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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

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Chan Robles Virtual Law


Sponsored by: The ChanRobles Group

A collection of Philippine laws, statutes and codes
not included or cited in the main indices
of the Chan Robles Virtual Law Library.

This page features the full text of
Republic Act No. 6826



Section 1. State of National Emergency. — On
December 1, 1989, a rebellion committed by
certain elements of the Armed Forces of the
Philippines aided and abetted by civilians gave
rise to an emergency of national proportions. chan robles virtual law library

The emergency continues even with the
cessation of military hostilities. More than
2,000 persons who participated in the failed
coup, including the masterminds and plotters,
are said to be still at large. There is a clear
threat to national security posed by the rebels
who have just "returned to their barracks," and
the fence-sitters among the military. Bombings
in Metropolitan Manila continue causing loss of
lives, maiming of limbs and destruction of
property.chan robles virtual law library

On December 6, 1989, Proclamation No. 503
was issued by the President declaring a state of
national emergency. cralaw

Meanwhile, secessionist elements in Mindanao,
seeking to establish a common cause with
rebels and their sympathizers, or taking
advantage of the instability occasioned by the
coup, are reported to have taken overt acts to
dismember the country. cralaw

Communist rebels have taken advantage of the

situation by attacking Government personnel
and installations. cralaw

The economy has suffered and continues to
suffer a serious setback, severely disrupting the
momentum of our economic recovery. cralaw

A state of national emergency is hereby

Sec. 2. Declaration of Policy. — The mutiny
and rebellion by certain elements of the Armed
Forces of the Philippines launched to seize
state power, destabilize the duly constituted
Government and supplant it with a military
government by means of force and violence and
other illegal means, has caused loss of lives and
destruction of property and has set back the
economic program of the Government. Due to
and by reason thereof, and in order to optimize
the efforts of the President to carry out the
difficult task of economic reconstruction, it is
imperative to grant her emergency powers
subject to such limitations as hereinafter
provided. chan robles virtual law library

Sec. 3. Authorized Powers. — Pursuant to
Article VI, Section 23 (2) of the Constitution,
and to implement the declared national policy,
the President is hereby authorized to issue
such rules and regulations as may be necessary
to carry out any or all of the following powers:

(1) To protect the people from hoarding,
profiteering, injurious speculations,
manipulation of prices, product deceptions,
and cartels, monopolies or other combinations
in restraint of trade, or other pernicious
practices affecting the supply, distribution and
movement of food, clothing, medicine and
medical supplies, office and school supplies,
fuel, fertilizers, chemicals, building materials,
implements, machinery equipment and spare

That goods which are determined to have been seized wrongfully shall be subject to the subsequent determination and payment of just compensation. processing. for storage. under the direction and supervision of the President or her duly designated representative who shall render a full accounting to the President of the operations of the utility or business taken over: Provided. management shall be retained. or distribution for the relief of hunger and want of the population. whether imported or locally produced or manufactured. That whenever the President shall determine that the further use or operation by the Government of any such public service or enterprise is no longer . sale. (b) to fix the maximum selling prices thereof. (2) Towards the above ends. and other articles of prime necessity. That to the extent feasible. however. rules and regulations. milling. and/or to stabilize the prices of such foodstuffs. chan robles virtual law library (3) To temporarily take over or direct the operation of any privately-owned public utility or business affected with public interest that violates the herein declared national policy: Provided.parts required in agriculture. (a) to purchase any of the articles or commodities hereinabove mentioned. industry and other essential services. (c) to regulate the fees charged by establishments in connection with the production. and (e) to call upon and deputize recognized non-government and people's organizations and volunteers as well as local government units to assist the Government to carry out these powers through the monitoring or implementation of orders. (d) to seize and confiscate hoarded foodstuffs and commodities: Provided. articles and other commodities. storage and distribution of such articles or commodities. as the case may be. further.

or importation of needed vehicles or vessels. however. and whenever it becomes necessary. (5) To ensure the availability of credit to the productive sectors of the economy especially in the countryside through measures such as. for public transportation to relieve the transportation crises. (6) To stagger the working hours of. except those pertaining to personnel services. (8) Subject to the provisions of paragraph 5. That in all cases. and for this purpose the President shall order that all departments. the same shall be restored to the person entitled to the possession thereof. construction and repair of school buildings and hospitals: Provided. employees and workers in government. in the private sector. including the necessary parts thereof. activities or operations which are of no immediate necessity. lowering the effective lending rates of interest and reserve requirements of lending institutions. Section 25. fuels and energy and ensure adequate supply of the same. Article VI of the Constitution. (4) To liberalize the importation and/or grant incentives for the manufacture. reconditioning. agencies and instrumentalities of the government create a reserve fund equivalent to ten percent (10%) of their respective appropriations. and adopt a flexible working schedule for. assembly. the security of . but not limited to.chan robles virtual law library (7) To conserve and regulate the distribution and use of power. to decrease expenditures of the Executive Department of the National Government and government-owned or controlled corporations and their subsidiaries through the suspension of services.necessary under existing conditions.

rules and regulations promulgated and issued by her under the powers herein granted shall report to Congress the issuance thereof and the justification therefor: Provided. Reports to Congress. or are being used by their holders for unlawful purposes. explosives and military equipage. 4. Sec. those belonging to the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine Constabulary- Integrated National Police and licensed firearms which have fallen into the possession of unauthorized persons or entities.tenure of civil service employees shall be respected. and (11) To undertake such other measures as may be reasonable and necessary to enable the President to carry out the declared national policy subject to the Bill of Rights and other constitutional guarantees. explosives and equipage and/or otherwise accomplish the purposes herein stated: Provided. but not limited to. (9) To issue lawful orders for the recovery and accounting of all firearms. orders. — The President. including. and pursuant thereto. adopt such measures as are reasonably necessary to take custody of such firearms. That this authority can be exercised only upon specific orders of the President or her duly authorized representative. equipment and supplies of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine Constabulary-Integrated National Police are possessed and used only by authorized officers and members thereof pursuant to law. (10) To ensure that military uniforms. within ten (10) days from the issuance of any of the executive acts. That within the first ten (10) days of every month. the .

partnership or any other juridical person. 7. association. as the case may be.chanrobles virtual law library Sec. he shall. chan robles virtual law library Sec. who participated in the commission of the offense or who shall have knowingly permitted or failed to prevent the commission of the same. That if the offender is a public official or employee. the remainder of this Act or the application of such provision to any other person or circumstances shall not be affected . shall be punishable with imprisonment of not less than five (5) years but not more than ten (10) years or a fine of not less than Fifty thousand pesos (P50. If the offender is an alien. — If any provision of this Act or the application of such provision to any person or circumstance is declared invalid.000) but not more than Five hundred thousand pesos (P500. he shall. That if the offender is a corporation. directors. suffer perpetual or temporary absolute disqualification from office. Provided. however. in addition to the penalties herein prescribed. Construction or Interpretation. as the case may be. the penalty shall be imposed upon the president. 6. managing partners. — Any violation of the rules or regulations issued pursuant hereto. Separability Clause. further.000) or both such imprisonment and fine at the discretion of the court: Provided. chan robles virtual law library Sec.President shall likewise submit a monthly report to Congress of all acts performed pursuant to this Act during the preceding month. Penalties. be deported without further proceedings. in addition to the penalties prescribed herein. — Nothing in this Act shall be construed or interpreted as a restriction of the Bill of Rights or of the Constitution. managers. 5.

cralaw Rules and regulations with a penal clause shall be duly published in Filipino and English in at least two (2) national newspapers of general circulation. Effect and Enforcement of Rules and Regulations. That the powers granted under this Act may be withdrawn sooner by means of a concurrent resolution of Congress or ended by Presidential Proclamation. That adjournment for a recess shall not affect the duration of this Act: and Provided. — The rules and regulations promulgated by the President pursuant to this Act. 8. and culpabilities and liabilities that may have been incurred and established after due notice and hearing. chan robles virtual law library Said rules and regulations shall cease to be in force and effect upon the expiry date provided in Section 9 hereof without prejudice to benefits and rights that may have vested. The publication shall be effected in at least two (2) newspapers of national circulation. however. — This Act shall take effect upon its publication in two (2) national newspapers of general circulation and shall be in full force and effect until the next sine die adjournment in June 1990 of the regular session of Congress: Provided.cralaw Sec. further. shall be numbered consecutively and shall take effect two (2) days after their publication in case of rules and regulations that are denominated "urgent. Promulgation.Effectivity. which shall have the force and effect of law. 9." and five (5) days in case of those without such denomination. cralaw Sec. chan robles virtual law library .by such declaration.

Approved: December 20. Back to Home Copyright ©1998-2006 by ChanRobles Publishing Company All Rights Reserved Since 19. 1989 Back to Top .98 .07. Back to Main Index .


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2016 Recommended by What is state of lawless violence? . 2016  Former staffer admits depositing funds for De Lima’s ex-driver Sep 02. Ex-mayor. cop: PNP general stopped anti-drug drive in 2013 Sep 02. 2016  Senators seek clarity on declaration of state of lawlessness Sep 03.

which came hours after an explosion killed 14 people and wounded 68 others at a night market in Mr. Duterte’s hometown. .” according to Integrated Bar of the Philippines president Rosario Setias-Reyes.SHARES: 5656 VIEW COMMENTS By: Vince F. Duterte’s authority under the declaration is limited to summoning armed forces to suppress violence “through ordinary police action." Section 18." Duterte's declaration is similar to previous presidential declarations of state of emergency. lawyers told Rappler. Instead. it was a “precautionary measure” that had factual basis in the explosion. Nonato @inquirerdotnet Philippine Daily Inquirer 0The 1987 Constitution allows the President to call on the armed forces "to prevent or suppress lawless violence. he may call out such armed forces to prevent or suppress lawless violence. (READ: Making sense of Duterte's declaration of state of lawlessness) 2:52 AM September 4th. invasion or rebellion. Aguirre said the declaration did not amount to an imposition of martial law.” as it is limited to calling out the military to help the police suppress violence. Davao City. Article VII of the Philippine Constitution states: "The President shall be the Commander-in-Chief of all armed forces of the Philippines and whenever it becomes necessary. 2016 LAW EXPERTS on Saturday said the people’s rights should not be affected by President Duterte’s declaration of a “state of lawlessness. Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II stressed the constitutionality of the declaration. Mr.

of the 1987 Constitution. Section 18. is “whenever it becomes necessary … to prevent or suppress lawless violence or rebellion.” “Any act beyond it shall be considered illegal. and the warrantless search of the Daily Tribune offices. The criterion. of the Constitution. [he is mandated] to protect the people. She said that under the President’s exercise of the “calling-out” power. She also stressed that police power is one of the inherent powers of the state. Zamora. which provided the only criterion for exercising the calling-out power of the President. “The only aim of the declaration is to suppress and prevent lawlessness and violence. Randolf S. The ruling hit the warrantless arrests of Prof.” Acosta said the President had the power to “call out” the armed forces to maintain the rule of law and prevent any lawless violence under Article VII. Public Attorney’s Office chief Persida Rueda-Acosta said “legal and substantive rights are protected because this [is] part of the rule of law. invasion or rebellion through ordinary police action.” Aguirre said in a text message. She recalled the 2006 Supreme Court ruling in David v. she said.” Acosta said. which found unconstitutional several acts during the “state of national emergency” declared in the aftermath of a supposedly foiled coup attempt.” . Reyes also noted the 2000 Supreme Court ruling in IBP v. Reyes. “the authority of the President appears to be limited only to the summoning of the armed forces to assist in the suppression of lawless violence. alongside eminent domain and taxation. in a text message to the Inquirer. the dispersal of the rallies and the warrantless arrest of Kilusang Mayo Uno members. cited two Supreme Court decisions that defined the limits of the President’s power under Article VII. Rule of law Asked about its effect on people’s rights.“As Commander in Chief.” Reyes said. David and Ronald Llamas. The [Armed Forces of the Philippines] is constitutionally mandated to protect the people from lawlessness. Arroyo. the imposition of standards on the press. Section 18.

(AP Photo/Manman Dejeto) This design meant the creation of an intricate system of checks and balances that calls for Congress’ participation when the President can . Ateneo School of Government Dean Antonio La Viña said the declaration provided extraordinary powers to allow Duterte to “wage a most efficacious defense of the nation in times of crisis.” A Philippine soldier keeps watch at a blast site at a night market that has left several people dead and wounded others in southern Davao city. Philippines late Friday Sept. a gateway to constitutional shortcuts.“Owing to the vast intelligence network of the Office of the President. Martial law is the power that is “most serious and carries the most impact on the social and political life of the nations. Arroyo that said “the power is by and large a discretionary power solely vested on the President’s wisdom. no doubt a painful lesson of the Marcos dictatorship. all of them positive. officials said. it means "gentle. The powerful explosion in Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s hometown in the southern Philippines took place amid a security alert due to a major offensive against Abu Sayyaf militants in the region.” “For which reason. 2016. emergency rule becomes fraught with opportunities for abuse. Section 18. Once emergency rule is declared. without being unduly straitjacketed by structural and bureaucratic restraints. [the President] is in the best position to determine the actual condition of the country.” ‘Most benign’-Benign describes a range of qualities.” Reyes said.” he said. When talking about a person. the constitutional bonds are loosened that could create a window of opportunity for unrestricted power. La Viña explained in a Facebook post that summoning armed forces to combat lawless violence under the declaration is the “most benign” of the powers allowed under Article VII. 2.” He cited the Supreme Court’s ruling in David v. But La Viña noted that the level of conflict warranting such extraordinary powers tends to “depend on this wide presidential discretion. La Viña said the 1987 Constitution was designed with a pervading theme to “do away with all possibilities of strongman rule.” he said.

the Supreme Court have to scrutinize this carefully. at best. by then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.” In a Facebook post. National Union of People’s Lawyers secretary general Edre Olalia said that calling out the military to suppress lawless violence “does not mean the power to suspend the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus or place the Philippines or any part [of it] under martial law. but we must be vigilant. must never be lightly granted by Congress. Duterte may ask for emergency powers. or the imposition of martial law. “a necessary evil. dean of San Beda College Graduate School of Law. and if the right case or controversy comes. the declaration of a state of war. While there exists the “ever-present possibility” of the slippery slope of frequently invoking emergency rule.” This is not the first time a part of the Philippines has been placed under the “state of lawless violence. Ranhilio Aquino.invoke more serious powers such as emergency powers. said that while the declaration was “nothing alarming … neither is it legally insignificant. after two explosions rocked the old Davao International Airport and the Sasa Wharf.” he said. killing 38 people and wounded a hundred others. [Mr. Aquino said it was a signal to the legislature that Mr.” “It should never be considered normal.] Duterte’s declaration does not appear to lead us to that slope. but they can request you to open these and it would be wise for one to cooperate.” A state of emergency was mostly recently declared on April 2.” “Does that allow police officers to search so thoroughly that they can forcibly open gloves and baggage compartment? No.” he said. the declaration means “only that their usefulness becomes more urgent now. Aquino said that while checkpoints have always been allowed in normal circumstances. Not legally insignificant Fr. 2003.” But he cautioned that “extraordinary powers should only be invoked as a last resort. . La Viña said: “For now.” La Viña said the extraordinary powers of the President could be considered.

