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at 301 644 3235 or F jstevens@a2la.08 This laboratory is accredited in accordance with the recognized International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 General Requirements Defortermi Eleme ratory 00 De mi nation of Tra nts on CHM. This accreditation demonstrates technical competence for a defined scope and ter the nation of ce Me tals on Wafers by VP CHM. please contact your Accreditation Services staff person directly or A2LA at 301 644 3248.  Course: Venues: September 27-October 2. A2LA has been publishing a new In recogn 11 CHEM perform ition of the ICAL the fol succes lowing sfu types of l completio chemical n of TEST analys the A2LA eva Certifica format for our Certificates and Scopes of Accredita- DESC is tests: luation te Numb RIPTIO proces er: 39 N s.00 members) San Francisco. $745. 2009 Title: Introduction to Measurement Uncertainty The Westin Indianapolis 50 South Capitol Avenue  October 1-2. VPD-00 VPD-00 02 05 and Scopes will be uploaded to the A2LA website in _______________________ President & CEO For the Accreditation Council print-ready quality and all Certificates and Scopes that Certificate Number 3999. 2009-Charleston. PA Thiers Closed Evapo icals by Di in Chemica Chamber ration lute & ls Graph Shoot by High Re for technical competence in the field of ite Furna s solution ce Analy ICP-M ICP-001 sis (GFA S 0 color scheme and will contain the signature of A2LA Chemical Testing ) in the IC P-001 Determi Chemica CHM. IN Indianapolis.27 the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories.00 non-members. IN 46204 ($795. 2009-Indianapolis. 2009 Title: ISO/IEC 17025 and Accreditation Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf  September 28-30.00 non-members.00 non-members. These Certificates and Scopes will be crafted in of Tra W by re Water ce Me IC tals in P-MS (UPW ) TEST ME Determi UP W by TH OD A2LA has accredited natio High Re Determi n of Trace Me solution ICP-M TM LABORATORIES. Mr. 2009 Title:  ssessment of Laboratory A The Mills House Hotel Competence 115 Meeting Street  October 19-23.00 members) (800) 228 3000  November 16-17. please contact Julie Stevens. 2009-Charleston. Please be sure to alert your customers and end users of the new look to your accreditation documents so there is no confusion in the marketplace.00 Per Night ($795.29 00 Boron D ICP-M 0033 operation of a laboratory quality management system (refer to joint ISO-ILAC-IAF Communiqué dated 8 January 2009).00 members) Rate: $165.00 Per Night November 15-20. please refer to the laboratory’s Chemical Scope of Accreditation. LLC Direct nation of Tra tals in S ICP-000 An Ch emica TM An alysis of Trace Metals in ICP-001 7 color with the newly refreshed A2LA logo. IN 2500 Mason Street ($995.00 members) October 18-23. accred 99. $1545.01 Valid to 31 July 2011 are updated. CA 94133  November 18-20. For the tests or types of tests to which this accreditation applies. The Certificates osphorou fer Su S or GF s on Wa rfa ce by VP AA th fers D Presented this 20 day of July 2009. General Updates. SC  (888) 627 7024 ($995. tag line and ls alysis Ch 3 TM by of Chem ce Elements emicals Gettysburg. 20 As of July 20. CA Charleston. 2009.  2 .00 non-members. and Ph Silicon Wa President and CEO. LL in Str ISO/IE C C 17025: 2005 Ken Ho ttysburg. 2009-Indianapolis.00 members) (843) 577 2400  or additional course information. issued or re-issued on or after July 20. PA eet rn Ph 173 one: 717 20 Valid 334 555 To: Jul 5 y 31.01 Determi itation na is grante Measu tion of Trace d to thi rement Metal s labora Measu rement of TM in UP s in Ultra Pu tory to tion. $745. 2009-San Francisco.org. $945. Page 1 of 3 2009 will appear in the new format. Peter Unger. $945.00 non-members. A2LA Training Coordinator. SC 29401 ($1595. Notices & Press Releases A2LA Adopts New Scope & Certificate Format SCOP E OF AC CRED ITATIO TM LA Ge N TO BORA 123 Ma TORIES.4 nation ls Labo 00 of Trace CHM. If you have any questions. SC Rate: $159.

