a girl like you......"

"Don't worry, I'll try." I got in the cockpit.

The young soldier spoke as he got out of the way, "Basically, this machine's programmed to respond somatically to me, it's not
possible for someone else to operate it......"

I [used] the computer to clear all the pilot's recorded data, "There, now it'll be possible for me to operate [the suit]." Then I took a
microchip from my pencil case and downloaded the image trance program. I selected 'Quatre Winner' from the several names listed.
That [data] was very old left over combat data. I had copied from the Winner Hospital library. [Quatre Winner] could surely pilot a
Mars suit without any trouble. That's what my intuition told me.

"We're going to move! Stand clear, please!" I put on my goggles and made the Mars suit stand up. Courage bubbled up [inside me].
"Let's go!" I turned to face the approaching resistance's Mars suits. The whole reason I was fighting in the first place was to get them
away from the school. It seemed, however, that Quatre was skilled at hand-to-hand combat. I took uniquely suitable distance
235/2/6. My opponent seemed to be at a loss. That left a second's worth of an opening. I charged. Eluding the live bullets that were
fired, I whipped out the beam saber and tore through the Mars suit holding a bazooka. I was afraid that the pilot had died. But as
long as they were on the battlefield, they were supposed to be prepared to die.[.....] unlike everyone at the school.

"As if your life were more important than mine!" 236/1/3 I screamed as I turned to face the Mars suit coming up to attack me from
behind and slashed it diagonally from one shoulder down under the other. "It's better not to fight!" Somewhere along the way, I'd
picked up a second beam saber and held them at the ready and downed Mars suits that came at me from three directions. I was
entranced. It hurt to breathe. I (cut off) the image trace program and pulled out the microchip. "......" When I took off the goggles, I
knew tears streamed down my face. My chest, my heart, hurt. The disappearance of five souls was tough. I resigned myself [to the
realization that] I could never go back to my regular life. I understood I could not return to school. After a while, Federation
reinforcement troops came. Before [they got to me] I jumped down from the cockpit of the Mars suit, flitted over a pile of rubble and
kept running away. According to the Federation, I was a perpetrator who had stolen and used a military-grade Mars suit. According
to the resistance, I was a loathsome enemy who had killed five of their comrades. It was probably a contradiction. I felt that I had
keep living for the people who had died [at my hands]. I kept running, several times along the way, I [had to] push my nearly
breaking heart [to go on]. I wanted to see Iria. But after this, when I imagined how much trouble I'd caused, I couldn't contain myself.
I was driven to want to go somewhere, anywhere, and [just] disappear. But, just one last time....
At home, a silver-haired, middle aged gentleman and a scholarly type man with long fringe were with Iria.

"Welcome home," Iria received me as she always had.

"Oh, so you're Katrine......" I immediately knew the bright, eloquent voice was that of my older brother Quatre. (I thought) I had come
to live my life as I had thanks to this person's fighting style. And the five souls taken in the blink of an eye, that was his fault. "Yeah,
you look like mother after all, don't you."

"To take out five Mars suits in your first battle, that's quite something." The scholarly type man spoke as he smirked, "She's the
perfect [addition] to our numbers......"

"Disparage me or praise me, it makes not difference to me. I just simply [used] the image trace."

"That's true. But I think it's better if you don't use that toy anymore...... play with it too many times and you'll lose your [nerve (lit:
preparedness)] and liability."

"...... nerve and liability?......" I hated myself [for] making excuses. I want to help the people at school. I want to eliminate war. Wasn't
that what I was really supposed to be thinking.

"Katrine...... are you living how you want to live?"

"What about you, brother?"

"Finding that answer may lead to death...... but I think you'll find it, if you live."

That was probably it. It wasn't the conclusion that was necessary just now 236/3/7. What was important wasn't the result, but the

"Are you going to take me in, brother?" It was okay to handle my life (shabbily).

"If you'll have us......"

In space, my life was just a drop in the ocean. For the sake of the greater good, I had to serve.

"Pleased to meet your acquaintance......" This was the life given to me.

"Nice to meet you. Well then, I am currently going by the name Professor W."
"I'm Doktor..... you may call me Doktor T."

"[Time to] leave the nest," said Iria as she handed me the violin. "You are the only Katrine Wood Winner in the whole world......"

And I took pride in the fact that I didn't have any pride.

"If you ever get homesick, come back home anytime," tears streamed down Iria's face as she offered me [those] kind words.
MC-0022 Next Winter
I continued my performance. Tapping the keys, I closed in on Trowa's hovercraft, got it in my sights and launched a big missile (at
it). The (hovercraft) Odenhaman sank into the depths of the desert. But there was no response.

"He got away......" If I (judged) this calmly, there's no way Trowa Phobos would be so easily felled. My attack was within [his
predicted] set of possible outcomes. But the chances were low that he would immediately launch a counter attack. The current
problem was Snow White and Warlock. The number of Maganacs mobile dolls had really decreased. "It's not been ten minutes
yet......" My performance had just entered the second movement. Yet half my numbers were out of commission. "I was too lenient in
my assessment [of them]......" They were showing oppressive strength. In the space of just a second, when I saw a light flash by,
[one of my] mobile dolls would already have been torn up. "Or perhaps not." I should say that I'd held them up for ten minutes.

"Heero Yuy" and "Duo Maxwell."

They are formidable [opponents (lit: existences)]. If those two [learned] teamwork, I suspect I would be absolutely helpless. I had
checked the [video logs] of past battles and that exquisite combination had made me shudder. Attack and defense, those two things
were interchanged seamlessly between them, they [covered] each other; kept supply consumption to the bare minimum; even their
(game winning hits) were double-double and they delivered four times over-- that was the fighting style of the old team. I'd gotten the
impression that their being on the same wave length was a thing they had cultivated on the battlefield. That the "Duo" fighting before
me was not the "Shinigami" displayed in [those] vid feeds was a very good thing for me. Thinking from a tactical perspective, when
attacking a small force with a large one, annihilation by siege was the correct strategy. If the military strength was forty to two, that
was supposed to be a cut and dry strategy, but I'd gone ahead and divided [my numbers] into two groups: thirty two to one and
seven to one. Surely if I left Snow White and Warlock (alone) on the battle field, they would each come to learn the other's habits
and directionals and in no time, they'd [turn into a formidable] team-- that much was self evident. That's why it was necessary for me
to overassess their fighting power. So even though their numbers were small, I made two groups and made [Heero and Duo] beat
them all 237/3. Even if I ignored the theory, I felt that this was the best strategy. My seven cream-of-the-crop dolls seemed too few
against Heero Yuy. But when I estimated the destructive power of Duo's Warlock, the distribution seemed good. The mirror trace
program read the opponent's movements in an instant and attacked by copying the same moves in reverse. Challenging Warlock to
close-quarters combat, [he] could only go in for the kill if he was prepared to shoot himself, too 237/3/1-2. [This strategy] also had
the [added benefit] of avoiding the mobile dolls greatest failure-- fighting amongst themselves. It also had the advantage of being
able to cope with Duo's special, quirky attacks.


Duo's screaming voice could be heard through the hard noise.

"Hey, oi! That's not part of the plan!"
Snow White jumped magnificently and while leaving an afterimage of beautiful particles that radiated pale light, continued to
effortlessly dodge untold numbers of homing missiles.

"We were gonna split 'em twenty a piece!! I've already taken out twenty seven dolls!"

Heero Yuy calmly replied, "There are still twenty four dolls......"

"Ch! If you've got the time to count how many baddies have fallen, then get over here and help me!"

"Shut it...... I'm busy now."

I wasn't so confident as to give Heero Yuy [any] extra time. I had my seven best dolls continue their wave missile attack and keep up
their 'in the round' [style of fighting]. And little by little, I closed the distance and had [the dolls?] move so as to block [my]
movements [from being detected by the others, idk]. It was just like seven dwarves dancing madly around Snow White. But I had
been careless. I had been unconsciously mesmerized by Heero Yuy's piloting techniques. Had I read the data more thoroughly, [I
would have realized] Heero Yuy and Snow White wouldn't have made [any such] wasteful movements. I noticed much too late.
When I finished the final chords of the battle sonata's second movement and made to plunge into the final movement--

'Rashid' suddenly stopped moving. My virtual keyboard disappeared.


The Maganacs stopped at the same time also. I wasn't supposed to finish for another three minutes thirty seconds. It was
unfortunate, but I wasn't going to make it. And from the outside, the hatch was forcibly opened. Just like I had done once when I had
piloted that Mars suit. The security was one hundred times stronger since then, but I couldn't expect anything less from a former
terrorist. Standing before me was Phobos holding a pistol at the ready. To allow him to approach my suit and disable the security,
Heero Yuy had made flamboyant moves with Snow White, showing a magnificent jump. Unbeknownst to me, they had made a
superbly coordinated move.

With a straight face, Phobos joked, "Play time is over......" His gaze was as cold as ever. He hadn't changed a bit since I first met

"Don't applaud...... I have yet to play the third movement," I returned Phobos' glare albeit through my goggles.
MC-0022 First Spring
A year had passed since I'd gone to stay at Chryse circus when I'd welcomed a youth called 'Nanashi' as a friend
[comrade/teammate]. 'Nanashi' had sad eyes that had a coldness to them that spoke of how he had given up on the world. He
seemed to be like me. I played my [best piece] 'Scheherazade' for him. When Doktor T offered 'a place to go home to,' he had
selected that 'third path.' And 'Nanashi' had played 'Endless Waltz' on my violin (for me). The solitude in my heart somehow felt
soothed. His gypsy style performance was funky-- no, it was cheery as much as it was anything else; it made me feel sad and
nostalgic. When I was with 'Nanashi,' it felt as though my accursed fate [weren't mine alone], he let me forget the loneliness. He,
however, probably didn't feel that way. My feelings were one-sided. If possible, I wanted to stay with him forever. But he had gone
straight away to Earth with Catherine. We'd just met but there was a gaping hole in my heart (and the wind was blowing through). I
got even better at playing 'Scheherazade.'
Not long after, I got a [call] from dear Iria.

"Katrine, I need a favor," the message said. I had cleared all the exercises and bored as I was, received permission from Professor
W and Doktor T and headed directly to the Winner Hospital. The favor was visiting with Marine Darlian as she'd asked to be allowed
to see her daughter 'Relena.'

"Oh, Relena Darlian!" I had only just now noticed. That (hard worker) for the Mars terraforming, that was Darlian's daughter. In
retrospect, it's pretty obvious, but I hadn't imagined the mother of Relena, who was in the frozen capsule, was still alive. What's
more, I couldn't believe that the lady (herself) had been awakened 239/1/1< 2/1.

"How have you been, Relena?" Ms. Darlian was still calling me [Relena].

"I am Katrine, Ms. Darlian......"

"My legs have become completely weak......" she was using a wheechair to move around but the lady had lost none of her elegance.
I'd heard from Iria that it was probably impossible for her to walk on her own two feet again. Due to her long hospitalization and
Mars' [weak] gravity, her muscles and bones had been weakened. When the mask-clad Relena announced her candidacy in the
Mars Federation's presidential election, I and everyone else had been skeptical. But when I heard her pledge that she'd take off the
mask "when the election was over", I thought she might be the real deal. In fact, the unmasked face was unmistakably Relena ([as] I
confirmed via the history records). Nevertheless, that didn't pacify the skeptics. It's possible to perfectly replicate [someone's looks]
with plastic surgery and I couldn't ignore the possibility that she was a clone. But I thought there was no fooling the mother who had
raised [her]. In my case, although Ms. Darlian had mistaken [me for Relena], there was (that much more) unrest in (the pretenders
[meaning Katrine's]) that the truth couldn't be concealed. I accompanied Ms. Darlian to the Mars Federation capital, Relena City.
That day, an inauguration parade was being held on a grand scale. Ms. Darlian and I leisurely watched the spectacle of Relena's
limousine passing by. A few meters ahead, the limousine suddenly came to a halt.

"Mother!" Disentangling [herself] from the SP who [tried to] hold her back, President Relena ran as a little girl [might run to us].
"Mother! It's Relena!"

It was then that, right before my eyes, a miracle occurred.

"Relena!" Ms. Darlian got up from her wheelchair. The young girl and the mother who raised her met gain after so many decades;
they had tears running down their faces as they embraced. "I'm sorry, Relena...... I've caused you painful thoughts (just for my

"No, mother...... I'm delighted to get to see you again, grateful from the bottom of my heart."

I just stood by watching in amazement. Yet intuition told me their innocence and their tears were genuine. There could be no
mistake: they were Marine Darlian and Relena Darlian. And a feeling I had forgotten long ago came back to me. That is, the memory
of Iria hold me like (that). Feeling loved. Loving. I had utterly forgotten. Just for that, I was grateful to the two Darlians.

That evening, I was invited to the presidential residence. The cuisine that the greatest person on Mars treated me to was remarkably
(frugal) and homemade.
"Thank you.... for bringing [my] mother."

"Not at all, I should be the one to thank you." Besides Ms. Darlian, a sister and brother slightly older than me were also seated at the

They were Relena's nephew and niece; I was told they were twins. The older sister with beautiful long blond hair was called Naina
Peacecraft, the quiet younger brother with black hair was named Milu Peacecraft. They didn't look much alike, so they were
probably fraternal twins [#15.5]. Naina looked at me sharply and asked this question:

"Katrine Wood Winner...... Madame is the daughter of a prestigious family, and you seem to be crossing many a dangerous bridge,
yes?" It appeared that [she] had looked into my past.

"For the record, I understand [my actions] to be volunteer activities...... 240/2/4-5." As soon as I'd said that, Milu began to chuckle.

"Well, if we're talking about dangerous bridges, isn't President Relena's 'total pacifism' far more dangerous?" He blurted and [tried]
hard to hide [his laughing?] 240/2/11.

"It's not funny, Milu!" Naina scolded her [quietly/secretly] laughing brother. "What you just said is inexcusable...... how dare you
group her terrorist acts with Miss Relena's sublime ideals!"

"Naina, what Katrine says is reasonable. I would enjoy hearing [her] opinion."

A small smile appeared on President Relean's face.

"Well then, I'll tell you. If the Mars Federation is going to be totally pacifistic, then it's absolutely necessary to have (secret) backing
from the United Earth Sphere!"

"I cannot accept that," I was told bluntly, "The Mars Federation has [seceded] from Earth...... you'd do well to remember that."

"But for the sake of maintaining peace!"

"Do you mean to say secret troubleshooting organizations like the 'Preventers' are necessary?"

[She] was cut off by Naina, "The real problem is that [having Preventers] isn't really total pacifism, right?"

The young president sighed deeply, "I believe my old friends are even now continuing on that path," tears welled up in her eyes, "It's
like they said long ago: my life is cheap and it's sewer rats like us who fight......" her voice trembled, "but what about their
happiness? Surely it can't be painful to keep living in a world of dark shadows [#16]. "I believe a truly perfect peace has no meaning
until existences like theirs are gone."

There's no mistaking the morality of sacrificing a minority for the [benefit] of the majority. But it's necessary to have the sacrificing
minority agree.

"I agree. If it makes everyone happy, I'll do whatever it takes......" I took pride in never having had 'pride.'
"Step into the light, Katrine...... how many differences are there between you and me? You don't need to think any more painful

"...... but I......"

Milu flitted before me and my voice caught hesitantly in my throat. An angelic smile crossed his face and he [put] both hands to my

"......what?" I thought my cheeks were surely turning red.

Milu took off my glasses, "See, just as I thought......" [He] looked intently at me. "You're eyes are more beautiful than the Earth
[itself]," and he pressed a violin into my hands.


Milu didn't say anything more. He seemed pretty much like a silent [type of guy]. It was embarrassing but-- no, because it was
embarrassing I started playing the violin. I played 'Ave Maria' in an improvisational style. Milu slowly [started to play] a flute and
matched the melody I was playing. I was timid at first but gradually got bolder. I looked at his eyes. His gentle smile was the same.
His warm look was dazzling. And the tone of taciturn Milu's flue was very telling. The performance, which was filled with colors,
moved on and on, imploring us to follow. I played with all my heart to match the tempo. When the piece changed to minor, I
suddenly remembered a feeling that was akin to being enveloped in gentle warmth. It felt exactly as though someone were calling
out for me to follow. When I finally thought I'd caught up, he slowed the tempo and this time, it was like [having someone] pressing
my back the way the flute now followed [my] violin phrasing. Now, he was telling me to take the lead. I screwed up the courage and
took the lead. I ran my bow over the strings feeling embarrassed, like being made to dance in the nude. And yet I discovered a great
up-lifiting of my spirit. Before I realized it, [I was feeling] the (pleasant) sensation that the freedom of playing straight from the heart
[brought]. Suddenly, I realized Milu had stopped playing and was beaming at me. I had been performing solo. Improvising, I had
mixed the melodies of Scheherazade and gypsy. I lost my embarrassment. I performed the solo as if to say "This is me." And next, I
would [give] him the main melody. "I'm in your hands," I said with a jerk of my chin (and look from my eyes).

"Leave it to me," he said with a nod. Milu's solo continued for fourteen measures. How spirited was the beautiful sound [he made].
His upper register was particularly clear. His performance oozed with his pure/innocent personality. When that melody rose, he
signaled me with his eyes. "This is the climax, play with me," he said with a wave of his flute. I accompanied him with my harmony.
Milu gave me a little wink; this time, he took charge of the harmony and I played the melody. The tempo increased several times
over but there was neither confusion nor a stutter in our performance. We repeated the melody again and again; it was like floating
in a unique spiral until we reached the climax. When we reached the pinnacle, he deliberately fell into a slow temp and (made me)
draw the melody of the Ave Maria out of thin air. I had a twinge of fatigue that was close to mild dizziness. Relena and Naina and
Ms. Darlian applauded us with tears in their eyes. Milu was also clapping.

On second thought, it was really embarrassing. Milu extended his hand and so I shook it. It was warm (and warm). That duet had
been my greatest performance. The night was exactly like a dream---
MC-0022 Next Winter
It was getting close to time to play the final movement of the War Sonata. Getting away from the gun Trowa Phobos has leveled [at
me] would probably be the most difficult task. I decided to use slightly cowardly means. He ought to only be able to (simulate) as
many (patterns) for the future as he could think of. I wouldn't survive this danger if [my plan] wasn't better than want he had

"Listen, Phobos...... Doktor said this before but, I'm not as nice as I look."

"Don't move...... and don't speak." I looked at the dial of the watch that I was wearing on the inside of my left wrist. Thirty more
seconds. "Put your hands up." I did as I was told. Phobos gave me order after order. "Get out of the cockpit."

I made my [own] pulse rate go up, "......" Now, my watch would be able to react to the speed of my pulse [#17].

Twenty seconds later, a beam of light shot out from my watch.


After pushing the self-destruct button, Phobos wrapped his arms around me and he pushed us out [of the suit].

"That hat, it really suited you!" So saying, I put my lips to his. It was my first kiss.

Phobos' eyes got real big, "!!......?......?!"

That had probably far exceeded anything he had predicted. The instant we hit the desert, Rashid self-destructed.

"Sorry, Rashid." Using the explosion to my advantage, I ran over to my half-broken hovercraft. In the hangar was the incomplete
Prometheus. It was exactly the rendezvous time. Up in the sky, a huge high-speed transport came up. The craft collected me and
Prometheus, hovercraft and all. In the cockpit, Naina and Milu were waiting. Milu's smiling face was the same as ever. Naina's face
was even cooler than before.

"How about an encore?"


A virtual keyboard had already been set up. I performed the third movement of the War Sonata. The last three minutes thirty
seconds of the war began. The remaining mobile doll Maganacs once again stood facing Snow White and Warlock. They'd
promised us plenty of time to make our escape.

"They made a neat getaway, huh......"

"...... I underestimated them......"

We could intermittently hear Heero and Duo's conversation.

I had broken from my family.

"Bye bye, everyone......"

Good bye, Quatre.
Good bye, Iria.

"And, I'm sorry......"

Then, I apologized to Milu, "Sorry, Milu."

He blankly cocked his head, "......?"

"Why apologize to Milu?" Naina asked.

I couldn't say there [on the ship], how Milu wasn't my first kiss.

"Huh. Guess I made a mistake, I did......" I fibbed. But I'd made a decision. [A decision] to help realize Relena's total pacifism.

***To Be Continued

Frozen Teardrop, Requiem of Chains III

NOTE: the raw text had doulbe "greater than/less than" signs around the MS names, I've changed those to {} so the names will not
disappear in LJ.

MC File 3 (Part One)

"This device shows the pilot the future of both himself and his opponent...... the future I ought to have chosen didn't exist. If, when
you use it (lit: ride it), you see the same result as I did, then lets bid farewell to this world together......"

"Why was this made?"

"I believed continuing to fight was the significance of the human existence. However, I couldn't find the answer there [ALT: that
wasn't the answer]. My 'fight' has finished but the solution must be found in the act of battle. As a mobile suit to do so, a {gundam} is
thought to be most suitable. I want the best for the 'victors' and the 'defeated.' This is the machine that will make that possible."

"You intend to make a God?"

"Perhaps...... as long as the soldier possesses an unadultered/pure will/volition, this machine is capable of eliminating
indecision/delusion...... a soldier with no indecision is a sublimely beautiful [thing]...... In a way, (you could say) that [kind of]
existence is the closest to being a god."

AC 195 Luxembourg
Treize & Heero


"There are [certain] conditions [that must be fulfilled] to bring about complete peace. One [condition is] the elimination of all
weapons. Another is to remove the will to fight from the people. And yet another is---



MC-0022 Next Winter

My name is Father Maxwell. Father Maxwell who may run and hide but doesn't lie. At the Preventer base at the Martian north pole,
Sally Po's daughter Kathy was wearing the virtual visor and experiencing the past of 'Zechs Merquise.'

"Hey......" called Master Chang, the head of the Preventer's Mars branch and commander in charge. "We've received a report from
your son...... seems as though they succeeded in making off with Prometheus......"

"Huh, that's not good...... should have expected as much from Quatre's sister."

"...... they're bungling idiots," Master Chang clucked his tongue as he muttered. Times like that were made for cracking jokes.

"Maybe it would have been better to have whipped our old bones into action."

"We should have......"

"But there's just your mobile suit here at this base, right?"

"Yes...... I haven't used it yet but I'm confident I can pilot it."

"Gimme a break...... this isn't our battle." And now, the PPP ((Perfect Peace Program)) had been put into motion, we couldn't make
any rash actions 215/3/7. The only one who could stop it now what Heero Yuy. "But 'Cyrene Wind' is fighting."

"That guy can't forgive himself (for the crime he committed). Let's just do it how we want to do it." I thought of the guy who was going
by the name "The Wind of Cyrene." How many years ago was it when I had met up with him again---


MC-0017 First Summer

Around that time--- I was with my partner, a 150cc (large scale) bike and touring Mars to my heart's content. I wasn't the kind of guy
to stay in one place. Among the hoverbikes and tricling [note: just a transliteration of the Japaese] that were popular, I still preferred
a two-wheeled vehicle for tackling the rough roads, and if they called me a crazy son-of-a-gun, well, so what? Under the small,
glaring sun, I cut across the (dilapidated) Mars terrain and the wind, gritty with sand, was blowing in from the West was just to my
liking. I cal myself 'father' but I've yet to do a single thing like a [real priest] and I had no desire of going to a moldy, old church.
Concealed under my black clothes was my shotgun and I can't remember just how many rowdy outlaws I've killed. To be frank, it
might be better to say my occupation was 'bounty hunter.' I wore a ten gallon hat low over my eyes with bravado and coming to a
little town smack in the middle of the desert 明るい内から and had a bourbon or tequila and passed the time playing crooked cards;
that might I bought a girl but when I made a couple jokes, she dumped me [and I went to the bar?]. Mars was, to me, the best place
to get your fill of [both] freedom and ruin. One day, I dropped by 'Cyrene,' a small para-terraforming town in the big desert to the
north of Marineris Gorge. My air clean oil filter was on its last legs. Obviously, riding through dust storms for five hours has the
[filter's] intake all clogged up. Since my partner was a two-wheeler, I had to take good care of her 216/1/1<.

"So this is Cyrene......"

Even though it was enclosed in a dome, the town was a lawless wasteland where dust clouds roamed. I parked my partner in front
of the bar, went inside and took a seat at the counter.

"Bourbon...... if you got Turkey [#1], I'll buy you a [glass], too." As soon as I'd ordered, a shot glass of 'fire water' came sliding down
the counter top to me. "I heard there's a colonel in town......"

The bar tender drained his tequila and, turning pale, indicated a table in the back with a shaky finger. At a round table there, four
men were (besieged) in a game of poker. I knew [at a glance] that the 'colonel' was the one with his back to me. Ever since I'd
entered the bar, I could feel as air of impending violence and [how he had] consciously not shown a single unguarded moment to
[me at the] counter. I knew there was a gunman called Laphraig Pete [#2] in town. I put my money on the counter and got up from
my stool. He was a former/crooked serviceman and [the folks round here] nicknamed him 'Colonel.' Actually, he'd been something
like a sergeant. I stood to the side of their table and used my fist to gently nudge the fat, stupid looking guy sitting way in the back
out of his seat.


Fatty McStuperson tried to object after I'd done him the kindness [of taking his seat]. His voice was just as annoying as I'd imagined
it would be, so I aimed my shotgun at him and had my finger on the trigger, but I didn't intend to kill him. But since I hated [a lot of]
noise, I thought I'd blow his head off if he [so much as] tried to speak again. He was a fat, stupid, horse-voiced man but he [knew
enough] to stay quiet. He left the joint quiet-like as I lit a cigarette. Sitting right in front of me was the one called Colonel, Laphraig.
All the other poker players left in a big hurry.

"F-Father Maxwell?"

Guess my nickname was known even out here in the sticks. Seems I'm a little famous. Laphraig glared at me with blazing eyes.
(But) it was my style to answer a question with a question. I blew out a large amount of smoke and asked, "You know about the
Cyrene School?" Looking at the cards lying on the table, I saw that every hand was shit. Well, the pair of fours and fives were better
than what the fat-ass who had been sitting here had had. "In ancient Greek philosophy...... it's a kind of hedonism derived from
Socrates. It's related to utilitarianism and seems it was called 'Pig Philosophy' for a time."

"Wh-what are you on about?...... you want to give me a sermon?" He asked another question. I decided to (quit my style) and ignore
it. As I pressed my cigarette into the ashtray, I continued speaking.

"In Cyrene-ism, pleasure is akin to good, pain is apparently evil...... I don't now for sure, but I hear a certain philosopher of the
Cyrene school put out the ultimate pleasure conclusion 217/1/16.

"I have no idea what you're talking about."
Just then, a man stood up behind Laphraig. He had short, blonde hair and sunglasses, a jack on his shoulders and his unshaven,
self-depreciating smile (lit: face) were familiar.

"......!" The man in sunglasses pressed his rifle to the back of the other guy's head [Laphraig, I believe].

"I'd say pleasure is the decreasing of pain." I knew that man's face well. "In other words, the ultimate pleasure would be the
complete absence of pain...... meaning 'death'......"

"Wh-who the hell are you......"Laphraig put both hands up, "Are you another friend of the Father?"

"No...... I'm a friend of a man you killed: Elv Honneger." We could see his face turn deathly pale. It looked like he remembered
something. I then said to my old acquaintance:

"Hold up, this guy's mine.

"I'm not after the reward for this guy...... I'm just after something he had had with him......"

Laphraig's teeth were chattering. I felt a twinge of sympathy for the poor bastard; so I gave him some advice, "Hey, Colonel......
you're wanted 'dead or alive.' It's for your own good to speak your peace and do it honestly."


I [decided to tell] the gibbering guy just how dangerous the [blonde] man holding the gun was, "I ain't got nothing on that guy, he's
seriously dangerous...... if he's killed a man, he's killed a hundred, easy. Hundreds of thousands that is [#3]." That was a little
exaggeration, but so what.

"Alright...... I'll talk!"

[The blonde] pointed the rifle to the ceiling and waited for Laphraig to talk, "......"

"Neuenheim Konzern [#4] bought it......"

"Who in Neuenheim......"

"One of the executives, I don't know who! And killing Lt. Commander Elv, that was commissioned by the guys at Neuenheim!"


"That's it, that's all I know...... I don't know where the thing is now!"

"Really......" as soon as he said that, he blew Laphraig's head off. I watched the bullet shoot out of his forehead spinning and
covered in blood.

"Whoa!" If it had been anyone else sitting there, theY'd have bit the dust but I, being me, managed to avoid [getting shot, too]. "You
meant to do that (lit: you want to kill me too)!"
"I can't help it if you sat across from him [ALT: I couldn't be so lucky]."

I spared a pitying look at Laphraig, sprawled face down and dead on the table and said, "The reward would have been the same
even if you hadn't killed him."

"I already told you but, I'm not after a reward." An ocean of blood spread across the table. "Ever since he killed Elv, [dying] was his
only option......"

"You're just as dangerous as ever, huh......"

"Hn...... you should talk, gundam pilot."

"Yeah...... since Luxembourg on Earth." That man was once called the Lightening Count, Zechs Merquise; [and now?] he was going
by Miliardo Peacecraft, stateless heir, and code-named Preventer Wind---

We returned to the counter and drank to our reunion; we drank to our lives [now] being free of that off-putting sod.

"Is it really okay if I take the reward?"

"Yes...... I've heard rumors that you donate that money to the Schbeiker Orphanage."

"Well I've heard, aren't you the one who declared Mars' independence from Earth?"

"You [ought to] know that that Miliardo Peacecraft wasn't me at least...... for the most part, I'm not interested in politics."

"But the Relena Darlian inside the Little Prince [frozen capsule] is the real deal, right......"

"That's a hostage...... that's why Lucretia, no, Noin is going to the Presidential center, as a guard......"

The [bottle of] Wild Turkey was quickly drained empty.

"Shoot, I'll bite..... just who is the president of that Federal Government?"

"Dixneuf [#5] Neuenheim..... Neuenheim Konzern's managing director." My whole body got burning hot; I'd hear the name of a man I

"So that's that...... thing, right?"

"There's a [big] gap, but he's Noin's blood brother."


We switched to tequila.
"So he's running a profit-making business and politics simultaneously.... strictly speaking, that's unconstitutional."

"That's why he's going by the name Miliardo...... and Peacecraft for the publicity."

"Wow...... Neuenheim's up to his same old dirty tricks." The tequila burned down my throat as I finished off my glass. I tucked that
tidbit away (in my heart). [Wind] was just as good and drunk. [He] seemed far more talkative that before.


Well what? I wanted to ask but didn't. Just as lightning is fast 218/2, here was a man who would act more logically than anybody
else. So if that meant fighting [at] his beloved wife's parents' home, he had the faith to see i through to the bitter end (even if it cost
him his life). I thought it would be a tough row to hoe.

"Well...... what should I call you now?" I asked after downing my fifth tequila. "Maybe 'Wind' is better?"

"This town is called Cyrene, isn't it...."


"Then call me 'Cyrene Wind.'"

"You gonna be a hedonist from here on out?"

"No...... I'm sure that, in Greek mythology, [Cyrene] was the name of the dauntless sprite who got rid of the lion [#6]."

"Father, let's get going."

Standing behind us was a cute little girl about seven years old. Although [she wore] the clothes of a farmhand, she had an
impression of refinement. She had well-formed facial features, but her long, unusually/unruly blonde hair hung in a braids over both
her left and right [shoulders] and the freckles all over her face left a stronger first impression.

"Allow me to introduce you...... this is my offspring [#7], Naina Neuenheim."

"Nain Peacecraft! I will carry on mother's wishes as one of Relena's knights!"

"So, she's yours and Noin's?"

"My daughter, for better or worse [#8]." Naina gave a slight bow. If I had to choose, I'd say she reminded me of Relena when I'd first
met her [when Fat. Max. first met Relena, that is].

"Are you an acquaintance of my father's?"

"I'm the Father..... Father Maxwell."

"He looks old, but he's younger than me."
"Blame it on Mars......" It was the price I paid for my wanderlust. I still wasn't used to the Mars Calendar, but in the two to two and a
half measly years since I'd come to Mars, I'd become no different from that scruffy [blonde]. We didn't yet know what caused the
rapid-on-set aging that was endemic to Mars. It seems to affect eople differently [based on] the individual and the area. I'm pretty
sure that, in AC years, I'm only just in my thirties [#9]. At any rate, while wandering all over Mars, the difference in my age ended up
not mattering a lick.

"Meeting here is some kind of fate...... but I do have a request to ask of you."

I snapped out of my alcohol buzz, "I'm not looking for trouble, yo." That's what yo get when you drink the cheap stuff 220/1/18. "Well,
unless it [comes with] a reward."

"Could you arrange for Naina to stay at the Schbeiker Orphanage?"

"What! Why, father?"

"This is the end of the line...... my next trip isn't going to be like the others."

If he really was going to take on Neuenheim Konzern, it would be too dangerous to take his daughter.

"I'll do it. It'll be a long trip, but I'll get her to Hilde."

"I wont go. I will go wherever you go, father!"

"I am the wind of Cyrene...... come what may I will come back for you."


"Have I ever broken a promise to you before?"


"Then trust me and go with him."

Naina's characteristically Peacecraft blue eyes filled to the brim with tears, "I understand."

"I'm sorry."

"I'll be strong, just as you taught me."

Father and daughter hugged each other tight, reluctant to be parting.

"Oh god......" I just might have gotten wrapped up on something untoward. "But you know, I can't drive [this] drunk..." I ordered
another tequila, put the bottle to my lips and faceplanted into the counter [#10]. This was the only way I could be nice to people
220/2/6<. "Let's leave...... tomorrow afternoon...... good...... night......"

The afternoon of the next day, when Naina was completely prepared for the trip, she [and I] left the saloon and there, outside, lay
the bodies of the poker guys and Fatty McStuperson.

"This appears to be a send off from my father...... please put [the bounty: towards travel expenses."

Somehow, while I'd been sleeping, Laphraig's gang had returned for revenge and Cyrene Wind had finished them off. These guys'
had also had a reward as Laphraig had, but i'd let them go as they were just small potatoes. Still, many a little makes a mickle [#11],
and I'd get a pretty penny for all of these guys. I decided to take it; it was a decent amount for travel expenses or even a donation to
the Schbeiker Orphanage. And farewell to that nasty bloody [scene]. And then, there was the problem of how cheap their lives were,
no matter how many 220/3/9-10<. And young miss Naina being entirely unperturbed by [the murders], that was all I could expect
from the daughter of Cyrene Wind. Whether she was used to it or she had just accepted her fate didn't change the fact that she was
a dauntless, pitiable girl. And--- This kind of scene was par for the course; Mars was a world where a man had his fill of freedom and


MC-0017 Next Summer

Naina sat in the back seat as we crossed the Martian continent [#12] East and further East. When we crossed the long river at
Marineris ravine, we used mud tires. For the vast deserts, we used paddle tires. The fins were ruined immediately, so we had to go
to para-terraforming towns several times for repairs.

"I've never seen anyone nowadays stupid enough to travel across Mars on a bike like this," I was told everywhere I went. But what
did they know? Surely not the oy that can only be tasted by touring [ALT: Surely not the kind of joy that can only be experienced by
touring on the back of bike].

We crossed the equator and went south. We'd gotten within a few dozen kilometers of the Lanagrin Republic where Hilde ran the
Schbeiker orphanage. But it wasn't my reunion with good old Hilde that was running through my mind, it was Neuenheim Konzern
who held the destiny of the young lady sitting behind me in his hands. Even I had cleaned up space waste as a former member of
the Space Sweepers. I (intended) to have as much common sense as the next guy. I'm sure I remember Neuenheim Konzern
establishing his business at the end of the AC era. The for-profit business's name meant 'New House' in German. In order to shake
off the chronic economic changes [suffered by an] impoverished, exploited (little) Earth, [the Neuenheim Konzern] developed new
markets of economic activity and continued supportive activities to bolster the citizens of space. At the start of the AC era, a
permanent space station was completed and that serves as the archetype for the space colonies. It wouldn't be saying too much to
call the Neuenheim's transference of resource satellites from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and using that as the
construction by which to build the space colonies a great deed 221/2/13-15. So it's only natural that [he] acquired special permission
[to use] basic techniques [to build colonies] and with one colony complete, his business was set up to rake in the dough hand over
fist. Conversely, [his] possession of those profits, in fact, caused space developments and colony construction to be slower than
usual [ALT: in fact, caused space exploitation]. Proof of this can be seen when Neuenheim Corporation's patents (vanished) around
AC 130 and another explosive colony-building rush started. Neuenhiem's company, whose standard operating procedure was first
and foremost what could be called (marketplace mechanism-ism) and utilitarian profit marketing, was more interested in realizing
the planetary reform plan, aka the "terraforming project," then space colony development which was held up by the loss of the
patents. Selected as the first target was this here Mars. The development and dome-shaped, airtight residences and releasing man-
made freon to hasten atmospheric change with the greenhouse effect, even the space elevator that connected Phobos to Mars for
the sake of more efficiently making use of materials, was one part of the plan. By the speech President Miliardo ((actually Dixneuf
Neuenheim)), where he went so far as to pro-rate the Mars [century] calendar dating back to the completion of the para
terraforming, stunk to high heaven of a substantially disagreeable company 223/3/14. Well, Mars turned out to be hard to sell. Being
well accustomed to Earth, [not many were inclined] to move to Mars with its weak atmospheric pressure and only one third of Earth's
gravity. It was the same reason the lunar domiciles failed. The Earth and the colonies around her were plenty. Also, Mars was
physically too far away. (However,) around that time territorial disputes broke out all over and it was manufacturing mobile suits and
other weapons more than space development that bore profits. At least, in my memory, resource satellite MO-VII crashing into the
Argyre field in Mars' southern hemisphere- in AC 187 I think- couldn't really have been a chance occurance, could it? I'm betting
Neuenhiem did that intentionally. I think it was deliberate because it was a little too convenient to the development of Mars that that
satellite contained Europa algae. That was even more suspicious and crooked than me! Well, the president of the company at the
time was Noble Neuenheim [#13] ((Noin's father)) and this is what he said:

"[The MO-VII falling] isn't anywhere near planetary-scale destruction. This was far more humane than those who trade in people's
lives for a profit ((here, he was pointing to the Romefeller and the Barton Foundations)). Action taken for the sake of future
generations will [surely lead to] the greatest well-being for the greatest number of people."

That was a typical (market mechanism-ist) way of thinking; it make me sick. There's no reason for [them?] to record these things
and that was all must my conjecture but I [thought I was] right on the money. Well, the core makeup of people who came to Mars
consisted mostly of liberalists who felt 'total pacifism' was too constricting and utilitarians who [had] shaken up the market cultivation:
all the rest were Earth's undesirables: outlaws and hooligans. On top of that, they did just as they pleased out in the sticks away
from the long arm of the law. Owning to that, to the powerless (lit: authority-less), penniless weak who hated fighting, Mars definitely
became a disaster area 222/2/2-3. Particularly for women and children, that disadvantageous combination was pretty high and with
riots and terrorism all over the place, there was no decrease in the numbers of war orphans or prostitutes. There was no hope and
no dreams for those who weren't preferred. On the other hand, if you just had confidence in your strength and nerve, you could sing
the praises of freedom 222/2/4. For a guy like me, it was my kind of place......


A familiar hill came into sight. It looked exactly like a Bactrian camel [#14]. Soon as I crossed that camel, I'd be at the Schbeiker
Orphanage. Usually, I'd take the hill in a double jump, but since I was riding tandem this time, I decided not to. Taking the pace
down a notch, I eased [the bike] up and down the hill and again for the mountain. As I'd never [taken it so easy coming over camel-
back], it seemed as though Hilde didn't realized my partner [bike] and I had arrived.

"What? Father?"

The eight orphans surrounding Sister Hilde were having a late lunch.

"Yo, everybody. How ya doin'?" Hilde had taken over the orphanage, and church also, from me quite a while ago. She was still
young and beautiful in her own way; I wish she'd forget about (being stuck me/us) and [find a nice guy from a] middle-class family to
marry into. But I wasn't so lucky. Seriously, I've never seen anybody work as hard as I do. By the way, the government of this planet
taxes churches. That in itself wasn't special or anything. But we don't get welfare 222/3/12, either. The Duo Orphanage or Maxwell
Church would have been good [names] but using the name of a wanted man (fugitive) and I knew how much those guys at the tax
office would overcharge/harass 222/3/14 us. So that's why we used Hilde's surname and re-christened it the Schbeiker Orphanage.
What we really did was mainly raising orphans burned out of house and home from the war 222/3/12-13 and finding foster parents
to take care of them, and not once did we teach our troubled lambs such boring tripe as [finding] the sacred path. I sent the reward
money and the quick cash made on crooked gambling here, but it wasn't clean money having come from those bastards and I knew
it wasn't the right (best) way [to earn it]. But there's no such thing as good money or bad money when it comes to feeding hungry
kids, right? I wasn't in the business to be lauded by anyone so I thought it was alright. Hilde had once laughed and said:

"Once you've made up your mind, there's nothing I could say to make you change it, huh."

I introduced her to Naina. Being older than all eight of the kids, Naina was all of a sudden their big sister [figure] and had to look
after them, but as long as Naina herself was okay with that, I didn't feel any particular sense of responsibility.

Sister Hilde pulled my sleeve, "Where did you pick her up? You have a loli complex or something?"

"Your language just gets worse and worse, don't it, Hilde?"

"Someone's a bad influence...... after all, it's your fault, Mr. Unenlightened, didn't you know?" 223/1/14-15......"

"I'll leave you to it...... one of these days, a guy going by the name of Wind's supposed to come pick her up."

Naina was a hit with the eight ankle biters once they warmed up to her. I took notice of one particular rugrat about four years old and
looking like trouble, "Who's that?"

"He just appeared from out of nowhere recently...... he looks like you, I thought one of your women'd had him."

For a second, the faces of various women flashed through my mind but none seemed very familiar. Thinking back by his apparent
age would have been when I was going with Hilde. The mean looking kid ignored me and Naina and went outside.

As Hilde watched the brat leave, she whispered in my ear, "For now, I've been calling him Duo...... when his hair gets a little longer,
I'm going to braid it... I'm sure you'll be like peas in a pod."

"Don't say that, I'm still a man of the cloth. I run and hide, but I'm vestal Father Maxwell 223/2/8."

"Liar, you're always getting dumped...... you playboy!"

"Whoa, don't get your panties in a bunch...... I told you from the get-go what I was like."

"Yeah yeah......"

"One 'yeah' is enough."

"Yeah yeah yeah."

"...... " Apparently she wasn't going to listen to my warnings or my rebukes. She pretty much hated me.

Hilde clapped her hands to get the attention of the noisy brats and said, "Alright, everyone! I hear the Father is leaving! Let's give
him a big, smiley send-off!!"

"Come back [soon]!" [The kids said.]

It would have been nice to have at least had the time to have a smoke but, seems like I wouldn't get a chance to relax [here]. Well, I
suppose it's gotta be a bad influence on the kids to have a gangster [#15] like me hanging around.

"I'll get going right now." I went outside and when I faced my partner, the mean-looking ankle biter who looked a lot like me was
fiddling uninvited with the engine.

"Oy, hey! Kid! What are you messing with?"

"I'm just really into two-wheeler bikes."

"Yeah right, as if you know anything."

"The hydraulic drive for the front wheel's been caked in mud! If you ride like that, the back wheel'll lose torque and you'll sink for

"I-I guess you know a thing or two." I thought she hadn't been running up to par recently.

"I cleaned it up for you...... I changed the oil filter while I was at it," said the kid who, without so much as a hint of smugness, tossed
a black, sand covered filter into the trash. "It's okay that I used the [filter] that was under the back seat, right?"

"O-oh...... thanks."

The kid looked right at me and asked, "So, you're my old man?"

"Nooo way!"

"Don't our faces look alike?"

"That's just a coincidence you damn brat......" I straddled the bike, started the engine and there sure was a fine sound coming from
the front. "Don't you knw your mom's name or anything?" I didn't think he'd know, but I asked just in case.

"No clue, yo I've been on my own since I was born!"

"In that case, you'll be fine hereafter, too!"

"Here? The old lady won't let me cut my hair!"

"Ha ha ha...... something like a braid wouldn't leave you even if you died."

"Big whoops, idiot."
"Don't you go making Sister Hilde cry!"

"Same to you. Aren't you doing just as you please?"

"It's been real, Duo!"

"Later, Father Crapswell."

I revved the bike up and beat the light fantastic out of there. I decided to take camel back mountain in a double jump and didn't look
back. What a horrendous brat! That was my first impression [of Duo].


MC-0022 Next Winter

Taking off the virtual visor, Kathy turned around.

"Father, is that true?"

"Well...... it's not a lie," I said lightly. I fool around and I gamble, but Father Maxwell is honest [about doing it].

"If that's true, then who is the man [calling himself] Special Commander First Class Zechs Merquise of the Lanagrin Republic?"

"If it's not actually the man himself, not a clone and not, of course, a spare...... what possibilities can you think of?"

"A g-ghost?"

"[The real Zechs Merquise] is still alive, calling himself 'Cyrene Wind.'

"Then a living ghost?"

"Why are you imagining all these unbelievable [impossibilities]......"

"A disguise or plastic surgery?"

"All wrong......"

"How can you be so sure?"

"I can...... long ago when my bride boarded a battleship called Libra......"

Then, suddenly the emergency take off alarm for the subterranean mobile suit hanger rang out.

"Master Chang!" Kathy shouted at the monitor as she called up that reckless idiot. He was piloting the mobile suit that had been at
the base.
"This is Chang Wufei!" His face and voice both were as youthful as they had been in the past. "On the observation satellite's
monitor, there are four machines shown making an attack from the Lanagrin Republic!"


"You mean Zechs?"

Wufei, blazing with fighting spirit, coldly declared, "The suits have been confirmed and scanned, results [show] a collation of model
numbers...... OZ-03 MCIV {Virgo IV}, three; and model number OZ-13 MS {gundam Epyon}"


"So they've finally started moving out......"

"I'll make arrangements immediately for reinforcements."

"There's no need for that! I can take them out alone."

Wufei's machine was a white mobile suit with a dragon hang [?] equipped on the right arm and a beam trident for the left.

"Code name 'Nataku'...... Preventer's scramble! {epyon II} Is taking off!"

***To Be Continued

#1 - Wild Turkey, the bourbon.

#2 - This is apparently the name of a single malt Scottish whiskey (the Laphraig, not the Pete).

#3 - Actually, Duo is saying Zechs has killed millions of people. Given the way you count in Japanese, Duo LITERALLY says "if he's
killed man, he's killed a hundred. That's in tens of thousands." But one hundred ten-thousands is a million. It sounds more menacing
to say a guy (zechs) has kills LOTS of people, then tack on that number is actually a power of ten, doesn't it?

#4 - Neuenheim is, as far as I can tell, a place in Germany. Konzern is apparently German for "business group" and that makes a lot
of sense.

#5 - Dixneuf is French for the number 19.

#6 - Indeed, Cyrene is the DAUGHTER of the king of Lapiths, she was caught fighting a lion by Apollo and he whisked her off to
some part of Africa which bore the name Cyrenaica (named after her) which is in modern day Libya. Pleased to note: the raw text
uses the genderless "sprite" or "fairy."

