PH 101: A Short Course

Reference Brief
Acronym Meaning
AFC Administration for Children
AOHC Association of Ohio Health Commissioners
APHA American Public Health Association
ASTHO Association of State and Territorial Health Officials
CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CMS Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
DHHS Department of Health & Human Services
DNA Department of Natural Resources
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
FDA Food & Drug Administration
HPIO Health Policy Institute of Ohio
HRSA Health Resources & Services Administration
LHD Local Health Department
NACCHO National Association of County & City Health Officials
NALBOH National Association of Local Boards of Health
NEHA National Environmental Health Association
NCI National Cancer Institute
NIH National Institute of Health
OABH Ohio Association of Boards of Health
ODH Ohio Department of Health
OEHA Ohio Environmental Health Association
OPHA Ohio Public Health Association
ORC Ohio Revised Code
OSOPHE Ohio Society for Public Health Association
PCMH Patient Centered Medical Home
PHAB Public Health Accreditation Board
SOPHE Society for Public Health Association
WHO World Health Organization

health outcomes. and sharing information on community health. quality of health care and access to health care services that exist across racial and ethnic groups Healthy People 2020 The Department of Health and Human Services’ latest publication that sets forth national objectives for improving health over the next 10 years. Ohio is a home rule state Incidence How many new cases of a disease there are in a given population Ordinance A law enacted by local government to carry out legislation and regulation at the local level Patient Centered Model of medical care focusing on collaboration between provider and Medical Home patient and on a payment system that is linked to health outcomes rather than number of patients seen Policy development We use scientific knowledge and decision-making to develop laws. Home rule Cities. and providing services directly Built Environment One’s constructed environment and surroundings that impacts health and healthy lifestyles Common Law Law based on prior to court decisions and control activities not addressed by other laws Epidemiology The study of the distribution of and the factors determining health-related states or events (including disease). analyzing. access to care. behavior. and determined to be public health priorities in the near future 2 . society/environment. or appropriate funds for research. regulations. and assessing health needs and community resources Assurance We ensure that needed services are provided by collaborating. municipalities. enforcing through regulations. Reference Brief – PH 101: A Short Course Glossary Term(s) Definition Assessment We assess the health of the public by collecting. analyzing statistics on health epidemiology. there are five general categories: health biology/genetics. as well as the interactions of those genes with each other and a person's environment Health Disparity Population-specific differences in the presence of disease. establish programs and authority of officials. often deal with highly technical aspects of issues Social determinants of Interrelated factors that impact health. education or prevention Winnable Battles Areas of likely public health success identified by the CDC. and funding policies that support health Prevalence How many people have a disease in a given population Quarantine A period of detention used to separate and restrict the movement of well persons who may have been exposed to a communicable disease to see if they become ill Regulation Similar to statute. so long as they obey state and federal constitutions. but can be implemented and amended more quickly. & legislation Statute A law enacted by Congress or state legislatures may implement policies. and the application of this study to the control of diseases and other health problems Genomics The study of all the genes in a person. and/or counties have the ability to pass laws to govern themselves.

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