Accreditation Officers Accreditation Officers Accreditation Officers Accreditation Associate Roger Brauninger 233 Beth Carbonella 219 Elizabeth Smith 207 Matthew Torres 225 Lauren Moore 231 Accreditation Officers Accreditation Officers Vincent Pugh 232 Diana Gavin 234 Atefeh Fathi 210 Sara Weitzel 224 Robert Knake 218 Kimberly Watson 482 Brian Conner 216 Aruna Kaveeshwar 226 Jason Poore 205 Accreditation Associate Ray Minnick 215 Karin Athanas 236 Ashly Bowers 238 Office Coordinator Liz Shanklin-Selby 220 Accreditation Associate Accreditation Associate Karen Rudd 206 Chris Gunning 481 Office Coordinator Training / Membership Accreditation Associate Karen Rudd 206 Coordinator Lauren Moore 231 Julie Stevens 235 3 .  Mike Hart has been promoted to the level of Program Manager in the area of Construction Materials testing. several reorganizations have occurred within A2LA’s Accreditation Services department both to recognize advanced levels of achievement and to maintain an efficiently managed system. Please join us in congratulating the following staff members who have been promoted within Accreditation Services:  Pam Wright has been appointed an Accreditation Manager in the Calibration area. Notices & Press Releases Recent Promotions of A2LA Staff So far in 2009.  Beth Carbonella has achieved the level of Senior Accreditation Officer within the Materials/Physical testing group.  Operations Manager Trace McInturff 223 Accreditation Manager Accreditation Manager Accreditation Manager Accreditation Manager Life Sciences Materials/Physical Calibration ElectroMechanical Randy Querry 221 Steve Medellin 228 Pam Wright 201 Rob Miller 239 Program Manager Program Managers Program Managers Program Managers ISO 15189 ILAC G13 / ISO Guide 43 ISO/IEC 17020 ISO Guide 65 Roxanne Robinson 208 Randy Querry 221 Steve Medellin 228 Rob Miller 239 (acting) ISO Guide 34 Construction Materials EMC Accreditation Officer Randy Querry 221 Mike Hart 237 Adam Gouker 217 Ray Minnick 215 Biosafety Sr. General Updates.  Adam Gouker has been promoted to the level of Program Manager in the area of EMC testing. The organizational structure of A2LA’s Accreditation Services department can be viewed below or via A115a – Accreditation Services Structure Chart which is available on the A2LA website.  Roger Brauninger has been promoted to the level of Program Manager in the area of Biosafety testing.  Rob Miller has been appointed an Accreditation Manager in the ElectroMechanical area.

accreditation process. As a consequence of the CIPM-ILAC Common Statement and the ILAC Circular (dat- The Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM) and the ed August 20. inves- tigated the difference in terminology and have arrived at the fol. The intention is to achieve world-wide harmonization (ILAC) MRA signatory) accredited calibration laboratories and by of terminology in the dissemination of metrological traceability. 2009) the BMC and the CMC shall be considered Regional Metrology Organisations (RMOs) have.  “In the context of the CIPM MRA and ILAC Arrangement. its CMC on their Calibration Scope of Accreditation. made the scope of accreditation granted by following resolutions: a signatory to the ILAC Arrange- ment. the services provided by accredited calibration labo. in cooperation equal by laboratories. Notices & Press Releases Change in Terminology of the Best Measurement Capability (BMC) for Accredited Calibration Laboratories Metrological traceability is being disseminated to the market by will be changed to CMC (see ILAC 2009-08-20 BMC to CMC A2LA (an International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation Circular). It is important that action on the above resolution is taken as soon as possible.23 ILAC reaffirms its commitment to the agreement (ILAC resolution GA 11. shift of terminology and in the The General Assembly notes that other issues have been identified during the development of this agreement and these will be addressed in the new measurement uncertainty document future all references to BMC currently under preparation. with the expectation that we will com- NMIs have a similar description of the services provided to their plete this transition by September 2010.20 The ILAC General Assembly accepts the ILAC/BIPM joint paper on Calibration & Measurement Capabilities (CMC) as a significant step forward in the coordination of this concept between 4 ILAC and BIPM. In an effort to remain consis- ratories are described by the term “Best Measurement Capabil. Continued on page 5 ILAC Resolution GA 11. please contact your lowing conclusion: accreditation officer. If you have any questions or concerns. and in relation to the CIPM- ILAC Common Statement. This terminology is widespread in terminology through our regular annual review and renewal of accreditation around the world. A2LA will begin transitioning our laboratories to the CMC achieved