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1. Subject matter of the novel.

(about two-three lines)

A family is on holidays in Tijian Island. They begin to notice many problems

because it seems that someone wants them to leave the island. Iveri, a friend they
have on the island, decides to help them in this mystery.

2. Summary of the novel. (about 150 200 words).

Iveri was a young man who worked on the island of Tijian. He wasn't very happy
because some tourists, the Robinson family were going to come to live with his
Iveri was on the beach with Peter and Michelle, the two young brothers of the
Robinson family. They introduced themselves and Ivei explained that her mother
works at the resort hotel and is very happy that Peter and Michelle come to the
The Robinson family went to the village and there the people made a welcome
ceremony. There, everyone sang and drank a drink of coconut. Michelle didn't like it very
much. Later, the family Robinson went to rest at the house next to Iveri's home.
Everyone left to the church but by a mistake everyone lost their sandals and shoes,
someone stole it. Then, Michelle, Peter, and Iveri went to an adventure and bathed
in the river there. They thought there was a person there who did a lot of bad things
and didn't want them to be in Tavioka, that person had filled he toad rooms for the
tourists to leave.
Everyone went straight to the resort until a mysterious action took place: someone
was hitting Iveri's boat and Peter sank into the water. Fortunately, they could to
save him.
After Peter's dangerous action, the Robinsons were deciding to leave Tavioka
forever. In the end, Iveri went to his uncle's house because he had to warn him
about something but he saw that he was talking to unknown people, he took money
and then he went fast on the beach. He had discovered that his uncle Vili was the
Peter and Michelle were asleep when they suddenly woke up because it was a very
strong wind. They decided to go to the beach to play with the coconuts but
suddenly Iveri appeared in his boat. He came frightened because someone was
following him and he hid in the bushes on the beach.
A few seconds later Sami appeared, the man who tried to drown Peter and Iveri's
uncle. Sami was looking for Iveri but the twins tried to tell him he was not there to
defend him. Sami left and Iveri came out of the bushes.
The three young men went to Iveri's house to tell the twins what Iveri discovered:
that his uncle Vili was the one who did bad things, he was a traitor.
Iveri tried to tell his father the secret of his uncle Vili but he couldn't because Sami
arrived with someone Iveri didn't know, Mr Brown.
Mr Brown was a man who just wanted to build hotels and do business with Tom.
Tom had already built a resort with Mr Brown but the building caught fire, so Tom no
longer trusted him.
Mr Brown tried to convince Tom to make the hotel and make money. Tom rejected
his proposal.
The next day, Iveri told his father the secret of Uncle Vili. Tom told Mr Brown that he
would never work with him and wouldn't do any Resort on Tavioka Island.
Mr Brown come and decide to burn the house of Tom while they were sleeping. The
family could escape the fire, except Peter who had to be saved by Uncle Vili.
Uncle Vili explained that he was innocent and wouldn't work with Mr Brown. Later,
the police searched for Sami and Mr Brown to take them to prison.
In the end, the Robinson family comes home and there was good news: Iveri will be
able to study in New Zealand and he will stay with the Robinson family.

3. Write a full description of Iveri, Michelle, Nicola, Ratu Loti, Uncle Vili, Tema,
Peter and Sami.

Iveri: He is a boy (16 years old) who lives in Tavioka Island and works at the
Papaya Resort. He is a very intelligent, kind, sincere and hardworking guy. He
wants to study but ,at the moment, he couldn't because he had to help his family.
He is also very brave because he helped his father knew the truth about Mr Brown.
Michelle: She is Peter's sister, his twin. She has 15 years old and she went with
her family to Tavioka Island for summer. She is a very adventurous girl, nice and
very good sister. She is also a bit scary and doesn't like kava, a drink from Tavioka
Nicola: She is the mother of Michelle and Peter. He is a very good person and very
kind to the Iveri's family.
Ratu Loti: He is the father of Iveri. He is the chief of the clan and is the leader of
the island. He is very brave, kind and makes important decisions.
Uncle Vili: He's Iveri's uncle. He helps Ratu Loti to work on the island. He is
mysterious and is often with strange and bad people
Tema: She is the mother of Iveri. He helps Ratu Loti and is very good with the
Robinson's family. She is hardworking, kind and friendly. She helps a lot to the
people who need it.
Peter: He's Michelle's brother. He becomes a close friend of Iveri during the
holidays. He is very brave, very kind and one of his fears is the sea.
Sami: He is a ``friend of Iveri. He betrays the family of Iveri and the whole island
because he helps Mr Brown with his evil plan to burn the house of Iveri. He isn't a
kind person, he is aggressive and mysterious.

4. Look up these words and write down a sentence using the correct
Anchor: Raising the anchor is very important
Chief: My father is the chief of the family.
Dive: I like to snorkel in the ocean on a Saturday night.
Flyscreen: I will use the flyscreen to kill the mosquitoes.
Lease: It is very important to sign the lease.
Pollution: Black wine is a dangerous pollution.
Shore: We had to go to the shore of the beach.
Cough: In winter I had a lot of cough.
Clay: Clay is a lot of fun to play.
Wharf: Everyone has to go through the wharf.
5. Short Description( about 2-4 lines each) of: the Tavioka Island and the
Papaya Island Resort.

Tavioka Island: It was the Robinsons vacation spot, they had a welcome party like
sevusevu and it was also the best place to spend a good holiday.

Papaya Island Resort: It was the place where Iveri started working, it was a
wonderful place and it was quite nice its ambient. There the tourists went.

6. Write your opinion about the book. What part of the book did you like the
most? Which one you didnt like? Why? What character did you like? Which
one you didnt like? Why? (about 50 words)

The part of the book that I liked the most was when they rescued Peter from the
mysterious boat and the one that I least loved was that a person was very abusive
and want to do what he wants. My favorite character was Peter because in other
reasons he was very brave. The character I didn't like was Mr Brown because he
was a bad and irresponsible person. The end I liked because they solve the
problem with Mr Brown and they all end up happy.

7. Pictures
8. Glossary: two columns one with the English word and one with the Fijian
words with a short definition.

Bula: Hello in this Fijian language.

Bure: A small Fijian house.

Chief: The leader of a group of people or the village

Dive: To go downwards under the water.

Downstream: In the direction a river flows.

Kava: A Fijian drink then Michelle hates it.

Meke: A Fijian concert in this village.

Pollution: Is the introduction of contaminants into the nature.

Rara: A green space in the centre of a Fijian village.

Sevusevu: The ceremony to welcome people to a Fijian village.

Twins: Two babies born to the same mother at the same time.

Vinaka: Thank you in the Fijian language.

Double Trouble
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