EH 406 CrimPro Wednesday July 5, 17

1. Why file criminal action?
2. What is the function of a private individual in a criminal action?
3. What are the sources of obligation?
4. What is the source of civil liability in a criminal action? Delict
5. Where to file complaint?
6. What is probable cause?
7. What is the importance of knowing the time of commencement of criminal
action? Prescription
8. What is the exception to the rul on direct filing to MTC
9. What are Crimes, Offences, Felonies, and infractions?
10. Under which circumstances can the Sandiganbayan issue writs?
11. Can you appeal judgment of acquittal in criminal cases?
12. What is the appellate jurisdiction of Sandiganbayan?
13. Jurisdiction if assistant city assessor committed slight physical injuries?
14. Where to appeal if MTC commits grave abuse of discretion?
15. May a private individual be charged in the Sandiganbayan?
16. Should a private individual in conspiracy with a public officer still be charged
under the Sandiganbayan?
17. Is prosecutor duty bound to file a case? Rule 112 Section 8
18. What is the difference between PI or no PI?