S2P is a joint venture between PT Generating Java-Bali with a stake of 49 % by PT Sumber Sakti
Prima, which has a 51 % stake . Since 2006 , S2P become independent power producers (
independent power producer / IPP ), which develops power plant Survey Cilacap.

Since 2006 is built it is deemed necessary to hold a thorough survey of the grounding system
installed , because for 10 years they will be biased grounding system corrode , break up and
disappear ( loss).
Based on the results of field surveys obtained some places that do not qualify within the limits
of the land required prisoners of PLN or IEC .
Placement of earthing system in the power system that we will use will depend on the object.
Objects installation of earthing system, namely :
a. structural steel
Some of the power plant to construct the buildings using the main ingredient of metal or
steel, for example, offshore platforms, production pipe, drill pipe etc. Most of these tools
are made of tool steel or metal that has great conductivity. In connection such tools are
usually wrapped around other conductors such as copper, which has a higher
conductivity, then copper is paired to the earthing system, so the current should flow to
the steel work, we point into the soil. It is used to minimize the risk of an electric shock
when the surge.
In certain parts in the power system, we can see there are many sources of high voltage
which can stream flows into the adjacent steel work, for example: generator frames, high
power switchboards etc. At these locations, usually installed copper busbar
interconnected and earth reference point. The principle of this system is, we put the low
impedance conductors in parallel to the steel work, so in case of a large flow of unwanted,
current will flow to the circuit that leads into the ground. This can happen because the
current prefers to flow into the low impedance circuit.
b. division of areas of power plants
Each unit of work to get resources from two major series called feeder:
1) High voltage feeder
This power supply is used in two forms. Most small to large power-consuming tools such
as gas compressors, pumps transporting oil or large cooling water pumps. Others are used
to supply power consuming small tool, like a small process motors, heaters, utilities,
lighting and small power. In this condition requires a route earthing system as far as 0.5-
2 km at voltages between 3000 V and 13800 V (further if the voltage is above 66000 V).
2) low voltage local consumer
Local power system at the processing unit usually streamed one or two local power
transformers, eg 11000 V / 440 V step-down ratio. Each of these transformers usually have
star-connected low voltage on that provides four cable supplier. Star point direct
connected with the ground rod and neutral connection brought to switchgear. There are
several types of earthing system that can be used in low voltage part of the local
consumer, one of which was 'solidly earthed system'. This type of system is the most
widely used mainly, because of the potential system-neutral set the earth so that the
potential worth as close as possible to this zero. To reduce the risk of electrical shock and
ensures rapid non-occurrence of surge.

Overcoming Flow Yang More PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES Survey existing grounding in the area of the power plant is expected to be useful in the maintenance and useful to know to avoid potential differences between the grounding attached.DEFINITIONS GROUNDING Definition of grounding is grounding system that serves to negate the potential difference so that if there is a leak voltage or current will be directly discharged into the earth. Function grounding: 1. Gronding systems in electrical and electronic equipment is to provide protection to the entire system. 3. or the quality of the components which are not standard. because it can pick a point anywhere in the circuit to be used as a ground to reference all of the voltage in the circuit. In the electronics system ground means a common reference point or a voltage potential equal to "zero voltage". Ground is relative. 2. Provide a low resistance path to ground (earth) for the fault current to flow with sufficient current to activate the overcurrent protective device (circuit breaker or fuse) opens / open (trip) quickly. . Ground was also serves to neutralize defective (noise) caused either by a power that is not good. And this is the most important. Protection From High Voltage 2. Point ground (earth) is strong and true will prevent the increased voltage drop in the voltage phase to ground and phase to phase voltage. Voltage Stabilizer 3. Referring to the IEC 62305-3: 2010 states that the maximum value of the required grounding resistance is 10 ohms for maximum lightning protection grounding or external LPS for electrical engineering and a maximum of 5 ohms. And for the standard earthing Germany where they will be used for the instrument required under 0. Provide a low resistance path to ground (earth) for any fault current that comes from lightning strikes or voltage jumped suddenly (surges) which occur in the electrical system.2 ohm. (Attached references IEC and DIN Germany) Purpose Grounding (Earthing) in the electrical system are: 1. In the case of the special conditions in the area of oil and gas is a maximum of 1 ohm. Provide a stable reference point for the voltage in each phase of the circuit. while for maximum control 2 ohms.