1997-2016 INQUIRER. 638 .net | All Rights Reserved Read more: http://newsinfo.inquirer. September 7.net/812620/what-is-state-of- lawless-violence#ixzz4JZoqc1Ch Follow us: @inquirerdotnet on Twitter | inquirerdotnet on Facebook  GOVPH   About   Releases   eServices   Resources   Featured   Laging Handa   Philippine Standard Time: Wednesday. 2016 9:39:15 PM source: PAGASA     Feedback  Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines National Government Portal – Edited at the Office of the President of the Philippines Under Commonwealth Act No.

A year before. and Caraga. Prior to this. by virtue of Proclamation No. Surigao del Sur in Caraga Region. 522 signed by President Benigno S. signed by President Benigno S.” defines a State of Calamity as “a condition involving mass casualty and/or major damages to property. 2009 after . Aquino III in the wake of the devastation caused by tropical storm Sendong in Regions VII. a State of National Calamity was declared on December 20. XI. 2011. Definition and History Section 3 of Republic Act 10121. IX. known as the “Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act of 2010. Aquino III in the wake of the devastation caused by typhoon Pablo in Compostela Valley. Misamis Oriental and Cagayan de Oro City in Region X. and Davao del Norte in Region XI. Lanao del Norte. the Philippines was last put under a State of National Calamity through Proclamation 1898{{1}} on October 2. 2012 by virtue of Proclamation No. 303. Davao Oriental. Siquijor in Region VII. roads and normal way of life of people in the affected areas as a result of the occurrence of natural or human-induced hazard. the last time a State of National Calamity was declared was on December 7. X. disruption of means of livelihoods. Palawan in Region IV-B.” Prior to 2013. and.  Home   Briefer: State of Calamity Briefer: State of Calamity Basahin sa Filipino I.

and regions under a state of calamity. The President’s declaration may warrant international humanitarian assistance as deemed necessary.  A State of National Calamity when declared will remain until lifted by the President.{{2}} and the granting of no-interest loans. provinces. based on the criteria set by the National Council. upon the recommendation of the LDRRMC. III. Effects A. According to a spokesperson of then President Arroyo. the local government of Negros Oriental declared Dumaguete City and Valencia under a State of Calamity on December 18. Section 16: “Declaration of State of Calamity – The National Council shall recommend to the President of the Philippines the declaration of a cluster of barangays. otherwise known as the ‘Price Act. During the floods caused by monsoon rains on August of 2012 several areas in the National Capital Region and Region IV were placed under a State of Calamity. based on the results of the damage assessment and needs analysis. Section 6(1): “Price freeze for basic necessities is implemented for 60 days unless lifted… Prices of basic necessities in areas under a state of calamity shall automatically be frozen at their prevailing prices or placed under automatic price control whenever.” If a State of Calamity is declared by the National Government the following will be implemented: appropriation for calamity funds. Declaration  RA 10121. Price freeze for basic necessities.”  RA 10121 Section 17(a): “Imposition of price ceiling on basic necessities and prime commodities by the President upon the recommendation of the implementing agency as provided for under Republic Act No. after the onslaught of Sendong. II. and the lifting thereof.the onslaught of typhoon Ondoy and during the rage of typhoon Pepeng. 7581. municipalities. 2011. prevention and control by the Local Price Coordination Council of . It is common practice for the local government in a disaster-stricken area to declare its own “State of Calamity. cities.’ or the National Price Coordinating Council.” In 2011.”  RA 10121 Section 17(b): “Monitoring.”  “The declaration and lifting of the state of calamity may also be issued by the local sanggunian. Price Control for Basic Necessities{{3}} and Prime Commodities{{4}}  RA 7581. the purpose of the declaration was to make the calamity funds available for the local governments and control the prices of basic commodities.

” B. medicine and equipment for relief and recovery and other disaster management and recovery-related supplies is hereby authorized in accordance with Section 105 of the Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines. Importations and foreign donations  RA 10121 Section 18 (a): “The importation and donation of food. Granting of No-Interest Loans  RA 10121 Section 17(d): “Granting of no-interest loans by government financing or lending institutions to the most affected section of the population through their cooperatives or people’s organizations. as amended.” o Section 324(d): “Five percent (5%) of the estimated revenue from regular sources shall be set aside as an annual lump sum appropriation for unforeseen expenditures arising from the occurrence of calamities: Provided.”  RA 7160: “Automatic appropriation is available for unforeseen expenditures arising from the occurrence of calamities in areas declared to be in a state of calamity. clothing. and the prevailing provisions of the General Appropriations Act . Appropriation for Calamity Funds  RA 10121 Section 17(c): “Programming/reprogramming of funds for the repair and safety upgrading of public infrastructures and facilities. or a portion thereof. life or property. of the local government unit or other areas declared by the President in a state of calamity.” o Section 321: “A supplemental budget may also be enacted in times of public calamity by way of budgetary realignment to set aside appropriations for the purchase of supplies and materials or the payment of services which are exceptionally urgent or absolutely indispensable to prevent imminent danger to. that such appropriation shall be used only in the area.” Click on this link to learn how to apply for a Calamity Loan C. overpricing/profiteering and hoarding of prime commodities. medicines and petroleum products. in the jurisdiction of the local government unit or in other areas declared by the President in a state of calamity.”  RA 7160: “Local government units may enact a supplemental budget for supplies and materials or payment of services to prevent danger to or loss of life or property.” D. however. or loss of.

plyboard.[[4]] Basahin sa Filipino . fresh eggs. fresh. sawali. school supplies. plywood. fertilizer. veterinary products for poultry. Magna Carta for Public Health Workers). and all drugs not classified as essential drugs by the Department of Health. toilet soap. soy sauce. candles. and Caraga) as specified in Proc.[[3]] [[4]] List of prime commodities: RA 7581 Sec. dried processed and canned pork. detergents. root crops. onions. swine and cattle. light bulbs. laundry soap. herbicides. 2006 declared the Philippines under State of National Calamity. X. bread. 3 (1) (Price freeze): Rice. and drugs classified as essential by the Department of Health. beef and poultry meat. 3(8) (Price watch/ceiling control): Fresh fruits. paper. covering national internal revenue taxes and import duties of national and local government agencies”  RA 10121 Section 18 (b): “Importations and donations under this section shall be considered as importation by and/or donation to the NDRRMC. patis. the Agricultural Tariffication Act. 2011. cement. nipa shingles. salt. XI. hollow blocks. sugar.  Entitlement to hazard allowance for science and technological personnel of the government under Section 7-c of RA 8439. cooking oil. charcoal. GI sheets. 303. construction nails. garlic. subject to the approval of the Office of the President. fresh pork. s. fresh vegetables. this was implemented only in the affected areas (Regions VII. dairy products not falling under basic necessities. coffee. No. firewood. electrical supplies. Proclamations 1898. s. swine and cattle feeds. steel wire. IX. clinker. beef and poultry meal. noodles. fresh and processed milk. s.” E. 2009 and 1185. pesticides. [[1]] Previously.  Entitlement to hazard allowance for Public Health Workers (under Section 21 of RA 7305.[[1]] [[2]] When a State of National Calamity was declared in December 2011 during the onslaught of Sendong. vinegar. batteries. dried and canned fish and other marine products.[[2]] [[3]] List of basic necessities per RA 7581 Sec. poultry. flour. corn. Others  Authorization for the importation of rice under Section 6 of RA 8178.

1972 Signed on September 21. s. 1081. September 7. 638 Proclamation No. 2016 9:50:13 PM source: PAGASA     Feedback  Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines National Government Portal – Edited at the Office of the President of the Philippines Under Commonwealth Act No.Share on social media  GOVPH   About   Releases   eServices   Resources   Featured   Laging Handa   Philippine Standard Time: Wednesday. 1972 MALACAÑANG .

and through such sustained are careful recruitment and enlistment have succeeded in spreading and expanding. depredations. WHEREAS. overthrow the duly constituted government. labor. social. although actually destructive. depredations. manipulate and move peasant. sabotage and injuries against our duly constituted authorities. in the fanatical pursuit of their conspiracy and widespread acts of violence. acts of violence. 1081 PROCLAIMING A STATE OF MARTIAL LAW IN THE PHILIPPINES WHEREAS. economic and legal order with an entirely new one whose form of government. undertaking and waging an armed insurrection and rebellion against the Government of the Republic of the Philippines in order to forcibly seize political and state power in this country. MANILA PROCLAMATION No. intellectuals. against the peaceful members of our society. have continuously and systematically strengthened and broadened their memberships through sustained and careful recruiting and enlistment of new adherents from among our peasantry. WHEREAS. social. and worst of all. and in fact they have been and are actually staging. professionals. front organizations which have been infiltrated or deliberately formed by them. acting in concert through seemingly innocent and harmless. laborers. it is definitely established that lawless elements who are moved by a common or similar ideological conviction. sabotage and injuries against our people. have entered into a conspiracy and have in fact joined and banded their resources and forces together for the prime purpose of. these lawless elements. whose notion of individual rights and family relations. as in fact they have committed and still are committing. and to influence. on the basis of carefully evaluated and verified information. whose conception of God and religion. determined and ruthless groups of men and seeking refuge under the protection of our constitutional liberties to promote and attain their ends. design. their control and influence over almost every segment and level of our society throughout the land in their ceaseless effort to erode and weaken the political. and supplant our existing political. and whose political. social. economic. well trained. legal and moral foundations of our existing government. against the members of our law enforcement agencies. and mass media personnel. economic. strategy and goal and enjoying the active moral and material support of a foreign power and being guided and directed by intensely devoted. students. and in order to provide the essential instrument to . legal and moral precepts are based on the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist teachings and beliefs . student and terroristic organizations under their influence or control to commit. whose system of laws.

notably the “Ang Bayan”. agencies and officials. college campus newspapers and some newspapers published and still being published by these lawless elements. deceit. in the Visayas and in Mindanao. composed of young and dedicated. sympathizers and supporters have for many years up to the present time been mounting sustained. in Central Luzon. political. friends. and this Central Committee is now imposing its will and asserting its sham authority on certain segments of our population. assaults. and reign of terror and acts of lawlessness in the rural areas and in our urban centers brought about the treacherous and cold-blooded assassination of innocent civilians. WHEREAS. machinations. as in fact they have carried out. their premeditated plan to stage. established and are now maintaining a well trained. military personnel of the government and local public officials in many parts of the country. through the publications. economic and religious institutions. which has since vigorously pursued and still is vigorously pursuing a relentless and ruthless armed struggle against our duly constituted government and whose unmitigated forays. produced a state of political. vile foul and scurrilous statements utterances. writings and pictures through the press-radio-television media and through leaflets. broadcasts and disseminations of deliberate slanted and overly exaggerated news stories and news commentaries as well as false. and also against our social. massive and destructive propaganda assaults against our duly constituted government. violence and other modes of terror.direct and carry out their criminal design and unlawful activities. these lawless elements have organized. their cadres. and have inflicted great suffering and irreparable injury to persons and property in our society”. in the Bicol Area. these lawless elements have in fact organized. raids. undertake and wage a full scale armed insurrection and rebellion in this country. have created a climate of chaos and disorder. established and are now maintaining a Central Committee. ambuscades. psychological and economic instability in our land. and to achieve their ultimate sinister objectives. these lawless elements. through varied means of subterfuge. notably in the Cagayan Valley. coercion. radial students and intellectuals. threats. especially in the rural areas. social. and whose daring and wanton guerrilla activities have generated and sown fear and panic among our people. and has been and is illegally exacting financial and other forms of tributes from our people to raise funds and material resources to support its insurrectionary and propaganda activities against our duly constituted government and against our peace-loving people . intimidations. which is charged with guiding and directing the armed struggle and propaganda assaults against our duly constituted government. popularly known as the “New People’s Army”. Pulang . in order to carry out. its instrumentalities. treachery. in the Southern Tagalog Region. well armed and highly indoctrinated and greatly expanded insurrectionary force. fellow-travellers. WHEREAS.

