we have grown from a small local operation to a GCC wide operation covering Bahrain.. In the past 36 years. Real Estate. I invite you to experience the AIG corporate culture and see both our confidence and vision for Bahrain and the future. 3 . F& B and Industrial Packaging solutions. we established Almoayyed International Group to be among Bahrain’s first B2B focused ICT firms. UAE. among other growing sectors. Integrated Engineering Solutions. Ironmongery Solutions. Our Chairman “We are fully geared to achieve new milestones and destined to touch new heights in excellence.” Farouk Yousuf Almoayyed In 1979. Safety & Security Solutions. We constantly strive to provide value-adding products and services that support the growth and diversification of Bahrain’s economy and contribute to the social well-being of the community. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Through our profile. Office Automation.. Qatar and Oman. Electrical & Instrumentation Solutions. Our team of qualified local and foreign experts make up a exceptional service oriented ecosystem with competencies in all major B2B related verticals from distribution and service facilities to key industry sectors and market segments from Information Technology. The organization has successfully diversified its operations from a merely ICT focused services to a complete B2B solutions integrator.

CV. is a proactive individual and a prudent and swift decision maker. Since then the new Industrial Segment activities that have been occupying AIG’s focus as it plans to grow into Industrial Segments as well as its established commercial business activities during its first three decades.V. His vision is to add several new business lines to the Almoayyed International Group’s activities and expand its present operations into other GCC and Middle East countries. CV rolled out a new vision for Industrial Automation activities to meet the broader trends towards industrial segments in Bahrain and UAE simultaneously. CV tasked himself in identifying leading international product suppliers and quality professionals to deliver on AIG’s promises. Mohammed Almoayyed has actively participated in the group’s business activities since the year 2000. as he is popularly known. This time it has been the progressive Mr. Maintaining AIG as a leading company over this journey has been a continuous challenge. He aspires to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction by regularly monitoring the service and support levels. seized the opportunity presented to C. It has been Mr. with a major in Finance from George Washington University in the USA. AIG started as a technology company with its core activities in Information technology. as «The Internet and the mobile phone technology changed everything» AIG’s operations have moved into individual profit centers. Mohammed Mohammed Farouk Almoayyed F. Farouk Y Almoayyed’s business enterprising skills. CV’s foresight to expand AIG divisions as regionally focused groups that lead AIG into its GCC expansion drive.Almoayyed’s automobile dealership business of Nissan & Ford. Despite his young age. Mr. 4 . Mohammed F Almoayyed who has encouraged Mr. offering its expertise and drawing strength from AIG Bahrain 25 year heritage. He also extends his managerial support to the parent group Y. Almoayyed holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Infrastructure Provisioning and Fire & Safety divisions to address Bahrain’s growing demands. In 1989. CV and supported the new initiatives. Mr. He has brought in several changes to the group’s style of functioning by decentralizing authority and making every person responsible and accountable. He also participates in several philanthropic activities and aims to continue this in years to come. As a promising entrepreneur. It has since expanded into other supportive divisions in Office Equipment and Automation Systems. Mr. he demonstrates maturity beyond his years. In 2005 Mr. The first step towards this was acquiring the ISO 9001 certification in the year 2003. Vice Chairman & Managing Director Almoayyed International Group A Board member of Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI). Back in the ‹90s. acumen and loyalty towards his customers that brought in 1980 Engineering and Management professional Mr.V. staffed with long-term professional teams leading and maintaining AIG’s growth into a new millennium as a strong force to be reckoned with. Ramanamurthy him to demonstrate his technocratic skills to focus Almoayyed International Group (AIG) into a “customer oriented” enterprise backed with strong commercial expertise. C. Chief Executive Officer Almoayyed International Group It was our Chairman Mr. Ramana Murthy (CV) to join the group and deliver his entrepreneurial skills for the group that was ONE year old and embark on a remarkable journey that has spanned over three decades.K.

Breakdown and Shutdown Maintenance Services and also involves in Industrial Fire. alliances with the world’s leading technology/ equipment suppliers and operating from its state of the art facilities. ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certified company. Gas Detection and ELV Systems. Electrical. Instrumentation and Control Automation EPC Contracts. experienced in house technical resources. Vision Our mission is to provide best-in-class innovative solutions that meet client objectives and their business requirements. long term partnerships and customer satisfactions. project management experience. AEIS activities are focused on the industrial segment. innovative services. which includes supplies of Electrical. • AEIS strives to deliver its expertise to growing demands of the Middle East market at most competitive prices with quality. Mechanical.Company Overview Almoayyed Electrical & Instrumentation Systems (AEIS) is an ISO 9001. Operations & Maintenance Support Services. Value Proposition • An ISO 9001-2008 certified organization with more than 3 decades of continued engineering and systems integration skills. Instrumentation and Control Automation Products. Mission To be the regional leader by seeing benchmarks for superior quality products. AIC & MS activities are focused on MEP Contracting EPC Services. Almoayyed Industrial Contracting & Maintenance Service (AIC & MS) is an ISO 9001 certified company. Customer satisfaction continues to remain the single most important measure of our success. 5 .

