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SALES TCODES MCSC - SIS: Display Evaluation WPRI7 - Templ.

for Non-R/3 Fields at

VA01 - Create Sales Order MCV5 - Call Up Price List w.Stepped QtyItem
VA02 - Change Sales Order Display W_PRICAT_ASSIGN_002 - Assignment ILN
VA03 - Display Sales Order MCVCHECK01 - SIS: Update Group Check Mat.Gr. SAP Mat. Gr.
VOV8 - Document Type Maintenance MCSA - SIS: Create Evaluation W_PRICAT_ASSIGN_003 - Assignment SAP
VA05 - List of Sales Orders MCVCHECK02 - SIS: Header STAFO Check Mat. Gr. - Purch.Gr.
VOV7 - Maintain Item Categories MCVCHECK03 - SIS: Item STAFO Check W_PRICAT_ASSIGN_001 - Assignment ILN
VA21 - Create Quotation Vendor Pur. Group
MCTV03 - SIS: Address List - Selection
VA41 - Create Contract PRICATLOGOUT - PRICAT: Display
MCV6 - Call Up Indiv. Customer Prices List
V_V2 - Updating Sales Documents by Application Log
VA00 - Initial Sales Menu
VA01 - Create Sales Order VC/2 - Customer Master Data Sheet
VOV4 - Table TVEPZ Assign Sched.Line Cat.
VA11 - Create Inquiry VA02 - Change Sales Order VC01N - Edit Sales Activity
VA22 - Change Quotation VF01 - Create Billing Document VC01 - Create Sales Activity
NACE - WFMC: Initial Customizing Screen VC/1 - List of Customers
VOV6 - Maintain Schedule Line Categories
VF05 - List Billing Documents VK11 - Create Condition OVBR - Assignment to Item Category
OVBS - Rule Table for Determining Dates
VBKD - Bonus Buy: Condition Types
VC00 - Sales Support
BILLING TCODE VF02 - Change Billing Document
OV3Z - Determine Prod. Allocation
VF01 - Create Billing Document VOFM - Configuration for Reqs, Formulae
VF02 - Change Billing Document VA03 - Display Sales Order OV1Z - Define Product Allocation Procedure
VF04 - Maintain Billing Due List VF04 - Maintain Billing Due List OV4Z - Product Allocation Control
VF03 - Display Billing Document VKOA - Accnt Determination VC05 - Sales support monitor
VTFL - Delivery to bill copying control VOV8 - Document Type Maintenance VC02 - Change Sales Activity
VF11 - Cancel Billing Document VA05 - List of Sales Orders OV7Z - Create Characteristics for Rem.Alloc
VTFA - Order to bill copying control VF03 - Display Billing Document VC03 - Display Sales Activity
VFX3 - List Blocked Billing Documents VTFL - Delivery to bill copying control OV2Z - Define Product Allocation Object
VTAA - Order to order copying control
VTLA - Order to delivery copying control POS INTERFACE TCODES
VTAF - Bill. doc. to order copying control WPMA - POS Download: Manual Request
UPDA - Foreign Trade: Mater data transfer
VF06 - Batch billing WPER - POS interface monitor
LEER - Create long-term VenDecl.
VF21 - Create Invoice List WPUK - POS simulation
VF44 - Revenue Recognition: Worklist WPMU - POS download: change message VPM4 - Merge: Japan - Import Code
VTFF - Bill to bill copying control WLB1 - Investment Buying Reqrmnt Number
Determntn VX11N - Create financial document
BASICS FUNCTIONS TCODES WVFB - Inbound store order processing VINK - Import Processing: Quota Number
NACE - WFMC: Initial Customizing Screen WLB3 - Autom. opt. PO-based load VEFU - Foreign Trade: Add INTRASTAT Data
VBKD - Bonus Buy: Condition Types building VE01 - INTRASTAT: Selection Dispatch to EU
VOFM - Configuration for Reqs, Formulae WPMI - POS download: initialization LEMA - Dun long-term vendor decl.
VARA - Archiving WVFI - Simulation: Store Physical (vendor)
OVA8 - Automatic Credit Checks Inventory VI49 - Foreign Trade Data Control in Doc.
VKM3 - Sales Documents WPER2 - POS: Analysis/Auxiliary Reports ENGR - Periodic Declarations
CO09 - Availability Overview WPUW - Goods movements simulation VI29 - Incompletion - Foreign Trade Data
VKM1 - Blocked SD Documents WPED - Sales Audit Editor VX22 - Change license data (old)
VORA - Archiving Control for Sales Doc. WDLS - Delete Error Messages ARKO - KOBRA: Archiving
VF31 - Output from Billing Documents WLB2 - Investment buying analysis VX13N - Display financial document
OVZ9 - SD Cust. Control Availability Check WVFD - Process phys. inventory doc.
further VK11 - Create Condition
CO06 - Backorder Processing
VV31 - Create Output Billing ELECTRONIC DATA INTERCHANGE TCODES VKOA - Accnt Determination
VOTXN - Maintain Text Customizing VOE4 - SD EDI Conversion V/06 - Condition Categories: SD Pricing
VK12 - Change Condition
VOE2 - SD EDI Customer/Vendor
INFORMATION SYSTEM TCODES V/08 - Conditions: Procedure for A V
VPRICAT - Maintain and Create Price
OVKK - C RV Table T683V
MCTA - SIS: Customer Analysis - Selection Catalog
MCTC - SIS: Material Analysis - Selection SMME - Output control Message Block
VOFA - Billing Doc: Document Type
MCTI - SIS: Sales Empl. Analysis Selection Table
VK13 - Display Condition
MCTE - SIS: Sales Org. Analysis - Selection VOE1 - Maintain EDPST
VBOF - Rebate: Update Billing Documents
MCV9 - CallUp List of Incomplete VPRE - PRICAT manual creation
VOR2 - Joint Master Data: Division
Document VOE3 - SD EDI Partner Functions
VBN1 - Free goods - Create (SD)
MCTG - SIS: Sales Office Analysis W_PRICAT_MAINTAIN - Maintain Price
V/LD - Execute pricing report
Selection Catalog
VBO2 - Change Rebate Agreement
MCTK - SIS: Shipping Pt. Analysis WPRI - PRICAT on the Internet
V/07 - Maintain Access (Sales Price)
WPRI6 - Templ.for Non-R/3 Fields at
Selection VOR1 - Joint Master Data: Distr. Channel