during a calibration. tent with ILAC and its arrangement signatories. . however. This A2LA has always required its accredited laboratories to publish traceability provides reliability in measurements around the world. the CIRCULAR TO ALL ILAC MEMBERS following shared definition is agreed upon: ACTION REQUIRED BY ILAC MEMBERS CMC is a calibration and measure. was termed “Best Uncertainty”. references on A2LA scopes of accreditation may specify Capability” (CMC). it Currently. This will be addressed under the section of this agenda associated with Working Group 2.20) between ILAC and ILAC has decided to make a BIPM by implementing a terminology change from BMC to CMC as soon as practicable. the BMC as well as the CMC terminology. ON ILAC GENERAL ASSEMBLY RESOLUTIONS ment capability available to cus- tomers under normal conditions: TOPIC: Change in Terminology Relating to Best Measurement Capability (BMC) (a) as published in the BIPM key and Calibration Measurement Capability (CMC) comparison database (KCDB) of the CIPM MRA. effective immedi- ity” (BMC) which expresses the lowest uncertainty that can be ately. the market and regulators. however. the term is “Calibration and Measurement period. or DATE: 20 August 2009 (b) as described in the laboratory’s The ILAC General Assembly in Sydney 2007 and in Stockholm 2008.” ILAC Resolution GA 12. their customers. with the ILAC and Regional Accreditation Bodies (RABs). General Updates. During this transition customers. National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) under the CIPM MRA.

The timeframe for the terminology change has been set at two years from the date of this circular. This will be addressed under the section of this agenda associated with Working Group 2. (The CMCs of NMIs can be found on the CIPM- database. Notices & Press Releases ILAC Resolution GA 12. Progress by ABs in implementing this terminology change will be reviewed Pageat 1 of 2 the next evaluation of the AB that occurs two years from the date of this circular. 5. The background to these discussions may be found on the ILAC website under Publications and Resources. 4. ILAC will take this joint paper into account when preparing future documents on measurement uncertainty.DATE: 20 August 2009 The ILAC General Assembly in Sydney 2007 and in Stockholm 2008. The adoption of the same terminology in relation to accredited calibration facilities and NMIs will greatly assist in this process and provide clarity in the market place. This work is ongoing and further relevant information will be provided at an appropriate time. made the following resolutions: General Updates.20 The ILAC General Assembly accepts the ILAC/BIPM joint paper on Calibration & Measurement Capabilities (CMC) as a significant step forward in the coordination of this concept between ILAC and BIPM. The following points are to be noted.20) between ILAC and BIPM by implementing a terminology change from BMC to CMC as soon as practicable. The paper is entitled “Calibration and Measurement Capabilities – A Paper by the Joint BIPM/ILAC working group”. by scrolling down to Calibration and Measurement Capabilities (CMC) and clicking on CMC in the last sentence. as BMC and CMC have been agreed to be equivalent. 1.23 ILAC reaffirms its commitment to the agreement (ILAC resolution GA 11. The ILAC Marketing and Communications Committee has also been asked to prepare suitable material for ABs to distribute that defines the benefits of this terminology change for end users. This change is considered to be a terminology change only. It is recognised that further work is required by ILAC and BIPM to clarify and harmonise matters around CMC. that a change in terminology from BMC (Best Measurement Capability) to CMC (Calibration Measurement Capability) was appropriate and desirable. in collaboration with the BIPM. These resolutions were the result of extensive liaison and agreement by ILAC and BIPM.) 2009-08-20_BMC to CMC Circular 3. ILAC Resolution GA 11. This should be undertaken in line with a review of the CMCs of the NMI which provides the calibration laboratory with its metrological traceability. 5 . References to “BMC” in scopes of accreditation for calibration facilities should be amended to read “CMC”. It is important that action on the above resolution is taken as soon as possible. 2. The intention of this terminology harmonisation is to improve the dissemination of metrological traceability. The General Assembly notes that other issues have been identified during the development of this agreement and these will be addressed in the new measurement uncertainty document currently under preparation. The means whereby this change should be made has not been defined but ILAC Members are invited to review the scopes of accreditation of calibration facilities during the next relevant scheduled visit and make the relevant change in terminology from BMC to CMC.

