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com World Oil. drilling. managers and downstream professionals. LNG and GTL. integrated marketing strategy that exceeds your expectations and maximizes your ROI. Now. Our publishing portfolio and brands now include: Gas Processing. Welcome to 2017 — and to the NEW Gulf Publishing Company! In May 2016. petrochemical. events and data products. HydrocarbonProcessing. gas processing and LNG industries since 1922.
 2  Publisher’s own data.362 2 TOTAL SUBSCRIBERS READERS Dear Oil and Gas 
 Hydrocarbon Processing. pipelines. create a successful. We look forward to helping you build your brand awareness.
 GasProcessingNews. we continue to serve the energy industry with the highest-quality content for executives and technology decision-makers in the upstream. 2  . Gas Processing focuses on midstream gas processing. midstream and downstream 
 Petroleum Economist. Gas Processing August 2016 distribution. to our readers and to our clients. offering high-level intelligence and opinions on the events and people shaping the global energy market. most importantly. we purchased Gulf Publishing Company from our previous owners via a management buyout. World Oil covers the global exploration. the authority on energy economics and trends. No other publication provides access to such a high-level and influential group of engineers. July 2016. generate leads and. Gulf Publishing Company offers immense value to the market.
WorldOil. Pass-along rate of 3. the first publication devoted solely to technology and trends in the global gas processing industry. as an independent company with headquarters in Houston and London. 1 2017 Media Planner / GasProcessingNews. 18.6 per Signet Study. website. Hydrocarbon Processing’s reach is broader and more impactful than ever before. completions and production of onshore and offshore oil and gas. As the largest independent publisher to the global oil and gas industry. providing cutting-edge technical content and information for the global refining.434 1 66. the “must-read” technical publication for upstream professionals for more than 100 years. Through its monthly magazine.

561 Petrochemical & chemical companies natural gas production and gas gathering companies. Each issue of Gas Processing is distributed to more than 18.830 Major integrated oil & gas companies information and technological advances relating to technology and 4. 283 Services. gas-to-liquids (GTL). Other Publisher’s Sworn GPA Majors Statement of Circulation Petrochem for Gas Processing Natural E&C Gas Gas Processing is published in February. Mfg consultants. Managers Distribution. natural gas 505 Associations. LNG. Each bimonthly issue of Gas Processing provides in-depth 4. supervisors. Analysis1 7. vice presidents. liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and education. superintendents. production. operators. including presidents. October and December. Engineers foremen. trends in the global gas processing industry. and service. conferences and conventions. liquids (NGL). 2. distribution and service companies. June. supply and equipment natural gas storage companies.237 Natural gas processing.893 Engineering & construction Fields served. midstream and upstream sectors of the gas processing Analysis1 industry. legal & miscellaneous petrochemical/chemical companies. 3. government. Distribution is made in print or digital format. storage processing and distribution infrastructure. Gas Processing is distributed with Hydrocarbon Processing and World Oil and to requested Gas Processing circulation. Description of recipients.935 Engineers 6. Additional distribution is made at numerous trade shows.122 Officers / managers 2. purchasing agents and other personnel allied to the field. Catherine. Recipients are company officials. company copies 227 Chemists / physicists  Publisher’s Data: Gas Processing August 2016 distribution. 1 2017 Media Planner / GasProcessingNews. service.Watkins@GulfPub. Recipients include natural gas processing companies. major integrated oil and gas companies. as well as LNG and GTL. August.913 Equipment manufacturing. Occupational Circulation I certify that the information in this Publisher’s Statement is correct.125 GPA & HGPA members plant operation companies. focusing on midstream gas transmission. natural gas process 2. engineering and construction companies. supply and miscellaneous Catherine Watkins 720 Superintendents / foremen Publisher. libraries. chemists. Hydrocarbon Processing
 517 Other operations 3 . Business Circulation Gas Processing readers are professionals actively involved in the downstream. liquefied natural gas (LNG). supply and equipment manufacturing companies. directors.0001 recipients. gas transmission pipeline companies. April. engineers. partners. manufacturing companies engine and compressor overhauling companies. assistant superintendents.