Commissioning and Maintenance of Gas Distribution piping (above ground & underground) • Pressure Reducing Stations • Metering stations. pre-commissioning & commissioning support se er in g MEP EPC Contracts . Installation.AEIS ct M t ra EP y on l C pp EP IC y Su C &M A e • Basic engineering nk ts Co S ur uc nt I T rod ra • Detailed engineering & P c E ts - • Procurement CORE COMPETENCIES • Installation nd t a ort GP • On-Site Supervision r R o p M tat pp up MS S io su e s & S an ns • Project management ns c IC d Cu .AEIS Core Competencies: s E&I Turnkey Contracts & Products . CCTV Security and Access control systems Operations support and Maintenance Support Services .AIC & MS • Electro Mechanical construction works for Water & Wastewater system • Chemical dosing & disinfection for water/waste water & industrial applications • Pressure management solutions for the enhancement of water distribution networks • Refurbishment of mechanical equipment • Structural fabrication / repair works GPRMS and Custody Metering Stations . AIC & MS . Custody Transfer Stations. Automatic Meter Reading Stations • Remote Terminal Unit (RTU).AI io an A at ten s - st C & • Testing & calibration services r od M pe in ce y O Ma rvi M S et • Start-up.AIC & MS Design. Supply. SCADA integration services • Fire & Gas detection and protection.AIC & MS • O & M support for Electrical /Mechanical / Instrumentation System • Maintenance of Natural Gas Receiving stations • Operation of process plant/pumping stations • On-call or service contract based break down maintenance services • Up gradation and refurbishment of existing systems • Shutdown maintenance services support 6 .

repair and refurbishment works AIC & MS offers expertise from Engineering. Metal industries etc. Project management. AIC & MS division provides EPC services.Almoayyed Industrial Contracting & Maintenance Services (AIC & MS) AIC & MS forms a part of Almoayyed International Group and is one of the leading diversified ISO 9001:2008 certified EPC contractor. 24x7 operations coverage • Break down services support with qualified team and spare parts. Fire&Gas detection. Electricity and Water. Electro- Mechanical. As part of EPC scope covers Electro-Mechanical works. Testing and Commissioning services. plant and machinery meeting industry standards • Operations & Maintenance support services for process control and non- process areas with qualified staffing. after sales warranty service and local support. Preventive Maintenance services. AIC & MS support team consists of experienced engineers and technicians for supporting plant Operations. AIC & MS offers Operations and Maintenance (O&M). CCTV Security and Access control systems. Control Systems and Automation in integration of Field Instrumentation. Break down and Scheduled Maintenance support services. • Fully equipped Workshop facilities with heavy lifting crane for carrying out fabrication works. Breakdown Maintenance and Planned Plant Shutdown Services as per the client requirement. Fibre optic networks. These services are offered as annual support services on contract basis or On-Call basis 7 . Installation. Pre-commissioning & Commissioning and Start-up support is offered for the selected segments. Procurement. Petro Chemicals. Instrument calibrations are provided as part of specialist services. and Automation Control systems installed in the industrial segments. Device Testing. AIC &MS core activities: • EPC contracting services with qualified technical manpower. Its services cover Electrical & Instrumentation. pre-commissioning services to international EPC contractors for various industrial projects in Oil & Gas. Supply of technical resources for Shutdown maintenance services.

Workshop is managed by qualified and certified professionals and accredited by international service partners. 8 . equipment modification and installation. industrial metal fabrication and installation for industrial and infrastructure construction projects. • Structural / Pipe Fabrication • Gas Metering Station Fabrication • Gas Pressure Reduction Station Fabrication • Valve overhauling / Testing AIC & MS will also serve as subcontractor on any of the above phases Manufacturing of skids for Various Gas Consumers in Bahrain. AIC & MS specializes in process piping fabrication and installation. equipment repair services for international and local contracts. and equipment. AIC & MS has the capability to offer the following types of construction categories using its own management. AIC & MS Electro-Mechanical Division AIC & MS team consists of highly skilled Engineers and Technicians who have a vast range of experience in numerous projects AIC & MS Electro Mechanical Division provides services for the following system: • Pumping Stations for waste water networks • Potable water lines & modifications • General drainage • Waste water • Storm water • Irrigation • Waste Water Treatment(WWT) • Odourization Plant • Chlorination Plant AIC & MS Fabrication Facilities AIC & MS established an in-house workshop facilities for fabrication contracts. work force.