#7 - the kanji of the raw text says "sprite" or "fairy" but Sumizawa specifies the reading is "Cyrene." Zechs is definitely referring to his
daughter, however.
#8 - Literally, he says Naina is his "good for nothing daughter" but I'm chalking this up to Japan's typical introduction rules that
mandate one must humble oneself (or one's family, etc.).

#9 - And being only just in his thirties in AC years when it's MC-0017 means that five MC years later (or about ten AC years), he'd
be entering his forties when Heero is awakened and Katrine steals Prometheus and Kathy is getting brought up to speed on the VR

#10 - I haven't been to enough bars to know, but it seems like you couldn't get a BOTTLE of tequila (especially considering they'd
already had five shots of it). I HAVE had tequila in Japan and it comes in shots, which I assume is the norm. And finally, why does
he faceplant into the counter? Maybe he just puts his head down on the counter...

#11 - I've never heard that expression, but it's apparently out there and apparently British? Just in case it's not obvious enough from
context, Duo's saying "several small sums add up to one big sum."

#12 - Well, I can't find anything that names specific continents on Mars since there aren't actually oceans on Mars. None of the
plains have a name with a pronunciation that might match the Japanese phonetic transliteration as near as I can tell, so I guess
Sumizawa's just saying they're crossing "Mars." I suppose it's possible that particular continent IS eponymous OR it could be
"Marth" from the Fire Emblem game (courtesy of Wikipedia Japants) as I believe the creators lifted the name "Khushrenada" off
some other anime that was known at the time, but that's all I got. I'm sticking with KISS for now.

#13 - I can't find much about ノーベェ on the intarwebs, but come connection to chocolate seemed more prevalent if somewhat
dated. There's both a belgian company (I guess?) and a guy from Oklahoma (I guess?) named Noble.

#14 - Bactrian camels have two humps, dromedaries have one.

#15 - the raw text says "yakuza" and while it COULD be the plain old yakuza, the dictionary also says it means "no-good guy" or
"gambler" and we KNOW Fat Max is a (crooked!) gambler at least and hunts down other neredowells for their reward. You can take
it or leave it.

NOTE: I haven't proofread this chapter as a whole yet given a myriad of things, the least of which not being the disaster than Japan
has turned into (and I am currently out of on a previously arranged vacation). I aplogize for the rough areas, but I figured it would be
more fun for you all to know what's basically going on than waiting at least two more weeks for me to get back into Japan (barring
total nuclear meltdown).

Frozen Teardrop, Requiem of Chains III, part 2

NOTE: the raw text uses double "greater than" and "less than" signs around Gundam names and some other titles. I am replacing
them in my translation with {Gundam Name} so they will show up in LJ.

MC File 3 (middle)

"[Sir,] I have confirmed that four mobile suits took off from the Lanagrin Republic. Just as Master Chang said, it's definitely {Gundam
Epyon} and {Virgo IV}," Kathy announced as she looked at the operation data on the virtual monitor. I wasn't a Preventer or
anything, so she didn't have to be so polite to me [#0]. I took a peep over her shoulder and identified the {Epyon}. I could see there
was no mistake. I was familiar with that red and black [machine]. Long ago, I'd challenged that suit to a fight. In the battle that came
to be known as the "Even Wars," round the time I'd dome some preliminary skirmishes, I was sure there had been three {Virgo II}s
accompanying [the Epyon]. Ultimately, I'd been left with the impresison [they] were hard to deal with.

"Sooo, their goal is there."

"Their course has taken a big detour to the southwest," Kathy said as she worked with images on several simulators. "In that
direction is...... Mt. Olympus."

Just as I'd thought, [they weren't heading for] Chryse or Elysium Island.

"Shall I inform Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell?"

"When will Wufei rendezvous with those guys?"

"According to the calculations, in thirty Mars minutes."

"Oh...... for now, it might be a good idea to tell Captain Sakai of the Voyage."


She responded to every [little] thing politely.

"As soon as that's been taken care of, I'll return to viewing the files. Father, why don't you take a seat on the sofa and rest."

Did I look like that much of a grandpa? I still thought of myself as being young. For the record, I'm younger than your mom. Those
words make it all the way to my throat but [instead: I swallowed them and changed the subject, "Given the circumstances, you
should put off on watching the files."


"Kathy...... is it possible to watch Wufei (and the others') fight in real time?"

"Maybe, if I hacked the Mars Federation Army's surveillance satellites......"

That was probably no easy task no matter how [good] a preventer you were. To [successfully hack it] without getting caught was
applause worthy. It was certainly impossible for the average hacker, and practically impossible for even me or Heero. For that silent
brat Phobos or Miss Katrine, if they had the time, it might be doable. That's how tight the Federation Army's security satellite's
security is. If she could do it by the time Wufei and Zechs made contact, I'd reward her with a lecture.

Me, by the way-- so far, my life had been boring as shit but I'd chosen to live it till the end. He'd probably tell me "Your life's not
worth curving the bullet." That guy...... he thought that that too-heavy responsibility which Heero Yuy had been made to shoulder
[was something] he had to see through to the very end. That's what friends do. Even if he doesn't think so himself. [His?] ties to
Heero didn't begin now. As such, having already come this far, [he?] could only stick it out to the end. [#1]

I might look really old, but inside I was the same as I'd been as a kid, and with a little doping, I wouldn't lose to a couple squirts. I
wasn't the fool hardy idiot who'd just blown outta here, but I was confident I could easily handle a gundam and I thought I could do it
better than he could. From the get go, I'd had no intention of having a kid in the pilot seat of my partner. Except that now, my partner
was no where to be found.

I had an interval of thirty minutes. I wanted to tell you a story from a little while back. Speaking in Mars years, that'd be around nine
years..... no, ten years ago.

I'm gonna use the MC calendar for conveniences' sake hereafter, but actually, at that time, rotation based on a twenty-four hour
[days] leaves you with thirty seven extra minutes.

That's "midnight plus thirty seven."

That was a pain in the ass. At the time we used [a system] called "Mars Time" and each hour was one minute thirty-five seconds
[longer that the AC hour #2] but it didn't last long. Leap seconds or whatever, time moves on no matter how you measure it. Mostly,
the guys who wanted "freedom" and thought time, the past, history, beliefs and whatnot were a bother, they left old Earth for the
"New Earth" and had no reason to stick to the AC calendar. Over on Earth, they had a reason to hold their order and tradition in high
regard, so [we here on Mars] wanted to take care of our own "yard stick" and "history." It was a big responsibility that was thrust
upon us, but we accepted it. History, economics, exchanges between Earth and Mars were practically nonexistent, we the citizens
of Mars (Martians) honestly just wanted to be left alone.

Well, at any rate-- it was around twenty years ago Earth time that this moldly old story starts.


I was bored.
Wasn't interested in tomorrow.

I knew the taste of alcohol and cigarettes.

I only came out at night [#3].

Colony, Earth, whatever.


Everything up until yesterday had been complicated. But I still went by the name "Duo" and I still had a long braid hanging limply
down to my ass.

"Names are chosen by other people, eh."

As long as I had a place to go back to, I was set. That's what I thought. But--. It was supposed to be over and yet nothing really was.
The seasons went flying by in front of me, but I was at a stand still. I'd started to think that, if this was how it was gonna be, I'd have
been better off in the frozen capsule like him.

"I just want to say, it's cold as hell."
He'd definitely say something like that. Ha, that made me laugh. Maybe that was when [it was]. When I thought I'd break it off with
Hilde Schbeiker, when I'd been running hot and cold (lit: been pointlessly/inefficiently living with Hilde), Hilde beat me to the punch.

"Sayonara, Duo...... I'm sick of you."

What the hell? I mean, why wasn't it me saying that?

"You know, it shows on your face right away."


"You really are hopeless...... always looking back." She (abused) my hair with a sharp tug, "What is this braid? I don't now if it was
Mister Helen or Sister Miren but is it [really] that much fun? Do you think it's cool?! I think it looks like crap!!"

"Ow, ow! OUCH!"

"So long! Say hello to your buddy Solo or whatever his name is."

I spat on the floor and, by the time I'd thought to slam the door closed, Hilde was already gone. Even a guy like me was hurt
282/1/14. I was angry at myself for not fighting back [verbally]. My drunken vigor helped.

"Wait, oi!" I went after Hilde. "I told you to wait! OI!" She started running to get away. I caught up and when I grabbed her shoulder,
she gave a quick turn and grabbed my arm instead. "!" Without a second to even think, I was in the air and thrown down to the

"I used to be with OZ! You can't beat me!" She turned me over 282/2/1-2 in a stance unique to a soldier.

"Don't get within 9.46 petameters of me!"

"9.46 peta?" I later found out that 9.46 petameters is about the distance of one light year.

"If you do, be ready for me to file a restraining order (lit: sue you as a stalker)!"

If peta was [the same as] kilo, then it was nine trillion four hundred six billion kilometers...... so she hated me astronomically. I should
just warp the hell out of there [is what she meant]. "I have a friend in the colonies who's a lawyer and it'd be so easy to get the

She rattled on as I stood up and as I rubbed my throbbing backside, I yelled out loudly, "Aright! Alright already. I won't follow you
any more, just go away."

"Then I'll go easy on you...... be thankful I'm being so generous!" Hilde turned on her heel and was gone, just like that. I was sad to
see her go. Why? Was it just because that matched how I felt or was I just conceited enough to think she still loved me 282/2/5-7<.
Either way, for me, it felt like the worst way to break up. I felt like crap. [My] stupid braid was pitiable [ALT: I was one wretched,
braided idiot.] I was a dimwit and a dullard and completely uncool. But I thought "uncool" seemed just about right for me.

I landed on Mars. It was close to the foot of Mt. Olympus. Although one light year was impossible, I had gone as far away as I could.
Not that I was afraid of legal action. It'd be easy to break out if they caught me. As long as I wasn't wanted (lit: hated), this way was
the best way. It was also perfect for getting off the bottle. I used my wanderlust to [handle] my grudge 282/3/13. Staying in one place
made me antsy. So the endless wilds of Mars suited me far better than the cramped colonies. I collected a light engine and parts at
a junk [yard] and while I was putting together an off-road bike for [exploring those] wild lands, I thought suddenly of a question as I
wiped the sweat off my forehead with my oil-covered arm:

"Huh, was Mars always this warm?"

I thought the life system of the para terraforming dome was on the fritz. I left the dome and was surprised. A little leaf beetle was
flying. The ocean was off in the distance. Clouds floated by. You could go on forever without a helmet. I took a deep breath and
choked a little on the sandy air that spread through my lungs.

"Wooow...... chalk one up to the human race! [We] really did terraform Mars!"

I was in total admiration. The small sun was shining. Phobos was moving in the opposite direction [from everything else].

"That's just really something."

I suddenly thought of something then: what was man's greatest legacy? [I knew] it wasn't this world or the colonies at least. The
pyramids and Roman Coliseum weren't it either. The human race wouldn't change all that much with or without ancient remains. It
wasn't that kind of structure, it was something more (conscious) of the essence of man. [Was it his] possibility or [his] ever-
expanding pioneering spirit[?] I didn't really know, nothing I could think of really fit 283/1/3-4<. Mankind in and of itself is something
to behold but our existence was rubbish. It wasn't for (a guy like) me to know if I should look at the scene before me as the light of a
new hope or as the dark cloud of a future of continuing endless ruin. Honestly, what of it? 283/2/5

Tears spilled down my cheeks. I wondered why [I was crying] at a time like that. I certainly wasn't a kid and neither was there any
reason for the scenery to move me [to tears]. What the hell were these tears? Was it sadness or vexation or even happiness?
Lonliness. This carefreeness and freedom that were supposed to suit me best somehow left me feeling miserable and lonely.


But I swear, even then I didn't think about Hilde.

"Ahhh......" I gave a huge yawn. After stretching my back, I went back to the workshop. I had to retune/rebuild the engine all over
again. At first, I'd thought I would have to tour in an astrosuit, but I'd be happy to get more horse power. Thinking back about it now,
I might have been able to have made it in time.


I got on my partner ((an 800 cc two wheel bike)) and had me some Mars touring. In a few months, the immigrants coming from Earth
increased dramatically. They'd probably gotten tired of living the quiet life over there. You could immigrate by [taking the] Mars
(endemic) preventative vaccine and a simple document check. There was no reason not to smuggle yourself in, though 283/3/11.
Actually, that's what I had done. There was noting to it when you got accustomed to the one-third gravity 283/3/13. It felt good to be
outside without a helmet. I bet everyone just wanted "freedom." There were times when tens of thousands of immigrants came in
one season. That was how the fishy Federal government got started-- [because all these people had been attracted to Mars]. The
increase in population brought with it an increase in fighting. When that happens, the [list] idiots who mistake "self indulgence" for
"freedom" goes on and on. If it's just a scuffle, the police or the sheriff can do something, but for the guy who goes as far as
terrorism and (disputes), he can't be (so easily) taken care of. Anyhow, an armed force was established. It was imperative to save
the peace. Since Earth's "Peace Law" didn't condone the maintenance of an army, it was (within the limits of assumption) that the
Mars Federation could only declare it's independence.

I shouldn't have done it, but I'd [gone riding] at full tilt one winter night on Mars. It was probably in the middle of the night, at
"midnight plus thirty seven." I'd had a road accident. An iceberg, frozen solid, is serious bad news for a (two wheeler) bike. If [I had
had #3.5] four wheel drive, I just would have slipped, but a motorcycle falls over onto its side. It was a picture perfect blunder
284/1/15, and I was an idiot. My spiked tired weren't worth shit. That little bit of alcohol I'd had (lit: the bit of alcohol in my stomach)
wasn't too good, either. I [just] wanted some "fire" to warm up my frozen body, but that was the fatal [mistake]. The handle bars
swayed left and right and the light from my headlight [intermittently] lit up a rock wall. I can't remember what I slipped on. I might
have been avoiding some obstacle. All I know was that it wasn't a banana peel. Before I knew it, I'd taken a fantastic spill 284/1/3<;
my partner had crashed into the rock wall and was going up in flames. Thanks to my helmet and protector, my head, spine and
internal organs were fine but my left arm and both my legs had been broken [#4]. It was feeling my age more than the broken bones
that caused a far more acute pain. It was sad seeing my partner burning away.

"DAMNIT, this shit huuurts!" Cry or scream, no one came. "Gimme a break, bastard!" I railed at the Mars winters and [my] advanced
aging at the hands of the Mars endemic.

It began to snow.

I could smell my self loathing 284/2/11. It was ridiculous to shout at myself. When a huge clump of snow looking like a snot ball fell
into my gaping pie hole, I decided to shut up.

"Angggg.... guh." Clenching my teeth hurt. But I could have been on the verge of dying 284/2/11<.

"Owa---! Somebody heeelp!"

It snowed harder.
The wind turned colder.

That's what I got for my flailing around. It was time to pay the price for [ a lifetime of?] having had my own way with one thing and
another. I was doomed to die like that. Then, disappointingly, I lost consciousness.

In my swiss cheese memory [of the event], it seems like I remember seeing a circus hover-truck. Apparently, some busy body had
found me.

"Just like always, huh, this kid......"

"Hn, blew himself up...... lucky no one else got caught up in it." I remembered hearing the familiar voices of that man and woman.
"Is he breathing?"

"Barely." After using [his] fist to check the breath coming from my nose, he took a whiff and spat, "seems like he was riding drunk."

"He was asking for it? Is he really [that] dumb?"

I wanted to say something back but I was only half conscious.

"You're leaving?"

"It's not like he's so [bad off] that he wave to do all sorts of stuff right now."

"Good thing you're so tough, Mr. Stupid Pants [#5]......"

"[He suffers from] something that not even death would cure." So they'd come to Mars, too, then. Earth must really have been
boring. There was no reason for them to help me, but they'd at contacted a hospital that had emergency facilities. [They were] blunt
as ever. Nevertheless, I was real glad the gundam called Heavyarms wasn't there. The way he handled the injured was way too

When I regained consciousness, I was in a hospital room with both my legs plastered and suspended. My flaming partner had
apparently saved me from freezing to death and served as a [beacon] for the rescue team. Even with the most advanced medical
treatments, the doctor said it would take two months for my old bones to fully heal. That meant [I'd still be in plaster at the start of]
the new year. That was two calendar years [#6]. I swear to God I'd never drive drunk ever again. Not that I believed in God or
anything. I would never do it again at any rate. But not for my sake. I decided to never ever do that again for the sake of my now-
torched partner.


"I'm simply stunned at your stupidity."

At the start of the year, standing before my immobile self was none other than Hilde. She had on black rimmed glasses and an
expensive looking suit. The pin heels on her feet and the miniskirt looked good enough to get my heart racing. It was enough to
make me wonder who it was at first, I hadn't seen Hilde in quite some time; she had changed into a beauty with brains. I was as
miserable as ever, no... I was one shade more miserable, I couldn't pay the hospital bill and in the end, it was to her that I went

With a little persuasion, a nurse I was on good terms with did me the favor of looking up circus groups with (older) sister and
(younger) brother siblings, but they weren't anywhere on Mars. I didn't have any other acquaintances so I was at a loss. The hospital
director said I could work off my debt at the hospital, but I really wasn't interested. The hospital had such excessive profits that they
[had?] given me the Mars endemic vaccine even though I didn't ask for it. After all the trouble I'd gone to to smuggle it in, it was all
for naught. But still, since my [rapid on-set?] aging had progressed, no doubt I'd been injected with a fake. Because my drunk
driving wasn't a secret, if I was released from the hospital now, it followed that I'd be going to the big house. Prison on Mars was bad
news. Apparently, once you went in, you didn't come back out. For an old man with broken bones, escape was most likely
impossible. Meanwhile, Hilde had somehow gotten the information and came to see me.
"The people in the traveling Gypsy circus told me," she told me, sounding like someone truly put out. Hilde was now a librarian at
the Lanagrin Republic National Library located in Mars' southern hemisphere. My face froze with nerves. There was no doubting that
I was within 9.46 petameters.

"Relax, you don't have to pay me back." Unlike the outside, her inside was just like it used to be. "Because what you need is the
doctor's fee." For all that I was a laid-up invalid, I had never heard such a rubbish pun [#7].

"Sorry," she said, but didn't mean it. Who ever apologized from the heart? Use as much as you can then just toss it away, right? I
did get out of the hospital but my partner was ruined and I had nowhere to go. I didn't have any other choice but to sneak aboard an
airline and head to the Southern hemisphere. I was alone so I could go anywhere. I was fascinated with the souther hemisphered
the first time I saw it.

The one continent was all connected. This was the Mars continent, the biggest on Mars?! Damned if it wasn't the perfect place for
off-road touring.

I thought it was embarrassing but I rolled into Hilde's place in Lanagrin. She was living in a spiffy high-rise apartment. Seems like a
secretary at a library made pretty good money.

"Oh well! You have pay for the squid with your own quid."

Earn greenbacks on the red planet..... even without the corny pun [#8], I'd have gone along with that. At the center of this country
was the Lana Green Sea and the high-rise buildings lining the ocean fronted megalopolis prospered, but along the perimeter of the
ocean, quiet port towns dotted the way; they made me think it wouldn't be a bad place to live. None of that mattered to me. As I
looked for a part-time job as a bar tender at a bar in one of the port towns, I earned some cash (as hired muscle [e.g. a bouncer])
and swindling people gambling on the side; I saved up my pocket money and started thinking about rebuilding my partner. Next
time, if I wrapped wire rope around mud tires, I thought that would grip even on an iceberg. I found her on the way home after she
was unearthed at a junk yard. They were selling the engine of an off-road bike designed for Mars, the Ares Hornet ß III 1500 cc[#9],
albeit used.I [knew] it would be easy to steal, but a man has his pride and I had to buy it with the money [I'd earned] from honest
labor. That was just common courtesy for [what would be] my new partner. Just you wait, Ares! From the next day, I started working
in earnest (lit: with hope). I seriously worked. Without any persuasion from women 287/2/7, I really went after [all the] roughs and
used some serious moves. The price skyrocketed several times [but if I saved] just a bit more and I'd have enough to buy the Ares

"There really is no cure for your stupidity, huh!" The piggy bank I'd been using to save [for Ares] was picked up by Hilde. "Don't you
know how old you are? [ALT: Don't you think you're too old to ride a motorcycle?]"

"Give it back! I've finally filled it up, its MY piggy!"

"[I think] I'll be taking this as a fee for having to put up with you for so long!" She busted the piggy bank open and took all that as
inside it.


There was no love.
I wasn't loved.
I intrinsically didn't 'get' love.
But I wanted Ares.

"Let's get married."

"Huh?" Hilde said and turned around.

"I love you, let's get married!"

I'd give up alcohol, smokes, and women.
I'd cut my hair.
I'd give up the name Duo.
All's fair in love and war [#10].

Really, I'd do whatever it took. I wasn't going to give up on the Ares Hornet ß III engine, no matter what. I wanted to ride across the
endless Mars continent.

"Marry me, Hilde! I never noticed (until now) [that] I've loved you all along!!" If I just had a marriage license (lit: registration) then I
could combine our assets. If I could just get my partner [made], the bike was as good as mine 287/3/12. Frankly, I had a hunch I'd
be rejected. But it looked like saying I'd cut my hair had worked.

"Alright, if you're gonna cut your hair." I pulled Hilde [by the] arm and took her to a church in the port town. I had lent a large sum to
the elderly priest there. I'd won it at poker. I'd won because I didn't advocate "God's Path" 287/3/16-20 [#11]. We got the wedding
performed there, cheap as free. The ceremonial cutting of my braid was also held there.

Sorry, Sister Helen.
So long, Solo.
This is for my new partner.
Forgive me.

I don't need a blessing. I didn't expect a promising future. I wasn't a pacifist or a bachelor. And I sure wasn't a consequentialist [#12].
This was also goodbye to dragging my past [around with me]. I played along for two or three months. Of course, I thought that was
the hardest I'd worked in my life. I also did manual labor in MTFs ((Mars teraforming suits)) used for public works. It got around that I
was hired muscle and a cheating gambler so I couldn't make much money doing that anymore. [Instead], I got into handling the
smuggling of goods that the government had taken it upon itself to declare illegal by bullying the weak 288/1/12. The money wasn't
half bad. Piggy Junior got nice and fat and all that would go towards my partner, version 3.0.

My first partner was [Gundam Deathscythe}. Actually, I'd stolen that, too. I had it remodeled and it became {Gundam Dethscythe
Hell}. He was a super cool partner, but there was no way to use him outside of war so I (crushed) him [#13]. It was incredibly difficult
and I'd heard grinding here and there [#13!!!]. I could hardly keep him [after the war], so I'd gone off to [the/my?] final battle in
Brussels with my guns blazing. My second [partner] got junked the other day. This one was n umber three. I'd finally saved enough
and busted open Piggy Junior. I got all the parts for my partner together and in the storehouse behind the church, I was a regular
grease monkey putting her together. When I tried to make her roar, she didn't disappoint.
"Hey, Maxwell," the old priest said.

"What's up, Gramps?" I was in a fantastic mood.

"Looks like I can't pay off my debt. [#11]"

"Oh, don't worry about it. I'm just about finished with my girl, so let's call it even."

"I can't let you do that."

"When I was a kid, I owed a great deal to [another] church...... so I don't need anything."


"I may be a fake and shady, but I don't take money from the poor, that's me, Du- Pig Maxwell." I sat astride my partner, hit the
accelerator. "Catch ya later, Gramps!" I headed to the wilderness at full throttle.


I had a feeling I was forgetting something, but there wasn't supposed to be any past for me to look back on. I didn't even have that
troublesome braid. I thought I heard a woman's voice [scream], "You IDIOT!" but it was lost in the roaring of my bike's engine. Don't
worry, don't worry. Anyway you slice it, I'm a big pig of an idiot.


A year on Mars had passed and I went back to Lanagrin [for the first time since leaving]. I didn't want to get older and winter was
pretty dang cold. Even with my snow tires clandestinely fashioned out of mud tires wrapped in wire rope, I sunk [into the snow] a lot.
Each and every time [that happened] I called myself an idiot. Ever since, I stopped riding my girl at night in the winter and spent the
night at a saloon. The alcohol and smokes had already made a comeback. When my hair got long, I cut it. I didn't need anything at
Hilde's [#13.5], so I didn't go to the maritime city but headed to the port town at the foot of camelback Mountain. I dropped by
Gramp's church. I was in a for a [big] surprise. Hilde was there in a nun's habit looking after God knows whose kids.

"Hey...... what happened to you?" I asked amicably. Just as soon as I said that, Hilde's face got seriously angry.

"Don't you even! Asshole!"

Suddenly, she grabbed by right arm, twisted it up my back and pressed my hand to my back. "This is all your fault!!" Just like that
she pinned me to the ground and the (violent woman) straddled me. My protector felt the impact and inflated. Thanks to [my gear], I
got through my last accident without breaking my back.

"Ow ow ow...... ow, ouch, that the hell happened?"

"That old mad died and left the church to YOU! Said to tell you his debt was settled or something!!" Said Sister Hilde, ex-librarian,
ex-girlfriend, ex-OZ Space Army soldier. "Moreover, this money pit of a church is in a real FIX!!" I thought my right arm would get
broken. Her kansetsu technique [#14] was no joke. "You got the God of Death on one shoulder and the God of Poverty on the other,
don't ya. How'd ya like that, huh?!"

"Whaddaya want me to do?!"

"Give me a divorce! Right here, right now: divorce!"


"What do you mean 'what'! It's because my estate's jointly owned by you that I'm in this mess!!"

Shit, ex...... I'd forgotten she was my wife.

"Why didn't you just file for divorce yourself?" I heard a snap that I hadn't wanted to hear, "OWWW!!" A long time ago, a learned
man once said: If thy right arm has broken, extend thy left. But I had no intention of doing that! I'd just broken my left arm about a
year ago.

"There's these poor kids here with no place to go! And I'm supposed to just leave them to fend for themselves?!

"I don't know. Why not!"

"Where did this bad guy come from, you jerk?!" I thought about saying the non-resisting old man with the broken right arm was
pretty poor [as in pitiable], too. There was a load of other stuff I wanted to say, too, but I kept quiet. Because Hilde grabbed my chin
and made me flip over 289/2/11-12<. If I stayed like that, she could get my spine.

"U-uncle! I give up!" I surrendered. She had a flawless victory. With my powerless, dangling right arm, I signed the divorce papers.
When I signed 'Pig Maxwell,' she blew up at me and called me an idiot. When I resignedly wrote 'Duo,' she took a jab at me,
[accusing me] of dragging it out.

"Well, what should I write?" Hilde said a name I'd never heard before: James Clerk Maxwell. I gathered it was apparently the name
of a Scottish physicist a long time ago and according to (our) family registry, my official name. For the marriage license, Hilde had
taken it upon herself to give me that name. As [she] told me how to spell it out one letter at a time, I [was struck] by this
(desperate/frantic) thought: it's strange how she's telling me what the letters are. I had a strange feeling. It was like being wrapped in
warmth, like being in the palm of a gentle hand. It wasn't a distinct [feeling]; I'd never experienced anything like it until then. It was
different even from the warmth of Sister Helen who loved me [ALT: who treated me with affection]. Hilde's ferociousness just before
seemed like (a lie). I felt something akin to maturity.

"Something's different about you, eh."


I thought it was because she quit wearing the black rimmed glasses.
I thought it was because [she wore] a nun's habit.

No, on second thought, it was because I'd been gone for one year, two Earth years. But something was different. I didn't want to say
'angel' or 'goddess' because there were absolutely no similarities there. In the back of my mind, the (key)word 'mother' popped up.
But I immediately smothered (lit: denied) it. I'm not even supposed to know what ['mother'] is because ever since I was born, for as
long as I can remember, I've been on my own. After that, I had to write an IOU for a hefty sum. Also, I had to promise to pay off my
debt to the Schbeiker Church in the form of donations. She didn't say it like an order, but [her words] had the power to make me
obey, [it was] as if I'd been put under a spell. On top of that, I was handed a new nickname, Father Maxwell, and a black priest's
outfit. We were divorced, so I had no clue why I was being put under Hilde's restrictions, but I decided to go along with it. As a
motorcyclist, I'd do whatever to protect my backbone and spine. Until my right arm healed, I'd have to stay at the church, orphanage,
whatever that place was. The kids thought that I, with my arm in a sling, was amusing; I got sick of their incessantly dogging my
every step. Finally the bandages came off and when I thought the break was healed, Hilde suddenly came up and slapped me on
the back. There was a pain that made me imagine that, if I had looked under my shirt, I'd see a red, hand-shaped mark.

"Okay, happy trails!"

Hilde was telling me to take a hike. Her smiling, happy face didn't lie. "Your arm may be better, but there's no medicine for you being
you! You don't listen to a thing I say anyway!"

"Father! Have a good trip!" Even the kids had all come out and chorused a goodbye to me.

"Work hard!"

"Good luck!!"

Oh God [#15], I thought as I turned the ignition key in my partner.

A few days later... I was in a saloon at a small town. I dealt five cards [to the two of us]. My opponent was an outlaw. My hand,
which I could see between the ten gallon hat and the palm of my hand, was a full house. It was the result of a trick I'd used [when I'd
dealt the cards]. When I continued to aggressively raise, the outlaw folded.

"Just what was your hand?"



"Sure, pig, right? Since that's what I was playing against."

"You were bluffing?!"

I grinned, like I would lie about who I was playing against [#16] 290/2/8. He stood right up and darted out of the bar, maybe he
sensed my bloodlust [alt: sense the highly charged atmosphere]. Unfortunately for him, I wasn't good natured enough to let him get
away that easily. I socked [it] to him out front. I fixed the aim of my beloved shotgun at the (source of payment): the back of his
head. The guy stopped and turned around, shaking something fierce.

"Who are you?" asked my bounty.

At the time, I was still an easy going guy, so I answered his question seriously, "The bad guy......"
"Don't screw around!"

Anyone who would screw around in this situation was screwed up.

"Alright, you can call me Father Maxwell, the man who has been [gang]pressed into taking your life and [the] bounty [on your head]
by the God of Death and the God of Poverty." Before I could finish my introduction, the coward went for his pistol, but before he
could reach it, I shot him through the head with my shotgun.

Who's to say whose fault it was, I was as screwed up as a compound fracture.

Since then, I was a crooked gambler-- no, I was a bounty hunger and wandered all over, diligently donating money to the Schbeiker
Orphanage ((Church)). I was Father Maxwell.


Schbeiker Orphanage was also a church, so they did something like Christmas. The date, however, was perfunctory, they'd choose
whatever day they wanted. Anyhow, [sing a couple of] hymns and do a couple games and call it a little party. Get a little sparkling
wine and even I'd have some fun. I knew about [this year's] Christmas from the airport bank from which I'd sent my donation [to

"You're Santa so don't forget to bring presents."

Hilde informed me in a message (sent in reply [to the donation]). She wanted to foist another act variation on me after I was already
covering so many roles? But it had already been more than a year and a half since I'd left Naina Peacecraft with Hilde, so I guessed
it was about time to drop by again. In Earth time, it had been three years. Hilde was grumbling about "Cyrene Wind" not showing up
yet. I didn't know how she could complain, Naina seemed to be a big help. Hilde told me that that little squirt [lit: shit/crap kid #16.5]
had started braiding his hair. I bust a gut laughing. If that was true, he wasn't any different from me when I was an ankle biter.
"Hilde's special nuisance." 291/1/1<. I'll bet she's giving him a hard time cause she can't do the same to me. But I know the feeling.
Sometimes you need a diversion when you're surrounded by horrible rug rats every day. I [could] sympathize with Duo, but I
wouldn't (console) him. If a troublemaker isn't prepared to accept responsibility for all that he does, he's gonna have a tough row to
hoe. Shoot, if that's the case, then he is just like me. Better not shoulder too much 291/2/10.

At a shopping mall, I bought a used Santa suit and a fake beard, too. I put the brats' too-heavy presents in a bag that I would carry
over my shoulder. I got on my bike, left the airport and headed for Lanagrin, but my girl was getting older just like me and creaking in
the joints. If I didn't do an overhaul with Duo, touring in the spring would be iffy. I didn't know if the brat with the bad attitude would
help me out or not, but you know, if you treat a kid like a proper adult, they'll work their butts off. I don't know what happened [to
him], but the kid's eyes had a (matured/experienced) sadness hiding in them. That was just like Naina. Among all the kids I'd known
on Mars, that [sadness] was something they [all] had in common. They were all raised in the middle of excessive suffering and
despair. It was difficult to help them and there were many of them. I'd decided my current responsibility was to help relieve them [of
that pain], even if it was just the miniscule number of kids at the orphanage, and I'd do it with small gestures 291/3/3. It was a
voluntary gesture out of proportion [with the need], but those bastards I killed were pretty pathetic 291/3/8-9. The gritty Mars air
suited me. So I didn't need sympathy or consolation.

Camelback came into view but I didn't have the confidence to do a double jump like I had before. If I did such a stupid move on that
winter night and broke my arm, I wouldn't be able to be Santa. I thought coming in on a sleigh pulled by cloned reindeer would have
been a bit over the top. I heard the ankle biters singing hymns at Schbeiker Church. I gave my chest a hefty thump and when my
protector had inflated, my Rotund Santa outfit was compete. I opened the door and gave a hearty, "HULLO! Merry Christmas!"
While I'd been away, there'd been quite a few additions [to the brood]. Naina was the oldest and there were at least twelve kids
about as old as Duo.

"Ho ho ho ho! It's Santa, guys!" I put my all into the Santa act, but it went over like a lead balloon.

"Why are you wearing red?"

"Father, did you get fat?"

"The beard and stuff really isn't 'you.'"

Everyone there including Hilde knew about Santa, but they didn't know Santa Claus's getup.

"What a bunch of kill-joys," I was sad. What was the point of having dressed up? But they were happy with the presents. It had been
a long time since I'd seen their carefree smiling faces. Seemed like Duo was Captain Brat and he handed out the presents fairly.
That was where the [now] grown up Naina smiled. In Hilde's black hair, there was a bit of white mixed in. Around her eyes were little
traces of hardship. I'd let her indulge in a little complaining [later]. Tonight I would be sober and smoke free. In the warehouse out
back, when I was taking my partner's engine apart, he showed up as I thought he would. When I didn't push him into conversation,
he said,

"Totally not paying attention," and he dunked the engine parts in oil, and started cleaning them with a brush 292/1/1-4.

"Hey, thanks," I said, but he didn't answer. "Could you do this one, too?" I pushed a wooden box chock full of gears, nuts, chains,
shafts, and what all over to him. "This is my personal Christmas present from me to you!" It was the ultimate toy box for a mech-
nerd. It was a quiet night. Duo was an apt kid, he took the [oil] rag between his little fingers and carefully cleaned the oil caked into
the nooks and crannies of the engine parts. The work went surprisingly quickly.

"Hey, about Sister Hilde," he piped up as if the easy work were boring, "did she used to be an agent somewhere?"

He asked a question so I gave him a question, that was my style, "What makes you think that?"

"That woman really knows how to hurt a guy."

"Ha ha ha...... yeah, she does." Enough to easily break the arm of a guy like me.

"You're not gonna marry her or anything?"

"Stupid! A respectable priest like myself can't marry her."

"Heh, so says the bogus priest."

"......" The brat had stinking heaps of adult information that he didn't need to know about. "You've got your own worries, thing more
about yourself [and less] about other people."

"I'm alright...... I am."


"The real worry is Miss Naina...... every night she sits at the window looking out."


"REALLY, parents are a pain...... she's been waiting the whole time." However much freedom you look for, you can't pick your
parents. The Peacecraft and Neuenheim bloodline would be a cruel and troublesome fate for anybody.

"I'm glad I'm a vagabond."

"And you're glad you were picked up by Sister Hilde, right?" I hadn't meant to comfort, but it was already out there.

"Yeah, I guess...... Sister Hilde's nice to me." Was he teasing? Was he really glad? When I was the same age as him, I [was already
living on the streets], I had messy hair and swiped stuff yet somehow I managed to survive the day. I didn't mean to compare, but
when I'd met Sister Helen, I was two years older than this kid. We kept working in silence. "I'm thinking......" The braided philosopher
muttered to himself, "about the value of a human...... kindness and memories and that, isn't that stuff in your heart?"


"Parents are a pain but if I didn't have them, I sure wouldn't be here and if there is no value in my heart, it gets hard to know why I
should keep living."

When I'd first come to Mars, I'd had similar thoughts but he in his own way came up with a solution in that little head of his. I felt like
a serious discussion with my brat of a partner, "I don't oppose/object to the bit about kindness, but I wonder about the memories

"You do? I guess the memories [A] are more important."

"There's another, more difficult, word for memories [A] and that's 'recollection' [B]."

"[Geeze] I know that, it's remembering [C], right."

"Would you listen?" I decided to chatter. For me, when I was putting stuff together, I could work better if I talked while I did it. "When
people die, their recollections get reset. I don't think there's any value in that. On top of that, if there's a good recollection, then
there's also a I-wouldn't-remember-this-for-shit 293/1/4-5< bad memory."

"I'm sleepy......"

"Ultimately, it's more important to look forward to the future than to remember the past. I was told this by Sister Hilde but if you
always drag the past around, by the time you notice, you'll have lost the ability to do anything [about it]. They say that's how you end
up being ruled by sentimental weakness."


"But suppose there is value in recollections, then that would mean all human life would have equal value...... if that's right, then what
I, Shinigami, have been doing until now has been just destroying what could be called man kind's inheritance/legacy, haven't I?"

Yeah...... I couldn't easily accept the kid's solution because I was still searching for the [kind of?] peace with which the dead were
buried. I was being dragged around by sentimental weakness, I just didn't want to admit to my own [personal] stagnation. Meaning,
even though I'd cut it off, I still had a long braid running down my back.

A half broken Madonna [#17.5] and a crushed stained glass [window].
It was a clear flashback of that scene.
The Maxwell Church atrocity.
I hadn't moved since then.

Father Maxwell, a killer and a priest.
It's me that I want to have killed, saved.

When I snapped out of it, Duo had lied down and fallen asleep.

"You'll catch a cold, yo." I thought to wake him up, but I decided to lay my red Santa jacket [lit: cape] over him and just let him sleep
[instead]. At any rate, I thought I'd throw away the used [costume when I left] because it was covered in grease. It didn't mean
anything to me.

The quiet, quiet night grew more silent.
I put my partner [back] together straight away.
When I got up to listen to Hilde rant--

I heard a little cry. It was surely Naina's voice. I left the warehouse and quietly checked out the grounds. I felt the trees stir. In the
night sky floated [Mars'] second satellite, "Frozen Teardrop", aka Diemos. [It's light], however, wasn't enough to cut through the
black darkness. Even so, when my eyes adjusted to the dark, I saw shadows moving. Several men disappeared into the woods,
carrying an unconscious Naina over their shoulders. I threw my stupid, torn red Santa hat on the ground. It was [awfully] heavy, but I
slipped into my long coat, which was stocked with the tools of my trade. This was unforgivable. I feared Naina, who looked outside
from the window on the second floor, had been [kidnapped]. Neither Hilde nor the other kids had noticed. That was a fine trick. I hid
in the shadows and followed hot on their heels.

[I could tell] there were four men by listening to the sound of their footfalls. They seemed to be men who had received proper
training. It was also [the kind of] movement that made it possible that it was a military-like organized act. This was the first time in a
long time that I felt [such] excitement. I was thankful that I hadn't had any alcohol. It was like it was time for the "Professional
Shinigami" to return. If they were thugs or outlaws, then it would be impossible to have [made it (lit: leadership)] this far. (In point of
fact), [I imagined] they were special forces sent out by the Mars Federation or Neuenheim Konzern. The machine sounds I could
just barely hear must have been Mars suits on stand-by on the other side of the forest. Not something I could fight [bare handed].
What to do? [How] could I hold my tongue, turn a blind eye and let those guys get away with Naina. No way I could. The only thing I
could do was steal one of their Mars suits and put up a fight. When I cleared the forest, four Mars suits standing along the short of
the "Lana Green Sea" came into view. There was also a high-speed hover craft parked (at their feet). I guessed the four men
dressed in black meant to load her onto the hovercraft. That was when Naina regained consciousness and put up a token
resistance. Now was my chance.

It happened when I was thinking about which suit to take. There was a dazzling flash of light. He was [there] in the flash of golden
light. That machine was surely a Mars suit. I only had second to confirm, but it wasn't a Gundam and the shape wasn't like any other
mobile suit.

"I've come to pick you up, Naina!" The ever-comosed voice sounded out. It was the voice of the man who called himself Cyrene

"FATHER!" Naina screamed at the top of her lungs. In the next second, three Mars suits were ripped apart. What the hell kind of
weapon was he using? The explosion and billowing smoke from the Mars suits obstructed the horizon even more. Before I knew it,
Cyrene Wind's brilliantly lit up mobile suit was destroying the last surviving mobile suit. That had been a close call. If I had gotten
into the suit, I'd have been instantly killed.

"STOP! Niana Neuenheim is here!" shouted the guy who seemed to be the ring leader, he stuck a gun to the nape of her neck. But
Naina was completely unafraid.

"You're wrong! I am Naina Peacecraft," she said cool. "Father, don't mind me!"

Then, in the dazzling light, the cockpit hatch opened and [Cyrene Wind] leisurely appeared from within, "You've grown up...... and
grown [more] beautiful, Naina." The [kidnappers] stood motionless, struck dumb. For [members of] either the Mars Federation or
Neuenheim Konzer, the man who'd just shown up bore a striking resemblance to their [head honcho]. In fact, they probably didn't
know the other guy was a fake [#18]. It wasn't my beloved shotgun, but a sniper riffle outfitted with a scope that I pulled from my
long coat.

Naina was grand, "Father! Please kill [them]."

I made to fulfill the demand. I was, after all, a 'father.' [#18.5]


I shot the ringleader dead. There is no life which is fit to be taken 296/1/4. I, Shinigami, have so declared ergo it is not wrong. Freed
from her captor, Naina ran to Cyrene Wind. The two men who chased after her and the one who made to help their fallen leader, all
three of them were in my [cross hairs] and-


I sniped them, too. I'd lost my touch. Using four bullets to kill four people? Before, two shots would have sufficed. Well, I was
[shooting] against the light and those guys were also pros; it was immediately after my comeback, we'll leave well enough alone
there. Those guys, including the four Mars suit pilots, had memories; and they were nice to other people in their time. It was just bad
luck they were assigned this mission when the sprite and Cyrene Wind were reunited. More than anything else, the worst [part] was
that lovely girl was going to be swept away from Hilde's and my house. If you don't want to lose what's important to you, you
absolutely must not take away what's important to someone else.



Surrounded by a bean of light, Naina and he embraced, overjoyed at their reunion. I'd never seen such a deep bond between parent
and child before. Guess that's what "parent" and "child" just is [#19]. There was some kid of brilliance, not just from the light, that
made it feel like that was out of my reach. I thought it'd be impossible for me to [have that].

From the light, Naina was shouting something, "Father! I know you're there, Father! [#19.5]"

When I made for the bright light, [she] threw me a small bag.

"Give that to Duo, please...... it's a Christmas present."

When I looked at it, I saw that it was a brown ring for tying off hair. The clear bag was closed with a rabbit-shaped sticker and it was
rather girly.

"I apologize that it's such a boring [gift]. I think a braid suits him very well," Naina seemed to be politely bowing. There was a shining
that made me thing the sun might have been right there. Using my hand as a visor, I lifted my face, but I couldn't see anything
(directly). I totally couldn't confirm the shape of the suit.

"Hey, you're just gonna leave? You should hand it to him yourself, yo."

"No, he blushes too easily...... and I would be a bother to everyone if I stayed any longer."

"I'm taking Naina to Noin...... thank you, Father Maxwell." The pair of them disappeared into the light. They must have closed the
cockpit hatch.

"Please express my gratitude to Sister Hilde."

The suit flew off even as it was shoot out its dazzling light. Somewhere deep in my memory, I wanted to recall with nostalgia the
sound of those particular over burners firing up.

"No way, could it be a......" It wasn't that I couldn't guess what suit it was; Cyrene Wind must have been looking for someone
different than who I'd thought [all along]. All at once, the area returned to its original state of total darkness.

"So Naina left," the voice behind me was Hilde's.

"Yup, she says thanks."

"That girl, such a good kid, huh.... she was surrounded by a bunch of misbehavers, I hope she didn't suffer any bad influences."
"No, I'm sure she's fine...... she said to give this to Duo." I handed the brown hair tie to Hilde.

"Wow, it's nice, isn't it? Until now, he's been using a string like you did."

"Dummy, I used a rubber band."

"She liked Duo, just like I thought she did...... Duo was also all 'Naina this, Naina that.' They were strangle taken with each other."
Silent Night- silent Christmas night, our sprite went on a trip with Cyrene Wind.

"...... I'm gonna miss her." Up in the night sky, "Frozen Teardrop" slowly, actually leisurely, like a snail, crossed the sky.

"She'll be fine! [And] Duo's Captain Brat!" The quiet sound of tears felt good.


Suddenly, I heard the earsplitting ring of the communicator. In the midst of the grating noise, the caller was also kicking up a fuss.

"This is Warlock! [Do you copy?]" yelled my idiot son loudly.

Kathy responded calmly, "Security measures are being taken. Call back on {S.L.}"

"What a pain, why don't you do it for--"

Kathy unceremoniously hung up on him. She made the right call. Even with all the digitization, it was just common sense to [take
precautions against] possible interceptors. Worse still, in places combat communication regulations have been put into effect, where
do you suppose the guys using ordinary long distance communication channels are? [ALT: Where are the guys who use normal
long distance communication channels in places where combat communication regulations have been put into effect?] Since being
pushed by Hilde, instilling technical skill has not been a foundation. After all, he's just Captain Brat. After a while, he got the
password and once the secret line was secure, [my] mean looking son looked even meaner when [his] sullen looking [visage]
appeared on the virtual monitor.

"Oi, Father Crapswell! You said Zechs Merquise was on the move?! You gotta let me go, yo! I'm the only one [who can do it]!!" The
tie on his braid was still the one he'd received from Naina that night. And he was still (carefully/reverently) wearing a scrap from the
collar of the santa suit on his chest. I guess it was sweet if you thought about it, but he was still a little shit with an attitude problem.

"Do what you gotta do......"

"Huh, duh!"

The picture changed and Heero appeared [on the virtual monitor].

"Oi, is it true that Wufei (sallied forth) with Nataku?"

"Yup, it's true."
"You didn't stop him because...?"

"Like I could have stopped the guy! He'd already taken off by the time I'd noticed."

"Roger, I'll go clean up the mess you've made (lit: atone for your mistake)."

The one was communication cut out, "Jerk......" As per usual, his sense in picking words that would irritate was genius-like. "Snow
White" and "Warlock" headed for the interception point. Kathy came to give me a report.

"Father, I was successful in hacking the observation satellite."

"Hm......" Like her mother, she was pretty (brilliant). Later, I'd give her a right boring lecture.

"Twenty seconds until contact between "Nataku" and {Epyon}." On the central monitor, the Epyon appeared red in the bright
background, flying at low altitude and equipped with its mobile armour.

"So, are you gonna show us what you got, {Epyon Ares}?"

To Be Continued......

# 0 - everyone knows there are about a bajillion different ways to make your speech more polite in Japanese, right? It doesn't come
out the same in English most of the time, but she is being "polite" by Fat Max's standards. That's also why I added the "Sirt" at the
very start of her lines.