C103 – General Checklist: Accreditation tory’s reference stan- of Field Testing and Field Calibration Laboratories dard as traceabil- (Document Finder category: “General Checklists”).S. would not be meet- tion: ISO/IEC 17025 was updated on August 12.  6 . For more information regarding acceptable methods and Checklist: Reference to A2LA Accredited Status- acceptable traceable reference standards please refer to NIST Rec- A2LA Advertising Policy (Document Finder category: ommended Practice Guide 960-12 Stopwatch and Timer Calibra- “General Checklists”). However. please or P102 – A2LA Policy on contact A2LA at 301 644 3248 or your Accreditation Measurement Traceability.  P101 – Reference to A2LA Accredited Status- Please note that NIST does provide traceable reference standards for A2LA Advertising Policy was updated on August 7. problems arise when it comes to establishing  R212 – Specific Requirements: Nondestructive traceability. It is true that many web browsers will automatically refresh at pre-set time intervals. and uses the “Official U. (Document Finder category: “Gen- rather from your own personal computer. 10. timer & stopwatch calibrations in other formats (telephone & radio 2009 (Document Finder category: “Policies”). you no longer eral Requirements”) have an established traceability chain. (Document Finder category: with a web browser to utilize this resource. 2009.org) through If your organization offers calibrations for timers & stopwatches the “Document Finder” option unless other. Time Clock” reference standard (avail- wise indicated.gov/general/pdf/2281. 2009. of ISO/IEC 17025:2005 If you have any questions about these updates. tions. (Document Finder category: “Policies”) parison” for calibration. but during the time in between refreshes. once you have opened the website on your was updated on August 7. All of these documents are available on the A2LA website (www. Updates on A2LA Operations & Policies Traceability and Use of the NIST Website for Timer & The following documents have been updated Stopwatch Calibrations within the controlled A2LA management sys. which is available at http://tf. C104 .gov) to conduct a “Direct Com- June 11. 2009 (Document Finder cat- NIST website should not egory: “General Requirements”) and the associated be used as your labora- checklist.  Officer directly. or  R301 – General Requirements: Accreditation 15 minutes for example. 2009. 2009 ing the requirements (Document Finder category: “Application Forms”).  R104 – General Requirements: Accreditation As tempting as it may be. 2009. (Document Finder internet browser the time being displayed is actually the time being category: “General Requirements”) kept by your computer’s own internal clock. ity is not established was similarly updated on August 7.time. able through the National Institute for Standards and Technologies  P106 – Branch System Policy was updated on (NIST) website at http://nist. More than likely your organization is using a personal computer dated on June 11. 5. the of Field Testing and Field Calibration Laboratories time clock provided by the was updated on August 6. as was signal) that are available to the public and maintain the traceabil- the associated assessor checklist. In essence. By Rob Knake. there is a se- “Specific Requirements”) rious flaw in this approach as your computer’s clock will actually  R307 – General Requirements: Accreditation supersede the time displayed on the website when your web browser of ISO/IEC Guide 65 Product Certification Bodies is left open.A2LA. Testing Laboratory Accreditation Program was up.nist. A2LA Accreditation Officer tem. As such. and your laboratory  F117 – Technical Staff Matrix for Accredita.pdf. of ISO/IEC 17020 Inspection Bodies was updated the time displayed is not actually coming directly from NIST but on August 7.General ity chain. 2009.