as well as LNG and GTL. TER MIN ALS • Pipelines and storage AND STORAGE EMISSIONS COMPLIANCE Automate data integration to meet GHG regulations for gas gathering lines • Transport. shipping and distribution PLANT DESIGN Meet design challenges for knockout with advanced simulation tools drums TOP GAS PROCESSORS IN NORTH AMERICA Processors continue to consolidate amid • Unconventional gas processing contract renegotiations Technology and Business Information for the Global Gas Processing Industry Special Supplement to • Small-scale gas processing GasProcessingNews. focusing on midstream gas processing and distribution infrastructure. Gas Processing is the first publication devoted solely to technology and trends in the global gas processing industry. Recipients Special Supplement to GasProcessingNews. Methanol continues to replace crude oil in fuel and product applications Special Supplement to Remove mercaptan components from condensate with novel separation technology Reduce refrigeration costs with CO2-tolerant nitrogen rejection 1  Publisher’s Statement: Data is supplied by ExactTarget as well as a proprietary email system for March – August 2015.0001 recipients through Technology and Business Information for the Global Gas Processing Industry its print and digital editions. conventional refining HEAT TRANSFER Evaluate heat transfer fluid options to improve processing FLNG PROGRESS Nearshore projects offer new opportunities Gas Processing is distributed with World Oil and Hydrocarbon Processing to more than 18. natural gas processing plants. DME drive alternatives for chemicals. The publication is distributed bimonthly among | MAY/JUNE 2016 GTL TECHNOLOGY GTL APPLICATIONS Methanol. online. pipeline and storage firms and engineering and construction | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016 • Gas-to-liquids (GTL) . Gas Processing’s Coverage Includes: • Natural gas liquids (NGL) Technology and Business Information for the Global Gas Processing Industry • Liquefied natural gas (LNG) GasProcessingNews. 4 2017 Media Planner / GasProcessingNews. midstream and downstream executives and engineers. e-newsletters and data. fuels • Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) Evaluate GTL processes vs. Leading Technology Intelligence for the Global Gas Processing Industries Through | MARCH/APRIL 2016 UNCONVENTIONAL GAS PROCESSING are primarily engineers and company officials from operating companies.

2017 Editorial Calendar January/ March/ May/ July/ September/ November/ February April June August October December Ad Closing: Jan. 5 Ad Closing: Nov. 10 Art Due: March 10 Art Due: May 10 Art Due: July 10 Art Due: Sept. 5 Art Due: Jan. 10 Art Due: Nov. 10 Editorial Focus Pipelines Unconventional GTL Small-scale LNG Plant 5 . 5 Ad Closing: March 5 Ad Closing: May 5 Ad Closing: July 5 Ad Closing: Sept. and Terminals Gas Processing Technology Processing Technology Automation & LNG GTL GTL Solutions LNG Process Control Pipelines Pipelines Engineering and LNG Engineering and LNG Construction GTL Construction GTL Engineering and Shale Gas Construction Processing Shale Gas Engineering and Shale Gas Pipelines Processing Construction Processing Storage Catalysts Turbomachinery Economics Infrastructure Compression Top Construction Projects Regular Columns Executive Q&A Viewpoint Gas Processing News New in Gas Processing Technology Boxscore Construction Analysis Regional / Industry Focus Bonus Distribution EGYPS (Cairo) Gastech (Tokyo) International GTL Technology IPLOCA ARC Industry Liquid Terminals Forum (Houston) Convention Forum 2017 Middle East Gas Processors Association (Orlando) Coatings (Dubai) Association (GPA) Maintenance & GasPro (Houston) (Houston) Annual Convention Reliability Forum American Fuel (San Antonio) Global Petroleum (Galveston) Chem Show & Petrochemical Show (Calgary) (New York) Manufacturers National Turbomachinery (AFPM) Annual Aboveground PetChem TPS (Houston) Tank Storage Meeting Storage NISTM (Houston) (Hamburg) (San Antonio) (Orlando) International Pipeline Expo Stoc Expo IRPC (New Delhi) (Shanghai) CIPPE (Beijing) (Calgary) Stoc Expo (Dubai) NACE Corrosion National Women’s Global (New Orleans) PTC (Berlin) Aboveground Leadership Storage NISTM Conference OTC (Houston) Stoc Expo (Galveston) (Houston) (Rotterdam) IRPC Europe/ HP Awards ADIPEC Gastech (Tokyo) (Vienna) (Abu Dhabi) 2017 Media Planner / GasProcessingNews.