arsons. wanton acts of muliders. and L-34339. 1971: ” x x x our jurisprudence attests abundantly to the Communist activities in the Philippines. the outbreak of World War II in the Pacific and the miseries. agencies. and having committed and are still committing acts of armed insurrection and rebellion consisting of armed raids. and officials before our people making it appear to the people that our government has become so weak and so impotent to perform and discharge its functions and responsibilities in our society and to our people. L- 34004. 1971. these lawless elements having taken up arms against our duly constituted government and against our people. L-34265. and thereby gradually erode and weaken as in fact they have so eroded and weakened the will of our people to sustain and defend our government and our democratic way of life . communication and transportation facilities. L-33982. spoilage. the movement seemed to have waned notably. as the immediate objective. to the great detriment. the Supreme Court in the cases brought before it. L-33964. safety and well-being of the people.R. forays. its instrumentalities. looting. and thus undermine and destroy the faith and loyalty and allegiance of our people in and alienate their support for their duly constituted government. L-34013. dated August 21.Bandila” and the “Ang Komunista”. destruction of public and private buildings.sequence of the suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus by me as President of the Philippines in my Proclamation No. L-33965. all of which are clearly well- conceived. Here is what the Supreme Court said in its decision promulgated on December 11.889. and the . Nos. agencies and officials. particularly water systems. especially in Manila. as amended. plunder. WHEREAS. as a con. then aimed principally at incitement to sedition or rebellion. L-34039. are now implementing their plan to cause widespread. massive and systematic destruction and paralization of vital public utilities and services. intended and calculated to malign and discredit our duly constituted government. docketed as G. has found that in truth and in fact there exists an actual insurrection and rebellion in the country by a sizeable group of men who have publicly risen in arms to overthrow the government. its instrumentalities. but. all of which activities have seriously endangered and continue to endanger public order and safety and the security of the nation. injury and prejudice of our people and the nation and to generate a deep psychological fear and panic among our people. ambushes. sources of electrical power. and attacks against innocent and defenseless civilian lives and property. suffering. L-33973. Upon the establishment of the Commonwealth of the Philippines. and acting with cunning and manifest precision and deliberation and without regard to the health. WHEREAS. from the late twenties to the early thirties. sorties. the devastation and havoc.

the validity of which was upheld in Montenegro v. posed by the Communist …Party of the Philippines and its activities.which clashed several times with the armed forces of the Republic. 1957.pending the privilege of the writ of habeas Corpus. by the Senate Ad Hoc Committee of Seven-copy of which Report was filed in these cases by the petitioners herein- “The years following 1963 saw the successive emergence in the country of several mass organizations. national in scope but international in direction.” : “In the language of the Report on Central Luzon. present and grave danger to the security of the Philippines. a resurgence of the Communist threat. the Kabataang Makabayan (KM) among the youth/students. 1950. members of the Communist Politburo in the Philippines were apprehended in Manila. or on October 18. dated October 22.210. with such vigor as to be able to organize and operate in Central Luzon an army -called HUKBALAHAP. and the Movement for the Advancement of Nationalism (MAN) among the intellectuals/professionals.vities. This prompted then President Quirino to issue Proclamation No. was approved. systematic and persistent subversion. ” x x x the continued existence and activities of the Communist Party of the Philippines constitutes a clear. insofar as peace and order were concerned. Days before the promulgation of said Proclamation. the Malayang Samahan ng Mga Magsasaka (MASAKA) among the peasantry. “The fifties saw a comparative lull in Communist acti. there is urgent need for special legislation to cope with this continuing menace to the freedom and security of the country x x x. and renamed Hukbong Mapagpalaya ng Bayan (HMB) after liberation. on June 20. Republic Act No. sus. not only by force and violence but also by deceit. brought about. is in fact an organized conspiracy to overthrow the Government of the Republic of the Philippines. Castañeda. Subsequently accused and convicted of the crime of rebellion. on September 4. Still. subversion and other illegal means. for the purpose of establishing in the Philippines a totalitarian regime subject to alien domination and control .proliferation of unlicensed firearms concomitant with the military occupation of the Philippines and its subsequent liberation. and ” x x x in the fact of the organized. submitted. although purportedly apolitical party.1700. 1950. 1971. upon the grounds stated in the very preamble of said statute -that ” x x x the Communist Party of the Philippines. the PKP . otherwise known as the Anti-Subversion Act. in the late forties. during the occupation. they served their respective sentences. notably the Lapiang Manggagawa (now the Socialist Party of the Philippines) among the workers.

pines early in 1969 and established a New People’s Army. constituting the Maoist faction -reorganized the Communist Party of the Philip. in which it inflicted 404 casualties. Such announcement is in the nature of a public challenge to the duly constituted authorities and may be likened to a declaration of war. just and prosperous . This faction adheres to the Maoist concept of the ‘Protracted People’s War’ or ‘War of National Liberation. sufficient to establish a war status or a condition of belligerency. two (2) facts are undeniable: (a) all Communists. resorted to kidnappings and taken part in other violent incidents numbering over 230. of building a new Philippines that is genuinely and completely independent. democratic. . its record of violent incidents was about the same. than the armed forces of the Republic and antagonistic thereto. the NPA had-according to the records of the Department of National Defense-conducted raids. All Filipino communists are ready to sacrifice their lives for the worthy cause of achieving the new type of democracy.” “Meanwhile. the Communist leaders in the Philippines had been split into two (2) groups. .’ Its ‘Programme for a People’s Democratic Revolution’ states. suffered 243 losses. although they disagree on the means to be used at a given time and in a particular place. even before the actual commencement of hostilities. and. “At any rate. whether they belong to the traditional group or to the Maoist faction. believe that force and violence are indispensable to the attainment of their main and ultimate objective. Such New People’s Army is per se proof of the existence of a rebellion. therefore. united. In 1970. one of which -com.posed mainly of young radicals. especially considering that its establishment was announced publicly by the reorganized CPP. “The Central task of any revolutionary movement is to seize political power. no doubts about the existence of a sizeable group of men who have publicly risen in arms to overthrow the government and have thus been and still are engaged in rebellion against the Government of the Philippines. in turn. but the NPA casualties more than doubled.” . influence and utilize these organizations in promoting its radical brand of nationalism. and (b) there is a New People’s Army. other. and act in accordance with such belief. “We entertain. inter alia: “The Communist Party of the Philippines is determined to implement its general programme for a people’s democratic revolution. The Communist Party of the Philippines assumes this task at a time that both the international and national situations are favorable to taking the road of armed revolution…’ “In the year 1969. of course.has exerted all-out effort to infiltrate.

machinations. bombed. WHEREAS. that this was followed closely by the bombing of the Manila City Hall. chaos and disorder. economic and moral precepts are based on the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist teachings and beliefs . that it has. 20 barrio captains and 3 chiefs of police. Quezon City. as were the MERALCO main office premises. and that the respective residences of Senator Jose J. assaults. arsons. legal and moral order with an entirely new one whose form of govern. acts of terror.ment. the Supreme Court in its said decision concluded that the unlawful activities of the aforesaid lawless elements actually pose a clear. raids. Roy and Congressman Eduardo Cojuangco were. present and grave danger to public safety and the security of the nation and in support of that conclusion found that: ” x x x the Executive had information and reports-subsequently confirmed. the COMELEC Building. . and whose political. ambuscades. social. prejudice and detriment of the people and the nation. soon after the Plaza Miranda incident. also. murders. by destroying our democratic way of life and our established secular and religious institutions and beliefs. social. economic. intimidations. violence. was bombed. adopted Ho Chi Minh’s terrorist tactics and resorted to the assassination of uncooperative local officials . deceits. coercions. that. likewise. and by supplanting our existing political. WHEREAS. threats. in many respects. that there were fourteen (14) meaningful bombing incidents in the Greater Manila area in 1970. the insurgents have killed 5 mayors.WHEREAS. by the above-mentioned Report of the Senate Ad Hoc Committee of Seven -to the effect that the Communist Party of the Philippines does not merely adhere to Lenin’s idea of a swift armed uprising. treachery. whose notion of individual rights and family relations. that. turmoil and destruction of a magnitude equivalent to an actual war between the forces of our duly constituted government and the New People’s Army and their satellite organizations because of the unmitigated forays. plunders and depredations committed and being committed by the aforesaid lawless elements who have pledged to the whole nation that they will not stop their dastardly effort and scheme until and unless they have fully attained their primary and ultimate purpose of forcibly seizing political and state power in this country by overthrowing our present duly constituted government. the Congress Building and the MERALCO substation at Cubao. the N A W ASA main pipe at the Quezon City San Juan boundary. that the Constitutional Convention Hall was bombed on June 12. these lawless elements have to a considerable extent succeeded in impeding our duly constituted authorities from performing their functions and discharging their duties and responsibilities in accordance with our laws and our Constitution to the great damage. 1971. it is evident that there is throughout the land a state of anarchy and lawlessness. in line with this policy. assassinations.

NPA had in Central Luzon a total of four (4) encounters. 1971. the KM had two hundred forty-five (245) operational chapters throughtout the Philippines. moreover. of the political. coordinated or led by the aforementioned front organizations. it appears that. 1971. economic and intellectual leadership. resulting in fifteen (15) killed and over five hundred (500) injured. it had in Northern Luzon six (6) encounters and staged one (1) raid. that conformably to such concept. and farmer and professional groups. the Samahang Molave (SM) . ” x x x the reorganized Communist Party of the Philippines has.along Ortigas Avenue. since August 21. labor unions. but well-trained group of armed agitators. and the Doctor’s Pharmaceuticals. the Party had recorded two hundred fifty-eight (258) major demonstrations. the organization of armed city partisans and the infiltration in student groups. adopted Mao’s concept of protracted people’s war.tiko ng Kabataan (SDK) . that on August 26. “Subsequent events xxx have also proven xxx the threat to public safety posed by the New People’s Army. of which seventy-three (73) were in the Greater Manila Area. the Samahang Demokra. in consequences OJ which seven (7) soldiers lost their lives and two (2) other: were wounded. whereas the insurgents suffered five (5) casualties. and the Malayang Pagkakaisa ng Kabataang Pilipino (MPKP) . . Building.(3) wounded on the side of the Government. with two (2) killed and three . accordingly. the Movement for the Advancement of Nationalism (MAN) . that in 1970. and wounding one (1) soldier that the. one (1) BSDU killed and three (3 KM-SDK leaders. Victor Corpus. in Caloocan City. destroying two (2) helicopters and one (1) plane. that the CPP has managed to infiltrate or establish and control nine (9) major labor organizations. forty-two (42) in the Visayas and twenty-one (21) in Mindanao and Sulu. aimed at the paralyzation of the will to resist of the government. about thirty ( 30) mass organizations actively advancing the CPP interests. 1971. Inc.. attacked the very command post of TF LAWIN in Isabela. that there are. among which are the Malayang Samahan ng Magsasaka (MASAKA) . that most of these actions were organized. as of August. the Kabataang Makabayan (KM) . that it has exploited the youth movement and succeeded in making Communist fronts of eleven (11) major student or youth organizations. and of the people themselves. a well-armed group of NPA trained by defector Lt. forty nine (49) in Central Luzon. that. the Party has placed special emphasis upon a most extensive and intensive program of subversion by the I establishment of front organizations in urban centers. Indeed. of which about thirty-three (33) ended in violence. sixty (60) in Northern Luzon. that the number of demonstrators heretofore staged in 1971 has already exceeded those of 1970: and that twenty- four (24) of these demonstrations were violent and resulted in the death of fifteen (15) persons and the injury of many more. that the violent demonstration were generally instigated by a small. an unidentified dissident.

Iriga City. particularly in Cotabato and Lanao. “It should. for. according to intelligence findings. Ifugao.S. that a sizeable part of our armed forces discharges other functions. of which wa’r ma. and that there are now two (2) NPA cadres in Mindanao. large quantities of 80 mm rockets and ammunitions. Laguna. Camarines Sur. between the PC and the NPA. in the unwavering prosecution of their revolutionary war against the Filipino people and their duly constituted government. June and July. there was an encounter in the barrio of San Pedro.4 rifles estimated to be some 3. and offered them books. Zambales. the Cagayan Valley . and the bringing and introduction of such quantity and type of war material into the country is a mute but eloquent proof of the sinister plan of the aforesaid lawless elements to hasten the . and other combat paraphernalia. demanded the presence therein of forces sufficient to cope with the situation. in mid-1971. a KM group. Army. terrorism and mass destruction of property and that an extraordinary occurrence would signal the beginning of said event. several dozens of 40 mm rocket launchers which are said to be Chicom copies of a Russian prototype rocket launcher. the aforesaid lawless elements have. in an operation of the PC in said reservation. that the rather serious condition of peace and order in Mindanao.500 pieces. headed by Jovencio Esparagoza. believed to have been one of many pilfered from the Subic Naval Base a few days before. l definitely capable of preparing powerful explosives out of locally available materials. leader of the dissident group were killed. and that the expansion of the CPP activities from Central Luzon to other parts of the country. Misamis Oriental. in which a PC and two (2) KM members were killed. Palanan. contacted the Higa-onan tribes. that Esparagoza was reportedly killed on September 22. a substantial quantity of war material consisting of M-1. that the President had received intelligence information to the effect that there was a July-August Plan involving a wave of assassinations. be noted that adherents of the CPP and its front organizations are. that the current disturbances in Cotabato and the Lanao provinces have been rendered more complex by the involvement of the CPP /NPA. also. succeeded in bringing and introducing into the country at Digoyo Point.and Commander Panchito.terial some had been discovered and captured by government military forces. kidnappings. pamphlets and brochures of Mao Tse Tung. Quezon and the Bicol Region. particularly Manila and its suburbs. 1971. 1971. a powerful explosive device used by the U. that on August 26. as well as conducted teach-ins in the reservation. that the bomb used in the Constitutional Convention Hall was a ‘Claymore’ mine. Isabela and at other undetermined points along the Pacific coastline of Luzon. in their settlement in Magsaysay. in the months of May. required that the rest of our armed forces be spread thin over a wide area.” WHEREAS. 1972.

