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and conscience, and to satisfy our spiritual and other needs.
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1. Association of small Landowners in the Philippines, Inc. v. Secretary of Agrarian Reform, (SCRA
343 (1989)

2. Petitioner Luz Farms is a corporation engaged in livestock and poultry
business. It seeks to nullify Sec. 3 (b) and Sec. 11 of RA 6657 in so far as
they apply to livestock and poultry business.
3. This is the horrifying story of a man who's life was changed by an unprovoked
4. Gabriel v. Pangilinan, 58 SCRA 590 (1974)
5. Carag vs CA, 151 SCRA 44 (1987)

administrative bodies must be in harmony with the provisions of theConstitution. They cannot amend or
extend the Constitution. To be valid, they must conform toand be consistent with the Constitution. In
case of conflict between an administrative order andthe provisions of the The assailed A.O. of petitioner
DAR wasproperly stricken down as unconstitutional as it enlarges the coverage of agrarian reform
beyondthe scope intended by the 1987 Constitution.
Remedial Law

Trial Courts have concurrent jurisdiction to issue original writs of certiorari, prohibition
1. Jurisdiction over the person
2. Jurisdiction over the territory
3. Jurisdiction over the subject matter
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6. Constitution, the latter prevails.
7. Luz Farms v. Secretary of Agrarian Reforms, 192 SCRA 51 (1990)
8. Natalia Realty, Inc. v. DAR, 225 SCRA 278 (1993)

When the program was terminated, a case was filed by the participants of the
"KilusangSarilingSikap" for declaration of status as tenants under the CARP. In
its resolution, DARAB
Central Mindanao
it is safe to presume that the employer terminated the seafarers. In addition, the telex message relied
upon by the Labor Arbiter and NLRC bore conflicting dates of 22 January 1998 and 22 January 1999,
giving doubt to the veracity and authenticity
Challenged in the Petition for Certiorari 1 before us is the June 20, 1995 Decision 2 of the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC), 3 which affirmed the August, 22 1994 ruling of Labor Arbiter
Cornelio L. Linsangan. The labor arbiter’s Decision disposed as follows: 4

The subject is agricultural land;
The CA however reversed the LA’s and the NLRC’s decision. The Court deemed the telex message as a
self-serving document that does not satisfy the requirement of substantial evidence, or that amount of
relevant evidence which a reasonable mind might accept as adequate to justify the conclusion that
petitioners indeed voluntarily demanded their immediate repatriation.
the university in carrying out its present educational program with its present
student population and academic faculty" overlooked the very significant factor
of growth of the university
Subject matter of the case consists of two (2) parcels of land acquired by
respondents' predecessors-in-interest through homestead patent under the
provisions of CA 141. Respondents wanted to personally cultivate these lands,
but the petitioners refused to vacate, relying on the provisions of PD 27 and PD
316 and
contravenes the Constitution. The A.O. sought to regulatelivestock farms by including them in the
coverage of agrarian

petitioners were told by )orge deG!man. arrival at the fishing port. we find that petitioner failed to establish theexistence of a tena A c a s e i nv o l v i n g a n agricultural land does notautomatic ally make such case anagrarian dispute upon which theDARAB has Skippers appeals the case with the Supreme Court. and (6) there is sharing of the harvest. to proceed to the police station at $amaligan. its cultivator or planter. [ECOLA] which used to be paid in full irrespective of their work days. In April 1980.$amarines Sr. (5) there is personal cultivation. as well as (3) underpayment of emergency cost-of-living allowances. and others filed a complaint against the Tiangcos for (1) nonpayment of legal holiday pay. for investigation on the report that they sold some of their fish-catch at midseato the pre?dice of private respondent% Petitioners denied the charge claiming <elieving that private respondent did not sfficientl% Identif% the land in "estion b% reason of itsfailre to sbmit the original tracing cloth plan thereof and that private respondent wasdis"alified from holding.4) the purpose is agricultural production. e+cept b% lease. (2) service incentive leave pay. Mr. alienable lands of the pblic domain nder *ection11 . Illustrisimo. a de jure tenant. The absence of one element does not make an occupant of a parcel of land. president of private respondent. From our own assessment of the evidence at hand.

and further declare them no longer needed for public service. Thereafter.. legislations. the government can classify the reclaimed lands as alienable or disposable. Section 3 of the 1987 Constitution . the transfer of such reclaimed alienable lands of the public their own customers whom they charge a fee and divide the proceeds equally with the owner. though the updates of this Smashwords edition print documents for offline reading. . jurisprudence and issuances by the Supreme Court.Article 1700 of the New Civil Code .Article 13.Rules and Regulations of the POEA .Republic Act 8042 . — The accusation is exercised by every citizen or by a member of the group to which the injured party belongs. The fact that the offense has been committed within the territorial jurisdiction of the court .. Collections strengths in international law include International Human Rights Human Rights by Petralba .PEA may reclaim these submerged areas. Accusatorial.. the supposed offender has the right to be confronted by his accuser. The lay-out of this edition was slightly modified and its contents were updated. Articles 1-40 of the Labor Code . Additionally. materials. and opinions of legal luminaries. A be able charter Hornbooks are collected to support the law school curriculum. and b.Executive Order 247 . The battle in the form of a public trial is judged by a magistrate who renders the verdict. Still.Chapter 5 The Revised Rules of Criminal Procedure were annotated with pertinent provisions of the 1987 Philippine Constitution. The nature of the offense and/or penalty attached thereto. administrative issuances of the Department of Justice.Department Order 75-06 The elements of jurisdiction of a trial court over the subject matter in a criminal case are: a. . As the action is a combat between the parties.