..... Max Video & Animation Frame Rate: 24fps)......... The e-newsletter reaches more than 14......700/week Position 2 (500x100 px)... Webcasts Gas Processing Webcasts are an effective way to establish thought leadership and to engage your prospects and customers..600/month MPU* (336x280 px)......... Lead information provided to the sponsor includes email address........ Third party tags.... feature articles and insights into the global gas Leaderboard (728x90) Peel processing industry... Pagepeel (800x600 pixels).. Advertising Rates (Creative types: GIF........ jpg or swf formats accepted Position 1 (500x100 px)...... E-newsletter Rates Specs: gif..... $ leading to a white paper in PDF format.............. $14. $1...490 each..$1...... Maximum animation length: 15 secs..$1. $2. File Size: Max 100KB............ White paper: $3... Java Script..950. capture registrant Page Provides daily news.... interstitials and video......... Run of site........... JPG/ GasProcessingNews.900/month MPU 1 *Five rotations available (336x280) Gas Processing E-Newsletter Weekly e-newsletter that delivers concise technology and business information pertaining to the gas processing industry on a global and regional level.. Begins at $1.. HTML.. as are various rich media options like page peels... Establish Your Company as a Leader in Gas Processing through Digital Marketing Sample GasProcessingNews..000 each......$900/week Lead Generation Skyscraper (160x600) White Papers Gas Processing White Papers deliver targeted leads.300/month Skyscraper* (160x600 px)...$450/week Skyscraper (160x600 px).....100/week Position 3 (500x100 px)... A registration page can be added to  Publisher’s Statement: Data is supplied by ExactTarget as well as a proprietary 1 email system for March – August 2015.. PNG....... The program includes a custom registration form on GasProcessingNews. midstream and upstream sectors of the oil and gas industry..... Videos Videos are posted on Gas Processing’s homepage for one month and then are archived for one year........0001 oil and gas professionals from the downstream...... 6 2017 Media Planner / GasProcessingNews. $1. $700/week Position 4 (500x100 px).... mailing address and phone .. MPU and skyscraper positions are available.150/month Leaderboard* (728x90 px).....