“3.pared to be carried out as part of the overall plan of the party to foment discontent and precipitate the tide of nationwide mass revolution. Reference is made to the “Borador ng Programa sa Pagkilos at Ulat ng Panlipunang Pagsisiyasat” as approved by the Central Committee. All Regional Party Committees must plan for a general strike movement. a copy of which was captured by elements of the 116th and 119th Philippine Constabulary Companies on June 18. Cordon. workers and the farmers. Support a more aggressive program of agitation and propaganda against the reactionary armed forces and against the Con Con. 1972 at Barrio Taringsing. WHEREAS. Cadres are being trained in order to organize the different regional bureaus. the text of which reads as follows: “REGIONAL PROGRAM OF ACTION 1972 “The following Regional Program of Action for 1972 is pre. The Regional Operational Commands must plan for armed . Isabela. “1. in the execution of their overall revolutionary plan. Intensify recruitment of new party members especially from the workers-farmers class. Intensify recruitment and training of new members for the New Peoples Army in preparation for limited offensive in selected areas in the regions. These bureaus must concentrate on mass action and organization to promote advancement of the mass revolutionary movement. “July -August: “During this period the party expects the puppet Marcos government to allow increase in bus rates thus aggravating further the plight of students. The fascist Marcos and his reactionary members of Congress is expected to prepare themselves for the 1973 hence: “January -June: “1.escalation of their present revolutionary war against the Filipino people and their legitimate government . Recruit and train armed city partisans and urban guerrillas and organize them into units under Party cadres and activists of mass organizations. the aforesaid lawless elements have prepared and released to their various field commanders and Party workers a document captioned “REGIONAL PROGRAM OF AC’TION 1972”. “4. “2. These units must undergo specialized training on explosives and demolition and other forms of sabotage.

“4. . Conduct sabotage and agitation against puppet judges and courts hearing cases against top party leaders.support if the fascist armed forces of Marcos will try to intimidate the oppressed Filipino masses. “2. Sporadic attacks on camps. colleges and universities hiking tuition fees. towns and cities. Intensify sabotage and bombing of government buildings and embassies and other utilities: “a) Congress “b) Supreme Court “c) Con Con “d) City Hall “e) US Embassy “f) Facilities of US Bases “g) Provincial Capitols “h) Power Plants “i) PLDT “j) Radio Stations “2. disorder and confusion: “1. “b) Attack military camps. “c) More violent strikes and demonstrations. Conduct sabotage against schools. “3. Create regional chaos and disorder to dramatize the inability of the fascist Marcos government to keep and maintain peace and order thru: “a) Robbery and hold-up of banks controlled by American imperialists and those belonging to the enemies of the people. US bases and towns. “September-October : “Increase intensity of violence.

as well as the at- tempted bombing of the Congress Building on July 18. . of the Philippine Trust Company branch office in Cubao. Assassinate high government officials of Congress. of Joe’s Department Store on Carriedo Street. on March 15. in line with their “REGIONAL PROGRAM OF ACTION 1972”. Quiapo. Pasay City on April 23. Quezon City. on August 17. of the Philamlife building at United Nations Avenue. of the PLDT exchange office at East Avenue. 14. Sampaloc.“3. Con Con and private individuals sympathetic to puppet Marcos. of the Department of Social Welfare building at San Rafael Street. “4. of the Philamlife building again on August 30. of the Court of Industrial Relations on June 23. both on August 15. Manila. and of the Quezon City Hall on September 18. Quezon City on August 19. on September 5. and of the Philippine Sugar Institute building at North Avenue. of a water main on Aurora Boulevard and Madison Avenue. Rizal on Sept. 1972. “5. of the armored car and building of the Philippine Banking Corporation as well as the buildings of the Investment Development Inc. of the Filipinas Orient Airways board room at Domestic Road. Rizal on Sept. establish provisional provincial revolutionary governments. Diliman. this time causing severe destruction on the Far East Bank and Trust Company building nearby. Establish provincial revolutionary government in towns and cities with the support of the masses. With the sympathetic support of our allies. and the Daily Star Publications when an-other explosion took place on Railroad Street. of the Vietnamese Embassy on May 30. Manila. Pasay City. 12. Quezon City. Port Area. Quezon City on June 24. Manila on July 27. of the San Miguel building on Makati. of the Tabacalera Cigar & Cigarette Factory Compound at Marquez de Comilas. causing death to one woman and injuries to some 38 individuals. Manila also on August 30. Manila. Judiciary. of the watermains in San Juan. when an unexploded bomb was found in the Senate Publication Division and the attempted bombing of the Department of Foreign Affairs on August 30. and of the City Hall of Manila on September 8. “CENTRAL COMMITTEE COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE PHILIPPINES” WHEREAS. the aforesaid lawless elements have of late been conducting intensified acts of violence and terrorisms during the current year in the Greater Manila area such as the bombing of the Arca building at Taft Avenue. on July 3.

instrumentalities. and the paralyzation of the economy of Mindanao and Sulu. all of which are being deliberately done to sow terror. WHEREAS. the Muslims. the aforesaid lawless elements have also fielded in the Greater Manila area several of their “Sparrow Units” or “Simbad Units” to undertake liquidation missions against ranking government officials. because of the aforesaid disorder resulting from armed clashes. and be. because of the foregoing acts of armed insurrection. arsons. all of which have been brought about by the violence inflicted by the Christians. not to mention the more than five hundred thousand of injured. politically and by law parts of the territories and within the jurisdiction and sovereignty of the Republic of the Philippines. between the Christian “Ilagas” and the Muslim “Barracudas”. massacres. military personnel and prominent citizens and to further heighten the destructions and depredations already inflicted by them upon our innocent people. and the rapidly expanding ranks of the aforesaid lawless elements.WHEREAS. agencies and officials. there is also the equally serious disorder in Mindanao and Sulu resulting from the unsettled conflict between certain elements of the Christian and Muslim population of Mindanao and Sulu. the “Barracudas”.cause of . pillages.000 civilians and about 2. and certain lawless organizations such as the Mindanao Independence Movement. WHEREAS. is engaged in an open and unconcealed attempt to establish by violence and force a separate and independent political state out of the islands of Mindanao and Sulu which are historically. unabated and unrestrained propaganda attacks against the government and its institutions. WHEREAS. displaced and homeless persons as well as the great number of casualties among our government troops.000 armed Muslims and Christians. fear and chaos amongst our population and to make the government look so helpless and incapable of protecting the lives and property of our people. a great many parts of the islands of Mindanao and Sulu are virtually now in a state of actual war. the Mindanao Independence Movement with the active material and financial assistance of foreign political and economic interests. WHEREAS. the violent disorder in Mindanao and Sulu has todate resulted in the killing of over 1. in addition to the above-described social disorder. rapes. WHEREAS. destruction of whole villages and towns and the inevitable cessation of agricultural and industrial operations. the “Ilagas”. killings. in line with the same “REGIONAL PROGRAM OF ACTION 1972”. wanton destruction of human lives and property. and between our government troops. and the Mindanao Independence Movement against each other and against our government troops.

WHEREAS. I have already utilized the first two courses of action.the spreading lawlessness and anarchy throughout the land. The Samahang Demokratiko Ng Kabataan (SDK). committing to that specific job almost 50% of the entire armed forces of the country and creating several task forces for that purpose such as Task Force Saranay. all of which have prevented the government to exercise its authority. namely: (a) call out the armed forces to suppress the present lawless violence. has in. That radical left has increased the number and area of operation of its front organizations and has intensified the recruitment and training of new adherents in the urban and rural areas especially from among the youth. the present rebellion and lawlessness in the country as shown by the fact that : 1. extend to its citizenry the protection of its laws and in general exercise its sovereignty over all of its territories. Task Force Isarog. have. (b) suspend the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus to make the arrest and apprehension of these lawless elements easier and more effective. second. three courses of action open to me.000 as of the end of 1970 to 15. 1972. 2. has also increased the number of its chapters from an insignificant number at the end of 1970 to 159 as of the end of July. order and security of the country and its population and to maintain the authority of the government . 1971 up to January 11. 1972 and its membership from 10. showing very clearly the rapid growth of the Communist movement in this country. and. much less solve. in cases of invasion. insurrection or rebellion or imminent danger thereof. 1972. and finally because public order and safety and the security of this nation demand that immediate. by calling upon the armed forces to suppress the aforesaid lawless violence. first. another militant and outspoken front organization of the radical left. . the most militant and outspoken front organization of the radical left. as President of the Philippines. but inspite of all that. under the Constitution.000 as of the end of July . The Kabataang Makabayan (KM) . WHEREAS. I. 3. Task Force Palanan. swift.creased the number of its chapters from 200 as of the end of 1970 to 317 as of July 31. decisive and effective action be taken to protect and insure the peace. Task Force Pagkakaisa and Task Force Lancaf. or (c) place the Philippines or any part thereof under martial law.495 highly indoctrinated. both courses of action were found inadequate and ineffective to contain. 1972 and has now a membership of some 1. caused serious demoralization among our people and have made the public apprehensive and fearful. intensely committed and almost fanatically devoted individuals. by suspending the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus on August 21.

. The disappearance and dropping out of school of some 3. MARCOS. The bringing and introduction into the country of substantial war material consisting of military hardware and sup. 1. by virtue of the powers vested upon me by Article VII. 7. 5. THEREFORE.500 combat support and 4. lsabela. 6. heretofore unknown in the history of the Communist movement in this country.plies through the MV Karagatan at Digoyo Point. FERDINAND E. NOW. 1.900 (composed of 1. Palanan. The formation of the grass-root level of “political power organs”. a development heretofore unknown in our campaign against subversion and insurgency in this country. has increased its total strength from an estimated 6. and the Community Organizing Committees (COCs) which operate in the urban areas in the same manner as the BOCs. 1972 to about 7. the most active and the most violent and ruthless military arm of the radical left. the School Organizing Committees (SOCs) to conduct agitation and propaganda activities and help in the expansion of front groups among the studentry. and in some parts of Mindanao. The New People’s Army. showing a marked increase in its regular troops of over 100% in such a short period of six months.500 (composed of 560 regulars. 9.400 service support) as of January 1. the Workers Organizing Committees (WOCs) to organize workers from all sectors.800 combat support and 5.025 service support) as of July 31. The infiltration and control of the media by persons who are sympathetic to the insurgents and the consequent intensification of their propaganda assault against the government and the military establishment of the government. in Zambales. and the fact that many of these military hardware and supplies are now in the hands of the insurgents and are being used against our government troops. President of the Philippines. 1972.000 high school and college students and who are report.4. composed of Barrio Organizing Committees (BOCs) to mobilize the barrio people for active involvement in the revolution. The establishment of sanctuaries for the insurgents in Isabela.ed to have joined with the insurgents for training in the handling of firearms and explosives . 8. in Camarines Sur. WHEREAS. the rebellion and armed action undertaken by these lawless elements of the communist and other armed aggrupations organized to overthrow the Republic of the Philippines by armed violence and force have assumed the magnitude of an actual state of war against our people and the Republic of the Philippines. the Barrio Revolutionary Committees (BRCs) to act as “local government” in barrios considered as CPP /NP A bailiwicks. I.028 regulars.

or in connection therewith. Section 1 of the Constitution under martial law and. Ferdinand E. crimes involving usurpation of authority. prevent or suppress all forms of lawless violence as well as any act of insurrection or rebellion and to enforce obedience to all the laws and decrees. Bookmark the permalink. Marcos. as well as all others who may hereafter be similarly detained for the crimes of insurrection or rebellion. (Sgd. to maintain law and order throughout the Philippines.) FERDINAND E. title and improper use of names. do hereby command the armed forces of the Philippines. crimes against public order. uniforms and insignia. this 21st day of September. or incident thereto. crimes committed by public officers. and for such other crimes as will be enumerated in Orders that I shall subsequently promulgate. I do hereby order that all persons presently detained.leased by me or by my duly designated representative. MARCOS President Republic of the Philippines By the President: (Sgd. . Martial Law. rank. order or regulation promulgated by me personally or promulgated upon my direction shall be kept under detention until otherwise ordered re. I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the Republic of the Philippines to be affixed.Section 10. do hereby place the entire Philippines as defined in Article I. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. orders and regulations promulgated by me personally or upon my direction. for crimes against national security and the law of nations. Paragraph (2) of the Constitution. Proclamations.) ROBERTO V. Proclamations and tagged Executive Issuances. Done in the City of Manila. In addition. in the year of Our Lord. and all other crimes and offenses committed in furtherance or on the occasion thereof. as well as crimes as a consequence of any violation of any decree. REYES Acting Executive Secretary Share on social media This entry was posted under Executive Issuances. nineteen hundred and seventy two. in my capacity as their commander-in-chief.