other means for monitoring quality Standard and to aid in substantiating the ethical grounds upon control may be employed – such as observation of technicians which an organization operates if their actions are ever called and technique during routine training. Section I of R101 – General to requirements associated with record management) OR an Requirements: Accreditation of ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratories. but not be limited to…”). Such a self-assessment can help an organization these may certainly be described in other procedures within identify those areas where they are on strong ethical ground the management system.1 are sures in place to aid in fully complying with these sections of the not practical or possible. Updates on A2LA Operations & Policies New Applications of ISO/IEC 17025 Requirements In August 2009.1 of ISO/IEC 17025 indicates that considered sub-contracting per Section 4. is this requirements. equivalent document control procedure (subject to document A2LA accreditation is “site specific”. however.1.9.1 of the Standard considered a record or is it considered a document that would be subject to document control require- 3 My laboratory is part of a multi-laboratory organization. location is considered to be its own entity – whether or not it 2 is part of a larger. what sort of quality con. 1 Is the master list my lab created to meet Section 4. into question.1. “Understanding ISO/ IEC 17025”. assessment might include: Continued on page 8 7 . credited organization is strongly encouraged to have such mea- for tests or calibrations for which the items listed in 5.3. transfer of work among accredited locations within such trol practices can my laboratory implement for destruc. such as training procedures. Some points to consider in an ethics self- Section 5.9. opportunity to enhance or further define their ethical and however. All laboratories within my organization are A2LA accred- ited and fall under the classification of a “branch system” as de- ments? fined by A2LA.9. such. If my laboratory receives work from a client but RESPONSE: A2LA considers a laboratory’s “master list” to be a sends the work to another of our accredited branch laborato- record and not a document that is subject to document control ries (with the final report being issued by my laboratory).2. accredited. a “branch system” is considered to be sub-contracting and is tive and/or pass/fail types of tests in which no equipment is subject to all requirements related to sub-contracting in ISO/ used? IEC 17025 and related A2LA requirements documents.1 and taining a Code of Conduct or Code of Ethics is an ethics self- so if other forms of monitoring quality control are employed. each ac- prehensive (“…may include. but it is clearly stated that RESPONSE: ISO/IEC 17025 does not explicitly require that a the items in the list are not mandatory (“This monitoring… laboratory have a Code of Conduct or Code of Ethics in place may include…”) and that the list is not intended to be com.5 of the Standard? the clause can be met by use of either a master list (subject RESPONSE: As stated in Part C. internal as well as areas that they may wish to examine further as an audit procedures. This clause also lists possible ways laboratory to have a Code of Ethics in place? in which this monitoring may occur.1 of the Standard. As Per Section 5. assessment.3. performance evaluations. The laboratory is not required to have a A helpful tool to assist any organization in developing and main- single procedure to meet the requirements of Section 5. the A2LA Criteria Council voted to approve four new applications of the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 requirements. Section 4. etc. internal audits. meaning that each discrete control requirements). That said. as part of its management system. The outcome of all monitoring activities. must be recorded and reviewed in compliance with leadership practices. These and other explanations may be found on the A2LA website section.9. As such. etc.1 requires each laboratory to have quality control procedures for monitoring the validity of tests Do Sections 4.2.9. multi-laboratory organization.5 (b) and (d) of the Standard require our or calibrations undertaken. 4 RESPONSE: Section 5.

5. For those laboratories performing calibrations for Surface Plate Flatness as described in the “Moody Method”.org. pearance of wrongdoing. there are times when determining a standard method for a specific calibration is not clear or straightforward. through tion’s Board. including ethical be-  D o you initiate and encourage discussion on the ethical havior? aspects of your organization’s management issues?  A re you mindful of the importance of avoiding even the ap-  D o you use your authority solely to fulfill your responsibili. or national standards and are easy to access for use. your method may be subject to validation per ISO/IEC Section 5. are you successful in finding an effective resolution and ensuring it is followed?  D oes your organization present itself accurately and hon- estly to the public?  D o you demonstrate your organization’s vision. your organization’s ethical standards (for example.  D o you demonstrate through personal action and organi- al ethical standards? zational policies zero tolerance for any form of staff harass-  A re your statements and actions honest even when ment? circumstances would allow you to confuse the issues?  D o you expect and hold staff accountable for adherence to  D o you advocate ethical decision making by your organiza. However. Concern was raised in the A2LA Measurement Advisory Committee (MAC) about the confusion that exists among A2LA accredited organizations regarding an acceptable standard method for the calibration of Surface Plate Flatness. It was determined at the MAC meet- ing held during the A2LA 2009 Conclave that the method described in the article titled “How to Calibrate Surface Plates in the Plant” published in the October 1955 edition of The Tool Engineer is considered an acceptable standard method for the calibration of Surface Plate Flatness. regional. These methods are often published in international. integrity of its activities? tion. For many calibrations the choice is usually fairly simple and straightforward. conflict of interest or interference ties and not for self-interest or to further the interests of with free competition? family. friends or associates?  D o your organization’s structure and processes ensure the  W  hen an ethical conflict confronts you or your organiza.4. (Information drawn from The Joint Commission on Accredi- flicts of interest? tation of Healthcare Organizations.  8 . For further information please contact Robert Knake at 301 644 3218 or rknake@A2LA. The American College of Healthcare Executives and the Higher Learning Commission. state and federal laws and regulations applicable to you?  D o you have a routine system in place for members of your organization to make full disclosure and reveal potential con. A2LA considers you to be using a standard method that does not require validation. This method is also commonly referred to as the “Moody Method” as it was written by Mr. C. The reason for this is that there is often a standard method avail- able that is widely accepted throughout the industry.)  What is an Acceptable Standard Method for Surface Plate Flatness Calibration? By Robert Knake. Moody. A2LA Accreditation Officer A very important part of the calibration process is determining which method your laboratory will use to perform the calibration. mission and value statements in your actions?  D o you understand and abide by local. management team and staff? periodic performance reviews)?  Do you use an ethical approach to conflict resolution?  D o you hold all staff and business partners accountable for compliance with professional standards. If your laboratory chooses to use another method for the calibration of Surface Plate Flatness. J. Updates on A2LA Operations & Policies Continued from page 7  Do you strive to be a role model for ethical behavior?  Do you maintain confidences entrusted to you?  A re your statements and actions consistent with profession.

