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Before you start, make sure your
units are set to English.
Go to the Generative Shape Design module,
under Shape in the Start menu.
Create an Axis system by clicking the
Axis icon and hit OK,
this will default to 0,0,0 for Axis System.1

You will create 3 sets of points using the following process:
Double click the Point icon, this will stay on until you click
it again, or select another command. Select the Point on Plane option.
Key in your H and V values, then select the plane, then hit OK, then
key in your next V and H, plane and enter until done. You can find
the commands in the "Insert" drop down menu if you cannot find the icons.

The first 5 points are on the YZ plane,
(By selecting the ^ on that plane):
H:0 V:2.0 H:0.1 V:1.98 H:0.7 V:1.2 H:1.5 V:0.2 H:2.6 V:0

Use the spline command to create Spline.1,
pick the points in line, top to bottom or bottom to top.


Create Revolute.1 with the appropriate command
(Surface Revolution), in the command box:
Profile: Spline.1
Axis: Z (It will say Axis system.1\Edge.4)
Angle 1: 360 (leave Angle 2 at 0)

(You must hit OK after inputting all the values for each dialog box)

No-Show all but the Axis.

Put a plane at Z=1.5 by selecting the plane command with the dialog box values:
Plane type: Offset plane
Reference: XY Plane
Offset: 1.5


Create a Spline on Plane.1 from the points:
H:-0.2 V:0.59 H:0.25 V:1.0 H:0.7 V:1.8 H:1.25 V:2.165 =PTS.6-9

in the Projection dialog box: Projection Type: Along a direction Projected: Spline.2\Vertex (I doubt the order is important) Support: None =Line.1 No-Show all but the axis. leaving Project.1 Now duplicate Loft. select Project.5 V0.1 with the Circular Pattern function.1 from No-Show and project Spline.1 Support: Revolute.2 with the dialog box values: Projection Type: NORMAL (it will project out to the surface) Projected: Project.3 Revolve Spline.1 (This will blend a surface between the curves along the spine) =Loft.2 Support: Revolute.10-12 H:1.5 H: V:0.2 =Spline. and will appear in the top box) Then change to the SPINE tab(in the dialog box) and select Line. Create another Spline on the YZ plane with the point values: =PTS.2 No-Show the points and the Spline and retrieve Project.1\Vertex Point 2: Project.2 and the axis.2 onto it.2 (Nearest Solution on) =Project.1and Project.2 No-Show Revolute.3 around the Z axis =Revolute.1 onto Revolute.3 V:2.1 Using the Loft function.Retrieve Revolute. the dialog box will show: Type: Point To Point Point 1: Project. Select the loft after clicking the icon.0 H1.2 (These are Sections. then the dialog box will appear: Parameters: Instance(s) and Angular Spacing Instances: 18 Angular Spacing: 20 Reference Element: Z axis .1 Direction: Z axis (Nearest Solution on) =Project. Project Project. Project. Connnect the tops of the 2 curves with a line.1.

1 and Project.4 Split with the point at 1.2 No-Show all but Project. dialog box shows: =Split. =Line.3 The surfaces are made from curves (splines). . this time 36 instances.1.1 Point type: On Curve =Split.3 =Point. =CircPattern. pick the axis after it turns blue) =CircPattern.2 Rotate Project.1 and Project.(select the box.2 Rotate the Projects with the values: Element: Project.1 and 2. they are associative.6 is the best) and put in some new values. =Point.93 for Rotate.14 After selecting the icon.2 Element to cut: Rotate.1.4 Circular Pattern.2 Now split the curves called Rotate. at 10 degrees =Line.2 =Point.1 and 2 along Line. select the lower end (the side to keep) then the point.2 =Loft.1 & 2 with a point.1 and 2 again about Z. the point dialog box will show: Point type: On curve Curve: Rotate.3 Connect the curves with a line. select the point icon and select Rotate. =CircPattern.1 Cutting elements: Point. it updates quickly.5 for Rotate. the curves are made from points.2 Create a loft from Split.1 first) Axis: Axis System. do Project.2 Create a Circular Pattern of Loft.1(2) (they must be done 1 at a time.3 Now double click on any point (PT. this time only 5 degrees. =Rotate.1 No-Show all but Project.1 Distance On Curve (on) Geodesic (on) Point: Default Length: 1.13 Use a length of 1.3 for Rotate.3 =Rotate.15 Split with the point at 1.4 =Split.3 =Loft.13 Support: None Create a line between the vertices of Split.1) =Rotate.0 (this is the only value you have to put in) =Point.1\Edge. then OK) =Rotate.2 (select the Z leg of Axis System.16 Loft (same as before) =Split.1 Angle: 10 (select the Hide Initial Element option.2 with the same values used on Loft.