What Would Happen If Martial Law Is Declared? January 7. What would happen if Martial Law is declared? Let’s have a look… When might the government declare Martial Law? Martial Law might be declared… . by Ken Jorgustin http://modernsurvivalblog.com/government-gone-wild/what-would- happen-if-martial-law-is-declared/ Martial law may be used by government to enforce their rule over the public. You may be interested to discover the answers of the following several questions that come to mind… 1. 2016. Under what circumstances might the government declare martial law? 2.

g. During a time of martial law. The military authority will act as the police. foreign invasion) …in a time of war (e. What Would Happen Under Martial Law? U. He suspended habeas corpus throughout the entire United States. as the legislature. ammunition. While it may be a shock (losing one’s rights under the Constitution). as the courts. food supplies In summary. you will in essence be ‘naked’ and vulnerable to the actions of whomever is ‘in charge’. . The commander of the military is the President. In the United States. It has been argued that the President can take it upon himself to declare martial law. there is precedent for martial law.…in a time triggered by events when the civilian government has broken down …in a time when civilian authorities have lost control of order and security …during extensive riots or when disobedience of the law becomes widespread …to stabilize insurrections or perceived insurrections …when the government is threatened …in a time of war (e. the ‘Commander in Chief’ is enabled to impose martial law and military control in the United States.g. martial law is the suspension of civil authority and the imposition of military authority. Constitution would be suspended Suspension of habeas corpus Suspension of civil rights Suspension of civil law No freedom of the press No freedom of assembly No freedom of speech Curfews enforced on the people Troops in the streets for enforcement Checkpoints would be set up for control Ability to hold a person without charge Potential arrest of anyone who is a ‘suspect’ Imprisonment without representation or due process Potential house to house confiscation of firearms. you will lose all of your rights.S. civil war) …a coup d’état In strict dictionary terms. The most obvious and often-cited example was when President Lincoln declared martial law during the Civil War.

or a modern equivalent of the ‘brown shirts’) fully enforce the actionable demands and enforcement of Martial Law from the Commander in Chief? I suppose that depends on the ‘trigger’ and where people may stand on that… Related posts: Martial Law: Could It Happen Here? The Militarization of Domestic Law Enforcement Confiscation: Could It Happen In The United States? Thanks To Your Congress. President May Now Use Fast-Track TPA Authority For Gun Control . regional or nation-wide? Additionally. and would it be ‘local’. or DHS. one might wonder… if Martial Law is ever declared on a wide scale. The question is… what might trigger it. would ‘the military’ (or militarized police. of course it could.—————————— Security Tip: Monitor what’s going on around you: Uniden HomePatrol Series Digital Handheld Scanner —————————— Could Martial Law happen again in the United States? Yes.

Most states are around 80 pages or so. 2016 at 8:54 AM Ken. A pandemic outbreak is another reason to institute martial law. Reply 2. The DOD plan is about 300+ pages. DOD/Homeland are running the show as it (a real or imagined pandemic) is considered a National Security issue. The DOD plan encompasses all the states.134 Comments Vote: Click here to vote for Modern Survival Blog as a Top Prepper Web Site 1. People should read their own State’s plan. another thought provoking post. They shut down the whole city over two “amateurs” running around. Bill Jenkins Horse says: January 7. Each state is required to have their own plan. experienced men involved in that terrorist plot? They would have shut down all the adjoining states too. 2016 at 9:10 AM A round of MCR-1 for all. That sure makes for interesting reading. cossack55 says: January 7. Can you imagine if there had been 20 skilled. Boston was a pretty good indication of what could happen. It will certainly determine my reaction. 2016 at 8:47 AM The trigger is EVERYTHING. They can institute Martial Law 18 months prior to it hitting American shores. That should fix it. The age of “bad Times” is approaching… Reply o cossack55 says: January 7. .

I read that the bomb that supposedly shredded lombs didn’t even spill drinks in nearby bars. 2016 at 12:27 PM Thought there were three suspects originally in San Bernardino too. is it called something else? Reply 3. Reply o Toya says: July 12. ChiefPontiac says: . Witnesses claimed to see middle eastern looking men fleeing the scene. 2016 at 3:08 PM Where do we get this information? Reply o curious says: July 13. but the official narrative is BS. 2016 at 6:13 AM The brothers probably thought they carried out the attack. 2016 at 6:43 AM how do I find this DOD Plan? I’m having a hard time bringing it up. Reply o Hildegard says: January 8. Remember Holder going on TV demanding that people “Be on the lookout for these two suspects and ONLY these two suspects”? Never heard any more about John Doe #2 in OKC. Reply  Jim says: February 9.

Reply o cossack55 says: January 7. 2016 at 10:49 AM ‘United we Stand. 2016 at 11:06 AM . deserves neither.” Reply o Chamele0n says: January 7. 2016 at 11:02 AM No one man should have this much power. 3%er says: January 7. hogdog says: January 7. Only the congress should have the power to declare martial law.” Reply 4. I can only think of the words attributed to Ben Franklin: “He who gives up a measure of liberty for a measure of safety. If the majority of people is against it. 2016 at 12:28 PM “… and will lose both. Reply o \\% says: July 12. January 7. 2016 at 10:15 AM At a time like this. Divided we Fall’. I think he would use the homeland security boys to do his dirty work. I don’t think all of the US MILITARY will follow his orders. 2016 at 2:01 AM Wake up people Reply 5.

as most of the original Congress were volunteers with businesses and farms of their own) would be able to act decisively and on a moment’s notice. In emergencies. This book may interest you. I don’t know if they envisioned a day when Congress would be a full time job for 600 people. Reply  Kulafarmer says: January 9. 2016 at 10:28 AM well said! Reply o CastroPIG1775 says: January 10. Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland By Chris Browning available on Amazon Reply o Lauren says: January 7. 2016 at 4:52 PM . 2016 at 9:23 AM And congress is still useless! Reply  Anonymous says: July 19. and we would be able to assemble all within a few hours and Skype in those who couldn’t make it. 2016 at 10:25 PM Part of the reason for giving the president this power is that it might have taken months to assemble the Congress for the purpose. our Founding Fathers determined that one man who was focused at the center of gov’t (rather than scattered out tending to their own personal affairs.

” Reply 7. 2016 at 3:58 PM Hawk. The important thing is to look within yourself and find out what you are willing to do to help your family. the captain of my soul. how charged with punishments the scroll. I am the master of my fate. 2016 at 11:04 AM Martial Law is coming by the end of this year. Reply  DaisyK says: January 7. Reply o hawk55732 says: January 7. It’s easy to fight in a combat environment when it’s just yourself but when you have children involved that are only 10 and under that makes it a little more difficult. Hasn’t happened yet. It already happen in the events of Katrina. 2016 at 11:03 AM “It matters not how strait the gate. Some of the active duty military personnel will not join that fight. Semper fi Reply 6. I couldn’t agree with you more hogdog. The Truth says: January 7. 2016 at 12:31 PM I have been hearing this for the last 10 or 15 years. Food for thought. Pluto says: January 7. but the ones you have to worry about are the weekend warriors that don’t do anything but where a uniform one weekend a month 2 weeks a year. ..

2016 at 8:41 AM Obama is much more evil. We are still here. says: January 8. they will declare martial law. then it means the Dem candidate has the votes to win. Reply  laura m. I know many who will not comply. (If they don’t. Sanders probably wouldn’t win. Hillary might be indicted. Reply  walloon says: July 12. 2016 at 12:16 PM People said the same thing about Clinton and both Bushes. 2016 at 4:54 PM Daisy: what you said makes lots of sense. I will be amazed the day . He has lied too many times to count to the American people. Someone here said that Obama wants to retire — looking forward to his lifetime vacation. He is a Muslim sympathizing with the terrorist group the muslim brotherhood and enticing racial unrest through BLM.) Reply  hawk55732 says: January 8. I believe he is setting the stage for possible martial law. So to keep power and to keep all Obama’s executive orders from being cancelled the first day of a Republican administration. If it doesn’t happen and Trump or Cruz gets in.It hasn’t happened yet because it has never before been the last year of Obama’s last term. There will be a lot of blood shed. But whoever is controlling him wants him to stay. and I think it is too late for Biden.

If someone wants to have a birthday party or cook out. no one has a right to force their way into someones house and steal their stuff. or tell them they cannot get with family or other friends. However. Reply  Lauren says: January 9. But as I understand. If martial law was instituted. yes. 2016 at 12:35 AM Theoretically. one of them takes office. that’s their right. those churches are registered and gathering is “permitted” under the terms of their registration) but it could be. 2016 at 11:25 AM Under martial law you have no rights! You have to obey the soldiers in the streets! Reply o poorman says: January 8. 2016 at 9:18 AM Show me proof of this . you currently need a permit in order to have more than twenty people in a group. If I want to go to a friend’s house and visit that’s my right even under martial law. it likely would be enforced. It isn’t normally enforced (and before you ask about churches. Reply  Anonynous says: July 19.

Smile. 2016 at 12:28 AM By the end of Oct. . etc. Be the grey man. I especially dislike the drivers who are more concerned with their rear view mirror than what is in front of them. But I’ve learned that if you appear to not notice them. helpful and not suspicious. you pull out behind them and they slow down because you are too close. It may not work or may not work perfectly but they will be looking for someone to bother or in the best case looking for the bad guy and your job is to look like the good guy. 2016 at 2:03 PM well he said it so thats all the proof i need… Reply 8. They pull out to pass on the highway. And he will use the UN to do it Reply  brad says: July 15. wait for your chance and pass them and never look back. Other drivers can be a pain in the butt. make them suspicious or give them reason to look twice at me. Seems like I’m always on the road. 2016 at 11:22 AM I drive a lot. Or your driving through town and you know the light is about to turn red and you are trying to stay close to make it through and they slow down while frowning at you in the rear-view mirror. Lay low. or tell them what the constitution says or you have rights. be thankful for their service. Reply o Leland says: July 14. Don’t be the jerk. in my car or on my property that will attract them. There are people in this world who thrive on making others miserable. GoneWithTheWind says: January 7. give them space so they aren’t seeing you as an opportunity to be the A-holes they really are that they look for someone else to pester. If Martial law is ever passed I will make sure I have nothing on my person. be the person everyone forgets.

2016 at 6:18 AM GWTW sounds like one of the assholes who ride your ass approaching a traffic light and then throw a fit when the rear end your car. Reply o Hildegard says: January 8.Your goal is to fake them out. Seems you all think you are immune to the laws of physics Reply o Bulldog Jim says: . 2016 at 9:27 AM I HATE people who ride my bumper.. 2016 at 10:25 PM Thanks Reply o Kulafarmer says: January 9.. even though you have plenty of room and stop. slip past them while they look for someone to piss off. i will slow way the hell down because when one of you shid for brains morons follows too close and i have to slam on my brakes for another one of YOU shid for brains buttheads who cuts me off maybe the donkey following on my arse wont hit me. Reply o Anonymous says: January 8. 2016 at 6:59 PM Words of wisdom! Reply o Anonymous says: January 8.

Reply o Gigi says: July 10. Reply 10. Reply o Just Sayin' says: . Take the pressure off yourself so you have time to slip away and regroup. 2016 at 11:29 AM Exactly Reply 9. Anybody says: January 7. 2016 at 12:31 PM Good advice. February 9. 2016 at 11:17 PM Perfectly said!!! Reply o Anonynous says: July 19. He then puts on the appropriate clothing for the day. 2016 at 11:52 AM Support our military…we’ll need them to defend us from our own government. The Gray Man. and goes about his business. Anonymous says: January 7. looks outside his bedroom window towards the town square. A businessman gets up in the morning. 2016 at 11:43 AM Reminds me of a story I heard that happened during WW11 in occupied Italy. and sees which flag is flying that day.

000.000 police and military per 6 million people.And why do you think they are trying to provoke and instigate war somewhere else? One reason to “pre- position” known resources. I can only hope the military has a humane side without destruction. dangerous. Stardust says: January 7. power wealth. or confiscation of innocent people or I will be heading deeper into the forest. 2016 at 9:00 AM Yup agreed. abuse. Reply o Pedro says: February 10. scenario makes me keep my head low as I remember what they did after Hurricane Katrina. there are 350. and 2 million of them are gun owners. Given Martial Law for a real. This is why the second amendment is important. money.. while there are a total of 62. so they cannot be trusted. 2016 at 12:07 PM If a national Martial law was declared for no reason than the whim of the president who likes to take away guns. but that’s why Obama is getting rid of the generals and commanders that won’t comply with the agenda Reply 11.000 people in the US.reduction in population achievement and ability to provide for families makes them dependent on regime.000 private guns/firearms owned by an estimated 100. 2016 at 3:34 PM ….000. distraction. 2016 at 12:56 PM . The unfairness of Martial law presumes everyone guilty and promotes tyranny without our constitution to protect us. January 7. Reply o Seminole Wind says: January 7.

and learn how to use them. it is really-Really tough to take down a helicopter/tank with a 12ga. 870. and if you add up all of the hog/gator/deer hunters in the U. WarVet says: January 7. 2016 at 11:58 PM the Vietnamese Us crossbows to bring them down! Reply . I’ve seen it. 2016 at 1:18 PM There ARE ways to disable a tank without firearms. Yup. Problem is.S.. 2016 at 3:03 PM big magnet? ? Reply  cossack55 says: January 7. Cut off the tail and……. Reply  porky Infidel says: July 13. Reply 12. Reply o ??? says: January 7. it is one of the World’s biggest Armies. So the goal would be to get artillery. explosives. or a Ruger 30-06. 2016 at 3:47 PM Tanks (helicopters) require a very long tail.

Hahaha Hilarious. Reply 13. If you can get close enough.jus’ saying. Now somebody go to work and invent it. ammunition and food supplies is a whole other animal. 2016 at 7:11 PM All those helicopters and tanks need to fuel up someplace too…. Reply  Lauren says: January 7.  John(Colorado) says: January 7. Have that second cache of needed supplies safely secured elsewhere and fly under the radar until then. Reply  Briggsy says: January 8. 2016 at 4:10 AM A big magnet. 2016 at 7:11 PM Propane or ether. 2016 at 1:20 PM Martial law initiated with curfews and checkpoints on a local or regional scale is one thing but house to house confiscation of firearms. Brilliant!! Reply  Juno7 says: January 9. 2016 at 10:28 PM Directional EMP.. Reply o Lauren says: . Timberplot says: January 7.

Look it up. 2016 at 3:36 PM The coordination is already completed. and. have already coordinated with Foreign Nations for troops to enforce it. assume the worst. depending. Reply o Hildegard says: January 9. etc. Literally. 2016 at 1:34 PM Probably. January 7. Ision says: January 7. the President will shut down the Internet. just before Martial Law is declared. 2016 at 10:30 PM New York welcomed their UN peacekeepers this last year. The facilities are in place. 2016 at 5:38 AM If the internet goes down. Reply  Kulafarmer says: January 9. 2016 at 10:29 PM There are already checkpoints at each state border. weigh stations. 2016 at 9:30 AM . Reply 14. It’s just a matter of implementing them. just waiting or getting ready for a triggering event… Reply o Lauren says: January 7. Reply o Just Sayin' says: January 7.