AIC & MS. 9 . Electrical & Instrumentation related services as per client’s requirements. Customized Solution for Hypochlorite Injection Meeting Stringent Level of chlorine in Water. AIC & MS -Work Shop Facilities Customized Solution for Hypochlorite Injection Meeting Stringent Level of chlorine in Water.Calibration & Testing Facilities • Manifold Integration & Leak Testing Facility • Calibration Setup for Transmitters • Actuators & Valve Servicing & Testing • Pneumatic – Up to 200 Barg • Hydraulic – Up to 600 Barg AIC & MS -Operations Support And Maintenance Support Services AIC & MS have qualified and experienced operation team to cater 24x7 operation and maintenance requirements. AIC & MS also offers Preventive and shutdown maintenance for Mechanical.

Gas Metering Systems. ISO 14001: 2004 & BS 18001:2007 OHSAS certified company to provides Electrical. AEIS is always committed to provide high quality work on time and within the budget. Control & Automation Systems. Operations & Maintenance activities. AEIS business activities encompass supply of quality products and support industrial segment EPC contractors in their project delivery and execution phases. AEIS undertake projects that involve Electromechanical and Instrumentation works and other related construction activities in industrial plants. Heavy Industry and core Infrastructure Projects construction. Sewerage. Water Transmission stations & Sewerage Pumping Stations with Water Treatment & Disinfection Systems. Water. O&M Support Services to ensure all client’s requirement are carried out efficiently and accurately within agreed time frame and budgets. AEIS an ISO 9001:2008. Petrochemical. License No. AEIS EDD approved Electrical Contractor. EPC & Turnkey Solutions. AEIS carries out its operations in the Kingdom of Bahrain and UAE and plans expansion into Kingdom of Saudi Arabia market. Infrastructure development and Power and water related construction projects. Almoayyed Electrical & Instrumentation Systems (AEIS) AEIS is a division of Almoayyed international Group. AEIS focuses on key Industrial segments of Electricity. AEIS supplies and provided local support for Industrial Electrical Equipment. AEIS operational area includes construction management. 210096 10 . Power Transmission & Protection Systems. Power Back Up Systems. Our experiences of working directly with clients as their EPC contractor and in large projects execution associate with Major Domestic and International Project contractors ensures that we are well equipped at all times meet the Project demands and offer customer focused comprehensive technical services. Bahrain over 36 years of presence in the market serving local industry with quality products and services. start-up & commissioning and Operations &maintenance services. supply and installation. Energy. design. Gas Pressure Reduction Systems. AEIS‘s emphasis on quality products and on-going after sales services with spare parts and supply of suitable technical man power has made it as one of the most diverse industrial sector support companies in Bahrain and a preferred contractor of choice to partner with. Metal. Field Instrumentation. Mechanical and Instrumentation in Products. Oil & Gas.

Transformers. Testing. • Design. Procurement. health checking and overhaul jobs during plant shutdowns • Annual operations and maintenance contracts and rate contracts for electrical equipment and Electrical plant systems Motor Control Centre for Pumping Station Installed and commissioned by AEIS. • Supply. • Supply. erection. Erection. testing. Electrical . Commissioning and Modifications to existing electrical installations. motor control centres. Erection. installation and commissioning services.Supply. erection. • Field and Panel Instruments. Testing & Commissioning of Gas Metering & Pressure Reduction Station.UPS AC / DC . HV. Petro Chemical. testing and commissioning of various electrical equipment viz. Testing. Pre-commissioning and Commissioning of turnkey Process automation and Instrumentation Installations. pre-commissioning and commissioning of various Field Instrumentation on projects for Oil & Gas. erection.Activities of AEIS Electrical & Instrumentation Turnkey Contracts • AEIS provides Turnkey Electrical & Instrumentation systems design service to complement our Procurement. • Supply. Electricity & Water Authority. Metal industries. • Electrical works for commissioning and pre-commissioning activities of hydrocarbon and petro-chemical complexes • Special maintenance. MV & LV Switchgear Panels. Instrumentation . Erection.Supply. testing and commissioning of MV& LV variable speed drive panels. • AEIS offer includes experienced professional engineers and technician team to support construction/installation and commissioning services for E & I systems to a wide range of clients in the industry. motors & Chargers . 11 .