#1 - "Curve the bullet" is a personal style choice I got from Myth Busters from their myth of the same name, the raw text says "lives
like yours aren't worth 'bullet avoiding'". In this passage, I believe Duo's talking about Heero and Zechs' connection. BUT the "That
guy..." part is odd because it Fat Max distinctly references himself and some other "guy" then goes on to the "burden Heero Yuy is
shouldering" and "seeing it through."

#2 - number crunch this and you get an extra thirty EIGHT minutes. If 1 Mars hour = 61 minutes 35 seconds, then twenty four hours
in one day would give 24 minutes plus 24 times 35 seconds which is 840 seconds or 14 minutes. 24 plus 14 is 38).

#3 - personal style choice here, from Smashing Pumpkins.

#3.5 - raw text is in plain old "English" and says "4WD." I guess Sumizawa is just saying that if Fat Max had been in a CAR versus a
BIKE, but it sounds kind of dumb even in the raw text since Fat Max is all about bikes.

#4 - well, seems like "fracture" and "broken" are the same in Japanese. I'm going to say Fat Max has gone and broken both legs
and his arm because does anyone really think he was driving at a prudent speed to have just fractured three out of four limbs and
be thanking the powers that be he was actually wearing protective gear?

#5 - What Catherine calls Fat Max is "Obakasan" which *technically* would parse out into "Honorable Mr. Idiot"... and actually, I
guess that's not bad. But the whole "honorable" thing is SO not a feature of politeness in English, but something like Mr. Smarty
Pants IS, so that's what I went with.
#6 - based on what my dictionary says and the pithy single example it gives, the wording here is two calendar years... which to ME
means 730 days, but maybe it means what it means in this context: any amount of time that spans two different years on a calendar
i.e. my winter holiday starts on December 27th, 2011 and ends on January 5th, 2012.

#7 - The joke gets lost in English, but in the original Japanese, the words for "compensate" and "doctor's fee" are homophones.

#8 - more homophones humor

#9 - Yeah, Ares is the Greek god of war and a man, but I'm going to stick with boating conventions (and car conventions? ergo also
bike conventions?) where the machine is referred to in the feminine. And just in case the formatting gets lost, it's the Ares Hornet

#10 - more literally, this says "It was marriage and a special attack".

#11 - basic Japanese issue here: I've never been good at "lend" and "borrow." Based on what happens in the story, all I can really
imagine is that the priest OWES Fat Max money, but based on the wording HERE and the wording later in the chapter, I do not feel
100% confident that is the case. For now, I'm translating is as it's the priest in debt to Fat Max though.

#12 - yeah, that's a word. according to wiki, the ends justify the means. Which is exactly what Fat Max says he's *not* but okay.

#13 - didn't Deathscythe get shipping into the sun?

#13.5 - Literally, this says "I had no use for Hilde" and I read it as being more a statement of fact rather than a cold-hearted jab so I
took the focus of Hilde as a person and shifted it to her vicinity.

#14 - this is a kind of judo that utilizes twisting and hyper-extending the joints.

#15 - the dictionary says this word is "well," or "finally," or "oh no!" I think "finally" might fit, but the passage doesn't feel ENTIRELY
like "finally" to me since Fat Max gets the warm fuzzies when Hilde's telling him how to spell his name.

#16 - Near as I can tell, Fat Max's old adage about not lying still holds true although it's not mentioned specifically in this chapter. I'm
not sure how being a "fake" or "shady" enters into the equation (as that's how he justifies NOT making the old priest pay him back).
What I can't tell in this passage is if Fat Max is saying "I wouldn't lie about my CARDS" or "I wouldn't lie about my opponent being a
PIG." I stuck with the second one because it's the outlaw he's after more than winning the card game here.

#16.5 - literally (and often) Fat Max calls Duo a "kuso gaki" and kuso runs the gamit from "dang" all the way to "shit" depending on
who says it and in what context. This is the same word a hardened criminal would use to express displeasure as it is an 8 year old
little boy would use to express his. Japanese has a disappointing lack of swear words. Anyway, at this juncture, Fat Max doesn't
seem put out by anything Duo's done so I feel the "kuso" in this passage is more a fond term for a known troublemaker: squirt. Other
times, when Duo is being less agreeable, "little shit" works for me. The reverse may well also be true, but given Duo's personality, I
can only imagine he refers to Fat Max as a "kuso jijii" (crap, shit old man) out of anger.

#17 - three different words are used for memory in this passage. Omoide is [A], kioku is [B], and memorii is [C]. Omoide, I feel, is
more along the lines of nostalgic memories. It's often used when talking about the past and how fun something, like a shared trip,
was. Kioku is more like factual things you recall for tests and stuff, you INTEND to remember a "kioku" thing more so than an
"omoide" thing. Memorii is obviously a loan from English and usually used when talking about computer memory (or to idiot

#17.5 - literally, it's a "goddess statue" but in my passing knowledge of Christianity, the virgin Mary seems to be the best choice
among females features as statues at religious establishments.

#18 - it's MC-0018. correct me if I'm wrong, but Fat Max thinks the bad guys are either from the Mars Federation OR Neuenhiem. I
suppose higher ups at Neueheim KNOW they've planted a fake in the Mars Federation. I also suppose it's possible to explain the 6
years between this sighting of the REAL Miliardo as a dashing young man and the murder of the FAKE Miliardo as a wrinkly old
man is supposed to be explained by the Mars aging disease. How convenient.

#18.5 - Just FYI, Naina uses the word for father than means "male parental unit."

#19 - quotes around parent and child are mine.

#19.5 - This is Naina speaking intentionally to Fat Max.

Frozen Teardrop, Requiem of Chains III, part 3 (first half)

MC File 3 ((final part))

Several seconds later. The white, three-headed winged dragon called {Nataku} flew out. That was an image that came from one of
the Mars Federation's surveillance cameras at a different angle. The white wings stood out sharply (lit: too much) against the red
ground. But the image immediately changed into snow (lit: sandstorm). Had the Federal army noticed [Kathy's hack job]?

"Are we being jammed?"

"No, I believe it's the result of a magnetic storm," Kathy was calm. "Even if [my hacking] was noticed, I've laid numerous traps, so
[the Feds] shouldn't be aware of anything unusual."

"Oh......" I muttered with a mixed sigh, then I thought of the machine that Wufei was handling.

"Would you like some coffee?" She was ever attentive.

"Black, please...... I like it strong and bitter."

"Yes, sir."

Coffee, fighting, life--they should all be bitter. I was a desperado after all; all things bitter suited me.


The defining characteristic (lit: strong point) of the flying mobile armor [#1] mode of {Epyon Pi} was in the dragon situated dead
center of the twin heads. Instead of the heat rod that connected to the shield which was originally supposed to be there, there was a
beam trident stored there (lit: in that corresponding space). The machine gun and large-scale beam canon, called a "dragon hang",
are what made it possible for [Epyon Pi] to do battle in the air like the old Aries and Taurus. Although it was possible for mobile suits
to do air battle in the AC era, it was actually a rare occurrence. One reason given was that air-to-air missiles had extremely high hit-
accuracy. Since the enemy also had the same missiles, the best you could do was simultaneously shoot each other down. What's
more, the fine tuning of the burners [required the pilot] to maintain the flight mode after converting back to flight mode after the
(reactionary control) of the missile launch, that was a lot for the pilot to shoulder; there was nothing more bothersome. Back in the
day, there was no way I'd fight in the air in a place with gravity. Seems like a lot of others thought [it was a pain, too]. [During the AC
wars], There were offensive aerial fights--high altitude bombings and such--but instances of defensive aerial attacks meant to
intercept or prevent that kind of attack were extremely rare. We didn't [wage] unreasonable air battles, it was better to find an
advantageous place to land (ahead of time) and then face your opponent. That way was sure to have military advantages and,
moreover, had higher odds of survival. There are a few exceptions to the rule, but even when a soldier is faced (lit: back to back)
with death on the battlefield, he is thinking I want to live as he fights. As for those aerial battles between (similar mobile armors),
there's the fact that their numbers were so rare, but also the pilots' basic survival instincts are consciously at work; not once have I
tried [aerial battle]. Even when Heero was being indifferent [towards the concept of] living, I recall that he did not experience any
aerial "dog fights" in {Wing Gundam.} {XXXG-01W}, which had the unique property of converting to flight mode, aka bird mode,
seceded from bombing or when attacked from the sky, changed back into regular mode after securing a landing point and touching
down; that was a standard move. Of course, all that applied [only] to Earth. On Mars, which was ravaged by magnetic storms,
enemy searching radars lost their meaning and air-to-air missiles hit-accuracy was virtually useless. Among the Mars suit variations,
there are several forms of light-weight aerial battle forms that take advantage of Mars' low gravity, but the heavily armored styles
that also had (lit: prepared) various flight functions were not being manufactured. But Wufei--His {Epyon Pi}--Nataku, as far as I
could see from the data that just flashed on the screen, he both maintained high (flight) altitude and appeared to be waiting for the
enemy to appear. It was already a few seconds past the ETA but he'd yet to make contact [with the enemy]. That had to be because
the white three-headed winged dragon had its sights locked on another mobile armor--the previously unknown quantity that was
{Epyon Ares}; they meant to dogfight.

The crimson, double-headed flying dragon that Special Officer First Class Zechs Merquise rode was seen flying low and fast on the
main monitor just before the snow [had taken over the screen]. The {Epyon Prime [#2]} had been made from plans that had placed
priority on hand-to-hand combat. That's because its basic concept was chiefly for the purpose of chivalrous dueling. What else
would you expect from the suit that "unprecedented eccentric" Treize Khushrenada had built. If you reason with common sense,
you'd think there was no need to have added flight capabilities to this suit, but the heat rod, coupled as it was to the shield, was
most effective and had the most power when [the suit] was in its mobile armor form. The cutting power of the red-hot heat rod
increased in destructiveness in direct correlation to the speed of flight. Heero, the suit's first pilot, had proven that. I'd only
(confirmed) it on video logs from the past, but I'm sure it had been at the fight at Luxembourg on Earth. The instant you thought
Epyon had slipped between the dozens of mobile suits on Earth was when all those suits were ripped to shreds then blew up and
were defeated. At any rate, the swing of that heat-rod begat destructive results. I could surmise that that was the calculated result of
the most tactically suitable attack methods [devised] by the ZERO system more than [it had been] Heero's choose battle style,
probably. It's none of my business but, back then the correct name was "Epyon system" but since it's just about the same, it's just as
well to call it ZERO. The problem, however, was that the basic design plan even for "duel" [situations] had the system providing for
"massive slaughter." Even when [ZERO's] goal was to "duel"--a fight where the loss of life was at an absolute minimum--in cases
where the enemy appeared in a large corps, it was permissible to allow "maximum extermination" for the sake of driving back [the
extraneous numbers]. Yeah, I thought that was contradictory, too. But there you have it. That, too, was pretty level-headed, a
conscious (contradiction). It echoes the [sentiment] of the phrase 'war' for the sake of 'peace'. The "intended goal" and the "machine
with the means" were at once paradoxically intermingled. Although it's supposedly self-evident, how is it Treize outfitted a mobile
suit designed for dueling with both the "ZERO system" and variable forms of flight capabilities? I didn't get the deeper meaning. I
didn't get it but I later found out that Treize had said this Epyon was a "guide post." He probably meant that you should choose your
own path. The "duel," the "maximum extermination," selecting those remained something only for the pilot. That was all well and
good, but there's no doubting it was a massive mental burden for the one who made the choice. After all, its first pilot, Heero, had a
mental overload. He lost track of the enemy and it became unclear which opponent to take down, he [zeroed in on] taking action
[against] all weapons and to exterminate any and all people who possessed them. There's no mistaking that Heero was being
consumed/undermined by insanity/craziness at the time. The next to pilot {Epyon} was Miliardo Peacecraft a.k.a. Zechs. It's not
clear whether or not that man was crazy. But Miliardo, who became the leader of White Fang, but his attempt to slaughter the
people of Earth [in order to] “purge” is historical fact.

Kathy brought me the coffee. It was a careful blend: just the right temperature with a superb balance between the bitterness and
acidity in every sip.

“This is good….did you learn [how to make coffee] from your mom?” Sally Po was a woman who could do anything from medical
treatments to shootouts to commanding battleships and do it with dexterity.

“No, my mother isn't terribly skilled at this sort of thing.” That was unexpected but strangely fitting.

“Does that mean Wufei always drinks his coffee like this?”

“Master Chang will only drink that which he himself has made.”

As I stared at the dark brown liquid in my mug, I muttered, “Sounds just like him.” That guy still didn't trust anyone.

Wufei had probably not started up the “ZERO system” that had been loaded into Nataku. He trusted his own instincts more than the
battle analysis the machine did automatically. That's the kind of man he is. If I were to add one more thing to that picture of Wufei, it
would be that he, by himself, acquired the blueprint [for Epyon] that Treize had designed and steadily built {Epyon}, redoing the
preparations and equipment [until] he made it his own. In this test-drive stage, this sortie had come up and before he was familiar
with the handling, he was thrust into real battle well, that spoke very much of “Warrior Chang Wufei.” But more than that, I didn't get
why Wufei had painted that three-headed winged dragon mainly “white” and “blue.” I wondered if he was still dragging [the memory
of] Treize [around] but considering that he code-named it “Nataku,” I imagined he had some different (feelings).

Looking at it from a different angle, suspicious about why Treize hadn't painted {Epyon Prime} white cropped up in my mind. I
interpreted those “red” and “black” colors as the colors of the defeated. It was also the defeated who changed the era and begin the
next [era in] history. It had a splendid reassurance more than elegance. According to Treize, “white” and “blue” imparted the
(meaning) of an elegenat hero and I thought the polar opposite, color-wise, was shown [in Epyon] [#2.5].

Then, the snow disappeared from the main monitor and the fideo feed returned to normal.

“It appears as though the magnetic storm has ended.”

“……huh, yeah.” And it seemed that Zechs sensed the enemy overhead. The battle ha not yet begun. Wufei's Nataku circled
(above) Zechs' Epyon, keeping the later at the apex of a sort of cone. That method of pursuit which applied a basic technique called
a “pylon flight [#2.75]”, made it possible to both do a “hit and way” or “dogfight.” If Zechs tried to get away going full throttle, it would
probably work, but he was probably aware that the distance between him and the {Virgo IVs} accompanying him would only get
bigger. And “ZERO” would have decreed that “in long-drawn out war, increased allies are beneficial.” As far as the data displayed on
the submonitor screen, for cruising range and (straight) speed, Nataku was the better of the two. However, the Epyon's mobility and
agility were better. That meant that in hand-to-hand and close quarters combat, [Epyon] would always have the advantage. But
Wufei would go ahead with aerial close quarters fighting--I watched him begin a dogfight. Ever since the old days, his fighting style
was to challenge his opponent's strong points, pin them with a power play, and somehow come out on top. If he were used to
handling the machine, it should be plenty warmed up by now. While it was [just now] time to start, the suit had been ripe [for a fight]
long ago.

“What's he waiting for?”

And then it happened.

The double-headed flying dragon moved forward. Suddenly, the nose came up and it climbed virtually straight up. Zechs [had] made
the first move. For this battlefield in the sky, ZERO had determined this choice was the most suitable. The two-headed dragon bared
its fangs. [Those “fangs” were] double barreled beam canons and they spit fire. They were fired at Nataku's predicted path of

“He can't…… avoid that.” I determined that from Wufei's (character), he continued to [prepare] to take the hit. If he was booted up
“ZERO,” Nataku would have predicted that attack and slammed on the brakes to avoid [taking damage]. But the dual beams of light
couldn't keep pace with Nataku. Easily evading the twin beams by weaving through them, Nataku gained speed.

“No way……” I was amazed. The precisely measured “ZERO” wasn't supposed to make mistakes in distances measured with the
eye. It was most fitting that by Nataku's circular flight pattern, plenty of suit efficiency speed and air pressure and wind direction and
other collateral data had been completely calculated.

“There isn't something wrong with the suit's data, is there?” I was suspicious of the data on the submonitor.

“There is nothing wrong with the data.” Kathy told me flatly. Seemed like the girl had the right amount of pride in her work. “The data
on the suit that was left here and the data that has been analyzed on the monitor are now in complete agreement.”

“You said that this is the first he's been in the suit, right?”


“……” I folded my arms and fell deep into thought. If the data was correct, that meant Wufei was demonstrating the result of a little
something extra that far and away surpassed me an “ZERO's” predictions. I don't think it's just [his] technique piloting Nataku. Then,
Nataku tilted the right wing, made a seeming detour by circling to the left at high speed and returned fire. It gave the impression of
things going up a notch (lit: being taken up one gear).

“Is he just going to fly right in there?!” That would just make him prey for the two-headed dragon. But the three-headed winged
dragon let its beam canon rip from its dragon hang. The twin beams shot off in return didn't do so much as graze him. In the next
instant, the crimson wings and white wings clashed. Zechs' Epyon took a direct hit from the beam canon [in] Nataku's dragon hang.

Epyon gave a huge swing of its heat rod as they brushed past each other, but Nataku evaded it by a hairsbreadth. There wasn't the
least bit of damage to the suit, (but) it had to hurt to have “ZERO's” predictions completely overturned. There was no mistaking that
the alert agility of the Epyon Zechs piloted was better/higher than expected. Nevertheless, with Wufei's skillful handling, Nataku's
acceleration and deceleration far surpassed that of the Epyon. I thought “ZERO” was correcting numerical values and in a big fluster
with the calculations right about now. Mere seconds……but there was no way Wufei could let that time to go waste. In rapid
succession, the quickly rising Nataku turned a loop-the-loop and suddenly dropped to begin pounding away with the machine gun
equipped in the dragon hang. Wufei's aim was just about too perfect. Black smoke rose from Epyon's left wing-mounted (thrust
burner). Ever since the old days, Wufei's standard fighting [style] was to rain continuous attacks [down upon the target]. The three-
headed winged dragon, following right behind the two-headed flying dragon, fired three or four shots from its beam canon. As
expected, the Epyon just managed to avoid that attack but there was no changing its slow downward descent.

“I never imagined Master Chang could do so much.”

“Y-yea……I'm kind of surprised myself.” (Even though) his opponent was the “ZERO system” equipped Epyon, how had he
managed to surpass it in the early stages [of battle]? “Huh?” I noticed a difference in the main wings of the two suits. [Those of] the
red flying dragon Epyon were covered on one side with the dust peculiar to Mars. On the other hand, Wufei's Nataku's wings hadn't
lost their platinum luster (lit: shine/sparkle). That was proof that they had been well-polished. Suppose two pilots, identically matched
in skill and machinery, fought; it would be the one who made better preparations that would grab the victory. Wufei had probably
wiped [Nataku] down to within an inch of his life just to eek out an extra couple of kilometers an hour of speed. In addition, he'd
maintained high altitude flight where it was difficult for dust to collect [on the wings]. Of course, Zechs' suit must have been at least
washed, waxed, and given an anti-dust coating at an “auto-maintenance plant [#3].” But it was Wufei's dedicated maintenance that
prevailed above and beyond [that of Epyon's]. Ergo, without [the hampering effect of the] Mars dust, he'd pulled (numerical valued
[note: probably just meaning “performance”]) [out of Nataku] that exceeded the suit's predicted performance. In aerial battle, even
the slightest acceleration (efficiency) could greatly influence the tide of battle. That might be because for however much “ZERO”
calculated all the surrounding [factors] in the environment, it couldn't numerically evaluate Wufei's feelings towards his suit (lit:
feelings of love for the suit). I was a Gundam pilot just like him and I wanted to bow my head. But then, I'd also retired and anyway,
the things Wufei did and accomplished had always surprised me--even back in the day.

“He's an unyielding man of action, isn't he.”

The white three-headed winged dragon Nataku continued its vicious attack. Meanwhile, the red two-headed flying dragon Epyon
continued utilizing its own particular agility as a means to escape [the attack]. The burner tank belching black smoke was cut off,
and it order to maintain balance, [Zechs] purged the unscathed burner on the right wing. It was a good decision. Typically, it was
hard to throw away undamaged [stuff]. An average pilot would definitely have had scruples. That honor/nobility was successful. The
lightened Epyon put on a sudden burst of speed. Also, its wings beat quickly up and down. With that kind of acrobatic flight, Wufei
couldn't get his aim to lock on from behind. The pursuing Nataku also increased the power and accelerated. He went a shade faster
than full throttle and seemed to put in in (top gear).

“He's going to put on more speed?!” Said Kathy with admiration.

“Yes! This is where he attacks, eh!” Nataku kept accelerating and was surely going to capture Epyon's tail burner. And the heat rod
grazed close by. “That's it!” It was no time to be worried about the limits. “Do it now!” I shouted, forgetting myself. “If you're going to
put him down, do it before he causes you trouble! Hit that defensive bastard somehow! [alt: Hit him with something BIG!]”

Then it happened.

Epyon suddenly decelerated, turned a massive loop-the-loop and ended up tailing Nataku. This was, beyond all doubt, a bone fide
dogfight. He must have pulled an unimaginable number of Gs, and he only pulled it off with difficulty.

“Shit!” I tsked. That it couldn't be finished that easily spoke for itself [alt: It was self-evident that it couldn't have been so easily
finished]. “ZERO” rewrote the data time and again to devise battle tactics that matched its opponent. Even if I thought about it
normally, it was obvious a long, drawn out fight was disadvantageous. It was too bad that [Wufei] couldn't have popped off a game-
winning hit in the close quarters fight just then. But Wufei's Nataku didn't withdraw. The burners began firing in earnest. The
distance between him and Epyon grew as he pulled away with an astonishing blast of speed. Fast enough that I thought he
disappeared for a second.

“What the……”

“Seriously……” There was nothing to do but be amazed. He reached an area above even top gear. Just how much speed could that
machine put out, anyway? The heartfelt preparations and all, they weren't that good. It was speed enough to make everything prior
seem like merely a warm-up.

“So this means “ZERO” now has to rearrange its tactics.”

“It's overwhelming, isn't it.”

“No comment [lit: I can't say anything about that yet].” Once again, Nataku came flying in, dead center in front of Epyon and fired
away with the machine gun and beam canon in the dragon hang. Epyon, taking hits without any (formative technique), was plainly
cornered by its [own] inferiority. Wufei's attack was overwhelming. Unexpectedly, Richard Wagner came blaring out through the
base's speakers.

“What is this?”

“It's Flight of the Valkyries.”

“I wasn't asking for the name of the piece….. I was asking why the hell we're listening to it.”

“This is also a part in “Operation Mythos.” I believe it's better to increase the tension [#4] if we're going to observe the battle.” I
couldn't really understand [her] sentiment. “We must have Master Chang fight hard.” Even so, I believed there was no meaning in
getting us all worked up.

“Is there any chance Wufei can hear this, too?”

“As if.” Kathy composed herself and finished her coffee. “But I think our thoughts are perceived.” If [we fought a] winning battle, then
Wagner's piece would elevate [our] fighting spirit; if [we fought a] losing battle, this magnificent melody would become an extremely
pained one. She must have seen something in my face because she quietly said, “It's alright, Master Chang's Nataku will win.” That
reminded me even more of her mother Sally showing up with some fantastically inspired thing. “What's more, believing in him is the
only thing we can do for him right now.” Kathy's eyes brimmed with confidence. It really may have been just that. Even if that was
optimistic, “hope springs eternal” was something in which life abounded.

Wufei's Nataku stuck right on Epyon's tail, maintaining a beneficial attack position. Shots from his beam canon came out at tempo. It
was actually a desireable development. It seemed as though Epyon were unable to bear the violent attack, lost speed and
descended. I thought [Zechs] might finally have been shot down. In order to keep up the pursuit, Nataku began to quickly descend.
It was, however, a feint. Zechs' Epyon rose, turning continuously in sideways figure eight's called “Cuban eights [#4.5].” Wufei's
Nataku got too close. However fast he could go, {ZERO} could read his orbit/track [trajectory?]. Epyon's heat rod turned a large arc
and made a deep cut in Nataku's shield (part). If it had been a high speed fighter suit, that was one thing, but it was baffling to see
[Zechs] do a “Cuban eight” in the heavily equipped mobile armor. The shield damage was equivalent to ripping the wings off the
three-headed dragon which had, thus far, controlled the high-speed battle. Aerial navigation (became a distorted load). Just when I
thought it was impossible to continue the aerial fight any longer, Nataku dropped into a tailspin. Epyon mimicked the move.
Somehow, I overlooked a split-second happening. The next time he closed in [on Epyon], Wufei shot the beam trident out with
indomitable fighting spirit and stabbed it unerringly into Epyon's chest. Cut the meat and sever the bone, that was just like Wufei('s
fighting style). With regards to the aerial battle, I could say Nataku was overwhelmingly victorious. Before they hit the ground, both
suits changed modes, assumed their mobile suit stature and stood on the ground.

I couldn't think of the two odd machines standing there as being {Gundams} of the same denomination of [Epyon]. One with a sense
of being heavily armored and one with a feeling of slender flexibility yet the armaments of either one (held) contrast to their
[respective] images. Even with the rugged looking dragon hang equipped, Epyon Pi was smart with its basic coloring of white and
blue--Wufei's Nataku. And--with a large sword giving off green beams of light that reminded you of the beautiful, fantastic aurora
borealis in its right arm, and in the silver colored left arm, the long heat rod burning like a red hot fixed star and a pretty, rose red
shield equipped was the ominous black machine--Zechs' Epyon. The left arm was silver because, in the “Eve Wars,” after Wing
Gundam 0 lobbed it off, it must have been replaced with new parts. In that space to the upper left between shoulder and chest,
Wufei's beam trident was still stuck where it had originally hit. It was still crackling……with sparks. Zechs' Epyon thrust the giant
beam sword into the ground and with his [newly] freed right hand, pulled the trident out of his chest and threw it back to Wufe's
Nataku. It was actually an arrogant/haughty move. Before commencing a duel, it looked like he was evening the playing field but it
was like the fair and square behavior also entirely negates the whole feeling out and advancing and falling back that was the
dogfight 306/3/1-2. For Zechs' Epyon, he held the robust impression of not caring about the degree of damage [he'd sustained].

“Why did Zechs' Merquise do a thing like that?” Kathy asked. The (elevating) song had finished.

“Cause he's Zechs.” The coffee had gotten pretty cold.

“But you said that Special Officer First Class Zechs is not Zechs, right.”

I set my mug on a side table without finishing the dregs. “That's right…… it's not Zechs himself but [his] way of thinking and style of
action are both that of the old Zechs Merquise.”

Meanwhile, Wufei's Nataku caught the beam trident as if it were the most natural thing in the world [and proceeded to] spin it over
head before planting it exactly in front of himself; then, with an abundance of indifference/aloofness and fighting spirit, he leveled the
tip at Epyon's head. I could almost hear Wufei's spirited battle cry coming from the pilot's chair. Across from him was Epyon whose
quiet, cool headedness made it seem like he was slowly and carefully observing the opponent he was about to confront. The aerial
fight was over but we didn't know where the match was going yet [alt: the battle wasn't over yet]. I got the impression that there was
no end in sight for the glaring contest those two were having. Both of them were considering the distance between them and when
to jump into it. The first to move was--Zechs' Epyon. For the distance between the two suits facing each other, the superheated heat
rod would work to his advantage. Just when I thought the seemingly restrained swing was undulating like a snake, it straightened all
of a sudden and the sharp point stuck out. Wufei's Nataku took one leap back. And the beam trident struck down the [rapidly]
approaching heat rod. But the heat rod bent again like a whip and after dodging the first cut from the beam trident, it wrapped
around [the trident's] handle and blocked the coming move. If it was me and my partner in that situation, I'd get right up in the other
guy's face, scythe wrapped up and all. If I made it into an (infight) he wouldn't be able to use that long whip. Then, I'd settle it by
cutting down my opponent with my scythe. Wufei, however, didn't do that. Contrariwise, he moved back another half step and
moved his trident bearing left arm away. Epyon's heat rod was perfectly extended in a straight line. Next, Nataku prepared the
dragon hang on its right arm. To the enemy at the other end of that line, he fired the massive beam canon. Wufei's choice was
better (lit: correct) than my own risky fighting style. I thought it'd definitely be a direct hit. Yet Zechs' Epyon dodged it. As if “ZERO”
had predicted the attack, he jumped into the air and swung the giant beam sword down. Back in the day, that move had brought
down the space fortress Bulge. I respected the enormous destructive power [it had]. Wufei was valiantly dauntless in that he did not
hesitate in the face of certain danger but daringly carried on with the attack. He immediately fired up the shoulder burners and went
attacking, thrusting his beam trident up above him. There was a spray of light. The points of Nataku's beam trident and Epyon's
beam sword crashed. If this collision had occurred in zero gravity, Wufei's Nataku would surely have been declared the victor. If you
considered the loss of Epyon's burner tanks, Nataku had the most power. And yet, the energy of the slumping Epyon was
tremendous. He fired the remaining burner and making further use of Mars' low gravity, forcibly shoved [against?] the beam trident
in a power play. Wufei's Nataku was thrown against the ground and fell flat on its back. The timing of his (jumping in) was perhaps
tenths of a second too fast. The greatest output point for pushing himself back up had shifted. With the one point, Wufei's boldness
worked against him. Zechs' Epyon attacked like an encompassing cover-all; he swung the giant sword at Nataku. That was repelled
by the damaged shield and the beam trident returned [a hit of its own] and [Wufei] followed through with the dragon hang's close
range canon. As if “ZERO” had predicted even that retaliation, [Zechs] skillfully avoided the trident and canon in a series of
combination attacks while at the same time schooling [the fight] towards Epyon's specialty: hand-to-hand combat. In the close
fighting so far, that Wufei's Nataku had yet to dodge a mortal blow is worthy of admiration. But for the armor was barely holding out
as it was; the scratches were adding up. The shield was already just a beat up shadow of its former [glory]. If [Wufei?] didn't
temporarily fall back and break up the (sloping) blow, that would only spur Epyon's mercilessly violent attack to speed up. It was only
a matter of time until the mortal would be dealt.

“But what should…… how could he escape that situation?” I muttered what I'd been thinking. In response to that, Kathy had an
unexpected reply.

“Master Chang……use “ZERO.”


“Start up the “ZERO system.” She'd said it like a strong prayer. Unfortunately, I didn't think [Wufei would do it]. That was surely the
only way out. Even so, no matter what the situation, that guy was a man who fought his battles under his own power only.

“You're supposed to have faith.” There was conviction in Kathy's eyes. “Why else did [you] name that suit {Nataku}?” She persisted
with strength. My impression of her changed. I wonder if experiencing the collection of AC era files made the little bumpkin girl being
speaking with confidence inherited from her mother after all. Without any time passing, the round “battle analysis sphere” in the
center of Wufei's Nataku's chest went from a green light to a red one; it didn't escape my notice.

“Oh, he……” I didn't know what changed his state of mind. But it was certain that “ZERO” which was Nataku's true ability, had been
booted up. At first, there were misgivings as to whether or not there was time [for Nataku's ZERO to make much of a difference]. But
it was a pointless worry. His evasion was quick. The dragon hang's shooting precision was even more better. And the target point
was concentrated on Epyon's right chest/shoulder area that had been damaged in the aerial fight. To a warrior, it might have been
cowardice, but to a fighter battling for his life, you could say it was a natural response. It was a counter attack unhampered by self-
respect. No, actually it's better to say it was an effective attack. The counter attack and defense were done at almost the same time
and thanks to that, the gears of his opponent's defense got out of whack. All at once, the tides of battle changed. Under a shower of
concentrated canon fire, Zechs' Epyon bent back. Nataku struck Epyon upside the head with the dragon hang. It was a punch after
my own heart. Epyon was getting in a bad way. This was [Wufei's] chance, Nataku seceded and regrouped from a pretty
removed/remote position. I thought Natau's (reaction velocity) went far above and beyond the level of a mobile suit style weapon.
This was a confrontation between two “ZERO” users, something previously unseen directly by [either?] of us--here too they would
display “Eypon Ares.”

“Well done, Master,” Kathy said with relief. But the timing of her (display [of relief]) was good.

“Hey, his comlink's not open, right?”

“Of course not.”

Was it coincidence or maybe [her] thoughts really did reach [Wufei]. Either way, it was certain Wufei's “something” had changed.
Ever since he was a kid, he'd been as obstinate as an old man, but just this one time he seemed to be a man of “tolerance” or

Silence returned to the battlefield. Both suits were roughly equal in condition. They both had sustained damage but as long as they
had the wherewithal to stab each other, it was possible to find out who would be the victor. I was afraid that was the answer the two
“ZEROs” would predict. At one time, the reconstructed Cinq kingdom had been surprise attacked and in the final stages of the
offensive and defensive battle, Wing 0 ((pilot: Zechs)) and Epyon ((pilot: Heero)) who were actually allies and both had (loaded) the
“ZERO system” apparently had a confrontation. Back then, the two “ZEROs” continued to read one another's moves and wound up
in something close to sen-nichi-te [#5] and I heard that ultimately it brought the system down. This current situation, however, was
different from that case. Zechs' Epyon and Wufei's Nataku were clearly facing each other as enemies. The key to separating the
winner from the loser resided in the pilots themselves. Their skill was at the same level but--was it Zechs who faithfully [followed]
directions from “ZERO” or was it Wufei with his new found faith in “ZERO”? If you compared the differences, that was the only part
[that didn't match up] that I could think of. However before the confrontation could reach its conclusion, we happened upon a
situation we'd forgotten about.

“Father……I'm afraid there's something……” I thought it was a different Kathy than the one from just before. Her face was pale. On
another monitors enemy detection radar, three blips appeared.

The late arrival of the three mobile doll {Virgo IVs} popped up on the surveillance satellite's monitor, too. There were high mobility-
use booster options 309/2/8< on the three suits' backs and they purged their shoulder-mounted burner packs upon landing as if the
dolls could comprehend that they'd entered a battlefield. Here after, those three suits would move according to Zechs' volition. In
other words, it was the same as having a completed combat force to which “ZERO”'s intent was [shared] in high degree. It was a
disadvantageous situation tactically, militarily, and oppressively. If Nataku's “ZERO”'s decision was only focused on taking Epyon
down [and not out], we were surely beat. That said, there was no other way out. Choices for the future were slim to none 309/3/8-9.

As I recall, the Virgo IIIs were extensively mass produced at the “OZ” MD auto-plant “Vulcan [#5.5]” in Mars' orbit. Following the
Mariamaia incident, all the mobile dolls and plants [that made them] were supposed to have been destroyed, but it would be
unfathomable if that dog (lit: unscrupulous) Neuenheim Konzern guy had been collecting them on the sly. I could easily imagine how
effective it must have been, [using the dolls] to make Mars suits out of MTF on a massive scale. And he turned the Virgo from a
model II to a model IV. Even so, looking at the IVs [revealed that] they weren't so different form the IIs with their white hang. There
wasn't even a special change in their color scheme; they were the same [colors] as when I'd fought them. What we discovered from
the data analysis screen was that they were equipped with planet defenser, which is regarded as the strongest defens[ive
equipment], four on each shoulder or eight to a suit. But the Virgo IVs planet defensers were doing the latest tactics and a beefed up
electromagnetic shield system; it was the big ole “Neo Planet Defenser.” 310/1/1-4. Additionally, the long barreled beam rifles
closely resembled the one from the old {Vaieito [#5.75]} had and it's destructive [power] was far weaker than the bean canon on
Nataku's dragon hang, I thought it was on part with Wing 0's twin buster rifle.

The three Virgo IVs fired their high energy beam rifles at once. Wufei's Nataku used the burners to jump back [to safety]. If it had
been any old jump, Wufei would probably have been hit [regardless]. As Nataku avoided [the beam fire], he shot the dragon hang's
beam canon from the very edge of its range. In response, all twenty-four Neo Planet Defensers made the three suits float up and put
out a complicated electromagnetic defense shield three layers strong. The beam canon couldn't break through the outermost layer
of shielding. The bleak odds were as clear as day. We were made to feel the oppressive difference in destructive power and
defensive capabilities. You didn't need to compare pure fighting strength [to know that]. It would be extremely difficult for Wufei to
fight them alone. There was an off chance that Epyon's “ZERO” could have strategically foreseen the Virgo IVs arriving when they
had. If that was the case, they would definitely be the better team both in fighting power and battle tactics. If ever there was a time
for Wufei to come out with his hands up, this was it. For the sake of avoiding the Virgo IVs' beam canon rifles, Wufei's Nataku, the
white three-headed winged dragon, went into mobile armor mode and took to the sky. Now, his sole advantage laid in that mobility. I
wanted him to fly on out of there while the going was good. Wufei, however, probably wasn't planning on giving up. It looked like he
was going to continue taking evasive measures until Nataku's “ZERO” came up with some way out of that mess. That was both an
ation that reflected Wufei's indomitable warrior spirit and likewise “ZERO”, which would indicate the flight's continuation, garnered
trust/faith from Nataku. 310/2/12-13<. Even if the forthcoming conclusion was chock full of grief.

It wasn't just me, even Kathy was discouraged and more than half given up when--An encrypted signal came in.

“This is Trowa Phobos……requesting a response from secret F to T.”

Kathy's hand quickly performed [the keystrokes] to answer on the [specified] secret line.

“This is the North Pole Base, I've confirmed the line.” Phobos appeared on the monitor.

“A message from Snow White……show Nataku's evasion direction [alt: tell Nataku this evasion direction]. Face northeast 02PX-
78DY point.”

I turned towards the communicator and complained, “You tell him! [Heero] outta tell Wufei himself!”

“He is currently engaging in battle with the “ZERO system” so communication isn't possible. And I tried contacting {Nataku} myself
but I couldn't [get through].”

“You said engaging in battle using “ZERO?” I could taste the “hope” that bubbled up from the pit of my stomach. On the main
monitor, the white three-headed winged dragon made an about face to the Northeast. “In that case……” I couldn't help but grin. As if
I could help myself from smiling at a time like this. “Sorry, could you tell Heero this: {Nataku} is also operating under the “ZERO
system;” we can't communicate. Tell him that.”

“I told you I can't tell him. This is the second time I've said that.”

“So tell my idiot son! Wufei's already going to the designated point.”

“Kathy Po, unfortunately I'm not a communications officer. My job was done as soon as Snow White's message was delivered. I
don't envy you having to keep company with the elderly--I'm not the type for it.”
“Roger……I will contact Warlock from here.” I [or maybe it's Kathy?] put on a happy face to speak to the monitor. Kathy seemed to
be getting a bit lax.

“But Phobos, isn't it better to be a wee bit nice?”


“The aged and women scar more easily than you.”

“End of communication [#6].”

Trowa Phobos' one-way communication cut out.

“Did I say something that rubbed him the wrong way?” Kathy muttered; she was at loose ends. She probably didn't know because
the “Zechs file” had been censored, but the keywords “women” and “scar” were taboo. I was delighted. Between the two of us
311/1/13<, I'd let being called “elderly” slide this time. More importantly, this meant a complete change in the tides of war. Heero's
Snow White using “ZERO” to do military operations was just as good as saying there was a way to break through this craptastic
situation. And if Nataku, which was [also] doing “ZERO” military operations was made to synch with Snow White's battle plan, he
most definitely would have seized upon that chance for victory.

“I've contacted Warlock.”

“Kathy, would you bring up the (evasion point) on the monitor?”


Immediately, a complicated topographical map appeared on screen. If you really looed at the point that was blinking [on the map],
[you'd notice] it was a deep gorge. The rock walls were over five hundred meters tall and towered on both sides; the further back
you went, the narrower it became.

“Hey-o, this is it.” It terminated in a dead end. “There won't be anywhere to run……right?

“Yes, but Master Change is already heading there.” The glorious hope that had come bubbling up had become a questionable
situation in an instant. If [Wufei could] get the upper hand out of that gorge--. I fully activated [that part of my brain that] I never really
used that dealt with (the field of) circular thinking 311/2/16. If I were Quatre, I'd be able to break it down and explain it easily. It was
plausible that [they] would lay an ambush there, blockade the three Virgo IVs and Epyon after luring them there and then Snow
White, Warlock, and Nataku would seize and annihilate or attack from both sides; that was the only thing that I could come up with.
But if that was the plan, wouldn't Epyon's “ZERO system” just think of some counter measure to get away? Or even if Snow White
and the others attacked all at once from three sides, it would be a powerless [move] in the face of those overwhelmingly defensive
Neo Planet Defensers. Even if, by some clever plan, they managed to steal all of the Virgo IVs' beam rifles, that destructive power
wouldn't break through the triple electromagnetic defense field.

“Is there any other way?” A guy like me couldn't begin to guess at “ZERO's” calculations. The best we could do now what probably
just watch over and believe in the fight of the three guys now appearing on the main monitor.
“There's a response from Duo.”

“What's he say?”

“Enjoy my smooth moves,' apparently.”

#1 - Near as I can tell, this is just a souped up (I guess) flight mode for a mobile suit.

#2 - This is what I am going to call the suit which was the very first Epyon that had ever been made... as opposed to whatever later
versions people improved upon and built (like Wufei's Pi and Zechs' Ares)

#2.5 - Well, keep the color musings in mind for the next chapter when we find out what Zechs is piloting the Epyon. Also: Treize was
going on about how wonderful it is to be the loser, so doesn't it fit that he painted the Epyon red and black?

#2.75 - I'm calling Sumizawa on questionable flight terms here. My mother is a certified (glider) flight instructor and back in The Day,
she used to truck me an my siblings around as she played ground crew for my father, who was racing gliders. I consider them "in
the know" about flight terms. A pylon is actually a stationary MARKER around which to fly. At least as far as American flight lingo is
concerned. The fact that Wufei is CIRCLING around Epyon, not just turning around it AND the fact that Epyon is a moving target
makes me think this is NOT a "pylon move" but... a circling move, more on par with how birds of prey would stalk live prey.

#3 - This seems unlike Zechs because he was trained by Treize and didn't Treize drill the importance of the pilot taking the best care
of his own machine, never letting someone else or something else do it for him/her?

#4 - “tension” as transliterated from English into Japanese (as was done here) is a positive thing, it's like “high energy” or something
equally buoyant and fun and exciting. I just can't think of a single word that fits well in the sentence above.

#4.5 - A cuban 8 is done on a vertical plane and the 8 is tipped sideways like the infinity sign. At the bottom of the loops, the plane is
right side up, the plane goes around the curve and does the top of the loop upside down, and at the intersection or twist of the 8, the
plane rolls so the pilot can enter to bottom of the next loop right-side up.

#5 - sen-ichi-te is apparently an expression that means that one “repeats moves endlessly.” Since the dictionary didn't have a good
synonym and I think it sounds less good to use “endlessly repeat moves” I decided to stick with “sen-nichi-te”

#5.5 - Vulcan or Vulcanus. I'm not sure why they chose this name, but in the text, it's supposedly just a manufacturing plant that's in
Mars orbit (scientifically, it's the theoretical planet between Mercury and the Sun). but it could be another reference to more Greek
gods (and they make a LOT of the fact that Mars is the Roman War God (which now seems kind of funny, since they go off about
GREEK gods elsewhere) OR a Star Trek reference (which would just make sense). All English references, however, are to Vulcan
whereas the Japanese sticks to a transliteration of the Latin Vulcanus.

#5.75 - I cannot track down what suit this is >.<

#6 - that line sure as hell SEEMS like it should be Phobos speaking, since he's the one getting burned. BUT it wasn't set off with the
special quotes used for the rest of Phobos' lines so I dunno *shrug*

....[continued in next post]....
Frozen Teardrop, Requiem of Chains III, part 3

....[continued from previous post]....

“What is that supposed to mean?” Offbeat, as usual. That was just like the nerves-of-steel Mr. Flatter Me McFlatterson 311/3/15
[#7]. Pot, meet kettle.

The white three-headed winged dragon continued flying even as it took several hits from the Virgo IVs. [He] had lost quite a bit of
speed. I thought he might be decelerating on purpose to bait them to the appointed spot. Or was it because the damage was so
severe, that was as fast as [Nataku] could go? Either way, it was necessary to execute the mission before Epyon's “ZERO” noticed
Heero and Duo were there. But I watched and waited for my predictions to be disproved.

“That idiot…… like he has any smooth moves.” Before entering the deep gorge, the beam scythe wielding, black cape wearing
Warlock leisurely planted himself [at the opening of the gorge]. With moving that machine on the sly, its abilities were supposed to
be displayed to their full extent. The kid really shouldn't have been named Duo.

“I can't count on you.” It appeared that the Virgo IVs' target had now become Warlock. Immediately, they began a concentrated
beam rifle attack. Warlock charged forward as he nimbly evaded to the left and right. As after image of the black cape left a trick
track as he moved. The light footwork was passable. The enemy seeking monitors on the Virgo IVs were probably fooled into
showing a few or a few dozen Warlocks. Their beam rifles' aim was imprecise and they were shooting at the wrong places. I guess it
wasn't called Warlock for nothing. Warlock sped up even more as he was moving irregularly. But how close would he get--. Warlock,
who was the closest, turned to the electromagnetic field and gave the beam scythe a huge swing and thrust. Just as I'd thought, the
beam scythe was no match for the Neo Planet Defensers, which were prided as an impregnable defense. While going round in a big
circular movement, Warlock seemed to be searching the Virgo IVs periphery, but there were not supposed to be any blind spots.
Then, the white three-headed dragon made an about face and flew back over the battlefield. [Wufei] probably couldn't stand
watching my idiot son's far-out moves. But in that utterly beat up condition, it was recklessly rash to offer his aid or even to go on a
special/suicide [#8] attack. He quickly aimed his beam rifle up. At the same time, Warlock's beam scythe attack was unveiled. The
beam canon in the three-headed winged dragon's dragon hang shot out. The cooperation between land and air made a wave-ike
attack with superb (leniency and severity). It wasn't quite enough to totally fend off the Virgo IVs [ALT: it wasn't quite enough to
overwhelm the Virgo IVs] but it wasn't a bad combination.

“Do you think that's a feint?” Kathy asked naively.

“Both of them together……” It gave me a really interesting thought. A wild attack and a reckless special/suicidal attack--. Behind this
obvious battle, Snow White was cooly aiming for something. That suit, wearing its cape that was outfitted with a unique stealth
feature, would be completely undetectable, even by the Mars Federation's observation satellites. Epyon's “ZERO” probably hadn't
pulled in the net of its investigative battle analysis. Suddenly, a thought came to me. In the back of my mind, I recalled the battle
data from a few hours ago when Snow White and Warlock went up against Katrine's Maganacs. I was sure Heero fought with only
his beam sabre. When the suit was loaded onto the long-distance high speed hovercraft Voyage, it was supposed to have its new
buster rifle. But it wasn't used [to fight the Maganacs]. Heero said “I'll kill Katrine,” but he didn't use the most effective means. In
other words, that [buster rifle] is his trump card, I suspect. The new buster rifle's shooting range and (destructive coefficient [#9]) had
been pretty souped up. Like the old Wing Gundam, it employed a custom cartridge loading system and at maximum power, could
shoot three times. And spare cartridges would allow for three shots a piece. However--. I tried calculating that in my head and even
with the buster rifle's highest output, it wouldn't punch through the triple layer electromagnetic defenses of the Neo Planet Defenser.
If consecutive shots were concentrated at the same place, it might be possible to destroy the outermost layer, but as long as the
Virgo IVs and Epyon hadn't [yet] arrived, there was no way it could be a one-hit turn-around. With a more encompassing powerful
attack, there would be no breaking through the triple layer electromagnetic field. Yet if it wasn't decided to [shot] continuously in the
same instant [that the shooting was started]--.