And now two divorces later I’ve got to state that you only think you know someone until the day you know you never did. most were stand up guys. Reply 16. Reply o Tim says: January 11. 2016 at 3:56 PM I can’t see that happening in Texas. Can you imagine what it would be like with only ONE website operational? One television channel operational? With the Emergency Action System (EAS) almost fully operational generic radio stations are now controllable by DHS/POTUS. They CAN control it if it is only available over cable. 2016 at 9:00 AM I’m a little behind in my reading so forgive me for being late. If the internet goes down its time to button things up Reply 15. some turned out to be pieces of s#*t. I hope not. 2016 at 3:36 PM Is it now becoming clearer why there is such a big push to get television OFF the air and onto cable/internet? The Department of Homeland Stupidity cannot completely control television stations that use the airwaves. Frank Arsenpuffin says: . Reply 17. Texasgirl says: January 7. In response: having been in the military I “knew” my comrades. I just cannot see Texas citizens or even our own military going along with that. LayingLow says: January 7. Time to get the shortwave radio out and see how it works. But I could be totally wrong. Know how to make an external antenna? Listening to europe or other continent may be a requirement.

This takes a few seconds. The government then: 1. the Prime Minister at the time. not the entire country. it was not the British diplomate who was killed. 2016 at 5:06 PM Martial law? Does the government really need to send in the military. arrested and tried. Closes the banks to control cash flow. January 7. In 1970. I say no. 2016 at 7:11 AM I forgot to mention in my previous message that they didn’t caught all of them because a couple of those guys flew to Cuba to hide from the law and the last one came back after 25 years in Cuba to surrender to the authorities he was in prison for several years. bombings and eventually the murder of a British diplomat.the FLQ in Quebec were doing kidnappings. 2. 2016 at 4:35 PM We had martial law in Canada when I was young.The British diplomate was saved and returned to his homeland. Reply  Quebecer says: July 20. declared martial law in Quebec. he’s out and free now. which it was. 2016 at 6:58 AM Just one thing. Stops fuel (gasoline)delivery and the gas stations are empty . it was Pierre Laporte who was a minister with the Quebec liberal party at the time. Reply o Quebecer says: July 20. The culprits. Pierre Trudeau. No Joke says: January 7. until the situation was resolved. Reply 18. were caught.a little mistake in here. it is not necessary when the government wants to control the people here is how they do it with ease.

etc.). if so then do what your are told. At this point even medical help is not available. Food stores will be empty in less than a day. 2016 at 6:10 PM Now…. This stops credit and all commerce.in about a day. Well. the Feds ask the people ” are you hungry”. Reply o Texasprepper says: . 4. 3. 2016 at 6:51 PM Homeland insecurity? Reply o Homebody says: January 7. and/or ” do you need our protection”.who was it that has been buying billions of rounds of ammo and 10s of millions of emergency rations the past few years………on the tip of my tongue……. 2016 at 6:54 PM Easier just to cut the power for a day. Reply  Homebody says: January 7. This takes a few minutes. Now. Shuts down food delivery to the food stores. Shuts down communications(cell phone towers.. The sheeple are now ready to submit! Are you? Reply o cossack55 says: January 7. The government does not need the help of local law enforcement to do the above. Shuts down the Internet. 5. This will take a few minutes to implement.

Reply  JustJoe says: January 25. 2016 at 1:19 AM We must stop thinking about being willing to die & start preparing to be willing to kill. Isn’t this one of the things we prep for. 2016 at 8:27 PM At No Joke. . plus they will not eat or get paid if they don’t…. I am prepped enough so that we could hunker down for well over a year without any of your listed items. Don’t forget about us other veterans who refuse to allow this. Reply  Ed has had it says: January 11. My biggest concern is what would happen to the rest of my family if I was to die defending them or the preps we have worked so hard to acquire. because you are a supposed fmr Marine? Oath takers will not take arms against the citizens of our nation…. I am ex.study history you will never find that the military did NOT kill there own people …………WAKE UP and smell the coffee…. 2016 at 11:13 AM You can count on our military killing Americans big time . Reply  Linda S. I am willing to die to defend my preps and family.January 7. 2016 at 10:30 PM You’re disillusional if you say that…why. says: January 9. Marine and am telling you they will ENJOY killing you Americans.those that would won’t last long.

” Ken has a list of books organized by topics. 2016 at 5:14 PM Ree. 2016 at 9:39 AM Hmmm a voice of reason. too. 2016 at 7:18 PM . 2016 at 12:19 PM What about foreign troops Reply  Ree says: July 17. Reply  Wendy says: July 17. 2016 at 3:38 PM Texasprepper. if you go to the top of the page.. If. Idk where to start. Reply  Anonymous says: July 9. just reading all of the material on this site can get you going really well. Of course. and that is a big if they decide to do a national lock down I think this is how it would happen also No Joke Reply o Yakman says: January 8. can you point me toward some reading material resources? I have never been interested in prepping until this election cycle but I’m a little worried right now. you can click on “Survival Library. Welcome to prepping! Reply o poorman says: January 8.

. So…. You all know them. 2016 at 7:20 PM @ Yakman That my friend is exactly why we prep…. 2016 at 9:01 PM As we’ve all seen legislation is being considered to make it a hate-crime to speak out against certain groups. and wait a day or two. When the leaves of the plants are very young. Just stop the trucks. NRP Reply  Youngest Of 3 says: July 10. Heartless says: January 7. 2016 at 2:19 AM +1 Reply 19. years apart. Reply  NRP says: January 8. Over the years. all the good people of the neighborhood I grew up in had an on-going battle each year with dandelions. The gubbermint don’t need no stinking military to impose Martial Law. I’ll tell a parable of my own creation to answer both what I feel will be the cause of martial law and the solution to same. NoJoke is probably spot-on. they make a nice tender… wee bit bitter. stop the fuel.. in different parts of the country. addition to a . shutter the ATM’s and kill the Internet. all of whom having some Intel background. Assign the analogy as you all see fit: Dandelions When I was a boy. Pretty many-petaled yellow flowers that once pollinated go to seed with wonderful puffballs of hundreds of seeds each with their own little soft cottony parachute. I’ve bumped into too many people that didn’t know each other. yet welcome. and they all said exactly the same thing.

But in the end. 2016 at 4:17 AM Here it is not dandelions that look like what you describe. It’s a bit bitter but quite edible. Reply o Euhill says: September 1. Lauren says: . The only really effective way to rid one’s yard of dandelions was to dig them up by the roots. And even more-so. or they will spread like wildfire”. salad or soup. Still the stupid children would delight in finding the puffballs of seeds and blowing them to the winds!!! And let just one seed land unobserved. just in bloom at the latest……. I also grew some romaine lettuce this past winter. the most negative feature was that one could not just throw the dug out roots out into a bin or just a pile in a corner of the property. those tasty leaves had already begun to form tiny thorns. Reply 20. if the roots were not completely dug out. Some truly creative folks picked those golden blooms and pressed them to make a tangy wine out of. Special bi-pronged ‘V’ pointed tools were used for the purpose. To once and for all end the menace of dandelions. For a dandelion ‘colony’ once established will not cease its efforts until every blade of green grass is gone. it was always as the old-timers said – “you have to get them when they are still young. Seemingly a beneficial plant. Dandelions. Why not? Those roots would still be alive and would spend their last ounce of life to reroot and spring forth again. very bitter and sticky. a saw-edged leaf. It is wild prickly lettuce. Worse. the sap was milky and very. they had to be destroyed completely – most often by burning of every last scrap of them in a barrel. the plants would rebound quickly. and it produced the same white puffball seeds as well in early June. Even to the extent of chemical means used to do so. Care had to be taken. undestroyed and within all too short a time those same cute little seed fluff flyers would take over a nice neat manicured yard. Yet. each year the war raged on to eradicate them. The leaves are quite good in sandwiches. For by the time the plants began to bloom.

All that in the name of national security. food supplies –> Not yet. DHS. enforced by “public opinion. Maybe it is a blessing they let me go. children. NSA Potential arrest of anyone who is a ‘suspect’ –> Patriot Act Imprisonment without representation or due process –> Patriot Act. we got a memo to report coworkers experiencing distress as to financial stuff.” No freedom of assembly –> Only with a gov’t permit No freedom of speech –> Censorship already in place. This is just a quick list. Just ask anyone who’s made a statement against someone in power. once I was asked what I think about the administration and if I remember my oath I gave. and I gave my oath to the constitution and the . Reply o Texas says: January 8. 2016 at 10:44 PM Suspension of habeas corpus –> DHS Suspension of civil rights –> TSA. traffic cameras Ability to hold a person without charge –> TSA. issues with coworkers if a spouse experiences.January 7. Patriot Act Suspension of civil law –> Not yet No freedom of the press –> Censorship already in place. family members. I could come up with multiple examples if I wanted to take the time. DHS. Also. Maybe this one can be added too: when I worked for the feds as a civilian. enforced by social media. I told them yes. NSA. If anyone has examples for those listed “Not yet.” feel free to add them. weight stations. but they sure try to control who buys them. NSA Potential house to house confiscation of firearms. ammunition. 2016 at 4:20 AM Lauren. It was a long memo and we were told pretty much to snoop and report on each other. and that was back I think in 2012 if memory serves. Curfews enforced on the people –> Not yet Troops in the streets for enforcement –> Not yet Checkpoints would be set up for control –> State borders. issues with spouses. issues with management.

and of that I am capable! I’m just hopping in canoes and heading down river to deep woods. Yep. 2016 at 5:24 AM The scar Reply 23. 2016 at 9:44 AM Curfew’s are already implemented for certain areas for kids under 18. that was the beginning of the end of my career. as they are the snazziest small game trap available. and not to the person sitting in the oval room. easy to use. Just one more way to make curfew’s appear “normal”.”I’m with the government. SMc says: January 8. 2016 at 5:26 AM The scariest nine words ever spoken…. Rythymroach says: January 8. 2016 at 3:03 AM I’m not ready but survival is all about not being ready but making do anyway. SMc says: January 8. and digging in! Remember to take RAT TRAPS with you. Reply o CR says: July 19. Reply 21. Phred says: . I’m here to help you!” Reply 24. and hear as well! You can survive with three of them alone feeding you daily! Reply 22. people.

January 8. Is this correct ? If so . they (swat and police) look bored and waiting patiently. 2016 at 12:32 AM . And coming before November. 2016 at 5:56 AM I have heard it said that you cannot change Presidents in a state of martial law. And why are the police wearing the same equipment and dress as SWAT? Beach’n Reply o Jon says: January 9. 2016 at 8:49 AM Bill Jenkins Horse. 2016 at 9:39 AM I would bet that if it looks like Trumpster is looking like he is winning the progressives will pull some shis. I believe that like declaring war the congress has 90 days to put the clamps on him. Beach'n says: January 8. we are in deep dodo. just look at history Reply 25. Reply o Lauren says: January 8. 2016 at 6:12 AM If required the president can suspend elections. Also. Reply o Kulafarmer says: January 9. Looking forward to the answer to your challenge to see what’s wrong with the photo! I see that they are at a duplex building. but only trying to enter one dwelling. The left are the true terrorist and domestic enemies..

Reply  Ken Jorgustin says: January 9. 2016 at 7:13 AM Looks like they’re all carrying AR15’s. From an analytical perspective. not conducting a dynamic entry!!! Reply  Ken Jorgustin says: January 9. That’s all I saw. actually the photo was taken in Boston during their ‘martial law’ experience. so the only thing is the uniforms. 2016 at 12:43 AM All the uniforms are brand new. the first thing that struck me in general was their apparent vulnerability while clustered together casually in front of the porch. All others have a single-point sling around their neck and shoulder and the AR is visible on several of them if you look closely. except maybe one (lower right). Lack of weapons could be because they’re not doing something where they expect a firefight. The officers are looking for survivors. They were going door to door and entering all homes looking for the teenage bomber while the city region was on mandatory ‘lockdown’. There is nothing wrong with the photo. It is from Katrina. Reply o Lauren says: January 9. But perhaps since they were looking for a teenage kid (Boston bomber). there are no weapons. seems they weren’t so tactically concerned… Reply . 2016 at 7:06 AM @Jon.

The majority of Officers and military personnel are patriots that believe in the rights of the people. No doughnuts? Is that it? I give up. Reply o Ken Jorgustin says: January 8. Reply 27. 2016 at 10:25 AM @Josh. You should hear private conversations one on one. Horse: I don’t have a clue. its encouraging. 2016 at 10:20 AM The unfortunate mistake many people make is believing that most cops are against them. To what extent. Just shows me how little I know about the nature of martial law. not at a house. and I believe that many others are too… Reply 28. Josh says: January 8. I can add that I have an in- law relative who is a retired LEO and I know that he is a patriot who would not have blindly fallen into lock- step… He is a vocal advocate for the 2nd Amendment. . Momma's Boy says: January 8. I also expected they’d be on the street. Josh says: January 8. but my initial response was that I would’ve expected black uniforms that said merely ‘police’ and not ‘swat’. 2016 at 9:24 AM Bill J. Like in any field there are most definitely bad cops that always gain the most public attention. Breaking down the trust in their police.26. 2016 at 10:43 AM The media has falsely reported on many LEO events to alter the public’s perception. I believe that you are correct to an extent. I’m not sure.

