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Chief Information Officer

What is the Chief Information Officer
(CIO)? The title Chief Information Officer .
(CIO) was first used inside the information
technology department and function to identify the person responsible for all Information IT Job Descriptions
Technology functions within the enterprise. At many enterprises, the term CIO is still used in
The job descriptions contained within
this way. the Internet and Information Technology
Position Descriptions HandiGuide®
At the same time job tenure is only between 4 to 5 years. Less than it is for other top level each are two to six typed pages long
executives. with the following sections: Position
Purpose; Problems & Challenges;
Essential Position Functions; Principle
IT leadership has always been important, but given the challenges facing higher education, it Accountabilities; Authority; Contacts;
is essential for not only cost-effective operations but long-term strategic success. The CIO is Position Requirements; and Career
Ladder in a standard format
the driver for this. WORD .docx format using CSS style
sheets. See Sample Job Description.

CIOs and CTOs of the Future
IT Salary Survey
The CIOs and CTOs of face many challenges. The CIOs and CTOs who will succeed will
have a common set of skills. The IT Salary Survey draws on data
collected throughout the year by
extensive interviews, internet-based
• CIOs and CTOs will be both visionary and pragmatic - It is not enough to plan for survey data, and survey forms
innovation, they need to be perceptive and realistic. As an insightful manager they completed by businesses throughout
the United States and Canada.
prompts a broad technology agenda to help the business profit from leading-edge
initiatives. At the same time as a pragmatist, they deal with the realities of the More...
business. The pragmatist also facilitates the productivity of current IT solutions. The
CIO and CTO focuses on minimizing cost and maximizing results, in addition they help
to increase the customer and product/service base of the enterprise.
• CIOs and CTOs will be focus on ROI improvement of IT - CIOs and CTOs will find new ways to help customers
and the organization profit from how data is used while focusing on managing budgets and processes to eliminate
or reduce costs.
• CIOs and CTOs will inspire the enterprise and expand the business impact of IT – CIOs and CTOs will have
proven expertise in both business and technical facets of their role. they will interact with the enterprise and its
executive team as enterprise leaders and drive new business initiatives and shifts jointly the other members of the
executive team.

Role of CIO and CTO

The role of the CIO and CTO is changing as more enterprises more towards a "Value Added" role for the Information
Technology function. Those changes are depicted in the detail job descriptions that have been created for all of the
functions with IT -- especially for the CIO and CTO. The table below depicts several of those changes. 17/3/2012

help desks. He or she is responsible for maintaining the integrity of all electronic and optical books and records of the enterprise.ejobdescription.Position Purpose The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is accountable for directing the information and data integrity of the enterprise and its groups and for all Information Technology functions of the enterprise. The CIO reviews all computerized and manual systems. technical service communication networks (voice and data). computer program development.html 17/3/2012 . and definition of the strategic direction of all information processing and http://www.Chief Information Officer . information processing equipment and software for acquisition. This includes all data centers. and computer systems operations.CIO Job Description Page 2 of 4 CIO CTO in High Growth vs Low Growth Enterprises Chief Information Officer . production scheduling functions. storage and retrieval.

The CIO interacts with the executive management team to monitor and validate the enterprise’s compliance with its security CIO .20 Word job description can be modified as a simple document ( He or she provides overall management and definition of all computer and communication activities within the enterprise including responsibility for providing a leadership role in the data to day operations of the Information Technology functions as well as providing direction as the enterprise grows through internal growth and external acquisition. Long file names are used so each $6.docx) PDF The complete Internet and IT Position Descriptions HandiGuide plus Less than and Yes Yes Yes individual files for each job description.ejobdescription. In addition the CIO works closely with the Chief Security Officer of the enterprise A full 5 page Chief Information Officer (CIO) job description can be found by clicking here Internet and IT Position Descriptions HandiGuide® 243 Job Descriptions and Organization Charts Modify Cut & Format Print Features Cost** Source Paste The complete Internet and IT Position Descriptions HandiGuide which Less than PDF Yes No No includes the 243 Job descriptions in PDF formats which utilizes the Adobe $3.docx) each Files Job Fair in Delhi Companies Hiring Urgently.docx) $4.10 each Word Search Fully Bookmarked. Long file names are used so each Less than Yes Yes Yes Files job description can be modified as a simple document (WORD.70 search and bookmark features. 2000+ Jobs.CIO Job Description Page 3 of 4 communication systems and operations. All job descriptions are contained in single Less than Word word book . Register Now for more Details EveronnWorld.NOTE this is a complex document and the user needs to know Yes Yes Yes $4.Chief Information Officer . each Word Individual files for each job description.CTO Employment News • Apple uses bogus number to mis-direct media attention • Older workers are not retiring • Cloud management for DOD won by a small business • Cybersecurity Act of 2012 gives DHS control of Internet • Hiring trend up for IT Pros • iPhone5 to make remote computing easier • IT Hiring Trends • Factors to Consider in a Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plan • Infrastructure focus of IT Budgets • Patch Management Policy Released • Microsoft's IE follows FireFox spell check to be added • Healthcare IT jobs are plentiful • Malware attacks increase • Tax liability impacted by disaster recovery plan • Record Retention for the long-term • What role does the CEO have in the CIOs success • Security holes continue to be identified • Social networking adds new security concerns • CIOs Become Pessimistic • Data breach notification processes are costly • CIO and IT departments are blamed for user shortfalls • Salaries fall according to one suvey • Security Policies Required to Stop SPAM http://www. which includes but is not limited to Sarbanes Oxley Section 404.html 17/3/2012 .95 Book WORD very well to extract and modify the individual job descriptions each (WORD.

html 17/3/2012 .com -. http://www.CIO Job Description Page 4 of 4 • Why Disaster Recovery Plans Fail • Disaster recovery plans suffer in recession © 1999 .ALL RIGHTS RESERVED -.a Division of Janco Associates.ejobdescription.Chief Information Officer .2012 Copyright eJobDescription.