accreditation to the new requirements. 15189:2007 standard applications. physicians.  A2LA Communications Manager. major facil. such as reference material produc- er and proficiency testing provider accreditation. and Randy Program requirements were revised to include the OIE Quality Standard Querry. Maryland. Accreditation Manager-Life Sciences. conducted the pilot veterinary training course for several state. and Matthew Torres. Dr. fered by A2LA. Operations Manager. stakeholders. “The NVSL is pleased to achieve ership Conference scheduled for March 22 – 26. which differ from ISO/IEC 17025.” A2LA exhibited at the AACC Clinical Lab Expo The NVSL has recently to promote A2LA accreditation and the ILAC Ar- added a new. A2LA initiated a new veterinary training course for those We were pleased with the interest in our pro- laboratories seeking to understand ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and the new Vet. which opened in July ment and accreditation processes and costs. NY. 2008. ISO 2009. and the public. IL from July 19 – 23. “We are hear. campus: The new Na. This is a significant milestone in our continued enhancements of our quality management system to better meet 2010 in Baltimore. A2LA Accredi- tation Officer. TC212 meeting will be held during the CLSI Lead- Elizabeth Lautner. A2LA Accreditation Officer In February 2009. AACC is an ing more and more credit being given to quality management systems like international medical society of clinical laboratory ISO 17025. IA Annual Meeting and the National Veterinary Services Foreign Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory in Plum Island. This accreditation program incorporates specific the current progress on revising several other requirements with respect to unique aspects of veterinary laboratories while ISO technical standards. A2LA’s history and background. Daren Valentine. Functions of the National Veterinary Services Laboratories are lo. The National Veterinary Services Laboratories (NVSL) provides a wide A2LA attended the US Technical Advisory Group variety of services and information for both domestic and international for ISO/TC 212 meeting held in conjunction with purposes centered on diagnosis of domestic and foreign animal diseases. NVSL Director. reagents for diagnos. and veterinary laboratories around the world are picking up on professionals. The Veterinary Laboratory Accreditation Trace McInturff. ing in Chicago. Peter Wright. the needs of our customers. the first internationally-recognized accreditation to the Expo (AACC) revised A2LA Veterinary Laboratory Accreditation Program requirements was granted to the National Veterinary Services Laboratories in Ames. research scientists and that. and other accreditation services of- and the Center for Veterinary Biologics. grams and look forward to attending future clini- erinary Laboratory Accreditation Program requirements. university. In March 2009. cal conferences. Both the quality management system and method validation prin. the AACC annual meeting. states. the A2LA assess- ity.Topics of discussion in- support of disease control and eradication programs. rangement. cluded the ongoing revisions to ISO 15189 and tic testing. says.” and related disciplines.The Clinical Lab Expo is said to be the ity to their expansive Iowa largest clinical laboratory tradeshow in the world. the ILAC Ar- cated in this new facility along with the National Animal Disease Center rangement. The next US TAG ISO/ maintaining standard requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. Meeting Summaries Veterinary Program American Association for Clinical Chemistry/ Update Clinical Laboratory By Matthew Torres. hosting some 600 exhibiting organizations. other individuals involved with clinical chemistry ciples must be present together. A2LA tional Centers for Animal fielded many questions from attendees regarding Health laboratory facil. and training. rep- and Guidelines for Veterinary Laboratories: Infectious Diseases. Dr. and industry veterinary laboratories at the Maryland De- Continued on page 10 9 . an Expert Participant on resented A2LA at the 2009 AACC Annual Meet- the OIE Biological Standards Commission since 1991.