Nihilist says: January 8. they want a bright future for their kids too. Everything you have has been stolen. Therefore you must make it difficult to find your valuables. They will do the same at your home. . Just no. I would submit that perhaps with police and military being the minority. You must understand the hatred on the left that originates with lucifer. Nobody wants to kick in their neighbors door and take their stuff. Therefore you must lose everything you have and be punished. You are a racist and a thief. And as far as being afraid of a UN takeover… no. This is who is in office. They barge into restaurants and interrupt people eating meals. They are coming into your home. They consider your preps to be stolen by you (racist). They must eliminate freedom. Reply o TOMTHEBAPTIST says: January 10. Your home is the base of your freedom. 2016 at 11:00 AM Yeah. It is not enough for the left to take power. Your freedom is what is most precious to you. Final note: Foreign soldiers will carry out the majority of the dirty work. You have freedom in your own home. Many of my old army buddies are higher ups now and that crap isn’t going to happen on their watch. Reply 29. They will want to eliminate this by taking everything of value (food/water/precious metals/supplies). This is why at the very least you must conceal your preps in your home as much as possible. Period. They will be under pressure to complete their searches in a timely manner. but not a government takeover. Look at the hatred on the left with groups such as black lives matters. 2016 at 8:43 AM House to house stuff is definitely going to happen. Disaster relief and riot control maybe. they are waiting for good people to take a stand against tyranny and stand beside them. I dont think any house to house stuff is going to happen. After all.

demand. unquestionably. 2016 at 12:38 PM I feel that if martial law was ever enacted anyone that preps and follows this and other websites would know days ahead of any event that would cause our President to act if history teaches us anything nothing happens without warning like 9/11 Katrina our power grid is a waiting victim to either cyber or EMP and lest not forget solar flare but at every level our gov’t turns a blind eye to our nation’s most important system without power watch how fast everything falls apart is it planned and accepted just wait and see. indeed. assumed an act of terrorism or an act of war. Reply 30. Reply 32. Gray Man says: January 8. It would be hard to trace the perpetrator in the short term.Most people don’t realize they can make you leave (under force) your home and relocate you or make you . or further nukes. 2016 at 1:51 PM Hey ken. It would be ideal. Bill Jenkins Horse says: January 8. many people would assume. for many reasons. and an immediate fear of fallout. First. It would be universally. just the facts says: January 8.I hope I didn’t open up a can of worms here. There would be catastrophic damages. And most importantly. 2016 at 1:00 PM A nuclear detonation somewhere in the United States would probably be the trigger of choice to implement martial law. martial law as a matter of course.the reason I mentioned the States/DOD pandemic flu plans is that it explains the mechanics of Martial law when it is implemented. Reply 31.

police Chiefs.With that confidence sometimes comes a little arrogance/complacent.I care/worry about them and their families.” Truth there for sure. The officers are looking for survivors. They are trained well and they are confident for the most part that they can prevail over those they go against.If the people inside had made the decision that they were not going to be assaulted that porch would be the place to repel the team.I know Sheriffs.Remember Boston? The plans outline Martial Law. your mayor is in charge locally with the police under his direct control.I know there are LEO’s that come here too. Now on to the picture.Bunched up at the porch. Reply o Jon says: January 9. I have watched teams practice breaching buildings. I read a quote from a LDS Church Leader.The second team might get them but the first wouldn’t be home for dinner. 2016 at 12:40 AM There is nothing wrong with the photo. It’s impressive. SO THIS IS NOT A SLAM ON THEM JUST OBSERVATIONS. Reply .He was talking about Spiritual decisions but it also applies to everyday life.I suggest you don’t piss off your mayor.But Right before they breech they are vulnerable. That’s what i saw from the picture. That’s a decision for all. What is your breaking point?When do you say enough is enough? Will it ever come to this?I hope not.Doesn’t mean you gain more advantage but they may not have as much as they think.stay at your home and you can’t leave. not conducting a dynamic entry!!! Your trying to read to much into the photo without knowing the background of it.I must preface this first. I have many many friends in Law enforcement in many different states due to the traveling I have done.Fill in the blank with something other than flu with whatever “emergency” they see fit. THAT’S WHY IT’S IMPORTANT TO READ YOUR STATE’S PLAN!Then you know what to expect.Vulnerable.For example. It is from Katrina.Texas Rangers.I’m paraphrasing here: “When the time has come to make a decision the time for preparation has passed.Same martial law.

2016 at 4:37 AM I remember the the video of the Boston house searches. You can count on it.  Ken Jorgustin says: January 9. Reply  Euhill says: September 1.no. Anyone else…well. actually the photo was taken in Boston during their ‘martial law’ experience. 2016 at 7:06 AM @Jon. she is a piece…. I did not like what I was seeing either. But I disagree on some of his foreign policy. That is some very bad stuff. They were going door to door and entering all homes looking for the teenage bomber while the city region was on ‘lockdown’. 2016 at 2:20 PM Most of the military will not go with the plan of ‘it’ ( the current potus ). The time has come to sit and wait and be ready. it will. yep. But. but sofar he has made some good statements. . Hillary. no need to worry about her. Will it be implemented. hmm. I don’t like Trump. the military can arrest the potus too for giving out an unlawful order. Texas says: January 8. 2016 at 9:45 AM “Most people don’t realize they can make you leave (under force) your home and relocate” They better bring extra body bags becase a bunch of us are not walking away from here Reply 33. Reply o Kulafarmer says: January 9.

I really didn’t understand it as young boy. When MLK was assinated in the late 1960’s our family was living in Lima Ohio where my Dad was a Production Supervisor on second shift at the British Petroleum refinery. to come after our weapons. And in a way I don’t fault the LEO’s because we live in very dangerous time now and they want to get home safely to their spouses and kids. He taught me how to protect our home with a firearm. At 8 years old ( during this martial law period ) my Grandfather came to the house and taught me gun safety and how to shoot his shotgun and . tree climbing and building make shift forts to play in. The Ohio Nat Guard had to deploy in our suburbs in great numbers to protect us from the Golden Horde who were destroying and burning their own businusses and homes in the downtown area. The NG guys were pretty cool though. I can still remember very clearly seeing the black smoke raising into the sky from downtown Lima. As a 8 year old I was fascinated by the brand new M16’s the NG guys were issued and I approached one of the guards at a check point near our home. Stalin. despite Posse Commitatus.25 caliber semi auto. I asked him if I could look at his M16 and he unloaded it and handed it to me to look at! That was so very cool. Reply 34. Snake Plisken says: January 8. History bears this weapons confiscation. My Dad had to go to the NG to get a special pass to negotiate through the several NG checkpoints in order to get to work. Times have changed in the last 40 years though. Hitler and Pol Pot all confiscated fire arms prior to their killing rampages. Roger that! The thing that really pissed me off as a kid was that we couldn’t be outdoors after 5pm. 2016 at 2:47 PM I have seen martial law up close. If things get untenable I expect the NG or military troops. . That rule really interfered with playing Cowboys and Indians. I doubt that would happen now with the extreme militarization of our police and NG units. My Dad never did but I knew where his shotgun and pistol were located if I needed to help defend the home.

When I see anything whether it’s live or in a picture I immediately look for weaknesses. especially the FED and IRS are both controlled by the same source which has made life increasingly more difficult since 1913. 2016 at 1:31 AM To beach’n.MB.It is probably good that most don’t see stuff like I do. . Our Country has been taken over by outside influences. Reply 36. Ah well. dreadfully feel that life would be intolerable under martial law.That’s the way it was for the picture.I tore the picture apart in my head then formulated scenarios to deal with the perceived threat using the anomalies and the weaknesses that I saw.Sometimes I go off the reservation. It will take divine providence to save the World but perhaps it is necessary for destruction to take place for Righteous Order to ensue.weaknesses. enough of my rant! Happy New Year and best tidings to you an yours!!!! Snake Plisken Reply 35. We have had traitorous Leaders who have been produced and controlled and are not liable to the People.anomalies then strengths.Ken and others. Sometimes my brain has way too much stuff rattling around in it.As an engineer I’m always looking for strengths. Baja Joes says: January 8. And now a World Collapse and War will soon destroy all we cherish.I guess I assume others see what I see.It carries over into just about everything else now. Bill Jenkins Horse says: January 9.anomalies in my work.Josh. 2016 at 3:55 PM I am 72 yrs old and write this with trepidation but after seeing all the “false flags” that have happened in the last 15 yrs I honestly.

I hope none of us do.I like and respect LEO’s.Weird I know. your picture challenge (the martial law photo) was (is) a good mental exercise. Reply o Ken Jorgustin says: January 9. I just know that if push comes to shove I can be lethal. I’m going by one of the LEO’s houses tomorrow to see how he is doing with my security/safe areas suggestions in his house.Christian and I believe I’m a pretty good guy. 2016 at 7:15 PM .My first thought was wondering what the top to bottom compression strength of the box they are using in the picture not the chance to get them free. Juno7 says: January 9. 2016 at 7:19 AM @Bill Jenkins Horse.In fact. I’m a Patriot. I’m going to ask him some questions/get opinions on just what this post is about. Some of the MRIs on the market are really low. 2016 at 11:58 AM My first thought was what is the calorie count on each meal. I tried looking on line for these and couldn’t find much information.J crazy Reply o me says: January 9.I will see if I can share on Saturday. As an example the picture of the free box of MRE’S Ken posted. which sometimes drives Mrs. I’m glad you put it out there… I too will tend to ‘over-analyze’ things from time to time.I hope I don’t have to find out how lethal. Reply 37.

and at this point no more rule of law… you are a SLAVE. Mary says: . if a state of Martial Law was enacted. gasoline and self defense items from US citizens…. Reply 39. 2016 at 10:51 AM Add to the above is abama’s EO’s and the NDAA which will strip all rights. Ed has had it says: January 9. food. 2016 at 4:04 AM or just maybe. the government might just say ‘well done’ to all those preppers who took the time to make sure they were capable of looking after themselves in a crisis. Davo says: January 10. Reply 42. while the troops etc were up to their necks trying to keep order amongst those who had not done anything to ensure their own safety should such a situation arise. I wouldn’t want to be on the Martial Law enforcement “Team” one bit…and. I think a lot of those in the military would do some serious self-reflection on doing so as well… Reply 38. Reply 41. Reply 40. 2016 at 9:33 PM Obama is wetting his paints wanting to come get all the guns. 21Bravo says: January 10. Status X says: January 10. 2016 at 1:48 AM The Constitution has already been suspended.

There has been a purge of the military. Skip says: July 11. Its to be done . couldnt be in society . June 1. They train our soldier’s to kill . 2016 at 11:47 AM If martial law takes place . those who would defend the constitution and the citizenry. all the data the NSA has gathered on everyone that has used a computer or telephone in the past 30 years. its there code. 2016 at 4:26 AM I have never considered law enforcement officers to be a friend. pulling people out and into camps. Take and make our young children to become military. which means President Obama would remain President until it is over…… Reply 44. you can not hold an election. paid sniper . or will have access to. Reply o Euhill says: September 1. Realist says: July 12. if its an order . They are not at all. They did it before . They will violate your rights if you let them. They know who will go along . and the police. My X husband was x navy seal . are under scrutiny to ensure that they follow orders. They will take our rights make us slaves . forget uniformed personal being friends . Reply 43. american or not . We CAN count on them coming to our homes and taking us to camps. 2016 at 6:57 PM We CAN NOT count on our military or local police force to protect us in this situation. 2016 at 1:59 AM Here’s one other small thing about being under Martial Law. Go door to door. The DHS is the USA’s equivilant of the Gestapo or SS and have access to. still involved. they will follow orders in MOST cases. But he was taught to kill with no feeling or regrets. It eventually drove him crazy . When martial law comes you’ll have no choice on what they will do to you.

Jesus Christ. I’m beyond scared…but will face what I need to and when all is said and done and I take my final breath. and his end is set.and who won’t. Because frankly I’m terrified. May the God of Abraham. flee if possible. in the strong name of Christ. Come Quickly LORD JESUS. my friends and neighbors. May Christ Jesus in due time tread them beneath his feat to the glory of God our Father. 2016 at 1:00 AM Thank you Realist…you wrote what I’ve been thinking about for a year or so. to those called according to his purpose. Christian patriots and veterans are threat number one. and are well aware of who is a potential threat to the agenda. Preach the gospel. Just be prepared to die for the name of Christ. since 911) will be behind me and I will see the one who made an eternal home of peace. for myself. and for all of you. but above all pray that Yahweh will give us the endurance to die as martyrs for the name of Jesus Christ. resist the temptation to go along with them. the Son of God. Our militant Police State will roll out and brutally crush descent. that I and any who read this receive peace from the holy spirit. all this hell on earth that has been going on for far too long in the world (esp. I also know that without his grace and mercy many will die in vain. Reply o Mia_bella says: September 2. That’s my hope and I hold on to that very thing. I know that by his grace it is possible to do so. Romans 8:28 And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love him. love and stability possible. Issac. I ask. I can’t believe the time I heard about in Church when I was 12 years old seems to be right around the corner. Reply o Says me says: July 13. during the Boston affair they showed us exactly what the intent is. 2016 at 1:08 AM AMEN!!! To that REALIST! I have been telling my family and friends that the end will soon be here an it’s . Remember Satan was defeated at the cross. my family. and Jacob be our protector and the avenger of all his children oppressed and slain by this anti Christ system.

