Preciosa Villa en Sant Pool de mar

Urb.Can Balmanya
Sant Pol de Mar
Barcerlona, Spain
Coordenadas Gps:
2.6146409000 / 41.6033040000


Welcome to your Catalunya Casas villa!
We are very happy to welcome you to one of our villas and we hope you have a
wonderful vacation!

We have prepared this document especially for you, if you revise it carefully with your
group, you will have all the information you need to have a wonderful stay in your new
and temporary home, such as directions to the home, how to get the keys, what to do
before leaving, how to ensure to get the security deposit back, etc.

We truly hope you enjoy your time here, and would appreciate any positive reviews
online you feel are warranted. If for any reason you feel as though something could be
improved or enhanced to make your stay more enjoyable next time, please let us know
directly and we will make every effort to accommodate. We hope to see you again!

Catalunya Casas Customer Service: (+34) 674 396 872
Maintenance/damages/repairs: (+34) 93 002 8742 (
AFTER HOURS EMERGENCIES (22h to 9h x 7 days per week): (+34) 656 371 519
Check-In Policies/Instructions:

First thing’s first – How to get the keys

Please call the following number 1 hour before your arrival and the house manager will meet
you at the villa to welcome you, handover the keys, and answer any questions you may have
about the area and the property: +34 676 96 20 70

Your accommodation is available after 17h on day of arrival. The cleaning staff,
gardener, and pool maintenance staff member need the time before 17h to properly
prepare the property for you! If you need an early check-in or late check out, please
arrange this at least 2 weeks before arrival. Early check-in fee is charged at 20 euros per
hour before 17h.

1) Your villa is fully furnished and it has a fully stocked kitchen with plates, cookware,
and utensils. You will also find some basic products for your first day (toilet paper,
dishwashing liquid, soap, etc.).
2) Immediately upon arrival at your holiday home please familiarize yourself with the
layout of the property and identify any potential hazards, e.g., unexpected steps,
slippery surfaces, pool depths, etc.
3) In this manual, we have added some notes about different parts of the house and
how to use various appliances, so please review these and keep them in mind when
attempting to use these items.
4) Although we have carefully inspected the holiday home before your arrival, it may be
possible that faults or damages are detected. In such a case, please send us an email
and add a photo and description of the damage to If we
have no confirmation of further damages, your acceptance of the current villa
conditions will be assumed and any further damages to the villa upon inspection on
your day of departure will be charged to your account.
We understand that accidents happen. If there are any breakages or maintenance
issues in your villa during your stay, please inform us immediately by sending an e-mail
to Once we receive an e-mail, we will address the incident
right away. Please note that the damage fund that you have contracted is only valid if
we are informed of the damage immediately and prior to check-out .
Please note that we accept no liability for intermittent failure of public supplies or
utilities such as water or electricity over which we have no control, nor of sewage
systems, plumbing or mechanical equipment in villas, but shall use our best endeavors
to arrange prompt repairs where possible.
If you need anything or have any questions, please call us! We are at your disposal.

Check-Out Instructions/Policies
Please remember: check-out time is 10 am! If you need a late check-out, please arrange
this at least 2 weeks before arrival. Late check-out fees are charged at 20 EUR per hour
after 10 a.m.
Before leaving the house, please take a moment with your group to revise the following
points to ensure your security deposit is returned:
Departure cleaning: Please ensure that the property is returned in a presentable and
tidy state by washing the dishes, cleaning of the BBQ, etc. Follow the steps below
before departing your villa:
Bed linens and towels: Please make sure all used bedding (fitted sheet, flat sheet, and
pillow cases) have been stripped from beds and left on each respective bed. Each bed’s
specific sheets should be left on top of that bed for easy counting and cleaning. Please
place used towels inside the bathrooms.
Dishes: Please wash the dishes or put them inside the dishwasher (if applicable) and
ensure it has been run. Please do not leave dishes in the sink. Make sure that you have
cleaned the leftovers from the dishes. Empty and clean the coffee pot.
Trash: Remember to empty trash cans before you leave (bathrooms and kitchen). There
are various trash and recycling bins in the area and you can dump your
trash/garbage/rubbish in whichever bins you come across. You will find more
information about the location of the bins in the house manual.
BBQ area: Clean outdoor cooking areas and BBQ. Shut valves to propane burners on the
deck and built-in grill downstairs.
Air conditioning/heating (if applicable): Please make sure to set thermostat to zero
and/or turn off heating/air conditioning.
Electric appliances: Please make sure to turn off all the electric appliances (TV,
microwave, radio, etc.). Also, turn off all lights and ceiling fans inside and outside.

Last but not least -
Please ensure that all doors are locked, windows closed, and turn off the lights and
THE VILLA (if applicable to your villa – some of our villas have keyless access)

About your damage protection fund:
The damage protection fund is to cover accidental damage that may occur in your
property during your holiday up to the amount of 500 Euros. Please note that wilful and
negligent behaviour is not covered by this charge, and should this occur you will be
required to cover the costs of the damages. If you should cause damages that exceed
the value of the Damage Protection Insurance, you will be liable to pay the difference as
soon as the exact value of the damages has been determined and Catalunya Casas has
informed you in writing about the difference.
The guest must ensure that the property is returned in a presentable and tidy state
including the washing of dishes, cutlery, and kitchen utensils etc.; emptying of the
refrigerator, the freezer, and dust bins; cleaning the barbecue; and removing
rubbish/trash. This is required even though the guest has paid a final cleaning or such a
cleaning is already included in the rent.

A generous allowance of water and electricity is included in the rental price; however,
you will be charged for abuse of these services (leaving water on/hoses open and
running them for long periods of time, leaving doors/windows open when using air
conditioning/heating, etc.). Water and electricity readings are taken before and after
every stay in every property.