4 12 Boiler 2 0. Locations Results Remarks 1 GIS Incoming 0.8 5 Laydown Turbin Bay 0.RESULTS OF SURVEYS From the surveys that have been implemented using the Earth Tester Kyoritsu 4105 grounding resistance results obtained as follows: No.4 3 GIS Outgoing 65 4 Cable tray busbar 6KV 0.2 2 GIS Building 0.4 8 ESP Unit 1 0.4 11 Boiler 1 0.2 9 Assembly CCR 0.5 7 ESP Unit 2 0.2 .8 10 Chinmey 0.2 6 Panel CCR 3.

5. in addition to adding age and site location factors are very close to the sea. among others: 1. To Grounding GIS needs to be fitted Spark Gap Dehn TFS Part number 923 023 because they have integrated all.RECOMMENDATION After seeing the results of the survey on the importance of the several factors that must be considered. the need for anti-corrosion enveloping the entire connection between both clamp that use stainless steel or copper. CCR Panel. Image Spark Gap: 3.4 ohm resistance. . There needs to be improvement to item 1 TSB as soon as possible in view of the rainy season and very high intensity lightning in the area Cilacap. it is recommended to use materials from stainless steel. 2.2 ohms. In terms of reducing corrosion. While the corresponding reference from Germany (DIN 18014: 2014-03) then see that already 0. need to be secured again by adding earth rod so obtained values below 0. Cable tray and busbar 6KV CCR Assembly already passed the threshold of reasonableness. (BMKG data for the last 3 years attached) 4. Improvement will be above should be noted also to reduce corrosion and theft. Resistance to GIS Outgoing.

8.565 and had integrated well with all GIS grounding. recommendation using the form SS conductor of Dehn part number 800 110 specification steel wire with plastic sheath 70mm2 cross section length of 20 meters and the number of conductor No 4 in each corner of the room DCS . 7. Grounding outgoing GIS is as high as 65Ω so very dangerous is far from the standard of below . Recommended for arresters in DCS marshaling cabinet unit 1 and unit 2 with the specification of Dehn part number DGP M 961 101 255 (attached) Foxboro DCS: Unit 1. . Cable grounding lead DCS DCS missing so not connected to earthingnya. Primary power = 6 sets (2pole) and distribution power = 42 sets (2pole) Unit 2.6. Described images into 10mtr with cement dehnit. Primary power = 6 sets (2pole) and distribution power = 42 sets (2pole) TSB arrester very effective in reducing the impact of Lightning and surge. given the investment value of DCS is very high then is not how the presence of a lightning strike protection.

so that performance is more optimal. so as to reduce the risk of short Flows Relations between the cable on the installation. Or at least. There are some functions of procurement grounding in electrical installations: 1. As a safety from surge current (lightning) sometimes strayed past the installation path. As the conductor of the induced current elektronic machine or device itself. So we should not feel too worried about the possibility of electronic tools strike from lightning. 2. 4. not easy to heat and wear more old age. Safety for us of the possibility electric current is very dangerous for our salvation. So that the power supply will not be interrupted and the reliability was maintained. IMPACT ANALYSIS Referring to the importance of the survey analysis of the impact that occurs when the resistance value is not immediately addressed or improvement. When summarized. grounding system of the installation also reduces the temperature of the electrical wiring itself. The importance of the distribution transformer earthing system is to protect the transformer from damage caused by circulating currents in the transformer circuit or damage caused due to other disorders such as: ground phase disturbance or disruption caused by lightning strikes. . 3. The impact directly. it can minimize the damage from lightning strikes.Figure plan ground rod.