“You can't do this……I can.”

Heero told me that long ago. He sure was the guy who could make the impossible possible. Well, all I could do now is see how good
they were.

The Caped Misbehavor (lit: black-caped naughty boy) was still circling around the electromagnetic field, leading those mobile dolls
around by the nose. Virgo IVs did not excel at hand-to-hand combat. On the other hand, with Zechs' Epyon closing in and fighting,
he [note: or the Virgos?] would demonstrate his own specialty. You didn't need “ZERO”'s judgment to know Zechs would begin
attacking the (prominent) Warlock, that was self-evident. At the same time as the white three-headed winged dragon flying pylon
circles overhead fired, simultaneously Zechs' Epyon raised its beam sword overhead and went for Warlock. That was the moment
Duo had been waiting for. From under the black cape, he pulled out what looked like a hand grenade and flung it into the sky. It was
[actually] a spare buster rifle cartridge. Epyon's falling beam sword and Warlock's up-thrusting beam scythe colliding in the middle
with a spark. Warlock caught Epyon's sword in a fixed position with a twist of his wrist. Without missing a beat, he used his other
hand to pull out a second cartridge with a skillfulness that rivaled that of a true magician's, and like the first one, he threw it into the

“Oh, I get it, (there was that option, too).”

Heero's Snow White must have been up on the cliff aiming the buster rifle. 02PX-78DY point. That's probably the point from which
he'd fixed onto his target. The three cartridges flying through the air began freefalling in the Virgo IVs triple layer electromagnetic
field. A blinding beam of light shot straight from where I thought it would. Heero hit a buster rifle cartridge. The biggest output energy
beam hit the first spare cartridge and there was a huge explosion. The outer most electromagnetic field and eight planet defensers
were simultaneously destroyed. For all that “ZERO” had been involved [in calculating the shot], the marvelous (snipe) was truly
unparalleled and of the greatest subtlety. I couldn't help being blown away by [Heero's] hitting that little detonator on the spinning,
falling cartridge from that distance. But if he didn't do it like that, he couldn't have raised the power of the buster rifle to destroy the
[electromagnetic] field [and the planet] defenser. Two tenths of a second later, the second spare cartridge was hit by the energy
beam and the second electromagnetic field disappeared. Another three tenths of a second later, the third was exploded and took out
the last of the Neo Planet Defensers. The area was swallowed up in a flood of light from the violent plasma currents and red-hot
torrents [from the explosion]. The Virgo IVs lost their best defenses. But they weren't such small potatoes that [the others] could
ease up on the attack. Wufei was particularly merciless. At the same time the white three-headed winged dragon suddenly came
down and changed modes to land as Nataku, he instantly went about destroying the Virgo IVs using successive attacks with the
beam trident and the beam canon in the dragon hang. He was as fast as lightning. One suit left--only Zechs' Epyon survived. If
Warlock showed its real power, it could easily pin [Zechs] down then and there. Duo, however, could not. He'd likely stopped moving
for a second during the above mentioned explosion of light. But I couldn't hold that against him. Not because he's my son but
because anyone who'd been right beside that explosive light [like he had been] would have done the same. That kid had played his
part well beyond expectations. Zechs' Epyon changed into the red double-headed flying dragon mode and just flew off into the sky.
Evidently, he'd decided to evacuate. Wufei's Nataku changed modes again to the mobile armor mode but even though he gave
chase, there was no way he could catch up [to Zechs] with the severe damage to the exterior [that Nataku] now [suffered]. Neither of
the “ZERO”s could come up with anything better than that.

“Mission all over…… [we] somehow managed to win.”
Just then, an encrypted line of communication came from Wuife.

“This is Nataku……I will finish the operation [alt: it's done].”

“Roger…… Master Chang, that was truly some splendid fighting.”

“No, Lieutenant Commander Kathy……I was weak.”


“Nataku didn't approve of/accept me.”

“That's not true! I'm quite proud to have a superior officer blessed with valiant boldness such as [you] Master Chang.”

“I'm returning to base now……Kathy, could you get me some coffee when I get in?”

“Yes, gladly!” Kathy saluted with a face-splitting grin. “Oh, would you care for some sugar and milk?”

“Both please……extra of both.”


“Xie xie [#10]…..”

After the monitor [feed] was cut, we were filled with a sense of relief.

“That was great……”

“Yeah……just like you said, Wufei's Nataku won.”

“It's not going to be that easy--” said a girl's voice from the communication device. Next, the smiling face of Miss Katrine appeared
on the large screen of the main monitor. “--since the Mars Federation's aerial tactics division will arrive shortly.” Hearing those
words, Kathy immediately got on the controls and increased the enemy detection radar's area of (inspection).

“Confirmed…… fifty giant transport hoverships are approaching over the battlefield where Wufei and the others are.” It was a means
to win victory by strategy more than by tactics.

“You hacked the observation satellite, didn't you? If you did, the Mars Federation is watching the same footage so it's entirely within
the realm of possibilies that its come to this.” She looked like her big brother Quatre and how everything she said was absolutely
right was sickening.


I was about to cut off the comlink without saying anything but [Katrine's] hacking had been superbly done: all operations [then]
became ineffective/unresponsive.

“Oh, that's right……there's no point to the security codes and secret lines.” She smiled as she spoke, “Between you and me, I put a
lot of work into it, I did.”

“How many Mars suits are there on that hover craft?”

Before Kathy could answer, Katrine continued to speak unperturbed as she cleaned her glasses. “There are ten unmanned flying
Mars suits on each. So altogether that's five hundred machines.”

“Oh, is that so…… Aaaand incidentally, you're saying Wufei and them will round them all up.”

“You all probably think I'm just a traitor but I want you to try to understand……We need a Gundam and especially, Heero Yuy.”

“Wasn't there a smarter way to go about it?

Katrine put her glasses back on and her cool blue eyes flashed. “This is how I'm doing it, naturally……but the Mars Federation isn't
an iron-clad thing, we cannot be stopped by [these?those?] runaway/reckless upper levels of military.”

“The unmanned flying Mars suits have been released from the transport hover crafts. Snow White, Warlock, and Nataku are
beginning interception!!”

“Even if I believed you didn't order this……why the hell did you contact us? It wasn't just to make excuses/explain.”

“Actually, there is that, ha ha ha.”


“That was a joke……I contacted you because two manekazaru guests will be arriving and I humbly wished to inform you prior to
their arrival.”

“What guests?”

“Please receive them with courtesy……that is all.”

The main monitor cut back to the feed from the observation satellite.

“P.S…….give my regards to Professor Hilde Schbeiker. Please tell her not to cause us too much trouble.” She left one word too
many [ALT: Katrine had just said too much.] It was common knowledge that I, as I am now, had no reason to say [anything] to Hilde.
More important than that was the current state of affairs. Kathy and I started intently at the main monitor. It was a horrendous view.
A large scale aerial battle was unfolding mainly in the gorge. Heero's Snow White, Duo's Warlock, and Wufei's Nataku furiously took
on the five hundred Mars suits but it looked as though the fatigue from the successive battles (before) was accumulating. [And] the
midrange buster rifles' ammo had been all used up. They could only use the beam sabers to cut down their enemies at close range.
Even if Zechs' Epyon got caught up in the battle, it would have been one hundred to one. Either way, it would be a fierce battle.
There's a saying that one man is a match for one thousands, but we didn't have enough fire power to actually [make that idiom true]
316/2/12-14. In the midst of a hard fight, the odds of defeat seemed certain.

That's when the rear gate opened. We were shocked when we turned around. Standing there was the masked second president of
the Mars Federation and her assisting (officer).



Madame removed her mask and let her soft hair stream elegantly down; her clear eyes stared steadily at us.

“Hello, how do you do, everyone?”

Kathy immediately made to move but I muttered for her to stop.

“Please, don't go to any trouble……I have come with tea already prepared.” Lucretia Noin, the assisting officer, produced a Royal
Copenhagen tea set. During that time, Relena looked sadly at the desperate struggle unfolding on the main monitor but she quickly
looked away, shaking her head like she was in anguish.

“Hey-o! Don't suppose Madame President has the authority to stop this war, huh?”

“The President of the Mars Federation doesn't have as much authority as you believe. Furthermore, there are precious few who
approve/support the (will to peace).”

“Huh……so then, you came all the way here behind enemy lines to dress up and have tea time. You have some nerve, just as you
always have.”

When Relena took a sip from the tea filled cup, a nostalgic smile played on her lips and she said, “I'm happy to see that you haven't
changed, either.” That beauty that seemed to put/keep her above the rest and her high-mindedness/nobility were the same as ever.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Father Maxwell, for taking care of Naina.” She looked like she had put on a few years but
there was no change in her beauty. The worry-filled eyes and charming mouth were as Lucretia Noin had been back in the day.

“It's been a while…..what do you want with the base?” I didn't begrudge them [anything] but I just couldn't help the enmity in my
voice. “Just so you know, we've got no intentions of abiding by total pacifism! Realizing a total, complete peace in this place is
practically imp--“

“What about Heero?” Relena was staring straight at me. “His awakening was successful, wasn't it?”

“Yup……his comprehension (lit: recognition/awareness) is way better than yours.”

“Thank you kindly.” Her polite words of thanks were entirely unexpected. And then, once she handed her tea cup to Lucretia Noin,
she slowly passed right in front of us.

We couldn't kill this Relena Peacecraft [ALT] This Relena Peacecraft could not be killed]. With the PPP ((Perfect Peace Program))
running now, it wasn't possible for anyone but Heero to do that [i.e. kill Relena]. Not even me, who during the winter after MC 15--
when I had had my bike accident--had been injected with the “PPP” which had been called the [Mars] endemic [disease] vaccination
317/1/8-10 [#10.5]. Relena stood before the console behind Kathy. There, once she switched on the communicator, called Snow

“Heero……” It was an average long distance line. “Heero, please respond.”

“It's no use……Heero Yuy is currently running the “ZERO system”.”

And then, there was a response, Heero's face appeared on the screen.

“This is Snow White……what is it?” He was supposed to be in the middle of battle but his calm face responded just like that.

“Heero……” the pretty/pitiful girl's eyes had gotten wet; she looked happy from the bottom of her heart to be reunited with (her dear
friend [#11])......I missed you, Heero……” Her hoarse voice wavered and she couldn't speak. A single tear traced down her cheek.

“Sorry but I'm in battle right now……could you just tell me what's so important?”

“……yes.” Relena wiped away her tear admirably and with gallant calm, spoke as though she were thinking deeply about what she
said. “Heero……please come quickly and kill me.” Her voice was calm. That was likely a suitable resolution. For however much
Heero was the only one [to whom] that request [could be made], it was pretty sad to deliver those words to the one she loved

Heero, however, spoke with unchanging coldness, “I've accepted that mission [already]. Once this fight is over, I'll carry it out


“But Relena, you won't make/let your battle end.”


“End communication.”

Once again, the monitor returned to displaying the battle via feeds from the observation satellite. Relena seemed to be thinking
about something there, her eyes downcast.

“Major Sally……” she slowly raised her head and spoke to Kathy who stood near.

“No, I'm her daughter, Lieutenant Commander Kathy Po, Madame President.”

“I don't suppose I could receive a copy of the files that were used in the awakening of (this) “Aurora Princess”?”
“Father, would that be acceptable?” Kathy asked me.

“If you think all the answers are in the past, you'd be thinking wrong, yo.”

Relena turned her resolute face towards me, “I understand……But I, as I am now, cannot fight.”

“Do you really think it's possible? Making “total pacifism” a reality?”

“It will be different from what has been, I believe it is possible for “New Total Pacifism” [to make total pacifism a reality].” The light of
hope shone in those eyes.

"Okay, take it already."

“I give you my sincere apology and gratitude……I'm sorry.” It was only very slightly, but I had the sensation of my chest tightening.
“Thank you, Duo.” For just that last second, her (original) cute little girl smile returned. Gimme a break, you don't have to pull out the
big guns for an old man like me. I think I'll pass. Right away, Lucretia Noin took the memory chip from Kathy and began copying it.
On the monitor, the grim battle was being continued. But it looked like half the unmanned Mars suits had been destroyed. That's just
what you'd expect from Heero and Wufei. And let's not forget (the activities of) my little (lit: expectation) ace and Special Officer First
Class Zechs Merquise who, until just recently, had been an enemy. They had thrown themselves [fully] into the fight despite
hampered by being in a state of extreme exhaustion 319/1/11-12<. Two hundred fifty suits left. They had passed their limit a long
time ago. There, a dazzling golden light appeared over their heads. I knew that light.

“Cyrene Wind……” That was at Christmas four years ago. Lucretia Noin removed the memory chip that was done being copied and
smiled gently at the dazzling light on the main monitor.

“Tallgeese Heaven, hmm……” In the midst of the golden light, a white mobile suit with beautiful angel's wings spread out had

“My brother has arrived, yes?” A smile played on Relena's lips, too. When I'd seen [the suit] before, I hadn't been able to confirm the
whole body shape because of the glare of the light, but over the observation satellite monitor, I could see it clearly. There was no
doubt that it was the successor to {Tallgeese}. Cutting through a thick layer of cloud, that white light descending to earth made me
feel a sense of the sublime/divine. And the golden light circling around the area was an energy ring that correlated to an enormous
halo (lit: angel's wheel). All of a sudden, the second I thought that ring had expanded to its greatest extent, all two hundred fifty Mars
suits were swallowed [in the light] and disappeared--

To Be Continued……

#7 - Fat Max calls his son “ochoushimono” which means either: someone who gets off on flattery OR someone who matches his
mood to that of his partner/opponent. It's probably the former. I'm just totally having fun with name calling for lots of these terms,
since English lacks a single word (that I can think of) to embody these qualities.

#8 - this word to the Japanese apparently means just plain old “special” but the dictionary says foreigners would say what the
Japanese call “special” is “suicidal.” Yeah, this is a Japanese story written by a Japanese dude for a Japanese audience, BUT
Sumizawa probably super aware of all the different nationalities and origins of all his characters… and most of the main characters
don't even hale from Earth, so I decided to use that ugly “slash” and you can decide which fits better.
#9 - Okay, math fiends! I only vague recollect the term “coefficient” from my days in algebra and my initial “durp durp drup this is
math” had me thinking of COSINE, not coefficient. Anyway, in the expression (4x+y), the number four is the coefficient. I seem to
recall this being more like any integer used when solving for whatever variables (and thus gets used on both sides of the equals sign
in an equation). The definite of a PHYSICS coefficient, however, is this: a multiplier or factor that measures a particular property. I
suppose, as far as buster rifles go, we're talking about physics more than algebra, aren't we? I never took physics, though so I'm not
how well that definition fits.

#10 - This is Chinese, as such, I just wrote the closest I could approximate the pinyin (that's how you write Chinese in roman letters,
except to be real pinyin, there ought to be descending accent marks over the 'i's). It just means “thanks.”

#10.5 - Hey! Keep this in mind to compare against all the technospeak in the next chapter!

#11 - I guess I feel compelled to parse the language used to describe the dynamic between Heero and Relena and Heero and Duo
(for obvious reasons). The words on the page say “dear person” which would probably be like “my dearest friend” type of language
that no one TODAY really uses, but it was common around the turn of the last century (if Sherlock Holmes is indicative of speech
patterns leastways). Relena, in Japanese in Frozen Teardrop, is EXTREMELY polite sounding. I wonder why I recall her sounding
so DUMB in the English anime version…

Frozen Teardrop, Nocturne of Sorrow Preface

Peacecraft File 1

“Naturally they’re going to stand in confrontation to me.”

“Isn’t that what you’re waiting for?”

“Those boys (lit: they) will charge through/head straight on a different (vector) professionally. That’s what it is to me, {Zechs

AC-195 EVE WARS Libra
Zechs and Noin

“It’s the strong that make the weak! [With] the Earth [playing the role of] the strong, the reality is the colonies [have been made into]
the weak; they’re running [the colonies] down!”

“I hated anybody who was weak. They were incessantly trembling with fear over when they would allow themselves to attack. They
couldn’t trust anyone, couldn’t say what they wanted to say, and I couldn’t forgive them for it.”

“That’s what the strong do!”

“Zechs, there are no strong people! The human race, all of it, is weak! As are you and me both!”

“It’s over, Zechs.”

“No, not yet! I still do not accept that I am weak!”

“The colonies themselves have decided and they will take the path to total pacifism…… your actions are meaningless!”

“This is, after all, [my?] bloody destiny…… don’t think there’s any escape from this crime (lit: sin)! This ends now, Heero!”

“Zechs, you’re supposed to see the future!”


“Why…… don’t you kill me?”

“Relena would be sad.”



“You are too pure. And too kind. But if you weren’t, I suppose that would mean [you] had no right to live.”


“In that case, I’ll (show you) I’ll survive through anything. As a soldier tougher than any other!!”


“We’ll meet again, Heero!!”

AC-195 EVE WARS Libra
Zechs and Heero


Brilliant golden light inundated the monitor. It was shining from the {Tall Geese Heaven} my father piloted. When the flood of light
finally subsided, the two-hundred-fifty Mars suits went crashing down.

“Amazing, isn’t it……” Katrine said beside me, her large eyes opened even wider [than usual].

“The particles of the gold light from {Tall Geese Heaven} are nano-defensers that were developed for anti-mobile doll uses. Long
ago, Treize Khushrenada was apparently requested to develop plans [for a device that] would annihilate the mobile dolls that were
sweeping over the AC era,” Naina briefly explained clear mindedly as she opened a lunch box.
“Is a technique from such a long time ago useful now?”

“It’s ‘superstition,’ no it’s ‘blind faith’ to think scientific techniques consistently surpass and progress what came before, Katrine.”
Naina took out the sandwiches and told us it was a “late lunch” as she handed Katrine and me a sandwich.

“We aren’t at the rendezvous point yet?”

“No,” I said, shaking my head.

“Are they there already?”

With my mouth stuffed with sandwich, I nodded in response to Naina’s question and switched this hovercraft to (auto-hover) in
position 234/3/3-4<. Of the vegetables stuck between the slices of bread, the tomato was juicy and especially good. While enjoying
[the sandwich], I looked absently at the light that was approaching our ship. I knew at once that that luminous point was the small
ship on which my mother and President Relena rode. A few seconds later, they were within docking distance. Behind me, Katrine
got depressed and sighed heavily.

“I fought using my family [#1] without knowing anything.”

I wanted to say that wasn’t true. The nano-defensers instantly reset the data accumulated in the unmanned machines [#2]. But there
was someone to manage the mobile dolls’ systems and if they could (feedback [#3]) the data, it would be possible to restart them. I
believed that, if it was the Maganacs, they were sure to respond, but Naina began speaking before I could.

“Even so, they weren’t effective against Snow White and Warlock. Moreover, it’s only just recently that those [nanotech] abilities
have reached the stage of being able to be used practically, even though the theory came from the previous era, active application
of nanotechnology has been the result of recent research.”

The reason people around me called me “reticent” was, I believe, because Naina was just too quick.

“This is delicious!” Katrine’s smiling face shone. “I’ve never had a sandwich this good before!”

“Sister Hilde taught me,” murmured Naina as she took a bite; her expression was somewhat sad. “There’s a trick to the distribution
of mustard and mayonnaise…… she said it was the secret to drawing out the sweetness in the tomato.”

As she savored the flavor, Katrine muttered, “That old Professor Hilde Schbeiker, she’s been the authority on nanotechnology till
now, hasn’t she?”

“Before she started the orphanage, her official [role] was as secretary in the Lanagrin Republic National Library…… in reality, she
extracted data (that could be practically applied 236/2/14) from the enormous memory library from the past, and she’s been studying
it since.”

“But ultimately that meant ‘Special Officer First Class Zechs Merquise’ was allowed to appear, right?”

On the wide range radar on the submonitor, a point of light appeared and it was leaving at a fast pace. It was {Gundam Epyon},
which had left from the above-mentioned battlefield at once, changing to flight mobile armor mode and withdrawing back to the
Lanagrin Republic.

“That’s not right, Katrine.” Naina again made the denial before I could. “That hologram was a program that started with Dixneuf
Neuenheim died…… Sister Hilde only extracted [the data] which was used for selfish purposes.”

It was the Neuenheim Company [#4] that made [our] father’s residual memories, which were in {Gundam Epyon}’s “ZERO system”
into a three-dimensional real image but it was someone from the Lanagrin Republic who’d hacked [into whatever system] that lead
us to the present situation. Both I and Katrine had initially believed Professor Hilde Schbeiker to be the ring leader. But Naina had
said, “That’s absolutely unbelievable.” I could infer that, in the Lanagrin Republic government, there was an even more
(unscrupulous) man behind the black curtain [#5]. Because Naina said it and she’d lived with Professor Schbeiker for several years,
she probably wasn’t wrong. Their close relationship was vouched for by the deliciousness of this very sandwich.

“So the “PPP” [Perfect Peace Program] wasn’t Professor Schbeiker either?” When Katrine said that, the rear door opened and my
mother and Lucretia and President Relena appeared.

“That’s backwards. Professor Schbeiker resumed her research in order to free Father Maxwell from the (spellbinding) PPP.” Even
now, mother’s voice and Naina’s voice resembled each other. If I kept listening I wouldn’t be able to tell which was which.

“Besides, the basic concept of the “PPP” has existed since before we were born.” Mother spoke as she passé me the two
microchips to which the “files in question” had been saved, “This is what we had copied at the Preventer base and this is what
Professor Schbeiker sent us.”

“May I ask you a favor, Milu?” President Relena asked, using a tone of voice far too polite for a guy like me.
“Yes.” If we put these two files with the “Zechs File” we had and ran them through the “ZERO system” to (calculation manage), a
new file with a more diversified historical point of view would be made.

“What should I name the file?” A new file name was necessary to save it.

With hope-filled blue eyes, President Relena said, “’Peacecraft File’ if you please.”

When I looked at the contents of the file, the oldest thing was from AC 130. Since Mother and Father were born in AC 176, this was
pretty dated “Heero Yuy” was in the heading for people and for a second, I was puzzled. That was not the Snow White’s pilot’s
codename, I finally remembered it was the name of the legendary space colonial leader. All the data until now had been unclear
about the origin of Heero Yuy. He was born to a poor working class which had been developed by space 237/2/3 [adjectival order],
put himself through school and after he studied abroad at a distinguished college, he specialized in political philosophy and think
tank and stood up for the colonies is one theory, and another is that he originally came from an affluent family and when he went to
the colonies on a college study trip and saw how miserable [the colonists] lives were, he decided he ought to become the [kind of]
politician who could save their pitiful lives. Either way, the leader Heero Yuy resolutely confronted/fought against the Earth Sphere
United Alliance as a representatives of the colonies. How old would Heero Yuy have been in AC 130, I wonder. It was AC 165 when
he appeared front and center I history and it was AC 173 when he filed/sued for independence for the colonies which had purported
demilitarization and nonviolence. Commonly, it was referred to as the “{Heart of Space} Proclamation”. Two years later on April , AC
175, he was assassinated for/by Earth’s political calculation. It had only been ten years, but Heero Yuy had certainly worked himself
to the bone and had continued to work passionately for [both] realizing peach on all of Earth and the wish for colonial freedom and
the happiness of those who lived there. The image he left behind was like nothing so much as him running straight through
(violent/super excited) history. The one thing I didn’t understand was how he came to have so much enthusiasm. The original
reason, like where the man himself originated from, has forever been vague. Now, in the new “Peacecraft File” I held in my hand, it
seemed possible to have a glimpse at one part of Heero Yuy’s character formation. My interest was suddenly piqued. It was
probably one of my bad habits—being carried away by a sudden impulse and then wanting to put it into action. I asked Naina to pilot
until we reached Elysium Island. And I received permission to look at the contents of the file from President Relena and Mother. I
put on the virtual visor and [the word] “ZERO” immediately appeared. It began with the story of my great-grandmother, the Queen


In a small country in Scandinavia on Earth, in the Cinq Kingdom’s Peacecraft household, [identical] twin princesses were born. It
was spring of AC 130. Princess Sabrina and Katerina. They both had beautiful shining blonde hair and clear blue eyes. This royal
house had an old custom of not raising twins together. The elder sister Sabrina would remain in the kingdom and the younger sister
Katerina would leave her filial home a few months after her birth and be sent to colony L-1 C11234, one of the Cinq Kingdom’s
space colonies. For Katerina, that was a happy thing. It was Sabrina, the [future] successor to the throne who was the unhappy one.
She, who would one day be the queen, received a rigid education and had to master the manners and etiquette of the European
court passed down from long ago. Moreover, at this time, the Cinq Kingdom was in a state of decline. Cinq was abused by the
calculations/expectations of the big countries neighboring it. Revolutionaries and rebels who resisted the Earth Sphere United
Alliance, at the end of a withdrawal war 238/1/16, often took refuge in the Kingdom [of Cinq]. The Alliance Army likewise cast a net
to produce similar results. From a geopolitical point of view, a country occupying a peninsula in Europe shoulders something like a
burden of being fated to get swept away in the land power of the [main] continent no matter what. [Now situated] between a rock
and a hard place, the revolutionaries and rebels challenged [Earth?] to a decisive battle intending to gain the upper hand, but the
Unified Alliance with its overwhelming military power unleashed an annihilating battle It was no small trouble for the Cinq Kingdom
which was [unfortunately] a convenient battlefield. After all, there was no way for them to be a party to the rebels and revolutionaries
238/1/1-2< and the contriving of a military budget from their mean financial situation obliged them to participate in the war 238/2-1.
After the war, the meager reparations and insurance paid out by the large countries was assigned for the reconstruction of the
ruined country. [Cinq] was a terribly poor country; neither blessed with natural resources nor a thriving industrial sector; it lacked a
single (positive) prospective. It was the people’s love of Princess Sabrina with her youth and dazzling beauty and [their love of] the
humble royal house of Peacecraft that they didn’t erupt in dissatisfaction or instigate a revolution or revolt. Being raised in such a
country as that, Sabrina was bound to be a big of a homebody; she grew up to have a diffident and gentle character. Undoubtedly,
she was a sheltered princess raised in the tender care (of her wealthy family). She loved art and was deeply interested in pictures
and music especially. Her seldom seen smile was said to be exactly like that of an angel. Yet her blue eyes were always full of
worry/fear. The one who best understood the love girl 238/2/9< was the Norwegian forest cat given to her on her thirteenth birthday.
It was a black and white long haired male and he was named “Somewhere.” He was given that name probably to symbolize
Sabrina’s own desires 238/2/3-4<. It seemed to be a name from a film from a long time ago in which Judy Garland sang {Over the
Rainbow} in the opening sequence, but like pets everywhere, the name “Somewhere” was abbreviated to “Sam.” Suppose cats have
the ability to empathize/sense when a person is feeling lonely or sad. When she was feeling depressed, Sabrina sat at the piano,
Sam always laid on his stomach on the left side of the keyboard and depressed the keys such that they made a discordant sound.
Whenever she heard that, she’d giggle and say “Play it once, Sam,” which is a line from the movie “Casablanca” ((which comes
from the same era as the Wizard of Oz)) and then she’d begin to play. It wasn’t jazz, neither was it “As Time Goes By.” [#7] Sam let
out a small “meow” and Sabrina gently played Chopin’s “Nocturne #1 (夜曲第一番)[#7.5]” at something of a slow tempo.
Occasionally, Sam turned over in his sleep and played another discord, but it wasn’t bad. Playing with her eyes downcast, Sabrina’s
thoughts [were of] “The never ending battles of this world (戦い絶えないこの世)” a grievous lonely nocturne 238/3/7-8<. Or perhaps
a (considerate) lullaby for Sam curled up beside her.

Meanwhile, Princess Katerina was living a happily bohemian life on the space colony. Raising her was the Darlian family which had
[also] been entrusted with the governing of the colony. Since she was little, she enjoyed horseback riding early in the morning,
enjoyed weekly spacewalks, and was friendly with the workers who constructed the colony. They called Katerina “The Lady of the
House of Darlian” and looked forward to the cookies and chocolate she always took to them. Around the time she turned thirteen,
there’s an (anecdote) about how she [got to] ride a (large scale) space work suit equipped with manipulators and help in the
construction of the spaceport. There were several magnanimous people in the Darlian family also, they only slightly rebuked her and
continuously overlooked her simple innocence.

What gave rise to the difference between the two princesses Sabrina and Katerina, born on the same day, has its roots in the
difference of their learning environments: strict education versus laissez-faire 239/1/12-14<. But it was likely the scenery that was
the [deciding factor]. One [place] was carving out a new world, reclaimed land filled with built-in happiness 239/1/7-8. The other was
repeating a grievous fate of reconstructing broken things [only to have them] broken again, the Earth. There was a large gap
between the two. One could imagine it was mostly the differences in their two worlds that influenced how markedly different their
personalities, behavior, even their expressions were—to the extent that one would not think them to be twins. The world was seen
by the sister with eyes wide-open and the sister with the downcast eyes wishing to forget misfortune—say a building of rebar, would
undeniably be seen different by either girl.


Until she turned fifteen, Katerina’s studied were overseen by an elderly female tutor. One day, she made this request to the
Darlians: I want to return to Earth and spend my final years in the comfort of my home town. I’ll (bring) the foremost teacher form the
L-1 colony cluster to teach in my stead. The name of that teacher was “Heero Yuy” and while he was still a college student, he was
apparently serving as a part-time instructor at the high school. Yet he had no major, he was equally skilled in science and maths
(type classes) as he was well-versed in culture, philosophy and art; he was advertised as being knowledgeable in various and
diverse fields [of study].

“Aren’t you a little young [to be a tutor]?”

In addition to being Katerina’s tutor, there were misgivings about their similar ages.

“If you’ll pardon my saying it, [teaching] a person as lively as the young mistress is too heavy a task for an old lady such as me.” She
spoke as though she were thoroughly exhausted. The Darlians understood. For a daughter of the royal house, Katerina surely was
far too restive. Besides, if they could financially assist a brilliant young man putting himself through school, they believed that was
worthwhile. A few days later, Heero Yuy arrived at Katerina’s rooms. From afternoon to evening, Katerina was allotted study time.

“Pooh, you’re the new teacher?” Katerina gave the wallflower-like youth an appraising look from head to toe. Depending on the
angle, he was somewhat handsome, but his clothes were unfashionable, his shoulder’s lacked breadth and his chest was thin, he
was feeble…… was the impression he gave. Compared to him, the colony construction laborers were far more attractive she

“I’m Heero Yuy. Pleased to meet you.” Their age difference was four years.

“So, what ‘s a young teacher like you got to teach me?”

“I wonder,” Heero said brusquely. “What do you want to learn?”
“Nothing….. I don’t need a tutor. A study program is fine.” After that, those two didn’t exchange another word (while in that room).
Katerina dispassionately took care of the subjects the computer put out; Heero read the book he’d brought. When the appointed
time arrived, Heero Yuy went home that day without having taught a thing. The next day was the same and the day after that,
Katerina was tired form her horseback riding lesson and so she napped [instead]. For all that the young instructor should have said
a word of caution, that would wake her up and so he didn’t [say anything] 240/1/13-14. He did nothing but merely continue reading
his book.


This Heero Yuy youth was lacking in a thing called enthusiasm. To the extent that his college friends nicknamed him “The Extreme
Rationalist.” Regarding his studies—no, regarding life itself—he had the attitude of not wanting to spend energy unnecessarily on
passion or grudges or the like. Even the daily drawing of breath was done with efficiency, he didn’t open his mouth needlessly, he
was calm, frank, and he consciously repressed the amplification of (heat entropy) 240/1/3<. He wasn’t able to make ends meet on
the meager income of a part-time high school teacher [so] recently, he was doing manual labor in colony construction. The manual
labor was restoring and reinforcing the colony’s outermost wall, there was gravity because of the centrifugal force but it was a hard
[work environment] for the lack of oxygen. It was [extremely] difficult for small bodies to withstand [the work] and he realized he
couldn’t continue the work if he wasn’t very “efficient.” Furthermore, in an airless work environment, it was “efficient” to avoid
speaking needlessly. He made that awareness (lit: consciousness) his own personal creed. Excluding the privileged classes, the
people living on the colony as a whole had a difficult life all around. But this poverty could also be seen on Earth, but if they believed
they were creating the way to the future, it was possible to live contentedly. About six years ago in AC 139, the laborers began the
“colony self-government system.” However, the Earth Sphere Unified Alliance did not recognize it in the least and under threat of
using military power, the colonies gave up their autonomy before a year had passed.

Nevertheless, the people of the colonies were cheerful. They were naturally endowed with something of a pastoral carefreeness;
their optimism prevailed. There were many people who thought “What? Just by dint of not having national disasters makes [space]
the place to be!” In truth, the activists for the colonial independence promotion faction at the time took part in neither ideological
complains and street orators nor extreme uses of force like terrorism. That can be interpreted [as meaning] the power of Earth’s
suppression was still within a bearable (scope). About five years after that, the Earth Sphere United Alliance began slowly to apply
pressure. On Earth, terrorism and disturbances were always happening and yet space was stable and peaceful. And the Earth
couldn’t abide by that. They must have believed it was rather impudent [for the colonists] to assert their own rights from the safety of
the colonies. It’s likely this “contempt” and “jealousy” became the driving force behind the Alliance Army’s (silent/tacit) pressure
against the colonies. Meanwhile, for the idealists with [advocated] anti-Earth Unification Alliance [sentiments], many of whom
attended the same college as Heero Yuy, there was no end to their being taken away by the Alliance’s military police. The idealists
and activists were primarily graduates of this college and just like that their academically gifted underclassmen got involved, so
naturally, [Heero] formed a connection [to the rebellion] via his friends. Before [they] knew it, the student activists had made the
college into the base of operations for the underground organization. Heero was invited to join the group multiple times by one of his
friends. He was, however, indifferent as per usual. As he understood it, activities of an illegal underground organization were
“meaningless” and “useless.” The friend who had invited him was later to become “Doctor J,” the gifted scientist who developed the
{Tall Geese} and {Gundam} but the particulars about [him] during this student activist time are unknown. Heero was consciously
endeavoring to erase his presence. That was the best way. Taking action to help perfect strangers without so much as remuneration
was more of a bother than anything else. It became a bother to keep refusing such invitations so he submitted a request for a leave
of absence. He had already selected the theme of his (graduation thesis) and he was an honor student with a waived tuition so there
was no reason to hesitate. It was then that the talk of being the Darlians tutor came around.

About a week had passed. In that time, the most conversation they’d had with each other ended at the greeting level. Katerina was
bored. The indifferent tutor wasn’t scolding himself over it, that much was self-evident.
“If this is how it’s going to be, my old teacher was more interesting that this tutor,” she thought. Katerina was gazing at the scenery
outside the window and Heero was reading the book in his hand as usual. While the colonies environment system was man-made, it
sent an elegant/graceful spring breeze across the window. The soft lace curtains fluttered in the breeze. Because she was quite
bored, Katerina asked a question as she gazed at the wind, “Sensei [#8], do you have a family?”

“My parents are dead and my elder sister got married and went to Earth,” he answered concisely. After Katerina turned around, she
inspected Heero once again. Another question floated up in her heart, one that she wanted to ask [Heero] who had an indistinct
personality that could melt into the background.

“Sensei……what is the meaning of us being in space?”

Heero spoke without taking his eyes off the book he was reading, “When you say meaning, do you mean the significance of
existence? Or are you asking for a more scientific evaluation of mankind?”

“I don’t know. Both, I suppose.”

As he turned a page, he spoke dispassionately, “If you think about it from the social theory of evolution 241/2/7< [perspective],
mankind’s [journey] into space might be said to have the significance of being the next step necessary to continue with the so-called
{new awakening}. But from a scientific perspective, the feat of expanding the living spaces from Earth to the Earth sphere is a
(meritous deed) of all human kind and so one may consider there to be no difference between the people in space and the people
on earth.”

“Wonderful!” Katerina’s eyes were wide open. “I can’t understand a thing you’re talking about!” She pressed Heero with excitement.

Heero snapped the book he was reading shut and his eyes went to Katrine and he asked, “What do you mean?” Heero, though he
was feeling put upon, likely could not flat out [refuse] a student who’d taken an abrupt interest in him. He decided to explain his
remarks. To start with, it was necessary to define the meaning of each (and every) word concisely. To punctuate the meaning of
those words, there was historical social background and for the sake of speaking plainly, it was necessary to sue even more words
and it seemed that the things difficult for Katerina to understand lined up [one after the other]. Katerina couldn’t help herself; she
interrupted Heero’s never-ending talk with a question.

“So ultimately, does it mean something or doesn’t it?”

“Ultimately……there isn’t a conclusion to that question 241/3/7<.”

“There isn’t a conclusion?” Katerina’s shoulders slumped dejectedly.

After heaving a deep sigh, Heero said, “Is it that important to have a conclusion?”

“What?” Katerina was dumbstruck. She believed the conclusion or solution was the most important part [as it was on] papers and
“To observe things from several angles and take that data as a basis for making a judgment, to personally consider opposing
views—that’s what’s important.”

“What, a ‘discussion’? Is that a conclusion?”

“It might be called that. It might not. In this case, the conclusion is synonymous with a ceasing of thought. There is meaning in the
continuing of thought.

“It’s settled! There is meaning!”


“I mean, there’s meaning to being in space, right?”

“No, that’s not what—" Several hours passed in a blink. The gears of sensitivity and logic failed to catch as they were of different
shape and had differing numbers of teeth. True to those words, their conversation continued without [those “gears”] engaging. The
appointed [finishing] time for the day arrived.

“That’s all for today.”

“Sensei, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Katerina was interested in the youth who had enumerated the words she’s never heard of before.

“Oh, yeah……” Heero had remembered the joy of communicating—[and art] which he had been starting to forget. The next day also
Katerina began with a simple question, “Hey, do you think there is a god?”

“It is believed that he doesn’t exist but he is thought to be necessary; he exists but is thought to be unnecessary. It is antinomious
but both points of view are viable if you grasp the religious side metaphysically.”

“Wonderful, I don’t understand at all!”

“That’s good. Knowing your own ignorance [#8.5] is more valuable (meaningful) than any sort of knowledge.”

“Why aren’t men equal? Is it because there isn’t a god? Or because there is? Isn’t every one equal before God?” After that, their talk
continued like mismatched gears as it had yesterday. The day after that also had similar dialogue and it continued [like that] ever
after. The [topics of discussion] didn’t stop at philosophy or conceptual things but extended to the problems that occurred from
history and customs [#9], verified by contemporary examples; and from the most recent of space sciences to classical literature. The
verbal exchanges between the two may well have been nonsensical fun. Yet it was absolutely not meaningless. It was during this
time that Heero and Katerina’s sense of values went through a (chemical change).

For Heero, the “efficiency” that had been his personal creed up until now had been rethought as it was not so very “inefficient.”
Thinking that short words and speaking in a straightforward manner made something understandable had had the opposite effect.
Also he who did his utmost to eschew the “meaningless” and “wasteful” in reality stopped his “deliberating” and “fumbling/groping.”
Until now, he was supposed to attach the greater importance to the “motive” than to the “result,” but somewhere along the way, he
had become a conclusionist or utilitarian and he noticed he’d fallen into [a pattern] of “stopping thinking.”
Katerina, on the other hand, came to know of the existence of field of view that was from new, different dimension. She felt the
possibilities were limitless. Living in space definitely had meaning. And even living on Earth had some kind of meaning. That’s
because, Earth or space, they both existed in space. Either one had their own sense of value, if one may be so bold in speaking,
243/3/9< if one discovers there is meaning to the existence of mankind, a person’s individual thoughts are precious and there is no
particular need to limit them to history or place or environment. There is not a single wasted hour. There is not [a single]
meaningless thought. There is value even in an [empty void]. Aren’t these [colonies] a good example of [exactly] that? That doesn’t
mean she had clearly thought all that 244/1/1-2. But several years later, it was publically recorded that around this time, she seemed
to get a feeling in her “heart” for those/these sorts of things.

That was in the rough draft of the composition “Heart of Space” which was written after this time by the leader Heero Yuy. It is said
that a single letter of Katerina’s that bound up the feelings she had in her youth was the origin of Heero’s proclamation.

There may have been (romantic #9.5) feelings between them. Incidentally, the letter was not a love letter. Even years later, the
relationship between Katerina Peacecraft and Heero Yuy may have remained as that of teacher and pupil. Or that may have been a
façade [maintained] to the very end—.


The area around the Cinq Kingdom on Earth was once again caught up in a new dispute. This time, it was a large scale [affair]
where dozens upon dozens of ships in the rebellion’s fleet entered the bay and made a sea blockade. In response to this, the
Alliance Army opened close cooperation between land, sea and air forces and made to commence an even bigger war of seize and
annihilation. Already at that stage, it couldn’t be helped that the land of the Cinq Kingdom had burned to the ground. However,
because of that a situation which hadn’t been predicted had developed. The surprising thing was that the [newly] arrived rebel
special forces infiltrated the Cinq Kingdom palace and all at once set up an occupation, taking the royal family as hostages. In so
doing, the Alliance army because unable to carelessly/thoughtlessly interfere. However small a country the Cinq Kingdom was, [the
Alliance] could not abandon them when the royal family had cooperated with the Alliance’s army. Furthermore, if they did choose to
desert [Cinq], it would betray the trust of all the other countries cooperative with the Alliance. The Alliance army’s teamwork
collapsed, it was inevitable that the army brought ruin upon itself. Without starting battle, the Alliance army and rebel’s army got into
a cohesive state/condition. At the time, (only) Sabrina and her cat Sam were calling upon Marquis Weyridge in a neighboring
country and so [managed to] escape the [ordeal]. When Sabrina heard the news, she was stunned. She could not return to her
home country with things being as they were.

“Oh…..Father, Mother……”

“Princess Sabrina, this must be terribly difficult for you, but for the time being, let us take refuge at the Darlians in the L-1 Colony.”
This Marquis Weyridge was a member of the Romefeller Foundation’s European nobility and, as he was later to become,
grandfather of Relena Peacecraft; he supported her [Relena] in secret. [#10]
“We’re going to space?”

“That’s right. Northern Europe is likely to become enveloped in a fierce war (from now). While it’s unfortunate, I’m afraid we cannot
vouch for the safety of your family 244/3/7-8.”

“Why that’s……”

“According to intelligence I have received, the rebels have planted informants in every country in Europe. The rebel army was able
to easily infiltrate the palace probably because there was an informant among the royal family’s attendants.”

(Suddenly) it may be difficult to believe but the Cinq Kingdom’s recent financial difficulties may have changed the [loyal] hears of the

“There’s more, there are rumors that King Peacecraft himself is assisting the rebels. Princess Sabrina. There is nowhere on this
Earth that is safe for you.” At this point in time, there was no room for any other option.
“The royal house Peacecraft must not die out here. I beseech you to comply,” [said Marquis Weyridge].
This was the point where Sabrina came to realize the magnitude of [being the] Peacecraft successor that she had heard about for
many a year. At the Darlians house in the L-1 Colony was her younger sister Katerina. She was now the only blood relative Sabrina
had who was unharmed. There was no one else she could count on.
A few days later, Sabrina headed to the spaceport in the suburbs of Brussels. As a high class limousine would stand out far too
much, they used a regular car. The rain that had fallen until the previous night had lifted, the new green of early summer sparkled so
lovely. From the sunroof, the sky was a cloudless, fathomless blue. But Sabrina was overcome with worry for her country and family.
A (seven color) rainbow stretched [across the sky] beyond the windshield.

“Somewhere over the rainbow.”

Sabrina sang [that song] quietly. It was a song that gave her a small measure of courage.

“Don’t worry. Space is the land of your dreams,” Marquis Weyridge said kindly from his seat at her side.
Contrary [to expectation] the Brussels spaceport had been put under martial law. There had been a throng of European royalty and
nobility thronging to escape to space as Sabrina was, but the upper echelons of the Alliance army would not permit it. It was
unknown how many [among the would-be refugees] were rebel informants. Furthermore, they could not forgive [the royals and
nobles] for the cowardice of the privileged classes as they tried only to save themselves.

“That's just the way it is, the rebels are taking advantage! 245/2/5" From the car, Sabrina looked in fear at the shouting soldiers.
They couldn’t get into space like this. Marquis Weyridge returned, “I have spoken to Duke Cinquante Khushrenada of the Romefeller
foundation. I understand there is a special flight going to the colonies for observation as an ‘Earth Delegation.’”

“We’ll be allowed to take that flight?”

“Yes……” The cat Sam was peacefully sleeping on Sabrina’s knees but Marquis Weyridge who had come up beside [her] picked
him up. “I’m sorry but you can’t take him into space.”

“I understand…… please take care of Sam.” Sam “meowed” in the quiet voice of the just-woken up. “I’ll be coming right back……be
a good boy.”

“Meow, meow.” Sabrina had been up to this point a dauntless girl, but when she saw Sam’s sad face, she shed her first tears.

Cinquante Khushrenada greeted Sabrina with an elegant smile playing on his lips.

“You’re as beautiful as the rumors would have me believe……”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
“We are going to visit the House of Winner on the L-4 Colony, then inspect L-2 and the L-1 Colony cluster in that order. It will take
some time, but I shall see the young lady arrive at C11234.” Cinquante Khushrenada, who was aiming to become the next
executive/leader of the Romefeller Foundation, was a middle aged gentleman. The birth of his daughter Angelina was seven years
down the road and the birth of his son Treize would be twenty six years later. Not even the upper levels of the Alliance army could
go against the Romefeller Foundation. Furthermore, the (colony dispatch) of this ‘Earth Delegation’ had been decided well before
the current rebel uprising; they had no right to interfere. Sabrina was passed off as Cinquante’s niece, given a (free pass) and was
able to board the shuttle.

The shuttle left the atmosphere. For the first time, Sabrina saw the Earth spread out under her eyes. That beauty was something
she would probably remember her whole life. The endlessly extending space must have given some impression to the girl who had
spent her entire life thus far sheltered in the palace. It wasn’t excitement nor was it fear. It was peace of mind—that night, eternal
night. The time when she felt most at east, went on forever. That was what she felt. For Sam who she had left behind, she played a
nocturne in her heart.


They finished the visit to the House of Winner on L-4 safely and completed their inspection of L-2 Colony without mishap. However,
before boarding the shuttle to head to L-1 Colony, Cinquante called out for Sabrina to stop.

“It would be possible to have you remain here on L-2 of course, but if someone notices, that place would come to nothing.”


“Princess Sabrina……please take this.” It was an astrosuit that she was given. “As it was my old friend Marquis Weyridge who made
the request, I will see my promise through to the end.” Cinquante dropped his voice and began talking. “This shuttle will be blown up
before it arrives at the L-1 Colony. As such, immediately prior to that, please get in an escape capsule and wait for rescue.”


Cinquante checked his own astrosuit as he spoke, “Yes……it’s an act of terrorism put together by colonial terrorists who boarded on

“What do you mean?” Sabrina didn’t have the slightest idea [what he was on about]. “If you know [the shuttle] will be blown up,
shouldn’t something be done to prevent it?”

“These men are players in their own movie [alt: this is their charade]. That is their outline. For the sake of bringing Earth together, it’s
necessary to make space the (imaginary) enemy.”