General instructions: A few key points to remember

Swimming pool:
• The pool is open 24h for your enjoyment. Please be aware that there is no
lifeguard on duty. Proper attire is required. Do not allow children to swim
unattended or play by the pool unsupervised.

• A swimming pool maintenance staff member/gardener visits throughout to
week to check on chlorine and PH levels to ensure that the pool remains in top
operating condition and the garden is maintained. He will ring the doorbell first,
but if you are not home he has a key to access the garden area only. If you
encounter a strange person in the garden, do not be alarmed! He will always
introduce himself and you are welcome to ask him any questions you may have
about the maintenance of the villa and/or pool.

• The frequency of the pool cleaning may vary depending on the weather (rain,
wind, etc.). If you find leaves or dead bugs in the water, please remove them
using the pool net.

• Pool Robots: Many of our villas have automatic pool robots that clean the floor
and are programmed to function at various times throughout the day. These
should remain in the swimming pool at all times and you can swim around it. If
you wish to remove the robot while you swim, please return the robot to the
pool as soon as you are finished. Otherwise, you can risk breaking the robot.

Do not flush ANYTHING BUT TOILET PAPER down toilets. This includes any and all
feminine hygiene products. Our system specifically rejects anything except toilet paper,
even products labeled as “safe to flush”. It will overflow and cause very expensive
You will find information about how to operate kitchen appliances in the house manual.
If you notice something is not working correctly, please contact us immediately by e-

Whether manual or automatic, the blinds in your villa are very delicate and if not
handled properly, breakages are very common.
• Please do NOT force the blinds when opening or closing.

• When opening, please leave at least 20cm as not fully opened so as to avoid

• It is not necessary to use force when opening or closing the manual blinds.

• For electronic blinds, please ensure that there is nothing blocking the blinds
when closing, and only press the button one time.

• A reasonable usage of electricity and water is included in your rental fee, but if
there is excessive usage or abuse of these utilities, you will be charged.

• Please remember to conserve electricity and turn off all exterior lights when
going to bed at night. The information about the location of the electric panel is
in the house manual. Please make sure to locate this panel as soon as you arrive
to the house.

• Sometimes electric outages are caused when numerous electrical appliances are
used at the same time. To avoid this, please ensure that not all appliances are
plugged in and in use at the same time.

• Please note that the internet is limited in the region where your villa is located.
You have sufficient access to email and general internet browsing, but please do
not download movies or large files, and make sure that not every guest is
connected to WIFI with their mobile phones. The following high bandwidth
internet activities are discouraged as they limit the connectivity: Skype, Vonage,
Magic Jack, downloading large files, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, or online games.

• A good rule of thumb is to only allow one person to have WIFI access at a time.
If you have devices that are WIFI capable, please keep that function OFF unless
in use (smart phone, tablet, or reader).
• In the house manual, you will find more information about how to log in and use
the WIFI.

• If the internet is not connecting, please turn off the router, turn it back on, and
wait a few minutes and try again.

Some of our properties are in rural locations and as such there maybe farmyard noises
in the vicinity. Other properties might be located in residential areas. Please remember
that sound travels and noise should be kept to reasonable levels especially after 10 p.m.
Roadwork and/or building work in close proximity to our properties may occur without
any prior warning. Though this is beyond our control, we will do everything we can to
inform you should we become aware of any such work. Please respect your neighbors
and do not cut through their site.

There is absolutely NO SMOKING INSIDE. This is a NON-SMOKING unit, and this is not
negotiable, if you break this rule, you may be charged extra. You are welcome to smoke
outside of the house, but please make sure to discard all cigarette butts properly in
trash cans, not in the water or on the property.

Maximum occupancy:
The maximum number of guests is limited to the exact number agreed upon booking. If
groups are found to have more guests than agreed upon, Catalunya Casas will reserve
the right to collect an unpaid rental fees (25 EUR per night/guest) or refuse admittance
to the property.
It is extremely important that renters maintain constant communication with Catalunya
Casas about guests they might have at the house that are not paid for and who are not
staying at the house. Renters are required to let Catalunya Casas know when non-paid
guests will be at the property as to not arouse suspicion of falsifying the number of paid
guests at the house. It is not in our nature to be suspicious, and we ask that this be a
priority as to not have any doubt as to the number of guests staying at the house.
No daily housekeeping service:

Daily maid service is not included in the rental rate, but we are happy to provide this as
an optional service if it is arranged at least 2 weeks before arrival. Towels and linens
from the unit are not permitted to be taken outside. Therefore, we suggest that you
bring your own beach towels. Please note that our linen and towels are specially treated
and cannot BE WASHED in the property. If you would like a change of sheets and
towels, please order this before arrival. We also offer extra cleaning services for a rate
of 25 Euros per hour plus 21% IVA/VAT. Please arrange this with our reservations staff

Pets are permitted in rental villas only with prior approval. A fee of 50 EUR per week will
be charged for extra cleaning. All pets must be leashed at all times when outside of
fenced areas. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up any/all pet waste. Pets are
NOT ALLOWED on any furniture at any time. Any evidence of pets on furniture may
incur extra cleaning fees which will be charged to your account.
All pets must be up-to-date on all vaccinations including rabies. Heartworm prevention
is highly recommended. All pets are to be treated with Advantage or similar topical flea
and tick repellent three (3) days prior to arrival. Fleas and ticks are very rampant in this
region and can cause harmful/fatal illness to humans and pets. All items above are the
sole responsibility of the pet owner. Homeowners assume NO RESPONSIBILITY for
illness or injury that humans or pets may incur while on the premises.