Re: Your unpaid loan with

Dear _______________:

Record indicate, that you have not paid your long overdue loan
since ________, which, to date, amounts to P___________, inclusive of
interest. Despite several oral and written demands for payment, you have
failed and relentlessly fail to settle your account.

DEMAND, therefore, is made upon you to immediately pay in full,
your obligation in the sum of P______________, within ten (10) days from
your receipt hereof. Your failure/refusal to do so, will compel the
undersigned to institute a suit for collection against you to protect my
interest. In such eventuality, we may also seek to recover from you,
interests on your indebtedness at 12% per annum, attorney’s fees
equivalent to 25% of the total amount due from you, litigation expenses
and costs of suit.

Please give this matter your utmost preferential attention to spare
the parties from the rigors of court litigation.

Very truly yours,