“I don’t quite understand.”

“Your highness’s kingdom has been completely taken over by the rebels and they have begun aggressions against the neighboring
countries. It looks as though the Peacecraft royal family has joined forces with the (dirty) [rebels].”

“My father has……” By the treacherous actions of the royal house of Cinq, Sabrina’s situation had become that much worse. She
would not be able to return to Earth again was her intuitive thought. Cinquante spoke with fear/danger, “Princess, have you never
thought about why Earth, which is supposed to be unified, is so divided and continues to fight?”

“Even so, I don’t believe it is right to demonize the people of the colonies.”

“I agree. However, [right] now, at this point in time, if we do not concoct antagonism between [Earth] and Space, Earth’s ruin cannot
be stopped.” Beautiful Earth was being destroyed. That was something Sabrina could easily imagine. It was easy to think of
246/3/12 the exploded streets of the Cinq kingdom spreading all across the globe.

“But.....” wouldn’t doing [was they were doing] incur/invite that much more confusion/disorder? She thought. It made a reasonable
amount of sense in thinking that turning the rebels and colonies both into enemies and it was hopeless to fight the Alliance 246/3/13-

“Do not fear……there truly is no power in space that holds military force. Moreover, controlling the rebels can be accomplished
without too much effort.”

“Even so,” the people of the ‘Earth Delegation’ were harmoniously boarding the shuttle. “What about them?”
“They are people of the old order of the Foundation……sacrifices must be made for the sake of welcoming the new era.” There was
no reason for Sabina to assent. However, she thought she was obliged to obey Cinquante.
“If you call it something, then this is the ‘Darkness of the Genesis.’” His eyes with their (forced) resolution and his bearing—steeped
with unchanging determination—could not be defied. “I’m certain it was C11234. In the vicinity [of that colony], the time bomb will go
off. I’ll guide you to the escape capsule.” [They] boarded the shuttle with surprising calm. But at the time, Sabrina thought: Isn’t this
when I am supposed to die? Her life up until now had all been for the sake of the Cinq kingdom. As long as that country was under
the control of the rebels, there was no point in extending her life. Carrying such grievous thoughts, there was no point to succeeding
to the throne of Cinq.

The shuttle left the spaceport and continued on as it overlooked the moon. Beyond the opposite side of the moon was the L-1
colony cluster. The huge lunar surface, seen from the window, was a grey land covered in countless craters. Certainly it was an
inorganic/mineral thing that was associated with the afterlife. As Sabrina gazed at that scenery, she hardened her resolve: wouldn’t
it be easier if she died? Wouldn’t she be free if she dies? That was the grave impression she was under. Before she knew it, they
had closed in on the L-1 colony cluster. Cinquante who had been behind Sabrina smiling the whole while she gazed out the window,
was standing.

“It’s about time. Shall we make our preparations?”


That day, Heero Yuy didn’t have his tutoring job and he was hard at work at the colony construction [job]. He’d had a bit of a
[financial] break [between his two jobs’ income, but he’d continued [the construction work] with intent to get his body in shape. The
rambling discussions with Katerina, he felt, had become a persona source of energy. He’d continued the [labor] job for more than six
months and become rather adjusted to it and his chest had filled out as his muscles strengthened and his shoulders broadened.
Just recently, he’d become able to go out into [open] space in an astrosuit; the (contents) of today’s work was mainly delivering
materials using a large-scale work machine with attached manipulators. He had finally become accustomed to the [suit’s] handling.
Suddenly, an image of astrosuited Katerina (clung) to the central monitor. When he opened the commlink, he could hear her ever-
cheerful voice.
“Sir, are you working hard?”

“Don’t interrupt me.”

“But I was lonely because I couldn’t see your face.” She hung around with a carefree smile on her face 247/3/6.

“Go home.”

“The talk about the theory of evolution the day before yesterday, it was interesting.”

“Really? That’s good.”

“If a species does adapt to its environment as Darwin says, humans living in space like us just might become a new type of human.”

“That wouldn’t be for dozens of generations……For all that we are in space, it’s a change acquired postnatally. It’s not hereditary
and there’s talk that the real issue is the danger of giving birth in space. However, according to the most recent DNA analysis, there
is no room for idle talk 248/3/13-14. Would you please go away!”

“What’s that?” Katerina saw two points of light leave from the shuttle that was crossing [behind] Heero.

“?” Heero brought up the viewpoint preceding [them] on the monitor. Then, the shuttle was suddenly swallowed up in a blinding flash
and disappeared.

“And explosion?”

“Shit.” Heero drew Katerina up with the manipulator arm and used the large work machine to shield Katerina [from the blast]. There
were only a small number of fragments from the exploded shuttle, but they came flying If the large scale work machine hadn’t been
there, Katerina may have suffered a direct hit and been killed.

“That light just now came from the escape pods.” Heero promptly referred to the (space work use manual) on the monitor and
confirmed the handling of emergency escape pods. “Just as I thought!” Shown there was a heading which read: If [an emergency
escape pod is: discovered, promptly switch to recovery detail. Of the two lights, one had headed of towards D11587 but another was
closing in on Colony C11234. Heero left Katerina where she was and propelled the large work machine to where the escape
capsule was heading.

“Escape capsule (in front of me), respond! Pull the reverse engine lever! If you pick up any more speed, I will not be able to rescue

There was no reply. At first, he thought it might be unmanned, but he felt an obvious intent [of the occupant] to get off course. Heero
made the large work machine speed up, launched the rescue wire, hooked the escape capsule’s propulsion unit, and decreased
speed, using the last of his (propulsion fluid). Then from the astrosuit’s wireless commlink, he heard a weak voice.

“……please let me go……” Heero thought he’d heard a similar female’s voice. “……won’t you release me……I want to die……”
Heero shouted, “You want to die? Don’t screw around!” For the youth, it was an act that was truly inefficient and made him expend
energy unnecessarily. “[If you didn't want to get rescued, t]hen you shouldn’t have used the escape pod, should you have!” Opening
the hatch of the large work suit, he followed [along] the wire and clung to the escape capsule. But in doing so, the battery pack of
[his] astrosuit got damaged and made his wireless communicator unusable. “I don’t know what you were doing but you will not die!”
Heero continued yelling without realizing his commlink was disconnected [i.e. dead]. “The majesty/dignity of the human existence is
not allowed to kill itself, either by killing or being killed! 248/2/9-11” He grabbed the escape capsule’s outer lock release lever. “Since
you used the astrosuit’s commlink, you’re wearing a helmet, right?” Naturally, there was no reply. Heero steeled himself and
released the lock. Inside there was a female victim. He checked that she was wearing an astrosuit and was relieved. And then, he
found the reverse engine lever on the console and pulled it hard. Somehow, the escape capsule lost speed and came to a stop.
However, the face plates of [their] helmets were in mirror mode and so they could not see one another.

“Are you alright? Can you stand? What the hell happened?” Heero asked many things, but there was absolutely no reply. At this
time, he finally realized his battery pack was damaged. That was dangerous. His air would run out in a few minutes. In a flurry,
Heero returned to the large work suit and went to replace [the battery] with a spare pack. While he did this, he made the victim stand
as she’s not appeared to have lost consciousness, took firm hold of her hand and took her back to the large work suit. Of course,
that female victim was Sabrina.


Sabrina thought it was strange. She didn’t understand why this person had gone out of their way save her suddenly reticent self.
That was when she heard an auditory hallucination. It was a voice that sounded very much like her own.

“Sensei, are you alright? Answer me already!” That was Katrina’s voice, but there was no way Sabrina could have known that. She
heard a tapping in her helmet. She heard the modulation of the unique sound wave 249/1/7-8, was it matching frequencies or
playing with the volume? During the modulation, she heard a second sound that was very similar to Sam’s mewl, the cat she had left
of Earth.

“Sam……” Tears moistened Sabrina’s eyes. Her closed heart burst like a dam, overflowing [with tears] “……I want to see Sam……”
She remembered the Earth with its beautiful greens, clear blue skies, and pretty rainbows—she didn’t want to die yet. She couldn’t
die until she’d seen her cute Sam again. She had to thank her savior. “Thank you very much……I” She thought it would be rude not
to introduce herself, “I am Sabrina Peacecraft……and you are?” Slowly, she extended her hand to the person who had rescued her.

Katerina, who had listened on the commlink, was surprised all the same.

“Sabrina? Peacecraft?!” She was the elder sister [Katrina] had never met, but the name, at least, she knew.

To Be Continued……

#1 – In the raw text, the kanji read “family” and the furigana (which is the little superscript that tells people how to read either less-
frequently used kanji and/or how to read kanji if the pronunciation isn’t what’s typically used) reads “Maganac.” I think it’s more
significant that he used family kanji to say “maganac” (and there is absolutely NO WAY the characters for family could ever be
mangled into being read “maganac,” it’s just Sumizawa equating two words of entirely dissimilar pronunciations but, in this situation,
probably identical meaning (to Katrine, at least)
#2 – for whatever reason, Sumizawa does not write “mobile dolls” in the phonetic transliteration “mobiiru douru” but with kanji that
quite obviously means “mobile doll.” There was no furigana pronunciation guide… I’m not sure what this is supposed to signify, if
anything but I noticed it in translating and thought I’d mention it here (as the transliteration IS used elsewhere)

#3 – This is a transliteration of the English “feedback.” Yet it does not fit in this sentence (kind of how the transliteration of “tension”
is “super happy” to Japanese people), but it’s not in the dictionary so I decide to keep it in there. He seems to mean the mobile dolls
have data stores that would have to be in a remote location to have avoided the effects of the nano-defensers and that can be used
to kind of reboot the Maganacs with minimal data loss.

#4 – I believe this is the same as the Neuenheim Konzern, however, in previous chapters, the whole name was transliterated. Here,
the Neuenheim is the same, but the Japanese convention of adding the kanji “sha” (which means company) was used. The only
explanation for this difference, aside from stylistically wanting to avoid over-using the same word (which wouldn’t be a problem since
it’s been a while since we read anything about this company) is so the Japanese audience can see, at a glance, that this
Neuenheim thing is the company not the eponymous man (and “konzern” isn’t something I’ve ever run across in my forays into non-
FT reading so…)

#5 – If this is a reference to the Wizard of Oz, that’s cool because apparently, this phrase is also a regular part of the Japanese
vernacular (now, perhaps it was adopted after the movie came out but if not, then it’s a fabulous case of independent creation that
dovetails spectacularly).

#6 – I find it odd that this sentence follows the typical Japanese convention of not distinguishing between plurals and singular nouns
(although there are ways to specifically note plurals, especially easily done with people by adding “tachi” or “ra” to the end of the
word). This drives me nuts in technical descriptions as I can never be sure if there’s ONE gun turret or TWO. However, I think it’d
odd that we spend the rest of the chapter discussing the Cinq Royalty and Sumizawa does NOT make a clear reference to the
TWIN daughters of the royal house of Cinq, despite telling us there are TWO in the very next line… I’ll bet it means one of the
bought the farm :PPP

#7 – First, the stupid cat’s stupid name. Transliterate “Somewhere” into Japanese and you end up with “sa-mu-u-e-a” and five
syllables is INSANELY LONG for Japanese people, so they LOVE to shorten stuff. So “sa-mu-u-e-a” gets shortened to “sa-mu” and
that is the same way the name “Sam” would be katakana-ized. So it makes PERFECT sense in Japanese to connect “Somewhere
Over the Rainbow” to Sam the piano man in “Casablanca.” And I googled the phrase, watched the youtube clip and it IS “Play it
once, Sam” not “Play it again, Sam.” And, if you didn’t know (as I didn’t) “As Time Goes By” is the song that Sam plays in
Casablanca. Sam in Casablanca is not, however, a cat.

#7.5 - Well, the Japanese is right there if you want to cut and paste and take your chances. I am not super familiar with how
classical pieces are named, but the Chopin I looked up seemed to be typically divided into numbered opuses first followed by
another number. I'm going with a straight translation of the Japanese, but I'm not sure if that's the particular song Sumizawa was
thinking of.

#8 – We all know “sensei” right? I just find it hard to translate calling someone “sensei” in this situation because “sir” seems too stiff
for Katerina and “teacher” or “tutor” sounds dumb as no one calls their teacher “TEACHER!” unless they have forgotten their
teacher’s name. So, I’ma sticking with “sensei.”

#8.5 - As in Socrates, "I only know that I know nothing"
#9 – Haha, I think it’s funny that the first entry for this particular word “customs” is actually “sex services.” I doubt, however, that they
would be having discussions about that… although….

#9.5 - literally, this is "man woman between" and other uses I found pertained to things like "pay discrepancy between men and
women." However, given the tone of this passage, I am interpreting this to mean "romantic."

#10 - I believe an LJ reader commented that there is a Weyridge in the original animated series and he says “Katrina.” I am only left
to wonder why this might be since he is clearly helping Sabrina, not Katrina, here. Foreshadowing, perhaps?

Frozen Teardrop, Nocturne of Sorrow I

Nocturne of Sorrow I

Peacecraft File 2


The explosion of the Earth delegation shuttle in the vicinity of the L-1 colony cluster was finally announced as an act of terrorist by
colonial extremists. The sole survivor, Duke Cinquant Khushrenada, expressed his feelings [by stating], "I think it is regrettable that
the path to peaceful coexistence between Earth and the colonies comes to an end," and the Earth Sphere United Alliance Army
added that [it] ought to be stationed in the colonies [ALT: and CINQUANT added that the ESUAA ought to be stationed in the
colonies #0]. Regarding Sabrina Peacecraft, who was supposed to have been the other survivor, she was reported by the mass
media as having died with the other passengers. Since then, no, since before then, history was full of ostentation and deception.
Everything was handled with a (sort of) white washed interpretation [of events] that was favorable to the authorities. The colonies
and Earth had decided that the AC 145 [shuttle] incident was the start of the antagonism [between them], but in fact this beginning is
a fabrication through and through. On the one side, the rebels and United Alliance Army's deadlock in the Norther European
kingdom of Cinq continued. The skirmishes at the (very) front lines were (see-sawing) one step forward and one step back; and
despite the ocean blockade in [Cinq's] territorial waters that had been [in effect] for nearly half a year, [neither side] was able to
make the decisive blow. Here a "buzzword" appeared. Though it truly was a momentary fad, it was (a word that was) exactly like it
was the "truth" [ALT: it was a word that was taken at face value as being the truth]. Throughout history, these kinds of frequently
appearing "buzzwords" often lead the masses off in the wrong direction. In the AC era, it was this [phrase]:

Early conclusion

In truth, this was ceased-thinking conclusionism and simple logic. Of course, an urgent situation that is getting worse must quickly
be ended. However, as the situation was at a standstill, it was not necessary to arrive at an immediate conclusion [at the expense of
one] that would allow for a gentle, good change to occur. Speaking more concretely-

"Because people will naturally die as long as the war continues, and where a number of victims is unavoidable, it is better to use a
WMD (lit: large scale weapon) and wipe out the rebel forces once and for all."

-is one mode of thinking. This loses sight of the real issue. At the same time, the people were under the impression that they had
thought up the words themselves. [Because of that buzzword], there was a tendency to value an 'end' to the war over the 'life' of a
person. Mass media, which caters to public opinion, also backed the irresponsible 'early conclusion.' The United Alliance Army
executives decided to launch a nuclear warhead (limited area dispute use that is in the satellite orbit 216/3/4-6).
"Set the launch for midnight on November 27th [#1], colony standard time." That was, of course, an order of the utmost top-secret
importance. All the people were being lead around by their noses with superstitious sounding 'catch phrases' like 'it will be easier
once it's over' without careful deliberation; they don't notice that they themselves are accomplices. Spreading thoughts of
conventional conclusion didn't spread out 216/3/11-12. All they could do was move forward. They had lost the power to imagine.
Humans who have lost their imagination can find value only in results. One may sympathize with this state of mind. And that is a
terribly deep sin.


Sabrina was taken in by the Darlians. However, the Darlians were [no longer] affluent but had mortgaged their luxurious home and
spacious grounds and were poised to relinquish them in few months' time. Because their own country had been taken over by the
rebels, the Earth Sphere United Alliance was imposing a heavy tax upon them. Moreover, the colonies' middle classes gave official
notice of 'wealth redistribution.' For the upper classes, [they, the middle classes] commenced the dismantling of the upper classes'
'vested interests.' The ever-magnanimous Darlians accepted all these demands and chose to relinquish their fortune. A sharp
decline began. [Katerina] had to give up the (early morning) horseback riding and space walks. She even gave up her adored horse.
Without the means to employ a tutor, it was decided that Heero Yuy would be discharged at the end of the month. For Katerina, that
was the one thing she didn't want. Heero, however, consented. As he hadn't ever really done any tutoring, he had felt guilty about
receiving the monthly reparation (lit: salary). When the seed in Katerina's heart sprouted with sadness, it probably had not yet been
foreseen that this feeling would become 'love' in due time . It was Sabrina who breathed very different air from the Darlians [family]
217/1/4-5<. At this time, she closed her heart and did nothing but play the piano. She continually played Chopin's Revolutionary
[#2]. Or she chose the difficult "mazurka" [#3]. These songs' senses of speed could not be expressed if they were not played from
memory [thus allowing] one [to focus] on the keyboard. But they were excessively elaborate and short in emotion. It is believed that
Sabrina definitely seemed to want to forget. Her country, her parents, the people who had perised in the shuttle explosion, and now,
even herself; [she was] now a nobody. Yet the more she concentrated on the song, the more the faces of the people she'd lost
came back to haunt her. She fell into a spiral of loss and the gap between herself and her surroundings widened. As a result, she
became unable to concentrate on anything other than the songs and while the vicious circle continued without end, she continued
beating the abyssally depressed keys [ALT: she continued to be the keys in her abyssal depression [adjectival order] 217/2/12-13<].

Then, unexpectedly, she heard a voice speaking at her ear. If she focused too much on things, she would fall into an certain type of
a state of trance 217/2/10-11. Despite the mezzo forte of the piano, she could hear the discussion of her littler sister Katerina and
the tutor Heero Yuy in the neighboring room. Their voices seemed to have a certain anxiousness and reluctance in their soon-to-end
relationship. It was a heated, lively discussion.

"Emmanuel Kant isn't saying 'one cannot lie' 'for the sake of eternal peace.'"

"Kant is saying that the foundation of moral metaphysics is: 'one must not tell lies whatever the circumstances.' So it stands to
reason that it would be under that heading. For peace, 'sublime goals' and 'obligatory motive' are necessary and without that, if
(decorating with falsehoods) isn't permissible, then bloody battle is also negated and peace that came of it will have no value."

Sabrina stopped playing, and she faced the adjoining room, drawing closer,

"Please tell me what you mean, in detail," Sabrina posed the question from the doorway. "I can accept that 'peace' is morally
correct. Ergo, isn't it more important that 'peace' be achieved, regardless of the 'means'?"
"You're saying that peace achieved by military intervention is also just, yes?"


"Come in......" said Heero, "you're wrong." Heero had two students for his final class. [#3.5]

"I am wrong!" Tears flooded Sabrina's eyes. "Isn't it obvious that [I am? you are?]wrong?" She went sobbing to Heero's arms. Heero
was perplexed, hit as he was by Sabrina's flood of emotion. "I want to see Sam...... I want to see Sam!"


Sabrina's emotional support was the cat Sam who she had left on Earth. Katerina was likely sympathetic to her older sister's state.
But sure enough, seeing her snuggled against Heero and in tears unmistakeably disquieted her heart. Katerina's expression was
different from usual. Gone was the carefree cheek, it was replaced with dark jealousy/envy.

Even though we have the same face, Sabrina is an angel from Earth......I'm the lost child that was thrown away in space.

That may have been the second when she realized the happiness which she had enjoyed was [actually] a 'hard life' that was [only]
called 'freedom.'


Sabrina and Katerina were, on the surface, close sisters, but it was (perhaps) enmity neither one wanted to acknowledge that ran
through their hearts. One might even call it an abhorrence of their closest relation. The two of them did not share a bedroom as if
that were the most natural thing [#3.75]. Nevertheless, since their rooms were next to each other, it was possible for one to pay a
visit to the other. That, however, had not yet happened even once. The siblings never spent the night talking, or shared their feelings
or comforted one another. Undoubtedly any words they exchanged were empty ones. Worry for their country or thoughts of their
father and mother (probably) only brought sighs and it was (probably) impossible to fill the deep gulf that had been dug between
them. However, Katerina had been taught by Heero Yuy. If humans were intended to discover what it means to 'live,' each
individual's thoughts were important and there was no particular need to limit it to history or place or environment. Setting aside the
fact that her (older) twin sister--who was this young woman named Sabrina?--Katerina screwed up the courage to go and pay a visit
to Sabrina's room.

"Sabrina, I want to talk to you!" Her graceful (older) sister looked at her blankly. "What is your dream? What do you want to be when
you grow up?" The value of a human living--Now is the time to discuss what we think of the future.--she recalled hearing that from
Heero Yuy. Sabrina, however, shook her head.

"--I'm already dead [#4]."

Katerina argued without hiding her irritation, "You mean historically? You're breathing and crying and capable of love, aren't you?"

"What about you, Katerina?"

"What do you want to be?"

Katerina asnwered the very next second, "An astronaut! I want to explore space!"

"......but you're a girl."

"So what?!"

"What if that's impossible?" Sabrina's point was calmly made. Considering the actual state of affairs at the Darlians, they couldn't
spend money freely [#5]. An astronaut, to become one would require a higher education with a huge price tag. It was only for
civilians who joined the Earth Sphere United Alliance who were mostly exempt from paying those expenses. Katerina didn't want to
enlist. She decided to select a different future employ. "Maybe a teacher at school......with my school record, though, that might be

"No, it's not!" Sabrina encouraged her with a smile. "You can talk about such difficult [issues] with Heero-sensei." Once she said
that, she tried talking about her own dreams for the future. "I also want to teach--the piano to children, I'd like to have a quiet life."

"You could do that, couldn't you?! Since you're not a princess anymore."

"Y-yes......that's right." For most girls, they're pleased to be [just] 'a girl.' And [Sabrina] was always at war with that feeling 219/1/8.

"Sabrina, I'm beginning to see you in a new light."

"Katerina, you're a better sister than I imagined." They looked into each others eyes and decided to always trust one another there


Heero went to his college for the first time in a long while. More than six months had passed since he had handed in his leave of
absence form. Heero went to visit his friend Jay Null.

"Heero Yuy, good to see you." That underground lab was an eerie place. On the numerous, old-fashioned blackboards there were
several illegible numerical formulae written, a stag's head that was a throwback to bygone days decorated the wall, and on the
(plank surface) below it were a miscellany of notes posted without any space to spare between them; the heaps of books, files,
datachips [and what not] lay scattered as a result of an avalanche [their own great number] had caused; there wasn't even space to
walk in. The oddest thing was that [no one] had the foggiest idea what this man's specialty/major was or what he was researching.

"The next meeting is the day after tomorrow......everyone is welcome."

"That's not why I came here today."

"What a shame."

Heero had heard all manner of bad rumors about this man. [For example] that he was a vastly wealthy man because of the several
fusion reactor patents he owned but was evading taxes and irrespective of that, he was providing his own research expenses by
(cracking [#6]); or he was hogging the school's latest materials and apparently constructing something; or that he was so brilliant,
the underground organization also saw him as a threat. Heero, however, wasn't very interested in any of those categories of gossip.

"What are you researching now?"

"Developing a new life form--I'm using silicon instead of carbon [#6.5]......it's, uh, actually a simple experiment." No sooner had he
said that than there was a small explosion. "Cripes! Come on! Another failure? Crap!"

Clearing his throat, Heero held up a small plastic bag in which there was some/a cat hair.

"Actually, I wanted you to clone a cat from this fur."

As he patted out the fire burning on the desk, Jay said, "Oh, okay......put it over there somewhere......I'll bring it with me the day after

"You will? Thanks."

"Leave it to me, there's nothing I can't do."


Afternoon, two days later--

Jay brought a seventeen meter large-scale trailer loaded with what seemed to be a white-painted aircraft to the Darlian residence. It
resembled a winged dragon with two heads.

"Buck up, Heero......for I have brought you the cat."

"What is this?"

"Once you see it, you'll see it's {Wyvern}."

"I asked for a Norwegian forest cat. The young lady here isn't hoping for a two-headded flying dragon monster."

"Well, I am appalled at your lack of common sense."

"I don't want to be told that by you."

"Listen, all you brought me was a single cat hair. Probably one from the lady's skirt--"

"That's correct."

"If it had had the root attached, it'd be different, but to (read) DNA data without any somatic cells would take a hell of a long time. It
wouldn't be possible (to do it) in just two days."
"You can't do it, then?"

"Didn't I tell you--there's nothing I can't do." Jay was smiling boastfully, "I applied a little artificial intelligence."

"Artificial intelligence?"

{Wyvern} was taken to the backyard. It would be close to Sabrina's and Katerina's rooms there.

"Originally, this {Wyvern} needed a servomechanism to make solo flight possible. This machine had to be freed from the instructions
of the pilot, ground crew, and controller and from exact flight plans and all that. And I made it such that the system makes the
machine land safely in any location, under any circumstances, the {ULS} [#7] is done by AI ((artificial intelligence))."

Heero was impressed with what Jay had said.

"I didn't know you were so well versed in that field."

"It pains me to say it, but my teammate Thomas Quarant programmed it." A small, pale man in round glasses came out of the trailer.
He looked up timidly at Heero from the bottom of his glasses.

"I am Thomas Quarant. I am developing the first program that expanded the genetic algorithm using quantum computers 221/1/5-7.
If I'm allowed to study with this, I can complete the artificial intelligence that can 'immediately judge the environmental situation and
quickly calculate-disposal'--the {Zero system}."

"I don't believe such a fantastical system is necessary for just one cat."

"Heero, Heero, Heero......Quarant, did you connect the artificial intelligence to this computer?"

"It's already done."

"Well, let's hurry up and turn it on."

The machine called {Wyvern} bore a strong resemblance to the mobile armor form of the future {Gundam Epyon}. Near the end of
AC 195, Doctor J was being held prisoner upon the White Fang's battleship Libre, but he learned of the existence of {Gundam
Epyon} which had destroyed the Bulge Fortress. He had seen Treize's blueprints with his own eyes and among the (efficiency), he
had some (beliefs/thoughts) about the transformative flight ability [Treize] called {mobile armor}.

"Whaaat, so this isn't Wyvern," he had seemed unable to prevent the nostalgia from seeping out into his voice. "Taking the lead
from my bird mode, thinking of a design that makes a Gundam transform into a Wyvern is laudable...... however, the name mobile
armor is a bit......" When he spoke of just how unfortunate that sole point was, he eyed the technical officer. "Did that Treize
Khushrenada design this?" Doctor J tacked a "what a boorish name" at the very end.

But that is a terrible digression.

The two young students entered Sabrina's room and into that terminal unit they entered the cat data.
"The basic data of a Norwegian forest cat is in. Now, you have to input the cat's characteristics."

"What? But......" Sabrina was at a loss. Quarant asked questions as he nimbly typed upon the keyboard.

"What is the cat's name?"


Jay was delighted, "Oh, that's a good name! Wouldn't that be a better name for this sytem than 'ZERO'?"

"But I call him 'Sam'."

"Oh," Jay said, loosing heart as he showed Quarant a photo of Sam and had him trace it in the monitor. And [Sam] meowed to

"Actually, we know quite a bit about you, my lady."


"What, didn't you always come out to the outer wall construction site? We worked part time out there!"

"I loved those homemade cookies."

"......those [were made by] my younger sister, Katerina."

"Is that so?"

"......" No matter what, the conversation didn't pick up.

"Well, I suppose there's no help for mixing the two of you up since you're twins and all," said Jay with false cheeriness.

"Yes, yes."

Afterwards, Quarant asked Sabrina detailed questions and (repeated) the fine tuning. He spoke after hitting the enter key for the last
time, "Okay, finished. Please try (corresponding) with 'Sam' as you did before......I'm positive the (learning fuction) will run
immediately and he'll come to behave just like your 'Sam'." Sabrina called "Sam" and the 'Sam' in the monitor answered with a
'meow.' The voice and expression was just like the Sam who was still on Earth.

"I missed you, Sam."

"Meow, meow."

Seeing Sabrina like that made Heero and Katerina skeptical that it really was okay [to have made a digicat / #8].
"Isn't this the same as those pet-raising [simulation] games from long ago?" Sabrina asked naively.

"Absolutely not! This Sam has actual emotions!" Quarant vehemently denied [her statement]. He went on and on, speaking in
[scientific] jargon but to summarize: intelligent beings passed vaguely synthetic judgement with regards to their targets/objects
222/2/1-4. For example, imagine you are in a coffee house and you notice an elderly patron who you sense is irritate--[the synthetic
judgement is] understanding how one feels this. One might understand from the position of his eyebrows or the [direction?] of his
gaze or the expression on his face but not to what extent. The number of wrinkles in the paper that he's holding, the clatter of the
cups, the oddly rough nose breathing, the inability to feel at home for all the excessive movement, or the sensitive response to each
and every buzz in the air around--isn't that taking in the signs created by the whole body? 222/2/15-19 Until now, computers have
diagnosed things like pulse, blood pressure, and (the numerical value of palpitations), but they hadn't come to the point where they
could understand the mental state of an irritated old man. Conversely, [apply this] to an unsettled, lonely young lady. Healing that
girl's heart won't take kind words, it is enough [to say], 'I'll simply be with you,' but if a computer doesn't understand feeling 'lonely' or
'anxiety,' the action is a superficial thing and lacks feeling. Apart from instinct, dogs and cats (judge) all the various trifling/trivial
behaviors of humans and come snuggling up or take to someone. For that to happen [though], a certain degree of (experience) is
necessary and by the same logic/reason/argument, a newborn puppy or kitten could not respond in this fashion. One had to make
[the] vague and uncertain [human] feelings understandable in order to allow a computer to have feelings, but that required
enormous volumes of information and communication in addition to experience and time. That was what Quarant spoke
passionately about.

--[To] introduce feelings to your partner ((target))--

Just to do that, it was apparent that the (high speed calculation disposal equipment) of quantum class computers had to be
developed/evolved. That said, Katerina and Heero only understood about half of that. Boisterous as usual, Jay put his arm around
Quarant's shoulder and made to leave.

"See you later, Heero! That meeting tonight starts at nine in lecture hall three, you gotta come!"

"Y-yes......(but) are you leaving that Wyvern here?"

"Leave it alone until [we/I] can make/get a substitute A.I.! It was getting tough to hide it at school anyway! Don't you think that bright
idea kills two birds with one stone? Ka ka ka ka ka [#9]......" And then, Hurricane Jay and Brouhaha Quarant left.

"They probably really just wanted to get rid of that thing......if the authorities [ever] found this, it'd be quite a fuss."

"I thought Sensei was [a little] strange, but your friends are even more so."

"Yes, that's about right."

Heero and Katerina let out a little sigh. To completely cover the giant, ominous machine with a sheet, they had no choice but to
cancel their afternoon class.


That night, for the first time in a long time, Sabrina decided to play Nocturne for the 'Sam' in the monitor. As she'd done before, she
(tried) to say "play it once, Sam." Same gave a small "meow" and curled up. That little thing was just like the real Sam. So was the
way he rolled over in his sleep during the song. Nocturne continued (forever). Sabrina's beloved peace of mind had returned. A
quiet night descended. The song changed from Nocturne to Waltz No. 2. "Grand Valse Brilliante." [#10] Heereo and Katerina, who
were in the backyard and felt compelled to finish covering {Wyvern} with the sheet, were fascinated by the waltz they heard [from
the house]. Suddenly, Katerina faced Heero and with proper social manners said, "Sir, may I have this dance?" In living with
Sabrina, she'd somehow picked up those pretty kinds of manners.

"In these situations, isn't the man supposed to do the asking?" Heero's wry/bitter smile was self conscious.

Laughing, Katerina answered, "Aw, [since] when did you ever think of me as a girl?"

"Since now."

--And tonight will be the last, won't it.

After this evening, Heero intended to quit being a tutor. He believed his connection to the underground activists Jay and Quarant
would surely cause trouble for the Darlians. For the last night at least, it was (surely) alright to pretend to be someone else. Heero
took Katerina's hand and danced elegantly. Under the star filled sky, their light steps passed on endlessly 223/2/8-9. Though
[dancing] on the grass wasn't [easy].

"Someday, at a party, I'd like to dance with you."

"Did you want to embarrass me further?"

"No, Sensei......for a stick in the mud (頭が固いワリ), your rhythm is smooth and gentle."

"You're good, too, for a tomboy." There was nothing as beautiful as those two [as they] danced against the lights of the Darlian

"Thank you for helping Sabrina."

"It's only natural to assist a pupil in a difficult situation."

"......so will you help me, too?"


"Yes......I'm now in a lot of pain." After that were probably [going to be] words [of her] ("loving heart.") But the far off piano music had
finished. And from the second story window, they heard Sabrina.

"Sensei, Katerina! I'm sorry I was having fun by myself! I'll come and help you!"

"It's alright, Sabrina......we've already finished," Katerina said. An infinite moment cannot last forever.

Heero looked at his watch and said, "I have to get going. Can't break my promise to meet Jay."
"The assembly? The student movement?"

"I'm just going to put in an appearance." And just like that, he went off into the darkness of the night. He didn't say goodbye. They
were certain to meet again--. Beside Katerina, who was always seeing Heero off, was Sabrina.

"Did Heero Sensei leave?"



Katerina raised her hand in the direction which Heero had disappeared.

"I'm Katerina Peacecraft......and you are?"

Sabrina looked at her sister with wonder.

"What are you playing at?"

"It's okay......(now) I'm in the same position as you, Sabrina." At this time, Katerina was clearly aware that she was in love. She was
simply happy to love him, Heero.


Hundreds of people had gathered in the college's underground lecture hall number three. Standing on a dais was a middle class
man with an air of a true intellectual.

"Our colonies have been living under a monarchy that merely calls itself a democracy [#11]. Long have we been suffering with
excessive taxes. Must we continue to labor just so that the people of Earth may live in peace and quiet? We, the people of the
colonies, pay taxes more than fifteen percent higher than those living on Earth. What's more, most of those taxes are used for the
military expenses of the Earth Sphere United Alliance Army! This is outrageous! There is absolutely no fighting here in space, why
then must we pay war expenditures? That's not all! We citizens of space supply many of the (materials) and safe produce for the
Earth is the status quo, so why are we so oppressed?"

Heero entered the hall in the middle of this speech. Jay took swift notice, beckoned 'over here!' and had [Heero] sit. Even [catching]
only part of the speech, he knew the man's assertions were (freedom principle advocating/自由原理主義的な) libertarian [#12].
Naturally, he could predict what would come next.

"Now we ought to stand up! We are not a people who have been thrown away! We are the people who, of our own free will, choose
to live in space! We have the right to live freely!" Just when the applause was about to start, someone in the front row raised his
hand as he stood up.

"If I may? I am Cinquant Khushrenada, a member of the Romefeller Foundation on Earth." Those words threw the place into an
uproar. It was shocking enough to have someone from Earth there, but he had some nerve to [wish to] express his opinion. And a
small number of people in the hall recognized that he was the sole survivor of the shuttle that had just [recently] exploded. That [bit
of information] was whispered around the room, an indescribable tension spread across the hall. Heero had seen that explosion with
his own eyes.

"The other light that went in another direction [what his escape pod]......"

He hadn't asked the details [of the shuttle] from Sabrina. But the timing of it was [too] good and felt deliberate; he was dubious.

"Everything my esteemed counterpart [#13] has said is correct. But I have two or three particulars I want to question."

"G-go ahead."

"What is this 'freedom' you talk of? What is the 'right'? Do you intend to return this orderly world to lawlessness? If the law and
taxation system are lost, your [own] livelihood and economy cannot keep going. Where upon 'freedom' will be lost. If the Earth didn't
exist, you, my friends, who have rights, wouldn't [even] exist. Before insisting on 'rights,' I'd have you remember your debt to the
earth. What would you have the mothers do when [it is time] they give birth? Independence is fine, to rise up is good. However, I'd
like you to consider the things for which the Earth, as it exists now, are necessarily indispensable. That is to say, supporting the
Earth has the [same] significance as supporting your [own] livelihoods."

Silence befell the hall. One person, only Heero Yuy, saw this scene as something to ridicule. Those were not questions or even
refutations just now. It was nothing more than a one-sided telling of Earth's situation. That was how Heero analyzed it. Cinquant
slowly climbed up the dais and presented a pistol and a short sword, [both?] embellished with gold and jewels, to the man who had
been making a speech.

"It appears everyone already knows but, I am the one who, by rights, should have died in that shuttle explosion. If you, my good
man, are wishing for bloodshed, by all means, start with me (lit: run me through). If your will is strong, it should be an extremely
simple thing. My life along with the perishing of Earth! So, which shall it be, the sword or the gun?"

This gathering was for the sake of rising up, not a place for discussion. Much less the thoughts of shedding blood 226/1/12-14
[sentences seem contradictory].

"Would you mind knocking it off?" Heero Yuy stood up. "Not a one among us hopes for bloodshed! That doesn't depend on our
resolve 226/1/19, it's because [I/we] wish for peace for the future of Earth and space!"

"And you are?"

"A student at this school who also does colony construction."

"And what of future peace? I'd like to hear your opinion."

"[Just] as the colonies need Earth, Earth needs the colonies. What we don't need is antagonism [or] (I believe) this hatred for one
another......if we can eliminate the unnecessary elements, our futures should see peace by themselves."

At the time, Heero's choice of words had become rather simplistic. (As expected,) the months spent with Katerina had (likely)
changed him.
"In building a future for this grand Earth, there must be noble ideas [to serve] as the foundation stones. I want people to have more
respect 226/2/7-8. We can obey you if [and only if] you treat us like humans. I'd have you remember that any and all humans are
deserving of respect. If you rule Earth with justice, you ought to give us freedom. Just now, you asked, 'What is freedom?' The
'freedom' we want is a trifling thing. It's anybody being able to provide for their family. It's work being offered to any man. It's allowing
those who desire so to continue along their scholarly path. Mankind dreams of a peaceful world where he may live in happiness. If
this freedom will be secured, even we can accept the (legal order?) offered by Earth--" That probably wasn't the general will of the
[people in the] hall. Freedom was, for a man, the absolute minimum right they would claim. It was an immature and naive idealistic
theory but it touched many of the young people in the hall. "--And to complement this, would you please refrain from unfairly
punishing guiltless people by arresting and imprisoning them?"

"What is your name?" Cinquant Khushrenada asked.

"I am Heero Yuy."

"I'll remember that......"

And then the meeting broke up then and there without any further apparent ado. Later, (this) Cinquant and Heero became Earth's
and the colonies' representatives and while recognizing each other, would come to have a connection that was equally matched in
antagonism as it was in cooperation.


The ringing of an explosion was minutes after the [meeting at the] third lecture hall broke up. It had been caused by a timed bomb
that had been set up by a special operative from the Earth Sphere United Alliance Army. The purpose seemed to be to stamp out
the underground activists. However, with the appearance of Cinquant Khushrenada, that timing was lost and it had been [set] to
blow at an [ill-defined] time (lit: made/allowed to blow at a vague time). It resulted in [just] a few victims. But it wouldn't end with just
a few. Heero Yuy, Thomas Quarant, and Jay Null were among those few. Jay lost his left arm, Heero suffered large burns to the
back, and Thomas Quarant was gouged through the stomach.

"We were fools......" Quarant said with feeble breath.

"Heero, help me get Quarant......if the authorities catch us, we'll be in a right fix."

"Y-yeah......" At this point in time, Heero was still in a state of shock (lit: stupefied). It might have been because of the ringing in his
ears from the [sound of the] explosion. It might have been because he'd witnessed first hand [his] ideal get pulverized.

Quarant kept murmuring things meant to motivate [Heero/them], "An ideal is as an ideal does......" he laughed even as he coughed
up a glob of blood, "I always knew it......a peace without fighting......"

"Of course that ideal is impossible......" Jay railed. "Enough already, shut up!"

Quarant, however, continued to chatter, "Just a little more and 'P4' {PPPP{{Prototype Perfect Peace Program}}} would have been
finished......that's too bad."

"That program is too dangerous. Better it be unfinished." They heard the footsteps of a corps of military police. They'd surely
followed [them] due to the large quantities of blood stains.

"Sorry......here is good......" said Quarant, somehow maintaining a distant consciousness. "Leave me here and go......" But the other
two didn't obey. They'd elected to be arrested by the authorities just as [Quarant would be]. They believed forcibly taking Quarant
any further would endanger his life. However, b the time the MP's emergency medic arrived, Thomas Quarant had already died from
blood loss.


Even the Darlians were notified about the [bombing] of lecture hall number three. Sabrina and Katerina were horrified. News
programs disclosed the names of the arrested and displayed identification photos of the dead. 'Thomas Quarant' was among the
casualties. And they saw 'Heero Yuy' and 'Jay Null' among the names of those arrested.


"How could they arrest them!"

A summary of the incident follows:

In the previously established battle for sovereignty, there was an intensification of the opposition to the underground activists who'd
already been experiencing internal strife and ended in this bombing. It was reported that the culprits, like the shuttle bombing before,
was an offense [committed] by the L-1 extremist group.

Sabrina intuitively knew that history was being [rewritten (lit: fabricated)]. Katerina knew better than anyone that there was no way
Heero would do such a thing, but she had a feeling that from an ethical point of view, there would be no release from [his] tenacious
character 227/2/2-1. Was there something the could do--? If they asked for an interview/meeting as the daughters of the house of
Darlian, perhaps they could meet. However, considering the colonies' general animosity towards the upper class, that might have
have the opposite effect. It was an endless cycle that ultimately left them without any brilliant ideas. At a time like this, they couldn't
do anything. It was especially difficult for Katerina. Just as she'd discovered her love [for Heero], she was pained by being unable to
see the one she loved. Impatience and guilt. The cowardice of being unable to take any action and regret. Katerina's heart was
greatly jolted by her irritation at how powerless she was [ALT: Her irritation at how powerless she was was quite a jolt to her heart.].
In a voice so quiet that Katerina wouldn't hear, Sabrina sang.

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow."


For two weeks from the beginning of November, Heero Yuy was imprisoned for ideological/political crimes. It was already
established that he was not the perpetrator of the bombing. However, regarding the MP's interrogation, because he constantly
offered sound arguments, he had been branded as being defiant. Furthermore, there was no one to vouch for him. He could have
used the Darlians' [good] name, but he hadn't. Even while he was being questioned, he didn't even mention (lit: talk about) his work
as a tutor. He may have thought that would have inconvenienced Katerina and Sabrina. He also may have been concerned about
the two-headed flying dragon concealed in their back yard. The burns on his back healed immediately. But he had yet to recover
from [the shock] of Quarant's death.
One day, Heero was suddenly released. Meeting him was the site foreman of the colony construction's outer wall repair unit.

"I've been contacted by a gentleman called Duke Khushrenada......told me to help you."


"He was also the one to post your bail. Make sure you thank him! Earth's nobility. I tell ya, they pull all kinds of crazy stunts." What
Cinquant was thinking or why he went to such great lengths [for Heero] was a mystery. "While I'm on the subject, he also vouched
for that brat, Jay."


At the time, the Darlian household was preparing to move. Their new home was a cheap, downtown apartment that was somehow
big enough for Mr. and Mrs. Darlian and (the sisters) Sabrina and Katereina. The majority of their household effects were auctioned
and as for Wyvern in the backyard, even the people who'd come to appraise it couldn't understand its value and saw it as being on
par with construction scrap. Katerina baked a big batch of her special cookies. When she couldn't do anything, she'd do the things
she could. That had recently become her (daily routine), it became almost like faith to her. Several times, Sabrina offered to help,
but Katerina stubbornly refused. Sabrina, who was at loose ends, sat before the computer monitor and lamented her parting with

"If you were the real Sam, I might have been able to take you with me......I'm sorry."

"......" Sam was sadder than usual. He didn't even reply to her. He surely foresaw that he would be left behind and was rather pained
by it, Sabrina thought. Katerina came up with some sample cookies.

"These might be my best cookies yet," and she smiled for the first time in a long time. But neither Sabrina nor Sam were in good
spirits. "What's wrong?"

"Sam won't respond."

Katerina took a peek behind [her]. The Sam in the monitor appeared to be frightened of something. "Something is certainly off......"
Sam's attention was continually [drawn to] the rear and his ears perked up and he turned around several times swishing his tail in
large sweeps.

"......Whew......!" Sometimes, he had an angry expression. With a sad face, Sabrina murmured, "I'm sure he must know he's going to
be left behind, isn't he just terribly sad about it?"

"No, it's not that (level) [of sadness]." Katerina took Sabrina's seat and began working the computer. "Something's happening.
Something big......"


Jay and Heero entered the lab Quarant had used at college. They were thinking to organize the things he'd left behind. There was
no comparing Jay's lab to Quarant's. Dozens of (large-scale) computers were lined up in an orderly manner; there was not a speck
of dust on the floor.
"Well, well, well, all he's left behind is a single microchip with his research data saved on it."

What about these computers?"

"Belongs to the school, all of it......there's nothing of Quarant's."

"And his family?"

"He had a little brother......but he's supposed to be in high school."

"What's his name?"

"'Quinze' I think he said, but I haven't met him."

Heero remembered the face of a boy named Quinze, "......could be him." Quinze was a slender student who, despite being
physically inferior, would pick a fight with anyone only to end up done in by his own fighting words. It was more than half a year ago.
One evening, he noticed a student crouching at the edge of the school yard and called out to him. Quinze was the student. He
muttered a "don't mind me" [despite the fact that his] lip was cut, his cheek was swollen, and his eyes were full of tears. Even now,
Heero could still distinctly remember how [Quinze] desperately resisted Heero's forcibly taking him to the nurse.

"I'll go give [?] that microchip [to him]. I used to be a part-time teacher [and I saw Quinze at the school I taught at]."

"Okay, I appreciate it." When Jay answered, he suddenly looked around and was excited. "The computers are running at full
capacity! Meaning something big is happening......" Certainly, the temperature in the room was high. Heero undid a button at his

"Isn't this a quantum computer?"

"The thing we incorprated in Wyvern was the first ever......well shit!" Jay was annoyed.


"Could you get on the keyboard for me! I'm just not used to my mechanical hand yet!" Jay's left hand was currently a prosthetic
hand. Heero took Jay's place sitting before the monitor.

Jay spoke without hiding is impatience, "The password is 'PEACECRAFTx2HEEROYUY'."

"Why'd you give it a password like that?" When [the password] was entered, the monitor was teeming with an enormous volume of

"Th-this......" Jay's face got more and more pale.

Katerina took in the situation desperately. Information was flooding in from over a wide network. And what she finally understood
was that the Cinq Kingdom would be at the heart of an attack. The 'ZERO' system Quarant had created was brilliant enough to
predict the Alliance army's most top-secret [plans].

"What do you think we should do?" Sabrina was shuddering/trembling with worry and fear.

"......" Katerina wasn't able to answer immediately. But she had steeled herself for one thing. --At times when she couldn't do
anything, she would do things she could do. She absolutely would not live a life of regret.-- Those words she ruminated time and
again to herself. Just then, Heero's face appeared on the monitor. He'd contacted them via a communication link.

"Sensei, you've been released?"

"Yes, earlier this morning......"

