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instead. neither get killed by its deliriously incoherent mortuaries. Don’t vindictively kill spirits. Don’t cold-bloodedly kill lies. but forever conquer its truculently unforgivable leash. with the impregnable lamp of truth perpetually glowing in your conscience. but forever conquer their nonexistently appalling spell of bad luck. but forever conquer its worthlessly decrepit hell. but forever conquer its demonically sadistic impressions. neither get killed by its wantonly jilted shadow. but forever conquer its cannibalistically wastrel decay. neither get killed by their savagely acrimonious curse. with the religion of priceless humanity in every beat of your heart. but forever conquer its diabolically abhorrent corpse. neither get killed by its hedonistically carnivorous coffins. instead. with the unfathomable gorge of truth in your soul. with the perennial enlightenment of symbiotism in every ingredient of your blood. neither get killed by its hopelessly asphyxiating swirl. instead. instead. with the symbiotically enthralling triumph in your voice. neither get killed by its lethally capsizing graveyards. Don’t tyrannically kill racism. but forever conquer its barbarously unkempt idiosyncrasies. with the pearls of innocence so poignantly reflecting from the whites of your eyes. with the flame of righteously tireless perseverance in each of your footsteps. Don’t heartlessly kill unemployment. .Don’t mercilessly kill silence. Don’t uncouthly kill perversion. Don’t viciously kill crime. neither get killed by its maliciously venomous vacuum. instead. instead. instead.

Don’t salaciously kill laziness. Don’t violently kill depression. Don’t savagely kill impotency. but forever conquer its maniacally wastrel gutters of emptiness. but forever conquer its treacherously lackadaisical gallows of stagnation. which was profoundly embodied in your veins. but forever conquer its baselessly dastardly existence. with the victoriously congenital spirit of happiness in your soul. neither get killed by its uselessly indolent ingredients. but forever conquer its hideously amorphous dungeons of dismal decadence. but forever conquer its sleazily sinful fabric of devastation. but forever conquer its ruthlessly strangulating roots. instead. instead. Don’t impetuously kill greed. neither get killed by its bawdily shriveled ghosts. instead. Don’t pugnaciously kill prostitution. neither get killed by its satanically maiming mortuaries. with the rivers of resplendently benign selflessness cascading through your veins. Don’t indiscriminately kill infidelity. with the endlessly abundant seeds of proliferation in your identity. neither get killed by its gruesomely emaciating estrangements. with the unlimited opulence of God’s creation. with your peerlessly unflinching specter of faithfulness. with the timelessly majestic and golden globules of your honest sweat. neither get killed by its ludicrously inane oblivion. but forever conquer its . instead. Don’t brutally kill hatred. neither get killed by its traumatically beheading pathways. instead. instead. instead. with the beats of Immortal Love. but forever conquer its beguilingly distraught fangs. Don’t rebelliously kill poverty. neither get killed by its ferociously slandering fumes. compassionately palpitating in your heart. neither get killed by its ghastily stabbing inundation.

Don’t irately kill the devil. instead. but forever conquer his coffins of sadistically tormenting lethality. neither get killed by its disastrously rotten stench. but forever conquer its indescribably despicable signature. neither get killed by its hopelessly numbing daggers. Don’t deplorably kill atheism. with the waves of eternally altruistic peace drifting from each pore of your persona. instead. instead. with each unassailably brilliant breath of your nostrils. but forever conquer its sacrilegiously tarnished ramification. with your everlasting faith in Omnipotent God and truth. Don’t ominously kill terrorism. instead. with the blessedly undefeated humanitarian spirit in you. instead.devilishly blasphemous tunnels of deterioration. . but forever conquer its lividly crucifying grip. And don’t vituperatively kill death. with the spirit of inimitably priceless unity reflecting from even the most infinitesimal of your shadow. neither get killed by its heinously massacring bad-will. neither get killed by his perilously sinister desecration.

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doc carousel previouscarousel next About  Browse books  Site directory . Mother Nature .doc  document Life = Death .Poems on Life . Death.doc  document Life = Death . Wildlife .volume 2 .volume 6 . you cut your own mother .doc  document If you cut a tree.Poems on Life . Death.volume 10 . document Life = Death .Poems on Life . Death.volume 5 . Global Warming.doc  document Life = Death .Poems on Environment . Death.Poems on Life .

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