Region 6-USA and Region 20-USA were

recognized at the NAS Board meeting for
making remarkable inviting efforts
Houston, TX, July 29, 2017

Region 6 – USA
John & Julie Nielsen
Our Greater Michigan Encounter had a great idea
for helping to invite and get the parish involved
in an in-parish non-residential weekend. They
had a banner made with the WWME logo and
info about the upcoming weekend. They have
lines for each couple who signs up to sign their
names if they would like. The banner also asks
the parish to please pray for the couples signed
up for the weekend. It has been hung in the
gathering space. We think this is a great way to
spread the word and get the parish invested and involved by praying
specifically for the couples attending the weekend.

Region 20 - USA
Pat & Marijo McLaughlin
Team couples in each local encounter have been
asked to develop a relationship with the pastors
and secretaries in two parishes (their own and
one more in the surrounding area) to assure that
weekly or frequent Marriage Encounter bulletin
announcements are published. The goal is to
have at least 100 parishes in the region