"I'm glad." At least one of Sabrina and Katerina's worries was (annulled).

"More importantly, it seems something terrible will happen to your home town."

"We heard about it just now."

"If you're going to [try to] do something, earlier is better......" In a separate window, Jay's face popped up. "Destroy the attack military
satellite......[use] the Wyvern you've got there."

"I'll try doing it......I'm on my way--"

"I really must refuse, Sensei," Katerina refused flatly. And she wanted to see what her current self's greatest achievable thing was.
"Cinq Kingdom is our country. It's got no relation to you, Sensei." In the back of her mind, she recalled how, just a few weeks ago,
she could do nothing to help Heero. She felt she would never think like that again.

"It was me who made the Wyvern! It's got to be me who flies it!" Shouted Jay from the monitor.

"That's correct......but 'Sam' [has] (sided/become taken with) Sabrina and me." --Sabrina could not be a pilot. But it wasn't
impossible for [Katerina]. Moreover, [Katerina] was the one who understood Sabrina's desire to help the Cinq Kingdom. --Katerina
bet on her own greatest potential.

"You mean you'll fly Wyvern?"

"Yes," Katerina answered immediately. "My (operation) skill is far better than [Heero's]."

"Don't talk stupid! Don't put [Wyvern] in the same class as the (large) machines used for outer wall repairs!"

"If you think I'll give up because of a threat like that, you've got another thing coming."

"When it comes to 'Sam' the quantum computer, I should be able to handle/operate it, too."

"......looks like you've read quite a bit."

Katerina began negotiating, "I've learned the basic manual! I think I'll be more reliable than Heero-sensei!"

"But" Jay didn't accept yet. Katerina knew she had no choice. She decided to pull out the big guns.

"I have the best cookies I've ever made in my life right here. You can have them all. There's a heap of them."

"Really......in that case, I'll let you pilot."

"Thank you! That's why I like you, Jay!" She gave him a cute/sweek wink. During the conversation, the Heero on the monitor stayed
silent. Frankly, he couldn't make an immediate decision/judgement. It was Sabrina who was first to step in to stop Katerina's rash

"You can't, Katerina! You can't be allowed to do something so dangerous!" But Katerina couldn't/wouldn't listen to what Sabrina had
to say. [Katerina] promptly pulled out a large suitcase that had already been prepared [for the move]. From it, she removed her
beloved astrosuit and changed right there in the hall then flew to the backyard.

Sabrina chased after her, yelling, "Why do you have to do this? What should I say to the Darlians?"

Katerina stopped where she stood and turned around, "Sabrina, we trust each other, right?"

"Y-yes......of course."

"I'm going to give you the most important thing to you as a present......so, I'll take your emotional support......"

"What do you mean?" Sabrina didn't understand [what her sister] meant.

"An exchange! 230/3/313<" Determination filled Katerina's eyes. "I'll take Sam! So don't let Heero-sensei go!"

"I don't understand......what does that mean?"

Katerina removed the sheet and nimbly go into the cockpit. "Let's go, Sam!"

"Meow," answered the Sam in the monitor happily. The propulsion systems started up one after the other.

"Can I leave the (form control) to you Sam......But the speed control is delicate, be extra careful."


She took off at full throttle. Wyvern flew off at suicidal speed. Sabrina saw them off with a thousand emotions [in her heart]. Her little
sister was on a journey [to save] the country that had rejected her. For all that they were twins, was it truly okay for her to accept
such a cruel fate? At the time, Sabrina wouldn't register [what] the most important thing was that she'd received from Katerina. She
didn't receive 'Heero Yuy.' She was entrusted with [Katerina's] 'love.'


Leaving from the spaceport [#13] to space, the Wyvern headed to Earth. When she was allowed to research 231/1/11< by Sam, it
became clear that the United Alliance Army had eight offensive military satellites in high orbit. Which one of them had nuclear
warheads, which satellite would fire at the Cinq Kingdom, as unclear.

"Sam! Do you know which one?"


Words appeared on the monitor:

It is not possible to predict launch time. Ergo, it's not possible to specify a more than 25% probability for each satellite.

"Well, calculate a route [where I can] hit them all!"


Making snap decisions was a characteristic Katerina came by naturally. After she destroyed the eight attack satellites, if the Alliance
Army asked for compensation for damages, it would be an astronomical sum. There was no way Katerina could pay it herself, even
if the Cinq Kingdom survived, it would be bankrupt.

"Never mind that! Now, I must protect Cinq!" But that alone wasn't the problem. But Sam asked questions one after the other: the
attack method fuel supply, specifying the limits of Earth's gravitational field, etc. To each of those, Katerina calmly answered [Sam's
questions]. As long as they were dealing with 'nuclear warheads,' there was no excusing a direct attack with means or missiles [due
to the] pollution [that would contaminate] just outside of Earth's atmosphere. There was also no excusing an increase in
unnecessary space debris.

"Isn't there some way to get them out of Earth's orbit?"


The answer was yes. It was possible to send the satellites into (graveyard orbit) which is outside the Earth sphere; to do this, the
satellites would have to get off their original orbit. This could be done by manipulating the speed changes the satellites performed to
[keep themselves in orbit]. [#13.5] The trouble was the attack satellites whose purpose was to destroy meteorites and large space
debris. These satellites were double constructs consisting of an upper and lower part and came equipped with position stabilizing
mechanisms that used high speed counter-revolution thrusters; in the event of an attack (from the outside) she could only assume
that they would automatically take evasive action. She needn't consider the supply of propellant. She intended to get rid of all the
satellites in a single orbit around Earth. When she was done, she would just storm through the atmosphere and land on Earth.
However, the probability of being successful, while not zero, was close to being impossible. Her courage was taken down several

"But it's not zero, right?"

Katerina was resigned/determined and ready to die, she plowed ahead to confront [her] despair. Just then, the commlink resounded
with an incoming call.

"This is Heero Yuy......Wyvern, come in." On the monitor appeared the face of the one whose encouragement she most wanted.


"Jay was able to do the hacking. The launch will be midnight November 27th, colony standard time."

"Thank you! That's all I need to pinpoint the [right] satellite!"

"Meow," Sam also voiced his gratitude.

"There is something I want to ask." Heero's eyes were earnest. "Before, you said you were in pain."

"Yes! Truly I was; I am now!"

"Could you tell me what it is [that pains you]?"

"That's a secret. But I'll tell you if this mission is a success."

"Okay......in that case, you come back alive."


"Meow, meow."


The satellite Sam specified was named 'Gemina MW." Currently, it was the farthest away, being located at the far side of the Earth.
A time limit appeared on the monitor. It was the time the nuclear warhead would be launched. Even at top speed, the Wyvern's ETA
was cutting it close. But it turned out that there was something even worse than that. That attack satellite was one of the duel
construct ones.

The most effective method of attack is to destroy the median axis connecting the upper and lower parts at close range.

Katerina repeatedly thought over those words as they were displayed on the monitor. And by that method of attack, she confirmed
that it was possible to keep it away from Earth's atmosphere, subtle timing was necessary. It was a method whereby she would
approach and attack in an instant, even as Earth's powerful gravity was pulling at her from behind, and make the thrusters run flat
out without destroying it. Her weapon of choice was the manipulator arm that came from [one of the heads/ #14] of the two-headed
dragon.She would attack with the beam saber (attached to it). However, it would not be easy. If she cut it in two, it would fall to
Earth. Masterful skill was required to neatly cut off just the rotational axis's magnet equilibrium system.

The target, 'Gemina MW', was caught on the radar. Sam instantly released/scattered EMC [Electric Counter Measures] that would
obstruct the remote operation [of the satellite]. But they had already exceeded the time limit. They could not cancel the launch now.

"That was also in the realm of expectations." Katerina focused on the (operation) of the manipulator. She started up the beam saber.
"Take care of (the handling), Sam."


While going a roundabout way, Wyvern got into the inner orbit of 'Gemina MW.'

"Excellent! Now Cinq can be helped even in the worst case scenario!" If she became the missile's target, she would be the only one
to die. But Katerina had no intention of dying. "There's still a ton of things I want to do!" Wyvern suddenly took on more speed.
Katerina extended the (eyepiece) scope (from behind the seat) and got the magnetic equilibrium system of the 'Gemina MW'
between the cross hairs. The missile launch barrel was just barely open. She could make out a little of the ominous warhead in the
light that was reflecting off the Earth.

"Not on my watch 232/2/14<." She would absolutely send it off into space. She approached with even more painstaking care. By the
effect of the ECM, the Wyvern's approach of the 'Gemina MW' went unnoticed. [They were as] close [as possible] and Katerina was
fixed on the image [seen through] the (eyepiece) scope.

"......" She took a deep breath. And she sang a song in a quiet voice. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." It was the song Judy Garland
sang in that movie from long ago. As of recently, she'd been having Sabrina teach it to her. She'd said the song had given her a tiny
bit of courage. It was an odd sensation. It was perhaps a trance-like state (in the midst of one's limits) 233/1/7. There was a force at
work that far exceeded her own will, and with nimble accuracy, she made the manipulator move. Fine timing and masterful
technique were demonstrated. It was a miraculous moment [ALT: It was the moment of truth]. The magnetic equilibrium system was
carved out by the beam saber. Little flashes of light sparked out.

"Mission complete."


Katerina gave him a small smile. The next moment, attack satellite 'Gemina MW' detected the (scooped out) magnetic equilibrium
system 233/1/7< and made to take evasive action. But the thrusters ended up synchronizing in the same direction and sent it further
and further away from Earth. 'Gemina MW' disappeared off into empty space without launching its nuclear warhead.


Wyvern was slowly pulled in by Earth's gravity. She thought the faint G forces were pleasant; she said something to Sam that
Sabrina used to often say.

"Play it once, Sam."

"Take the wave course to break into Earth's atmosphere."


"Let's head straight to Cinq and set her free!"

"Meow, meow!"

All at once, Wyvern was breaking into the atmosphere. The cockpit was filled with dazzling sunlight and under the harsh G forces,
Katerina shouted loudly, "My name is Katerina Peacecraft! Second heir (in line in the Peacecraft family) to succeed to the Cinq
Kingdom throne." Charging through the flash of light, the (white body of) Wyvern added still more light. "As of today, AC 145
November 27th, I declare war against the rebels who occupy [my] kingdom as well as proclaim the restoration of imperial rule [alt:
the ruling house of Peacecraft]!"

To Be Continued..

#0 - haha, I'm not sure if it's Cinquant or the Army making this addition. I don't suppose it's super important, but it's probably
Cinquant since he's the one speaking.

#1 - Well, a brief look at 11/27 yields nothing interesting in 20th century history in any century ending with a '45... which is
disappointing and puzzling. There must be some significance to this date... and I was thinking along WWI or WWII lines, but the
closest we get is, apparently, the armistice of WWI was signed on 11/11 and the only WWII thing I found were 1. the Royal navy
going against the Regia Marina 2. the French navy scuttling ships to keep them out of Nazi hands, 3. an explosion at a British
ammunition dump. I guess the first one is the most similar, but... reaching.

#2 - Opus 10 no. 12 seems to be the typical English notation?

#3 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mazurka it's just the KIND of song, not the title of any particular piece, according to wikipeidia.

#3.5 Ugh, that attribution of "Heero said" comes BETWEEN the lines "Yes..." and "Come in" but it doesn't make SENSE for Heero to
say "Yes" because, given the lack of politeness in the "You're saying it's okay to acquire peace through warfare" is OBVIOUSLY
Heero. Why would this PAST TENSE attribution come BEFORE Heero actually says "Come in" and why would there be an entirely
new line of dialogue for that "yes" line? Unless Katerina is throwing in some speech, too? *fumes*

#3.75 - again, I point out in Japan (and probably many other places), it's not uncommon for whole FAMILIES to sleep together in the
same room (each with their own futon). I've know families with elementary aged children to share the same room for sleeping. This
could just be Sumizawa assuming everyone does things like they are done in Japan, OR it could be Sumizawa trying to allude to
who "un-twin-like" the girls are.

#4 - literally, this says "I'm already not living" but since that sounds hokey, "I'm already dead."

#5 - I suppose in a normal situation, the royal family would give the Darlians a stipend to the Darlians for raising their own daughter.
I'm not sure, nothing about who's paying for her upkeep was mentioned until now... and I suppose it makes sense the Darlians
necessarily must accept financial responsibility for her as Katerina's own country is kind of kaput... but still...

#6 - according to the Japanese dictionaries, the difference between "cracking" and "hacking" seems to be that the former is done
with malicious intent. I guess that means to imply the rumor was that Jay was illegally accessing back accounts and stealing money.

#6.5 - This is purely ME talking in this note. You know, I've asked at least someone like my old high school chemistry teacher or
some science-type person about alien life forms and all that jazz and I was told something to the effect that only carbon-based
systems can support life. But that seems very egocentric to me. Carbon based systems work well for HUMANS on EARTH, but why
the hell couldn't life evolve in an entirely different set of circumstances where it's be, I don't know, carbon dioxide or something
would be like air to them and hydrochloric acid would be their water? I mean, fuck, if we're going to contemplate alien life, why the
hell limit ourselves to the pattern of *human* evolution.

In fact, now that I'm on this soapbox, isn't that "carbon is the only basis of life" the antithesis of the scientific method, give we have
but one paltry example of life supported on a carbon-based system (that is to say: earth). Kind of seems like a classic case of not
being able to see the forest for the trees (by the same token, synthesizing a non-carbon-based lifeform in a carbon-based system
seems like trying to turn water to wine, but...what to I know?)


#7 - Oh, that landing gear gets summed up on the very pointed Japanese phrase "Shuui joukyou handan nouryoku" which is literally
"surrounding condition judgement ability" but how WONKY IS THAT?! So, I'm going to go with "Universal Landing System" or {ULS}
for short.

#8 - well, for all intents and purposes... this is a digital cat. There seems to be nothing outside the computer(s) that could serve as

#9 - this is the sound of Jay's laugh... I guess it's kind of a cackle.

#10 - well, first the song is called Waltz No. 2 then given the name Karei na enbutai kyoku which apparently is the same of Grandl
Waltz No. 1 based on my internetting.

#11 - haha! I don't know if he means JUST L-1 or ALL the colonies since Japanese doesn't typically distinguish between single and
plural nouns (also: there is no subject verb agreement!). BUT since the convention seems to be that the original Heero Yuy fought
for ALL the colonies and the Gundam pilots did also, I'm going to assume this bloke is talking about ALL the colonies getting

#12 - What the difference is between "freedom principle advocating" and "libertarian" or more precisely, why "freedom principle
advocating" is used to describe libertarian is beyond me... in ENGLISH, the seem to be one in the same, but I couldn't find the
"freedom principle advocating" thing in a dictionary and the closest thing to "libertarian" was "libertarianism."

#13 - I think that's just as crazy as you do... if there's so much animosity towards the upper classes on the colony, why in the world
would they let a teenage rich girl in an undocumented, homemade space machine anywhere near the spaceport, let alone take off...

#13.5 - ORIGINAL translation (from which I TOTALLY reworded it in hopes of having it make more sense): The answer was that it
was possible to send them into (graveyard orbit) outside the Earth sphere by getting the satellites off orbit using the speed changes
[that occurred in the satellites] as they used posture control to spin [themselves].

#14 - annoying that "neck" and "head" are often referred to with the same word in Japanese: KUBI. I haven't seen a picture of
Wyvern, so I'm not sure if they mean the arm is coming from the neck or the head (for those of you studying at home: yeah, I'll bet
the dictionary says head = atama, neck = kubi. HOWEVER, consider: Nearly Headless Nick in Japanese is "hotondo kubi-nashi
nikku" and the headless horseman from the Ichabod Crane story is "kubi-nashi kishi." Seems they refer to your physical head as
being kubi, at least in literary works. The contents of said haid (i.e. brains) seems to be "atama")

Frozen Teardrop, Nocturne of Sorrow II

Peacecraft File 3

--AC-145 December--

A legend was about to begin.

When Katerina Peacecraft reentered Earth's atmosphere aboard Wyvern--

"Lightning Queen"

--the young lady and (her beloved) machine were later called, she certainly did make a sublime appearance as the white-silver
double headed dragon descended from the heaves, gleaming brilliantly.

However, neither Katerina nor Wyvern took immediate action. November passed in silence. As for the rebel side, there was nothing
they could do about the ominous silence. During the first three days of December [the rebels] regarded Katerina's proclamation of
war as a frivolity. Whatever appearance of the Peacecraft heir could portend was of no consequence, that was the prevailing mood
[among the rebels]. It was unthinkable that one person alone would attack them. That is what the rebel leaders believed. Naturally, if
the enemy-searching radar had not picked up anything, [they were safe] and they heard no word (lit: rumors) of any large corps on
the move. But from a secret agent who'd infiltrated the inner circles of the Earth Sphere United Alliance Army, they'd had some
surprising news.

"To bring about an early conclusion, the Alliance Army is headed for Cinq Kingdom in Northern Europe, they attempted to launch a
nuclear warhead missile [from] a military satellite but a lone, unidentified space fighter appeared and destroyed that plan," the
informant said. Furthermore, "I, myself, was not made aware of the existence of that fighter but the information net is shocked. and it
was able to sense beforehand that the rebels maintained a secret weapon and that the Alliance Army [planned] a nuclear attack. All
this is generally recognized by the tops of the Secret Agency, but in future, I think I want to give up that name," [he] added.

The leaders of the rebels, upon receiving this report from their most trusted man, were shaken. The Alliance Army plunging into use
of nuclear weapons was, of course, astonishing. Yet more worrisome was the fact that a single space fighter--to which they had not
the least connection--had thwarted [the Alliance's plans to nuke Cinq].

"What if..." all the rebel leaders were surely wondering, "that was a serious proclamation of war?" That wasn't all. The fighter that
had removed the Alliance's "nuke" may have retained [the bomb].

"No, that's inconceivable, right?" (counseled) Lieutenant Martix [#1] Rex, the young staff officer aide aboard the rebel fleet's flagship
Robin Hood. "The Alliance we can handle, but I really can't believe the young (maiden) of the Cinq Kingdom would drop a (ruinous)
nuke on her own country."

"It's feasible that a kid that age could go on a suicide bombing mission! If we're going to come up with countermeasures, we have to
assume [she] will try anything! Butt the hell out, brat!" Said the senior officer of the Joint Chiefs of Staff with irritation. In the end,
[Martix] muttered a rough reply along the lines of "I beg your pardon," and returned to his room. In his room, he was hiding a mutt
(lit: mix puppy) that he'd picked up in town. From it's right eye to its nose, it had spots arranged like an upside down spade and so
he named [the dog] "Spade." Martix often voiced his complaints to the puppy.

"Really, they can all go get stuffed." It was lucky that Spade was silent, he neither barked nor (purred). "Spade, what a situation." If
[Katerina Peacecraft] were prepared to self destruct in a suicide attack as the senior officer said, was it necessary for her to declare
war? That point ought to be considered. Even if [she had] been running wild--a mistake of youth--it was unclear why she'd not yet
attacked. If she really did have 'nukes,' it would have been better to have dropped them when she'd made her declaration. However,
that hadn't happened 323/1/12. "So she can't have a nuke or anything." The important thing [for her] was [getting] the rebels to
believe she may have nukes. thereby causing (endless) stress to the soldiers who would be excessively cautious. Jumpy nerves
gave rise to unpredictable mistakes. And that would leave holes that could be taken advantage of.

"That proclamation was a 'bluff'......" Surely if [she] gave the rebels a jolt, that would be an effective action at present. There may be
a very skilled tactician behind her. Or, he could not deny the possibility, the fifteen-year-old girl [herself] was a natural strategist.
"Huh......that's funny." It was the rebels who had a much higher chance of using nukes in a double suicide [#2] and ought to be the
feared quantity. It seemed as though the rebel naval ensign had to face a rival far more fearsome than the Earth Sphere United
Alliance Army.

"I wonder what kind of girl she is......do you want to meet her, too?" A smile played on his lips; he stroked Spade's head. Martix Rex
harbored feelings close to adoration for the girl named Katerina Peacecraft.


This year's winter was warmer than any other before. Instead of snow piling up, it was more frequently sleet and rain that fell. It was
a slow, not-cold winder that made Cinq Kingdom's uninvited guests, the rebels, even more uncomfortable. That day was also
unseasonable; Northern Europe was hit by a heavy storm, a ((winter tempest)). Ocean-facing Cinq Kingdom was especially choppy.
Thunder roared in the dark clouds; the wind was strong and the waves high. In the raging waters of Cinq Kingdom Bay, the rebel
navy was preparing for anti-aircraft fighting even as it was tossed wildly. In the high altitude clouds, a patrol aircraft outfitted with a
high power radar was making rounds. The sum total of gun turrets on the battleships, cruisers, guardships and all numbered several
hundred and were aimed at the barely visible upper sky, preparing for action. They were waiting intently for the patrol to report
"enemy attack!" For the sake of establishing aerial strategic predominance, they had completed preparations of an aircraft carrier
and carrier based planes capable of rapid acceleration. When the enemy appeared, their plan was to attack from both upper and
lower flanks, and the rebel navy was desperate to avoid everything save the worst case scenario of 'nuclear usage.' On the bridge of
the flagship Robin Hood, the supreme commander and chief of staff were [feeling] irritation at the patrols' reports of 'all clear.'

"She'll attack, won't she?"

"What else could she do in a time like this?"

Behind those two was Martix, who was feeling the same way.
"That decision was correct. The problem is where the attack will come from......" Strategically and tactically, it was unthinkable to
have the fleet take action in such bad weather. Although they were ready to intercept an attack, it would be close to a miracle [if they
managed it]. The officers' leadership abilities were praise-worthy. However--they were limiting their predicted attack too much to the
sky. Martix didn't think to make a suggestion. He didn't mean to change his half-sulking attitude that brats butt the hell out. There
were any number of holes in the rebel navy's [defenses]. In the storm, the interval between the ships was several times greater than
usual to avoid knocking against each other. As a result, it was difficult to coordinate [on many points], the protection of the
flagship Robin Hood was full of holes, and they were rather unprepared for anything resembling a battle formation.

"I hope we don't run into any trouble." The young officer's aide was sneering like it was someone else's business as they awaited
the descent of the 'Stateless Princess' who was likey to finally appear. The swriling black clouds undulated unnervingly; driving rain
beat cruelly down upon the ships deck. Under those terrible conditions, they had spent more than twelve hours straight in a state of
preparedness [for the battle]. The soldiers had already passed the threshold of their endurance and tension. A light flashed. It was
(the natural phenomenon of) lightning. It hit a lightning rod on one of the outer guard's ship's radars. The commander of one of the
consort ships, upon witnessing that spectacle, believed it was an enemy attack [#3]. He instantly ordered the main guns to return
fire; the other ships, under too much tension, were draw into opening fire on the sky without so much as fixing their aim. Seconds
later, the sky exploded at once with gunfire from the fleet. The same time the bombardment ceased, several interceptors were sent
from the large caircraft carrier. All of this [was part of the] planned combat action.

"Cease fire! All hands, cool it! We haven't received a report from the airborne patrol! The enemy hasn't turned up!" said the Chief of
Staff, the most restless of them all, as he tried to suppress the jolt/fluctuating in the area 324/2/7-8. But then--

The radar operator shouted, "Behind us, six o'clock, a craft is approaching us at low altitude!"

"So calm down already!"

[The Chief of Staff could only imagine it was] one of their own interceptors, one that had been damaged by the friendly fire [alt:
mistakenly damaged]. The communications officer was next to report.

"Telegram from the approaching craft! They seek permission to land on our ship!"

"Ask their assignment/unit! Which corps are they from?"

"Cinq Kingdom......goes by the name Peacecraft."


The white craft--

Katerina's Wyvern wove through the battleships and enemy guard ships that were sitting in a row; she flew fast and low as though
cutting across the raging surface of the water and approached the flagship Robin Hood. It was possible to attack from the rear at the
closest approach point, but Wyvern rose vertically and from directly overhead, checked Robin Hood.

"This is Katerina Peacecraft, in the event I do not receive permission to land, I have no quibbles about 324/3/2-3 using extreme
Upon receiving that transmission, permission to land was readily given. The words 'extreme measures' gave the impression of being
a final warning. The downpour ceased so suddenly, it was like it hadn't been raining at all. The wind, however, still howled. The
leaden (color) ocean undulated unbelievably. Wyvern descended; it was neither (flapped) by the wind nor hesitated from the
swaying of it's hull as it easily touched down. It was Martix and the officers who went out to meet her. Katerina Peacecraft opened
the cockpit hatch and got a thrill out of sliding down to the deck.

"Welcome to the Robin Hood!"

The lower officers saluted as one.

"Princess Katerina, we welcome you from [the bottom] of our hearts," Martix spoke not out of protocol, but from his own desire.
Katerina (magnificently) removed her helmet to properly greet them. Her beautiful, long golden hair streamed in the crosswind.

"Thank you for the courteous welcome," she answered with a winning smile. And to the commlink in the helmet, she said, "Wait
here, Sam."


The hatch closed automatically and locked with a click. The lower/subordiante officers were nervous. They didn't hear the response
from the wireless transmitter, but that she [even] had someone to contact meant they couldn't easily (lit: carelessly) muddle with her.
Martix, seeing his comrades in such a comical state, had to suppress a laugh.

Katerina was shown to the war room. The Supreme Commander and Chief of Staff were standing at attention with sour looks on
their faces. After both of them made polite greetings, [Katerina], in her pilot's suit, told them to be at east and [she] sat opposite
them, setting her helmet by her hands.

"Thank you for preparing a place for our discussions. For the sake of avoiding needless bloodshed, I'd like everyone in the rebel
forces to accept the cease-fire [I now] propose."

Half in sarcasm, the Commander said, "Cease-fire? You mean surrender? Very well, we accept."

"No," Katerina immediately denied. The Commander and Chief couldn't help but be worried about the helmet sitting on the table.
They had misgivings that she could remotely control the fighter ship from the commlink and come attacking then and there. They
were groundlessly suspicious that, in the worst case, she might use [her] 'nuke.' Her proposal, however, was outside the
Commander's expectations.

"I'm thinking [we should] combine forces and challenge the United Earth Sphere Alliance in battle."

"What did you say?"

A smile played on her lips. But those blue eyes were serious. "If the Cinq Kingdom, is revived, my country and your rebel forces can
join in a military alliance and make a bid to rise up against the unreasonable and arrogant Alliance Army."

--AC 146 January--
Severely cold waves swept slowly towards Northern Europe from the end of the year. It felt like it had gotten back to a normal year
[weather-wise]. Snow fell on the Baltic Sea. At night, the surface would freeze over. This sea's only link to the open ocean ((the
North Sea)) was a strait; its waters had low salinity and low temperatures. The vast white ocean all around was like a dream/illusion.
But the ice wasn't so thick that the ships couldn't move. As a result of Katerina's bargaining, the King and Queen of Cinq were
released from their imprisonment from the guardhouse aboard the Robin Hood. Initially, they thought Katerina to be her older sister
Sabrina. They soon understood their mistake and apologized deeply.

"Truly, we are sorry, Katerina......"

"Please don't worry about it. I only did what any Peacecraft would do."

The King and Queen had aged greatly during their long imprisonment. When they heard Sabrina was alive and well on L-1, they
burst into (bitter) tears on the spot. There was no (reason) the future of the Cinq Kingdom could be entrusted to the elderly couple.
They decided [they would] formally transfer the crown and by so doing, make a free and peaceful country. For that, the United Earth
Sphere Alliance's oppression must be abolished. That was the intent of [their] military alliance with the rebels.

On the one hand, making a military alliance was good, but [on the other], the rebel army was rife with signs of defeat. When they
learned the truth that Katerina's Wyvern was not carrying any nukes, the rebel executives immediately considered withdrawing from
and annulling their pact [with Katerina].They did, however, sense that Katerina was of a rather high caliber. [It was her] flight
technique through their fleet's defensive formation singularly and in a storm. [It was her] courage to land on the flagship. [It was her]
diplomatic capabilities that lead to a binding (alliance pact). And [it was her] design (lit: ability) to think of later strategic and tactical
plans to resist the Alliance Army which surrounded Cinq. All of that was a high standard that surpassed them [the rebels]. Above all
else, she was tremendously popular among the lower officers and soldiers, Katerina was like something of an idol [#4]. Even the
female soldiers had not even a (particle) of jealously and welcomed her as a fellow peace-searching person. Just a few days after
falling to Earth, Katerina Peacecraft was the rebels' symbol of hope-- it got to the point where she was called the 'Joan of Arc of AC.'
She bore a flag of freedom, under which the people of the Cinq Kingdom gathered first; even the people of the neighboring countries
who had been opposing the rebel forces with resistance activities approved of the rebels and Katerina's ideas and afterwards; there
was no lack of new recruits. Given all this, this alliance was beneficial and it was decided that Katerina was necessarily
indespensable for opposing the Alliance Army. However, there was also no questioning that the rebels were leaning towards a
disadvantage in their current 'nuke' free state and when it reached the ears of the Alliance Army that they had released the
Peacecrafts as their hostages, it would be possible for the Alliance Army to launch an all out attack.


On the other hand, the Earth Sphere United Alliance Army's Marina Fleet had [plenty of] leeway. It might be better said that they had
too much. They even knew about Katerina Peacecraft's return. Even when they had received information about the unregistered
fighter plane Wyvern--code named 'Sam'--and knew of its abilities, they took no action. In recognizing the fact that a military satellite
had been scrapped, [they perceived it was] a military act against unmanned weaponry, there was no way it had been an (aerial
battle) victory. As long as they didn't possess 'nukes', [Wyvern] was nothing but a 'single, new type of fighter plane.' They were
different from the rebels who plainly couldn't hide their unrest. In reality, that point was a big difference. The Third Flotilla [#5], which
was in the Baltic Sea blockading the Cinq Kingdom Bay, had complete confidence in the on-hand air power of their ship-based
fighter planes. That was was their clover-class, double-hulled [#6], large-scale aircraft carrier which was base for three varieties of
(large), cutting edge war machines [called] the {Gunship Armor} [G Armor]: the high-speed fighters, {Gunship Force/ G Force}; the
mobile fighters, {Gunship Fighters/G Fighters}; the heavy bombers, {Gunship Bombers/G Bombers}.
Those were arranged in thirty squadrons of five, and counting the scouters, support crafts, attack helicopters, transport helicopters,
and so on, their aerial fighting power was close to two hundred [strong]. It was equivalent to twice what the rebel navy had.
Moreover, the Alliance Army had, in the opening of Kattegat [#7] Strait in the North Sea, placed the clover aircraft carrier with the
Fourth and Fifth Flotillas at its nucleus. Surely this was a complete iron-clad double blockade. If the rebel forces' fleet shot out into
the North Sea ((open ocean)) and fought, the Alliance Army [would still] have it in hand with their six-fold military power and amount
of resources.

The Third Flotilla had as yet been unable to (inattentively/uarelessly) invade due to the rebels having sought refuge deep in Cinq
Kingdom Bay. And another source of hesitation was that the royal family of Cinq (the Peacecrafts) had been taken hostage before.
Although that had ended when Katerina returned. The Alliance Army was in a state of being able to act without any second
thoughts. So much so that they were thinking of dropping a limited-release nuclear warhead on the Cinq Kingdom, as per the
original plan. They had decided, when spring came and melted the surface ice, that they would commence an all out attack.
Preparations for that were progressing steadily--


Speaking of their alliance, the executives of the rebel army still didn't completely trust Katerina. Under the pretext o being her aide,
the senior officer on the Chiefs of Staff appointed Martix [with the duty of] surveillance of [the princess]. Maritx himself also wished
for that job. For him, he was pleased that the pretext of providing surveillance meant he could always be with Katerina.

"This way, Princess Katerina." Martix showed Katerina to the dock where Wyvern was being serviced. There had been talk of the
rebel forces' engineers being able to raise the burner output and improve its stealth abilities.

It was a strange man who always wore gaudy Hawaiian shirts even in the dead of winter and sunglasses even at night who was
leading the main-engine (reforms).

"Replacing (lit: transship) the S & A dual propulsion system with only A types! Who gives a rat's ass, there won't be anymore fighting
in space! That alone will give [me] twenty percent more output! Let's do the side thruster while we're at it!"

"If we do that Mike, there'll be some serious G forces at acceleration!" 327/1/1<

"Let 'Sam' worry about the pilot! By changing her into a high-speed machine 327/2/2, I'll get three times the mobility! I'll make her
blow the doors off [anything in the sky] without even having wings!!"

The one who got into the cockpit to work on the ECM apparatus was a scientist with a mean look, a long nose, and a distinctive hair
style. This man also was an odd bird; he only answered to the initials 'D.D.' He spoke with a sneer to the computer 'Sam.'

"Hn, a small-scope stealth [device] like this wouldn't provide cover......I have my 'super jammer.' I'll install them now."


"This'll make [you] stronger. Be happy, you aren't to be a 'fighter' but you will become a 'work of art.'"

The technicians, gathered around Wyvern and making improvements, were exactly like children with new toys.
"The upgrades are going smoothly, Princess Katerina."

"Just Katerina, Lieutenant Rex."

"Then please call me Martix."

"Aren't you Rex?" [#8]

"Well, that name (surpasses) me." {Rex} was latin for 'king.'

"Okay, Martix," she said as she plucked a dog hair from his military uniform. "Do you have a dog somewhere?"

Martix answered with embarrassment, "In......my rooms."

"Aww, you must take it for a walk you know."

"......I go (in the middle of the night). This is kind of a secret, but he's got 'territory' in the Chiefs of Staff's meeting room."

"Just like his owner, hmmm."

"I think so."

"What's his name?"


"Will you let me meet him next time?"

"Yes......but what about you, Princess?" Katerina glared at him and he hurriedly corrected himself, "Katerina. Aren't you a cat

"I like all animals. Horses and dogs and cats, too."


"Er, but maybe not mice......or bugs or reptiles."

"Me neither." They both smiled. "Was the real Sam doing okay?"

"Yes, very much so......but he's still with Marquis Weyridge."

Katerina and Wyvern (who had fallen to Earth), had stayed at the Weyridge residence for a few days. A.I. Sam had advised her not
to simultaneously make her war proclamation and attack after she'd reentered [Earth's] atmosphere, but it had largely been the
strong admonition that Marquis Weridge had delivered via emergency lines [that stayed her hand].
"The real Sam won't take to me. He only likes Sabrina."

"Even if he doesn't fancy you, he'll come to accept you.....Spade was the same way at first."

Suddenly, Katerina and Martix repeated the words to themselves, 'Sam' and 'Spade'...... It was a name [they'd] heard somewhere
before. At the same time, they cried, "Sam Spade!"

"Hammett's 'The Maltese Falcon,' right?"

"I've seen Bogie's film"

"So have I."

They laughed at the coincidence.

"I think we'll be good friends, us two."


Years later, Martix would marry Katerina's daughter, become the king of the Cinq Kingdom, and advocate 'total pacifism.' He
fathered Miliardo and Relena [#9]. But there were many and varied twists and turns down that particular path. Also, that is a story for

--AC-146 January 19--

Until this time, the Alliance Army's Third Flotilla, in the Baltic Sea, had reportedly advised the rebel fleet to surrender 328/2/3-4.
There had not, however, been so much as a reply. This day, the Third Flotilla's commanding officer was irritated over the rebels'
willful ignorance of his counsel. This commander was named Sheist Honneger [#10], father of Daigo Honneger, destroyer of Cinq.

"Why are we waiting for the ice to melt? Why don't we attack all at once and end this once and for all?" So thinking, the entire Third
Flotilla had advanced to the point where they could check [the rebels] at any time. If it came down to a naval battle inside the bay, a
few sacrifices would likely be made, but if they fought prepared for a war of attrition, he fully expected to win.

"With more than twice the power [of the rebels] , there's no way we could lose!" So thinking, he received a report to the effect that
the rebel fleet had left the Cinq Kingdom bay. "They're coming out first?! [ALT: They're making the first move?!]" Commander
Honneger laughed, "Idiots! With this Flotilla waiting at the ready, not so much as a cat can get through!" [#11].

However, a lone cat named 'Sam' had been the one to sally forth into the Baltic Sea.--


Wyvern was flying solo.

"This is it, Sam!"

"Battle ship aircraft carrier Clover, Tally Ho!"

"Meow, meow."

Wyvern headed directly for Clover battleship aircraft carrier.

"Meow." Sam sensed the high speed G Force fighters as they took off from the aircraft carrier. Katerina checked the number of
enemy crafts on the monitor.

"Everyone's rushing out to meet us! Can you shake them, Sam?"


Dozens of the high-speed G Force fighters flew in a wide arc as they fell into interception formation. They approached from the rear
in a dogfight (theory pattern). However, [they were no match] for the speed that the souped-up Wyvern was able to put on. Just
when [she?] thought the burners re-ignited with a flash, they tore up with oppressive speed and shot straight up ((chandelle [#12])),
circled [#13], and fell in behind the G Force; she then easily shot them down with successive shots from the beam [weapon]. Sam
was in charge of the beam trigger.

"That's my Sam......you missed [hitting] the cockpit."


The enemy pilots, all of them, ejected from their planes and parachuted to safety before their planes crashed. Next up were the
mobile fighters, the G Fighters. These machines came head on, launching homing missiles. There was a colossal number of them.
Alert mode, which displayed encroaching [bodies] and their trajectories, was packed with [lines] from the missiles.

Sam urged caution, "Meow, meow."

"It's okay! There aren't enough missiles to make it worth using the super jammer," she said as she pulled up on the (control stick)
and went balls to the wall on the throttle. Again, Wyvern did a chandelle, flying perpendicular to the mass of missiles and continuing
to climb. [She] had the same force and speed as if they were going to exit the atmosphere.

"Urgh....!" Katerina clenched her teeth and endured the G forces [i.e. gravity, not the planes shooting missiles at her].

"Meow, meow?" Sam was worried. Even though he was A.I., he did have real feelings.

"......leave it to me......" It was an endurance contest between her and the countless missiles. "I have faith in Mike Howard!" She
named the technician who had (power-upped) the main engine. "We can still go! We will go further!" With courage that boarded on
recklessness, she put on more speed. Actually, this was a method of dealing with homing missiles in the event a great number of
them have been launched. Increase the distance between target and missile as much as possible to make the missiles' trajectories
as narrow/close together as possible; and eventually, the missiles will crash [into each other], exploding and setting off other
[missiles]. Far below Wyvern, there was a huge explosion. That explosion caused the remaining missiles to lose their target and
most self-detonated.

"We did it! Thanks, Mike!" Even so, there were still several missiles still pursuing. "Sam, you can use D.D.'s super jammers!"

"Meow." Sam ran the defense wave [jammers] and stealth abilities. As soon as he did that, the remaining missiles also [lost their
target] and exploded in the sky.

When Katerina reached [her aircraft's] maximum altitude, she released the {EMP apparatus A} that she'd received from D.D. Then,
she cut the main engine and made Wyvern descend in near total free fall. By the effect of the super jammers, [Wyvern] would be
nearly undetectable by the Alliance Army Fleet. It was silent in an instant. There was only the whistling sound of speeding through
the air. With a bird's eye view from straight above, the double hulled aircraft carrier with its four runways was in the center of the
fleet. With frozen white ripples extending in the four directions, it suggested a huge four leaf clover.

"So that's why that air craft carrier is called 'clover.'"


"Hey Sam, did you know? D.D. stands for 'Diamond Desperado' [#14]!" Katerina snickered. "That gives me Martix's 'Spade,' the
aircraft carrier 'Clover,' and D.D.'s 'Diamond.' It's too bad, really. If we had a 'heart,' we'd have all the suits from a deck of cards

"Meow meow."

"Oh, yeah! It'd be funny if I started going by the [nickname] 'Queen of Hearts' once I become queen!" That didn't happen. Katerina
came to be called the 'Lightning Queen.' And it was this battle that decided it be so.

Wyvern closed in right up to the Clover aircraft carrier's bridge. Controlling its (form) with the reverse thrusters, it hovered in the
airspace there. According to Sam's predictions, the Alliance Army's next attack would start with the heavy bomber G Bombers and
attack helicopters. [He] wanted to prevent that at all costs. If bombing and close quarters fighting began, Wyvern [could survive]
unharmed, but there was the possibility of casualties on the Alliance's side. Making full use of the manipulator(s) atop the dual-
headed dragon, Katerina fit {EMP apparatus B} to the radar and communication antennae on the ship's bridge. [The apparatus]
corresponded to the {EMP apparatus A} that had been released at high altitude and [together, they] released pulsing
electromagnetic waves/radiowaves over a large area ((with a radius of two kilometers)); D.D. had developed it. Owning to the
operation of that high powered apparatus, the Alliance Army's Third Flotilla fell into a big panic. First, without use of their
communication network, the chain of command was cut off and fleet cooperation ceased. At the same time, aircraft carrier based
planes couldn't take off. Only Wyvern could fly freely under those conditions because it had been (loaded) with 'Sam' which had an
isolated support system. All at once, Katerina ascended and returned to the rebel fleet. Katerina immediately opened a commlink to
the rebel fleet as soon as she cleared the area affected by the EMP.

"This is Katerina! Mission all complete!"

"This is Robin Hood. Copy that!"

"That went well, didn't it, Sam!"

Wyvern returned to the inner Cinq Kingdom bay; as soon a she entered, the rebel army fleet sailed into the Baltic Sea and began
fierce cannon fire.

In the Battle of the Baltic, the Alliance's Third Flotilla lost instantly.

--AC February--

In the Baltic, the rebel army doubled their military power by requisitioning clover aircraft carrier and several battleships [from the
Battle of the Baltic against the Alliance]. With such a strong navy, it was possible to go beyond the strait of Kattegat and out into the
open water of the North Sea [where they could] wage a decisive battle against the Alliance's Fourth and Fifth Flotillas.

Midnight a few days following the attack--

Katerina and Martix took Spade for a walk. After letting [Spade] mark the Chief of Staff's room, they walked leisurely on deck. The
night wind was freezing cold and snow fell. Martix took Spade off his lead and let him run around freely. Wyvern was on deck and
when Spade got close, the front lights suddenly turned on. And [Wyvern] intimidated [Spade] by opening the thrusters and getting
him with a blast of exhaust. Spade turned tail and ran. Katerina and Martix guffawed over the scene. It was funny that Wyvern, the
strongest fighter on Earth, unbeatable by G Force or G Fighters, was scared of a little puppy. When Spade came up again, Wyveren
next stuck out the manipulator arm and tried to give [Spade] a (cat punch). Katerina even scolded him, "No, Sam! Don't lose your

Wyvern reluctantly stored the manipulator.

Martix laughed as he spoke, "You're a strange person, you are."

"Really?" Katerina cocked her head to the side. She seemed to lack self-awareness.

"Because right now, we're just days away from the decisive battle, but you're the same as usual." There was something he'd been
thinking since before as well. Having this rare opportunity, he decided to ask, "Are you familiar with the Oriental board
game shougi?" [#15.5]

"No, I don't know it."

"The pieces move like they do in 'chess' ((that we often play)), but the rules are rather difficult and all the staffers say: shougi doesn't
have strategic value in real fighting. So it's unpopular."

"Is it that difficult?"

"When you capture one of your opponents pieces, you can use it as one of your own. So when a single pawn-like soldier gets
behind enemy lines, the area in which he can move goes up remarkably," Martix continued chattering, "Another characteristic rule is
when the pieces called hisha and kaku, they move the same as a rook and bishop respectively, get behind enemy lines, they
become pieces that are able to move as freely as the Ryuu--the Queen."
"Really...." Katerina was probably somewhat bored.

But Martix wanted to tell the end of his story, "Haven't you noticed? Isn't this game exactly like you?"

The princess in Wyvern had descended upon the rebel army fleet's flagship, become a queen, and took command of the rebel army
to fight back against the Alliance Army.

"I don't really know." She smiled thinly, "You are giving me a compliment, right?"

"I'm being serious," Martix said from the heart. It might be possible to beat the Earth Sphere United Alliance Army with Katerina.
They might be able to obtain everlasting freedom and peace. "Princess Katerina......please carry on for the sake of eternal ideals,"
thought Martix, but he didn't speak the words. He believed those blue eyes would once again stare at him. "I can't win against those
eyes......" he muttered.


Around the same time, the Alliance Army executives were wracking their brains. The existence of the fighter craft 'Sam' was
depressing but the problem was with the {EMP apparatus} that confined all the fleets' war operations. Even as they examined the
remains of the [units] that had been scattered in the air and self-detonated via timer, it didn't seem possible for them to recreate the
apparatus. If the same apparatus were used in the upcoming naval battle, even the largest of their fleets would unfortunately meet
with disaster. The only way to prevent that would be to shoot down Katerina and Sam before the apparatus was set. However, [the
pair's] mobility and stealth was better than any of the Alliance Army's crafts; the proof was in their absolute helplessness in the
previous naval battle. It was true that the Fourth and Fifth Flotillas would flee miserably.

"No, there is one way," suggested one worried executive. It was Commander Honneger of the Third Flotilla. That man, who had
escaped on hands and knees, had been demoted and relieved of his flotilla's commander's responsibilities. "What's necessary is
removing that brat and 'Sam'." He had come to have a personal grudge against the royal family of Peacecraft and the Cinq

"Is there a way to do that?"

"I'll see about having the Romefeller Foundation help. Even if they've an accord with the rebels, the Peacecrafts must still be
members of the Foundation." Honneger intended to compete by using cunning diplomatic measures.


The following day, the Alliance Army's request was made to the Romefeller Foundation. The current Foundation representative was
Duke Cinquante Khushrenada.

"Understood. I will call Princess Peacecraft to the Foundation meeting being held tomorrow afternoon in Luxembourg."

A service man from the Alliance Army executives appeared on the vid link, "I appreciate it," [he said].

Cinquante spoke with a deep nod, "You needn't worry. That military satellite was Gemina something, correct?"
"'Gemina MW'."

"There's still the matter of compensation. She would be hard pressed to refuse."

"Do I have your [solemn] word on that?"

"On my honor as a Khushrenada."

"Thank you......Now, about that fighter."

"'Sam' isn't ti?"

"You know it? That will speed things up. Naturally, I expect you will catch it."

"We're a long way from Cinq Kingdom......she'll probably ride it here. I hope you'll leave it all to me."

"Much obliged."

The service man saluted and cut the transmission. Cinquante smiled as he settled comfortably in his chair.

"What are you playing at, Cinquante?" asked a man in his mid-thirties named Eric Shargold [#16] who was opposite the work desk.
He wasn't born to the nobility, but after he inherited a vast fortune, he got important rank in the Romefeller Foundation. He was a
close friend of the forty-something Cinquante. They were both single and were strangely like minded.

"The Earth Sphere United Alliance has also grown too big......it wouldn't be bad to (shave off) some of that influence while we can."

"I agree, but you can't just ignore the Alliance's request......won't there be several generals at the Foundation conference?"

"No, I intend to listen to their demands."


"My dear Eric, you've gotten friendly with Marquis Weyridge, haven't you?"

"I've known him since (my parent's generation)."

"I'd like to get in touch with a young man staying there by the name of Heero Yuy."


