1 A steel slab is supported by a set of rollers as shown.

If each roller has a
circumference of 1 meter. How far has the slab moved relative to the
ground after the rollers have made exactly one revolution each?

2 what is the largest number that can represent n such that the product
Contains six trailing zeroes?

3 It takes 5 people to complete a job in 60 days. How many days will it take if
25 people were to complete the same job?

4 Siti bought 8 cakes and 12 breads for RM58. Furah bought 6 cakes and 9
breads. How much did Farah spend?

5 When a positive number is divided by 6,7,8, the remainder is always 1. This
positive number is also divisible by 5. Find the smallest possible value of
thes number

6 The digits 1, 2, 3 and 4 can be arranged to form twenty-four different four-
digit numbers. If these twenty-four numbers are then arranged from the

in what position is 3241? 7 If the weight of a big ball is 12/3times the weight of a small ball.  Adam and grace played against Cape and Eve in the first game  Cape and Grace played against Adam and Bruce’s daughter in the second game. how many more squares must be painted black? . how many balls of each size must be added to the right-hand side to balance the scale? 8 In the addition below. If we wish to have 75% of the whole figure black. some of the squares are painted black. Bruce and cape have one daughter each and they play mixed doubles in tennis together. complete the table below: daughter father Fiona Grace Eve 10 In the figure below. each letter stands for a digit which may have the same value. What is the value of A+10B + C + D + E + F ? 9 Adam. smallest to the largest. Below are the outcomes:  Father and daughter did not play in the same team.

1002. a gift will be given. followed by 1001. the serial number of the first admission ticket is 1000. For every 100th visitor thereof. Find the serial number of the admission ticket that qualified for the 15th gift 14 The time shown on a digital clock is 5:55. How many minutes would have passed before the clock shows a time with all digits identical again? . 1003 and so on. How many more tiles does the 2014th square have than the 2013th square? 13 In an international book fair.11 how many six-digit number are divisible by 2014 12 a sequence of squares is made of identical square tiles. The first three squares are shown. The edge of each square is one tile larger than the edge of the previous square.

How many teaspoonful of that syrup are required to fill up three-quarter of the same cup? 16 In each of the circle below.15 Four teaspoonful of concentrated syrup is equivalent to a tablespoonful of the same syrup. fill in numbers 1 to 7 so that the sum of the three circles along a straight line is the same. and Asma have neither a brother nor a sister. Two tablespoonfuls is equivalent to one-eighth of a cup. 15 children have a sister and 18 children have a brother. What are the possible numbers that can be filled in the middle circle? 17 There are 32 children in the class. How many children in that class have both a brother and a sister? . Suhaimi. Burhan.

On which day would 27th August fall that year? 20 if you draw two circles. the maximum number of different regions that you can get is three. He notices that the month of August has exactly four Mondays and four Fridays. What is the maximum number of different regions that you get? 21 find the perimeter of the figure below . What is the 2014 th digit in the number? 19 Ali looks at a calendar for a certain year. If you draw a circle and a square.18 A number 123456789101112… Is formed by writing the digits from the natural numbers in the order that they appear.

How many balls did Aishah have at first? 24 In a single move. a spider can go to any adjacent square. how many bees are there? 23 Aishah . How many routes are there for the spider to travel from the top left square to the bottom right square on the grid. How many boys were in this outing? . As such.22 a bee has 6 leg and a spider has 8 legs. as shown? 25 a group of 38 student went outing at a park. then the three persons will have an equal number of balls. If there are 20 heads and 150 legs. The spider may only move to the right. Chandran gives 4 balls to Aishah and Aishah gives 2 balls to Ben. Half of the boys and three quarter of the girls brought along their lunch boxes. If Ben gives 5 balls to Chandran. 11 students had to buy their lunch at the cafeteria. downwards or diagonally. Ben and Chandran have 30 balls altogether.

27 Hafiz has a box of pencils. What is the sum of all these numbers? 29 The figure below is formed by eight straight lines. 6 pencils remained. Find the sum of these numbers. 2. 4 and 5. . 3. After he packed 10 590 pencils equally into a few bags. What is the maximum number of bags he has used? 28 By using the digits 1. Find the number of different triangles in the figure.26 The product of three distinct prime numbers is 2014. 120 different five-digit numbers can be formed.

Each consecutive layer will have 2 bricks more than upper layer.30 There is a special structure in the garden. 90 bricks are on the 2nd layer. If the structure has a total of 2014 bricks. How many layers of bricks does the structure have? . 88 bricks are on the 1st layer. 92 bricks are on the 3rd layer and so on.