Time Attendance System. Products Offered Under AِEIS AEIS has partnered with various principles to offer products catering to Power. • CCTV for Plant Monitoring • Industrial Communication and Paging Systems. CCTV surveillance. Valves (Manual & Actuated). Polymer Dosing etc. Field Instruments. Industrial Fire & gas detection. Signal & Communication Cables and Cable Trays. installed and commissioned by AEIS Communicating to Plant DCS. Transformers. Relief valve. MV. Steam and water analysis system (SWAS) supplied. Custody metering and transfer systems. Also. Gas Pressure Regulation Stations. Emergency Shutdown valves. Chemical Dosing Systems. Attention to customer requirements and specifications is treated with utmost priority. Water and Waste water industrial segments that broadly cover Pumps. Control Valves. • Testing and Calibration of Instruments • Safety Instruments and Systems. GPS Tracking System and IP Networking/Telecommunication Solutions. IP Video Management System. Safety Shutoff valve. • ESD / FSD Valves and Stations. PLC.). Our Management Team has an in-depth knowledge of the business. Control valves. Power Back up and battery Systems. which is complemented by the years of experience and expertise of all personnel. BMS. Fire Alarm and Suppression Systems. Control. installed and commissioned by AEIS Communicating to Plant DCS. Instrumentation and Control Cables meeting the industry standards. (Water Disinfection Systems/Chlorination. • Gas. Alarm and Control Systems. Gas Compressor stations. Fire Detection. Steam and water analysis system (SWAS) supplied. PLC/SCADA/DCS.Access Control System. Industrial Power Supply Systems: MV/LV Control Panels. LV. Gas odourization station etc. Air Gas Mixing Stations. Oil & Gas industry products cover Pipeline ball valves. PAS. Gas condition stations. Air Compressor stations. Explosion-proof Electrical enclosures. 12 . • Power. Water /Waste Water Treatment Plants. with our best attributes being to commitment and attention to detail and Quality. DCS and SCADA Systems integration.

Gate Valves. oil. Supervisory. Converters. portable. Regulators. Redox etc. DC distribution boards and associated products. Air Valves. licensed technologies and delivers UK services to the petrochemical. O3. We value their continued trust and look forward to remain in their continued service. Hydrants & Accessories Partner for the entire : GERMANY Water | Waste Water | Industry | Energy | Building Services | Mining | Automation UAE Dosing Pumps. Station Building. Motor Control Centres. Operation & Maintenance and Servicing for Natural GERMANY Gas and Bio Gas Applications: Gas Pressure Regulation and Metering Stations. Receptacles and Plugs.V Switchboards. Control Valves. 19“ Rack Systems Rotork is the market leading actuator manufacturer and flow control company that operates in UK any market where the flow of gases or liquids needs to be controlled Leading Control System Integrator offering engineering services. Battery Chargers. Gas dosing system Chlorine Dioxide preparation unit. syngas. Push Button & Control Stations. We aim to achieve strong relationship with all partners through openness. Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) Enclosures. Biomethane-Injection-Station. Rotary & Selector Switches. Consulting. Our “excellence in partnership” philosophy applies to both suppliers and clients. Butterfly Valves. Swing Check Valves. long-lasting durability and for providing valuable and timely measurement data. Cable Glands. Certified Pipe Fittings. Measurement. FRANCE Industrial UPS. chemicals. municipalities. Dosing of preparation unit. Most of our clients have been with us for more than a decade. GERMANY House Connection Valves. Custom Built Assemblies & Painted Enclosures.V Switchboards. PLC Systems & Process Control. and commercial and industrial customers GERMANY worldwide. Emergency Lighting Systems. Gate Valves. Gate Valves. Handheld Meters Process Technologies supplies catalysts. VFD’s. manufacturing UAE and testing of control and process automation systems. Circuit Breakers. Panelboards & Distribution Boards. Enclosures. HV/LV UAE Metering Panels. Control & Instrumentation Panels. Acoustic Signalers. Measurement of control of ALLODOS Cl2. Instrument Housing. and builds positive environments for collaboration.Partners Developing long-term client partnerships has always been the AEIS strategic vision. Tilting Disc SPAIN Check Valves. Sluice Gate Valves. Flow meters etc. since we started. absorbents. Valves. ITALY Manufacturer engaged in the production AMR. Badger Meter products are known for accuracy. HBL Power Systems Limited UAE Equipment’s for Gas Pressure Reduction and Metering Stations. AMR Reade and AMR Water Waters and Accessories SWITZERLAND SWAN is one of the leading manufacturers of on-line analytical instruments Xylem a leading manufacturer of premium field. Cl02. L. Inverters. laboratory and online analytical USA instrumentation that touches just about every industry where precise measurement and control are required. and other fluids. Thermal Motor ITALY Starters. Measuring water. Plug Valves Fire Alarm System. Security Systems. Floodlights. CCTV System GERMANY Public Address System. panel assembly. Badger Meter serves water utilities. We believe that fruitful relationships are only possible where all parties are committed to excellence to service local market. Odorizing Station USA Handheld Calibrators. HV/M. Non-Return Valves. Ball Valves. Battery Charges. Piston Check valves.. oil refining and gas processing industries 13 . Transformers. This creates a foundation for trust. Discharge Bulb Lamps. Automation and Control systems. EVAC System. Vapor Tight condulets. Globe Valves. INDIA Battery. a win-win approach. DC Systems & Test Tools Lighting Fixtures. System Integration Engineering.