In the North Sea, the Alliance Fleet's Fourth and Fifth Flotillas were assembled, just in case. Meaning they were considering the
possibility Katerina and Sam may attack early. They passed a tense night. The rebel army fleet broke out from the Kattegat Strait
and spread out in the Baltic Sea. Both fleets were prepared to fight. However, the Alliance Army was under a much greater degree
of tension. The enemy wasn't limited to coming at them head-on. Perhaps from behind. Perhaps from high-altitude. Or perhaps from
the water. The commander was listening to a bulletin from Cinquante Khushrenada.

"Please relax. They have said they will 'Come at any cost'." Since setting up the {EPM apparatus} tonight was the only night
Katerina could attack.

--If only dawn came, if only dawn would come--

Thought the Alliance fleet's commander. If it was morning, Katerina and Sam would have to go to Luxembourg. If they could just last
the night, then that machine was supposed to be seized by the Romefeller Foundation. Not a one among the Alliance's Fourth and
Fifth Flotillas could sleep, not the officers or the sailors, nobody. They spent a (desperate) night, long and bitter cold.

Morning came and the sun climbed above the horizon. The Alliance Army side gave an unconscious cheer. Somehow, they'd
managed to put off commencing an attack. The sun climbed higher; the sailors' cheers came rasping out, happy that they were
miraculously unharmed. The gloomy morning passed and they geared up for a (refreshing) afternoon. In the officers' room, the
commanders were having a late breakfast (doubling as lunch).

"In less than an hour, Romefeller Foundation's meeting will start......we've made it by the skin of our teeth."

The lunch dishes were lined up side by side. Then, it happened. The communications officer on watch came flying into the officers'

"Commander, there's trouble!"

"What happened?"

"Strong ECM has been released! Communications are jammed!"

"What?!" There was no doubting the {EPM apparatus} had been activated. "Inconceivable!"


At Romefeller's Luxembourg conference room, Cinquante, Eric, and the Alliance Army's generals impatiently awaited the arrival of
Katerina Peacecraft. However, she did not appear even when the [scheduled] start time had come and gone.

"Seems we've been dumped," Eric muttered into Cinquante's ear.

"No, on a date, it's not unusual for a man to be kept waiting a minute or two," said Cinquante and he climbed atop the dais. "It is now
time to begin, if everyone would please take their seats," he greeted. The buzzing in the conference room silenced.

"Duke Khushrenada!" One of the old Alliance Army generals stood as he emphatically called out, "Today, Princess Katerina of the
Cinq Kingdom is supposed to be here! I demand an explanation for why she has yet to appear!"

"My apologies for keeping you waiting......" The large, heavy door at the entrance to the conference room opened slowly. Standing
there was a young lady with beautiful long blonde hair and clear blue eyes. "I am Peacecraft of Cinq." Behind her stood a tall youth
with black hair.
"Welcome, Princess......this way, please," Cinquante showed her to her seat. Eric grinned. The gorgeous princess crossed the red
rug as she nodded to those in the conference room. The Alliance generals thought the girl passing before them was suspicious.

"Is that the real deal?"

"The face and stature match the data we'd received......it's got to be her."

"Surely you recall she has a twin sister."

"No, I lost my sister in an accident last fall."

"So what was that report from the Fifth Flotilla a few minutes ago? 'We were attacked by Katerina and Sam,' they definitely said

The generals didn't know: the Cinq Kingdom princess in that room was Sabrina Peacecraft. The conference room got noisy. The
Alliance Army's generals' voices were especially loud.

"Do the generals have any questions?" Cinquante asked airily.

"Y...yes, that lady from Cinq Kingdom, er, well, she's truly a Peacecraft?"

Cinquante cut off the old general's faltering question to say, "I shall answer your question. However, you may not trust my own
words. Shall we have the lady herself speak?"

"Yes, let's."

"Gentleman, a word first: the lady is judicious and currently is an ardent admirer of the philosopher Immanuel Kant; she prescribes
to his philosophy 'falsehoods are a sin'. In other words, she will not lie."

"That's excellent."

"Now, Princess......would you be so kind as to answer the question?"

"Yes......" Sabrina ascended to dais, she looked at the faces of the nobility and generals present. She was at ease. "I am the
daughter of the house of Peacecraft."

"If so, then let's ask! I most certainly cannot believe that the Cinq Kingdom and the rebel forces have entered into an alliance! You
support the Earth Sphere United Alliance after all, do you not?!"

"The Earth Sphere United Alliance meant to drop a nuclear warhead on my country."

"That's not true!"

"I do not believe the ESUA's attempt to ruin a country that supports [the Alliance] is the proper action. Accordingly, the Cinq
Kingdom secedes from the Earth Sphere United Alliance and concludes [i.e. enters into] an alliance with the people who are called
rebels. I am sorry that this comes ex post facto. Please accept my apologies."

"Tsk....[#17] the satellite," the old general hurriedly swallowed the phrase 'you got the satellite.' "An artificial satellite that was made
to protect our Earth from meteorites and space debris was destroyed by someone. That was your doing, wasn't it?"

"I have done no such thing."

"Then 'Sam' did it all by itself?"

"No, 'Sam' also has done no such thing."

Then, Eric broke in, "We of the Romefeller Foundation have confirmed that the attack satellite's flying off in (scrap orbit) was a
complete accident. It is a heavy expense, but the [financial] burden should be shouldered by all the countries."

"No, we can't do that! If the actions were to protect her own country of Cinq, then it is Peacecraft who ought to pay damages!"

"Then you acquiesce, do you, General? That you meant to drop a nuclear warhead on my country."


The old general had hanged himself with that one careless phrase. Nevertheless, that did no mean he would [give up].

"No, no! Princess, you have just confirmed! The existence of 'Sam'! Why have you not brought [it] with you?"

"No, I've brought him along as requested."

"Brought...him along?" [#17.5]

"Heero-sensei, would you mind?"

The young man standing at the door was Heero Yuy. Against his chest he held the Norwegian forest cat 'Sam.'

"Allow me to introduce you. This is my 'Sam'."

Heero ascended the dais as he stared at the blubbering generals. 'Sam' meowed. Heero handed 'Sam' to Sabrina and then bent
towards the microphone, "Excuse me....a moment please?"

The old generals, excited with fury, showered abuse: LIES!; You mock us?; Enough of this foolishness!

In a low, quiet voice, Heero said, "Shut up, you old coots [#18]." All at once, silence fell. "Everything she says is the truth......" with
an even sharper look, he added," And every last one of you is wrong!"

Dusk that day--

In the North Sea, the great battle between the Earth Sphere United Alliance Army's Fourth and Fifth Flotillas and the rebel fleet
concluded with a great difference, [courtesy of] Katerina Peacecraft and Wyvern. Of course, the rebel side was victorious. The Earth
Sphere Untied Alliance Army, which prided itself on being invincible, lost for the very first time since its inception in AC 133.


They had come within a distance of several minutes of Elysium Island. Naina turned around and said, "Looks like I wasn't able to
shake off our pursuer." She switched on the high-speed large-scale transport ship's autopilot. "It was probably that kid who followed

"By 'that kid', you mean Duo Maxwell?" muttered Katrine. As expected, they both were quick to catch on. Neither the enemy-
detection radar nor the observation satellite had picked up on anything yet. Naina, moreover, used the commlink to call the 909th
Mars Federal Special Independent Squadron, a.k.a. "Merciless Faeries", for emergency deployment.

With a nervous look, my mother asked, "Are you going?"

"Don't worry, Mother......it'll be just like going on a picnic." I casually took out the lunch box. "I'm glad I got enough sandwiches for
Duo." I answered as I looked at the weather map on the monitor, "A sandstorm is coming."

"That's Duo's Warlock," Naina said with a sharp look. "{Queen of Hearts} attack!" [#19]

To be continued..

#1 - Well I'm going with my best guess (which is based on what I think it should be as a straight transliteration looks stupid) until
such a time as I can figure out what this name is supposed to be; I did google a few permutations there of and the one I thought fit
best (only because it references a person as opposed to some random-ass company and/or OS system) was Martic, a Croatian

#2 - that's a pretty literal interpretation, but it kind of fits, no?

#3 - Cultural note: Japanese in general seem pretty wary of thunder and lightning. Strangely, it's the thunder that gets the biggest
response, which I find puzzling since it's the lightning that will potentially kill you. So while it seems totally retarded that a military
commander would get set off by lightning, even with the stress (I shall refrain from commenting on the mental preparedness I would
expect of a military commander...), I suppose this makes some amount of "cultural" sense.

#4 - Cultural note: this is a transliteration of the English word "idol" and when it is used, it refers to a pop culture figure. This is
actually a JOB, one can be employed as an "aidoru" and as far as I can tell, their primary function is to look fucking cute and push
products and/or appear on mindless Japanese TV.

#5 - Why Flotilla? My brief inspection of the Wiki for Japanese naval crap gave me the impression the general organization seemed
to be this, from largest to smallest: Fleet --> Flotilla --> Squadron. A bit later in the chapter (like, a paragraph or two?) it seems like
the Third Whatever is comprised of 30 vessels which are split into groups of 5, I reckon those 5 are the smallest grouping, ergo the
"squadron" and the thirty ships that got divided are one of the "flotillas."
#6 - literally, the word was "twin fuselage" but since ships don't have "fuselages" but "hulls" they mean a double hull... since a ship
with two "bodies" would be a catamaran... ALTHOUGH, having two "bodies" would give this fictional ship it's fictional shape. How in
the world would a clover shaped aircraft carrier MOVE, though?

#7 - Okay, so Cinq is officially somewhere in the Sweden/Denmark area! Kattegat is a real place (right there and the word seems to
refer more the the water BETWEEN the nor North and Baltic Seas, but whatevs).

#8 - Pet Peeve: with the exception of Quarant (Jay's uni buddy) (okay, and Wufei but that extends to the original series, too...odd) is
referred to by their FIRST (listed and in the GW universe, that is usually their GIVEN name. With the exception of Wufei, who is
generally written/noted as being Chang Wufei after Chinese fashion. Why, then, Heero isn't always listed as Yuy Heero, I don't know
since Japan is every bit as immured in that tradition as China is). There just seems to be no rhyme or reason for any of this "using
the first name" business.

#9 - grammatically, this is a sentence structure I don't worry about too much, but in THIS case, it seems like the tense is kind of
important. It does NOT literally say he "fathered" the kids, but he was the father of the kids...I suppose King Rex has long since
passed in the MC-0022 era, but I'm not sure when these files (opening of the chapter: Peacecraft File 3) are supposed to have been

#10 - This is, I believe, the Russian number for 6. If anyone has a better spelling than this one I got based off the actual SOUND of
the word as opposed to a transliteration of the Japanese (which would have looked something like this: She-shichi) I would be much

#11 - while it seems terribly, er, BAD to have Honneger "randomly" say a *cat* would have trouble getting past their defenses, there
are quite a few Japanese expressions that use "cat." If you're breasts are quite small, you are "cat-boobed," if your garden is quite
small, you have a garden the size of "a cat's forehead," if you are extremely busy, you wouldn't mind "having the cat lend a hand."
So even if this isn't an ACTUAL idiom, there is a precedent for comparing things to cats OUTSIDE frozen teardrop.

#12 - Chandelle. According to Wikipedia
a licensed pilot (my mother)

A Chandelle is a maneuver where, basically, you turn 180 degrees. As my mother describes it, you start by getting your aircraft up
to its safest maximum speed, commence a turn and at the same time, decrease your speed so that, by the time you exit the turn,
you are traveling at your aircrafts safest slow speed. In aircrafts with engines, you will also rise (as shown by wikipedia). In aircrafts
without engines, you will probably stay level.

However, I also asked my father, who also used to fly and, being a man, is generally interested in things like airplanes and stuff. He
described a chandelle as being a move where the pilot pulls straight back on the stick, making the aircraft shoot up, perpendicular to
the ground, and just before the aircraft stalls, hits the rudder to execute a turn and heads straight back down. The maneuver ends
when the pilot pulls out of the turn, heading in the opposite direction from which they entered the turn. HOWEVER, I found nothing
on Wikipedia NOR youtube that matches this maneuver. Nothing stood out in the FAA manual either, but THIS particular move
seems closer to what Sumizawa probably wants...and is a LOT more interesting than what a "real" Chandelle is. There is also the
possibility that a Chandelle is not the same maneuver in all countries, but a quick Japanese wikipedia search yields the same old
"turn around fast-slow" thing.

#13 - this seems silly given that they've just turned around, but okay. UNLESS Sumizawa is ignoring the fact that a chandelle IS just
turning around (and only keep the speed + gaining altitude in planes with engines)

#14 - All I could find for this name was "Neil Diamond, Desperado" where Desperado is the title of a 2010 song.

#15 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suit_(cards) that's pretty cool, I never knew there so much variety in what seems like a simple deck
of cards. Incidentally, I am aware that the Clover aircraft carrier is said to have FOUR runways and compared to a four-leaf clover
but an actual CLUB only has THREE 'leaves' and a 'stem.' I suppose we'll just chalk that up to Sumizawa and creative license.
That's not as big of a stretch as having an aircraft carrier actually HAVING four runways in such a configuration so as to GET a
clovery shape.

#15.5 - 将棋 しょうぎ shougi
Long story short: with the exception of very high frequency words (like Tokyo, for example), I prefer to denote all vowels present
even if it' doesn't follow the government's official(ly stupid) "rules" for romanizing Japanese.

#16 - guessing at the last name (and spelling of the first name, it seems pretty obvious that it's some permutation of "Eric" but then
again, "Relena" is actually pronounced "Ree.ree.ee.na" so just another name crapshoot.

#17 - Er, this is actually, LITERALLY "ku" but it's just a noise of frustration, which I think "tsk" kind of is.

#17.5 - Well, there is "bring along" for inanimate objects and "bring along" for people. That is the distinction being made here, but it
does not carry over into English well. The generals are obviously expecting Wyvern "Sam" and use the verb for bringing inanimate
objects, but Sabrina says she brought "Sam" using the verb for animate objects (that is to say: the cat "Sam") and the General is
confused about why she refers to having brought a LIVING thing when they are expecting a machine.

#18 - Literally, this is ジジィ which is, in the broadest sense, "old man." However, in the common vernacular, using this word is
really quite rude. I'd say it's akin to "old bag" for a woman...but what is the equivalent for a man? Old coot seems to fit the bill, but it's
not as... RUDE as "old bag" seems to be to me *shrugs*

#19 - [this may contain spoilers, but it's just my speculation as it's vague to ME, but perhaps not to native speakers?]

OH, this phrase hurts my brain. Literally, we have one noun (Queen of Hearts) and one verb phrase (attack + the verb used to turn
nouns into verbs), alike so:


So, what could this possibly mean? My theories are listed below in no particular order:

1. The Queen of Hearts is going to attack Naina et all.
--this makes the least sense because, if it's just Naina et al plus Warlock, where would this queen COME from?
2. The Queen of Hearts is going to attack Warlock
--this makes the most sense because their transport is obviously large enough to have scooped Katrine and HER transport that was
carrying the MS [or was it just the MS?] out of the desert.

3. Attack the Queen of Hearts
--linguistically, I think this makes the most sense give the bare bones of a "sentence." This sentence lacks what's called a "particle"
which is the little bit of GLUE that clearly defines the relationship between nouns and verbs. So depending on what particle is (or is
NOT in this case) there, the meaning of the sentence can be open to interpretation. I know commas aren't a typical feature of
Japanese (well, actually, I believe punctuation in GENERAL is a relatively new feature of the language and THEIR comma usage
DOES NOT match up to English comma usage) but even if there's been a COMMA in there, it'd be easier to interpret.

Personally, though, I think it means Naina et al will send the Queen of Hearts to attack Warlock and my first thought was that Katrine
would pilot, but since she's got no blood connection to Peacecraft (which, as you recall, Princess Katerina was lamenting not having
a nickname with the word "heart" in this chapter) so I wonder if it might not be Relena sallying forth.

Frozen Teardrop, Nocturne of Sorrow III part 1/?

Nocturne of Sorrow III part 1

MC File 4 ((part 1))

"--'Who are you?'
Asked a (green) caterpillar as he puffed on his [water pipe]. Alice couldn't answer. Who she was this morning and who she was a
moment ago were entirely different things.

'I'm not myself, you see?'
--I'm not myself, you see?-- [#1]

'I don't see.'
The Caterpillar languidly andwered that he did not know. Alice knew, before long, the Caterpillar would [make] a chrysalis and
become a butterfly. The caterpillar couldn't immediately answer who he was at the time like this.
--Aren't I the same as he?--

'Who are you?'
Again she was asked the initial question. Alice felt a bit annoyed; she was of the opinion that, before inquiring about others, one
ought to introduce oneself first. The Caterpillar, puffing away on his waterpipe, spoke.


{Lewis Carrol "Alice in Wonderland"}
From the conversation between the Caterpillar and Alice.

I continued fighting. I continued (killing my heart [#2]). Ergo, my heart had long since been empty. I (probably) didn't have any value
living as a person. From the past to the future, my existance was [is and will be] pointless. When someone inquired as to who I was,
I answered like this: an instrument for fighting, a weapon, something along those lines. I'm afraid I'm nothing more and nothing less
than that. Weapons which aren't used have no value. [I am] the same as a rock lying by the wayside. If you take that rock in hand
and throw it at your enemy, it becomes a "throwing stone," man's first weapon. The rock had no intention of becoming a weapon, it
being a rock and all 483/2/10<. Suddenly, one day, people meaning fight came to the "gentle wilderness" and transformed it into a
"battlefield" and rocks like me which were just lying there began to be used as weapons.

There was no refusing.
There was no choice.

The rock, myself--all we could do was accept the situation. On the bloody stage called the "battlefield," we could do nothing but
continue to play the part of the "fool." With each enemy killed, I lost "something" beneath the mask [I wore]. Laughter, joy, anger,
kindness, sorrow, even fear itself left me. I was nobody even when I was a child. Without even a name to go by, it was obvious that I
had to continue to wear the mask. That's how I am now--I'll have them call me "Doktor T."

I immigrated to Mars with Catherine during the first summer of MC 14. The only reason we came was because we thought it would
be interesting to do a circus [in a place that had] a third of the gravity [of Earth]. At first, when Catherine suggested it, I don't think
she had thought too deeply about it. Here, there's an amazingly large number of earnest guys. I don't think that's a bad thing, but if
they aren't handled with care, you'll be borrowing trouble. From MC 16, the Mars Federal Government started [maintaining] an army
of MS ((Mars Suits)). As soon as that happened, I could smell trouble brewing, its scent floating in the air, over the ocean and in the
land itself. The blood starved babes picked up a new toy and it was called a weapon. [I?] could have left well enough alone, but [I?]
couldn't stomach [the thought] of more people like me appearing--people who, like me, had lost their hearts. [They] could only
resolve themselves to it. I persuaded Catherine to go back to Earth. There was no way I could have her with me, given what I was
about to do.

"I've always hated war, you know......and I still do now."

"So, all the more reason to go back to Earth."

"Long ago, Relena Darlian said......peace isn't something anybody can give," Catherine smiled gently. "[No matter where] we run,
[no matter how] we avert our eyes, there's no changing how war makes people as unhappy as you and me."

"Well, I've never felt unhappy."

"If I was gone, you'd have nowhere to go back to."


Catherine and I decided to start volunteer activities to stamp out war.

There was a need to prepare MS ((mobile suits)) which would be a deterrent for the MS ((Mars suits)). As a means to compete with
the Federal Army, I even thought of ways to acquire MD ((mobile dolls)) although they weren't my style 484/1/5-7<. However, the
autoplant "Vulcanus" that was in Mars' orbit was being held by the Neuenheim Konzern and really wasn't in a state for us to get at it.
We could only make new MS and compete [with those]. But we hoped for an elite--and if possible, made of the Gundanium alloy--
mobile suit, {Gundams}. That was the ultimate weapon [and it] symbolized resistance. At the same time, the Fire Fighters
((Preventer)) dispatched by the Earth Sphere United Nations apparently had the same thoughts. One day, there was a request for
our cooperation from Chang Wufei who knew about our existence. We were summoned to the Arctic Preventer base.

"The weak are panicking and attempting to fight. If this planet turns into 'The War Planet,' sooner or later the flames of war will
spread to Earth." He spoke in his usual [pushy] manner.

"If that's the flow of tides, what else can we do but accept it?" I didn't say what I'd really thought. But [Wufei] knew I wouldn't.

"The only soldiers who can compete are the ones who've prepared."

"......and we'll need {Gundams}, too, eh......"

We decided to combine forces. But making new {Gundams} was a difficult path. All the past data had been completely [destroyed
(lit: lost)]. Following the Mariemaia uprising, the deletion of all battle weaponry at the hands of Preventer had been perfect. Actually,
I'd helped them [do it]; it's too late to complain about it now. We had managed to get a basic design of the hardware, relying on data
from modern computer analysis and our own memories, but as we lacked the crucial software, it was discovered via CAD simulation
that we couldn't move even the tip of a manipulator finger. Just the hardware [by itself] was an empty-headed box--the same as the
pilot's coffin. The software, which was the basis of a Gundam, was that advanced. Perhaps it was because my heart was empty. Be
that as it may, with our knowledge, skills, and emotional strength, it was all we could do to smelt the Gundanium alloy. An
unbreachable wall stood immovable before us. Those five scientists' computer architecture, steeped in inspired/crack-pot creativity,
and advanced techniques were perfect and could not be reproduced.

Model Number XXXG-00W0
Code name {Wing Gundam 0}

Model Number XXXG-01W
Code name {Wing Gundam}

Model Number XXXG-01D
Code name {Gundam Deathscythe}

Model Number XXXG-01H
Code name {Gundam Heavyarms}

Model Number XXXG-01SR
Code name {Gundam Sandrock}

Model Number XXXG-01S
Code name {Shenlong Gundam}

They were absolutely perfect machines (and threw truly dazzling light). As for the {Mercurius} and {Vayeate}, which were designed
by those scientists and could be called the successors of the Gundams, either one might be possible to build and we'd actually
made an attempt to do so. It/that went against our predictions, or I should say it was just as expected. We failed/stumbled
immediately. The CAD simulator determined it would run out of control and self-destruct within five minutes. Unsatisfied, I was at my
wits end.

At times like these, it was good to change moods. I went out on a busy street and made like a street performer. I cocked a small hat
forward on my head and performed as a clown. I pantomimed trying to move an immovable, invisible bag. The imaginary bag slowly
grew bigger, and pushed or pulled it wouldn't move and at the end, I performed being crushed by it. I could earn a little money with
my performances. I did that for a few days when a man called out to me.

"As good as ever, huh." He had a (nostalgic [#3]) face. "It's been a long time, Trowa."

"You don't change, do you?"

"Neither do you, apparently......if you're not busy, I'd like to treat you to some spirits."

Alcohol wasn't simply 'alcohol,' it wasn't brandy or whiskey, calling it 'spirits' was very like Quatre. It wouldn't do to have wine or beer
or any fermented beverage, either. We entered a cafe on the main street. Taking a seat at the counter, Quatre ordered a rum
Rivieres [#4] and I ordered a single cask [#5]. After we toasted our reunion, where I thought Quatre would put the glass to his lips,
he was drunk and complained 485/2/9-10<.

"It's hard being human......living is really hard."


"Also, it's especially hard to put on the years like everyone else."

"If you choose only sunny weather, you'll never get where you're going 485/2/2-3<. In retrospect, life has more rainy days and
stormy ones."

"Yeah......that's true." Quatre, with his cheek flushed, brought up the topic of my recent pantomime act. "Say, Trowa. Was there any
meaning to the invisible bag that day? [#5.5]"

"Er." I'd never thought about it. It's just, weight-wise, I just assumed there was a rock in the bag, but if I was compelled to apply
some meaning, maybe it was "fate" in the bag. Or perhaps it was "life." Either way, I wouldn't be crushed by either one.

"To me, I [saw] a {Gundam} in the bag." He was always like that, but this man abruptly spun words from a different dimension
485/3/17-18. "When I was a kid, I built a {Gundam}." Long ago, Quatre had been the one to complete construction of Wing Gundam
0. "But I didn't build it. It was built by resentment/hatred and revenge." Did he mean he allowed a 'god of creation' and a 'demon of
destruction' to coexist in his heart? "[It was] a product of insanity and miracle. Even if I was told to remake it, it would be
impossible......" I got the gist of what he meant based on the flow of the conversation.

"You saw Wufei, huh?"

"Yeah......I don't expect to begrudge it."

To summarize Quatre's story---
Several months prior, dismantled {Gundanium mobile suits} had been discovered in an old hangar on one of the resource satellites
in the possession of the Winner family. Those were the machines called {Snow White,} {Warlock,} {Prometheus,} and
{Scheherazade.} These four machines were the ones used in the "Second Lunar War," which is part of the "History Buried in
Darkness" that is part of neither the Earth Sphere's history banks nor the Lanagrin Republic's library. Of course, it was those five
scientists who manufactured them. Upon learning that [the Winners had Gundanium mobile suits], Preventers contacted Quatre.
And he had apparently been requested to complete them by Chang Wufei. Quatre's sense of expiation was greater than ours. He
left the management of the family affairs to his sisters and took on the job. The work, however, ran into difficulties. It seemed Quatre
yet again felt a deep responsibility (because of it). I wanted to help him with all my heart. But my heart, of course, was empty.

"I might not understand the concept of the 'software.'"

"That's because we're the pilots," Quatre murmured and raised his (more than) half-full glass of rum to eye level. "A blender is
absolutely necessary in the making of spirits."

"A blender?"

"Say this is the finest Irish whiskey," he continued with a flushed face, but his eyes were (contrarily) calm. "You try to recreate it but
you can't get the same flavor, no matter how perfectly detailed the recipe or even if you have arranged to have the same ingredients
((barley and water, etc)) and use the same tools ((the barrel and the peat, etc))." I understood that emotionally. Among the near
limitless number of spirits, none had the same flavor. The age/year and the size of the bottle would make even the same brand [of
spirits] something completely different. "The master blender--the one who makes the spirits--manages the unblended malt whiskey,
watches over [everything] from the preparation for brewing to the distillation, tries various blends, tests the aroma and flavor, and
stores it and after several decades, sends it off as a finished product."

Ah, I see--those five scientists were (overly) brilliant master blenders. This metaphor was far easier to understand than an essay on
software engineering.

"And we're the bar tenders to pour that fine whiskey?" After all, a 'weapon' can do nothing but destroy. For us the act of 'completion'
would probably be hard.

"That may be it." I'd said it to disparage myself but wound up simply being confirmed/acknowledged. Quatre took just one more
swallow of rum. "For the best whiskey, the best sponsors must [be provided] or else proper flavor cannot be produced." However
you look at it, this man who was supposed to be a light drinker went drinking and talking on and on 486/3/11-12. "The selection of
the glass, the cut of the ice, the manner of pouring, the speed of stirring and the number of stirs and then, if you want to make a
cocktail, you make full use of several times that knowledge and various techniques to provide for the customer, yes that certainly
seems to resemble us." Listening to Quatre's vast knowledge and [I?] was tormented by an unrelenting anxiety.

"Quatre......would you let me help you with your work?"

"Thank you......I thought I was going to have to ask you, Trowa."

"I'm not 'Trowa Barton' anymore."

"I'm not going by Quatre! [#6] Now, I'm going by 'Professor W'!! 'W' for Winner. 'W' for Wing."
"In that case, why don't you call me 'Doktor T."


At the Chryse subterranean factory, Professor W and I split up and commenced reforms for putting together [the four suits] and
(investing) the latest technology. I was in charge of "Prometheus" and "Scheherazade." Professor W created his own software and
six years later, in MC 22 ((convert that to Terran years and it easily took twelve years)) he completed {Snow White} and {Warlock}.
As far as my {Prometheus} and {Scheherazade} went, they were only about eighty percent complete by that time [#7].

We heard about how long it was taking to complete even a single machine from Preventer Master Chang. Being compared to the
five genius scientists, however, and there was nothing we could do about [how long it was taking]. They had, individually, completed
one suit in just four years--a third of the time it was taking us. Trial model {Wing Gundam 0} had been designed in AC 186 but it
[didn't leave the drawing board at first/#8] due to its excessive fighting power and high (production process) costs. Later--by AC 190,
a trial manufacture of the first {Snow White} had been completed. And then, four years later in AC 194, {XXXG-01} first edition
model was completed and the following year, "Operation Meteor" was carried out. These inspired/crack-pot scientists were caught
by "OZ" several months later and less than two months after that, the {Mercurius} and {Vayeate} were completed. With those five
scientists working together, their skills were disgustingly good.

It was First Winter of MC 21 that the only remaining Gundams were discovered. It was after the Mars Federation's first president
Miliardo had been assassinated. That machine that was secretly hidden in the Lanagrin Republic was {Gundam Epyon}, the data of
the basic plans was also in the memory of its ZERO system. Preventer had successfully hacked into that data. Master Chang used it
as a base to start manufacturing {Nataku}, which he admirably completed in about a year. I was completely beat. Naturally, the
software was something else, as it was Treize Khushrenada who designed it. Still, since I was also a Gundam pilot the same as he,
I didn't think the difference would be brought home as it had been. When I think about it, at the time ((AC195-196)) the time he had
had [to] act independently was longer compared to ours. In the intervals between intense battles, he likely prepared Shenlong and
Altron by himself ((both were called {Nataku})), painstakingly polishing each part one by one. And now, the new machine--I take my
hat off to him for the almighty focus [#9] [of his] emotional strength that's his obsession of building Gundam Epyon Bai ((this one is
also called {Nataku})).

There was another job we were to do: search for pilots to fly [the suits]. We were able to bring in Professor W's younger sister
Katrine Wood Winner and Nanashi. We heard from Father Maxwell that he'd begun training his son. We received news from Master
Chang that "Aurora Princess" who was in [cryogenic stasis] inside "sleeping beauty" had been sent to Preventer's North Pole base.
We had enough pilots for the suits. Now, he just had to complete the machines and put "Operation Mythos" into action. From the
get-go, there was no option for us to pilot. No matter how they were reformed, we couldn't respond to the reaction speed these suits
demanded. It may have not been impossible if we began training right from the basics, but that didn't leave enough time to [actually]
fly the suits. Sure enough, physical and mental abilities equal to that of Princess Aurora [#10] were necessary. We had to tolerate
Katrine's making off with the unfinished {Prometheus}. Nanashi......the one now going by the name Trowa Phobos, we made him go
after her. We considered all possibilities and then requested Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell at the Preventer North Pole base to
intercept them. And then, we ((Catherine and Professor W[, and I])) boarded the "Chouxhook 2" [#11] and left Chryse. [We]
calculated it was possible for the high-speed hovercraft Voyage, which had left from the Preventer's North Pole base, and our ship
to attack on both flanks. Katrine and Trowa Phobos had encountered [each other] at the foot of Mt. Olympus. She had prepared
forty {Maganacs} for the sake of driving back pursuers. That the Mars Federal Government maintained RMDs ((replica mobile dolls))
of Professor W's old support machines, the Maganacs, had been within the realm of possibilities. Ergo, we had {Snow White} and
{Warlock} ready to confront [the enemy]. Even so, Katrine escaped with {Prometheus} on a Mars Federal Government hover-
transort. Looks as though their predictions about the tides of war were better than ours. They knew that Phobos would give chase,
that Heero and Duo would appear [at Mr. Olympus], they knew all about everything. I don't know the details, but that Phobos--with
Catherine's training--had been led around by the nose was worthy of admiration. She really was Professor W's younger sister. I,
however, was not of such an indifferent temperament as to let that make me give up the chase.

We thought the large-scale Mars Federation transport hover craft was heading straight to Elysium from Olympus , but it had taken a
detour course towards the North Pole. I couldn't comprehend this action. When we continued to give chase, even though we didn't
grasp the situation, we allowed/made Special Officer First Class Zechs Merquise of the Lanagrin republic to attack with his {Gundam
Epyon} and {Virgo IVs}. Around the same time as that, we received a report that Master Change, in {Nataku} was going to intercept
Zechs. Things that we hadn't predicted didn't end there. Heero and Duo dashed out in {Snow White} and {Warlock} to join in that
battle. What was worse, the Mars Federation Army's aerial division appeared over Mt. Olympus. [The area] was sprinkled with five
hundred unmanned flying Mars suits. If such a large corps had been prepared for [taking care of] Master Chang and the others, and
against Zechs, then we would be forced to go out to support them 488/2/5-7. Was there a chance this aerial division's fierce attack
was a countermeasure meant to prevent [us] from pursuing? Was it a two sided attack meant to acquire all our machines? If that
was the case, I'd grossly underestimated the girl Katrina. There was also the possibility that Naina and Milu behind us were more
strategists of foresight.

No, that was not possible.

The directions of Katrine's actions and the developments with the aerial division were [traveling on] different vectors. Despite the
timing, there was no cooperation [between them]. If things were going to develop on a scale as large as this, certainly [the aerial
division] ought to have been standing by at the foot of Mt. Olympus. As long as the tactician wasn't a fool 488/3/13, it was
unthinkable to have such an unbalanced net [in which to catch us]. In point of fact, the Mars Federal Government went out [to
Olympus] all in a panic after confirming via observation satellite that {Gundam Epyon} had left from the Lanagrin Republic. For a
moment, [I?] expected we'd give up on recapturing {Prometheus} but it looked as though it wouldn't come to that. When we arrived
at the battlefield, the unmanned Mars suits had all been purged by the appearance of {Tallgeese Heaven}. That was a result of the
pilot Cyrene Wind having used the "nano-defensers." That man had continued fighting without [even] declaring to which camp he
belonged. I believed/could fathom that was the case this time as well. Sure enough, {Snow White} and {Warlock} were able to join
us without enemy fire from {Tallgeese Heaven}. We headed towards Master Chang and {Nataku} and Trowa Phobos in "Voyage."
They (weren't allowed to) participate in the battle that occurred as we pursued. Those two were physically and mentally past their
limits. If one is going to use the word limit, but if we didn't keep them close at hand, there was no telling what Duo or Heero would

Minutes later, the noisy troublemaker and unusually calm problem child appeared on the bridge.

"You know where Katrine is going, don't you?" As soon as he ran into the room, Duo was hollering out his discontent. "What are you
chasing 'em in this old jalopy for? Ain't the 'Voyage' a sight faster?!" Like his father, he only complained as an adult 489/1/11<. I
passed by him and stood before Heero, who I hand't seen in a long time.

"Thank you for coming, Heero Yuy."

His eyes narrowed slightly and he said, "Trowa, huh?" He muttered the name I'd used a long time ago. I planned on not wearing a
mask anymore, but it may have been difficult for Heero to pick up on that.

"Heero! Wow, you're just like you were back in the day!" Professor W said with admiration as he sought to shake hands.
"......Quatre, hm?" Was all he said, not responding to the [attempted handshake] as he blinked several times. It seemed he was the
acme of fatigue.

"Ha ha ha......we're all just completely changed. Oops, you don't do silly things like shake hands, right? 489/2/8-9"


"Yo, pops! Aren't you forgetting someone?" Shouted Duo in an even louder voice. "Come on! Can this bucket even give proper

"......Oi." Heero addressed Professor W and me. "His voice is echoing in my head."

"I agree......" I looked at Katherine who was standing behind me with her arms crossed. "Would you mind, elder sister?"

"I'm not really in the mood......" [She] cast a quick glancing glare in Duo's direction. "This isn't training, wouldn't it be abuse?"

"There won't be a problem if you do it with love."

"I hope I can go easy on him."

Duo seemed to feel Catherine's bloodlust in her gaze [#12].

"Wha.....what, ma'a--" Before he could finished speaking, she landed an intense punch on the saucy brat's face. He easily flew
several meters. Catherine's flow of movement, however, didn't end there. Turning elegantly to Heero's back, *bonk*......she hit the
nape of his neck with the palm of her hand.

"Ung......" Just then, he lost consciousness and fell down. "......" Just as I thought. They'd put up a good front but really, they could
barely stand.

"Did you not ease up enough?" Professor W asked as he made to help Heero.

"I did for this one [Heero], but that one [Duo] used a taboo word." Since he didn't finish saying it, it was probably closer to a lynching
than training.

"Yeowch! Geeze!" Duo said, standing and with a swollen cheek. "I thought you were a girl, so I let my guard down......" I was
astonished. Not fainting after receiving one of those blows was pretty promising.

"Do you normally go around hitting people?" He came striding over. But Catherine didn't hesitate to give him a threatening look.

"Just so you know, you need to choose your words [wisely]! When you address me, you shall use elder sister Catherine or Miss
Catherine [#13]!" Duo's eyes widened [like dinner plates]. "The next time you use a taboo word, I'll pop you one so hard, your
cheeky face'll swell up like a balloon!"

"O-okay......" He felt the truth of Catherine's word or something because he grudgingly seemed to acquiesce.
"Be polite! You should say 'Yes, Miss Catherine.'" Catherine entered training mode.

"Yes, Miss......Catherine." Duo's eyes were downcast and he was at a loss for words. I was impressed with his unexpected

"I, for one, try no to fly in the face (lit: rebel against) an older woman."

"Does that apply to the Peacecraft ladies, too?" I poked a little fun at him.

"That's stupid! They're the enemy, yo!"

"Right.....you pass."

As Professor W made Heero rest in the medical capsule, he had been calmly analyzing.

"Let's send Duo after all."

"Yeah, he should be okay if he could sit in {Warlock} for so long and still have so much energy left."


The distribution of stamina was very familiar to his body, [whether by] very much experience or by the skill of Father's special
training. Also, regarding Catherine's punch, his instantly dodging the point where force was applied makes me think he's been
properly trained in defense, too. He was probably naturally endowed with his physical abilities and moving body eyesight [#14]. You
might call him a natural born soldier. But he was nothing like me. Naturally, [he? was] something entirely different from Professor W
and Catherine. And it felt like he had a different nature from Father.

Maybe he was missing something.
Maybe he had too much of something.

I didn't yet know what that something was, what that difference was.

"Is Heero okay like that?"

"His former power haven't yet returned to its previous level as much as he thinks."

Basically, there should be no way Heero Yuy could collapse under one of Catherine's karate chops, he ought to have turned around
and retalliated by the time she had taken half a step. Though Duo's getting punched should have sharpened him, he was too off his
guard. Locking the medical capsule, Professor W spoke, "Using the 'ZERO system' once or so shouldn't leave him so
fatigues......looks like [we? he?] idolized/worshipped the long hibernation 491/3/1-4."

If we sent {Snow White} to the battlefield like this, [he] might self-destruct at the slightest mistake. Of all the pieces [people] under
our control, Heero Yuy's (existence) was of the utmost importance. [We/I] wanted him to take care of himself.
Duo's large eyes shone over-bright as he said, "So, there's nothing to stop me from killing Relena Peacecraft?"

"You needn't worry about that......that woman cannot be killed by you." President Relena wasn't that soft of a woman.

The large hover craft in which Prometheus had been loaded headed South from Borealis Ocean and on towards Arcadia. If they
continued to take a westerly course, they'd come up on the Elysium Sea where the Furekurafu Islands are [#15]. I had Duo prepare
to sally forth and make "Chouxhook 2" surface. Standing on the deck in a black cloak was {Warlock}.

"Warlock, check!" Duo reported when he had finished pre-launch preliminaries. His voice was so energetic it made me wonder just
how much energy he really had 429/1/1-2. Professor W delivered the latest news via monitor correspondence.

"Duo-kun [#16], twelve Mars suits have launched from Elysium Island. All of them have pilots......I'm afraid the ones to be
intercepting you will be--"

"Naina-neechan [#17] and her {Merciless Fairies}, huh?"

"I believe so."

"Good......as opponents, they're a good match!"

What a brat.

He was grinning like the "Cheshire Cat" from a certain picture book. He didn't panic even when it was twelve against one. There was
[something] I had to tell this joke-cracking cut-up [and do so] in no uncertain terms.

"Listen, around here, there is a (tide current) called 'jet current.' It's fast and strong. No matter what, don't even thing about a water

"Warlock, roger!"

"I'm going to start the MSS ((magnetic sandstorm))!"


"Warlock, take off."

"Hit it!"

Together with a magnetic sandstorm, the black caped mobile suit took off. His departing figure looked like a bat with its jet black
wings stretched out.

I made "Chouxhook 2" dive. On the bridge, Professor W was in charge of analyzing the tide of war; Catherine got to work as
operator. I was the pilot--I was pretty bored since I switched on the autopilot. I crossed my arms and settled deeply into my chair,
just as if I were the captain. Professor W didn't make to sit down. He'd told me before that it was easier to read the military situation
standing up. Catherine immediately detected a blip on the enemy detection radar.
"One suit has broken off from the {Merciless Fairies}......it's taking a course to make contact with Duo."

The image of the main monitor was still filled with snow. And on the radar was a digital image from the hacked weather satellite,
doctored [#18] by ZERO.

Beside us, Professor W murmured, "They're able to completely read the movements of the sandstorm."

"I may have overestimated him a bit."

"Maybe you did. In this situation, there's a part for Naina Peacecraft."

"I checked the discrepancies of the enemy. It's the 'Queen of Hearts'!"

Just as Professor W had predicted.

"From the perspective of Duo-kun's character, he wouldn't do a thing like hide himself in a sandstorm."

"Yeah, he'd probably come flying out in happy, high spirits."

"You're both right. Just now, Warlock has flown out of the MSS!" [Catherine said.]

The image feed on the main monitor switched from the sandstorm. In its place appeared the image of the Queen and Warlock
encountering each other.

"Hey, you doing okay, Naina-neechan!" Warlock's flashing scythe was swung down. That was firmly caught by the Queen of Hearts'
beam sword. Compared to a beam saber, [her beam sword] had higher output and more size.

"Yes! It's been a while, Duo!" Crackling sparks of light gushed out around the area. The place they had landed upon was a small
volcanic island in the Furekurafu Archipelago. With [something] to spare, Warlock threw off the beam sword and fell back far enough
to allow his beam scythe to move in an arc.

"I came by to take care of some small business."

The Queen of Hearts raised the shield in her hand to eye level and stood constantly at the ready.

"Why, the storm's cleared, isn't the weather nice?"

[Warlock] was probably a distance far enough to evade attacks by the skin of his teeth.

"I've brought lunch with me!"

The best method for competing with a beam scythe is, after first evading the first swing, to enter the internal circumference of the arc
and before the second swing can be paid out, rain sword blows down upon [the scythe bearer]. Naina seemed to be calculating that
very thing.
"Nice, that!" Duo attacked instantly. In synch with [his attack], the Queen of Hearts retreated at high speed and dodged the beam
scythe's first swing.

"I brought sandwiches." Niana shot/fired her burners to the max and speedily dove inside the swing-arc. "Shall we eat together?"
The Queen of Hearts stuck her beam sword straight out in front. A section of the black hooded cape was torn. However, only a
shadow of Duo's Warlock remained and he dodged the hit from the beam sword.

"Sandwiches, you say?" There was value in that agile evasion. Moreover, the chain of actions taken from behind the Queen of
Hearts was appropriately advanced. He utilized the auto-balancers skillfully. It was a speed that would make an ordinary pilot lose

"You don't mean....?" [Duo said.] Although he'd circled round to [her] back, he went to the trouble of speaking before heaving the
beam scythe. There was an explosion, but it was the Queen's shield which was destroyed.

"I made them myself! The kind that Sister Hilde taught me to make!" The Queen of Hearts jumped and bore the attack. Warlock
followed, leaping into the sky. Mars gravity, having only one third the pull of Earth's, allowed both suits to leap wonderfully high.

"For real?"

"Have I ever lied?"

The Queen released the built-in attack vulcan [cannon/#19]. The damage from even a direct hit was small, but more than enough to
[allow her to get] the slip.

"Of course, there's tomato." Pushing the moment [ALT: Taking advantage of the moment], she once again swung the beam sword.
"Mustard and mayonnaise!" She put the out-thrust sword's power to the max, extended it spearlike, and paid out continuous, sharp
'stabs.' Naina's pilot skills weren't half bad. She displayed straight up close-quarters combat that was enough to surpass Warlock's
specialty of circular close-quarters attacking. Despite being a customized Mars suit, in man-to-man combat, there was no way it
could fight equally against Warlock. But when I imagined her piloting Prometheus, a chill ran down my spine. Of course, Duo, who
evaded every hit from the Queen's chain of attack, had accomplished a (fighting power) of a high standard. Just--

"Damn, I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse and chase the rider! [#20]"

[The fight would be amazing/#21] if it weren't for all the chitter-chatter. Listening to their voices alone and one would think they were
really on a picnic.

"I have the chicken and ham you like, too."

"You really went all out, huh?"


"It's not my birthday today."
"Something special since it's been so long."

If they were being so talkative in the midst of a fierce battle, the (level of value) might increase all the more [if they didn't talk at all].
Both suits touched down again on the volcanic island, still facing each other. Without waiting for a lead, Warlock was the first to
shoot out.

"Alright......I surrender already."

Duo carried out an attack of words and estranged violent speed 493/3/4-5<.

"So, isn't there some place quite to lay out the sheet? [#22]" Naina was the same, but she had undoubtedly finished reading the
rhythm of Warlock's attack. [She?] effectively, without waste, avoided him 494/1/2. And it was unlikely they'd throw any unexpected

"I'm cool with anywhere......if I can eat!"

"I don't like this rocky terrain." The Queen of Hearts whose beam sword had been perfectly straight so far instantly changed to an
arc (motion) and made [the sword] synchronized with the beam scythe's movement. When Warlock drew the arc of a figure 8, the
sword retaliated with an infinitely symbol.

"Didn't we eat on junk piles when we were at the orphanage?"

"Taking off on your own when it was time for prayers, right?"

The Queen of Hearts focused her power at the point where the two circles met. No sooner had that happened then Warlock's beam
scythe was (unfortunately) shot way off in the distance.

"Remember how Sister Hilde was so angry afterwards?"

I couldn't see his face in the cockpit, but I could tell from his voice that he was still smiling like the Cheshire Cat. From beneath the
black cloak, Warlock withdrew a second beam scythe. There was no way Naina could not have been surprised by that, but--

"Sister's stranglehold." She sounded like she was snickering at the memory.

"Man, that hurt for real!" The attack started up again. The Queen fought back.

"Have you seen her since then?"

"Nah, I've had to babysit Father Crapswell this whole time."

The circular tracks both of them were cutting steadily/rapidly picked up speed.

"Oh, speaking of which, what is Father doing? Is he working like he should? Is he doing okay?"

"He's so happy, he could die!"
"Ah ha ha ha, that's what I thought!"

When their [weapons'] velocity reached its peak, one hit from the Queen sent Warlock's second scythe flying. If this were a fight
between swordsmen who didn't use cheap tricks, Naina's Queen had overpowered Duo's Warlock.

"Do you remember that one Christmas?"

The Queen's beam sword appeared to be still jabbed into Warlock. That, however, was an afterimage.

"The one with the weird cosplay [#22.5], right!"

Warlock had instantly moved dozens of meters to the rear. There laid both of his beam scythes.

"That was funny, wasn't it?"

"Just thinking about it makes me [laugh so hard] my stomach hurts."

Warlock picked up [a scythe] in each hand, and showed he was going to fight two-scythe style. This time, he drew a double-track
figure 8.

"No, that's......jsut because you're hungry."