. just a matter of time! I will refuse to follow anyone but God himself! Im a Christian an proud to say that I am! Everything that is happening today in this world is what is written in the Bible!!! So maybe a lot of people should start picking up the Bible an read that! GET RIGHT WITH GOD! People! GOD bless us all! Reply 45. since I’m Buddhist. 2016 at 4:41 PM tthe size of a army it would take to go in every home would have to be huge. FYI. please don’t be in such a hurry to ask “Come Quickly LORD JESUS” we have a LOT of time yet…. 2016 at 7:38 PM depending on circumstance. 2016 at 7:29 PM @ Realest Thank you for the Sermon. NRP PS. but… . just a “realest” in my thinking. Not a Bad Ass here. Will God still except me if I take a few dozen of them with me when they decide to “taking us to camps”????? My thinking is I’m going to die. NRP says: July 12. Reply o Anonymous says: July 19. I WILL make it very uncomfortable for those that choose to send me on my way…. I have a simple question. Who is going to pay them Reply  Anon says: July 19.

they have their own “incentives”. As will the local LEOs. 2016 at 9:52 AM @ Anon OR they will tell Barry to stuff it and go home to protect their own familes…. yes. etc. Reply .if martial law is declared and local or foreign army is “sent out”. what I recall from my early school teachings. 2016 at 8:06 PM NRP could be.. Reply  NRP says: July 20... JMHO NRP Reply  Anon says: July 20. there may not be money to pay the soldiers but they will be hungry they will be looking for food/food stores they will be looking to make up for no / little pay they will be “liberating” valuables they may be randy. Hope you are correct. The Blue Hats are not so stupid to try and take the US by knocking on doors and asking for your “stuff”.

Fail to pay Real Estate or Property Taxes and you’ll loose your Home Taxes are theft.46. 2016 at 4:47 PM @ Anonymous You are absolutely correct. Seven John says: July 26. What ever you pay taxes on you don’t own. if you don’t pay taxes on your automobile you’ll loose your right to to travel in it. I’m pretty sure they’d be that stupid…until they figured out what they were dealing with. Reply 47. and Who in that army is going to risk going to Billy-Bobs house to get his squirrel riffle and getting shot? None that I know of. My question is what more could Martial Law do to us that hasn’t already been done? Reply . we will still see motorist being gunned down in the streets. even the Blue Hats are not that stupid. 2016 at 10:52 AM Not much will change. because if you don’t pay those taxes you’ll loose what ever it is they claim you owe the taxes on. NRP Reply o Lauren says: July 19. If you don’t pay the income tax you’ll go to jail and loose your freedom. if you don’t pat taxes on your home you’ll loose your shelter. we still not be allowed to own anything because if you don’t pay the taxes on you labor you’ll be thrown in jail. NRP says: July 19. 2016 at 4:58 PM The blue hats are used to bullying people who can’t fight back and who’ve been entirely disarmed (interesting image). Automobile taxes and you’ll loose your right to travel.

. 2016 at 4:19 AM Quite simple really. Reply Add a COMMENT Vote for Modern Survival Blog as a Top Prepper Web Site Our TERMS OF USE & Comment Policy Please stay on-topic as best you can. Sound pleasant? Not to me it doesn’t.. Lose what’s left of your freedom. visit the most recent 'Weekly Preparedness' post Name/Alias or Comment Title Email (will not be shown) (optional) Most Recent Comments  . o Euhill says: September 1. For off-topic (open-forum) discussion. Even possibly your life.





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[2] Before martial law is enacted. After civil authority has broken down. You may have no warning when another country invades yours.gov are devoted to disaster preparedness.1. Be ready to survive at least 72 hours[3] without help. you may be on your own during a breakdown of civil authority. Stay in your home with your own supplies until military help arrives.ready. 1 Prepare for the civil unrest. Homes and businesses may be looted. you may know if a hurricane or tornado is coming your way. Board up windows and barricade doors. Websites like www. people may become opportunistic. o Stock your home with supplies.[1] However. o Protect your home and business. Know when potential threats are coming to the area. .[4] Secure your home and business in advance. Pay attention to current events.

2 Recognize the legitimacy of martial law. If your country has been invaded (i.[5] 3. The soldiers are there to maintain order and keep you safe until civilian authority can be re-established.. your area is still under the protection of your country's military) or a major natural disaster has occurred you should recognize that martial law might be best for moment. 3 .2.e. martial law has been declared and you are one of the citizens functioning under it. For whatever reason.

Show respect and courtesy to authorities. If you are being moved there may be no time to go back for your things. If you are given a meal time. Keep your head down and don't draw attention to yourself.[6] They are not perfect human beings and mistakes will happen. You may want to consider burying a "time capsule" in a waterproof container to retrieve when you return. If certain areas are off-limits.. The best thing you can do is assist and obey. Jewish Germans[7] or Japanese-Americans[8] during World War II) you may . keep on you. don't think you will be served if you show up late even if you are hungry. Your rights are greatly limited until civil order is re- established so don't push your boundaries if you want to survive. Anything you might be tempted to go back for. This isn't the time for political activism if you want to survive. o If you are under martial law in a country that you know intends to do you harm (e. If a curfew is set. o Keep everything you can't live without on your person. be in your quarters by then. No matter how odd or strange it is best to do as you are told.g. If there is some object too big to carry around you may have to leave it. 4. do not go exploring beyond the boundary. 4 Follow all directives given to you. Have everything you need on you at all times in case you have to move immediately. o In rare situations you may be able to hide something special until you are able to come back for it.

5 Obey orders as you are instructed. Time sensitive orders they may not have time to explain or their explanation may cause a panic. want to consider hiding from the government instead of being a good citizen. o You may want to learn military time.[9] Some watches and phones can be adjusted to show military time automatically. . Military personnel may be given orders they don't even understand. They expect you to follow orders just as they are doing. Resisting or forcing an explanation may be dangerous. Hours may be referred to in "hundreds" but never "thousands". times are written out differently such that 9:00AM ("nine o'clock AM) becomes 0900 ("zero nine hundred) and 3:30PM ("three-thirty PM) becomes 1530 ("fifteen thirty). In other words.[10] Orders are usually quick and fast and without explanation. In general. 5. PM times are 12 greater than normal and times are described as if they are four-digit whole numbers without the colon with the hour always represented as two numbers (don't drop leading zeros). Trust that their goal is to protect you and any failure they would take personally.

6. You may then learn more about what's going on and why things are happening as they are. Method 2 Hiding From Military Forces . If you find out important information that you have permission to share. Offer to help as much as you can. spread the word. Make sure other people know what's going on and hopefully everyone will be able to survive the event. The military personnel may be short staffed. 6 Help others as much as you are able. You will garner their respect this way.

Many are underground but in the sides of mountains or hills. Don't discuss your plans with anyone outside your family and resist the temptation to "show off" on social media. The best bunkers are usually underground. o Keep your bunker secret[12] by never carrying your phone or GPS enabled device with you when you visit. 1 Establish a survival bunker in a hidden location. Even when you turn your GPS off.[11] This bunker should be able to keep you and your family safe for several years.1. The goals is to be able to get in and out but for no one else to be able to find you. you may still be tracked with cell phone tower signals. .

You can consult a survival guide or book to determine the best setup. 2 Stock your survival bunker with supplies.2. o Some items such as medicines may be difficult to acquire by legitimate means. Favor solid form pills over liquids as their shelf life tends to be longer even after the expiration date.[13] Everything you would need for several years worth of living. water. Think about everything you and your family uses frequently over the course of a year and make sure you have everything you absolutely need.[14] . This will include food. Proper storage may also be difficult. and medicine.

You may think the military isn't there yet but local law enforcement may start implementing martial law beforehand.3. If you are going to stay ahead of the military you will need to move fast. As soon as martial law is declared you may not have time to discuss what to do next. Have everything you want or need in your survival bunker and move there as soon as humanly possible. . 3 Get to your survival bunker as quickly as possible. 4.

However. Most likely you will not be able to stay in your bunker forever. 5. prioritize your food based on expiration date. you may want to use a survival radio that incorporates a hand-crank for power. Stay in your bunker as long as you possibly can before emerging. The hardest part of hiding is the isolation. You may accidentally leave tracks or human scent near the entrance. 4 Keep a radio on hand to keep track of when martial law has ended.[15] You need to know when it will be safe to emerge. Search dogs may then be able to find you.[16] o Be cautious of pro-military propaganda. Since batteries degrade. You will need to keep contact with the outside world. Know what frequencies local militias are broadcasting on and any code words. 5 Stay in your bunker until you are sure it is safe to leave. o If you are in your bunker for a long time. Eat whatever might expire soon first. Don't listen to just anything but wait until the militias give you the OK that civil authority has been restored. Someone may see you entering or exiting your bunker. each time you step out of the bunker may risk the fate of your whole family. Method 3 .

Resisting a Military Threat to Your Survival



Have a go-bag ready for the day martial law is declared.[17]
If you think martial law is going to be enacted by any military
force hostile to you then you should consider being ready. Will
you have a better chance resisting or submitting? Have a go-
bag with all the supplies you need to make it from where you
are to where you are supposed to be.

o Your go-bag should be light but fully stocked. Estimate
how far you may ever be from your bunker to
determine what you need for your bag. You should
favor small and light items as you may be carrying the
bag. This includes basic survival gear and food in case
you have to walk or hike to your bunker.[18]


Stash guns, ammo, supplies, and survival gear in a hidden
bunker.[19] This will be your family's rally point when martial
law happens. Be sure to include everything you will need to
wait out the storm. Your bunker should be equipped such that
once you go in, you won't need to leave for supplies for
months. If you have valuables you don't want to leave behind,
go ahead and store them in your bunker in advance. You may
not have time to go home to pack before the military rolls into

o Stocking your bunker with supplies can be difficult and
cost-prohibitive. Start with a 72-hour setup for natural
disaster preparedness.[20] Then move toward a two-
week day bomb shelter.[21][22] Once you get the hang of
it, increase to however long you think you'll need.



Know the rally point established by the local militia. Most
likely you are not the only person or family to see what's
coming. Other people are likely getting ready for the military
to take over. Become part of your local militia and find out
what your plans are to resist a malevolent military. You may
need to be quick in attacking local supply depots and
establishing an effective resistance.


If your militia is in danger. Your militia will need all the manpower they can get. . Now its time to follow orders without question. they may see your home base as a supply depot leaving you and your family in jeopardy. If the militia crumbles you need a safe place to fall back to. Establish the leadership structure and who you must report to and who reports to you. 5 Establish a chain of command and follow orders. o Be careful not to reveal your home base or inventory of supplies to your militia. 5. Once you have your own home base established with your family protected. be ready to move. 4 Group up with your militia as soon as humanly possible. Their expertise will be crucial to maintaining order. Your militia should have their own hidden stockpiles[23] of supplies if they will ever be successful. Militias survive as long as there are enough people to protect strategic locations. Most likely there will be people in your ranks with prior military experience. Take a few supplies and rations but leave most of it in your bunker.[24] Until now a military chain of command may have been hypothetical or loosely enforced.

6 Stay with your militia as you move to a safe location. You may be moving to re-establish civil authority. if the supplies of your bunker are running out your options are limited. 6. you may need to move to another safe location. Community Q&A  What if you run out of food? wikiHow Contributor You'll want to have hunting and gathering skills. If you survive and fight long enough. Flag as duplicate Not Helpful 2 Helpful 47  What happens to government funds we are sent when money loses its value? wikiHow Contributor . You will likely not be alone in this respect. Regardless. Ideally you should have a book about plants that tells you which ones are safe to eat. You will need to move with the militia to a safe location to continue resisting the government long term. This may be a retreat or you may be grouping up with other local militias to form a larger resistance force.

Be prepared to last for weeks. months or even years. Flag as duplicate Not Helpful 4 Helpful 63  How well diabetics receive insulin if and when the UR supply is out? wikiHow Contributor It is best to stock up on insulin. Get into bartering your skills and talents. all much needed skills people will barter for. sometimes you can build up a supply by refilling every three weeks. Flag as duplicate Not Helpful 0 Helpful 4  How long would martial law last? wikiHow Contributor It depends on the martial law enforced. because chances are. If there is a war going on and the area you are in is moved into and controlled by military (enemy or friendly). Martial law is enforced when civil authority can no longer govern the area or will not have/be able to control. it can last for a long time. find out what the first day you can refill is. Is there another alternative? wikiHow Contributor Sometimes insurance will allow for one extra due to loss or breakage or you can purchase extra insulin without insurance. and if a malevolent force discovers you. Flag as duplicate Not Helpful 13 Helpful 61  Our insurance won't let us stock up on insulin. I recommend reading . Money lost its value years ago. and grow plenty of food and be prepared to dig toilets and clear sewage. the military has more pressing matters than to give you insulin. Also. it is almost a 100 percent no- mercy policy for those who resist them. Martial law is no joke.

money will have no value. and a barter system will be implemented. Try to put some cash away. food and ammunition will be the new currency. chances are there will be no SS checks. if say the current prewar with Russia or China escalates into a full nuclear situation. gold/silver. Items such as alcohol. Warnings . Flag as duplicate Not Helpful 1 Helpful 6  What would happen to my Social Security checks? wikiHow Contributor If the country is under martial law. If an event like this becomes worse. "The Diary of Anne Frank" for some insight on what it's like to hide from an oppressive force. don't be afraid to approach them for help or to offer your own. Military strategy suggests a warning nuke may end up being let fired into sparsely- populated areas. military members are citizens. and though they may be intimidating.  Will moving deep into the mountains suffice? wikiHow Contributor No. Plus if an all out war ensues our defense systems will cause ICBMs to go off before they reach a populated city. Tips  Unless you have just lost a war or been invaded. their main object to assist the civilian authorities establish civilian control under martial law. In a major disaster. too.

the military may decide to attempt to track you by using the signal from your device.  Do not run from armed military personnel who have seen you. They may shoot you. Remember that civilian authorities are well trained to deal with citizens and even they do poorly at times.[26] . If you are found to be missing. Do not bring your cell phone or any GPS enabled device with you to your bunker. Military personnel may be less tolerant and more forceful during an arrest or detention.[25]  You may want to include a camouflage outfit in your go- bag.  Resisting orders during martial law may land you in jail or worse. Remember that you will not have power so these devices will be useless after a few days regardless.