The CVMA (Canadian flexibility to give power back to the laboratories where it belongs. Veterinary Medical Association) also had a large presence and role in This makes ISO/IEC 17025 what the most cutting-edge labs are organizing this meeting which was beneficial to all attendees.” In addition to training on ISO/IEC 17025 and The high quality of the talks presented at the ACVIM conference A2LA’s R216 (Veterinary Laboratory Accreditation Program Re. This venue was an international educational venture hosted throughout the world. A2LA President & A2LA Accreditation Officer. “These new training classes show A2LA’s commitment ACVIM (American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine) con- to teaching veterinary laboratories about ISO/IEC17025 – by far ference in Montréal. A2LA was one of approximately 100 exhibitors that attended the conference. ACVIM consensus statements was communicated effectively by the United States Animal Health Association (USAHA) newsletter published daily.org/. however. Overall the training allowed us to begin the accreditation process with confidence. The conference allowed us to meet with professionals and experts in the calibration arena and explain the benefits that accreditation has to offer. gas- nent tabs dedicated to Veterinary Medical Testing and (Human) troenterology. Québec. 2009 to June 6. For inquiries or questions regarding the accreditation programs offered by A2LA. We look forward to next year’s conference which is scheduled for July 25 – July 29. Essentially. ISO/IEC 17025 explains the duties of the quality ference) was continuing education for veterinarians with a clinical. The using today. A2LA Vice President/COO. please contact A2LA headquarters at 301 664 3248 or visit us on the web at: http://www. manager and an understanding of the interpretation of ISO/IEC practice-oriented theme. The theme for this year’s conven- tion was “Metrology’s Impact on Global Trade”. and food animal health. Thomas Jacobs. neurology. The meeting differed. The standard is so valuable because of its by an American veterinary specialty group. A2LA Accreditation Manager. In keeping with this year’s theme. and Rob Knake. Matthew Torres. The handouts. It was also a valuable opportunity for our accredited laboratories and other interested parties to meet with A2LA staff in person and have any of their questions regarding accreditation answered. We at A2LA wish to express our sincere thanks to those who stopped by the A2LA booth with questions regarding our ac- creditation programs.” This class is ideal for those seeking to understand overall focus of the meeting.Meeting Summaries Continued from page 9 partment of Agriculture College Park Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory in College Park. Many attendees expressed interest in ISO/ were clearly explained by experienced instructors.  10 . in that the 17025 will provide veterinary quality managers with the confidence ACVIM. Pamela Wright. can Veterinary Conference) and WVC (Western Veterinary Con- ting. infectious diseases. Robinson presented “Metrology & Accreditation – Their Role in the Global Market” at one of many informative technical sessions that were offered during the course of the conference. IEC 17025 accreditation in general and veterinary laboratory ac- power-point and blackboard presentations were clear and precise. similar to the NAVC (North Ameri- 17025 and the role of quality managers in a veterinary testing set. Ms. the most popular standard for accrediting veterinary laboratories 2009.Texas during the last week of July. made this one of the best venues for broad veterinary continuing quirements). Many talks were offered on the subjects of refer to the completely refreshed A2LA webpage which has promi. Interested parties may ty groups represented. A2LA Accreditation Officer. The outcome of this year’s Medical Testing. MD. many of which were our accredited laborato- ries. ACVIM consensus statements. Dr. The theme for 2010 will be “21st Century Innovations in Metrology”. Canada from June 2. 2010 in Providence. A2LA was represented by Rox- anne Robinson. “The ISO 17025/OIE Standards continuing education. like the American Society of Veterinary Clinical Patholo- they need to fulfill their duties. select state participants also shared interest in A2LA’s education because it is a meeting of internists with diverse special- ISO 15189 Medical Accreditation Program. Peter Unger. also has a focus on board certification in addition to Veterinarian of Maryland says. creditation specifically.  2009 NCSL International Conference This year’s NCSLI conference was held at the San Antonio Convention Center in San Antonio. also attended the CEO states. Rhode Island.A2LA. Assistant State gists (ASVCP).