Preventive Maintenance services. Control Systems and Automation in integration of Field Instrumentation. Installation. Fibre optic networks. Almoayyed Electrical Equipments & Instrumentation System (AEEIS) AEEIS Abu Dhabi operations form a part of Almoayyed International Group and is one of the leading diversified ISO 9001:2008 certified EPC contractor in UAE. Electricity and Water. Its services cover Electrical & Instrumentation. Breakdown Maintenance and Planned Plant Shutdown Services as per the client requirement. CCTV Security and Access control systems. Metal industries etc. Procurement. Fire & Gas detection. Custody Transfer Stations. As part of EPC scope covers Electro-Mechanical works. AEEIS offers expertise from Engineering. after sales warranty service and local support. Petro Chemicals . Break down and Scheduled Maintenance support services. Installation. Commissioning and Maintenance of Gas Distribution piping (above ground & underground) • Pressure Reducing Stations • Metering stations. Testing and Commissioning services. Supply. Automatic Meter Reading Stations • Remote Terminal Unit (RTU). SCADA integration services Almoayyed Electrical Equipments and Instrumentation System are registered with the following UAE entities. Device Testing. AEEIS offers Operations and Maintenance (O&M). and Automation Control systems installed in the industrial segments. Pre-commissioning & Commissioning and Start-up support is offered for the selected segments. Electro-Mechanical. ADNOC Group of Companies             ADWEA Group of Companies       Other Govt Companies   AEEIS has valid license from ADDC as an Electrical Contractor – License No: 2393784049 14 . AEEIS core activities: AEEIS UAE division works with International EPC contractors for various industrial projects in Oil & Gas. These services are offered as annual support services on contract basis or On-Call basis GAS industry services include GPRMS and Custody Metering stations turnkey supply: Design. Instrument calibration are provided as part of specialist services. AEEIS support team consists of experienced engineers and technicians for supporting plant Operations. Project management.

our procurement strategy is based on global experience and long-term relationships. and economical engineering solutions in every project undertaken. on time and to budget. Our in-depth understanding of both local &international markets and our relationships with key suppliers allow us to provide the best materials and services on time and within budget. recognizing that no organization or service can remain static in a world of continuously advancing technology. Consultants. AEIS has a pool of highly-qualified Engineers. working methods. AEIS is committed to the continual improvements of its operational and management systems to achieve excellence and to achieve innovative. safe. Construction & Project Management Our people are our strength and key to the successful completion of our project works. Procurement At AEIS. This is achieved through regular review of performance. Service Specialists and Project Managers with the depth of knowledge and expertise to understand your needs and deliver safely. and staff training. Quality AEIS is committed to the concept of quality assurance as defined in ISO 9001:2008. 15 .

Service Specialists and Project Managers with the depth of knowledge and expertise to understand your needs and deliver safely.V. cable laying. on time and to budget. substations. AEIS has a pool of highly-qualified Engineers. transmission lines. pumping stations. Our Valued Local Customers 16 . SCADA. Health. the department has electrical. industrial electrification including fire alarm. / L.V. H.V. mechanical & instrumentation engineering expertise in H.V/L. Headed by professionals and skilled technicians. telephone / computer network and other security services. Consultants. Safety & Environment Our people are our strength and key to the successful completion of our project works.

Safety Motivational Programme 2012 SULB PROJECT Date: 17.2012 Safety Motivational Program AEIS Safety Team Safety Motivational Programme 2013 17 .10.

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