If it was me, I think I would have used that move from the very start, but [Duo] may have wanted to take a trump card. Warlock
approached the Queen as he swayed trickily to the left and right. There wasn't space to [break into] the two-scythe circular
movements. There was a fine time difference between the inner and outer (circumferences), making it difficult to get the rhythm. If
she carelessly jumped inside those moving circles, she'd probably get ripped to pieces without being able to so much as parry.
Nevertheless, the Queen boldly came attacking. It was a 'thrust' fast unlike any other before. Evenso, the two beam scythes crossed
in an instant and completely caught the beam sword between them. This time, it was the beam sword that was thrown way off in the

"Argh! I'm hungry! Now that I think about it, I haven't eaten anything since breakfast!"

"Well, why don't you seriously surrender?" Surprisingly, the Queen of Hearts took a bazooka from off her shoulder and set its sights
on Warlock. If she fired from that distance, [Duo] could not use his (alter ego/otherself) or be mistaken for the afterimage [resultant]
from (anomalous movement).

"Okay! Time out!" Duo contacted us via commlink. That guy was unbelievable. By that commlink, the location of 'Chouxhook 2'
would be made known.

"Doktor T, this is Warlock!"

Catherine yelled her response at the radar screen, "At least eleven suits are fast approaching this submersible aircraft carrier!"

"Duo, did I not tell you not to do anything funny?"
Professor W laughed innocently.

"I've confirmed the two closest crafts! Ace of Spades! Jack of Spades!"

The Ace and Jack of Spades, hm. We'd been dealth some pretty hight cards. This is 'Blackjack' after all. As for their mobility, those
two were the best among the {Merciless Fairies}. I had a bad feeling about that.

"Oi, Doktor T, answer me!"


"We wanna make a ceasefire......"

"No," I flat out refused.

Catherine continued, "I've confirmed the next wave of four suits! Eight of Hearts, Eight of Diamonds, Eight of Spades, Eight of

"Four of a kind......" When I muttered that, Professor W immediately negated it.

"That's the Eight Enders from Daifugou [#23]......they might be trying to effect a Revolution."

Daifugou? I didn't know that card game.

"Revolution is where the highest cards turn into the lowest. In this scenario, it probably means the Joker will become the weakest."

I sighed.

"I'm interested in the design [on the] Joker card."


"Is the design a 'warlock'? [#24]"


"Or is it a 'clown'?"

After Professor W thought about it a bit, he slowly said, "I'm sure it's both of them."

To Be Continued..

#1 - This line is repeated because, in the raw text, the English appears first followed by the Japanese translation. Funnily enough,
apparently Japanese people know enough English to not require this repetition for the Caterpillar's "Who are you?". Also, apologize
for the crazy punctuation. There are single and double quotes all over the place in this opening passage.

#2 - very literal translation, but I might also use "I continued to smother my emotions."

#3 - This is another love-hate word. It's totally natural in Japanese to exclaim, "Oh, nostalgic!" but in English, it just sounds stupid.
Maybe I should just give in and use "back in the day" or some such similar phrase.

#4 - near as I can tell, this is supposed to be Trois Rivieres Rum which, according to http://www.specialitybrands.com/Trois-
Rivieres-Rum.htm that site, actually IS a fermented beverage. However, I wonder if something cane be "fresh" and "fermented" at
the same time... Also interesting: Trois is part of the name.

#5 - Unlike single MALT, which apparently uses exclusively malted barley, single CASK means the contents of the bottle of the
finished product all came from the same barrel and typically applies bourbon, but sometimes is used for rye/malt whiskeys, too.

#5.5 - Despite the way it sounds, they apparently go for spirits a day or two or whatever AFTER Quatre first sees Trowa's act. The
only way I can explain this is: Quatre's seen Trowa's act but Trowa didn't notice Quatre. Eh.

#6 - Literally, this says "Me, too!" or "Me, neither!" but this grammatical form cannot be used with Trowa's statement that he's not
using the name "Trowa Barton" because Quatre was never Trowa, so I changed it.

#7 - I have no idea why the raw text flip flops between using double Japanese quotes and double greater-than/less-than signs for
denominating Gundam names, but it does. And glaringly so here, since the two styles are right next to each other.

#8 - my canon is rusty, but I have the impression Operation Meteor started with the original 5 pilots descending to earth in their
gundams, notably Heero in Wing. During the actual series, we see Quatre making Wing 0 and after Heero's already flown Wing,
gets to use WIng 0...but that might be wrong.

#9 - haaa, 唯一点 is what's written, but I can figure out what it is beyond the sum of its parts. Which is not often a very good
indication of meaning.

#10 - Well, the written word is "Princess Aurora" but the furigana (which is a superscript used to inform the reader USUALLY of how
to read kanji that are either outside the usual vocabulary and/or being used with atypical readings, but it's also used as a standard
practice in manga and the like targeted at an audience that may not know all the kanji being used.) says "Heero Yuy." Usually, I
defer to the furigana but not here because I think it's interesting Heero's got this new code name.

#11 - place holder footnote. I can't find anything for ショーフック2 online, but I believe it's French because the "2" is furigana-ed
with "deaux". The only "shou" I know of, however, are choux al a creme for "cream puff" and a handful of vegetable names. Neither
of which seem apropos for a submersible ship.

#12 - yeah, i think this part sounds dumb, too. I must not be getting the right feeling, because it sure as shit sounds like Catherine's
got issues about beating the stuffing out of Duo because he's not in training (although Doktor T says Fat Max was doing Duo's
training...) and then has a bloodlust filled gazed. But there it is, and there you are.

#13 - I am aware the population of English speakers who actually address their siblings by their filial relationship is probably quite
small (even smaller, perhaps, the ones deign to distinguish elder and younger). However, there IS a blatant politeness connotation
in Japanese between calling your sibling by their NAME (which older siblings tend to do for younger ones) and their TITLE (which
younger ones tend to do for older ones). More age equates higher status and requires a more "polite" pronoun.

#14 - Er, this might mean "hand eye coordination" but this particular combo of kanji isn't in my dictionaries, and that seems like an
odd word to lack.

#15 - I poked around quite a bit on Wiki looking for a likely candidate for this feature of Mars and came up with bupkis XDDD The
original Japanese word is フレクラフ諸島

#16 - Again, just another social hierarchy thing going on here, but again, since "kun" and "chan" aren't used often (and Catherine
flips her shit if you don't comply with her desires) I figure it's better to leave it in there. JUST in case you don't know, -kun in a
diminutive ending typically given to young boys (although, apparently, students male or female may be called "Blahblah-kun." and
I've know many parents to call their little boys "Blahblah-chan" because it's "cute.")

#17 - and this is where the need for social hierarchy demarcations and the desire to be familiar clash as "neesan" is polite for older
but the "san" is replaced with "chan." No great implications beyond the fact that Duo seems to truly enjoy Naina's company.

#18 - The actual word is one I never quite figured out that is literally "calculation disposal" and this is apparently the main function of
the ZERO system. If memory serves correct, all my English references to the ZERO system seem to say that ZERO calculated an
infinite number of possible courses of actions and/or recommends the best one to take given a certain situation. In Frozen Teardrop,
the system was used to combine two accounts of the same event and give the most truthful account, and in that regard, I suppose
"doctor" is an okay way to describe what ZERO is doing here. eh.

#19 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vulcan_cannon this gun looks cool, also, Heavyarms has some of these.

#20 - Literally, this is more like "My stomach is murderously empty" but let's be honest: so hungry I could eat a horse and chase the
rider is pretty damn awesome.

#21 - Duo's comment about how hungry he is bisects Trowa's sentence and it sound *meh* to me in Japanese, but in English, I
didn't think it came out very well (well, hell, the whole conversation between Duo and Naina is constantly breaking up Trowa's
narration/vice-versa). So I stuck in that phrase to make it flow better. Literally, it just says "That's how it would be if it weren't for the

#22 - Culture note: you may know Japanese penchant for cleanliness: using oshibori to wipe hands clean before eating, removing
shoes before entering a house (wiping the wheels of your suitcase before bringing it inside, washing the dog's feet after taking it for
a walk), keeping shoes off any sort of seat, etc. This also means it's unusual for Japanese people to actually SIT on the ground.
Paved, gravel, grass, whatever it is, they will have some sort of covering upon which to sit (and of course, you take your shoes off
before getting ON that covering, too). Most typically, this is not a blanket, but a tarp which the Japanese call "shiito" after the English
"sheet." Unlike a tarp, however, they're usually emblazoned with cute characters (Disney is by far the most prevalent and plain old
blue sheets are unpopular as those are favored by the homeless) and quite often about a meter square for individual use. It is to this
sort of ground covering to which Niana is referring.

#22.5 - Just in case you don't know, "cosplay" is when someone dressed up like a particular character. In the west, I believe the type
of dress is exclusively from anime. In Japan, "cosplay" can be any kind of costume (the "cos" of "cosplay" comes from costume) and
outside various nerd circles, seems to refer to people who like to role play with costumes for erotic purposes.
#23 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daifugō This is apparently "like" the American game "Asshole" or "President" but Wiki also says it's
an American game. Seems pretty involved (especially if you're supposed to play it as a drinking game, but it seems like it's a family
game in Japan). What's sort of interesting is that Trowa thinks the move being executed is "Eight Enders" but Quatre thinks it's
"Revolution." In the card game, an eight enders move (which really DOES NOT need to have ALL the eights played at once, so
perhaps that's what makes Quatre refuse Trowa's idea...funny that Trowa would HAVE an idea if he's unfamiliar with the game,
though...) can (does?) end that specific "trick" (I'm not enough of a card player to know what a "trick" is).

#24 - well, I have never heard of a joker card having a warlock on it and a quick wiki image search showed only jokers and/or joker
like things, but whatever.

Tags: nocturne of sorrow

Frozen Teardrop, Nocturne of Sorrow IV

MC File 4 (middle part)

I had to make a decision calmly. There was a need for me to see the battlefield from an overall (lit:
overlook) point of view and read the situation of the area appropriately. The two cards we had on the
field were two "Jokers"--"Warlock" and "Pierrot." On the opposing side, the "Merciless Fairies" had
twelve cards altogether--the Queen of Hearts, the Ace and Jack of Spades, four Eights, and I didn't
know what the remaining five were. Currently, the battle between Warlock and Queen of Hearts had
entered a deadlock. Two mars suits capable of flight modes were fast approaching our "Chouxhook
2" for "BLACKJACK." Additionally, but still at some distance, four Mars suits capable of submersion
were approaching through the water for a "Revolution."

"Duo-kun is the one controlling the scene afterall, huh."

When Professor W had admired [Duo's actions] and said 'Now that's different,' this is apparently
what he was talking about.

"That time [i.e. just now], the timing of his communication was intentional. He apportioned
"BLACKJACK" and "Revolution" [#1] here; his goal was to alleviate his own burden."

So it was that brat who was dealing the cards. Meaning that once he understood his opponent the
Queen of Hearts was a stronger enemy than expected, he commutated half of the enemies to come
next. I could have agreed with Professor W's 'Ahh, I see,' but it was actually bothersome for us to
have to clean up [after Duo].

"Professor, you don't have any strategic moves, do you?" I knew it was pointless to ask.

"I got nothing. Isn't it you, Doktor, who whould have known this situation would have come about?"
[ALT: Wasn't something like this in your list of possibilities (lit: assumptions), Doktor?]
I had been conversely asked a question which I could not feasibly answer.

"......" I bit my tongue. Honestly, I hadn't made any assumptions. My whole objective was to
'Recapture Prometheus,' not 'Triumph Over the Merciless Fairies.' But the developments as they
currently stood for achieving that purpose meant we couldn't help but acknowledge this battle
418/2/7-9. If that's the case, then it had been overly optimistic of me to estimate that Warlock alone
could handle the heavy battle and strategic/tactical burden of taking on twelve Mars suits. That brat
Duo pointed out that my judgement was 'dull' and, moreover, my deficieny in judgement came back
[to bite me]. It's not like Heero Yuy would ever have done something like this. He'd characteristically
take it all on by himself. He'd decide that was his duty and go fight. That is the determination of a
noble soldier 418/3/10 [#2] A determined pilot doesn't falter. However, in Duo's case, he demanded
our teamwork and forcibly ordered us to take on half of the six [#3] suits. The guy was oddly fresh
with us--people whom he'd pretty much just met. There was an amount of affability, too. But no
charm. No, it was better to say he was saucy [#4]. When I thought about him in the cockpit smiling a
Cheshire cat smile, I felt my supposedly empty heart well up with even more 'anger.' But still, I wasn't
thinking I'd put up with the weird stop-gap measures in a case like this.

"Roger--" I said quietly, standing up and taking the submersible aircraft carrier's control stick in hand.

"From here on out, battle operations will consider every possibility." I decided to show them just what
a "JOKER" could do [#5].

"Attaboy, Doktor T!" Catherine clasped her hands and smiled.

First of all, how to shake off the "BLACKJACK." As for what kind of backup Duo, who was both
'game maker' [#6] and 'dealer' both, was seeking--that answer we could puzzle out for ourselves.
That is, he'd wanted to direct the enemy's focus to us. As long as they knew the position of the
submersible aircraft carrier, "Chouxhook 2", there was no question about the Ace and Jack fo
Spades attacking us with depth charges. If we dove deep and fast, we could eschew the first wave
[attack], but we'd lose speed and sooner or later it was self-evident that the four Eights (spreading
out) in the water would run us down. The water-adjusted Mars suits, with their easy maneuverability
in small places, certainly had cast and ensnaring net from all four directions, and would surely be
robbing us of the opportunity to attack. If that was the case--. We could play the 'clown' for a long
time by surfacing and attacking the 'BLACKJACK.' And maybe--. This battle will become a "seesaw"
game. The current circumstances are unfavorable, but sooner or later the time will come for us to
have the advantage. But all we could do until that opportunity came knocking was to maintain the
weird tightrope-walking-like behavior. In this case--it wasn't to my liking, but we could only take
passive coping measures. However, we couldn't hold a high wire balance bar. It was all that
impudent, initiative-taking brat's fault. And there were only a few seconds before our encounter with
the approaching "BLACKJACK."

"Uptrim 40! Chouxhook 2, commence surfacing!"

I decided to launch all our anti-aircraft missiles at the same time as our surfacing. I didn't think it
would be enough to stop them. I planned on making a preemptive attack and waiting to see what
tack the [enemy] would take. However, a few meters from the surface of the water, the
"BLACKJACK" had thrown down an enormous number of depth charges. They'd been dropped
perfectly. There was a horrendous impact. It seemed as though several had been fired. Through the
violent rocking of the ship, I did not release the control stick. My consciousness, however, was on
maintaining equilibrium; our speed fell down a notch. That lead our angle of surfacing to lower and
raise the probability of direct hits from the depth charges. No regrets. That is my pride. On the
operation monitor, the red blinking launch points increased. Everything was my responsibility.

"Was that a mistake just now?" Professor W pointed out the delay in my navigating.

"Happens all the time on the high-wire."

I made no excuses. That was also my pride. It was a happy thing that the propeller and missile
hangar and bow torpedo tubes were undamaged. Even as the [depth charge] launches kept
increasing, I doggedly continued with the surfacing. I felt my age. I didn't think that there'd be a
(place) when I could compensate for my mistakes from here on out. I felt I was (already) different
from my former self. Chouxhook 2 finally broke through the water surface. Where we came up was a
battle field [filled] with numerous columns of water caused by the explosions. The violently high seas
were jolting and large. Even so, I somehow maintained stability and launched all missiles stored
below deck. There wasn't time to fix my aim. The two shots in front of me didn't fire on account of the
[previous] firing which made the storage hatch unable to open. As for the ten anti-aircraft missiles
that hadn't fixed on a target, they flew left, right, and center, drawing various arcs in the red sky. I
was holding onto the faint hope that at least one would land a lucky hit. But the Ace and Jack of
Spades weren't about to give me the satisfaction. Every [missile] was evaded.

"Oh, pity, that," Professor W said tonelessly. He spoke like he expected them all to miss from the
beginning. "That's surely because my assistance wasn't sufficient."

"......" I stayed quiet, thinking this was surely a time one ought to compliment his partner. The
problem, however, was the move that came after "BLACKJACK." I immediately prepared to dive.
Just then, Catherine reported from the radar monitor what she was looking at:

"The Ace and Jack of Spades have turned around, they're falling back into airspace."

"Really?" The second wave would be an arial bombardment. The first wave attack had been
unexpectedly light 420/1/3-4. No, it might be better to think of it as tactical actions. On the sub-
screen of the radar monitor, I confirmed that the two suits from "BLACKJACK" had turned around
and flown away. Their goal [was/is?], on a tactical level, not only to keep "Chouxhook 2" under their
thumbs 420/2/5, but also they were hoping for battle to conclude in the water.

"Did we [just] get caught?" Professor W came asking. The "BLACKJACK" certainly may have just
been meant to lure us above the water.

"No, this suits us just fine."
It was within the realm of expectations. From the outset, I'd been shooting those four Eights. I didn't
know if it was "Eight Enders" or "Revolution" but I wanted to get rid of those submarine-capable Mars
suits first. "Go full speed ahead." Without switching to rapid submersion, I decided to [plunge]
straight into the water at full battle speed.

I confirmed the tiny sun sinking down on the southeast horizon. Ahead of us I could see the
nameless volcanic island Duo et al were on, and far behind it, Elysium Island.

"Neesan, I want you to inform me of the sonar response whenever necessary."

"OK! Leave it to me," Catherine replied briskly with an earphone in her left ear. Professor W was

"Are you planning to careen [right into the water] just like this?"


Professor W seemed to already have read what I was thinking of doing.

"I think it's kind of risky."

"There's no such thing as a battle without risks."

"You're the same as always."

"While we're waiting, there's been no change to our high wire [act]." Making the large aircraft carrier
Chouxhook 2 dive and charge [lead it to] meet resistance from the ocean current and lose
remarkable speed. A water-borne battle also bore the risk of being swept away by an unexpected jet
current. Another feasible possibility was for the Ace and Jack of Spades to turn around again and
come attacking, but I suspected that they wouldn't. Because there was [an element of] danger in
getting involved with the four Eights. So, where had they turned around and flown off to? The other
"JOKER"--they may have headed towards "Warlock." In which case, [it was up to me] to make a
killer pass. He ought to feel a little sorry about bossing around his older comrade. I prepared for my
next move.

"(Fully) load torpedo tubes one and two!" Catherine confirmed the spiral sound via sonar.

"The four Eights are in a state of deployment/spreading out and are charging."

"Professor, what do you think those guys think of this ship's mobility?"

"Hmm. If [they have] the standard power of judgement, then they likely see us as merely a reckless
special attack corps that won't evade [an attack]."

"But if they're calm pilots, I think they wouldn't be afraid and are calculating the torpedo timing."

"If they're the type of guys to decide on a "Revolution," then they're the latter." 421/1/11-12.

"Yes......We are the "JOKER." The weakest. So they're taking us lightly. There's a chance to take
advantage of that."

"Somehow dodging the first strike, that's crucial."

"Being somehow unhittable."

"Relax, I'm flying......" When Professor W heard that, he chuckled to himself.

"Well, I have faith in you, Doktor T. But accidents happen."


He seemed to be talking about my navigating mistake when we surfaced just then. There was a
peculiarity in how that man took on the years. If he were the younger [Quatre], he'd probably be a
little more respectful of his partner. Ahead of us, the four Eight's were spread out and traveling
straight for us in one line.

"Sonar detection! The enmy has fired eight torpedoes!" Catherine reported calmly. The four Eights
had launced the eight torpedoes that had been outfitted on both of their arms. Thanks to that, we
could specify their distance and location.

"Roger." I dodged the eight torpedoes with [a moved called a] tornado and continued by launching
the two bow torpedoes.

"Perfect hit this time......that's our Doktor." The timing of the tornado and torpedo launch was an
extremely difficult move. I wasn't waiting for any compliments, but there probably had been a better
way to say that. But I didn't have the time to [acknowledge] everything the Professor said.

"Nee-san!" Catherine immediately took the earphone out. The two torpedoes I'd fired blew up in front
of the "Revolution." This was called a wired electric sound torpedo, and it could (steal) an enemy
pilot's sight and hearing by issuing a vast volume of high frequency supersonic foam/bubbles over a
large area. In a basic submersible, [the lieutenant in charge of] the sub-sonar would have to be
immediately relieved, but that wasn't possible in the submersible Mars suits. There were no means
for situations like these to be handled because of their [upgraded/improved] mobility [#7]. Now, in the
area of the sea below, a big panic was supposed to be happening. If they were normal Mars suit
pilots, they would surface and try to escape, but as could be expected of the "Revolution," they
predicted they'd be sniped at as they ascended and instead appeared to be diving deeper into the
ocean. They probably intended to wait for there "ears" and "eyes" to return to normal. There was
there for an interval of several seconds.
"The four Eights are also (brilliant), huh......I thought one at least would surface. It was a good bluff to
fire all the missiles at first......this is all according to Doktor's calculation, right?"

I'd decided to ignore any more ironic commentary. The results were alright, at any rate. Now, it was
possible to break through at once. I purged the wires for the (wired electric sonic torpedoes) and
gave Chouxhook 2 more speed. In the water immediately before us, the powerful, high speed jet
current lay waiting. That earned us several minutes until the ["Revolution"] could pinpoint our location
and track us.

Away on the distant horizon, the small sun was setting. Professor W spoke, his eyes narrowed
against the golden light.

"Yeah.....this time, it's our turn to make the first move."

"Well, {Snow White} and "seven dwarves" [#8], right?"

"Of course they're there, but......" I returned. "Do you mean to pilot {Snow White}, Professor?"

"I can release Heero's bio-lock [#9]......couldn't even someone like me be allowed to make a hit if I hit
the deck on my stomach and fired? 422/1/8-9"

Aside from the two "JOKER" cards in a deck, there were cases where a "white card" [#10] without
any markings was included--that would be {Snow White}. We has one more different card ready, that
[card] might be the "jackpot," but I couldn't deny that it could also [make us] "fold." I had no intention
of playing Maurice Ravel's "Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte" [#11].

"Nee-san, how's Duo?"

"About that......"

I followed her eyes and when I saw the monitor, I was amazed. Warlock and the Queen of Hearts
were not fighting. Duo and Naina had left their cockpits and were contentedly stuffing their faced with
sandwiches at the foot of their suits on a picnic sheet [#12].

"Maybe [the sandwiches] were about to go off." Professor W was smiling.

"That's one trick I can't do."

"That must be the height of Duo's concentration."

"No wonder his stamina (distribution) is so good."

I wanted to say he could knock it off with the [jabs at my expense].
Catherine was also dissatisfied, "Unbelievable! Those two are enemies, aren't they?"

I agreed with her sentiment, but I spoke the truth without blanching [#13], "But they're apparently
[still] friends who grew up at the same orphanage."

"Their faces are smiling as they eat, but not their eyes. Perhaps Duo-kun is waiting for [the right]


"The sun will be setting shortly......" That was the only (aim) that made sense.

Professor explained in easily understood terms to Catherine, "Warlock is at his best at night."

"But can't Naina Peacecraft predict as much?"

"That looks like Duo's special ability. He puts 'the connection of person to person' above all else.
Everybody and anybody ends up following his pace, one after the other."

"Tell me, Professor......" The word connection alone couldn't explain that happy face. "How should
we interpret the direction of that relationship?"

"I don't quite understand it myself." After thinking a bit, Professor W spoke, "Surely it could be a
'bond' couldn't it?"

Is that what it was? [That] something he had and we didn't. Even though they're enemies, even
though they're in the battlefield, [he/they] couldn't imagine losing that essential relationship 422/3/8-
9. We had endeavored to lose such relationships in the past.

Duo and Naina were discussing something. I enlarged the image of them to the greatest possible
extent and put them on the monitor side by side.

"What are they saying?"

"Uh......Duo-kun said, 'Whew, I'm stuffed. That was great.' He's giving his opinion on the
sandwiches." The Professor was good at lip-reading.

"'Mayonnaise and mustard are awesome.' 'Good.' 'But the chicken and ham were the best. Thanks.'
'Well, shall we get back to the battle?'" Professor's monotone continued dispassionately, "'Wait a
sec. Me, I'm not going to be indebted to you.' 'Debt?' 'I'll show you something good, Naina-nee-san.'"

The Duo displayed on the monitor pulled out a ten gallon hat from out of nowhere and turned it all
around to have Naina confirm that it was empty.

"'Okay, there's no tricks to [that hat],' she said......" And then, the number of ten gallon hats
increased one after the other. There were six altogether, no seven. They were all lined up just as if
they were to be sold in a roadside stall.

"'Hey, that Christmas......Naina-chan, you put a rabbit sticker on the wrapping, didn't you? You know
I still got that.'"

Duo spread out the wrapping sheet that had been on top of the [one of the] hats until just now and
gently, as if by magic, spread it out [over all the hats].

"'Boopidee bahpidoo buu' uh, I can't read [his lips] well." It was probably some sort of incantation or
spell. By that beamingly triumphant face, he was planning on showing us some sleight of hand.

"'Naina-chan, which one does {Alice} want to meet?' 'Who is {Alice}?' 'Don't play dumb. Young Lady
Winner, who else?' he said, but what if--" Katrine's name coming up so unexpected had me honestly
surprised, too. The Cheshire Cat was playing the "hatter." The Queen of Hearts and then, Alice? An
unfinished uneasiness flitted across the back of my mind.

"'This is a pain so how about putting both out,' she says." When Duo removed the sheet, a stuffed
rabbit with a pair of long ears came hopping out of each hat. They were white and brown rabbits.
Altogether, there were fourteen, no fifteen? Huh? Sixteen......no, they were increasing in number.
There were already over twenty brown rabbits. Professor W put words to Duo's lips:

"'Does Alice want {the rabbit with the broken watch}? Or the {March Hare}?'"

"What's a March Hare?" As expected, I was flustered.

"Professor, hurry and start up {Snow White}! That guy's going to get right into it without [giving us] a

"Got it," so saying, the Professor ran off to the hangar. Now, I decided to believe my unmalicious,
spiteful-speaking colleague 424/2/6-7<. We were supposed to make the first move, but once again,
we were on coping [detail]. And we had to hurry to take control of the tide of war.

"Nee-san! What about the five remaining mars suits that are heading for us?"

"I can't distinguish the suits yet, but...... What? They're not headed this way!"

I had been my [modus operandi] to accept anything as being within the realm of possibilities from
here on out, but everything and anything that brat did was far too wild. That guy had commenced the
"Recover Prometheus Battle" at his stage. He was a naughty boy who utterly ate people [#14].

The "March Hares" were a metaphor for the maddeningly noisy mating season 424/3/8 [#15]. Sure
enough, the number of brown rabbits that were loose in the field had doubled, tripled, infinitely
multiplying. The seven white rabbits-their numbers didn't increase, but they did run towards the
ocean from the Eastern horizon and disappeared. [I] was completely befuddled. Not just Naina. I
was enchanted by Duo's magic. On the Western horizon, the evening sun had already set. Night
befell the volcanic island. Catherine spoke in a voice close to a shriek.

"Trowa! Look East!"

Well that was quite a jolt, to have my old handle screamed.

"The moon......the moon......the full moon......" On Mars' Eastern horizon, just where the white rabbits
had disappeared, was not Phobos or Deimos but the pale satellite of earth--the Moon, a huge
[image], slowly rose. The full moon sparkled brightly in the Mars night sky--it made for an image that
deviated from what was otherwise utterly innocuous.

"Calm down, Nee-san......that's an illusion that Warlock is showing us."


Now, the wind sent clouds across the moon, making it dark for a moment. It was a hyper real
celestial body. However, it was only we who had been born on Earth who admired that image. It
wasn't a meaningless bluff. A feeling that was beyond anger and [more like] loathing sprang bubbling
up [inside me].

"This is Doktor T!" I sent a message to Duo in the cockpit of Warlock. "You'd better not be betraying
us, asshole!" However, it seemed even our [Chouxhook 2] camera eye had been scrupulously
cracked by the {nanomachines}. 425/1/9-11. Looking back, I had several ideas [about who'd done
that]. "What the hell are you planning?"

"Yo......did you like that?"

In the darkness, [his] spiteful Cheshire Cat-like face came to mind. For a moment, it looked to me
like he was sneering with his own wicked design.

"Don't answer a question with a question......I'll ask you again, what are you doing?"

"The full moon is a good match for my partner......that's what Father Crapswell said!"

Like father, like son 425/2/4. They're passing on really (boring) genes. I could stand that that was the
reason for ruining the camera eye. While it wasn't like me, I wanted to tell him to quit screwing
around. But standing on top of that volcanic island--the full moon as a background and that black
cape streaming--made the Warlock's silhouette ominous and beautiful. The two beam scythes
crossed over his head made me think of a wily vampire's eyes lit with demonic light.

The Queen of Hearts wasn't moving. Naina Peacecraft may have been (half-drunk) by Duo's magic
show. No, [she was half-drunk] on him. She must have managed to take shelter somewhere safe.

The naughty boy with the flashing eyes spoke, "So, fighting in (humanoid weapons) is a game of
wearing down the other? When night comes, I'll own it!" Captain Obvious reporting. Even I had a
phrase when I was all about that sense of values. A pilot's reasoning [power] goes flying out the
window in order to learn how to pilot a mad machine. Circumstances aside, anyone who is calmly
able to continue murdering people is most definitely mad himself. To put it anohter way, it was more
than sufficiently crazy to empty one's heart.

"And yet." I contacted him on the commlink. Just what did I want to say? Five mobile suits drew
closer to Warlock. [They were t]he five unaccounted-for cards.

"See ya! Looks like the Worst Night Dance is about to start! Over and out!"

Before I could say anything, the link was cut [from his side]. Catherine checked the (machine
shadows) from the data [collected from] the hacked weather satellite and reported.

"Denomenation of five Mars suits! Ace of Diamonds, Ace of Clubs." We'd been dealt another pair of
aces. "And the Six of Spades, Six of Diamonds, and Six of Clubs! [#17]" Those Sixes. That meant a
full house, but--no, "6, 6, 6" had a different meaning. It might be a composite number [#18] or the
"sign of the devil" [#19] from the Book of Revelation. I could imagine it could be taken as a clue.
Catherine continued her reporting.

"Ace and Jack of Spades are coming flying in from over head! That 'BLACKJACK' has returned!"

That Worst Night Dance the Cheshire Cat Hatter spoke of had [arrived] beyond any doubt. No, it
might be a night feast/banquet with the one-eyed jack and the Devil. Either way, the Warlock's odds
were definitely bad. In any case, there was no way we could make Duo fight alone.

"Professor! Isn't Snow White online yet?" There was no response to my call. He probably hadn't
released the "body response" Heero had locked on. [Heero] had likely locked it with a special code
not even the Professor could release. [I] had absentmindedly forgotten, but that style was all Heero

The triple Aces and Jack came attacking from the sky. The pair of Aces were joined by the four
machines in the "BLACKJACK." I remembered that the Ace of Diamonds and Clubs both had either
strengthened speed or strengthened heavy artillery. But that Duo seemed to be okay with either.

"Sooo, let's get this party started!" [#20]

That voice actually had gusto. That second--. From beneath the Warlock's cloak, a countless
number of bats came out flapping. Thousands, tens of thousands of bats. Their ominousness
matched the (night feast) [#21.5]. And that enormous black shadow--big enough to swallow the light
form the mismatched full moon hanging bright over Mars--beat its wings and moved further up. The
flock of bats went after the flying triple Aces and Jack of Spades. By the way, there are no bats in
the wilds of Mars. Neither were they bats made by cloning. Those were incorporeal bats composed
of nanomachines. They couldn't be hit or crushed. It was fantastic magic. I was surprised at such a
handling technique. Looks like the brat's decided to prove his mettle. Under the light of the moon, it
almost looked as if the four Mars suits were being covered by a (sentient) velvet cloth. Once they
were coiled with the infinite number of bats, ultimately, flight would be impossible [for the suits; their
machines] would stall and they would crash. And then the pilots could only emergency eject. In an
instant, the four suits bowed out from the party.

"Hokay! Who's next!"

Without waiting for that invitation, the three heavy-equipment land-form Mars suits, the Sixes, came
in for a surprise attack. Beam fire came from three directions. Flashes of light punched through the
black cloak. Just then, Warlock fell down. He'd been done in disappointingly quickly. The cloak,
crackling and sparking, covered the mountain top rock. It whipped in the wind. Only the cloak......The
mobile suit frame wasn't there. The three Sixes searched for the lost Warlock. There was no way we
could have lost it with such bright moonlight, is probably what the pilots were thinking. But actually,
this luminosity was fake. Really, it was darker, no stars in the sky and a profound darkness
dominated. And "Warlock Darkness" continued to "Wonderland."

"Here! Over here!"

He purposely called out before the attack. That was the same as [when he'd fought] the Queen of
Hearts. I didn't think it was plausible, maybe he'd prefaced that attack 427/3/1<.

"Where are you looking? I'm here!"

Duo's voice sounded like it had multiplied. All at once, the three Sixes turned to face the direction of
the voice. There were about fifty hooded Warlocks waiting at the ready.

"Hey, don't say you're outnumbered! Cause it was you who outnumbered me first!"

[The fifty Warlocks] were, of course, [magic]. The split up and diffused March Hares took on the
Warlock's shape and stood beside it. There was just the true [Warlock] within, but there was no way
he'd have removed the cloak. There's no way that Duo would pull such an easy trick. What's more,
in a battlefield saturated with nano particles, it was unthinkable to go without the cloak. Aside from
the special stealth capabilities of the hooded cloak, it would shielded against nanodefensors and
other super-ultrafine particles. In other words, Warlock had had a cloak beneath the cloak. No,
looking closer, the cloak on the mountain top rock had disappeared. Perhaps he had never actually
even been up there. There were no limits to how much that clown would poke fun at others. That
was also a (skilled) technique of a first-rate con-man.

"Let's go!"

Close to fifty Duos' voices sounded as one. The three Sixes (desperately) returned to fighting with
their beam canons. Upon receiving a direct hit from the beams, the nanomachine Warlock blew up.
That blast mimicked the exaggerated flash of light just like a real blast; and then it disappeared. After
it dispersed, however, it would reform in some hidden place. Hence, the number hadn't gone down in
the least. Of course, it was merely an illusion. While there were very few, it was a huge corps that
could attack 428/2/16-17. The three Sixes couldn't stop that attack. After all, our hand was the
[almighty] "JOKER" card. Any "role" was possible. The beam canons also ran out of energy. The
Devil Mars suits standing rooted at the mountain summit had already lost their will to fight by then.
Then, the (whole of) Warlock suddenly appeared from a nearby crater.

"I'll take care of this!" [#21]

The three Sixes (cards) were slashed from chest to armpit and ripped apart. The duel beamscythes
were swinging in beautiful arcs. Missing the (power parts) and cockpit was a minute technical
amputation 428/3/3-4. However, that (amputation) couldn't have been done if the three Mars suits
hadn't been rooted to the spot. Had that brat been waiting for that chance? He knew battlefield
tactics throughly. In other words--the real Warlock had been hiding in the shadows of the volcano the
whole time. It looked like beam canons shot through him from three directions, but really he was
there waiting for their energy to run out and then to lose the will to fight. If that's so, that meant he
was a pilot who had the appropriate tactical eye and [dirty] techniques and crazy tactics. He was, for
these intents and purposes, a perfect pilot. But-- There was one (premonition) I just could not wipe
away. The three Sixes--the Devil machines slowly collapses right there.

"Sorry! You aren't what I'm after!"

When I heard that chattering, it seemed like something in the depths of my heart proved true (lit: hit
home). So, that was it after all. That's when--. A standard line of communication contacted me.

"This is Milu Peacecraft......could you pick up?"

A large hover transport belonging to the Mars Federal Government approached. It was the vessel I'd
been chasing all this time. I didn't have any intentions of picking up.

"Hey...you're finally intervening?"

It was Warlock's Duo that said that. Switching the main monitor [channel], the face of Miliardo and
Noin's son filled the screen. The quiet youth was sitting in the cockpit of the transport hovercraft.

"I'm going to perform the "Clair du Lune" from Claude-Achille Debussy's Suite bergamasque [#22].
Please listen--no, please experience......"

Milu suddenly had a virtual keyboard before him and slowly, quietly began playing the piano song.

The pianissimo nocturne Clair de Lune flowed across the battlefield. It seemed that we'd been
hacked into, the internal/bridge speakers of our ship could not be turned off.

"What he hell is he up to?" Catherine asked naively. There was no way I could know. However, Milu
Peacecraft's performance permeated the heart. But me--my supposedly empty heart was roused by
some kind of power. The echoing keys abounded with loquacity and color. It agreed/called to the
circle of the full moon glowing with rainbow light. The upper register of the sad melody was perfectly
clear. In it was a clear silence. It was probably a slight disorder of a chord not in the (sheet) music
and the warped/distorted tempo and the lag in the gentle rhythm that conversely made it pleasant [to
listen to] and changed the fantastic moonlit night an even more fascinating scene. It was like the
tone filled the moon that wasn't even supposed to exist on this planet with its clear tone. Then,
someone else contacted me on a different line.

"This is Katrine......everyone, it's been quite a while......not really thought. It was yesterday that I took

Katrine's innocent smiling face avec goggles appeared on the monitor.

"I've been thinking about you nonstop since last night......I truly do not want to fight. But I want you to

Even now, "Clair de Lune" played beauteously on. The party was taking place in a scenic spot

"Isn't it okay for me to hope for peace, too?"

I wasn't sure. That [little] worry in the bottom of my heart was growing ever bigger and more real.
However much it was within the realm of possibilities. However self-evident it maybe be.

"Doktor T......I shall use the machine you built." One mobile suit descended from the large hover
transport. It sliced [right down the middle of the] full moon as it came down to stand on the ground.
The swarm of fifty two warlocks surrounded the suit.

"I was waiting for you, Daughter of the House of Winner!"

"--So was I."

Make no mistake. My premonition was dead on.

"But don't get close, okay--"

It was my as-yet incomplete work-in-progress machine--{Prometheus}. It was covered with a hooded
cloak of deep green. Deep within the hood, a pair of eyes sparkled seductively. On it's back was a
giant cross. The long arm of the cross was a gatling gun, the short arm was a machine gun. I
immediately opened a commlink and questioned the girl.

"Katrine! I hadn't prepared a cloak for that machine! Just where the hell did you get that?!"

"I got it from everyone, of course."

"Wha?!" That was patently hard to believe.
"You've already noticed, right......among everyone, there is another traitor hiding."

I could think of someone. But I didn't have a shred of proof. Standing with such arrogance
towards/directed to Prometheus 431/1/8.

"Aren't you just talking story?!"

The fifty-two warlocks attacked.

"I told you not to get close, didn't I?"

Prometheus' gatling gun blew fire. The horrendous (physical) shells smashed the fifty-two piece
black cloak into pieces. Slightly faster than a second hand on a clock, the deep green cloak turned
three hundred sixty degrees.

"I have no interest in small fry [like you]."

Faster than the blink of an eye, the nanomachine Warlocks vanished.

"You aren't interested in small fry......"

Warlock planted himself firmly in front of Prometheus.

"Welp, then you gotta face me!"

"That's a waste, Duo......Nanomachine magic tricks won't work against me. Also, Prometheus has
superior fire power."

"Well, won't know unless we try!"

Warlock attacked. The duel scythes split the air. Quick as a flash, Prometheus (seceded) to the rear
and fired the gatling gun nonstop. Warlock swung the two beam scythes, drawing a double figure
eight and kept evading the (actual) bullets.

"Looky here! What kind of fire power did you say you had, cuz I--"

Prometheus flipped the cross around (backward). In that long bazooka barrel, there was a loaded
super-sized homing missile.

"--sorry, let me show you how it works."

Warlock was lured closer. There could be no escape. When I thought that--

The same time the violent explosion noise died, the performance of "Claire de Lune" ended.
"Thank you, Milu......that fake moon looked like the real one."

Alice in Wonderland expressed her gratitude. The moon vanished from the night sky. Warlock left
the party and true darkness ruled over the place. But the Worst Night Dance had only just begun--.

...To Be Continued...

#1 - Yes, I am aware that ONE OF THOSE IS ALL CAPS and the other Just Has The Initial Letter
Capitalized. This is how it is written (in plain old Engrish, no less) in the raw text.

#2 - Well, I'd venture to guess this might be "perfect soldier" except that "perfect" wasn't one of the
options under the heading for this word in ye old dictionary.

#3 - Math fail on my part. This is probably my own mental block because, obviously, there are six
MS gunning for Trowa's boat, but literally, the text looks like it says "half of six" which would be three
which is a contradiction to the number of suits explicitly mentioned in BLACKJACK and Revolution.
Guess this is just another quirky Japanese thing *headdesk*

#4 - Good lord, that's terrible! He's "fresh" or "saucy" or "sassy" but all those typically are applied to
females, right? What's the word for a saucy male?

#5 - I know! He calls himself "pierrot" at the very start of the chapter and now, he's calling himself a

#6 - Near as I can tell, this is just one of those faux English words that get coined in Japan by the
Japanese because Japanese isn't whack enough on its own. The only other comparable kind of
word I can think of is a "mood maker" which, at least in social situations, is like the grease that keeps
the wheels on the party bus going. I don't know if there actually is someone who generally gets
attributed with this quality in an actual game of cards, though.

#7 - I think it is supposed to mean that the modifications made to make the mars suits water-worthy
meant it was not possible for the pilots to change. But I wasn't aware that mobile suits had room for
two pilots. Maybe the mars suits did (never seemed to be indicated as one of their features, but

#8 - Literally, the text says ジーベンツバーク七つの矮星 which is 7 of some kind of dwarf star? The
only thing I could find for the first part "jiibentsubaaku" was a Benz GTO motorcycle type thing. So, I
have no clue what this might be except some form of aide (seven, actually). I went with "seven
dwarves" because that was something Katrine mentioned when she found Warlock and Snow White
and tempted her to divide her maganacs 7 for Heero and all the rest for Duo, Jr.

#9 - Literally, this says "body response lock." But come on, how dorky does that sound (then
again...they are fighting the "Merciless Fairies." Maybe someone ought to tell Sumizawa how horribly
seven-year-old-girl the word "fairy" sounds....

#10 - According to Wikipedia, French Tarot cards come in packs of 78 cards, but the sheet upon
which they are printed is large enough for 80 cards hence, some companies include two blank cards
in the deck. I have never noticed this in any deck of playing cards I've ever seen/used/bought in the
States or Japants. But why the hell would Sumizawa be thinking of French Tarot cards? Suspending
reality to allow for creative license.

#11 - haaaaaa ha ha ha, playing this song is your entire damn goal, Trowa! "Pavane for a Dead
Princess." And doesn't Trowa want Relena dead? At present, anyway? A "pavane" is a "slow

#12 - Again, Japanese people at least always have (or fashion) some sort of ground covering,
Typically, they are available in the form of a plastic tarp about one meter square.

#13 - Literally this is 顔色を変えず which is "without the color of the face changing." The dictionary
says it means "to blanche" but I can't see Trowa blanching here, if anything, he'd be going red with
rage. Eh.

#14 - I wonder if it might be better to say "He utterly burned people." Is that too nineties?

#15 - I have no clue, but the words on the page are concerned about metaphors and mating rabbits

#16 - It says "massugu higashi no chihei kara kaijou he sarihashiri" which is literally (corrected for
English syntax) ran directly towards the ocean from the eastern horizon" which sure as hell sounds
like they're going...west. In a few sentences, they describe another phenomenon that makes me
confused about using directions as an adjective.

#17 - Yes, Sumizawa was calling them "clovers" before, but now, it says "club."

#18 - Back to high school algebra: a composite number is a positive integer that has a divisor other
than one and itself.

#19 - Literally, it's says "number of the magical beast" but I can't help but think Sumizawa means
"sign of the devil" since he follows up with the bit about The Book of Revelations.

#20 - Well, the dictionary says the word Junior uses is "to begin" but let's face it, this kid can't say
anything that isn't contracted or bastardized in some way, right?
#21 - I have no idea what Junior says here. Given the context, I would assume it's supposed to be a
Japanization of "alright" which is used today when, say, someone is the spotter for a large vehicle
backing up (the spotter telling the driver it's "alright" to keep backing up I suppose. Why they do this
in English, I don't know). But a google search for the word used, もっらい yields no direct hits, but
indirectly, seems to be a bastardization of "moraimono" which is like a "hand me down." That,
however, doesn't make a lot of sense in THIS context where Junior's about to slice and dice the bad

#21.5 - This "Worst Night Dance" is constantly referred to as a "dinner party" but I think a more fitting
term might be "soiree" (funny Sumizawa didn't use THAT, given his penchant for fucking around with
foreign languages, at least as far as names and numbers go). I'll try to use that from...the chapter
released in December. But any references to a party or whatever is just a synonym for the
Gloriousness that is Fighting in a Big Ass Suit.

#22 - a bergamasque or bergomask is a type of music (classical, dance; according to wikipedia)

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Frozen Teardrop, Nocturne of Sorrow V
NOT REALLY EDITED because I'm going to be gone for two weeks and I don't want this hanging
over my head on top of everything else. I think all the super wrong typos are okay, but there's
probably more than a few words that are words, but not the words I meant so spell check doesn't
catch them. Eh.

MC File 4 (last part)

We who were assigned "Operation Mythos" aimed to bring the chronic war and disputes plaging
Mars to an end. Not just the AC era Earth Sphere, but the MC era Mars also couldn't make "total
pacifism" happen no matter how much they called for it. Certainly, everyone and their brother's uncle
was becoming unhappy. It was caused by the existence of the Mars Federal Government's second
president Relena Peacecraft and the "P.P.P." function. The trouble with this "total pacifism" is that,
more than promoting demilitarization and nonviolence, it extols freedom and independence. Further,
it's a problem that all exceptions aren't addressed because it is "total" [pacifism]. If it weren't for
Preventer, the Earth Sphere's peace would likely be impossible. Only war can end war. Maintaining
the peace after the fighting takes either control by a huge power or controlling revolutions that would
secretly steam weapons. Preventer services are the latter. Desiring peace may have been Relena
Peacecraft's bag 447/1/2-3, but at present, doing that robs the people of their freedom and
independence. The majority of people aren't armed and they're the ones who'll be killed. And the
worst case scenario--if the "P.P.P." is activated--of the two billion people that make up the whole of
the Mars population, about half, i.e. one billion, would die. Mixed into the vaccine required to
immigrate to Mars are several nanomachines and those are connected to the "P.P.P." It's unknown
who or when or why this program was discovered or completed. However, it's known who spread the
nanomachines. It was Mars Federal Government's first president, Dix Neuf Neuenheim, alias
Miliardo. He schemed to take complete control by compelling [compliance via the tread of the P.P.P.]
by having Relena in hand and the means to initiate [the P.P.P.] at any time. The structure of the
P.P.P. is exceedingly simple. It spread via internet and it's possible for "P.P.P." to order the
nanomachines from any (terminal monitor) or chell phone. Light conveys the order, or high
frequency sound waves, simple vibrations. The order is one word: set. The nanomachines mass at
one place within a person's blood vessles. That is its only function, but it causes thrombosis. That
results in hardening of the arteries all over the body and causes brain and mycordial infarctions.
Another problem is that this response (resonates) with other nanomachines, ones intended for
medicinal purposes. In other words, it won't stop at just Mars beause there are people in the Earth
Sphere who have been given medical nanomachines. in a matter of hours, a chain reaction would
begin that would kill unsuspecting people regardless of their being on [Mars], Earth, or the colonies.
It would lead to the genocide of roughly three billion people. It was AC 197, April 9th when this
[reality] came to be known.