ISO/IEC 17043 is approved by the ISO and IEC and was supported by assessors. PT providers in the calibration area will be required to have a Standard approved in less than 3 years from the start to use assigned values with metrological traceability and PT pro- of work (4-5 years is typical. Several accrediting bodies. along with NATA (Australia) and UKAS (United body. Dan. the number is growing. served as Convener of WG28 If. have delayed offering accreditation of PT entire ISO CASCO membership. While viders in other areas will need to at least consider the traceability it is not clear how many ILAC members offer accreditation of and uncertainty necessary to assure that the assigned values are PT providers. wording changes for clarity. and A2LA’s influence will run throughout the docu- ment. most sig- reflects the urgency felt by ILAC members . The work item was ap. which also places A2LA among the have direct ties to A2LA . as the general requirements for accreditation. Arlene memberships in late 2009.General requirements for proficiency testing) will soon be an approved International Standard. Several A2LA assessors and experts from A2LA-accred- Kingdom). Tony Russell (formerly of NATA. 7 years is not unusual). Dan Tholen. It used ILAC G13:2007 as a base document. The technical requirements are very curred in December 2006. 7 of the members of WG28 accredits 16 PT providers. WG28 consisted of 57 experts from 33 different countries and providers seeking accreditation. . including all areas of con- providers until there was an ISO standard. par- 5 liaison organizations. APLAC.giving it the force Tom. While the WG is representative of the ticularly in Europe. of law in Europe (according to the Vienna Agreement). Currently A2LA formity assessment and countries. ILAC will withdraw G13 as a current document. a cascade of events will occur quickly Fox (AOAC International). APLAC and Australia). Jeff. as expected. and Tony all attended the meeting in Milwaukee. it shares a lot of requirements with ISO/IEC 17025. Jeff Gust (Measure PT). Henrik. A2LA Assessor ISO/IEC 17043 (Conformity assessment . ers. International Activities A2LA Well Represented in Producing the New International Standard for Proficiency Testing By Dan Tholen.it is very unusual nificantly. with a few changes to Work Item Proposal filed in June 2006. If the ISO and IEC ballots are successful the Standard will be published in early 2010.by far the most of any accrediting global leaders. and 17043 will become an EN standard .) . PT . ited organizations participated extensively on WG28. but contain a few major changes. and Tom Coyner (formerly of APG. Also on the Working Group were Henrik Nielsen (HN than ILAC G13.representing Denmark).many accrediting bodies (including A2LA) will use it. ISO CASCO Working Group (WG) 28 held their 5th and possibly final meeting on June 29-July 1 in Milwaukee and recommended that FDIS 17043 be advanced to ballot as an ap- proved International Standard. and. The rapid progression of the project similar to ILAC G13. The new standard retains most of the management system re- The revision resulted from an “urgent” request from ILAC in a quirements of 17025 (and ILAC G13). like ILAC G13. tend the Mutual Recognition Agreement to include PT provid- sure PT and AOAC International). Many accrediting bodies. and IAAC are all planning training ISO/IEC 17043 is a revision of ISO Guide 43-1 and 43-2 for PT providers and assessors to prepare for the transition. reflect changes in ISO 9001 made since 2005 as well as some proved by CASCO members and the first meeting of WG28 oc. rather tems). as are the number of PT fit for their intended use. and Werner Schaefer (Cisco Sys. Consensus values are allowed in non- Continued on page 12 11 . Arlene. (1997).all from ILAC (and possibly other regions) will begin negotiations to ex- organizations accredited by A2LA as PT providers (as are Mea. Inc. Assessor and A2LA Member.

and they know what the PT scheme. the need to report the uncertainty of the assigned values and to The members of the writing group brought to WG28 the val- include more information in the final report. traceability of measurements.external verification of mary statistics for different methods used by participants and competence. including sum. the evaluation of performance. International Activities Continued from page 11 calibration areas. or the authoriza. Md 21704 . they see how mistakes can occur. PT providers see results from all methods PT providers will not be allowed to subcontract the design of in use.  The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation “World Class Accreditation” 5301 Buckeystown Pike. ues that are shared throughout A2LA . The other significant change is that quality improvement. and continual qual- general technical comments on performance. These changes ity improvement for all laboratories. Suite 350 Frederick. The new standard reflects are based on the experience of the members of WG28 and their that commitment. Less significant changes include edge that should be shared with all participants. but providers will be required to demonstrate feeling that the most important benefit of PT is as a tool for the suitability of the values.knowl- tion to issue the final reports. participants do to best agree with the assigned value .