...875 in. (120 mm) 10 in........625 5. April.. Other Acceptable (but billable) Materials: Contact Publisher. 3. Sample e-Newsletter: Magazine Production Specifications The procedure outlined below is designed to ensure the quick.800 7 ...... June.....410 2.. August..610 Gulf Publishing Company at Cheryl..310 E-mail: Cheryl Willis.. (180 mm) 10 in. (420 mm) 10 in..$6...375 in. Advertising Production Department.. (125 mm) 1⁄3 Page Vertical 2. (55 mm) 10 in. (85 mm) 10 in..... (125 mm) Fraction ads with bleeds are available. (425 mm) 11. $6.. Issuance and Closing 7.230 41..... cyan...... (190 mm) 1⁄3 Page Square 4. Effective January 1. MS PowerPoint.375 in..... If more or less space than (Press Optimized. binary CMYK.. Acceptable Digital Files: Preferred files are Adobe Acrobat PDFs Payment terms: Net 30 days from publication date.290 for upload instructions.. matched colors Color Rotation: Yellow...705 3.270 6 Pages. a match proof printout is preceding issue.. specified is used within one year from date of first insertion... each page of a spread. 2.... (255 mm) 1⁄4 Page 3. to the earned rate published here. frequency rate.. Number of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.110 2017 Media Planner / GasProcessingNews.. For color advertisements. Production charges will be incurred if files do not meet these acceptable digital file guidelines... Inserts: Contact Publisher for quantity. color.. 00) Position 1 (500x1 2.. For one-color and two-color ads...$6......5 in... (255 mm) 1⁄2 Page Island 4.... December.. (120 mm) 4..375 in. x 10...625 in.. magenta. required to guarantee color accuracy... Bleed 16. Proofs: Proof required on four-color ads... inserts and each insertion in an integrated frequency rate. (120 mm) 7. (180 mm) 4.. Four-color solids should not exceed SWOP Issued September 1. 1⁄2 PG ISL 3. accurate and simple delivery and production of your advertisements..395 3..020 by the material submission deadline for the relevant issue. Cover Rates 1 Page........ (255 mm) 1 Page Standard 7 in. all fonts embedded) or Flattened CMYK. All rates quoted are in US dollars.. (85 mm) 4..660 2.. 5. 2017..350 2. (125 mm) 1⁄2 Page Vertical 3. NOTE: Ads scaled to other publications will be centered in the space nearest to size and proportion... each page of preprinted ***Please do not submit files created in word processing programs...... General Rate Policy 4.. CorelDraw...... 300 dpi. Commission Agency Commission: 15% of gross billing to recognized agencies on space. 1. 300 dpi at actual size..875 in..485 3......... black Recommended Line Screen: 133 lines maximum Magazine Production Rates Density of Tone: Two-color tones should not exceed SWOP density of 140%..730 2... (210 mm x 280 mm)..Willis@GulfPub.. or its advertising agency jointly and severally liable for monies due and payable to Publisher. 1⁄2 PG 3.. (215 mm) 11.5 in.... (285 mm) 2-Page Spread..875 in. Ad Page Dimensions: Unit Width Depth 2-Page Spread....... Computer-to-plate (CTP) Binding Method: Perfect (jog to head) Colors Available: Four-color process. handling and backup charges.. cannot guarantee printed quality or acceptability of materials that do not comply Closing date for scheduling and printing material is the 5th of each month with these specifications.... MS Publisher.... Files should be submitted in CMYK format insertions in a 12-month period in the magazine and associated products determines at 300 dpi with all supporting graphic elements in CMYK format and all fonts used.. specifications and trim size.... General Requirements Printing Process: Web offset full run. second color not to exceed 70%. the rate will be adjusted TIFF files. (255 mm) (160x600) Skyscraper 1 Page Bleed 8. Trim Size: Overall trim size is 8..625 in....... Publisher reserves right to hold advertiser and/ laser proofs a re acceptable with clearly marked color breaks..25 in.. Covers each ad... etc...595 For files larger than 10MB please contact Cheryl Willis directly 1⁄4 PG 2... (255 mm) 1⁄2 Page Horizontal 7 in.. 1.. 2016. 6. please contact our Advertising Production Department at +1 (713) 525-4633 for dimensions... Gutter Bleed 16..20 4...125 in. 00) Position 2 (500x1 3.480 5......75 in.875 1⁄3 PG 2.... (285 mm) 2⁄3 Page 4..625 in.125 in. 2017 Four-Color Worldwide Rates Frequency: 1x 3x 6x Material Submission 1 PG 5.. Other file types accepted are Adobe InDesign...125 in....430 3 Pages. density of 260%..345 All print advertisements for Gas Processing must be delivered 2⁄3 PG 4.... We Published six times in 2017: February. October.

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